Reports from Light Seekers

Shehim in Qatar

Sal-Om dear MOM members,

I am realizing how the Communities of Light can accelerate human progress to God through my personal experience. Even just creating them can accelerate progress faster than yoga and other techniques. I wonder, if these were combined, how fast the progress would be.

My wife Haseena and I continue to study the teachings of MOM. Since she is not fluent in English, I am explaining the teachings to her in Malayalam. This gives me an opportunity to study the teachings in depth and in a language I am used to using since birth.

These months I can feel God is trying to make me His instrument more & more. Especially I feel God is trying to make me stronger and more dynamic. This has given me the opportunity to understand some of my talents. Before, I was thinking I have no talents at all. All thanks to God for His guidance and mercy.

Now I realize that I am able to influence others when I am involved with them. Sometimes I just work mentally, like concentrating on God's words. I am trying to help them even though I know that they will not come to MOM now; in fact they may not be ready. Sometimes I feel sympathetic to them for not realizing the love, understanding, fun, etc. of God.

I am now concentrating on the words of God that "seek the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest will be added." These words reduce my anxiety and worries about what will happen next.

Once again thanks God for providing this Mission.


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