Reports from Light Bridges

US, Colorado

Sal-Om all,

1. There is a nationwide organization called Meetup that is available in all areas. Anyone can find and attend groups for free. It does cost to start a group, however. Recently in the Rio Rancho/Albuquerque area a group was started called: Introduction to the Eternal Divine Path. There are no attachments/expectations of attendance (although just finding one sincerely interested person would be astounding!). It is used for outreach with an offer of the free Introductory CD and website links and information. Hopefully people will be exposed to the Mission website information and do their own research.

The group was also listed in the Albuquerque Craigslist "Groups" section for even more outreach. It will be active for 3 months.

2. A young man from Pennsylvania called my cell phone from the contact page listing. He had been browsing the website and had questions. He was interested to see pictures/video of Maitreya and was given links for the video where Maitreya explains the Eternal Divine Path along with other video links. We spoke for quite a while; however, it became evident that he was really interested in comparing controversial subjects like abortion and homosexuality to his own very Catholic ideas. He has found the Truth and we pray God guides him to deeper study. No further contact. He was also instructed he could contact the Mission directly.

3. Yahoo Answers gave a Best Answer for a question asked nearly 2 years ago!

Why do monotheist religions all look for God within the person and not from the outside?

4. YouTube video comments continue to be monitored. They are mostly deleted when inappropriate comments are made and that's quite a bit. Sometimes replies are made which hopefully may make someone think twice and do their research at the Mission website.

Thanks God for Everything!


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