Satsang (Discourse) 09/07/02




Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Missions Satsang room. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya.

We will go through our teaching together again today, and we will look at the great Revelation that has come to humanity. Again Gods Spirit has come to earth to Reveal to man the Ways of God. Indeed man has lost his way toward God and he is hanging onto his ego, and the whole world is going toward destruction.

The egos of the humans are hanging onto every little thing that makes them lie and feel good for a very short period of time. Sensualization has become the norm in the world, and that is why we can see that instead of talking about God and Godly things, they talk about things that are not completely Godly, and they act the way that is not Godly. Surely the human is lost and again we need to bring them back to the Spirit of God and let them know what the Ways of God are and guide them to the Ways of the Spirit.

The Way of God is the creation of the Communities of Light based on pure marriages, based on love and devotion to one another and bringing God among themselves. Therefore, we can see all the signs are there for humanity to realize that indeed they need Gods Words to come to them.

Still there are a lot of people waiting for someone to come from the sky and do it for them. That has never happened in the whole history of the human that someone came from the sky and brought them revelation or made everything OK.

Usually God prophecies for a long time and tells the human when the New Revelation and the Word of God will come to man. When the time is right and correct, that Revelation is revealed to humanity. God already knows what will happen, when it will happen, and what time is the best way to send His Word through His Mouthpiece to humanity and reveal to them the new ways or reestablish the ways that they have forgotten. The human has forgotten the Ways of God, and they are following the way of ego, which will lead to destruction.

Therefore, this Revelation, this new way of looking at the universe and Gods Way, has come to man in our Revelation and book called, The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament. The acronym for The Holiest Of The Holies is THOTH. That is why we call that book THOTH.

THOTH is available to everyone in our website. Everyone can go and see the new Revelation of God and read it. It is there free to every man, woman, and child to go and see the Revelation of God and realize that God has unified all the religions of the world.

All of these religions have come from God. He has been in control from the very beginning of the creation. He is in control in the history. Actually, it is His Story. And now He is showing us how to go back to Him and how to fulfill the destiny of the creation, which is to return to the Godhead and become one with him, or reaching Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, God has given us the tools that we can reach every individual, in every corner of the earth. This computer and Internet is the fulfillment of the prophecies that you do not have to go to the mountains, to the desert, to anywhere, but you can sit right where you are at your computer and see and receive the Revelation of God. You can see everything that the Mission of Maitreya has to offer you and see how the religions of the world are unified and God indeed is in charge.

This is the end of the point in the Bible that God reveals when the Seventh Angel comes, opens the Seventh Seal, and reveals the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Everything else before it is fulfilled and finished. We are at that point of human history and Gods Plan. Therefore, we can look at everything that has happened before this Revelation and see that it is all fulfilled, including other revelations that are a part of this Revelation that is called the Eternal Divine Path. If you can see that, you can see that each religion of the world has a place in God's Plan, and God has sent them for a specific reason and a specific message to humanity.

Only when the Seven Seals are opened and the Book with the Seven Seals is revealed can we see where each of these teachings fall in God's Final Revelation. When we put them all together, a Path is revealed to humanity, which not only unifies all the religions of the world, but also shows the way back home.

That Path is called the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path has five steps to follow and two steps to be(come). The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken your spiritual forces. That is meditation, concentration, contemplation, reading, and understanding on an even deeper level, Who are you? Where are you from?"

A lot of people think that this world and who they are is the truth. But in fact that is the illusion. That is the delusion of the separation from God. When you recognize, realize, and understand God, and eventually recognize that God really exists and you do not, then you realize that indeed you have been in an illusion of thinking that you exist and God does not.

Then when you recognize that, you realize that God exists and you do not. It is absolutely upside down. That is what they say, The world is upside down. We think that we are the ones who exist and we go all over the place and say, Where is God? Show me God. How can God exist? If you explain God to me I will believe. If you show me God, I will believe.

But in fact, God exists and you are the illusion. In fact a realized person tells me, Show yourself who you are. Do you exist?

In reality you do not exist. You are just a separated illusive ego from the Source which truly exists. Therefore, we can see that to recognize this, to realize this, you need a calm environment, a place that you can meditate, you have time to go to a deeper level within your self and eventually one day you say, Yes, I am not my body. I am not who I think I am. But God is really who is looking through this body, and He is the one who truly exists. I do not exist.

If you recognize that then you have a direct relationship with God, and you and God are One. That is when real spiritual understanding will dawn on you, and you will not have a religion but you will have a realization of God. And when you have a realization of God, then you are not a religious person but you know the truth that God really is the one who manifests through you and you are not in illusion of separation of being a separated ego. You think that you exist and God does not. But in reality God exists, you do not. Therefore, we can see that the human is in a deep illusion of separation from God.

The first step is to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, and also reach a point that you realize that God is the real being behind your physical body. Then to reach to this point you need a calm and good environment, an environment that is Godly, calm, and gives you the opportunity to meditate as much as possible.

We can see with this kind of life-style that we are living today, it is impossible. If we wake up in the morning and rush to work, then work, work, work until five oclock, come home, eat, watch television, and do something, and then go to bed, when is the time to calm your mind and meditate so you can realize God? And each couple has to work hard as they are doing today because they have no choice but to keep up with the Jones.

Therefore, this is where the next step in our teaching comes. Of course, the first step was the awakening of our spiritual forces and covers all the Mystical Paths on earth. Every religion, every revelation, every people, each culture has those mystical parts in them. The most prominent of these religions is Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Far East Philosophies. But even Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have that part.

In Judaism it is called the Cabbala. In Christianity there are saints who have experienced God, and they have a direct relationship with Him. They praise Him, understand Him, and Love Him. In Islam it is Sufism, which eventually some of them jump of joy and say Anallah, which means, I am God.

Of course, the Orthodox Moslems became petrified of what those Sufis said and even stoned them and killed them because, How can you be God? God is God. Muhammad is the Prophet. We are all our bodies, our egos, and are separate from both of them."

But in truth, when that Sufi jumps of joy and says, God and I are One, then he is saying the truth. That is because he is saying for the first time he realizes that he is really not there. That illusion or delusion is shattered, and he realizes that only God is there and he is not. However, then the Orthodox Moslems, the Jews, or the Christians, those who have religions but do not have the direct relationship with God, become petrified, How can you say that? They cannot understand that.

So here in this first step we cover Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, saints in Christianity, Sufis, and any other teaching that says, Know thyself to know God; Be still and know that I am God. If we do that, then we become an instrument for Gods Will, and we can completely manifest His Will on earth.

We are hoping many, many people in this time will reach this point, and they will become Gods instrument. We have meditation classes in PalTalk that teach you how to know thyself, how to go in a deeper level and understand yourself and realize that God is the real existence, and ego is an illusion.

Therefore, to come to that point, to have time to meditate and reach a point to realize that God is really One with you, you need a calmer environment, an environment that gives you enough time and opportunity to do meditation, awaken your spiritual forces, etc.

That is where the second step in the Eternal Divine Path comes in, which is called the Communities of Light. If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is about God is trying to find a people, Hebrews, as His chosen people who will manifest His Will, will accept Him as King, and will follow His Laws.

Whose laws do we follow? We follow the laws of our governments. Every government has a head, and that head has the ability to make laws or break laws. Even in the United States, the President has the veto power so he can say, No, this law is not going to make it. This law is going to make it, etc. So we can see that there is always a head of state that makes the final decision.

In the Bible and many Scriptures, it is called, the King. That is what God wants to be, the King of this world so the people will follow His Laws and will accelerate their progress toward becoming one with God.

Therefore, we can see that the second step is the communities that accept God as their King, or their leader, or their Source of Laws. Then they follow those Laws and accelerate their progress toward be(com)ing Pure Consciousness or reaching back home.

In these communities, there is cooperation, there are people who live together and who realize that they are here to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. The basic necessities will be provided for them in this level. Physically they will be taken care of. Because they share, they do not need to work hard and go 8-5 just to make it. But they can share with each other.

The base of these communities is twelve people. Of these twelve people, even five or six or even seven of them work and three or four of them can create an environment for those seven people that when they come home they have a place to meditate, and have a calmer place to be.

So, the second step in the Path is the creation of the Communities of Light or an environment that the people will have time to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and recognize and realize God. That is the teaching and the essence of the the Old Testament.

In the beginning, God was the King and the judges would refer to Him and His Laws. Later on, of course, the Hebrews longed for a king. Samuel went to God and said, God, the people have rejected me. And God said, No, they did not reject you, they rejected Me because they want an earthly king instead of accepting God as their King and following His Laws. But tell them that the king will pass human laws, and their laws are based on their egos."

Ego is always limited and always brings destruction to the community and to humanity. But God gave in and said, Go ahead and tell them to chose their own king. What did they do? They went with their senses and eyes, and they chose Saul, who was a tall, handsome man. They said, We want him because he looks good," instead of saying, Who is the most qualified?

So, they rejected God and created their own king. And Saul did exactly what God said He was going to do. He passed his own laws, his own ways, his own ego, and created a lot of problems for the Hebrews.

Eventually, God decided, OK, you had your chance to choose a good person to become your king. You did not choose the right person. Therefore, now I will choose a king for you. And He chose King David, and after that, all his children as kings.

So we can see that in the beginning God wanted to be King. It was not that He desired to be a King but that He knows the best way for humanity to return home, to be peaceful, and to have a good environment. Therefore having God as the King and His Laws as the Laws is the way to bring peace and unity to humanity.

As long as man makes laws and they think that they know what the best way is, they are going to have wars, destruction, disunity, and everything that we see that is on earth and is happening now. Therefore, in the Communities of Light, everyone recognizes this truth, they accept God as their King or as their Leader, and His Laws as their Laws.

To create such communities, it is impossible if everyone in the communities says, What is in this for me? I want everything only for me, and I am the most important thing. I am selfish and self-centered. The only thing I think about is myself, and what affects me is the most important thing. That is not going to be Communities of Light. It is going to be communities of separated egos that everyone pulls the community in different directions.

That is why in the next step, sacrifice is necessary in these communities to create such an environment that everyone has enough to live on. So there is enough for everyone, and therefore they can have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. Then they can work on their spiritual progress.

That message of sacrifice has come from the Christ. Christ came and sacrificed himself on the cross for his ideal, and he also preached the community. He told his disciples to love one another as I love you. Love your neighbor as yourself.

What does that mean? That is the essence of the community again, love, sharing, and being able to create an environment where everyone feels loved, provided for, accepted, and eventually will become one with each other, and everyone can have great meditations and self-realization.

Therefore, sacrifice is the next step. Without sacrifice, you cannot create a community. If every person in the community is selfish, then the community will fall apart for sure. And that is the message of Christ to humanity.

Now you sacrifice a lot, nothing happens, and the community is still not realizing and recognizing this truth. Still people are selfish and self-centered, they are not going to create the people who you would really like to see. You become discouraged and say, God, I am doing all these things. I am sacrificing and trying to do these things but these people are not listening, so you become discouraged. You say, Well, I am really doing too much. I had better give up. Or, you become depressed and you may lose even your own faith a little bit.

But if you realize that God is the Doer and you are not the doer, you have not done anything. God is doing it through you, and you are absolutely free. And you do the work and leave the result to God. You do your best and if the result is great you say, Thank God. If the result is not great say, Thank God.

Now if the result is great, what happens? You might say, Oh, look at me. I am doing all these great things. Look the people around me, they are becoming great. They are realizing Gods Laws, they are creating Communities of Light, they are progressing, and they are wonderful. Look at me. I am doing such a great job. And you get a big ego.

The moment you have a big ego, what happens? You become separated from God. That is exactly what separates you from God, your sub-conscious mind, your ego, "Such a great person I am, and I am doing all those things." Anything that you do not recognize that God is doing, is your doing and what you do is ego and creates separation. And separation means the fall.

Therefore, the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is to surrender the result to God. That means that, I do my best. I give Satsang. I teach. I write. I answer e-mails. I try to create the Communities of Light. I invite people to come and join me, I help them, and I work with them. But the result is not mine. The result is Gods. I am just here to do His Will as much as I can, and the result I leave to God." Of course, still, because you think you are the doer and the result belongs to God, you might make mistakes because you are still having your ego separated from Him.

So greater than surrendering is submission. Submission means always considering, What does God do in this situation? What is Gods Will in these circumstances? If you meditate on that and eventually realize what God wants, and you can let God come through, then who is the doer? God is the Doer through you. That is called submission.

Submission means that we always realize and recognize that God is the Doer, and we are just an instrument in His Hand. He comes through.

And because God is perfect, what are we going to do? We are going to do a perfect job. Therefore, we always know that God is the Doer, and we are not the doer. We are not attached to the results of our actions. We did not do anything. God did it through us.

In this step, surrendering and submission is the message of Islam. Islam does not consist of terrorists, destruction, "chop your head off," and all of that. The lesson of Islam is surrendering and submission to God. That is actually the highest spiritual realization.

The moment you know what is the Will of God and you let God do it through you, who is the doer? Do you exist? You do not exist anymore. Who exists? God exists, and you and God are one.

That is the goal. The goal is to let God come through you. You do not exist, and God alone exists. You can see that you have reached your goal: You and God become One because God does it through you, and you do a perfect job every time because God is perfect.

Therefore, in the fourth step you free yourself from the bondage of the result of your actions and that is resolving or dissolving Karma. What is Karma? Karma is the result of the actions to your actions.

If you are not doing anything and God is doing it through you and He does a perfect job, is there any Karma created? No, you do not have any Karma left anymore, you dance the dance of the universe, you do your work according to Gods Will, and you do not create any Karma because when God does it through you, does God create Karma?

Karma is the reaction of your actions. Gods actions do not have any reactions because they are based on the Universal Laws and are perfect. The perfect action does not have any reaction, therefore you do not create Karma at all. You are free, and you become completely flowing with Gods Spirit.

But at this point, still you might direct your actions toward a very small portion of the universe and say, Well, I will just have my family, my community, my nation, etc." Still it is small, it is limited. It will create again the separation between me and them. Therefore, it will create disunity and egotism. You will fall from being one with God because God is everything. How can you say, I am submissive to God, but I am going to separate this part of the universe from this part of the universe? You cannot; it is impossible. If you have the Spirit of God in you, you cannot do that. Simply you cannot because God is everything.

If God is everything, the next step in your progress will be to become a universalist. A universalist is a person who realizes that the universe is his home, God is his Father and Mother, and he is free to look at everything as a part of God. He will not look at a person as their color, their gender, their nationality, their education, their background, but the Essence of God in them. And we love that Essence in them.

If that person is doing something that is not Godly, they would not hate the person, but they might not like what they do and might try to correct them and bring them to God as the goal of their lives. Therefore, you will create a great compassion for every individual, every Essence, every part of the universe, and you know that there is no separation between anything.

That is the message of Bab and Bahaullah that came and now we know mostly as the Bahai Teaching. But there were people who were known as Babis, who followed Bab. And some people who followed the person Bab accepted the next person as SubIAzal. They were also called the Azalies, and eventually, the Bahais.

So we can see that this religion is known mostly in the West as the Bahais' and Bahaullahs teachings. The essence of his teaching is that all religions are basically the same. They have the same message; be good, follow Gods Laws, live a virtuous life, etc. And actually a lot of people compare our teaching with Bahaullahs teaching and say, Are you a Bahai person? Bahais and you are saying the same thing."

We say, No, we are not." Before this Revelation, no one ever opened the Seventh Seal. No one explained the religions like the way we do. No one realized the Eternal Divine Path. Bahaullah just said that essentially all the religions are the same.

Therefore, we are not the same as the Bahai Teaching. We are very, very different. Actually we say that each of the major religions of the world have a specific message.

Also Bahaullah did not include the Mystical Paths. They have a hard time to explain where the Mystical Paths fall in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai teachings. But we do include the Mystical Paths in our teachings. So it is not the Bahai teaching at all, but it includes the Bahai teaching, which the message is universalism.

As Bahaullah said, you cannot separate any part of the universe from the other part because if you do that, then you do not have the Spirit of God in you. And he was correct. If you have the Spirit of God in you, you cannot separate any part of the universe from any other part. You might not like some actions that are done, but the Essence behind that action still is God.

With these five steps, if you really meditate, if you really recognize and realize your deepest Essence and know that you and God are one, and god is you, then you have awakened your spiritual forces.

Then you have no choice but to want to create the environment that other people also recognize this and awaken their spiritual forces, which is the Communities of Light. If you sacrifice in them and surrender and submit to God truly, and become a universalist, you become an Elect.

That is what God is talking about in every Scripture, My Elects will inherit the earth. And that is what we are here for, to inherit the earth. We are calling the Elects to come and join us.

So it is a very serious Mission. It is the highest spiritual realization and Revelation of God. It is the end of all Revelations. It has revealed all the truth that humans can know and should know. It even includes the Mystical Paths, which no other Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai teaching included.

Therefore, it has revealed all the truth that you should know and can know. It calls on the Elects to come, join, and create the facilitating body, so we can create the Communities of Light and the hierarchy, which will emerge from these communities.

When humanity goes through all of this destruction they are going through, eventually, they will realize and recognize that we have a viable replacement for a worldly-ego-driven world. Then God will be brought to humanity through the Communities of Light and our ways. And all humans will realize that their salvation is God, the Eternal Divine Path, and the Communities of Light.

Therefore, if you are an Elect, if you recognize and realize that what we are saying here is the truth, and if you have the slightest spirit in you that is Godly, you will realize my voice and my words and will say, Yes, I want to be one with this.

You do not argue. You do not bring your own ideas into the Mission and say, Well, I know also, better than you, or God. But you will say, OK, I will read THOTH, I will understand THOTH, I will go deeply, deeply inside and if I have a question about THOTH, I will send you an e-mail and say, What do you mean in this part of THOTH? not, 'This is what I think it means and you should follow what I say.' But we can recognize and discuss this Revelation together, and eventually realize, Yes, indeed, this is the last Revelation of God."

We are at the point that the Seven Seals are open and anything that happens from here and now on, is going to be after Revelation, chapter 5, that the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is open. Therefore, we are really going toward the destruction of the devil, or the ego, or whatever you want to call it. And it has very little time left for it. That is why it is desperate. You can see that egotism, selfishness, and self-centeredness is even getting worse. Those who do not have the Spirit of God will destroy themselves by following their own ego.

If you follow these five steps you will become an Elect, which is the Sixth Seal. We call them Paravipras. "Para" means beyond. "Vipra" means intellect. They are beyond intellect. They are in Spirit. They do not intellectualize our teachings, but they let their spirit soak this teaching within themselves and realize that God indeed exists and He has sent all these revelations. Now He has put them all together, as a Path. And they realize that they have to follow this Path if they want to return home.

And this is the time that if you do not want to return home you will not be returning. You will not be reincarnated back to earth. That is because now is the time for the Elects to be coming back.

After the Elects create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, that kingdom will last for 1,000 years (for a long time). After that again there will be a short period of time that it might fail. After that the Elects will win the battle, and they will reach Pure Consciousness.

The reason for Calling the Paravipras is to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. When that comes, many will reach Pure Consciousness, or the Seventh Step in the Eternal Divine Path, which is the goal of our teaching and this Revelation.

When you reach Pure Consciousness, you and God are One, and you know how to create the Kingdom Of Heaven. When there is another creation in the future, we will have more workers to come and accelerate the process to bring all the lost unit consciousnesses back to the Godhead.

You can see that it is a perfect teaching, it makes sense, it unifies, it gives the way to salvation, and it gives the way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It is perfect, as God is. Therefore, if you have the smallest Spirit of God you will see this very clearly, and will come and join us. You will say, Yes, I want to to do this, and I am one with this. Of course, if you are not, that is fine.

We are just looking for the Elects. That is who we are looking for. If you are not a part of this Mission, or you do not recognize the truth in it, that is fine. We leave you to God and you leave us to God, and we will see at the end who is the truthful one.

Now you have heard the Eternal Divine Path. That is the goal of this Mission, to give the Eternal Divine Path to every human on earth, to every man, woman, and child at least once. When we give it to them, we are done with them. It is between them and God.

We told them the Eternal Divine Path and this Revelation. They can go and find out more about it in the website, come to our rooms, ask questions, and eventually find out exactly the depth of this Revelation and either become one of us, or decide not to become one of us, or just love the teaching and try to give it to other people as much as they can but not to be completely close to the Mission.

It is really completely up to you what you want to do. We are looking for the people who really want to be close to the Mission, come here, and get on with the work and help to create the Communities of Light all over the world.

Go ahead, Littleone.

Littleone: Sal-OM Maitreya. In pondering and meditating on The Greatest Sign, I noticed that there is not a red dot in the Fourth Seal. Could you please speak about this?

Maitreya: Well, the reason is, in the other seals the energy comes from ego, from us. When we get to this Fourth Seal, the energy and action comes from God. So, therefore, we are not the doer.

We do not have to put the dot in that I-Ching because in that I-Ching, in that state, we are not the doer anymore. What does that red dot in the other I-Chings mean? That red dot is representative of the raja guna, which means action.

In the middle sign, God is the Doer, therefore, there is a red dot in the middle. He is doing the action. In the bottom, there is a red dot because our spiritual forces have not been awakened yet, therefore we are thinking that we are the doer and therefore we need energy and raja guna to work with.

In the Fourth Seal there is no ego left anymore, God is the Doer, so the red dot in the center is enough and that is the one that does the work. Therefore, He is the Doer. We do not need a dot in the very top. And that means you are in surrendering and submission to God. God does the actions through you.

If God does the actions through you, you are not doing anything, therefore, you do not really need the raja guna over there because the raja guna comes from God. Actually the energy and the will comes from the red dot in the center, which is God and his Will. Therefore, the Fourth Seal, which is surrendering and submission to that Will, receives its energy and Will from the center. So again we do not need the red dot in that I-Ching.

Go ahead John.

John: Sal-Om Maitreya and Sal-OM everyone. When I was thinking, a couple of days back I realized that there were thoughts going on in my head, whatever those were, and I was withdrawn from them. Like I was not the thought but something outside of the thought. I was thinking, I know, or I have done, or something like that. And I thought, is that withdrawal, the thing that was watching the thought and realizing that I was not the thought, was that consciousness?

So I was observing there in my mind, consciousness and the three creative forces? That is my question.

Maitreya: Actually, that is what God is, God is a witness entity to the universe. He is not engaged in it but He witnesses and sees everything happening in the universe, the thoughts, the actions, and the work, everything that is done He is not really engaged in them, in one state. In another state He is. There are many levels in God.

In one level, He is absolutely disengaged from the activities of the universe. He is just observing everything happening in it. The thoughts come and go. It is just like they say, meditation or self-realization is like being at the top of a bridge and you are looking at the river. The river goes underneath you but you are not in the river itself. The river is moving but you are just an observer. As long as you think that you are the doer and you engage yourself into the external world and you think that you are the person who is doing it, God is the witness entity and enjoying what you do.

You may become frustrated, you may yell, or become happy, or you may become sad, or whatever mood, or way you feel, God just observes it from that witness state. But when you say, OK I have had enough of this world, I do not want to be the doer anymore. I want to become one with God, and let God do it through me, then you become the observer.

You just see things happen around you without being engaged in them so you become completely free from the action. The action is done with God. You will be in the Fourth Seal, and you do not need the dot in the I-Ching anymore because God is doing it through you and he is the Doer. Therefore, you are free from Karma, and everything that you do will be perfect.

But if you think that God is doing through you, but what you do is not perfect, that is an illusion that you think It is going through you but He is not. That is because if God is coming through you, it has to be perfect what you do, because God is perfect.

As Christ said, Be perfect as my Father in heaven. What does that mean? It means, first, the Father in heaven is perfect. Second you can become perfect like, my Father in heaven. Therefore, each person has the potential of becoming perfect as God.

Some people say, No, no, we never can become perfect, we are human and we are fallible, and we will make mistakes forever. But Christ did not say that. All the Prophets say that you have to become perfect as God is.

That is what that means. First, God is perfect. And second, you have the ability to do it, the ability to become perfect as God is. Therefore, those people who say, No, you cannot become perfect, you are a sinner and your only salvation is to just accept a couple of dogmas and then you go to heaven, are absolutely incorrect because God and the Prophets and the Messiah have told us that we can become perfect as God. And that is expected of every human to become perfect as the Father in heaven.

That is where the actual submission comes from. If the Spirit of God is coming through me, if I seek Gods Will in every action I do, it becomes easier and easier to know what His Will is. And especially with this Revelation that you know that His Will is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, therefore, you know His Will. And if you know His Will and you let Him come through, He will do a perfect job every time, in every situation, and therefore, you will become perfect as the Father. He will come through, and you will become the observer.

You will amaze yourself, Such wonderful things are happening in my life, or around me, that I personally could not do it. It is not me who is doing it. It is Gods Spirit that is making it happen." Of course, once in a while if you create ego and say, Oh look at me, I am doing all these wonderful things around me, then you will fall very hard.

But if you realize, No, It is the Spirit of God, which has come through, which has sent this Revelation, which has this realization. It was the Spirit of God who was preparing these people as the Elects to this point. It is the Spirit of God making them to see the Revelation of God and to accept this teaching as the most wonderful thing that ever happened to them in their lives, or will ever happen, you know for sure it is Gods Spirit coming through you and, therefore, it is perfect as it is. That is because, as I said, this Revelation is Perfect.

We have tried to look at this Revelation many, many different ways to look at the many problems on earth between humans and where we are. We always came back to the Communities of Light, the Eternal Divine Path. That will solve this problem. That will solve that problem. That will solve every problem.

Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path will solve the problems of humanity, accelerate the progress of man, will bring a new evolutionary step to human life, and they will progress many-fold faster than they have been. And probably in a thousand years, very many will be in Pure Consciousness. When that tribulation comes again next time, it is not going to last because many people are going to be way, way ahead of that tribulation and destruction and can create the environment that they will reach Pure Consciousness.

So we can see that God is perfect, and we can become perfect as He is. And the only way to do that is to let His Spirit come through.

Get the ego out of the way. Ego is destructive. Ego is self-centered. Ego is dis-unification. Ego is separation. Ego is the problem. That is the only thing that God hates, ego. He does not hate anything else.

He loves you. He loves your Essence. He loves the Essence of man. He loves the creation. He created this creation perfect as it is. But as long as we have ego, as long as we think we are the doer, as long as we are engaged in doing it, we will create an environment that is destructive as we can see is happening on earth right now.

That is why, at this point, we believe there are many people who have been meditating and creating spiritual realizations in many lifetimes. Even your experiences, even your powers and abilities, you have to surrender to God. You have to say, No, thank you God, I do not want these experiences or these powers, I want You, Your Spirit, and I want to become One with You, surrender and be submissive to Your Will, and become an instrument in Your Hand."

So that ability to see your thoughts and all those things are again a part of the meditation. But the real recognition and realization is that you no longer are there. It is God that exists alone. So in that state God for sure will come through you in the strongest way, and you will create compassion, love, and understanding, and you will know your duty.

What is the duty of life? The duty of your life is first, to become perfect, as God is. Spiritually progress to God. Second is to find a person who will take you there. If you cannot do it by yourself, you need a teacher.

It is just like you become a doctor in chemistry. You say, I am going to become a doctor of chemistry by myself. It is going to take you thousands of years before you find everything in chemistry by yourself.

But if you go to the school, you obtain your diploma, you go to the university, and eventually a lot of teachers teach you chemistry, you will go much faster.

So the second step in your life is to find someone who will take you to God. And, of course, the third step is your parents who brought you to this world and who gave you life and they are the co-creators with God. They either have to take you to God, or they have to take you to a person who takes you to God. But if they do not do that, if they fail their duty, you have to bypass them and say, Parents, I love you, but I have to go to God. That is the goal of my life, to be(come) Divine."

"The goal of my life is not to become a doctor, or professor," or whatever humanity tells you to do. "The goal of my life is to go to God, to be(come) Divine. How am I going to do that, to find someone to take me there?"

But you always have to respect your parents if they are good people. If they have a good spirit in them, love them, and help them any way you can. You are responsible that their physiological and safety needs are provided for them. But if they are in a place that they are OK, you do not have to worry about them and you can go to God.

The third one is your spouse, if you are married. If you are not married, you escape one part of the hierarchy. The only thing left is your spiritual teacher, parents, and God. If you are married, you have the responsibility to help your spouse to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually and go to God, or find him or her a teacher to take him to God, etc.

So there are four responsibilities in our lives: God, spiritual teacher, parents, and our spouse. The rest are just a part of our progressive group that we are going to God.

So with this, you eventually recognize the Eternal Divine Path. You come and hit the Mission of Maitreya, and Maitreya tells you, The goal of your life is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. This is the Revelation that comes from God, fulfills all the prophecies, and unifies all the religions. And you say, OK, I found the place that I belong. You meditate and you recognize that God is the Doer, and when God is the Doer you become perfect.

So this is the Path of perfection again. What you have seen, still you have to let God and you become One all the time. Then you will not make any mistakes at all, and you know exactly what God wants and what are His Laws.

Go ahead Brad.

Brad: Sal-OM everyone, and thank you, Maitreya. I have a question concerning the opening of the First Seal. In the introduction of the Revelation Of The Revelation, you also talk about a time period of 3,500 years having to do with the opening of the Seven Seals. My question is, do we consider the time frame from Noah of approximately 12,000 years ago, the opening of the first seal with Noah, or is that whole time period between Noah, Shiva, Krishna, and Buddha, kind of the time and period for the opening of the First Seal? That is because I am not quite sure as far as that time frame. Could you answer that for me? Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, there are two plans that have been created in a parallel way. There is the plan for the Mystical Paths, which started with the flood of Noah, and Noah brought the mystical understanding of religion of, know thyself, to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces.

That started 12,000 years ago and it continued, eventually, as the Upanishads, and the Hindu religions and the Mystical Paths in all cultures. But basically Hinduism, the Far East Philosophies, and Buddhism are the major mystical religions.

Buddhism is a reformation of Hinduism. And Buddha was just sick of so many gods, the dogmas, and the things that were in Hinduism. He brought a purer way of Hinduism to the Hindus, and he tried to purify their religion. That is why when the people said, How about the gods? he said, Do not worry about the gods. Just meditate and know yourself. If you know yourself, you will recognize that Essence in you.

Now they say that Buddha said that there is no God. He never said there is no God. He said, "Just do not worry about it," because there were so many gods in Hinduism that he wanted to take his disciples away from them and focus them back to the essence of Hinduism, which Upanishads teaches and talks about the atman as self is the same as Atman as God. So if you know yourself, you know God. So if you know atman, you know Him. You do not need any other gods.

So the Mystical Paths have taken a different path than the Zoroastrian-Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai religions, and they have had their own prophecies, their own way of understanding. They are completely different than those four religions that came after the 3,500 years.

So when we talk about the Plan of God from 3,500 years ago to this point, we are talking about the plan for the Zoroastrian-Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai plan. In that plan God chose Revealers, He chose a Messiah, He chose a Prophet who came to the humans and taught humans about these different aspects of the Eternal Divine Path.

But the first step, or the First Seal, is the seal that really does not have any Prophet or Revealer. It is kind of a body of teaching, which is the essence of all religions. If you do not understand the Mystical Paths, you do not understand your religion in a deeper level.

When Christ said, When your eyes are single, most Christians do not really recognize that he was talking about the third eye. If they have not had experience with the Hindu teaching of the third eye, they have no idea what he is talking about.

But after they recognize what the third eye is in the Mystical Paths and in the Hindu teaching or Buddhist teaching, then they will realize that when the two eyes become single, they become one eye, which is your third eye. So when your eye is single, your body will be filled with light.

That is exactly what the third eye will do because the third eye will give you the ability to see the spiritual world instead of this external world only.

So when you know Hinduism, especially from now that it is revealed, when you see that sentence, it is easily understood that when your eyes become single, it means that the two eyes become one eye, which is the third eye. Then your spiritual forces are awakened in some degree, not completely. But at least you have an experience that most people do not.

So there are two parallel Plans of God. One is the Mystical Paths, which basically Hinduism and Buddhism are the major religions based on the Mystical Paths. They had their own prophecies, their own revelations, their own teachers, their own Messiahs, like Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, etc. And there is another Plan, which is the Plan for the Zoroastrian-Judeo-Christian-Islamic and Bahai teachings, which came through the Prophets from 3,500 years ago.

Of course, in the Sixth Seal, Baba came from the Mystical Path background, and he brought the idea of Paravipras or Sadvipras and explained the four different classes in the society, which come from the Mystical Paths, which talk about the Shudras, Vaeshyas, Vipras, etc. We understand that as the cyclical movements that come.

Then the Mission came and put all of them together. That is another unification that happens here in the Mission. The Mission unifies those two Plans to one again. It brings the Mystical Paths and the Zoroastrian-Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai teachings together as one and explains the teaching of Baba in the history.

Baba never explained how that realization that he received also affected the history that has been divided into the Shudran (worker) era, it was divided to the Ksaittryan (warrior) era, the Vipran (intellectual) era, and the Vaeshan (business people) era.

We can see again that the Mission unifies them all together and explains how even history is affected by these four classes in the society. Therefore, we can see that now these two Plans have come together.

So, to answer your question, the Mystical Paths started 12,000 years ago but the Zoroastrian-Judeo-Christian-Islamic and Bahai teachings started 3,500 years ago.

I leave all of you to God, and I will be here on the first Saturday of next month.

Sal-OM everyone.

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