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Sal-Om All,

Thanks to God for the sharing of the Mission in the many opportunities offered. As I have been involved much of these past two months with the care of my father in my home, I have not ventured out as much into the community so do not have too much news to date, other than the continued meditation classes, readings of THOTH, postings on Facebook, Twitter and Google, and attending the services online. Also, posting with IMs to others and sharing the Mission teachings.

I have checked out the Google Alerts that Noor had recommended in the last Newsbrief and found it very interesting and did some posting of different groups of words, so that I am now able to receive notifications of those groups that have shown interest i.e. "Eternal Divine Path," "The Greatest Sign" and "Unify All Religions." Also doing some research on which was also recommended.

Again, may we practice the teachings of Maitreya in our daily lives and keep on striving to become incorruptible Paravipras.



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All Thanks To God (ATTG).