Reports from Light Bridges

US, New York

Sal-Om everyone,

March-April Newsbrief posted to Facebook, Care2, Google Groups, and Twitter.

Announced Paltalk Universal Mantra Meditation classes on Facebook as an event. Sent IM invitations each week to Paltalk Pals who were online a little before the classes started. Some joined us for these classes. Also on Paltalk, have continued to IM new guests to our Paltalk room regarding our free Newsbrief, have answered a variety of questions regarding the Mission and its Teachings, and have given links to our website.

One person, Naomi, e-mailed that she would like to be a contact for the Mission in her country, India: "We want to be here with the happy path of life, as shown by Maitreya-Ji. All thanks to God. We are at the right place." She is studying our website and receiving answers to her questions, she is active in the Divine Sisters thread and on Facebook, and is reading THOTH to her family. Also she shared something from Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled in THOTH there in her country. So she is actively engaged for the Mission and is giving fruit. All thanks to God.

Continuing to make new friends on Facebook, inviting them to join the Cause: Support the unification of all religions and the world. Many Paltalk friends have been found on Facebook by their e-mail addresses. Some of them have revisited us in our Paltalk room and also have come for a live Universal Mantra Meditation class. A number of questions about the Mission have been directed to me on Facebook and have been answered. Also have posted quotes and chapters from THOTH, especially from the morning readings.

Still talk to everyone I meet about the Mission. One person came to the Center to experience the Universal Mantra and the process of meditation.

Spoke to another person employed in our local hospital who said she had never heard about our religion. She wanted to write the website URL in her notebook where she knew it would be safe and available to use when she was home.

Sal-Om everyone!

Ananda Ma

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