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What Should Be Free

There are inalienable rights for every individual born into this universe. These rights should be provided free for everyone. They are: Minimum physiological and safety needs, health, education and justice. Every being in the universe has to have these without question. If any person does not, or people do not, have these, there is definitely something wrong with the system they are living under!

Minimum Physiological and Safety Needs:

By minimum physiological and safety needs we mean the accepted minimum in any given time, in any society. However, it should never be less than what is needed to sustain a person's physical well-being (for more information on what are the minimum physiological and safety needs, search our website: www.maitreya.org).

Access to the minimum physiological and safety needs is the most fundamental right of every human. Some people say that there are not enough resources on earth to accomplish this. However, as Gandhi said: There is enough for everyones need, but not for everyones greed. If even one person is starving, no one should have more than the minimum until all have the minimum, and only then may some have more!

Besides, if humans reach to outer space, there are infinite resources there; reach them and we will have not only enough for everyone to have the minimum, but for everyone to be prosperous!

In reality it is the responsibility of each community (preferably Communities of Light) to see that all members have been provided for. If a community is not able to meet this responsibility, the government should help the community to meet this responsibility instead of trying to help individuals in need directly!

Helping individuals directly might lead to misuse and abuse of the good intentions of the bureaucratic government. However, in the communities people know who needs the help most and so those who already have their physiological and safety needs taken care of cannot abuse the societys good intentions. In the community people are encouraged to participate in making the community prosperous. Those who can help but do not do so because they are lazy and/or want to misuse the resources of the community for their own selfish desires will be discouraged from doing so.

Even helping people to have the minimum should be temporary. They should be encouraged to stand on their feet as soon as possible (unless they are disabled and cannot participate in societys advancements).


When the minimum physiological and safety needs are provided using good, wholesome (FOLKS*) food, accompanied by following the Prerequisites Of Spiritual Life, disease will be minimized and humans will be much healthier than they are now. If you add to this: Better hygiene and advancement in wholesome medicine (discovered in nature, and where human health is considered in "whole", not only cures for specific diseases), then the need for health care providers will be minimized. Therefore, the expenses to support the remainder of such institutions will be affordable.

The aim is to create a healthy environment where people will not need health care as much. However, if it is ever needed, they will be provided with the best care with minimum expense on their part (or better, provided free to everyone, unless they are neglecting their own health - following unhealthy lifestyles).


The base of true education is the ability to find the information you need and learn from it. This has become much easier since the Internet has been provided to humanity. So in a sense everyone can now educate themselves by finding the information they need. However, being with people who know how to guide us to systematically learn a subject (teachers) is still very helpful. They have gone through the path to know the topics that we are trying to master, and so they will make it easier for us by helping us to follow their footsteps.

However, in the ultimate stage of our education we have to master the art of finding, learning, and organizing the information we need, and so become teachers ourselves.

Anyone who wants to educate themselves should be provided the opportunity free of charge. This should be(come) one of the fundamental rights of humans. No one should be denied this because of the lack of money. As long as a person has the desire to learn, they should be allowed to do so free of charge.

However, some people might abuse this offer and become a habitual student to escape participating in social progress. These people should be recognized and isolated. They should be discouraged from taking advantage of social generosity. Indeed any social handout (free) should have this precaution built in to identify and isolate the misusers!


We have to create a just world. No one should be denied justice because of the lack of resources or money. Justice, or winning a case, should not be reserved for the elite alone. This is another fundamental right of every human. Therefore we have to create a system that makes this free for everyone and where the process is fast (quick result/verdict). We should not practice law. We should practice justice. If a law is not just then it has to be discarded and/or changed to a just one.

Having an elaborate judicial system with complicated laws, based on a monopoly by a few, will not bring justice. Even a little child knows what is just and what is not. Everyone can feel when they are discriminated against. Even when a monkey is treated unfairly, she becomes very angry. So even animals know injustice. Realizing that a situation is unjust is not that complicated, especially for those who are impartial and have no guilty conscience (are innocent) - the True Leaders/Judges.

That is why small courts (like Shura** in Islam) with just judges (usually chosen from the community) are enough to settle small claims. In cases where more educated and sophisticated judges are needed, we should have regional, national, and international courts. Even in these higher courts the aim should be justice, not practicing law (technicalities).

These four fundamental rights should be provided to everyone freely. Humanity should demand these rights to be a part of their society. Until these rights are provided, the True Peace and Unity will be impossible. As long as some people feel they are discriminated against and are treated unjustly, peace will not come!

However, when such a system is established, the past discretions and injustice, if possible, should be forgiven and forgotten, so humanity can start afresh. Otherwise the past discretions might again tear apart the fabric of the society.

Let us Heal this earth and start anew. Let us forgive and forget so we can be Healed! Let us start the Kingdom Of God on Earth.

* FOLKS = Fresh, Organic, Local, Kosher-ish/Halal-ish (includes some exceptions), Seasonal (in season). [back to word]

** Shura = Consultation, where chosen (emerged) leaders and judges consider a case or decide about a matter by consulting with one another and experts and using the Laws of Spirit (God) to come to a Just and Effective decision. [back to word]

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