10/27/01 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. I welcome you all to our church here in the Internet. We will be here together for the next two hours.

You are here to hear the latest Revelation from God that unifies all humanity. We have brought the greatest Revelation for the last 12,000 years to humanity, to show how God sent every religion on earth separately. When you put them together now, it will make sense. It shows humanity that God really exists. He is truly in the universe, and therefore, we are not alone. We have to bring the belief of the Spirit and His Presence to us. Therefore, we come all together as one united humanity.

There is no other way. If we want to survive in this world (that can destroy itself many times over), it is time for humanity to realize that there is One God, One Humanity, and One Earth.

So here is a call to the Elects to come together and create the environment that all humanity can unite together and enjoy the universe as one.

As usual, I will go ahead and explain the base of the teaching. The base of our teaching is what is called The Greatest Sign.

If you go to our website, the first thing that you will see there in the website is a Sign, which forms itself into The Greatest Sign. In the Greatest Sign, you can see many religions that you possibly already know.

Probably you would know about the I-Ching. You know about the Star of David, Christianity, the Fourth Seal at the top is Islam, and the fifth, is Bahai. The next after that is the Elect.

When The Greatest Sign forms, you can see that the very bottom sign is the same as the center one. So, man becomes in the image of God by going through those six steps.

Now the question always arose for many people, If there is only one God, why do we have so many religions? If there is only one Being, why didnt He just send one religion and say, This is My Word, this is who I am, and that is what you have to follow?

Now, with this Revelation, we understand why there are so many religions because He was revealing The Eternal Divine Path, which are the five steps in The Greatest Sign, separately to humanity.

All these separate religions are fighting with each other and saying, We have the ultimate truth. We are the only one. We are the Elected Ones. We have the Last Word.

Now God is coming in and saying, Look, all of you have a part of the truth. You can see the whole picture when you put it all together. That is what the Mission of Maitreya has done.

God said that He would send a teaching to humanity that would unify humanity together and would let them realize that He truly exists. Each religion in The Greatest Sign or the Revelations that He has sent before this Revelation, each of them has a part in a greater truth.

So, if you look at the website and The Greatest Sign, you will see that there is a blank blue at the beginning and then a dot, which is the first awakening of the universe. Before that, the universe was in a state of be-ness, or awareness as we know it, but in absolute ecstasy and joy, or what is called Ananda.

Then a desire arose in the universe, that first dot. And after that the forces went out of hand. That is the I-Ching, which starts spinning and it explodes to the Lotustica, which is the Lotus with the I-Ching and what most of the people know as swastika.

The swastika is a very ancient sign and has nothing to do with Hitler or what he did with it. As we were explaining the other day, a knife in itself is neither good nor evil. A surgical knife in the hands of a good surgeon is healing, and in the hands of a killer is a weapon.

There is a book, which was distributed by the Smithsonian Institute, which we have on the website. You can read how the swastika is the most ancient sign that has ever been on earth.

Anyway, that Lotustica is the big bang, what the scientists call the big bang. That is why you see it explodes into the screen. Then, of course, when it explodes, there is chaos in the universe because the balance of the forces, or the three gunas, have been shattered. Therefore, the first awareness comes to the universe as, I know. The next is, I do. The third is, I have done. Therefore, the awareness (the knowingness), the ability to do, and later on the memory, will form, and the creation is created and that is chaos.

That is why in the Bible we see, And darkness was upon the deep. God wanted to bring this darkness back to the Godhead. That is why He sent His Spirit to the earth, to the universe, to guide the universe back to the balance that it was in before.

That is when you see, on the screen the first triangle downward is created. The triangle downward is the Spirit of God that goes to man. That is why actually the Christians believe that God comes to earth in the form of Christ. That is exactly what that triangle means, the Spirit of God comes to man, reaches to man.

And that Spirit goes through the Eternal Divine Path. You see that when the triangle goes down, there is an I-Ching. I-Ching means the two natures in the universe, positive and negative.

If you look at our I-Ching, you will see that not only does it have the dark blue and the white (which is black and white in other I-Chings) which is negative and positive, also you see a red center in it, which is also another force in the universe which most of the I-Chings do not even include. That is the raja guna or active activity or the ability to act, I do, part of the universe.

So actually, really it has three parts: The blue part is negative (which is tama guna or the crudifying force), the white (which is positive or the sentient force), and then the center (which is the ability to do). Therefore, we can see that, that I-Ching is the first Spirit in the universe, which went through the Eternal Divine Path. He started to awaken his spiritual forces.

Then you can see the second, which is the two triangles (upward and downward) which most people know as the Sign of Solomon. Again, the triangle downward is the Spirit of God that comes to humanity, and the triangle upward, the hierarchy on earth, which is the Communities of Light, goes to the top.

I have to mention that I will answer your questions after I am done with explaining The Greatest Sign and The Eternal Divine Path. Then we will go ahead and answer your questions. So, be patient while I am explaining The Greatest Sign because we believe that everyone on earth should hear this at least once. That is why we explain this first before we go ahead with the rest of the process.

So, in the next step he realized that a proper environment is necessary for everyone to progress. Then in the next sign he realized that sacrifice is necessary, which is the cross in The Greatest Sign. Then he realized that even after sacrificing it is necessary to surrender and submit to God. Therefore, he realized that step as well, which is the fourth step, which is Islam, or the crescent moon.

After that he realized that it is not enough to concentrate on only a small portion of the universe, but the whole universe. That is when he became a universalist, which is the religion the Bahais have come from.

With this, he became an Elect. He realized the Eternal Divine Path, and he started helping the people around him or her in a greater degree. That is when he reached Pure Consciousness. That is when in the Bible it is said, And there was light. So, the light is reaching that state of Pure Consciousness, which he reached.

That is when God said that the light was good. And that is when you see that the second triangle forms. That is when the hierarchy in heaven forms, which is the First Begotten Son who went through that step and became at the very top of the hierarchy. The two triangles (upward and downward) are the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now this Path becomes The Eternal Divine Path. And everyone has to follow that Eternal Divine Path in order to reach the light or Pure Consciousness

That is when you see the second round of the I-Ching, then the Sign of Solomon, the cross, the crescent moon, the five-armed star, and then the sign of Paravipra forms, and then Pure Consciousness. Again, man becomes in the image of God.

So, that is our teaching. That is the base of what we teach here. It shows that the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to meditate (awaken your spiritual forces). That covers the religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, the Caballah, mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any other teachings that say, Know thyself to know God. Therefore, all the Mystical Paths follow in that category.

The second is after you awaken your spiritual forces, is the Communities of Light. The communities based on the Eternal Divine Path are called the Communities of Light. That is what the whole Old Testament is about. We can see that God was trying to find a people for Himself, a people who are called the Children of Israel, the Children of Light. That is why the whole Old Testament is based on finding a community, or tribes, the twelve tribes of Israel.

So the second step after awakening your spiritual forces, is to direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. In order to create Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. If everyone in the community says, What is in it for me? that community will not last very long. It will be destroyed. Selfishness will destroy the Communities of Light.

Therefore, the third sign came with Christ. Christ brought the idea of sacrifice. He sacrificed himself by going through the whole crucifixion. He was willing to die for his ideal. Of course, the whole idea is not being selfish or self-centered.

When he sacrificed a lot, he started progressing. He started to get some communities going, and he became very elated and said, Oh, look at me. I am so great. I am doing all these things. When you do that, of course, the ego comes in. When the ego comes in, you get cut off from God. That is really what cuts humanity from God. It is the ego of not realizing that God is doing it through you.

Therefore, he realized that he has to do the work but he should not be attached to the result of his actions. That is why he surrendered the result to God. Eventually, he realized that even better than that is to realize that God is doing it through him.

That is exactly what Islam means. Islam comes from the word Tasleim, which means surrendering and submission to God. Therefore, Islam is also a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

He concentrated on doing it in a very small part of the universe and realized later that that was not enough. He also had to direct all his endeavors toward the whole universe. Therefore, he became a universalist. That is the theme or the message of the Bahai teaching, universalism.

Therefore, the person who awakens his spiritual forces, directs the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifices for it, surrenders and submits (surrenders the result to God, or submits himself that God is doing it through him), and becomes a universalist, is really following the Eternal Divine Path. He or she will become an Elect, or the Sixth Seal.

Such people or such beings become dynamic spiritual beings who will help the whole universe to reach Pure Consciousness, which is the Seventh Seal. Pure Consciousness is just becoming One with God and seeing the unity of the whole universe based on God. That is exactly what the Seventh Seal is, the teaching of the Mission of Maitreya. And that unifies all the religions of the world.

It is just like you are reaching to Pure Consciousness and you realize that everything is God. Everything is unified. There is no separation between anything. That is exactly what the Mission of Maitreyas teaching does, and that is the Seventh Seal.

So, that is the base of our teaching. Of course, it is a very simplified way of saying it here. You can go to our website and read and understand this teaching in much more depth. It is much more involved than this. But, we have to explain this to everyone.

If you like the Mission and the teaching, explain it to everyone who you see or you meet, and let them know the Eternal Divine Path. Let them know how the religions are unified, how all the prophecies are fulfilled, and how we are all here to realize that really God is the Doer and Sender of all these religions, and that humanity is one. Let us create a universe, or create a world that all of us come here and have the opportunity to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest degree possible. That is what the goal of this Mission is, the bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We are calling the Elects, those who see this explanation, who see this Mission and say, Yes. I want to be a part of it. I have no ambition, no desire, no egoistical trips, or anything. I am here to just completely know that humanity is one, give this Message to everyone possible, and share it with everyone possible.

So go to the website, read, understand, ask questions, come to this room, send us e-mails, whatever way you can, start seeing the Vision, and start helping.

Of course, right now we are looking for contact people all over the world, in every city, in every state, in every nation. You can start becoming a contact. That is a very easy thing to do.

A contact can be a person or a point of connection for the Mission to establish services, meditation, teachings, and all of that. If you are interested to become a contact, go to the website to the contact page. There is an e-mail at the very top. Send an e-mail to us, and we will discuss it after that. So, that is the first step for the Mission.

The second step is to find very dedicated teachers who want to completely dedicate their lives to the Mission. They have no ambition but to do this Mission again. They can, of course, travel all over the world and teach our teaching.

So, you are called to action, to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and that is what the Mission is all about.

Now if you have any questions, go ahead and raise your hand. We do not have any camera so do not turn your camera on because we are not using any camera at all here.

Go ahead, Makam

Makam: Thank you very much. Hello, Maitreya, how are you? I hope you are very well.

I have some questions I would like to ask. How is it possible, how are we going to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? Is there a structure? Is there a plan? Could you tell us something about that please? How is the transformation going to happen, because it is not an easy task, as you can appreciate? And so how is that going to happen?

And also, these Elect people that you talk about, how many of them are there altogether? And how many would you have now? Thank you very much.

Maitreya: First of all I am fine, thank you very much, Makam. You have two questions. The first question is, how the kingdom will come.

The way it is going to come has been given. Again, if you go to the website, there is a booklet called, The Plan. It consists of two booklets. One is called, The Master Plan For Planet Earth, or MAP is the abbreviation for it. The other one is called, The Light. The Light explains the Eternal Divine Path that we just explained. And The Master Plan For Planet Earth, or MAP, explains how the kingdom will come and how the process will happen.

That is why we are calling on Elects. The Elects are the people who have been called for this Mission. They have always come when the new Revelation comes to humanity.

They were the followers of Christ. They were the first people who became attracted to Moses. They were the people who worked with Prophet Muhammed. They were the people who accepted Bab and started his mission. And, now they are again on earth.

We believe that they will hear this Message, and they will say, Yes, that makes sense. How can there be one God and so many Prophets? They already also have known in their hearts and their Souls that there should be more than the religions that they have been born in.

They have an affinity and connection with other religions, because they were the people who started other religions. So, they know exactly that it cannot be just one religion, the last one, or the one religion, the way, or that only a few people can be elected, and the rest of humanity are not elected and accepted by God. They realize that all of them have something lacking in them.

When they hear The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path, and how Gods Plan was to send each part of it separately, as religions, now they say, Yes, I want to completely dedicate my life to this cause. These Elected Ones are the people who come together and create what we call the facilitating body.

The facilitating body is the body that their power and authority comes from God, and they are in the Mission to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They work to spread this Message, to attract teachers, to become teachers, to go all over the earth, and start communities. The Communities of Light eventually will form, and the hierarchy will come from the Communities of Light to the top of the organization. Actually, for the first time, the concept of a hierarchy from the people, by the people, and for the people, really, really will form. We have not had that up to this point. That is a good idea, but it has not formed.

So, when this comes from the bottom to the top, our organization will become a worldwide organization with a wonder-ful hierarchy from the Communities of Light, from the people.

Also as you see, this world is going to go completely toward self destruction. We can see right now we are on the brink of the third world war, really a terrible war. The thing they have started in the Middle East is not going to be very pretty; it is going to get ugly.

So eventually humanity, those who fight with each other will realize, Well, there is no separation with Islam, with Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, or, the Bahai Faith. All of them will eventually realize that they need a more viable solution for this earth. By then, hopefully, many, many people will realize that the only way is Gods Way, and Gods Hierarchy is from the people, by the people, and for the people. And they will join us and eventually

Of course, as I say, If they accept us today, the peace will come to humanity. But, of course, we do not hold our breath because we know human nature, and we know that most of the earthly powers and earthly systems, and even earthly religions are based on ego, and ego is not going to give up easily. Unfortunately, we do not count on being accepted today to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Humanity is going to follow their own egos. The ego always brings separation, and separation means wars, destruction, and all of that.

But as you see in the Bible, it says, The meek shall inherit the earth. The meek are the people who do not want wars. They do not want destruction. They do not want egoistical things. They want to have a peaceful earth, and the meek will not follow their egos any longer. And that is, hopefully, when the kingdom will come.

I hope that makes sense to you. If you have a follow-up question, go ahead, Makam. [silence]

Also the other question was, How many of them are there?

According to the Scriptures, there are 144,000 Elects on earth, and millions and millions of supporters to those 144,000 Elects. So, we hoping that we at least find 144,000 very dedicated people with no ego.

OK Blueyedsoul, go ahead.

Blueyedsoul: Thank you. I typed my questions. A couple of quick questions: # 1 - do you accept or reject Aristotles principles of non-contradiction. # 2 - do you believe the truth is relative or absolute?

Maitreya: All right. Well, our theory is based on Gods Revelation. It is not a philosophy. It is something that is Revealed in THOTH, and it is not from a person who creates conflict between non-contradiction or dialectic materialism of conflict. Both of them have some merit in them but the truth is that there has been a fight between good and evil, a fight between rich and poor, a fight between positive and negative, etc. The two principles in the universe are fighting with each other all the time.

But at the same time, when we bring balance to the universe, that fight will cease, and the conflicts will be no more. That is why that principle also is correct.

If you read the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled, and the book of Daniel, you will see that we are talking about the four classes in humanity: the workers, the warriors, the intellectuals, and the businessmen. There is a conflict between most of them. Then when the Paravipras come and bring balance between all of them, the tranquility and non-contradiction is going to come.

Again, we unify even those philosophies together. There is no conflict. There is nothing either/or in the Mission of Maitreya. You will see a unification of all these theories as each of them are viable but in a specific time.

Your next question is, Is truth relative or absolute? Again, there are two kinds of truth. There are some truths that are absolute. For instance, if you want to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is absolute. There is no relativity about it.

But other truth is relative: How good are you, or how good you want to be, is a relative term. You can be very good or you can be not as good.

So, again there are two kinds of truth that exist in the universe. Some of them are absolute, you cannot escape them. You cannot murder and think you are going to get away with it. You are going to create karma, and you are going to pay for it. That is absolute.

But would you help your neighbor or not, is relative, how much you are going to help him or her? It is again, not absolute, it is relative. It is not an absolute truth to consider.

So there are principles that are absolute in the universe, and there are the ones that are not.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Makam, go ahead.

Makam: Thank you very much, Maitreya. Let me see if I have done my homework correctly. Can you confirm please, will there be a Satanic elect people, satanic ones? People just as special, as the unique workers of righteousness? Would there be Elects of Satan? And I have a second quick question, have you ever spoken with God?

Maitreya: All right. Satanic people. What is Satan or what is the devil? The devil is where God is not. God is everything and everywhere, therefore, everything is God. The only thing that really makes things to be satanic or from the devil is when we disconnect ourselves from God and hold an umbrella of the ego over our heads. Then we think we are not connected to God or we do not feel the presence of God. Then, of course, we fall to our lower natures and to our egos, and ego is where Satan really resides and lives.

Now, how many people in the world have ego? What is in the earth? It is based on egoistical trips and egoistical systems. We can see that the world is based on ego and, therefore, it is egoistical, and it is from the lower nature. Anything that is from the lower nature is evil and satanic. Therefore, we can see that most of the things on earth right now are from egoistical persuasion and, therefore, are not from God.

That is why God sends His System, God sends His Revelation. God says, That is how you can bring Me to humanity. That is how you can bring Me to your life. That is how you can bring Me to the earth and replace what is egoistical.

Therefore, really the anti-Christ and Satan and all of that have been with us from the foundation of creation. It has never been that evil was not there. And, as I said, ego is egoistical persuasion and not following the Eternal Divine Path.

Actually, the Eternal Divine Path shatters ego, completely replaces it with the Spirit. How? You meditate. You awaken your spiritual forces. You pray. You calm your mind. As God said, Be still and know that I am God.

And then you try to create the Communities of Light, communities based on the Eternal Divine Path. In those communities you sacrifice, you are not self-centered and say, Everything for me. That is the craving of the ego, What is in it for me? What is in it for me? I want. I want. Me. Me. Me. And that is what ego is.

But it says that in the Communities of Light, you do not do that. You sacrifice. You say, What is good for the community? How can I be helpful? How can I be a part of this community?

Then you surrender the result to God. Ego does not want to surrender. Ego wants to say, I am the doer. I am the person who is doing it. Look at what I have done. I am a great writer. I can even explain Maitreyas teachings and write essays about it and tell humanity that, Hey, I know even better than Maitreya and God who sent this to humanity. Or, I can change this to something else. Or, whatever that ego wants to do.

So ego likes to keep the results. It says, No, I am the one who is doing it. It does not want to go. Also ego wants to be connected to a small part of the universe.

But in universalism you say, No. The whole universe is my home. God is my Father and Mother. I am not attached to any nationality or gender or anything that narrows me. That shatters ego. Then you realize, I am a part of God because I am not narrowed with all these egoistical ideas.

So that is where the ego, or devil, or Satan resides, in all those things, which are not the Eternal Divine Path. You are not meditating. You are not awakening your spiritual forces. You are not working for the Communities of Light, you are working for crazy communities that are not based on Gods Way. You are not sacrificing for the community that you are living in. You are not surrendered and submissive to God. And you are not a universalist.

How many people are egoistical and following their egos? Hey, 99.99% of humanity right now? And that is what the devil is. That is where Satan is.

So you can see that the Eternal Divine Path shatters Satan and his seat, destroys it, and will bring the humans that they are not really egoistical.

Ego is really the feeling of separation from God. And because we are not separated from God, therefore, ego is really a delusion, an illusion.

God is the Doer. We are just the vessel here to do His Will.

Have I talked to God? Well, it is not something that you can sit around the table with God and have a chat with Him [laughing]. It does not work that way. It is a Spirit-to-Spirit relationship.

In Islam, it is called Vahd. It is the certainty of the truth that comes to you, and you have no doubt about that, that what you have received is the truth. Then, of course, you examine the Spirit. You look at it. You talk to other people.

We have had discussions here in the Mission many times on every topic on earth. We always concluded that all can be solved with the Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light.

Therefore, the Spirit has sent this. It is the truth because it does solve all human problems. It unifies humanity.

In the communities, children are going to grow in a greater, much better way. The people are going to feel safer. The people are going to be freer, more Godly, and all of that. Everything we have discussed, the Communities of Light will take care of it, and we said, Yes. They will solve the problem.

Therefore, the Spirit is Good. The Spirit is from God. And whatever is good is God. So we can see that.

But conversation, I cannot call it conversation. I can call it a Revelation. I can call it a certainty, a feeling of oneness, a feeling of truth, a feeling of knowingness that will reveal

Of course, it has to be also supported with the external world. For instance, the finding out about the fulfillment of the prophecies, which was done for this Mission, is a confirmation from the external world that, Yes, what has come internally also is supported externally.

You cannot sit there and say, Yes, I talk to God, but my life is miserable, what I say does not make sense, it is not according to Gods Words and the Scriptures but I hear God and talk to Him. Of course, a lot of people are in the asylum. Many people who are in the asylums talk to God every day. But so did Prophet Muhammed and Christ, but they did not put them into an asylum because externally they were supporting what came from the Spirit.

So it is not a conversation but it is a Soul-to-Soul relationship. I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, BroFrank.

BroFrank: Thank you, Sir. I have a few quick questions. During the 4th and 5th centuries BC, many Jews were exiled to Persia. My questions, #1 is, are you a Jew from Persia? If so, what tribe are you from? And question # 2 is, do you see, Sir, within the future, catastrophes coming on this planet that are spoken of in The Revelation? Those are my questions. I would appreciate answers to them. Thank you.

Maitreya: If you study and really realize the truth, actually Jews are Persian. So, it is absolutely the other way around.

If you remember, Abraham was in the south of Iraq, and the Persian Kingdom was in Persia, which South Iraq seems was a part of it. The Persians who eventually took over most of Persia, en-tered Iran from the east and northeast. They were the people who came actually from Europe, and they are the ones who are called the Aryans. They split into two branches, one went to India, in north India, and one came to the east and north of Persia, or Iran.

The one that went to India eventually mixed their religions with the Hindu teachings, or southern Hindus, which mostly were African because the Indian continent came from Africa, went underneath the Asian continent, and started pushing it up. That is actually how the Himalayas have been created, by pushing the Indian continent underneath the Asian continent. So, the original people in India actually were black and African.

When the Aryans came, after the Indian continent came to Asia, they came from Europe and joined the Indians. That is why still today if you look at the Indian people, northern Indians are whiter than the southern Indians. Also they mixed together, but still you can see the difference between them.

So of the two branches of the Aryans, one stayed in India and the other went to Persia. And in Persia, later on, Zoroaster came as the Prophet who brought the Zoroasterian religion. The idea of the One God and the idea of the Messiah have come from that religion.

The Aryans in the north of Iran also mixed with the people in that land who were before them. They spread downward, and they created the kingdom. They were also in Iraq and started Iraq.

So the name Abram, was derived from Brahm or Braham. Bram means Brahman, and Abram in Sanscrit changes from being a Brahman to not being a Brahman. It is like vidya means truth or knowledge. Avidya means ignorance, not to be the truth.

That is why A-bram means he was not a Brahman. But God chose him anyway. That is why he became a Prophet. Although he was not a Brahman, God chose him. He started the Old Testament and eventually the Jewish people.

Another thing that indicates that they were Persian is that later on when the Jews (actually they were Hebrews), the Hebrews were split into two kingdoms, the southern kingdom was called the Children of Judah, which were the Children of Judah plus the Levites and the tribe of Benjamin, and the northern kingdom was made up of the rest of the ten tribes.

The Northern Kingdom was conquered first. The people in the Northern Kingdom left and went to the north and northwest. Some of them even ended up in Europe. And the southern people, who later on became the Jews, also were taken to Iraq.

Later on when the Persian Empire conquered Iraq, the Assyrians, the Persians took the Jews into Iran and gave them a very high place. The reason was that King Cyrus knew they were Persian. That is why he took them in, and he gave them very high places in the society, and, on and on. So in reality both the Arabs and Jews have Persian blood in them, or they are Persian.

So, you are right. Still there are a lot of Jews in Iran. They have two communities, one in Tehran and one in Easphehon. They are living there. Actually, one of my very best friends was a Jew when I was there and we were very close.

So to answer your question, I am not a part of the Jewish people from the 5th or 6th century. But the Jewish people and the Arabs do have Persian blood in them.

Arabs eventually, of course, went to the North Africa, they went to Spain, and the Spanish people came to South America. You can see, really, that Arabs are all the way from Saudi Arabia, to North Africa, to South America. The Hebrews, or the House of Israel, came to Europe, and eventually they ended up in the United States.

So you can say the two brothers Isaac and Ishmael really meet each other in North and South America. We are in New Mexico which is right on the border between the two. So again this Revelation is coming in the right place.

To answer your question about if the disasters and catastrophes will come: Yes, it will. As I have said, if everyone listens to us today, it does not have to happen. But unfortunately it will come to humanity.

Go ahead, BroFrank.

BroFrank: Thank you so much, Sir. You have confirmed some things for me here. The Persian Jews, I am of the opinion that they are the true Jews and Arabs simply because Jacob (Israel) was an Arab in the tents of Arabia. So I believe that Arabs are the true Jews and those who are occupying the territory presently are not.

So, you have come from Persia and my understanding then is that you are of Jewish decent. You have not been particularly clear on which tribe.

Maitreya: All right. Well, I think you did not hear me correctly. I am not of Jewish decent. Jews are of Persian decent. And who should take over the Palestinian or Israel territory? They are brothers. They are from two brothers of the same father. They should just get along. That is all there is to it.

Of course, the best way is that they realize the Eternal Divine Path and our teaching, and they realize that they are a part of God. But who is better and who is worse, that is again ego talking. Who should take care of what? That is not what the Mission is for. The Mission is against any superiority of one person or one being, or one religion, or one race, over another.

We are all the children of one God. We have come from one God. And we are all here to come together and get along.

Go ahead, BroFrank. But realize that we are not preaching here any superiority of one race over another. Go ahead.

BroFrank: Yes, Sir. I understand. It is absolutely not a racial inquiry. It has really nothing to do with any racial prejudice of any kind. I am trying to determine the origin of your ancestors in that Christ is a word. My understanding is that Christ is a word that was derived from Greek word, Christos, which is derived from the Hebrew word, Messiah, which means sons of the king, sons of the Israeli King, according to the dictionaries, the encyclopedias, and much research. According to that, there have been many Messiahs, although there have not been many who were anointed with the Spirit of God. Not many have borne fruit unto God. Most have been in bondage to their egos. Very few Messiahs have been focused on the things of God. I was just trying to determine here

In fact, I feel you are indeed the Messiah. May God richly bless your Mission, Sir.

Maitreya: Frank, I am sure it is not the flesh and blood that revealed what you just said but it is the Spirit that revealed this. Hopefully, this teaching will help humanity from all the wrong things that are happening to them.

OK Friend, go ahead.

Friend: Hello everyone. Why the red dots? How can I ask questions, I have a red dot? Is there something that you escape about the questions of the people? I have a right intention. God is my witness. Why the red dot, may I ask?

Maitreya: Yes. You may ask. We have no way to judge you for your intention, and we do not. The reason is that the people who are red-dotted are the people who are not in the Mission of Maitreya. Well, today there are not as many people as there were last week or the week before. We had people who would grab the microphone and start judging us, yelling, and all of that. So, the decision was that everyone would be red-dotted and only those who have raised their hands will be able to talk. That is what happens.

You raise your hand and we will let you talk. And we are glad you did. That is the reason that the red dot is here. It has nothing to do with you. Do not take it personal. It is just for everyone who is in the room who are new and who are not a part of the Mission. That is why they are red-dotted. So do not take it personally.

Go ahead Friend.

Friend: OK, in that case I understand. But I have to emphasize that last time, I have been here and I asked questions. After the question, I was red-dotted and I was disappointed in a way. There was no reason for it. At least there should be some chance to reflect when the person is red-dotted because I believe we are in this room to encourage one another, remind one another to search the truth and to go towards the truth, not to hurt one another. If people come with a good intention that they have, it can only, if they are weak, rise and encourage the darkness within them, if you would agree with me. So for that reason, even if someone is wrong, we should show love so to encourage them, and how much more that we have to be patient to those who have no love.

Maitreya: OK Friend. That is why we red dot people. The things you are talking about are your opinion and your ideas. This room is to preach the Mission of Maitreya and reveal the Revelation that has come to us. We understand that you have come here and that you like to talk. But if you have a question, go ahead. That is why probably, maybe, that is why we red-dotted you the last time also, you went on and on and you tell your opinion as something that this room is all about.

This room is not about an exchange of opinion and discussion. This room is to give the Revelation of the Mission of Maitreya to humanity. If you want to talk about that we would be more than glad to hear you, answer your questions, and all of that. But if you want to come and tell us how to run our room and what this room is all about, then you are off base, and it is not correct and kosher.

So we are going to un-red dot you to give you another chance but please do not go on and on and tell us how to run the room or what this room is all about. But if you have a question about the Mission and Its teachings, we would be more than glad to hear you and answer you.

Go ahead, Tahirah.

Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya. Actually, there is a question that The one_and_only_4 has been wanting to ask. He does not have a microphone from what I can see.

He was asking, Was Moses the only one who spoke directly to God? I think he printed it in his text. But that was the question that he asked. Is that right, The one_and_only?

Maitreya: Very good. Thank you, Tahirah. I appreciate that you brought that to my attention because when I am giving Satsang, I do not look at the text very often. So, if you put your question in text, probably it is going to be missed. I am glad that Tahirah brought that up.

Did Moses directly talk to God? Probably, he also meant a revelation he received from God and people interpreted it as he directly talked to God. If you take that as Moses directly talked to God, so did Abraham.

Lot even pleaded with God on the matter of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. He said, Can God spare them? The discussion came that if there were five good people in that city, God was going to spare them. It was a discussion between Lot and God. Lot could not find five good people.

So really, good people are the people who prevent the destruction to come to a city or a nation or the earth. If there are even a few good people left, God will spare a nation or a city or anything like that. Unless the situation really gets worse, God is not going to destroy and bring destruction, unless the majority are no good.

Did Lot talk to God directly? I doubt that. I can say probably he received a Soul-to-Soul understanding of Gods Desire.

God is a Spirit. God does not have a mouth. That is why God sends Prophets. If a Spirit could come to earth and say, Listen to me, this is what I want why does He need Prophets? Why does He need a mouthpiece?

He has to come through an individual or being, through the Messiah, through the Prophet, and He has to give prophecies of their coming. When he comes everyone says, Yes, he has fulfilled these prophecies. What he says is based on Scriptures. God has said, I am going to unify all religions together. Therefore, it makes sense.

Probably some people would have liked to see that in the Bible. We know the Bible has been translated twenty-seven times. Actually, the Bible was lost completely. When the Jewish people came from Persia and built the temple, none of them had the Bible. They found a book in one of the walls in the old temple and they said, Oh, that should be the Bible. And they eventually decided that it was.

So, you can see that you cannot rely on everything that you hear or read. But most of them, of course, have been explained in THOTH, and they are the truth.

Go ahead Daniel.

Daniel: I find your Swastika is an insult.

Maitreya: Daniel, the Swastika is the oldest sign on earth. There is a book that was written by the Smithsonian Institute that we have on line. You can read about the Swastika and see that it has nothing to do with Hitler. Hitler used it.

It is just like you are condemning the surgical knife because some murderer took the surgical knife and killed some people.

It has nothing to do with anything related to Hitler. So if you really want to know the truth, then get your facts together first before condemning anything.

Go ahead, The_one_and_only

The_one_and_only: Would you explain the three in one, the trinity. I do not really understand that. I know there is only one God.

Maitreya: Yes, that is the discussion that has been going on for centuries. There is God, the son, and The Holy Ghost. If they are separated, how can there be God? If you read THOTH, you will receive your answer very clearly.

We have answered this many times in the Satsangs but I am going to go ahead and answer it one more time. God is consciousness and the three creative forces that we call the three gunas. Consciousness is the awareness in God, and the forces are the forces that have been used to create the universe.

Consciousness, God, usually is God the Father. And the three gunas, especially the mutative force, which is when it goes to the higher consciousness, becomes Grace, is called The Holy Ghost or what you call Mother. So, God is Father, the consciousness, and The Mother is The Holy Ghost.

But at the same time, if you read THOTH, you cannot separate the consciousness from the three gunas. They are two entities in one. It is just like the two sides of a paper, you cannot cut the paper into two. Even if you cut it into two, there are still two sides. There is no separation between them.

That is where the concept of the Father and The Holy Ghost comes from. Father is the consciousness, and The Holy Ghost is the creative force.

Now, God is a Spirit. God is the consciousness and the three gunas. As I said, He does not have a mouth. The only way He can communicate to humanity is through the consciousness-to- consciousness relationship. And that only happens when you receive what in Islam is called Vahd, or a Soul-to-Soul relationship.

That relationship can only be established with the person that God has prophesied to come for a long time. That is why He wants you not to make a mistake when he comes. When He brings His Words to you, He has to fulfill those prophecies. He says he is going to come like this and that, it is just like Moses, like Christ, like Muhammed, like Bab. All of them had been prophesied to come before they came. When they came, humanity, or those who were ready at least, realized who he was and accepted his word as the Word of God and followed it.

That is when the concept of son comes in. Son, or Christ, means the Anointed One, the person who has been chosen by God to come to humanity to bring a message, to bring a revelation, to bring some part of the truth. That is when we can see that the Father is the consciousness, Mother is the creative force, and they have to come through the son, who is the Messiah, who is the Prophet who brings the truth to humanity.

They are not any different, Father, and The Holy Ghost, which is the Mother, are One. They are the same entity. And they come through the son. When they come through the son, the son and the Father are One, Christ and the Father are One. There is no separation.

That is why Christ said, The Father and I are one. No one goes to the Father but through me. Then another time someone called him, Good Rabbi, and he said, Do not call me good. The only good is God.

What happened? Two hours ago, or a couple of days ago, you said that, The Father and I are one. Now you say there is a separation, I am not good. Only God is good.

It completely shows that Christ, when the Spirit of God is on him, the Father and Christ are not different. When he talks about God and gives those red words in the Bible, it is the Father, God who is talking through him. They are not different.

You are not going to go to God unless you follow those red words of Christ in the New Testament. But the other time, of course, the Spirit of God is not on him so he said, I am not good. Only God is good.

It is the same thing with Prophet Muhammed. In the Koran it says, Listen to the Prophet. What he says is My Word. So they are one. Prophet Muhammed and God are One. There is no separation. No one goes to the Father but through Prophet Muhammed. Therefore, they are one.

But another time he said, I am just a mortal man. I am just a plain Messenger. So there is a separation between God and Prophet Muhammed. And they are not one in that moment.

So, we can see that the Spirit of God comes through the Prophets when the Spirit of God is on them, when they give the Word of God to humanity. Other times they are just plain human men who have come to bring that message to humanity.

So we can see that the concept of Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost is again unified here in the Mission, and it is explained what that means. It means that God is Father (consciousness), Mother (The Holy Ghost, the creative force), and they need a son to come through.

And they are all the same. There is only one God. There are not three. But He has three portions: Father, Mother or The Holy Ghost, and they have to come through the Prophet as the son. I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead St. John.

St. John: Would you tell me about the role and importance of love among humanity in our world?

Maitreya: Yes, well, there are some people who say that God is Love, and that is all there is. We say, God just Is. Put anything in front of Him, He becomes It because God is everything. So, God is also Love.

But God is more than Love. God is Compassion, and compassion is greater than love. Compassion means corrective love.

It is just like the love of the father toward his children, or the love of a mother toward her children. It is love, but sometimes they say, No. You cannot do that. They probably even ground them, punish them, and let them progress in their lives.

So, that is how God is. Gods Love is great and is present on earth.

And what is the importance of love among humans? Well, if you create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, there is no hate or separation between human and human, and everyone will love everyone else because they are an expression of God. If you love God, how can you hate any one? You cannot hate anyone at all because they are also a part of God, and therefore you love them.

Again loving does not mean that you do not correct them if something has to be corrected or help them to progress. So the question probably mostly falls into, what is your definition of love?

If your definition means compassion and corrective love, we agree. God is that also. God is a lot of other things at the same time. As I said, God just IS. He becomes whatever you put in front of Him.

I hope that answers your question.

Go ahead, Daniel.

Daniel: I would like to offer some correction. Before going any further, I really have a problem because as far as I know, the Hindu swastika moves from right to left. In other words, it implies that the outside moves toward the inside or the self, or whatever, the divinity, from the outside to the inside. I am not aware of, maybe you can correct me, I am not aware of any swastika from ancient worlds that revolve from left to right. In other words, from the inside to the outside, which implies an aggressive and belligerent reversal to the other side, the Satanic.

I am not aware of that. Maybe you can correct me. I am not aware of any ancient swastikas moving in that direction, except the one we are all familiar with from the Nazi period.

Maitreya: Daniel, both of them have been used all through history: from right to left, and from left to right. Of course, if you go to our website, I do not know if you have been there or not, ours actually goes from right to left. Well, that is exactly what you are saying is spiritual [laughing].

But both have been used both ways. But I think that the one Hitler used mostly went from left to right. The reason, probably what you say has some truth in it, because if you let the water go down the drain, at the very end you see the water goes from the left to right. At least in the northern Hemisphere. Therefore, that is kind of worldly.

Our swastika, which we call Lotustica, is really more than Swastika because you see the lotus around it. The lotus is again an ancient symbol used by Hindus. The lotus means, where the feet of God are. Therefore, it is not only a swastika. It has also the I-Ching in it, which is again a great symbol from the Far East.

But both directions have been used. It is not only one direction. But probably the one from the right to left is more spiritual because it is mostly used in the northern hemisphere and most of the water drains from the left to right in this hemisphere so it is very worldly or the manifested way.

But to answer your question, No, both have been used.

Go ahead, Samadhi.

Samadha: Is there a hell with Satan, eternal damnation, etc? Also is there reincarnation? Thank you.

Maitreya: All right. Really, hell is the external world. Here is when we learn heaven and hell. If you follow God and see His Spirit, you can reach heaven here and now. Hell is the absence of God or the delusion of separation from God because God is everything. God is you, me, and everything between.

There is no separation. The only way you feel that you are in hell is when you do not feel God, and you feel separated from Him. And it does happen to people often that they feel that they are not connected to God. But that feeling is not completely truth because as I have said, God is closer to us than ourselves. Actually, it is ourselves. Therefore, that delusion creates the hell on earth.

Therefore, a being called Satan, well, anyone who follows ego really is Satan because they are following the worldly things, and they are attracted to the external world. That is where their reality comes, there is nothing else for them but that external world, and their persuasion is to have more and more and more and more. They are never satisfied.

That dissatisfaction is hell because we are created infinite, and we long for infinity. That longing cannot be satisfied with the finite things in the external world, and therefore, that is what happened to them.

Is there reincarnation? Well, if we believe that God is just, how can He give us one lifetime and say, OK, this is your chance. You are in a very poor place. You have no chance for education or persuasion of the truth. That is it. You did not make it. You do not know the truth, and I am going to judge you and send you to a place called Hell, and you are going to be there forever.

Is that God just? How can the justness of God be explained if He gives us one chance, and we do not make it?

Also much evidence has been provided, even in the Bible. John the Baptist was really Elijah. Where did he come from? John the Baptist was born from Elizabeth. He came from a woman. And he was Elijah? How can it be possible? You are from Elijah and then come from a woman, a mother, and become a John the Baptist? Hey, he was reincarnated, wasnt he? So we can see in the Bible that reincarnation is absolutely being accepted. Also, there has been regression, hypnosis, and past lifetimes. People have started speaking in other languages that they have never spoken in this lifetime. What is the reason? Probably they had been reincarnated in another lifetime.

Many people have premonition, or some visions of being born some other time. Actually, a woman remembered that she was killed in a fire around 60 or 70 years ago. And she sees, right, exactly there is an article about that in a newspaper at that time.

So we can see many, many things direct us to believe that reincarnation exists. Also what it really boils down to is, is God just or not? If God is just, then reincarnation is the only way that can explain that God is just because He gives us many, many lifetimes, many chances. If we do not do it correctly, then He has a right to say, OK. You are not getting it. I am going to bring some other people who might progress faster than you. And you go to hell, which means separation from God.

If you have any other questions, raise your hands. As I have said, I cannot see the text very well. If you have questions raise your hand and bring them up.

Makam, go ahead.

Makam: Thank you, Maitreya. Maitreya, the Elect people who exist today, arent these the people who once upon a time were the companions of the Prophets? Are they today reincarnated? Are they the same people reincarnated?

Maitreya: Absolutely, Makam. That is a correct assumption. They have been in many Paths. They have been with the Prophet, and they are chosen by God to continue to do their work.

What do you do if you have a good worker, and he or she does very well? What do you do? You choose them again and again, dont you? If you have work to be done by them you say, So and so, I know you do a good job. I know you have done a good job before. Go and do this. That is exactly what happens to Gods Revelation.

God knows that they have done very well in the previous lifetimes. They have come. They were the seekers. They were not satisfied with the religion that they had been in. They were seeking truth. They looked everywhere, and they could not find it.

Suddenly God comes to them and says to them, This is the truth. This is how you explain what you could not understand before.

And they say, Yes, that makes sense. That is what I was looking for. That is what I was searching for all my life. So that makes sense to them, and they accept it and dedicate their lives to it. That is who the Elects are.

That is why we are not interested in other religions to come here and preach to us. We know about those religions, we have been seeking in them. Many lifetimes we have gone through them.

If you believe, we brought those religions to them and all of that. So why come here and preach to us, or come here and say we are the devil, or we are the anti-Christ?

What is the anti-Christ? Anti-Christ has been mentioned only three times in the whole Bible. And even Paul said, It is with you right now. What does that mean? It means it has always been here. It is not something that is going to come.

Also, is the word of this person scriptural? What he says, is it according to Scripture, is it according to the Word of God? Has he fulfilled any prophecies? Is he egoistical and sits there and says, Worship me. I am the great Prophet of God. Just fall down in front of me and kiss my feet, and all of that.

Or does he say, No. Go to God. Do not even be attached to me and my body. I am here to connect you to God. Do not be attached to me. I do not want it. I do not even care for it. I want you to go to God directly. And that is what God said to follow.

So you are correct, we have been here many, many lifetimes and that is why I feel that those who are with me are going to be with me. They have been here also many lifetimes, and we know each other already.

It is so comfortable for both of us when we meet. We say, Yes. We are going to just melt to each other and say, Yes, let us get this work done.

If we start having problems and struggle and all of that, then probably either we were not very close, or you are not an Elect. So that is why in this room we say, This is the room for the Mission of Maitreya. Please come here, and ask your questions about the Mission. We would love to answer you. But do not come here and preach to us, please.

Go ahead, Samahdi.

Samahdi: How would you answer someone who sincerely asks you to prove that God exists?

Maitreya: All right. That is a very good question. That is actually a part of the Mission. We have explained it in THOTH. If you read THOTH, God says, I am going to do these things, and He does them. And it is not one, two, or three. There are hundreds of them. He prophesies; He says He is going to do them.

Even the very existence of this Mission and this Revelation is a proof of Gods existence. That is because He said, There are going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations. There is going to be a Book, which is sealed with the Seven Seals, and it will be opened at the end time. And when it is opened, the Kingdom will come.

Therefore, if you read THOTH, if you read our teaching, if you even intellectually just consider that God said He would do that God prophesied that there is going to be a Messiah coming from the tribe of Judah. God prophesied that there is going to be a Prophet, Messiah, coming from Ishmael. God prophesied that other Prophets and Revelations will come. He said all these things are going to happen, and then they happened.

Does God exist then? Can you have a doubt then? If someone says he is going to do something and he does it, therefore he exists.

If you go to a room and you see where everything is, and then you leave and come back two hours later and the money you had on the counter is not there any more, dont you assume that someone has been in the room and took that money from the counter? Therefore, someone existed while you were gone. Someone came to that room, and you are sure that happened.

That is exactly what THOTH teaches you, that God said these things are going to happen and they happened. That is the intellectual understanding. Then we recommend you to meditate, to concentrate, to awaken your spiritual forces. And eventually one day you feel the oneness, the closeness to the Spirit and God and you say, Oh, that is what these people are talking about what God is. That is wonderful. I want to be with Him all the time.

You hear The Word. You hear the vibration that God has within you already. Therefore, you will say, Yes. You are now sure.

So really the true realization of Gods existence should come from you yourself. That comes only through meditation, prayer, fasting, and all the things that the Prophets and God has recommended for humanity to do. One day you will feel, understand, and realize Him and say, OK, now I know what these people were talking about.

So, intellectually you can go read our teaching and you will see that, Yes, God said these things are going to happen and they happened, therefore, God exists. That is an intellectual understanding. Internally and spiritually you have to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and eventually realize that, Yes, God exists.

So that is what I have to give you as the answer to your question. I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: Thank you very much, Maitreya. I am a Muslim, Ive said it before many times but I do enjoy talking with you very much. And I agree with everything that you have said that I have understood so far, I agree with. And even those one or two very small things that I have not understood, I am sure that I will understand in just a little bit more time.

As a Moslem I can say to you that I do not disagree with anything that you say. I know that Moslems do disagree with you because they disagree with me also. [laughter] I am a Sufi. I think that a lot of things that you say could be very much agreeable to them. I believe that they are in the right place, that some people talk about.

This Divine Kingdom, the Heaven On Earth, the Divine Kingdom that you were talking about, am I correct in saying that this is going to be achieved by new Laws? That there are going to be Divine Laws, and these Divine Laws are going to be very simple that everyone can understand? And there is not going to be a lot of them? It is going to be very simple, very basic, and it is going to be the division of truth and opinion? Is that correct?

Maitreya: Well, the principle is very simple. The principle is that good people should have the earth, the world, society, and the good people should be supported. The Godly people should bring that environment where everyone can progress physically, men-tally, and spiritually. That is the prime directive for the Kingdom.

How is that going to be done? As I have said, the system has been given and the Laws that will be followed are the Laws that already, most of them, have been sent to humanity. Actually, Prophet Muhammed brought a lot of those Laws to the human. They bring the tranquil, peaceful society that everyone longs for.

But the goal of the Kingdom is that Godly people who are good, because God is good, are the people who will be supported. The communities should be created so that the good people come together, and the children are raised godly and based on the Spirit, taught to meditate, and taught to realize the depth of their beings and the truth. Their opinions will be formed based on a greater truth, which comes from within themselves. That is when the Kingdom will come. Therefore, it is not something that because Hollywood or television tells you to do it, that what it is.

The Laws, of course, are going to be tried to be as simple and right to the point as possible. All the men, women, and children should be provided for so that they can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. But they are all different. They are Gods creatures with a different set up, and they will realize it themselves. They will love the darma that God has created them for and, they will follow it.

Really, the Laws are what is called the innate nature of everything. If everyone follows their innate nature, then we are going to have peace on earth.

So to answer your question, Yes, the laws are going to be directed to that goal, to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

I hope it makes sense. Yes, our teaching should make sense to the people who already have their Spirit awakened and who are not argumentative or in the spirit of disagreement, but in the Spirit of Unity. They will see this very clearly.

I hope you talk to your friends in the Sufi order, whatever order you are in, and that you all realize one day that you want to come and join the Mission with us, and you become a part of the Elects.

Of course, as I said, we are looking for the contact people all over the world, in every city, in every town. If you are interested, go to the website to the contact page and let us know if you would like to become a contact for the Mission. Then we will discuss what that entails.

Go ahead, The_one_and_only

The_One_and_Only: Is the Spirit and the Soul the same thing?

Maitreya: No. They are not. The Soul is the essence of God in us, the spark of God, which really is not separated from God. It is a concept that has to be used to explain what an individual is. But in reality the individual truly does not exist. God only exists.

Our ego has the illusion of being separated from God. That illusion of separation is really what the Maya means in the Hindu religion. It means we have an illusion and delusion that this world is the real, the true reality.

This world is not the true reality. It is not illusion either. It is a relative truth. And it is not a permanent thing. It is temporary. The only permanent thing in the universe is God, which is consciousness and the three gunas.

So, the Soul is really consciousness and the three gunas itself. It is a part of God and a spark from Him.

Spirit is the ethereal part of the universe, or the first subtle element, which is created in the universe. That subtle element is ether. It is so unstable that although scientists know such a thing exists, they have never seen it, they have never touched it, and they have never been able to verify it with an instrument or anything in a laboratory.

So that is where some people travel, in the ethereal level. They call it astral projection. In that level they can create whatever they want. That is why they create these amazing beings, or amazing things that they see. Or, they become very fearful. It depends on where your spirit is.

If you have a very fearful spirit, you will see a lot of fearful things in it. If you have a beautiful spirit, you will see beautiful things. But none of them are real because they are created by your own mind but you take them as the reality. And you will become trapped in the ethereal or spirit world, and you will never progress from the spirit world to Pure Consciousness, which is higher than the spirit world.

Therefore, spirit is the ethereal part of the universe, and the Soul is the spark of God or that thing that you relate yourself to be, whoever you are. But that thing really does not exist because you and God are already one. If you think you are separate from God, that is a delusion of the separation, which leads to the lower nature.

So, to answer your question, No, the Soul is different than spirit. Spirit is the ethereal part of the universe.

I hope that makes sense to you, if it does not you can follow up.

Go ahead, Tahirah.

Tahirah: Maitreya, I have someone who has been listening to the Satsang on the telephone, and they had a question. Could you accept the question? It is not directly related to the Mission teaching.

Maitreya: Go ahead, Tahirah, what is the question?

Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya. The question is, What could someone do to protect themselves against anthrax while they are working.

Maitreya: Well, the only way to do that is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth so we will not have all these conflicts and destruction, so that the people will not even try to send anthrax to each other, or attack each other, and we will not have this problem. That is the only way to stop that.

I hope that answers your questions.

Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: OK, as usual, we have reached the end of our time with each other. I hope you have a wonderful week. We will have these discussions and these Satsangs as long as the people are there who want to hear them.

I wish you a very good, Godly week. Be in the Spirit. Take these words as the Bread of Life, meditate on them, and go to the website, and read them. Bring your questions about our teaching, please. I am very open to your questions about the truth and the teaching. Have a Godly week.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).