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Feast Of Tabernacles 011995 Followup

Although the Feast ended several months ago, we can take a quick look back and affirm that once again it was a good Feast, and we hope all enjoyed it. We took many good recordings of Maitreya's sessions, lectures, readings, etc. which can be added to the website when the necessary staff and resources become available.

We can also begin to look ahead to next year's Feast of Tabernacles (011996), which will be from September 18-26, 2013. At this early date, we would primarily just like to mention that we may try using a program called TeamViewer, which is free for personal and non-profit use, to hold online lectures. Although primarily known as a remote computer access program, TeamViewer also has online meeting capabilities with useful functionality such as screen sharing (so the lecturer can share his presentation and participants can follow along).

Therefore, for those who are planning on giving and/or attending a lecture at next year's Feast, we encourage you to download TeamViewer and begin learning how to use it. We may also hold a training session a few weeks before the Feast, but even better would be if everyone starts early and learns it on their own!

ATTG, and see you all next year.

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).