01/04/03 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: This is the Mission of Maitreya. Welcome to our church, or cyber-church, or synagogue, or masjid, or whatever you want to call it. We are here to convey a new Revelation from God to all of you.

It is the Revelation of the unification of all the religions that have been prophesied to come at this time, and indeed it is here. Each time a revelation comes from God, the purification of humanity and each individual also will start. We can see that the process has already started, humanity is being purified, and many religions and people are stirred up.

They are against each other because they do not understand one another, and they cannot go beyond their dogmas and little understandings of Gods Plan. Therefore, they are opposing one another. Instead of realizing the Word of God, they listen to their preachers, their teachers, their traditions, and their religious teachings. It is a great problem that we have on earth now.

In this Revelation God clearly reveals how all the religions of the world have been sent by Him. There is no religion, or understanding, or spiritual realization that God is not behind. All of them have been sent by God to humanity and therefore, they come together as a greater Revelation that the Mission of Maitreya has revealed. It shows how each of them has been sent separately.

But to know and understand God and His Plan, the only way you can do that is to understand the whole Plan and how each of these revelations and realizations come together to reveal a Path. That Path is called the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore, here is a call to everyone to come, to realize, to understand each other, to understand Gods Plan, and to see how He has sent all these religions. See how we can all understand each other on a deeper level instead of opposing one another and bringing destruction and war. All the terrible things that we see are happening on earth can be resolved.

There is no other way but Gods Way. It has always been like that. He is the Creator of the history. He is the Force behind the history. He is the Force behind the history for the last 6,000 years.

The only way to understand His Plan is to understand history, how He has guided it to this point, how we will be guided to the future, and how His Plan will unfold itself. Therefore, we have to expand our minds, expand ourselves, forget about the little things in life and not become too wrapped up in our little egos and understandings, but expand ourselves to the greater degree to see Gods Way. And Gods Way is the only Way.

That will manifest itself for sure because according to our teaching, He said he would do many things in history, He would reveal a lot of truth, He would accomplish some truth, and He has done all these things. Therefore, He exists. He does what He says He will, and He will bring His Kingdom of Heaven, or His Kingdom on Earth.

That is the only way we can bring peace to humanity. There is no other way. Anyone who has any ideas and thinks they know the way and can bring the peace, will not be able to do that because God already said how He is going to do it.

This Revelation has been prophesied to come, and the revealer has been prophesied to come. The credentials of this Mission are strong and are based on the prophecies and the Words of God. It supports and again confirms the Word of God in the Scriptures. Therefore, it is from God, and there is no doubt about it. It is not from any other energy but the highest in the universe.

Now He has revealed His Message and Revelation to man, and this is the call to you. If you are an Elect, if you are a person who has been meditating and progressing in many lifetimes for the last 12,000 years, and you are almost perfect and you have nothing else on this earth for you but to come behind this teaching and this Mission and help to bring the Kingdom, we welcome you to the Mission. We will open our hearts to you, we will work with you, and eventually together we will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We would like to convey this Message to you, and you know in your heart what is your call in life. If your call in life is to serve the Highest possible, if your call in life is to serve God only, if your call in life is to get rid of your ego and let God come through, then you are in the right place and you are hearing the greatest Revelation that has ever come to humanity.

This Revelation has been explained many times. If you go to our website, it is also there. There are people who are dedicated to this Mission who read these teachings and these words every day again and again, and they are here to explain to anyone who is interested to know this Path.

Also, I am here every month, the first Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 12 noon MST. We would be very happy to answer for you any question related to the Mission or spiritual things that will help you to understand that this Revelation is from God. You are welcome here to understand His Ways.

Never has a Prophet been able to do that, to reach the whole of humanity at the same time, to be able to sit here and reveal this Revelation to them while anyone, anywhere in the world with their little connection to the Internet, even with an old computer, is able to hear us so clearly, understand this teaching, and can ask questions. They can say, I am here, I am in Holland, I am in South America, I am in Asia, I am in Africa, and still I can ask questions about this Revelation and know what Gods Plan was and is.

Therefore, this is the greatest tool that God has created for us so everyone can hear us, and everyone can see us. Of course, that will fulfill another prophecy that everyone will hear the Word of God through this tool that was created for us.

We are blessed with all these things, and now we can understand the Revelation and Plan of God in the clearest way. There is no religion on earth that was not sent by God. They are all from God.

Those who meditate, those who awaken their spiritual forces, those who follow the teachings that, You have to have a direct relationship with God and know God in a deeper level within you, those who teach that the temple of God is your body, therefore, you can worship Him in the body, which is really meditating within, all those are from God. These include Hinduism, Buddhism, all the Mystical Paths like Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and those who believe that everything has a Spirit in it, like the teachings in Africa and South America. They see God and Spirit in every tree and in every grain of sand. All those things are the Mystical Teachings that God sent after the flood of Noah to humanity. Eventually those teachings came to man in a very organized way as the Vedas. Therefore, now every Jew, every Christian, every Hindu, every Buddhist, can realize why in their religion there are also mystical people.

For example, the Moslems teach that Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet, and Allah is God. But suddenly in the middle of them the Sufis come in, and they say that they love God with all their hearts, minds, and spirits. They make great poems about how wonderful He is, how much they are in love with Him, and all of that.

Or Christians say there are saints who praise the beauty of Christ, who say that Christ is raised in them everyday, and that they die in Christ. They completely have mystical experiences with God and have a different kind of relationship with God. Or the Cabbala in Judaism has the mystical part.

So the mystical part of every religion is a direct relationship with God, to Know yourself to know God. That is the teaching of all the Mystical Teachings on earth. Therefore, they have been sent by God. This is the original teaching of Noah, and it has come to humanity as the Mystical Teachings.

We can see that all the religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. are accepted as Gods Revelations. They believe that if you meditate, eventually you will realize God, and like a drop falling into the ocean (you as a drop and God as an ocean), you fall into it, and that is it. That is the goal of life. You meditate to come to that point that you dissolve to God, and you no longer are there. But as we know, God said that is not the way it should be.

The Mystical Paths is meditation, awakening your spiritual forces, to come close to Me. But, My Will is for you to go and create Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are taught very clearly in the Old Testament.

If you read the Old Testament, you will see that God was trying to choose a people. Hebrews are the people who accept God, bring God to their lives, God is number one, and His Laws are number one. They bring Him to their lives and follow His teaching and, therefore, create a community that is based on God and His Laws.

That teaching is clearly given to us in the Old Testament. So the goal of meditation or the Mystical Paths is no longer just to go to God alone and become a drop into the ocean but is to direct that energy that you create toward the creation of the Communities of Light. God is number one; creation of the Communities of Light is number one in your lives.

More and more you let your ego go. Not your will, how you want to create the Communities of Light, or how you are going to act in the Communities of Light, but how God intended for you to act in the Communities of Light, and how you can help most to create the Communities of Light.

Therefore, Not my will but Gods Will be done. As the mystics said, The less of you, the more of God. The more of you, the less of God. Therefore, let you go away and no longer be there.

Suddenly one day you are not there any more but God is the only One there that reveals Itself to the community, to humanity. Your life becomes much more flowing, and you do not fight it. You do not have any mind for it, you do not become upset about it. You just say, God, I will let you do through me. I do not have any expectation, I do not have any talent, and I do not have any specific way of looking at myself. I do not have any ego that has ego attachments to have an image of myself how I am.

There are three kinds of images that each person has of themselves: who they think they are, the image other people think they are, and what they exactly are. So there are three conflicting personalities of each person.

The image or the ego relationship about who we are is usually very good. We have a good image of ourselves, or maybe not. Some people have a bad image of themselves.

Another is how other people see us. They look at us with their own glasses. All of us (if we have ego) have different colored glasses that we wear. So if someone sees blue, orange, red, it is according to their glasses. They see us according to their glasses.

Who are we really? Are we the one we think we are? Are we the one the other people think we are? Or is there something else, our essence, which is God? That is what we should become. We have to come to a point that that essence manifests itself instead of us having an image of ourselves or other people.

We do not have any image of ourselves because it does not matter who we think we are. What is important is who God thinks we are and how we can manifest our qualities. Then God becomes more and more in us, and we will be less there.

But the other things that people think who we are, who cares? They can have glasses, unless they clean their glasses, and then they can see our essence. So the three personalities become one.

We are trying to change other people to change their glasses. We are trying to change ourselves to become our essence, and eventually, in the community, everyone looks at each other, What is the essence of that person? What is that God that he or she can manifest?

We can see that we have to more and more meditate in the Communities of Light, become more and more Godly, and not let those egos or perceptive biases take us away from Gods Manifestation. So the Communities of Light are the second part of the Eternal Divine Path.

We said the Mystical Paths were all the religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, the Cabbala, the Christian Mystics, Sufis, anything that says, Know yourself, or See God as everything, that we covered all of them.

The Communities of Light has been the teaching of the Old Testament. God is trying to find a people who will accept Him as God and will follow Him, as we explained. Therefore, the second step is to create the communities.

The third step is revealed in Christianity and the New Testament. It is sacrifice, not to be self-centered, to be God-centered, to be able to give up yourself to the community. The community is number one in your life.

You have to realize that the more you support the community, the more you put into the community, the stronger and more powerful the community will become, and therefore, it can enable the community to reach in a greater degree to greater people. Therefore, you can bring more people, and more people are the hand of God.

The more people who are in Gods work, the more powerful and the stronger the community and Gods work is going to be. Therefore, we have to put Communities of Light number one and first, ahead of everything else in our lives.

So we put God first, but what is the Will of God? The Will of God is to create the Communities of Light. Why? It is because the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. If you do not have the Communities of Light, you cannot bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Therefore, that is what we have to always concentrate on, The Communities of Light are the first thing in our lives.

As we said, sacrifice is necessary. If everyone in the community says, Oh, I am going to be here and take as much as I can out of it, what is going to happen to the community? It is going to fall apart. It is just going to die because it is going to become weaker and weaker and eventually hit the dust, and then it is no more.

Therefore, the third part of our teaching in the Eternal Divine Path is sacrifice, which is the message of Christianity. Christ went to the cross because he wanted to release The Grace.

The Grace was taken away from humanity at the beginning of the creation when man fell. Then when Christ came and he sacrificed himself, he released The Grace.

What does that mean? Does that mean that when we sacrifice we receive Grace in a greater degree? It sounds like it.

Is it easier to receive or to give? It is more joyful to give than to receive all the time. Actually, if you receive, and receive, and receive, after a while you become very out of Grace.

So we can see again that Christ set an example for us that for creating Communities of Light, we have to realize that we have to give of ourselves into them. Therefore, that is the third part of the Eternal Divine Path.

The fourth part of the Eternal Divine Path is not to be attached to the results of our actions. It does not say, Do not expect results. You have to expect the results.

When you do something, it is very natural that you expect the results. You always say, I am going to put all this effort, what is the result? I am expecting some result. But if the result is not as you expected, do not be attached to it. That is what it really means. And that is exactly what the word Islam means. The word Islam comes from the word of Tasleim. Tasleim means to be surrendered and submitted to God.

If you are completely surrendered and submitted to God, what happens? God is going to come through. You no longer are there any more. You do not exist. You are not there. The only thing that exists is God. That is what the real surrendering and submission means, to become completely one with God.

Is that not the goal of the life, to become one with God? And that is the surrendering and submission, absolute surrendering and submission to Gods Will.

It does not mean that you sit there and say, Enshallah, everything is going to happen, and I am not going to do anything. I am not going to put any effort. Everything is going to come to me, and I am not going to worry about it.

That does not mean that at all. It means, I am going to put my utmost effort. I am going to do as much as possible to make my life and the peoples lives around me, and the Missions life, as nice as possible. I am going to put effort, as much as I can. But I am not going to be attached to the results. I expect results because I put effort, but I am not attached to the results of it.

The people in the Mission should be the most efficient people on earth and the best workers. I would like actually to see that if you say, I am in the Mission of Maitreya, the people out there will say, Oh yes, we know you guys, you are good workers. Come in.

That is going to be a good resume, if you put down that, I am from the Mission of Maitreya. They will say, We will hire you right away. You do not have to say anything else. I would like to see that we become like that, so efficient, such good workers, such wonderful people that we will be very well known as very good workers and efficient workers.

We will not be lazy at all. We do not preach to be lazy at all. That is why we do not have any chairs in the Mission. You cannot sit. You have to keep working [laughter].

So we can see that the fourth part of The Greatest Sign, or the Eternal Divine Path, says, Surrendering and submission to God. It means that you do the work and you expect the result, but you say, God, the result is Yours. I am not attached to it. Then you go to the next project, then the next project, and the next, or whatever should be done.

Greater than surrendering is submission. It means that you always realize that God is doing the work through you. No matter where you are, what kind of a project you do, How does God do this project best for me? How can I do a perfect job?

That is because God is perfect. If God is perfect, He is going to do a perfect job. Therefore, you let God come through.

If God comes through, are you again there? Not any more. God is doing it through you and therefore, you do a perfect job. That is the highest spiritual realization: to realize that God is the Doer and we are the enjoyers. We let the life become a dance and look at it to see; what happens and what does not happen does not matter. At the end, you know that God is doing it in the universe for you, and you are a part of it. Therefore, we can see that Islam also is a part of our teaching.

So far we unified all the Mystical Paths, the Old Testament (Judaism or Hebrews), sacrifice (Christianity or the New Testament), and surrendering and submission to God, which is Islam.

With all this progress, you still might concentrate on a very small portion or part of the universe and say, I only will help my community, my family, my city, my nation, or even earth. Still you are narrow. You are not seeing God, which is everything.

There is no place in the universe that God is not. Therefore, the only way that you can expand your consciousness and see God clearly is that you become a universalist. You say, Yes, God created me. I am a drop of Him. He is everything, therefore, I am a part of this whole thing. I no longer consider myself as a drop and separated ego, creating separation between myself and the rest of the universe.

Therefore, you expand your consciousness, and you do not belong to any nation, to any gender, any nationality, or culture. Especially if you believe in reincarnation, how can you belong to any place on earth? You have been born in so many different places. Who knows, maybe you were born in a previous lifetime as someone in South America, or in Africa, or somewhere else? Maybe you will be born again in one of those places in the next lifetime.

Are you going to risk it and create a bad situation for them so that when you are born there you are in a bad situation yourself? You see, if you expand your mind, you cannot dominate anyone any more. You always help everyone to become equal because it is good for you. If you are born there next lifetime, they are more equal with you, and you will have a better life, and all of that.

So you have to expand your mind and say, I am a universalist. Every person is a struggling being in the universe with me, and we all have to help one another to reach a point that we do not have these separations.

If we reach to the universe, there are so many resources there that the standard of living of every individual is going to increase. Those who have a good standard of living, theirs is not going to decrease at all. We have to expand ourselves, reach out to the universe, and bring the unity and a greater degree of standard of living, and God, of course, bring God first to earth.

Right now, the human has absolutely forgotten about God and His Ways. It is not only one nation. The whole earth is going astray against Gods Will and Ways. We have to guide them back to Gods Ways and bring His Laws and His Ways to humanity so that we can establish the unity, beauty, peace, and tranquility that Gods Vision gives us. And that is the Communities of Light, which that Vision can become.

So we are having a job on our hands to turn this flood of ungodliness back to the Godhood. It is no wonder that sometimes the people in the Mission feel they cannot do it! It is too hard. It is impossible.

We are swimming against the tide. If you want a comfortable life, if you want to flow with the worldly ways, you have to follow the ungodly ways that are there and are going to take you absolutely away from God.

So we can see that we have a big work to do, and we are swimming against the tide. Therefore, it is not going to be easy but it is the most wonderful thing that God has given us, and we have to be joyful and say, Yes. This is especially true if you let God do it through you. Then it is really a joy. It is not that hard a thing to do. He is the Doer. You are just the enjoyer.

It is hard out there but God said that He is going to do it. Who said He is going to do it? God said He is going to do it. I did not say I was going to do it. You did not say that you were going to do it. God said He is going to do it. Therefore, it is not up to us.

We have to put our effort. As I said, it does not mean that we should sit there and say, God is going to do it. We are His channels. We have to put effort, but He is the Doer. He is going to do it.

Therefore, we can see that expansion of the mind, or universalism, is the teaching of Bab and Bahaullah. Bab was the Prophet who came in the south of Iran, and he created the Babis in Iran. Eventually one of his disciples, Bahaullah, brought it to the West.

The Essence of the Bahai Faith is that all religions are the same and therefore, we have to accept them. Of course, even the Bahais did not include the Mystical Paths.

It is just like the charkas. Each religion, if you relate them to the chakras, realize a greater thing. But the only time you realize God in the fullest is in the seventh chakra. And that is exactly where our teaching is, in the Seventh Revelation.

The first revelation is the awakening of our spiritual forces, kundalini. They know about the kundalini. They know about the sleeping serpent. Therefore, they say that if you awaken the sleeping serpent, that is all you have to do. That is the Mystical Paths.

You go a little further; it is related to the family. The second chakra is the sexual energy, the family, community, and all of that. So, in the Old Testament, they say that you have to create the community that God is first.

The third one is, No, I have to overcome the lower nature. I have to sacrifice. I have to crucify it. So Christ came, as crucifixion of Christ, and he overcame the third chakra, which is related to things of the lower nature.

What was Christ offered? Christ was offered the kingdom on earth, wasnt he? The devil told him, If you worship me I am going to give this whole earth to you with its powers and glory. Christ said, No, I do not want it. He overcame the political, the heat, the power craving of humans, and he was crucified as a symbol of the crucifixion of the lower nature.

When do you receive The Grace? You receive The Grace when you overcome the lower nature. As long as you are in the lower nature, do you receive The Grace? No, you do not.

Of course, Prophet Muhammad came, and he brought more balance to the four chakras. He said, Well, we really have to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We have to bring the balance between all these levels of consciousness.

When you overcome the third chakra, that is when you really start feeling God in a deeper level, because when you are in the first three charkas you are in your lower nature. The only thing you know is food, eating, having children, or to become a politician and to have powers.

The moment you overcome those three, you feel God. For the first time you say, I am able to completely surrender and submit to God. That is what you say. It sounds like Islam is the fourth chakra.

At the fifth chakra is when you start seeing God for the first time that God is everything. He is the universe, How can I separate any part of it from any other part? That is exactly what the teaching of Bahaullah, the Bahais, and Bab is, that all religions are the same. Of course, still they do not see that the Mystical Paths are a part of it all.

In the sixth chakra, Baba brought in an even greater degree and said, That is when you become a Paravipra. That is when you have overcome all your lower nature. You have come to the sixth chakra; you are in the sixth level. You are chosen.

You are in the door. You are close to the seventh chakra, to enter the Kingdom.

That is why we are looking for people who are in the sixth chakra. They have overcome their lower natures. They have come to that point that they are in front of the door.

Still God gives them 1,000 years to become perfect. See, still you are in the front of the door but you are not completely perfect. So God tells you, You have one more thousand years to perfect yourself to enter the Kingdom or the heaven. So we can see that each religion and revelation that came to humanity is related to different levels of consciousnesses in the human.

The people who awaken their spiritual forces, follow the Mystical Paths, meditate, concentrate, chant, dance, look at The Greatest Sign, and eventually awaken their spiritual forces; those who realize that the Kingdom Of Heaven will not come if you do not create the Communities of Light; those who sacrifice for the Communities of Light and will overcome their lower natures; those who become surrendered and submissive to God; and become universalists; such people are called the Elects.

They are the people who have been called the Elects in every religion, and God said, These Elects will inherit the earth. These are the salt of the earth. That is why the work of God makes sense. That is why He put so much effort and revelation and sent Prophets, for the Elects, for those people who have come and gone through the Eternal Divine Path to the sixth level.

Such people, of course, have to grow. They have become great men and great women. They have to overcome their attachments, desires, and whatever pulls them down to earth. Therefore, God is going to put them in situations that they have no choice but to overcome those attachments and eventually become the Elects.

The Sixth Seal has come to us through a Prophet called Baba, from India. He brought the concept of Sadvipra or the people who are intellectual, at the same time are workers, are spiritually advanced, and have the qualities of all the classes.

After our teaching came, the name of the Elects changed from Sadvipra to Paravipra. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. Really the Elects are beyond intellect. They are not just intellectuals. They do not just understand intellectual things but also they see God behind them.

They do not just read chemistry and say, You put this chemical with this chemical, and you get this. They say, Look at God! God created this chemical. When you put this chemical with the other chemical, you get this chemical that is very useful for the progress of the human. So they see a Hand behind the science. They do not just see the dry science of, This is it.

We support scientific things, but with the realization that there is a Great Spirit behind it. That is exactly what we have to teach our children to see when they go to school, it is not just dry biology, or chemistry, or science, or math. Even math is such a wonderful thing to see God through.

So you can see that with going through the first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path, you become an Elect. You become a chosen one. You become a person who now has gone through the first six steps, accepted the Mystical Paths, accepted the Old Testament, accepted the New Testament, accepted the Koran, accepted the Bahai teaching, and accepted Babas teaching.

Now they accept the Mission very readily. They hear it, and they say, Yes, that is the only thing that makes sense. If there is one God, why do we have so many religions?

What really did Christ mean, If your eye is single, your whole body is full of light? What did he mean? It means that you have to bring these two eyes together and single them, or what? Well, he was talking about the third eye because that is the only eye in your body, which has one single eye. When you see that third eye, the whole body becomes light and God comes through.

Therefore, without knowing the Mystical Paths, no religion will make sense. Therefore, the Elects understand the Mystical Paths, and they understand what the Old Testament meant, how God was trying to choose a community.

We understand the New Testament, that without sacrifice or not being self-centered, the Communities of Light are impossible.

And Islam is the surrendering and submission. Submission means, you and God become one. There is no you left, but God is left in you. Of course, without universalism you will be narrow in your understanding.

When you go through these five steps you become an Elect, a person who God now chooses, or you have chosen to follow Gods Way, now you have to realize that there is nothing really left for you.

As we said in this Mission, Do you have any choice to be in this Mission? If you have any choice, go follow your choices first. When you are done with your choices and you have reached a point that you say, No, I do not want anything else but to do this Mission, then come back. Come here and say, Yes, now I am ready.

So it is at that point that you realize that there is no choice for you but doing this Mission and to become One. Of course there are supposed to be 144,000 Elects on earth and millions of Great Souls also. So that is who we are calling to come, see, realize, and take the challenge, and eventually His Kingdom will come by the creation of the Communities of Light, by education, and by reaching out.

We have reached the point that humanity will go through this terrible period that is coming to them. After they reach a point, they will realize that their way is not going to work. Those who dominate will be dominated. Look at the history.

How many nations dominated other nations? Where are they? Are they all not dominated now by other nations? Those who win the battle, lose the war.

These are the basic truths of the universe that humanity has to realize and understand. But in the long run, everyone is going to lose in the way of humans. The way of God is the creation of the Communities of Light, and that will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And that is why we are working.

That is what we are calling for, the Elects, for those who have come through this Path and have been meditating and awakening their spiritual forces to this point. We will work together to create a system, to create an organization, to create an outreach of the Mission in a greater degree.

We have not even started yet an outreach for the Mission. The more we have people who are absolutely dedicated and work very hard for the Mission, the more resources and abilities the Mission will have.

I am not attached to it at all. If we do not do anything in this lifetime, I think I have done a very good job with the limited resources that God gave me to reach to as many humans as possible. But, of course, I am looking forward to reaching even a greater degree, if possible.

If it is not possible, fine. It is OK. We are just doing fine. But if it is possible, we will reach to even a greater degree.

That is the Mission of Maitreya. That is the teaching of the Mission, which is a Revelation that has been prophesied to come.

If you go to chapter 5 in The Revelation, it clearly says that there is a book sealed with the Seven Seals. It means that this book cannot be opened unless those Seven Seals are broken. And those Seven Seals were broken one by one.

The First Seal was the Mystical Paths. It was opened by Noah and eventually came as the Mystical Teachings.

The Second Seal was opened by the teaching of the Old Testament, creation of the Communities of Light in order to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The Third Seal was opened by Christ. He brought the teaching of Christianity and sacrifice.

The Fourth Seal was opened by Prophet Muhammad. It was the Moslems or Islam. That was the surrendering and submission to God.

The Fifth Seal was opened by Bab, which was the universalism.

And the Sixth one was opened by Baba, which was Ananda Marga, or the concept of Sadvipras and the cyclical movements in human history.

The Seventh is the one who opens all of them, opens the book sealed with the Seven Seals. So this book, this Revelation, this teaching, was prophesied to come in the Scriptures.

God never sends the Prophet without revealing the prophecy about him. As we see, and people brought to us as the prophecies, there is no Prophet who has ever fulfilled as many prophecies as we have found that this Mission has fulfilled. Therefore, we can see and be assured that God has chosen this vessel to bring this Revelation to humanity. All the signs point to the truth that we are revealing to humanity. We have no choice but to reveal this Revelation to man, work hard, continue repeating ourselves again and again, and try to work with everyone to realize that there is no other way but this way, and we have to all come together.

The sooner we come together, the sooner we understand it. The sooner we create the Communities of Light, the sooner the Kingdom will come. Everything points to the wonderful work of God.

So the Seven Seals are open. Everything before chapter 5 in The Revelation in Gods Plan is finished. We are now past that point after the opening of the book sealed with the Seven Seals.

So those who really want to be forward-looking people have to look to the Mission. They have to look at what God said after that, what is going to happen after the Seals are opened?

After the seals are opened, God clearly says what will happen.

After the seals are open, Babylon the Great will fall. The devil, the old concept of ego and the worldly powers and worldly things, will fall. So that is what we are looking forward to now.

We are at a point that we are looking for how the next Plan of God will unfold itself. And it is unfolding right in front of our eyes.

Is the earth in a better way? Are you better off now than five years ago? What was that famous saying, Are you better off now than four years ago? You are not.

Are we better off than 50 years ago? No. You see? You can see that it is coming to the fruition, it is coming to that point, and we have to look and see, That is where it goes. And it will happen because as we said, God said many things before that He was going to do, and He did them.

If you read our teaching, He has clearly done them. He clearly said He was going to do those things and He has done them. Therefore, should we be worried about our little lives, or our things that are related to us, or be worried about the Plan of God? How can we be dedicated to the Plan of God from this point on, or are we dedicated to our plan for our little lives?

So we can see clearly that we have now to work for the next phase in the Plan of God, which is the coming of His Kingdom and work very hard. Understand the Eternal Divine Path and follow it, follow it step by step. Purify ourselves. Become one, in front of the people or behind them, absolutely it is the same thing.

Be truthful to ourselves. See, we have to become a personality that always is the same no matter where we are. That purification is that we become so truthful to ourselves that we would not be able to manifest any impurity at all. We would be able to be one-faced people, not two-faced or three or four. That is another purification.

So look at ourselves and purify ourselves to be so truthful that we are not afraid of anything in the world to come and investigate us or look at us, or anything on earth. So we can see that it is a great challenge of purification individually, collectively, and universally.

Therefore, we can see that the process has started. This Revelation is on earth. All the prophecies are fulfilled. The book is opened and the Plan of God is unfolding itself in a greater degree. Are we going to be in it or not? That is everyones decision.

This is our teaching. This is our Vision. This is our Revelation. This is our calling to you, to every person to come and join. It is now up to you how you take it and how you will receive it. Our work is done.

Now we will open the floor. If you have any questions, just raise your hand. We ask you to come to the microphone and ask the questions related to the Mission, whatever spiritual question you might have that we can answer and help you in this way.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: Sal-OM and thank you for your teaching. In the newsletter where it talked about the declaration that you have not been in this station for 2,500 years, I was wondering what that meant? What does it mean that you have not been in this station for 2,500 years?

Maitreya: Yes, that refers mostly to the Buddhist expectation of Maitreya to come 2,500 years after Buddha, in the sense that Maitreya is the next Buddha to come. For 2,500 years, there was no Buddha on earth. But, of course, there are other stations that I have not been in for 4,500 years as Abraham and other Prophets who came before Buddha.

So that point mostly relates to the Buddhists expectation of the coming of Maitreya. That is a very narrow way of saying it, but in that moment that is what came through that declaration, of 2,500 years as Buddha. That is because the Mission is called, the Mission of Maitreya. So Maitreya is the Buddha to come, and the Buddha has not been here for 2,500 years.

So that is what it relates to.

Brad: I had another question, if I could.

Maitreya: Go ahead.

Brad: Recently in the news they are talking about the cloning of the human. I was wondering what are the consequences with the DNA between the unit consciousness or the spirituality and that DNA since the humans are kind of calling that body into being. And how will that affect the unit consciousness that attaches itself to that body when it comes to life and starts exchanging prana? You talk about the spirituality being tied to that, to DNA. I was wondering what the consequences are of human cloning.

Maitreya: Actually, we were discussing it with a couple of people when we heard about it. Probably we are the only religion, the only Revelation, that has no problem with it at all.

As you heard, the Christians, Jews, and Moslems, all three great religions on earth oppose it and say, No, it is bad. It is no good. What they are doing is immoral, etc.

Actually it is not a big deal at all. How did God first create the creation of beings? It was amebas and small little cells that one center became two, and then they split into two. There are even animals that are male and female in the same body that they can make their own children.

Then God created the egg. The animals used to put their eggs on the ground. But what do they have to do? They have to leave their eggs and get food. What happened to their eggs? Other animals came, ate them, and destroyed their eggs.

Then God created a pouch for them, like the kangaroo. They could put their kids inside the pouch so they could take them with them.

The ultimate manifestation of this evolution was, Hey, create a womb. Put it in the womb so that everywhere the woman goes, the kid goes with her, so it was much more safe.

God is logical. He goes step-by-step, by-step to create a better system.

That is exactly what the Mission is. It improves itself all the time. So God created a womb, and that was the greater way.

If you look at the womb and the way the child goes through the different periods of development, you can actually see the replication of evolution in the sixty million years of the evolution of the human. Even before the child is born, it is a fish. Where is he living? He is living in the water. And then he comes and starts breathing outside of the water.

So they said that evolution does not exist. Look at the kid in the womb, how it evolves itself to a human. So we can see that the seed has been created or duplicated out of the womb of the woman for millions of years. Now they have found that they can create a human out of the womb, and they make such a big deal out of it?

Hey, it was there before. Now they are doing it again. You can see that putting seed and the sperm together and creating a body is not really something new. It has been done before. It is in the evolutionary process. Now they are doing it out of the womb.

The moment that seed evolves to a body, there are billions and billions of Souls out there that would love to have a human body. That is why in the Buddhist teaching, being human is an incredible achievement. To be here itself you have been very blessed even to be in the body.

Then wasting this body without progressing toward a higher consciousness and greater degree of understanding God and yourself, means that you have wasted a wonderful opportunity that God gave to you. And who knows when God is going to give this opportunity to you again to come back to this body? So again you have the obligation to become more and more, to a greater degree, toward self-realization and a higher level of understanding Gods Ways.

To us, cloning is not a big deal. It is not something that has not been done before. God had been doing it for billions of years before He eventually created the womb to put the child inside the womb. And the reason for the womb is that the child is much safer.

You can create a child out of the womb. What do birds do? They put their eggs down. But which one is safer, in the womb or as an egg? Of course, in the womb, it is much safer.

But, there are ethical and probably social issues that come with cloning. That is because now humans have a choice to choose what gene they will use to create the clone.

Before that, a man and a woman fell in love, and they were married. They had a child, and there was a kind of an emotional bond related to the child that had been created. Now, the person in the laboratory decides what gene goes with what.

How about if they just decide to create all smart people, just take the genes of all the prodigies and create only all prodigies? Or create very powerful people who are created just to make wars?

So now they have the ability to create the bodies that manifest qualities that maybe are not as diverse as we have now. So those are ethical issues that come in, which humanity has to bring some kind of restrictions and laws probably to be able to control.

Well, they have the law that they should not be doing it, but they are doing it. So how much that law is going to work also is in question. Probably the best way is to create again the societies that have higher ethics and the people have the ability to make the decisions not based on selfishness, egotism, and self-centeredness.

Therefore, again we go back to the Communities of Light. If we create the Communities of Light, people with higher ethics will not clone just for a specific purpose. They might clone because a couple cannot make a child. That might help them to have a child through cloning.

The other way is the surrogate mother and they have been doing that. We even made that one easier and simpler for people who want to have a surrogate mother, or someone to have a child.

So in essence the less cloning seems to be better, to leave it to the Spirit and God to manifest beings. But they are going to do it. It was a matter of when they were going to do it. And they have done it.

It is not a big thing but it does bring some ethical questions. Probably people who are doing it have to be very high in spirit before they can approach this new phase.

If there is a human body, a Soul is going to enter it. There is no doubt about it, no matter how you created it. That is because there are so many Souls that want to come to human bodies.

Go ahead, Sound of Truth.

Sound of Truth: Actually, well the last time, too much news about what you were just saying, about human cloning and the genetic engineering. It is not only the story about that but the whole story of what the alien movement brought to the world about the starting of life on earth. They were claiming that life on earth starts by cloning. People came from space and came to the earth and started life on earth by cloning.

I do not know how much truth is to this story. It is up to you to tell me

Is cloning against the will of God or not? Thank you.

Maitreya: Now you put a great responsibility on my shoulders [laughter]. Now it is up to me. Well, that organization or people who follow that thinking, base their understanding, I think, on a book called the Thirteenth Planet. That book explains what the thirteenth planet is.

They believe that there is another planet in the solar system. Pluto was the last one they had discovered. But they say there is another one, which is the thirteenth planet and that every 3,600 years it comes close to the solar system and enters the solar system in a way that you can actually see it. It is a very huge planet. And these people are very advanced in technology. When they came to earth, supposedly they created the new human by cloning.

They brought the new genes from themselves, and they go all through all the things they believe. They explain how their philosophy is based on the belief that these people were gods. Jupiter and all those beliefs also came from that encounter of this thirteenth planet with the rest of the solar system.

Therefore, they believe that cloning was the beginning of the new human. The new humans who were living on the earth did not completely look like us.

It is a very convincing book. It is a very interesting book.

But, of course, we know who created everything. Even if the thirteenth planet is there, who created the thirteenth planet and all those advanced people in it? There has to be a God, there has to be a Creator of anything that we create in our minds. So that is what their beliefs are.

But cloning by itself is not the ultimate. They still need the genes. They still need the basics of creating a body. Who created that? If they are really the creators, let them create the genes, create the Soul, and create the system that when you put them together you create the body.

The very base of it is created by God. The only thing they do is put them together. So it is not a big deal.

That is the place that they are going to get stuck. That is the problem with science. That is the problem with these explanations. They never go beyond a very superficial way of looking at things. You put this chemical with this chemical, and you get this one. But who originally made that chemistry that when you put the chemicals together you get this one? That is the Creator. That is the Mind behind the universe.

They do not go a little further than this artificial way of thinking about it. So we can see that yes, they have a very convincing book, they have a very convincing theory but even then they have not gone a little further than what they believe, which has God behind it. Therefore, cloning is not a big thing.

If they want to create, create life, create consciousness. That, they cannot do. Create the tama guna, satva guna, raja guna, and consciousness. They cannot do that. Those things are God. Those things that are created, is creation. Those things they cannot create.

Therefore, we have to go beyond the little things that people believe but realize that beyond all those things there is a Creator. Actually, in a way, we believe that man was changed after the flood of Noah. God created a new man.

Before the flood of Noah they were mostly Spirit. Can we call that, God cloned a new human to new things? We can think it that way. But we say it was really Gods Will for that to happen, not that another planet came, they just decided to do it, and God had nothing to do with it.

See, that is again another human way of explaining and putting God out of the picture. That is what the human has to realize. They have to bring God into the picture all the time. If you put God out of the picture, that is where the problems start. We become separated. We see a little vision instead of seeing the greater vision that God is behind.

Go ahead, Jrvlas.

Jrvlas: Hello. Thank you for the hospitality and the invitation. I am new to the room. This is only my second day. I want to say that maybe perhaps why I am here is to just be a witness to what is going on.

I can relate to you a little bit what occurred to me yesterday while sitting in the house and speaking. The Maitreya, who I do not know but for two days, appeared spiritually to me. As he was there by me, dressed in layers of clothing (he was sitting there for a while), God revealed to me who he is. The voice spoke and said, He is the anointed one, he is the Christ anointing, the Christ Spirit.

And then after a while, about five minutes later, God led me up to the throne, and we were both there. God said to Maitreya, He needs your help, meaning me, and was pointing to me. And He said to me, Listen to him.

So then we came back. But before he went I heard, I have been given by God spiritual authority over you, so listen. So I heard that.

Then when we came back he gave me a yellow sunflower. Then I heard God say, Maitreya has the gift of giving people self-realization. I guess in addition to all this stuff I realize that personally in my life, the things that you are saying have occurred to me about putting the self down, putting the ego down, the free will, abandoning everything to have Gods Spirit fill us, be an instrument of that and listen.

In addition to that, I heard a comment a little bit earlier about a 2,500-year-old Prophet. Again the Spirit of the Lord confirms and witnesses through me that this man has that Spirit in him, the return of that Prophet. I do not know what it is, but I can tell you that he would be the One of the Spirit of God.

So thank you for listening to me. I think that was about all I have to say.

Maitreya: Apparently, there was no question. But that is an explanation. Of course, some of the things you say are true. This is the Revelation that God has told everyone to come to. It is the Revelation that is from God, and hopefully I am helping other people also to realize themselves. Hopefully what you say will be revealed to other people as well.

But it is not enough to receive this Revelation, or the understanding that God sent this Revelation, but also becoming committed to it, to come and get behind it, and to work very hard for it. And realize yourself in the process.

In the Communities of Light the purification comes in a greater degree because you have to look at yourself. You have to be honest to yourself, to the people around you, to the people you live with, become one inside out, and completely overcome any trace of impurity in you.

That is self-realization, that is progress, that is becoming One with your essence. You cannot live a lie in your life because the moment your oneness with the Mission and your other kind of life is not the same, you will be lying to yourself and you are not one with God yet.

We do not expect anyone who walks into the Mission to know that or be that. But that will eventually happen to them, hopefully, and they will become perfectly progressed in their consciousness.

That is good that you received these things. But the next step for you is now to follow Gods Will, see what He said, understand the teaching in a deeper level, and eventually dedicate your life to do it. As you dedicate your life and you come to the Mission, of course, we all work with the dedicated people. And eventually, hopefully, we will have the facilitating body to manifest the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

All right. That was no question in it. I am just explaining that what you received is true.

If there is any other question, go ahead and raise your hand. I will wait a few more minutes. If there is no question, I understand. It has been explained for the last twenty-two years or more. Many, many questions have been answered, and there are not many questions really left.

Actually, one thing that we just added to our website is the search engine, where the CDs are. If you go there and you enter any topic you would like to know about, you do not even have to send the questions here any more. If you want to know about anything, go to the website, search for it, and it is going to tell you exactly what CD has it.

You can even listen to that CD or Satsang right there in the website and see what was in it. Or, of course, you can order it. Either way is fine with us, as long as you hear the word, that is our goal.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: Thank you for answering my question. You were talking about the evolution of the physical. Partly I see that through the human being when it is born.

I have a question concerning the evolution of the Spirit or the unit consciousness. The unit consciousness that now attaches itself to this body that I have now, did it evolve and one time attached itself to a simpler organism, as evolution went through? It attached itself to the fish, or to the bird, and then as it got higher, in the physical? Was that my current unit consciousness of a one time crude consciousness that evolved through all those different manifestations?

Maitreya: Yes, that is where we differ from the evolutionary theory. The evolutionary theory says that everything evolved from the amebas and very simple organisms. We do not say that.

We say there was a range of consciousnesses, a hierarchy of consciousnesses in the universe. There were consciousnesses that were very close to God, and there were consciousnesses that were not as close to God. And they created the solid factor.

As the evolutionary process evolved itself, the bodies of animals were created. But the consciousness that enters the bodies of the animals was a consciousness of animals. Of course, animal consciousness progressed a little bit to a higher level. But when the higher level animal evolved, higher consciousness in that level entered the body. And when the human body was evolved, the consciousness in that level entered the body of that human.

So it is kind of two ways of evolution in our explanation. One way is if you have a body, you will evolve in it, and if you progress you evolve to a higher level of consciousness or higher body. And if there is a body present that can accept a higher level of consciousness, it will invite that consciousness to enter it.

It is not that everyone started from the stone, went to the amebas and evolved to the higher thing. It is a physical body, which evolved to the higher level and the consciousness in that level entered it.

That is why God knows already what is the next evolutionary process, and then He creates the body for the next evolutionary step and consciousness to enter it.

So it has two ways of looking at it. One of them is, yes, the animals evolved to a higher consciousness, therefore, they evolved to the higher evolutionary process. In another way, there are consciousnesses that are in a higher level. When the body was created, accepted that higher level or consciousness, that consciousness entered that body.

It is more involved in our explanation of the evolutionary process than the scientific way that only looks at a one-dimensional way of how things evolved from the lower level to the higher level.

So there are consciousnesses that are in different levels and there is an evolutionary process that brings the physical body to different levels. When the physical body can accept that kind of consciousness, the consciousness enters it. Also, every animal evolved to the higher level in evolution.

Our explanation is different than the scientists explanation of evolution. Ours is based on spirit and God.

That is exactly how it was before the flood of Noah. Before the flood of Noah, man was more Spirit. They did not have our bodies. They had the third eyes open. The spiritual world was actually more real to them than the physical world. It is just like the shamans in Australia, they have some connection with the spiritual things that a lot of other people do not because they are more connected to the Spirit. And that is how the humans were.

Now we are going back again to become more connected to the spirit, but at the same time we accept the physical body as a part of our spiritual progress. That is why in a part of our teaching everyone should be provided for their physiological and safety needs.

That is why providing the physiological and safety needs in the Mission is also a part of your spiritual progress. You have to provide for your physiological and safety needs first before we can ask you, Now we can sit and meditate.

Go ahead, Jrvlas. I hope you have a question there. Go ahead.

Jrvlas: Yes, I do, thank you. When a person reaches a point, by Gods Grace, where they run into Him, they begin hearing the voice or getting filled with the Spirit, and then the self dies and the things are put away Thank God, I have been healed of a lot of things, I am not sick any more.

So when the voice is given to the person, God guides them to speak to all these cultures and peoples and be stripped of preconceived ideas or notions and just to be a love instrument, after that I do not know what to do next. Maybe that is why you are here to help me.

Maitreya: Well, healing and hearing voices, all that, are the siddhis, they are powers that are everyones birthright. So it is not only you who might have those powers but everyone else has those powers.

Also when you hear voices you have to be very careful, what kind of voice is it? Is it from God? Is it talking the same thing that God revealed in His Scriptures?

There are people who are hearing voices, and they are in the asylums. They talk to themselves, and they think that they are connected to some voices, and they are not. Their ego is so thwarted that they can hear something that is not godly.

There are people who have heard voices that told them to go kill someone. God does not do that. God does not give you orders to go kill someone. When they were caught they said, God told me to go kill these people.

So voices can be very deceiving and dangerous. I would be very careful and meditate on those voices. Go to the Scriptures to see if those voices are saying the same thing that God says.

If you are close to God, the next step for you is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, realize this teaching is the highest Revelation to humanity, and realize that if you are godly you will follow the Eternal Divine Path.

If you are hearing voices and you have created a big ego that I hear the voices, I heal, I am great, and everyone is here for me, then that is a dangerous path you are treading. It is not going to take you to God but it is going to create a bigger ego. Of course, the bigger the ego, the greater the separation of God.

Therefore, be very careful with the voices. Usually we say that not very many people hear the voice of God. As it has been revealed through our teaching, God prophesies for thousands of years before a Revealer who hears his voice most clearly comes to humanity and reveals a revelation to man.

As Prophet Muhammad also said, God may reveal something to you from behind the veil but not directly. Even then, the voice of God is not really a voice. It is a revelation, it is a realization, it is certitude of what you heard is so true, powerful, and profound that you have no choice but to say, Yes, it makes sense, it helps me, and it will help humanity.

But if the voice only talks to you and tells you things, I would be very, very careful with it. I would meditate on that and probably would not listen to the voices that come to me because the voice of God is not really a voice, it is an understanding, it is a revelation.

That is what the Moslems call Vahd. That is what Prophet Muhammad received. He received Vahd. The only voice he heard really was the voice of Gabriel who told him to read. After that it was a revelation. It is a certitude of what you received makes sense.

So, know God. Know Gods Way. Know the way He does things. He does not come through the voices. He comes through the Vahd, through the revelation, through His Prophets, and through His Scriptures.

So read the Scriptures and know God and His Ways. If the voice is saying differently, then be very careful, and do not listen to it at all.

But if you want to know what is the Will of God, it is in our teachings, in our Revelation, in THOTH, and it clearly says what the Will of God is. And the Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Meditate (awaken your spiritual forces), create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. Therefore, you become an Elect, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and you will enter heaven and where God is. I hope that helps you in your spiritual progress.

Actually, some people even can evoke the spirits of the people who are dead. They even have a program in television to tell the people what this brother or that sister of yours said.

When you go to the Bible, what does the Bible say? The only place in the Bible that someone evoked the dead or brought the dead to being was when Saul asked a sorcerer to bring the spirit of Samuel back and asked him some questions. For doing that, God cursed Saul.

So are we following the Word of God? Are we following the Scriptures? Are we following what God said, or are we following a kind of wrong teaching and wrong thing in society?

So do not follow people. Do not listen to any voices. But listen to the Scriptures and Gods Way. If you do not, then you will be in trouble. It creates a big ego, and you think that you are better than anyone else. You are not.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. And everyone is a part of God.

Some teachings say, You are god. And people say, Yes. I am God. They feel so good about it. After a while they think that they are God and no one else is.

Everyone is a part of God and is God. So be very careful with the voices. Be very aware of Gods Words and follow them, otherwise in the long run those who do not listen to those Words of God will suffer the consequences.

I hope all of you hear the Words of God, go to our website, read our books, our Revelation, and become familiar with what we teach here. Realize that you are an Elect, overcome any trace of ego, become a pure channel for God, know His Words and His Ways, and come and join us with complete dedication, complete understanding, help to create the facilitating body on earth, eventually bring many, many Communities of Light all over the earth, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

I leave you all to God. Meditate. If you have any question, go to the website, enter it with the search engine in our e-commerce, and see if it has been answered. Listen to the answers. If you find a question that has not been answered, bring it next month. Let us add that to the questions in the website, and eventually we will reach a point that all the questions are answered and they can go and read it there.

Eventually, we will all concentrate on working on the Mission because all the questions are answered. You do not have any questions left, but to do the work.

Sal-OM everyone. God be with you.

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