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THOTH Readings Automated

For many years, part of our daily activity schedule has been to have live readings of THOTH almost every morning after the Reminder. Although this has been a great Service and unifying activity among our members, it has also taken much of the Mission's time and energy to ensure there was always a person ready to read every morning, they read the selection correctly (pronunciation, audio quality, and so on), etc. Also, many of our dedicated readers are aging, and more and more we would prefer to relieve them of any responsibilities and allow them to focus more on returning to God, preparing for next lifetime, etc. (any service for the Mission should be purely volunteer, not with a feeling like if they do not do it, no one else will!).

Therefore, we have decided to automate the morning readings as well (so our entire Paltalk service, mornings and evenings, is fully automated). Now, every morning the audio recordings of THOTH created in the THOTH recording project play in the proper order, without anyone having to worry about being ready to read, that their connection is good, etc.

This change has also allowed us to add evening THOTH readings as well. The evening schedule is now exactly the same as the morning, with the Reminder, a THOTH reading (same as the one for that morning), and then 30 minutes of meditation/contemplation on what was previously read.

We hope these changes will both provide new options for those who want to listen to THOTH readings, as well as ease the burden on our dedicated and hardworking readers for all these years!

If there are individuals that still wish to read together regularly as a community activity, purely for the Joy of sharing God's Word, a project could be started to set this up. However, it would need a dedicated project manager to organize and oversee it (set up a place to read, work out the details, etc.). If you are interested in leading such a project, send an email to:

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