Statement from the Round Table - September 2015

Mission's Response to US Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Ruling

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided the Obergefell v. Hodges case, declaring on a 5-4 decision that the right to marriage guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution also extends to same-sex marriage, and thus states were required to issue and honor marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Maitreya has already made the Mission's position on this issue very clear with the section on homosexuality in Golden Keys 7, as well as essays such as "Abomination of Desolation." Maitreya in these writings also gives the solution to this problem, both for those who are born homosexual (they must release the blockage of energy through meditation, yoga, fasting, diet, Tandava/Tandavi, etc.) and for those who are victims of social breakdown (the society must be fixed!).

As a reminder, Maitreya gave the following warning in the "Abomination of Desolation" essay over five years ago:

Stop all actions that are an "abomination" to God. If you will not, then do not blame God for the Desolation that follows! We call upon everyone to stop doing things that are an abomination to God, and to direct all their efforts and Might to opposing those who support what is distasteful to God.

Peacefully use all the means and power you have to bring awareness to everyone of what is happening, and use democratic tools (write your congressman, etc.), and your rights (protest, take legal action, etc.), to change the system. Cooperate with all those who agree with you, even if their religions and beliefs are different from ours (yours), and help them to achieve your common goals (to stop the Abomination of Desolation)!

However, the Mission must now also be concerned with the possible practical and legal implications of the Supreme Court's decision (as the Mission is organized and operating in the US), and in general how the Mission organization should respond to situations where the law of a country requires it to accommodate (or at least tolerate) things we do not consider acceptable.

The Round Table had discussed this issue, and our conclusion is as follows:

Maitreya has made it clear that the Mission, and Mission members, should follow the laws of the countries they are in (unless of course they are engaging in political activism and noncompliance, from Knowledge, in order to change the system, etc.). However, the Mission organization itself must remain as Pure and True to Maitreya's teaching as possible.

Therefore, the Mission organization will not become involved in activities that will force it to recognize or honor same-sex relationships as legitimate. At this time, such activities include issuing marriage licenses (although the Mission can still conduct unofficial marriage ceremonies as per Maitreya's teachings) and opening businesses or services that New Mexico law might classify as "public accommodations" and thus be subject to state laws requiring equal service for gay rights purposes (such as a New Mexico case where a wedding photography business was forced to take pictures of a same-sex couple).

The Mission still encourages its members (Divines) to open businesses and engage in such activities (if it is good for the Divines and the Mission) by following the principle of subjective approach with objective adjustment. In these endeavors, Divines should follow the laws of the countries and states they are in; if this requires serving a pro-homosexual purpose or activity, the Divine should view it as serving the Essence of those involved, which is God (the Godly part of them, while ignoring the ungodly actions). However, the Divines should continue to express their disagreement with this trend in every way they legally can, including political advocacy, freedom of speech and demonstration, etc. (as the wedding photography service in the New Mexico case was permitted to state on their website and in their advertising that they were morally opposed to same-sex relationships, but they followed the law).

The Mission will continue to watch how the law develops and moves forward in this area, and will continue to withdraw from (or decide never to enter) areas that will bring our ideals in conflict with the law. If the pro-homosexuality trend becomes so prevalent that we can no longer avoid it (or the situation seems ripe for a new, more aggressive approach towards changing the trend), the Mission will re-evaluate its approach at that time.

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