02/01/03 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Good morning everyone. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. Welcome to our Cyber Church and Satsang Room.

As usual we will look into Gods Revelation and how He has revealed the whole truth to humanity. For the last 12,000 years, this Revelation has been a mystery for man and each religion of the world has been revealed as one major teaching. Now the whole truth has been revealed to humanity and the mystery of God has finished.

We can see that the fulfillment of Gods Revelation and Plan is unfolding right in front of our eyes. If you look at the news and what is happening in the world, we can see how terrible things are coming to humanity faster and faster. Pretty soon the whole of humanity will realize that they have no choice but to take a new path, a new way, a new heaven and earth.

That is the way of God. He has been trying to guide humanity from the foundation of the creation. Man has been refusing and resisting His Will all along to this point. Now for the last 12,000 years, He has revealed this truth and again has given humanity a chance to recognize and realize that God is One, He has sent all these Revelations, there is no separation between religions and humans, there are not many gods, and there is only One God and He/She/It is Everything.

There is nowhere, nothing that you can look at, that is not God. Therefore, how can you separate yourself from any other part of the world or the universe? How can you say, This part is better and that part is not good, this religion is better and that religion is not, this is from God, the other one is not from God? Unless there are many Gods that revealed many religions, all religions have to have a relationship with each other. Now, what is it?

Why then do we have so many religions? Why do we have Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism? What is it that God has been trying to convey?

If all these religions are different, are they really revealed with different gods? No. All of them say, There is only One God, but my religion is better than yours. How can that happen?

If there is only one God and my religion and your religion have come from God, how can they be different? We can see now it is clearly revealed that, Yes, actually, all those religions have been revealed and sent by God, and each of them have a specific message.

There is a lot of similarity between all of them but one message stands out very clearly in each religion. That message is revealed in this Mission to humanity. When you understand the whole message, it reveals a Path, a Way that you follow. It is called the Eternal Divine Path.

It is called Eternal because it was understood in eternity. It is Divine because it leads to Divinity. And it is a Path, because it is the way you walk.

It is not dogmatic that, If you believe in such and such a name and a couple of dogmas, you are going to go to heaven. No. You walk it; you follow this Path. If you really follow this Path, then your salvation is guaranteed. Therefore, this Mission does not have any dogma; it has a Path for you to follow.

Now God is revealing and fulfilling the last marathon, or the last part of His Plan. With this Revelation, which is prophesied to come in chapter 5 of The Revelation, the book sealed with the Seven Seals has been opened. Therefore, the Seventh Angel has come.

That is when the last Revelation of God comes. That is when the Plan is finished. It is done when the Seventh Angel comes, when the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened.

Therefore, all the prophecies, all the Prophets, all the revelations before this have already come, and it is done. So we are at the point in the Revelation that now is the time for the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. Before the Kingdom comes we are going to have the day of reckoning and the terrible tribulation that humanity is heading into very, very fast.

If all humans listen to us today and come and say, Yes, this is true, this is from God, this is the opening of the Seven Seals, we understand that, yes, awakening of our spiritual forces, meditation, understanding ourselves, and knowing thyself is the beginning of the spiritual progress in the Eternal Divine Path; yes, we need an environment that we can accomplish that, in such an environment that is godly, it is based on God, His Laws, and His environment, so we can sit and meditate and awaken our spiritual forces; yes, in order to create such an environment sacrifice is necessary.

If everyone says, What is in it for me, for me, and I am going to do whatever I want, I am not going to listen to God, I am going to continue the way I was, I am not going to progress, I am not going to listen to you, I like your teaching but I am not going to do what you say, still it is not going to work.

So you have to sacrifice. You say, OK, I am going to give up all my ego and let God come more and more in me. Therefore, I become more the Child of God.

Then surrender and submit the result to God and become a universalist. You surrender the result, I do all these things in the Mission or in Gods work, but I am not attached to the result. Or, I am just a channel, I am just a pure channel for God. I am not the doer. I am the enjoyer. I am just observing everything happening in my life, everything in the Mission, and everything I do. I am just observing these things happening but I am not really connected to them or attached to them or becoming involved with them. It is God doing it through me.

If God is really coming through, He does a perfect job. Of course, greater than that, submission means that God is doing it through me all the time. Therefore, if He is the doer, who am I to be attached to the result?

You become a universalist. You realize that God is One. God is everything. Therefore, How can I separate myself from any other part of the universe? How can I say, these people are good, these people are bad, these people are not civilized, these people are more civilized," or, "I want to be be this religion or that religion? You cannot do that.

These are the five steps. And such people become the Elects, the people who we are looking for.

So this is the Path that has been revealed to humanity now and those who have been meditating, who have been in the foundation of the start of the Mystical Paths, those who have been with Noah in the beginning, those who have founded the Jewish religion (Second Seal), those who have been with Christ, those who have been with Prophet Muhammad, those who have been with Bab, and those who now are reincarnated again on earth.

Every day we can see in the Mission more and more people are joining us. Just in the last two weeks we had two new contacts that joined us to preach the Word and bring humanity closer to this Revelation. One was from Africa, and one was from Pakistan.

Actually, I asked the person from Pakistan, Is that OK that you are in a Moslem country and you are preaching this teaching? Apparently it was OK. He said it was OK, we could go ahead and put his name in the website and all of that.

So we can see that more and more people are becoming aware of this Mission. Of course, we have to reach out in a greater degree to humanity.

Probably it is good idea to go to different radio and television shows, or anything that we can use to get this Message to humanity in a greater degree so humanity knows, Yes, there is a Revelation that unifies all humanity and religions together. And that is what each of you who are interested in the Mission can do too, become a contact person wherever you are.

Of course, we just lost two contacts because both of them came to the Mission. We used to have one in Kansas and one in Georgia but those people came and joined the Mission here in Albuquerque so we do not have them there anymore. But I am hoping that some people who were left behind can maybe eventually replace what we lost.

Anyway it is just the matter of reaching out to humanity more and more, clearly explaining this teaching that has come from God and how all the religions have come from God and bring them together. Those who come, join this Mission, realize that this world is on the brink of destruction, will not become involved in this coming destruction, and will become universalists. They will join together, create the Communities of Light, create places that they can flourish this teaching, and become one. After this tribulation and destruction, they are the people who will survive.

They are the people who will create a new earth and new heaven on earth. They will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Humanity has no choice. It is as simple as that. They have to realize that there is only One God, one humanity, and they have to come together under that One God, which is everything.

So you can see that the whole Plan is coming together now. If you are even a little sensitive and just look and listen to the news a little bit, you will see that this is the truth that this Mission is revealing to humanity.

And there is no other one, there is no other revelation, there is no other teaching, there is nothing out there that is as perfect, as complete, as foretold to come as this Revelation. That is why we are asking those who have been called for it to go to our website, come and ask questions, send us the questions they have, and eventually recognize and realize that, Yes, what we say is the truth.

Now how does this Revelation unify all the religions of the world? How can we say that all religions came from God when other people also tried to do the same thing but they are not succeeding? There are many, many religions or groups that also say, All religions of the world are the same.

The difference is that in this Revelation, God reveals how each religion has a specific message for humanity. The oldest religions of the world, of course, are Hinduism and also a lot of paths like the African teachings, or the Shamans in many different places, and the Bushmen in Australia, etc. They teach, Everything is God; God is everything. You can find It in the tree, or in the animals they kill.

Actually, they apologize to the animal they kill because they realize that it has the spirit of God in it. They tell the animal, Yes, I kill you because my family is hungry and I have to eat. I have no choice. Please forgive me. But I have to kill you. So that is what they do. They realize that kinship with the rest of the universe.

These all are the Mystical Paths. We also find that in other religions. In Judaism, it is called the Cabbala. Cabalists teach how by knowing yourself, you know God in a deeper level.

In Christianity there are saints who meditate and recognize God and realize God in themselves. In Islam they are called Sufis. And in every other religion also, they have something similar that has the same kind of connotation. These are all called the Mystical Paths.

So the first step that God revealed to humanity is how to know thyself. Even in the Bible it says, Be still and know that I am God. And Know thyself, is very famous in every culture almost, Know thyself to know God.

Even in some cultures, the self has the same name as God. It is just like atman, which is yourself, is the same as Atman, which is God.

So the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is awakening your spiritual forces. That is what is revealed in every religion and in the Mystical Paths.

When you awaken your spiritual forces, you start to know yourself. There are many ways to do that. Some people have been meditating for many, many lifetimes. So in this lifetime they easily start knowing their selves and contemplating who they are. They ask, Where am I from? Where am I going? Therefore, they start knowing themselves, and that is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

Now, you know yourself. Is that the goal of the life, to merge with God and know thyself, and that is it? That is when God revealed the second step of the Eternal Divine Path in the Old Testament. The whole theme of the Old Testament is: God is trying to find a people as His chosen people. They will follow Him, they will follow His Law, and they will bring Him to their communities and bring the Kingdom of God to themselves.

Those people are the Hebrews. Hebrews are the people chosen by God. But what does Hebrew mean? What does Israelite mean? It means the Children of Light. It is not a race. It is not a specific people. Anyone who follows the Eternal Divine Path will become an Israelite, an Elect, a Child of God. Therefore, those people who were chosen in the Old Testament have to realize that is what it really means, what the chosen person means.

And when they accept God as such, that community, those people, will become a Community of Light. That is when they bring God as their leader. Not only do they awaken their spiritual forces (they meditate), but also they create an environment that is conducive for every person in that community to be able to meditate. Each person in the community helps to create such an environment and gives of themselves into it without any expectation or attachment to the result of their actions.

Now how can we create such a community? We have to sacrifice.

You have to give up your self. You have to at least give up your ego as much as you can. If you can give up your entire ego, that is great. Then you absolutely become a Child of God and become a part of the Communities of Light.

Therefore, the next step has been revealed with the Christ. Christ brought the concept of sacrifice. He overcame his own selfish tendencies for helping other humans to become in a greater degree ego-less, or sacrificing. That is what the symbol of Christianity is.

The symbol of Christianity is to overcome the lower nature, the third chakra. That is why the symbol of Christ is the three. The number three is so prominent in Christianity: three falls, three days, three temptations, etc.

In one Feast of Tabernacles, everyone counted how many threes there were in Christianity. They found 15 or 20 of them. That many threes have been revealed. So Christ is the symbol of overcoming the first three chakras.

That is why it is so celebrated because overcoming your ego, overcoming your lower nature, is the great struggle for every person in human life, to overcome the first three chakras, the tendencies of: physiological and safety needs (the first chakra); passion (the second chakra); and power (the third chakra). If you overcome these three, then you go to the fourth chakra, which is the unconditional love and overcoming every tendency in the lower nature.

How many people are in their physiological and safety needs? They are afraid of what will happen, Where is my next meal coming from? What is going to happen when I get old? and all these fears that keep them from really being released to the higher level.

How many people are in the passion, in the second chakra? They are looking for the opposite sex. They are looking for passion. They are looking for something to make them feel alive. That is also the second chakra. How many people are there?

You can look at the world and say, Wow, look at that, most of the people in the first chakra are afraid for the physiological and safety needs. Most of the people in the second chakra are looking for passion.

And the third, how many people are in power trips? We are better than you, or, We have a bigger gun than you, or, We can beat you up as fast as we can, or, We can politically maneuver so we can checkmate you and so have dominance over you, and this and that.

How many people are left who have already overcome their lower natures? There are very few. So we can see it is no wonder that we are saying all these things to humanity and few people are listening to us. But the day of reckoning is coming. The day of the payment is coming. The day of the sundering is here and now.

That is why we are here, we are sundering, we are separating the Elects from those who will go through this terrible tribulation. Who knows how many millions of people are going to suffer or die in the destruction that is coming? But if you are in the Communities of Light, if you come together and create an environment that is Godly and God is in it, you have nothing to fear of what is coming.

So we can see that the overcoming to the third chakra, and coming to the fourth chakra is celebrated as Christ is celebrated and that he has the sharpest teaching among the Prophets. Therefore, he is a great Messiah that came to humanity to release The Grace to man.

Of course, now you sacrifice and after awhile things start happening and you say, Wow, look at me. I am doing this and the Mission depends upon me. If I withdraw myself, the Mission is going to fall apart. I want to become the first person in this Mission, I am going to be the star, and all of that.

But, if you look at it yourself and realize, It does not matter. It does not make any difference at all if I am being pampered or not. The most important thing is that I am a part of Gods Revelation, I am a part of the work, and I will do whatever needs to be done the best I can in it and then I am not attached to the result of my action. I surrender the result to God and say, I did it God. I hope I get some result but I am not attached. It is Your result, and I did it for You. Next! Bring the next project. I am going to do that, and on and on.

So after awhile you have 144,000 people who are efficient, effective, ego-less, and absolutely submissive to God. Can we change the world? You bet we can.

If we can create 144,000 people who are absolutely letting God come through, they will be doing perfect jobs every time. And they will create an environment and a system that all of humanity will look at and say, Look at this efficient organization, these efficient people, they are absolutely free from every problem on earth.

They are not afraid for their physiological and safety needs because they live in the Communities of Light. They help each other. They become one body that they are not afraid for their physiological and safety needs to be taken care of because each of them realize that they have to bring into the community as much as they can and take as little as they can. Therefore, that community will become more and more prosperous, more and more powerful, and stronger and stronger, and they will have enough resources to reach in a greater degree.

Therefore, their dedication and focus has to be on God, His Revelation, and the Eternal Divine Path, 100%. But at the same time look not for the result, not for the praise, not for anything external, but the praise and perfection within you.

That is why I tell my son all the time, Do not compete with anyone. Just compete with yourself. You do not have to compete with anyone at all but to see that what you do is perfect and you are doing great inside yourself. There is no competition. You compete only with yourself and no one else and nothing else.

So we can see that is when Islam comes. Islam comes from the word, Tasleim. The word Tasleim means to be surrendered and submitted to God.

Surrendering means to surrender the result. Submitting means to let God come through you all the time. Of course, that is very difficult to remember that God is coming through all the time. That is why any time you forget you say, I forgot to let God come through. I surrender the result to God. Sorry, I will try harder next time.

Little by little, more and more, you will let God come through. One day you will realize, Look at that, I really do not exist. It is really God who exists, and I do not exist at all.

When that realization comes to you then you say, Oh, this is God. That is what they were talking about all this time about God is everything, He comes through, He really exists, and I do not exist.

It is like that Saint who said, I die in Christ every day. Christ is more in me and I am less.

Therefore, when you recognize that, then you see that really God is there and you are One. That is why the Fourth Seal, the surrendering and submission, is the highest spiritual realization.

If you be(come) to the point that you see that God is truly doing it through you, do you exist anymore? No. You and God are One. Isnt the goal of life, to be(come) One with God? If you recognize that He is always with you, you have accomplished the goal of life, the goal of the spiritual progress.

You do not crave for power. You do not crave for recognizing little energies and things but to recognize that, God and me are one, and really I am god. Of course, God with the big G, is the Creator. I did not create this universe, I am a part of it. I am in His image. He is in me.

That is the message of Islam. The message of Islam is not to take a sword and cut peoples heads off if they do not believe what we believe in the orthodox way.

The message of Christianity is not that only Christ had the truth, but Prophet Muhammad and Bab, and or anyone else, did not have the truth. But the message is sacrifice.

The message of the Old Testament is not only that the Jews are the chosen people, but anyone who follows the Eternal Divine Path, becomes Divine and becomes a son of God, becomes a chosen person.

The goal of awakening your spiritual forces of Hinduism is not to just like a drop of water fall into the ocean, become one with the ocean and that is the goal of the life and you forget about the suffering of everyone else. No, you have to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, and surrender and submit to God.

So, I did all that, now I am one with God. I recognize that God comes through but still I feel, Well, my community is better than that community. My religion is better than that religion. This part of the world is better than that part.

Still you have not recognized God completely. That is why it goes on and off. You believe that God is doing through you, but then you forget and you say, Oh, God, I forgot. OK, I surrender the result. You see, you are going in and out of recognizing that God and you are one.

It is when you really recognize that you and God are One that you realize that God is everything. Then you see everyone as a part of God. You do not look at people as, This person is white. This person is black. This person is yellow. This person is red. This person is from this language. That person is from that language. This is man. This is woman. This is

The human has created all these categories so that they can categorize you in their brains somewhere and say, I categorize this person here, therefore, I should expect this way. You look at them as a part of God and say, Oh, he is a part of God, or she is a part of God. How Godly he or she is. And that is how you relate to them.

The more Godly they are, the more you love them because you have a kinship with them. You are one, with the same thing, therefore, you recognize and realize that you are one.

So we can see that the next step is to become a universalist, to realize that God is everything, and there is no separation between me and anything in the universe. Then you shatter all the narrowness of the mind of, I am from here, I am this gender, I am this and that, that categorizes you to all these little categories and eventually you become separate from everyone else.

You shatter that and you say, No. I look at everyone as a part of God. When you do that, you are absolutely free of any narrowness of the mind, you can deal with anyone in the world, you can teach them the Eternal Divine Path, and you can make them progress in a greater degree.

So you can see that the first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces. What religions did it cover? It covers Hinduism, Buddhism, all the Mystical Paths and the teachings that say, Know thyself, or See everything is God, or is a part of God, which includes the Africans, the South Americans, the Shamans, the Bushmen in Australia, and anyone the old religions cover.

The second step is to create the Communities of Light, to create an environment that is Godly, where everyone has enough to eat, sleep, and their physiological and safety needs have been taken care of. Therefore, they can concentrate on Godly things, meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. That is the message of the Old Testament.

In the Old Testament God is trying to find a people as the chosen people. And they will accept God as their God and will follow His Laws.

The third step is sacrifice. In order to create such an environment, sacrifice is necessary. That was the message of Christianity, or Christ, that he came and went all the way to the cross. And he showed us that for that ideal we should be ready or willing to give everything necessary to create such a community and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, nothing should be kept away from that goal of the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Therefore, Christianity is the Third Seal in our Revelation.

Now the next seal is surrendering and submission to God. I do all these things. I awaken my spiritual forces, I create the Community of Light, I will sacrifice for it but I am not attached to the result of my action, and better than that, I will let God come through all the time. That is the message of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submission to God.

With this, we absolutely overcome any ungodly part in ourselves, we become one with God, and we eventually realize that God exists and we do not.

Then the next step is, to become a universalist, with the eventual realization that God is there and you are not is, God is everything. If God is everything, how can I separate any part of the universe from any other part? And that is the message of the Bahais and Babis teaching. That is what Bab and Bahaullah brought to humanity, that basically all religions are the same.

But we know, not really. That is not true. They are not basically the same. Each of them has a specific message for humanity. But their view and their realization was that God has sent all these revelations, therefore, we should not separate between them.

So with this Revelation, all these religions have been unified, and a Path has been revealed to humanity. If you follow these five steps, you become an Elect.

You become an Elect that God has been talking about in every religion, My Elects will inherit the earth. The meek will inherit the earth. They are My Elects. They are My people. They are the ones who will follow My Laws. And that is what we are looking for in this Mission.

That is what all this effort is for, in these rooms, in the Mission, in our literature, in our website, in our outreach, in everything we do, that is the goal: to get this Message to the Elects, to the people who have been meditating and waiting for this realization all their lives and were saying, How can there be one God and so many religions? How can we separate this part from the other part? How come there are so many religions, they are contradictory, and all of them say they serve the same God?

Now we can understand very clearly that, Oh yes, there is only one God that was sending all these religions, and each of them had a message. Now we put them together and that makes sense. These are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path, they awaken their spiritual forces, they meditate, they know themselves, they work for the Communities of Light very, very hard, but with Joy.

If you are working for the Communities of Light and you do not have any Joy for it, then you are not really an Elect and you are not really enjoying creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. But you say, I work because I am creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and with complete Joy and Oneness with it.

As we said, you sacrifice. Then you surrender and submit. Then you become a universalist. Then you become a Child of God. You become an Israelite. You become a child of light. And that is the Sixth Seal brought by a gentlemen from India by the name of P. R. Sarkar, or Baba, or Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti.

He brought the concept of Sadvipra, which we eventually changed to Paravipra. Those are the people who will understand our teaching. Also they have the four classes of humanity in them and all of that, that you can read about in our teachings.

But if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will become an Elect. If you want to become a Paravipra, you have to have other qualities.

All this teaching has been prophesied to come as the Seven Seals, as the Seven Revelations, as the book sealed with the Seven Seals. This Mission is the Mission that has opened the book sealed with the Seven Seals. The person who brought it also has fulfilled all the prophecies for his coming and bringing this Revelation.

Therefore, there is no doubt that this Mission, that this Revelation is from God and has come to humanity to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The only thing really left for us is to gather the Elects. Everything else is happening around us very fast and is very clearly indicating that we are going toward that final marathon of Gods Plan.

So you have come to the room that is calling you to become an Elect, or you are an Elect and therefore come, understand the teaching, join us, and reach out wherever you are. And if you can come to the community in Albuquerque, in New Mexico, that is great. Just drop everything and come. Do not hang onto whatever you have and say, No, no, I have to keep and bring all these things with me. You cannot.

If they are not Elects, you cannot force them to go to heaven. Even I cannot take my family to heaven if they do not want to come. I cannot even take my son to heaven if he does not want to, or my wife, or whatever.

The only thing is you have been prepared for it. You have been meditating for it and now you are ready to go there. And this is the Revelation. Now you know.

Now you know that that is how God sent His Revelations, one by one to humanity, and now they are unified together as one Revelation which shows the Path to go to God and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And it is perfect.

No matter what problem you throw at this Path, it will tell you how It will resolve it. We have done it here many times. We have discussed many problems and the conclusion always is, if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, if you create the Communities of Light, you will solve it; you will resolve it.

That is the Revelation that I explain to everyone every month. We will reach to humanity in a greater degree. We are ready now to reach in any way possible because the energy has accelerated. We can see that our work also is going to be faster and many things are going to happen in a much faster degree than before. Those who are not ready for it will stay behind, and they will miss the train.

So if you really are a part of God, a Child of God, this is the time to recognize that you have to really clean yourself and your being and get on with Gods work and be in the train when it reaches the goal.

Go ahead, Mr. Disc.

Mr.Disc: Thanks. My question is very simple, are people still being reincarnated?

Maitreya: Yes, reincarnation is a part of Gods way to justify His actions. If you do not believe in reincarnation, then it is very hard to justify what God does and how God is just.

If God gives humanity many chances to prove themselves, Yes they are Godly and they want to follow God, and eventually they become Elects, then they have the right to go to God. But if many chances are given to a person and every time he or she does not progress, will not follow, will not become Godly, will not go where they are supposed to go, God has all the right to say, Sorry, I am going to send another person. You are not really following My Ways. Therefore, God is Just.

We know that God is Just. Justness to God is one of the high priorities.

People are reincarnated again and again, and that is actually the base of the Elects. That is why we look at the people as Elects, as old Souls who have been incarnated in many, many lifetimes, and now they are ready for it.

Yes, they are still being reincarnated.

Go ahead, Mr.Disc.

Mr. Disc: So what you are saying, is it a purifying process, if they should fail in one lifetime?

Like, for example, correct me if I am wrong. I do not know if people know the way God works or not, but if a person is especially cruel to a blind person in one life, would it be justified to say that in the next life, in order for God to teach them their lesson, that they may in fact be blind themselves?

Maitreya: Yes, well, the person who is blind in this lifetime, maybe he misused his eyes in a previous lifetime and did a lot of eye sin. In this lifetime God closed his eyes completely so he learns how not to use or misuse the eyes. So God is justified to do that. And that is right, that is the process of purification. And also it is the process of sundering.

If many lifetimes are given to you but you are not progressing, God is justified to say, You are not progressing. You are not going where I am trying to take you. Therefore, I will not reincarnate you anymore, or, You will be reincarnated in places that you will learn your lesson.

But it is very hard sometimes to know if a person is in a situation because of karma or because of the unjust societies or unequal distribution of the resources on earth, and all of that. Therefore, that is why we believe that first of all you have to create the just society, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then if something bad happened to a person, that is karma.

So karma is not a black and white thing. It has many reasons for it and sometimes, bad things happen to people not because of karma, but because there is an unjust society that exists. It is not the justness of God but the unjustness of man.

So we have to recognize that and not to mix these two together.

Mr. Disc: Thanks. It is because I was having a hard time, especially when I read the Old Testament when the Israelites were freed from Egypt. And God would have them warring with people who did not necessarily meet up with the standards. A lot of people were killed. We would see many instances that God would destroy a lot of His own Israelites.

And this whole idea of reincarnation came to my mind as what I hope that is the case.

My other question, if you can help me with it or not because I am a real big fan of Jesus. From what I understood from my many readings is that he left Israel when he was thirteen to go perfect himself. He went out East to places like India and Asia, and so on. He studied Buddhism as well as Hinduism. Do you have any information on that or can you agree on that, that he returned back to Israel at 29?

Maitreya: Yes, if you look at the Bible, there is no record between when he was twelve years old and thirty. The last record they have from him is when he was twelve years old and he was arguing with the judges and the priests in front of the temple. Suddenly he vanished from the Bible. There is no record of him. Then he was baptized by John the Baptist when he was thirty years old.

What happened between twelve and thirty? The Bible is absolutely silent in that regard. But we know very well that he went to Egypt. He studied in a mystery school in Egypt. He left and went to Persia. He studied with the Magis and learned from them.

Then he went to India and learned from the Brahmins and eventually from the Lamas in the Himalayas and Tibet. There is a monastery in India where they have a manuscript, an explanation that the Christ was with them around 2,000 years ago, and they have the record of his death and crucifixion in that place.

Of course, Indians and Hindus and Lamas are very secretive societies, and they do not usually let this information out easily. But many things have been found that Christ had been there.

So between twelve to twenty-nine or thirty he went and learned. That is why when he came to the Rabbis he did not teach Judaism. He said, The Father and I are One. It is absolutely Hinduism that says, Atman and atman are One.

That is why the Jews were petrified. How can you and God be One? Yweh is up there somewhere.

It is just like the Moslems, when the Sufis jumped for joy and said, Annallah, or God and I are one, absolutely they became petrified and said, How can you and God be one?

They could not understand what Esa was talking about. But what Esa was talking about really was the teaching of Hinduism, Atman and atman are one. It is very simple for them.

If he had said that in front of Hindus, The Father and I are One, they would have said, OK, so are we. That would have been the end of the story. But for Jews it was not the same thing.

So you can see that is true, he did study with the mystery school and the Magis and all those people. He was very learned in the Mystical Paths. And of course, he also received the Revelation from God.

Every Prophet (if you study for the period of time in the beginning of their lives) is guided to study all these religions. It is just like Christ did that. Prophet Muhammad was traveling. He was a caravan master, so he would move the caravan to different places and would learn from all these religions, from Christianity, etc.

Bab traveled a lot and learned a lot. He went to Iraq and all that.

I came to the United States. That was the period when all those people from India came here and taught many how to meditate, transcendental meditation, and Guru Maharashi, etc. Absolutely I got caught up in that flow and eventually joined an organization and started meditating and knowing.

So every Prophet has gone through this realization and the study of all the Scriptures and religions and then, of course, God also gave them a Revelation, which was greater than what they knew before.

Go ahead, Mr.Disc.

Mr. Disc: Thank you. I agree with you and the nature of organization because I have been doing a lot of reading on my own.

My final question is this, in the Gospel of John it says that Jesus was crucified for only three hours and he was taken down by Joseph of Arimathea. And he was embalmed with one hundred pounds worth of aloes.

I believe, and I think quite a few other people believe, that he did survive the crucifixion. There is information now saying that he is buried in Kashmere. Do you think this is possible?

And this by no means has any way of diminishing, what should I say, his message to us. Like as I said, to me he is still Messiah and he is awesome.

Maitreya: [laughter] All right. Actually, there are many groups that believe that he really was not crucified and he did not die on the cross. Islam is one of them. Prophet Muhammad said that, It APPEARED to them that he died.

The Rosicrucians are another group that do not believe that he died. They believe he was alive when he was taken off the cross, and that he actually guided his disciples for many years. They believe that he died when he was older than eighty years old. So there are many groups who believe that.

And that could be the reason that they added the part in the Bible that the soldier hit him with the sword and there was water and blood that came out of him. So it was concluded that he was dead. Therefore, they took him down from the cross.

That was added to the Bible (because there were a lot of people who believed that he did not die) to make everyone believe that he really died. That is why his crucifixion and resurrection are not as important as his message.

So that is why Christians want to let you know, if you believe he was crucified and resurrected, that he died for you, therefore, you are saved and you do not have to do anything. And that is not Gods Way.

You have to do something. You have to meditate. You have to awaken your spiritual forces. You have to create the Communities of Light. You have to sacrifice. You have to surrender and submit to God, and you have to become a universalist.

But he released The Grace. That is true. Christ released The Grace. One of the most important parts of his mission was, The Grace that was taken away from humanity at the time of Adam and Eve, was released by Christ.

But that does not mean that you have to believe that he was crucified and resurrected. But you have to believe that he was the Son of God and he was the Messiah. He brought the message of sacrifice, and therefore, you believe he is from God and a Prophet of God, or a Messiah. Therefore, you will receive The Grace of God because of that belief.

So the crucifixion and resurrection is a very controversial topic but the truth of it is, who cares? The more important thing is, What did he say? What was his message? What was he trying to convey to humanity? Why did God send him to humanity?

His message was sacrifice. In order to create the Communities of Light, you have to sacrifice. You have to change your ways. You have to see, Gods Way, not my way.

So that is the answer to that.

Go ahead, Keawe.

Keawe: Is it still possible for us to achieve peace and evolve from our current material world with our current spiritual practices?

Maitreya: The question is, can we reach peace and become less materialistic, or Godly in this world with the practices that exist today?

Well, if they were working, why would we need a new Revelation? If they were working we should have peace, unity, and the kingdom on earth. Apparently they are not working. Something is wrong with them. They are not perfect, they are not the whole truth, and they are not the whole Revelation. They do not give you the whole picture.

This Revelation does. There is no other Revelation or teaching on earth that is as perfect, as complete, as explained, and releases you from your lower nature as the Eternal Divine Path and our teaching.

So they might help you a little bit but the greatest teaching, the greatest thing that will help you is the Eternal Divine Path, this Revelation. That is why everyone who wants to progress in a greater degree has to realize and recognize this teaching and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Every religion has some truth. All of them are great Revelations from God but they are a part of a greater truth. The whole is greater than the parts.

The Mission is not just a part of this Revelation, a part of this Revelation, a part of this Revelation; therefore, it has a lot of parts put together. No, it is just like a body. If you do not have a head, you cannot live. If you do not have legs, you cannot walk. You have to have legs, head, hands, stomach, and heart, all of them together. Then also with life being put into you then you start living, walking, talking, understanding, recognizing, thinking, and all of that.

So all other religions are different parts of Gods Revelations and Plan, and none of them can really exist separate from this last Revelation that puts them together. And, of course, the Grace of God is the life in this Body. Therefore, by following the Eternal Divine Path you will receive The Grace. It will be easy for you to overcome the external world, the material world, and you will progress toward being Godly.

So to answer your question, I do not think it is going to help if you stay with the old. You can stay with the old for a while if you want to, if you are attached to your religion. But at the same time understand this Revelation and little by little accept other parts of this Revelation and eventually become whole. And only the whole is Holy.

Go ahead, Mr.Disc

Mr.Disc: Is it possible that the Bible has been somewhat modified from its original state? You do not have to give me examples or anything like that but there is some stuff that I find very difficult to comprehend or believe.

Maitreya: Your question about is it possible that the Bible was changed, not only it is possible, but that is the truth. The human tried to change it, to modify it, to delete places that did not relate to their ego.

A very loud example is reincarnation. They tried everything possible to take the concept of reincarnation out of the Bible because it is easier to dominate people, or to bring them to their fold, or organization, or religious group, if the people do not believe in reincarnation. This is it. You have this lifetime. We know the answer. If you do not listen, you go to hell. And that is it.

That is pretty scary, I had better listen to these people. They know what they are talking about. If I do not listen, I am bound to hell.

So it has been worked on very hard to take reincarnation out but you can see even in that they did not succeed. The Bible clearly says, John the Baptist is Elijah. And John the Baptist was born from a woman, Elizabeth. Well, how then can you explain that any other way than that he was the reincarnation of Elijah?

The humans think they are very smart but God is smarter than humans.

So He left that right there and anyone, any Christian or Jew who says, No, there is no reincarnation, or at least Christians, you can say, Look, here it is right in your Bible. It says that John the Baptist was Elijah. How can you explain this?

Of course, I have seen them trying to explain this saying, It is the spirit of Elijah. But there is no way that Elijah comes as John the Baptist through Elizabeth unless he was the reincarnation of Elijah. That is the only way that you can explain it.

So you are right, the Bible has been changed. Actually that is the very theme of the Koran, that is one of the things that Prophet Muhammad emphasizes over and over, that they have changed the Scriptures. The Scriptures have been changed and modified, and therefore, he brought the truth of what has already been changed back to humanity. And therefore, he believed that what the Koran says is superior to what is in the Bible, because the Koran corrects what has been changed.

Also if you look at our teachings, I did not write commentaries on every part of the Bible. The commentaries are only written for those parts that have not been modified and changed. But still there is a lot of truth left.

As I said, God will not let the truth go away. Of course, the truth also is stored in the Akashic Records. When the Prophet comes, God reveals those truths back to humanity through that Akashic Record and that Prophet.

Prophet Muhammad brought many stories that differ from what they had. We can see that God is smarter than man, and man eventually has to realize that they cannot beat Him in His games. Therefore, they had better surrender and submit to what God says.

Reincarnation is very, very true. And many things in the Bible have been changed.

Go ahead, Mr.Disc.

Mr.Disc: Thank you very much. As I said, I have been reading a lot and I am coming in line to what you believe, independently. I was very surprised to find your website just a couple of days ago. But I believe what you say is the truth.

I brought up that quote from Matthew where Jesus says, If you are willing to accept that John the Baptist is Elijah sent back again. The only explanation they could counter was the one from Luke, where it was Lukes interpretation that John wasnt reincarnated.

But anyway they use Lukes word and not Christs word. So thank you anyway for clearing that up.

I have one more question. In the Old Testament, God is the causeless cause. He causes everyone to be rich. He also causes everyone to be poor. All the decisions are upon God, whereas in the New Testament Jesus is warning people of the devil. But is the devil an actual personified angel, or is the devil within us?

Maitreya: The devil is our lower nature. It is our tendency in the lower natures that make us to fall for what the world offers us. The devil is Maya. The devil is the attraction to the external world. The devil is the illusion of separation from God.

If you are separated from God, you are in the illusion that you are not one with God, therefore, this world is the only truth and the only reality. So, you fall for physiological and safety needs. You fall for the passion part of the second chakra. You strive for the earthly powers, and therefore that is what the devil does.

The devil tempts, doesnt he? The devil is the tempter. If your lower chakras are clean, if you have overcome your lower chakras, do you get tempted? Can the devil tempt you for something that you have no tendency left in you?

You can see, you have to have the tendency for the devil to be able to tempt you. If there are no tendencies in you, you have overcome them; therefore, the devil has no power over you.

It is not a person. It is a quality of the human being. When you fall for temptation, you fall on earth, you fall to your lower nature, and you fall to hell.

That is where hell is. Hell is the illusion of separation from God. When you are not one with God, you are in hell. Hell is not a place. It is not a place like up there that after you die you go to it. You are either in hell here and now, or you are in heaven here and now. And the only way is, if you are in the lower nature, you fall for earthly things, you fall for Maya that takes you away from God and therefore, you fall into hell.

If you are Godly, you purify your lower nature, you have no desire or tendency left in your lower nature, you do not fall for this world and therefore, the tempter cannot tempt you. Then the devil does not exist for you.

They say there are three angels, Lucifer as the devil, Michael, and Gabriel. Those three angels actually are three forces in the universe and those three forces are very clearly explained in our teaching.

Gabriel is satva, is freeing, is loosening up our lower nature, or our tendency. Michael is raja, is action. And Lucifer is tama, or the crudifying force that makes us become less and less Godly and more and more self-centered.

Therefore, because Lucifer is used to create the creation and also it purifies our being and we fall for the temptation of the world, therefore, you can see the very Lucifer, which is the shining light, becomes the devil, which takes you to the world and takes you to hell. But if you realize how this tama guna works, it becomes a shining star. You do not fall for this world. You realize that this world is not the ultimate. It is a temporary thing. It is not the absolute thing.

The only absolute is God. Everything else is temporary. Therefore, you do not fall for it, and the devil has no power over you. So if you recognize and realize that, you can even see the explanation of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai teachings about the devil, makes sense now very clearly in our teachings.

Go ahead, Keawe.

Keawe: Can truth be found in indigenous peoples, myths, and legends?

Maitreya: Legends and all the things that have come to us from ancient people and in every culture have some truth in them. They have been created to convey a message to humanity. It depends on what the story is and what they are explaining.

But indigenous people mostly have the teaching of the First Seal, awakening of your spiritual forces, knowing thyself, seeing that God is everything and every part of the universe. They have great realizations, great teachings, and great wisdom. But they also have to be open to the other revelations from God, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran, and the Bahai teachings. Then their teachings will become much more enriched and in a greater degree they can follow the Eternal Divine Path. They will have a great grip of the truth that God has revealed to humanity and has foretold that He would be sending to man.

So although they have great teachings and realizations, they will be enhanced by understanding our teachings.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Sal-OM, Maitreya. Two questions. The first question is concerned about the lower nature. Esa, when he went in the desert, that was a fight he was having with his lower nature? Is that correct?

Maitreya: Exactly. What was the first thing that the devil offered him? It was bread. He said, If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread. It should become bread. What is the first chakra? It is physiological and safety needs. It relates to bread, to your sustenance in life. That is where most of the people are stuck. They are afraid for their physiological and safety needs.

If you are thinking about, Where will my next meal come from? and I am afraid of what is going to happen to me when I am old, you are not thinking about the Communities of Light, sacrificing, surrendering and submission, becoming Godly, and creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. You are thinking, What is in it for me? I want to be comfortable. I want to have enough. I, I, I. Therefore you fall into that trap. So, the first thing that the devil offers you is, Make this stone bread.

Christ realized right away, because he had been meditating for many lifetimes, You do not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. He was in his higher nature. He said, My bread is going to come. And later on he said what? He who does the Will of God deserves to receive his physiological and safety needs easily. They will come to you. You do not have to work very hard for them.

The second temptation is tempting God. The devil put him in a very high place in the temple and said, OK, God says if you make yourself fall to the ground, the angels are going to help you and you are not going to crash to the ground. Christ answered, You should not tempt God.

That is the temptation that comes from the second chakra. You say, Really, if I do this thing, is really God going to see me? I am going to do whatever I want, God is not there. You are tempting God to see, really is He going to do that? That is the second chakra.

The third chakra is, Worship me, and you can have the whole world. That is what? That is a political, earthly power. And where did that come from? That is the third chakra.

So you can see absolutely it is the lower nature. One by one the devil is tempting you according to the tendency of each chakra. And if you have those tendencies you will fall for the offer of the devil, which is really your lower nature. It is not a being sitting out there and tempting you.

If you overcome the temptation of the fear for your physiological and safety needs, if you stop tempting God and asking Him if he really exists and realize that He really does, and if you are not attracted to the earthly powers, then you have overcome your lower nature.

So the answer to your question is, Yes, the lower nature is the tendencies of the lower nature. Christ was tempted with his lower nature.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: I had a vision where I saw you in a vision. I came to you to be initiated, and you put your hand on my head. You were repeating something that I did not understand because I was so eager and elated. So what exactly does that mean?

Maitreya: Well, it means that you should get initiated. It means that you should get involved with the Mission more. It means that you should start reading in the room and help out with the Mission.

God is calling you, and if you do that then I might initiate you and I will tell you the words that you cannot know until I reveal them to you and you are initiated.

So get on with the work. Get on with the Mission. Start doing things, helping out, and coming to the room. The whole idea is it sounds like you have been called, and you are resisting the call.

You have been in our room many times. You have been here for a year or so, and you are not becoming involved. It sounds like God is giving you a message, Hey, get on with it. That is enough beating around the bush. It is time to get involved and get to the Mission and do it.

Go ahead, Keawe.

Keawe: How can we unite churches (meaning all religions) or world religions if they do not talk to each other?

Maitreya: Well, that is why the tribulation is coming. As I said, if everyone talks to each other, if everyone understands this Revelation that came to them, we are going to have peace tomorrow. We are going to have the Kingdom tomorrow.

The reason that this tribulation and all this destruction will come to them is because they are not listening to each other. They are not seeing God in every being and humanity. They are separating themselves by race, by nationality, by gender, and by everything they can think of that, We are different than you. We are better than you. You are no good.

This is the ego trip. This is the ego thing that most of the religions and revelations and the people who present God are in their ego trips more than in God trips. That is why they create these separations between humans, and that is why the destruction comes. And that is why we are going to go through this destruction, unfortunately, because they are not listening to each other.

After going through destruction, after gathering the Elects, after creating the facilitating body, after bringing an organization that is based on Gods Spirit, eventually the humans will reach a point that they will say, Yes, we need a new heaven and earth. We need a new way of thinking. We need the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is when we will be ready.

We are getting ready for an ultimate manifestation of Gods Plan on earth. We do not have anything like this on earth at all. No one has this. And eventually those who are not listening to each other, or they are resisting Gods Plan, will see clearly that the way they are going is the way of destruction, not of themselves but of the whole earth.

Actually, there is a great shift of power coming to humanity. We will see pretty soon that Europe will emerge as the super power on earth. Then is the time that great destruction will come.

They might bring peace for a while, but it is not going to last for a long time. And the alignment between many, many nations is already in progress. We will see that a great thing is going to start happening pretty soon.

So do you want to escape the destruction? Do you want to escape the coming of the tribulation? Join the Mission, create the Communities of Light, reach out, come and join us, come and create more and more, spread this message, and give it to every person you know.

If you are an indigenous person, talk with your elders and your community. Tell them to come and join us. Anyone can tell their friends, their family, or anyone they know. Start a room in Pal Talk. Preach more whatever you know about the Mission and tell them. Just reach out and let us get every human to hear this Message at least once. After that, we are done with them.

When you give this Message to anyone, you are done. It is between them and God. If they saw the Vision then they will come, join, and do it.

Yes, you are correct, they will not become one at this time. But God has a Plan and He is working toward that Plan. And that Plan is revealed in the Mission of Maitreya.

Go ahead, Mr. Disc.

Mr. Disc: Have you ever had an opportunity to read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ? And if you did, can you please tell me what you think of it?

Maitreya: Yes I have read that book. It has many truths in it, especially the part about Christs travels and learning about the teachings of Egypt, Persia, India, and Tibet. It has a lot of truth in it.

It is based on the coming of the Aquarian age. It is not completely based on the Scripture, on the Word of God, but the people who wrote it have brought a very good point of realization to humanity.

That is not the only source where you will receive this information, but that is a very good source to just look at what happened to Christ between the ages of 12 and 30. That book explains it very well.

But, of course, it is more than that. So it is a good book for expanding your thinking. We actually have that book in our library here in the Mission that people can read. Usually the books that we have in the library are the ones that help you to understand the Mission in a greater degree.

So it has a lot of truth in it. But take everything with a grain of salt. When you are in the Mission of Maitreya, you can read everything you want, we encourage everyone to read. But always look to see where they fall in the Eternal Divine Path, where they fall in Gods Revelation.

The reason this has come to humanity is to show humanity that a lot of things are not covered about Christs life. Christs life is more than what was presented to humanity.

Yes, it is a good book. It is recommended to read it. But it is not the ultimate truth.

Go ahead Mr. Disc.

Mr.Disc: I have got to ask this question. It has been bugging me for a long time. It is about the shroud of Turin. Even though it has not been conclusively proven that it was Jesus shroud, I believe it is. What do you think about that?

Maitreya: Again it is the same answer as the crucifixion and resurrection. Who cares? Why is it so important if it was his shroud or not? The most important thing is, what did Christ say, what was his teaching, what was he trying to convey to humanity?

That is why humans have to realize and recognize that these are all an ego trip. This was his shroud. We have it. We have the first cloth, therefore, we are great. He was here. He died. He put an imprint on the shroud and therefore it is great.

We are just going to worship the shroud and do whatever we want. We are not going to follow Gods Ways or Ten Commandments, or bring His Kingdom and Godly things to earth, but we have the shroud.

So we can see that all these things are not important. These things, none of these are important but the Words of God. You are saved by the Words of God. You are not saved by the shroud of Christ, are you? Is there anything in the Bible or the Words of God that say, If you have the shroud you are saved?

No, you are saved by the Words of God. Therefore, see what His Words were. What did Christ teach? What was his message for humanity? So all this fighting over, Oh, I found the shroud, really doesnt matter.

There was a burial box that they found in Israel, and they said, Here, this belonged to the brother of Christ. They made a big deal out of it and all of that.

Who cares? Why is it so important, Was it or was it not? Does it help me to understand Christ better? Does it help me to understand his Words, his mission, and Gods revelation? No, it does not. It does not make any difference.

Therefore, we have to recognize and realize the deeper truth and not become bogged down by these little things that are absolutely related to our egos, and therefore, they keep us from seeing the truth in a deeper level.

So just forget about all those little things and get on with the meaning of the Words of Gods Revelation. And that is in THOTH. This is revealed what it is meant by sending Christ. And that is more important than thousands of shrouds, or billions of burial boxes.

That is more important than the resurrection and crucifixion. What was the word of Christ? What was the word of Prophet Muhammad? What was the word of Moses? What is the Old Testament? What is the New Testament? What is God trying to do?

When the destruction comes, when this world has reached a point that it has to be dissolved, the shroud will be dissolved with it. That box will dissolve with it. All the statues are all going to be dissolved with it.

So the most important is the Words of God, His Revelation, and following His Will.

Go ahead, Mr. Disc.

Mr. Disc: I want to thank you very much for your time. It was excellent. I am going to be sure to come back here visiting you on many occasions. I just have to leave right now. But thank you very much.

Maitreya: Sure. And better than that is to get involved with the Mission. Come and join and help. I hope you will do that. And you are welcome to come back any time you want.

Go ahead, Keawe.

Keawe: Can you comment on what we are seeing in the heavens, the comet heading for the sun, planetary events, alignments, and things of that nature?

Maitreya: Sure. Those things all have effects on human psychology, social alignments, and political systems. Everything that happens to the universe happens for a reason. But we know for sure that even if none of them would have happened, according to Gods Revelation and the Scriptures, we are at the end time. We are at the time of the reckoning and tribulation and destruction.

These all sound so bad. We say, We do not want the tribulation. We do not want destruction. But there is a great hope given to us at the same time. The Kingdom of God is coming. Be prepared yourself that we will have great news.

After this destruction, there is the great Kingdom Of God On Earth based on the Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light.

So we have to rejoice actually that this is coming and happening because, first of all, we know we are safe because we are following the Eternal Divine Path and we are in the Communities of Light. We have the last Revelation. We have been called for it.

We came here, we saw It, we accepted It, we know It, therefore, we are safe from all this tribulation and destruction. We are not a part of it. But after the destruction, we will be the people who will have the Kingdom on earth and great Joy and Beauty for 1,000 years will rule the earth. Therefore, we can see that that is more important, the Revelation and the foretelling of all these things by God.

Who controls the planets? God does. Who made them to align? God did. So God is giving you a sign also that, Yes, the planets are aligning. Also we can see the comets and all these things are happening to probably strengthen the people who need those kinds of signs.

But if you know the Revelation, if you know the teaching, if you really see that the book sealed with the Seven Seals is open, and we are in the last leg of Gods Plan, all those things are just a small portion of part of what is happening.

So what is happening, yes, there are signs all over. But we do not follow those signs. We follow the Words of God. And the Words of God say, Yes, we have the last Revelation. We have the book opened with the Seven Seals.

We are having the Kingdom coming. The Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming. The time of God is coming to earth very, very fast, and it is accelerated every day and it will be accelerated in a greater degree as we approach the final stage of His Plan.

So yes, there is a sign in what is happening in space, but greater than that are the Words of God. The Words of God are the most important part of our understanding of Him and His Way.

When you first come to the Mission, you have your own ideas, your own understandings. And when you ask a question, you receive the truth. It might not exactly be what you were looking for but if you stay with the Mission, with the Truth, eventually the truth of these words will be revealed to you in a greater degree.

So we have our own human ideas, and we want Gods Revelation to be the same as what we think it should be. But Gods Revelation is the truth of His Spirit, and when it comes through the Revealer, the Revealer has no choice but to say the Truth. If it hits the Soul and is accepted, great. But if it is not exactly what you expected the answer to be, do not run away. Stay around and the Truth will be revealed to you eventually.

We have come to the end of our Satsang today. I will be here again next month, the first Saturday of next month, and we will again continue preaching His Words, this Truth, and this Revelation.

Those who have come to the Mission, see the Vision, see the Truth, have been called for it. If you have seen the Vision, if you like what the Mission sees and teaches and you have realized that this is it, it is from God, this is the last Revelation from God, and the tribulation and the Kingdom will come, therefore, you will realize that you have to become a part of it and help God and His Plan.

That is what God said, You know them by their fruit. If you just love the Mission but you do not give any fruit, God says, I do not know you. Sorry, yes, you saw the Vision. You love the Vision but you are not giving any fruit.

You know them by their fruit. Fruit means action, manifestation. It doesnt say that you know them by their words, by their claims, by their understanding, by their vision, by their dreams, or whatever, none of them. Does God say, Oh, you had this vision or this dream, I know you? He does not say that. He says, I know you by your fruit.

So if you give fruit, God knows you. If you do not give fruit, God does not know you.

So the Words of God are very clear, very powerful, very right to the point, and the human tries to go all over the place looking for so many different wrong things, but the Words of God. If you want to have a strong grip on the reality of Gods Way, listen to His Words. That is the most important thing.

I leave you all with that last word and I wish you have a very God month, which means good month, because if you have a God month, it is a good month. If it is God, it is good.

I will see you all March 1st, next month. I will see you all then, hopefully. Go preach this to everyone. Reveal it to all humans and tell them the good news that Gods last Revelation has come. Gods last Prophet is here. Bring them together, lets create thousands of Communities of Light all over the earth and bring the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth.

The more we create the Communities of Light, the less tribulation will be on earth.

Sal-OM everyone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).