Contacts Report


Sal-Om M.O.M.

I spent most of my time this month in:

Doing yoga, meditation, the Reminder (for hours sometimes:)

Rereading parts of the Teachings (again and again, amazing ATTG :)

Reading the Scriptures (reading other Scriptures of the world to see how they influenced the world and societies)

Giving the Message, the news of Christ/Messiah being here to all that I know, openly and directly yet humbly. (I outreach to all who know me from the past, family, friends and others, once again, this time even more directly. Visited many for this purpose, shared regular conversations and then gave my position on things. Many that I visited already heard about the Mission and the Teachings from me but this time it was different, this time I declared to them my position and left them with that. Some became offended, some listened, some became interested, some chose to ignore or forget but most importantly I felt freed. It is between them and God now, and they cannot blame anyone or God for not informing them of things. ATTG)

Finishing a new essay to add to the website with lyrics to, possibly, a rap song (

Other than these it is regular business in the Center. Things are slow but thanks God for everything; He surely provides what is necessary to carry on with the work. ATTG



*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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