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No Longer Hosting Physical Feast (Until Mission Has a Center)

Since our first Feast of Tabernacles in 1989, the Mission has held a physical gathering for the Feast where people could come and celebrate together in person. Every year other than a very few, this gathering has been held at the home of Maitreya and His family (which, due to lack of resources, has served as the Mission Center throughout this time). This has never been an ideal situation. How can we do justice to God's great Feast, which should be a huge and well-organized spiritual celebration, when we have no Center other than our home? Furthermore, such gatherings always involve bringing together many different energies, especially because we want the Feast of Tabernacles to be open to all. This would be no problem, and perhaps give good lessons for many, at an actual Center; unfortunately, however, at our home, it has often made the Feast very disruptive to Maitreya and His household. Based on these realities, we have concluded it has been premature to try and host physical Feast gatherings at this point in the Mission's existence, especially now that the Internet allows us to come together electronically and broadcast Feast events. Therefore: The Mission Center will no longer host any physical Feast celebration until we have an actual Center where we can do so properly and without disruption to Maitreya's home. The Feast of Tabernacles page on the website has been updated to reflect this change. We will continue to develop an online Feast schedule and broadcast events over Paltalk, and disciples can always organize themselves to come together during this Holy time. What this means for you is: If you want a physical Feast gathering, redouble your efforts to help the Mission grow and gain a true Center! Remember: This Mission is huge and needs people, resources, and effort to Manifest. Having an actual Center is a basic step through which we could do so much more, reach and help so many more people, etc. This Mission manifesting is not a matter of "if" but "when," but how long it takes is up to you (humanity)!

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