July/August 2011 Newsbrief Announcements

Facebook Webinar

As it has expanded, Facebook has become a very confusing program to use. It is now extremely powerful and versatile, but with that comes great complexity and subtlety, with many different options and capabilities tucked away in various corners, countless available addons and apps, and a site that is segmented in ways that are not always intuitive or obvious (News Feed vs. your Wall? Groups vs. Pages?).

With the Mission now taking a more active role on Facebook, and knowing that many of our members do not really feel comfortable using the site and are probably not taking full advantage of its capabilities, we have decided to hold a special Facebook webinar this Wednesday, July 13, at 7 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) in our GoToMeeting room. There will be 15 spots available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Using GoToMeeting's powerful screen-sharing feature to allow attendees to watch exactly how everything is done (and maybe even to try it themselves using remote cursor control!), the free webinar will cover many of the basic aspects of Facebook as well as delve into some of its useful but more complex features. It will also attempt to bring clarity to some of the more confusing and less intuitive parts of the site so as to help attendees better understand what is what.

Since the Mission's main purpose in using Facebook is outreach and sharing, focus will of course be placed on features that can help in spreading the teachings. Furthermore, as Facebook is far too vast to explore in its entirety in just one webinar, the topics covered will be very audience-driven, so bring your questions about the parts of Facebook you have the most trouble with!

The webinar will also go over the Mission's three new groups and page and make sure that everyone is clear on the differences between them and the distinct purpose of each one for use in our outreach efforts.

For those of you that will be unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded, so watch for an announcement about it being made available for download (by next Newsbrief at the latest).

For more information or if you have questions about GoToMeeting, the webinar, etc., please contact us. Also contact us if you are an advanced Facebook user and would like to contribute your expertise as part of the webinar.

Note: It should be mentioned that while the webinar presenter-to-be is reasonably proficient with Facebook, he is by no means an expert on all parts of it, so please do not be surprised if you manage to stump him with a question :). However, he promises that with the help of Google, no question will go unanswered for long!

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