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Announcing Passover
011995 (2012)

This month (March) marks the coming of spring (renewal, rebirth) and thus the beginning of the new year 011995 in God's Calendar. The first day of the solar year, Adam 1, will fall on March 20, and the first day of the lunar year, Eve 1, on March 22.

Therefore, it is time again to begin thinking about the seven Feasts and Holy Days that God commanded humans to keep throughout the year. Passover is the first of these. It is in this time that we observe what God commanded the Hebrews to follow. Since the Hebrews (Divines) are The Elects, the Commandment is for us.

In God's Calendar, the Feast of Passover is always on the evening (end) of the 14th day of the first lunar month (Eve 14). That puts this year's Passover on the evening of April 4. To keep this Holy Day, we will broadcast a special Passover service over Paltalk on April 4 starting at 5:30 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). We make a Joyful noise to the Lord (kirtan, The Reminder, Samgacchadvam), read the Satsang Passover, and then each community in their own area can have a community meal together to commemorate the Passover night.

As this occasion was to identify the Faithful from the lukewarm, on this night we hang the HOSH sign over the entrances of our houses so God will Pass Over our houses and the disasters will not touch us throughout the year (as He passed by the Hebrews and they were not harmed).

So read the Satsang about this night, arrange gatherings in your area, and join us if possible for our service in Paltalk (April 4, 2012, at 5:30 PM MDT, All Religions room). Hang HOSH signs over your house entrances and have a community meal together in memory of what God did for the Hebrews (Elects) and how He will do it for you if you are Faithful (Faith comes by Hearing the Words).

The night of Passover begins the seven day Feast of Unleavened Bread (Eve 15-21, or April 5-11), during which no leaven (yeast, symbolic of sin) should be eaten or kept in the home, and sacrifice should be practiced (with knowledge - when it is needed and is for the good and progress of others). The Feast of Unleavened Bread ends with the day of Holy Convocation (Eve 21, or April 11), a Sabbath, with no servile work (worldly work).

May you Wrap yourselves in God and His Words (listen to THOTH and Satsang audios), create Great Faith, and be(come) One with Him and the Mission!

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