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Final Sal-Om (So Long)

As Revealed in my final declaration, and also in the sessions we had in 2007, "The Voice Of God", the Last Revelation from God was perfected a long time ago. Now we again, for the last time, declare that we have indeed perfected the Last Revelation of God for humanity. It Is Done. It was a Great Blessing that I had the privilege to do so. There is no Greater Pleasure and Joy than being the Pure Channel for God!

Indeed it was a great life and probably I still will stay around for a while. However, it seems appropriate, at age 70, to start preparing for the next life and also make the Mission ready for the time that it has to continue without me until I return for the next life to continue It.

I will say my personal Sal-Om (So Long) in the coming Feast of Tabernacles. I will have only one session (the last session you will have with me) in the coming Feast, and I will answer your final questions, if there are any, and will say my personal and final goodbye to you all then.

What has been Revealed to me, which I have passed unto you, is what God wants humanity to follow. It is the Culture of God. So do not follow any earthly culture but establish His. That will lead everyone to find why they have been incarnated (especially the Elects) and they will Fulfill It and will have a Fulfilled life! Your True Happiness will come when you find why you have been created on earth and Fulfill It, no matter how small or large a role it might be! Most probably everyone who is born from now on has been born to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven (God) On Earth (KOHOE).

The Will, therefore, is to bring the Kingdom Of Spirit (God) on earth. Work toward creation of the Communities Of Light (COLs) based on married couples (male and female). Meditate all together, make the Community an example for the rest of humanity by Sacrificing for it, Surrendering the result of your actions (Sacrifices) to the Spirit (God, be Submissive to Him), expanding your mind to include the whole universe, so you will become the New Man. Only the New Man can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Use any resources and/or technology to spread the Mission far and wide!

Men be men. Women be women. Grandparents be grandparents. Uncles be uncles.... Leaders be connected to God. All be a part of the Culture of God. It is then that children will be children and True parents (grandparents, family, community, the whole society, etc.) will teach them the Ways of God. In this environment all will find their ways and the society will be Peaceful and One.

Find out what anything is created in nature for (its original intent) and take that purpose for it as the absolute Law for that thing to be used for. No human law should change these Absolute Laws, not even a democratic society! Democracy only should be used for laws which are not absolute. Only following the Natural Laws will bring a natural life and harmony to you. Living natural ways is another path to Happiness and Joy. Do not replace God's Laws and Nature with yours. You will create disunity and misery to yourself and society.

Do not become ungodly. Do not neglect your children and parents. Do not become selfish. If you do, then others, with unclean spirits, will become the teachers of your children and will teach them (your children) un-Godly ways, they will overcome your children's good ideas that you taught them, and they (your children) will fall away from you and God. It is then that a society will go so far away from God that there will be little hope for them to return. That society will be an awful place to be in. The truth will be looked at as false, and the false will be accepted as truth and OK! There will be no Peace and Unity in such places.

Be just and establish it everywhere. Fight with unjustness and corruption, be it with the closest people to you or far away. Demand it from your leaders and keep them Honest and Just. Do not be afraid as this is the Way of Salvation. Indeed if an unjust treatment has been done to any one man it has been done to all. However, be aware of those who demand more than their fair share (what they deserve). Succumbing to such people is an injustice to others! Dispel the delusion in these people and only give them what they deserve (no less and no more). However, to those who deserve it, give generously.

Justness and Fairness brings Peace on earth.

Some people believe that being Just and Fair will deprive them from the cheap resources that they now enjoy. They should change their thinking: With efficiency, a little conservation, use of the renewable energies/resources, new technologies, and knowing that there are infinite resources in the universe, and also the fact that, temporarily, there will be fewer people after the Kingdom forms, this kind of thinking should be abandoned!

Remember God often and choose the rituals in the Mission that best work for you. Do your Reminder often and Meditate whenever you can. Pay your tithes with no resentment and afterthought. It is not up to you to decide to pay the tithes or not. 10% of your wealth and income belongs to God. If you need more money (or wealth), find a better job, improve your ability to have a better job, or work for yourself (be your own boss). Do not deprive God from His share but increase your income. In order to do the Mission, it needs this help and anything else that you can provide it. It is a Huge Mission and has much to Manifest.

You also have the right to know where the tithes, donations, etc. that you pay to the Mission (or in the future to the government) are going (how they are spent). The Leaders of the Mission (those who have power over your tithes, donations, etc.), of course, have the right to have their physiological and safety needs reasonably fulfilled with this money. However, if those who are in charge of your money (tithes, etc.) are misusing these funds, warn them and correct them. If they refused, then stop paying the tithes and accumulate them until the situation changes. Then give it all (what has been accumulated) to those who are Honest in their dealings with the money you pay to them for the KOHOE to be established!

If any situation is not Godly and is unjust, corrupt, etc., but you do not have the power to change it, you may accept it but work toward changing it (subjective approach with objective adjustment). Stay True to your convictions (Mission) and work toward changing the ungodly situations. Preach the Truth with no fear (if it is reasonably safe). Gather those who agree with you and work toward unifying them under the Mission Teachings until you have enough support and resources to bring change to the ungodly, unjust, and corrupt situation. Godliness, Justice, and eradication of corruption is the Goal. Everyone should work on this until we have the KOHOE!

Be good to your fellow man. Love your family and consider those in the Mission to be your brothers and sisters. Help one another to create the COLs everywhere. In these Communities become One and defend the Community as One. There is Power in numbers, use it to create a secure environment for these Communities and eventually the whole humanity (and universe).

Know that you are Eternal. It is not only this life that you will be alive but many more to come. So live in such a way that this life will be a continuation from your previous lives (working for God) and your future lives will be a continuation of this one and all the ones from the past. Plan and work in such a way that you will fulfill much in your life and so have a fulfilled life and many more fulfilled lives in the future. Do not ever accept that this is the only life and so it does not matter how you live it. Your future lives are based on what you do in this one!

God surely is with us and He has Promised that His Kingdom will be Established on earth and this Revelation is the Way to do it. So the only thing left for you is to obtain the wisdom to Guide humanity to that Finality. To be able to wait, to reach out, to gather the likeminded, and create the force that can help to bring the desired changes is the wisdom we need. In this endeavor the formation of the COLs is Paramount!

Never give up, never suicide, apply these wisdoms, and you surely will be successful!

Peace and Unity.

One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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