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Project manager:
Paravipra Training Centers

Sal-Om MOM,

Although I lost it for a while due to restrictions in Turkey, I again have full access to the Project Beyondmind blog site. So recent developments and new information on the BeyondMind project are still being updated on this site. Also, the article in this Newsbrief about new scientific findings on the benefits of yoga practice was posted on the blog site.

The main BeyondMind website has been revised, made more compact, and brought up to date. Any comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

In the past month I also have been doing some research on neurofeedback and biofeedback devices and their uses. This equipment can help individuals in learning to breathe deeply as well as calming their minds. So they can be very useful in Beyondmind centers now and also in the future in training the Paravipras.

I am continuing to work in the world and also personally physically, mentally and spiritually in order to better understand myself. I am mostly struggling to survive at this point but at the same time a foundation is being set up. And through these endeavors I keep sharing the good news of the Mission and Maitreya with all I encounter. God knows the best.

God's Vision is the Greatest. ATTG for the joy, wisdom, and knowledge of His Vision.


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