Some conversations between Maitreya and people who have sent him emails:

  1. Conversation One
  2. Conversation Two
  3. Conversation Three
  4. Conversation Four
  5. Conversation Five
  6. Conversation Six


Conversation One

Q. How does one love without attachment?

A. Love the Essence (God) in the other person!

Q. How should one raise a child as far as helping him to crave GOD and not be concerned with earthly matters?

A. By example!

Q. What should I do about my sexual passion?

A. Get married!

Q. How do I create karma? How does one go about burning it off?

A. By actions which are not Godly! You burn them by acting Godly!

Q. What is dharma, specifically?

A. Innate Nature of anything! For the human it is what they have been born to accomplish, their talents, abilities, purpose!

Q. Can you please clarify how one would go about having a wife without attachment?

A. Read answer number one!

Q. Is the ego necessary to communicate? If so, how should you use it? How do enlightened ones use it?

A. False Ego is not necessary. It is the base of all evils!

Q. With love, does duality exist? If so, how does one love without polarities?

A. There is no duality in Essence (God)!

Q. How does one work without working, walk without walking, sweep without sweeping, etc.? How does one go about being one with the action?

A. Letting God (Spirit) do it!

Q. How do I tame my emotional, desires, attachments, etc. which are like wild horses? They pull me in many different directions and they cause me much anxiety.

A. How hard is it to tame a horse? Now multiply that by the number of horses you have to tame!

Q. I don't want to carry the pain and frustration anymore. Will the character that was developed in me as a young child, is it possible to truly overcome this? So many teachers have told me it is, but none have told me how. Do you know how?

A. Learn to forgive and forget?

Q. I do not understand what Dharma is, it is not a word that has explained itself in any of the writings I have read.

A. Dharma means innate nature. Innate nature means what is the nature of anything in creation. The innate nature of a cup is to hold liquid!


Conversation Two

Q. I have believed the current conditions in the world were not how God intended it. I have believed that in the beginning, man was one with the mind of God.

A. You are correct. All have come from the same source (God).

Q. That the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge led man down the vain path of self-awareness.

A. Not self-awareness, but self-centeredness!

Q. It seemed for a long time, that the more aware of myself I became, the more I became withdrawn, not wanting the company of others and instead wanting to be alone in my thoughts. I have believed that the world has suffered because they have believed the lie, that they themselves are God,...

A. Longing for solitude is the beginning of awareness!

Not God, but god, they are. To be God is a lie, to be god (son of God, in His image) is the truth! To be god means to have God's qualities: Gentleness, Compassion, Love, Understandings, and all Good (God) Qualities.

Q. ...and have become obsessed with themselves, to the extreme that we see in some places of America today, people who live entirely for their own pleasure, with no regard for the effects of their actions on others (or themselves for that matter.)

A. They have become self-centered.

Q. I have seen that my hatred and anger are hurting only me and those close to me. I feel as if I am letting it go now,...

A. That is good.

Q. ...but for a while, I was overwhelmed by it.

A. Not good.

Q. I have been taking large doses of vitamin C as well as a multi vitamin. I have not been doing enough exercise, that is too true. I will certainly try to do more.

A. That is good. The body is the Temple of God, we have to take care of it.

Q. Thank you very much for your time.

A. Thanks God!


Conversation Three

Q. How do we know you are who you say you are?

A. What will convince you?

Q. What message do you have that will convince me, or help me to believe what you have to say?

A. My Message is the Opening of the Seven Seals (Revelation chapter 5), which Reveals the Eternal Divine Path, that helps the Creation of the Communities Of Light, that will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth!

Q. And why do more people not know about you?

A. Because we have not been on earth for long, and also it is a protection for us to come as the Thief of the night!

Q. A miracle will convince me....

A. So you are one of those who are looking for signs and miracles (Christ called those who sought miracles and signs, the generation of vipers). I, then, cannot convince you. If you are looking for the fulfillment of the Prophecies, opening of the Seven Seals, coming of the Seventh Angel and such, then I can.

Q. ...and who is "we".

A. God and I.

Q. Some people believe Maitreya is the Antichrist.

A. People believe in many things that are not true. There are also many Maitreyas out there that are not from God (they are antichrist). But not us, we have the support of God and that is enough for us!

Q. I am familiar with revelations which need to be fulfilled before the second coming, and the Antichrist has not come yet to fulfill his task, as of yet.

A. The Antichrist has been here all along. It is the false ego and the attachment to this external world.


Conversation Four

Q. Is there one way to meditate that can ensure moksha?

A. Yes, meditation of the Holy Word!

Q. Can you help me to be you?

A. Yes, follow the Eternal Divine Path!

Q. Is God metaphysically temporal or timeless?

A. It depends in what Level you are looking at Him. In the Essence, as the Unmanifested Universe, He is Timeless. In the manifested state, after the Original Balance was disturbed, It became the manifested Universal Mind. All manifestations will return, eventually, to the Great Balance. Therefore they all are temporal!


Conversation Five

Q. I was a Christian for a few years and now do not claim to be anything other than myself. A lot of things scare the hell out of me. Like if hell exists. I don't think there should be a hell. I don't believe any human should have to burn in hell for eternity. You will probably tell me there is no such place.

A. Hell and Heaven are here and NOW. Those who are attached to this external world and are a part of it, are in Hell. Those who have found their way out of it are in Heaven. Be in the world but not of it... That is Heaven!

Q. I have not decided for sure what I believe. About Christianity, god, Satan, you, and I love life but I hate all of the liars in life. I think everything is in a bad shape. The world of politics, the evil men do, all the controversy re: everything. Religion. Pollution.

A. That is why I have come and am calling upon those who have been chosen to help to clean up this mess!

Q. If god was so powerful why would he/she or it even allow things to be the way they are. This is a nightmare world.

A. Free will, to a point, is the essence in creation of man. He (God), however, has given us intelligence, wisdom and abilities to be a co-creator. We can create Hell on earth, as we have already done, or create Heaven on earth, as I have shown the way to do it. It is up to us!


Conversation Six

Q. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. Please grant me the Wisdom to know the meaning of this?

A. Who is the tree? It is God. Remember the story of the fig tree. It was full of leaves (talk) with no fruit (essence, depth). The leaves of the tree, in the verse above, are the words of God, which result in Great people (Fruit). It is they (The Elects) that Heal the whole earth (nations)!

Q. Lastly, in subjection to the One and Only True God -- I ask this: As the Samaritan woman who spoke with Christ was converted instantly to The Way because He told her about herself in a way that only The Anointed One could do, please honor me with the same.

A. I will not comply to this request, as she (the woman) was not of Great Spirit. She did not believe in Christ because of His Teachings and Message, but because He told her about her past. This is not of a great consciousness and she never manifested anything Great, after her encounter with Christ.

In this time you judge me only based on my Message. If you cannot see who I am based on that, then indeed we have two different paths to tread. Read my Message and if you saw any Truth in that, come join us and ask no other favor for yourself or others but to be a Pure Channel for God and His Mission. No personal favors are granted this time. It is time for the True Elects to come together. That woman was not one of them!

Q. What favor have I asked of you? None.

A. You are not the first person who asked me that I should already know you, that I should tell you your past and how wonderful a soul you are. God has given me only one criteria to know His servants: "You know them by their Fruits." That is the only criteria that I will use to know who is an Elect and who is not. Asking that I say something about you, your past, etc. is asking for favors. As Prophet Muhammed has said: Man never tires of asking for favors. If one asks for favors, he will forever ask for more. If you are an Elect, manifest them according to the Word of God, by your Action and Fruits!

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