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In creating the new 10th edition of THOTH, it was necessary to develop and send to our print on demand publisher a PDF version of the final book. Therefore, considering this PDF is already created and is exactly identical to the print version, fully searchable, etc., we saw no reason not to make it available to the public to use as a basic eBook and read, search, and study THOTH on their computers and other devices.

Links to this PDF version can be found on the left side menu under Literature->THOTH->PDF Version, as well as on the literature page, the THOTH cover page, and the THOTH table of contents page. It has also been added to the downloads (FTP) site.

You will of course need a free PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader to use this PDF. Also note that it does not contain any of the useful aspects of true ebooks such as hyperlinks from one part of the book to another, options for notetaking or annotations, etc. However, we hope it will still prove useful to some, and the fact that it is fully searchable seems like it could come in very handy when trying to locate a certain word or part of THOTH and the website's search function is not finding it.

If there are any issues with this PDF, or you have any trouble using it, please let us know.

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