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Many New Prophecies Posted on Facebook

Andrew Harris, our Prophecies project manager, has been steadily finding many more prophecies that have been fulfilled by the Mission (Maitreya) and posting these prophecies on our Facebook group, Learn More About the Mission of Maitreya. These prophecies are valuable enough that this should probably be the top announcement of this Newsbrief. However, we have found so many prophecies at this point that what we already have should really be enough to convince anyone that this Mission is from God, and that everyone should Glorify God for such an amazing Plan and come join us.

Once, Andrew asked Maitreya: How many prophecies do we need? He seemed to be frustrated about finding so many prophecies and still not many people were listening. Maitreya's answer to him was: The question really is not how many prophecies do we need, but how many prophecies does humanity need to eventually believe in this Mission and God!

Andrew has since gone on to find even more prophecies, and continues to do so. However, most humans are still asleep and will not succumb to God's Will. Of course, we have to remember that God designated the Mission, in this lifetime, as being quiet, and Maitreya as the thief of the night (God Passing By)!

So Andrew, go ahead and keep finding as many prophecies as you can. Maybe what you are doing now will give Fruit in the future and for later incarnations (or maybe even in this life, but later). We surely appreciate that God has sent you to us to help. God Bless.

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