March/April 2012 Newsbrief → Announcements

Using Paltalk and TeamViewer for
Online Meetings

Although the Mission has discontinued the official MOM member meetings, that does not mean that Mission members cannot still come together online and meet, discuss, develop rapport, etc. (indeed we encourage it as part of creating a virtual Community of Light). For example, the MOM Brothers and MOM Sisters groups in Facebook (or anyone in the Mission) might decide that they would benefit from this. Therefore, we want to remind and/or let everyone know of two of the tools available for online meeting/conferencing:

Paltalk: Of course, Paltalk is well-known to most of those in the Mission, as it is where we have primarily broadcasted over the past 10 years, and still have a room running 24/7. This is still a good avenue to meet up, either in Super IM (up to 10 people, and everyone can freely talk together) or in a room (unlimited participants, but only one person can speak at a time, must raise your hand, etc.).

If you would like to start something in Paltalk but are not sure how, Paltalk has much support and help available on their website and in their help chat rooms.

TeamViewer: Another newer and less well-known option is TeamViewer. Although it started as a remote access desktop viewer (allow someone on another computer to see and control your computer), the most recent version has also added conferencing abilities for up to 25 participants. It is now very similar to GoToMeeting (the program we were using for the MOM meetings) with screen-sharing, drawing (whiteboard), etc. However, unlike GoToMeeting, it is free for all non-commercial use! This includes personal use (between individuals) as well as use by volunteers for non-profits (as we all are).

Therefore, TeamViewer is another great option to use to set up meetings and discussions between Mission members. If you would like more information on how to set up a meeting on TeamViewer, their support is not as comprehensive as Paltalk, so you are welcome to contact the Mission for help.

It is now an individual, member-based effort to set up meetings and rooms to get together and talk, discuss, etc. This announcement is just to make sure our members know of some of the options available, in case they had the desire to start something but did not know where to begin. If so, we hope this has given you some ideas!

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