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Mission Selling Lungotas

The Mission has started making and selling lungotas. We have been amazed at how many people have ordered them already, including many complete newcomers to the Mission. Thanks to Sarah-Ji and Jessica Lindley, our handmade lungota seamstresses :), the supply has met the demand and there are many happy (we hope!) wearers of Mission-made lungotas out there.

Our lungotas have a twist: They have elastic on the piece that tightens the underwear around the body. This makes them even more comfortable to wear than traditional lungotas.

There is even a tentative idea that we might advertise our lungotas in yoga magazines. We know it will benefit those who practice yoga and everyone else.

The lungota is an ancient style of male underwear used to provide vitality and greater control over sexual drive. It is also very physically supportive and beneficial to wear while doing yoga (innercise) and exercising. It protects the organs and directs great amounts of energy that would otherwise have been wasted toward higher thoughts and health.

We have never seen anyone wear it and not enjoy and appreciate it. All that is needed is to overcome the preconception that it might look strange in today's society, and any male can enjoy its benefit, a benefit that might be experienced immediately even when wearing it for the first time.

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