03/01/03 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang Room. On the first Saturday of every month, we come together to hear the latest Revelation from God. We will take questions about this Revelation that unifies all religions of the world.

It has been prophesied to come, and we can see that all the signs also are pointing to: We need this Revelation at this time. We can see the rumors of war all over the world. Probably someone will tell us that the rumors of war have always been there. There were always wars going on, on earth. But this is different.

This is absolutely different than any other rumors of wars to this point because this is after the Revelation of the Seven Seals to humanity. We are on the brink of coming to the point of a great destruction. Therefore, we all have to be aware of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen to humanity in the very near future.

So those who are aware of spirit will search and look in the Scriptures and will realize eventually that, Yes, God has been telling everyone that this Revelation will come at the end time. They will see that the prophecies are fulfilled, and the Seven Seals are open.

The explanation and the Truth that has been Revealed through this vessel and this Mission is incredible and is not comparable with any other truth before it. If you read our teachings and books, you will see that so many answers to questions that have puzzled humans for the last 12,000 years, now have been given very clearly and now explain what happened, what God was planning to do, and how He fulfilled them to this point.

Therefore, if He fulfills the promises He gives, He will fulfill the promise that His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. And the way is given how to do it. It is revealed how we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It is not a very difficult thing to do. It is from the following of the Eternal Divine Path and creation of the Communities of Light. These two go hand-in-hand.

The Communities of Light are forming and will be forming in even a greater degree. The people who will be dedicated to come together to follow the Eternal Divine Path will create the Communities of Light. And the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, we can see that all these rumors should not affect us at all because that is what God said is going to happen. Actually, if it were not because of Gods interference coming to the rescue of humanity, probably humanity would have destroyed itself completely. But as the Scriptures say, because God will interfere with this process, His Kingdom will come and the destruction will not touch those who are with Him and focused on Him 100%.

Those who follow the Eternal Divine Path, work to create the Communities of Light, and realize what is happening here are those people, the Saints, that God has been creating and bringing to this point. Therefore, we can see that again we are at a point of a great evolution in human existence. The Golden Age is upon us.

How to get to the Golden Age has been given by the Mission of Maitreya. It is prophesied to come, and we are here to explain to all of you what is this Revelation and ask you to consider it, to meditate on it, to go, search, find, and eventually come to the conclusion that, Yes, what the Mission says makes sense. It is based on Gods Words. He said His Kingdom will come, and we are showing the way how to go toward it.

The Kingdom is based on the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is a five-step Path that has been revealed by different religions and Prophets for the last 12,000 years.

The Eternal Divine Path was known to the human before the last twelve thousand years, which was before the flood of Noah. They, of course, did not follow it completely. They were more spirit and had spiritual powers, and they misused these powers. Therefore, they fell, and eventually God decided that that kind of human would not go where He wants to take them. So He closed their third eyes.

Our third eyes were open. We do not have the third eyes open anymore. We have two eyes that see the external world. The external world is the truth to us. We believe this is it. What we see with the two eyes is the reality of the life to us, and therefore we become very attached to the external world. Then, we fall to Maya.

However, we have a third eye, which is more spiritual. It sees the Spirit and much subtler things in the universe. But most humans do not have that open at all. It is completely closed to them, and therefore, they do not see the Spirit in their lives.

So 12,000 years ago that eye was closed, and we now have two eyes. The new human was created. There was a Plan that in the next 12,000 years, God will send the Eternal Divine Path, one-by-one, through different Revealers or Prophets.

The first Prophet who revealed the Mystical Paths was Noah himself. If you read the Bible, and especially our teaching, you will see that Noah had three sons, which represented different kinds of humans.

Those new humans (three sons) did not have the direct connection to the Spirit. Therefore, God sent a new teaching to Noah to give to his three sons. His three sons followed it and taught it to their children. Eventually it came to us as the Vedas, the three books of the Vedas.

Basically what this teaching is and what was revealed to the children of Noah was, Know thyself to know God. That teaching evolved to great schools of thought, like Hinduism.

Eventually the Brahmins became very powerful, and they took over Hinduism. Buddha came to purify the teachings of Hinduism. He brought a more purified Hinduism to humanity.

Therefore, the first revelation to humanity, the first step of the Eternal Divine Path, which was revealed to humanity after the flood of Noah was to Know thyself, awaken your spiritual forces, and realize that God is within you. You or Self, and God, are One.

The fastest way to realize that is to close your two eyes. That is because the two eyes are a very powerful sense that we see things, and then we desire. Then we follow the external world and we fall.

What is the fall of man? What is Maya? Maya is our desires for the external world, for the external offerings of the world. And the vision is a very powerful sense in taking us to that fall. Other senses also are helping but the eyes are the most powerful one.

So when you close your eyes, you cut yourself off from that attraction. You do not let that energy go out of your eyes but you direct the energy within and you start realizing, What is within me? Instead of saying, What is outside for me? you say, What is inside for me? And little by little you realize that the internal world, the internal attraction, and the internal beauty, is even greater than anything the external world can offer you.

Therefore, the first step in the awakening of your spiritual forces is to quiet your senses. As long as your senses are wild and take you to different directions in your life, you will not be able to realize who you really are. So you close your eyes and you meditate. Eventually you awaken your spiritual forces, which are latent in your first chakra, in the anal area, which is called the kundalini. It is called the sleeping serpent. The reason it is sleeping is because God made it latent.

As we said, before 12,000 years ago, it was not latent. Everyone had the ability to see the Spirit. Everyone had the ability to manipulate the forces in the universe. They reached a point that they could extract the life force from the universe and extend their lives. That is why you see they lived 900 years, 800 years, and all of that. And probably some of them lived even longer.

Therefore, by closing your eyes, by using mantras, by using The Holy Word that is revealed to you in the Mission, you will be helped to awaken that sleeping serpent in the first chakra. Your mantra is poking that serpent, Wake up, wake up. And the serpent says, No, I want to sleep more. Your mantra says, Wake up. Any time you use that mantra you are poking the kundalini, Come on, wake up. We need you to rise and come to our higher chakras.

Also, God created different tendencies in these chakras. For example, the first chakra is the survival tendencies, fear of death, Where is the next food going to come from? Also, where is the solid factor? It is in the first chakra, and it is absolutely related to the solid factor and lowest tendencies of the human: fears, attachments, desires, survival, fear of death, and all those things that come from the first chakra. That includes idle talk. All those things are related.

That is why with idle talk, after a while, the first chakra is stimulated a lot, and the talkers completely fall to the lower nature. That is why Christ said, your talk should be, Yea, yea and Nay, nay, the rest is from the devil. That is what he meant by, Do not engage in idle talk. When you engage in idle talk, it brings you down to the first chakra.

The second chakra is related to the liquid factor: the passion, the family, and the creation of the children. Also it takes care of the liquid of the body. Therefore, the second chakra is related to the liquid factor.

So when you awaken the spiritual forces from the first chakra, you have no fear of death anymore. You know you are going to be provided for. You are not afraid of, Where is my next meal going to come from?

You know death is not really death. Death is a transition from one lifetime to the next lifetime. As Christ said, What is the body? He said, It is like a garment. You drop it and get another garment. Maybe you will receive a better garment next lifetime. Who knows? If you have been good in this lifetime, maybe they will give you a better body.

So when you awaken your spiritual forces and you go to your second chakra, the passion, shamefulness, and all those tendencies of the second chakra will be overcome in the third chakra.

In the third chakra is the fire. It is related to the fire in the universe. Where is the digestive system? It is in the third chakra. So that fire in the third chakra is used to digest your food. It cooks the food in a greater degree after you eat it. So you can see it is related to the element of fire, control, domination, and all that. For example, politicians are in that third chakra that they want to have control over people, etc.

In the fourth chakra, you overcome the first three chakras, which is the lower nature of man. In the fourth chakra you feel the unconditional love for the first time. You love people; no matter who they are, you have love for them. Of course, there is an overlapping in the third and fourth chakras.

Still you might follow your third chakra and try to dominate other people. Actually they can dominate because you have so much love to give to people, and they fall for that love. They fall for that third chakra, and they dominate other people.

Where is the fourth chakra? Your lungs! It controls your lungs with the aerial factor. All our chakras in our bodies are related to the five elements in the universe: solid, liquid, heat, air, and ethereal factor.

The fifth chakra is related to the ether. The fifth chakra in your throat area controls your thyroid, which is a very important gland in your body.

So we can see that God made this body and took our spiritual understanding and made it latent in our first chakra. He closed our third eyes, and man became absolutely powerless. We became at the mercy of nature, the mercy of life, and the fear of death. We now have to go back. We have to awaken our spiritual forces.

That is why it is recommended in the Mission to meditate. Close your eyes! The moment you close your eyes, that pull is not there anymore. The more you close your eyes and meditate, the more your spiritual forces will be awakened.

Now, is that the Goal of the Life? To awaken the Spiritual Forces, that is it? No, the next step God said, You have to create an environment where people can close their eyes."

Do you think the people who are in the middle of war can sit and say, No, Im not going to fight, Im going to sit and meditate here? Or, can the person who does not have his physiological and safety needs taken care of say, OK, well, I am just going to meditate on it, I am not going to worry about it. Some actually did, and they died. They were destroyed.

We can see that the next step is the creation of the Communities of Light. The first step, as we said, covers all the Mystical Paths. It covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, and all the teachings that teach, Know Thyself to Know God, and to awaken your Spiritual Forces.

The next step is to create the Communities of Light. That is where the Old Testament comes in. The Old Testament talks about how God wants to choose a people. Again He is doing the same thing. We are trying to choose a people. Those who have been called for it, hopefully, have gone through the last 12,000 years of progress and now are ready to come together to create the Communities of Light. Creation of the Communities of Light is the most important part in the Mission, for everyone to create these communities.

The Old Testament is about the Communities of Light. God wanted to choose people to come together, create communities, choose Him as King and His Law as Laws. And you have to follow them. When God says to do those things, you should say, OK, yes, it is the Word of God. I have been meditating for the last 12,000 years and now I have to come, accept what God says, and follow His Word.

Creating communities, meditating, getting together, doing rituals, whatever we do, is to strengthen the bonds between us, between the members. The more we get together and do these things, the stronger we will become in oneness and unity together. The more we fight it, the more we do not come together, the more we "put it to the back burner," the longer it is going to be. Of course, we trust in God. There is no doubt about that, that this will happen to the Mission and the coming of His Kingdom.

Therefore, we can see that the Old Testament also has been added to this Revelation. Mystical Paths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and every other teaching, which teaches to close your eyes and know thyself, is a part of the Mission.

The next step is, How can we create the Communities of Light? Can we all say, I am going to do my thing, and I am not going to do what the community and what God wants me to do, and at the same time create Communities of Light? Will it happen?

If we all do that, we already have that community, the world as it is. Everyone is pushing and pulling in different directions, arent they? Each of them says, No, you have to listen only to me. My way is better than your way, and all of that. Each person pulls the community or the society in a different direction, and there will not be unification or we will not be unified.

In every cell in the universe and in every atom, there is a nucleus. If the atom does not have a nucleus, what is going to happen? If the atom had two nuclei, is it going to stay an atom any more? It will become two atoms. If it has three, or four, or five, it will become three atoms, or four atoms, or five atoms, etc.

That is where the focus on God, the focus on the Messiah, comes in. If your focus is not on God and your focus is not on the Messiah, then the Mission does not have any focus. It does not have any center. It becomes with many centers and it is going to break up into different pieces and different parts.

Therefore, we can see that the realization of the importance of the center here is paramount. The focus should be on God. The focus should be on the Teacher, not on each other or on anyone who comes and has a little truth. So, with this, we create a very strong and powerful group of people who are absolutely one because they are not concentrated on each other, but they are concentrated on God.

Can any two people become one if they are concentrated on each other? It is impossible. That is one problem that most of the couples have. They think that by concentrating on each other, they can become one. They cannot. The only way you can become one is by each of you concentrating on God and becoming one with God. Therefore, you become one.

It is a very tricky thing that everyone really has to realize, How can we become one? It is because two egos never can become one. But two people who have no ego, but God, are one, because God does not have any ego. Therefore, they can flow with each other beautifully.

The third step is to sacrifice, to realize that being self-centered and saying, Mine, mine, and mine," all the time is not going to work. Realize that in the Communities of Light, we have to become more aware of other peoples needs and each others needs, sacrifice for it, help each other to grow together, love one another as God Loves us, and each person realize how we can help each other to grow in their spiritual path.

We should keep our resentments and our personal vendettas or feelings in check and realize, Where does this come from? Where does that come from? Maybe we expect something. We expect something from another person that does not come through. And that might be the problem.

Therefore, What was my expectation that did not happen, and now I feel like this and I have that resentment? After we realize that we say, Oh, no, I am going to let God come through. When God comes through, then God comes through the other person also, and you become one. You become wonderful to each other. You become two beings dancing with each other, having a wonderful life with respect and love.

Of course, it is a two-way street. One part cannot become God and another part keeps their ego. Still it is not going to work. Both have to go toward God for this to help and work. So we can see that with this realization we bring a community that all the people are one with God. They are all concentrating on God, not one another, not each other.

Do not become faultfinders. Do not try to always find what is the fault with this person, and what is the fault with that person. How can I help this person who might have some problems, to resolve them? instead of saying, Oh (finger pointing), This person has this fault. This person has that fault. This person No, instead say, Now how can we get together and create a place that everyone grows in a greater degree? And that needs sacrifice. That is a great sacrifice because the only thing most humans think of is who? Me.

Now we are asking, do not only think about me, but also think about she, he, and the other people in the community. How can we become helpful to each other and grow between us?

Is that going to take us out of our ego? It sure will, if we really put our effort to be more aware of other peoples needs and also how we can help. In the process we will be helped ourselves.

We can see that the very process of sacrifice is to not be self-centered. Really, that is the greatest sacrifice we can do, not to be self-centered, not to always think about me, me, me, in the process of growing spiritually. That accelerates your progress a thousand-fold more than going to the mountains and just sitting there, meditating, and saying, Ommmm, Ommmm [laughter]," still saying Ommm...I am saying Ommm...where is my food going to come from next time? and all being in that state of selfishness.

In the Communities of Light, it accelerates the process hundreds, thousands-fold in your progress and creates an environment where everyone also progresses together.

So the next step comes with the Christ. What did Christ do? Was he self-centered and said, No, I am not going to go to the cross because it hurts? He said, That is Gods Will. It hurts. I go anyway because that is what God wants me to do. Gods Will becomes more important than your will.

That is exactly what happened to Christ. In the Garden of Gethsemane, he said to God, Take this cup from me. He did not want to do it. It hurts. They put the nail in your hands, and all of that, and it hurts. So he said, Take it away from me. Suddenly right away he realized, Oh, no. I cannot do that. That is what I have been born for. I have been born to bring this to humanity and show how the sacrifice might end up to go to the cross.

Therefore, the Will of God is more important than my will. In that moment he realized, Thy Will be done, not my will. And that is the highest spiritual realization in a persons life. If the Will of God becomes more important than your will, then you and God are One. Isnt that the goal of life, to become One with God?

How can you become One with God? When your will is no more, and Gods Will is 100%.

That actually is surrendering and submission to God. So in the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ became submissive and surrendered to God in that moment. That is why the next time he came, he came as who? He came as Prophet Muhammad, and he brought to humanity the teaching of surrendering and submission to God. He revealed the teaching of Islam, which means surrendering and submission to God.

So we can see that this teaching is wonderfully explained, so integrated a Plan of God, and how God brought us to this point. Should we be worried about anything? Should we be afraid of anything? No. We are with God. We know Gods Spirit is with us. Therefore, we are going to be successful and eventually overcome these fears that have come to this world and everyone.

So the next step is surrendering and submission to God. And that is one of the hardest things for humanity, to let Gods Will come through. But first, we have to know what is Gods Will.

What is Gods Will? Gods Will is to create Communities of Light. Gods Will is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, our focus has to be where? Our focus has to be, How can I bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? How can I help this community to progress and prosper by working on myself and others, realizing the Eternal Divine Path, and following It?

Still at this point we are where? We might say, I am going to awaken my spiritual forces. Actually, that is very selfish, isnt it? I am going to awaken my spiritual forces, My spiritual forces. That is what I am going to do. That is the only thing I am interested in. Myself again.

But the Eternal Divine Path says, No. The next step is to create the Communities of Light.

A lot of people say, I do not want to create the Communities of Light. It is hard work. I just want to stay in my room. I want to go to the mountains. I want to go drive my car. I want to be by myself and meditate, have fun, and feel good about myself.

But God says, No. You have to create the Communities of Light. You have to put effort in that level." The moment you do that, you go a little out of yourself. You decide, Now not only do I meditate, I am going to go and create the Communities of Light.

But you have no idea what Communities of Light means at that point. You just say, This is a good idea. Let us go create the Communities of Light.

When you come to the Communities of Light, then they ask you, not only to create the Communities of Light and be in the Communities of Light, but also to sacrifice for them, to not be self-centered, and to help other people. So you can see in the next step you go even a little more out of yourself. That is because now you have to help other people. And the next step is to let Gods Will come through. A lot of people do not want to let Gods Will come through.

The human is very willful. If you can let Gods Will come through. then you become perfect in doing His Will.

Still with all of this, are you concentrating on the Communities of Light? You have to expand yourself in a greater degree, to become a universalist.

You have to realize that God is everything. The universe is your home, God is your Father and Mother. And no matter where they put you, you will say, Let us start the Communities of Light.

No matter if they take you from here and put you in Yemen or in South Africa or in South America, Let us create the Communities of Light. So your focus is completely on the creation of the Communities of Light for every human and every being in the universe. And all of them are a part of the universe.

That feeling of us and them no longer exists. The more we create this kind of feeling of universalism, the more we can stop this senseless killing of each other without even feeling bad about it and actually, glorifying the killing of other beings because they are a little different than us.

Hopefully one day most of humanity will realize, We are one. We are one humanity, one culture, one God, and therefore, we cannot glorify killing each other at all but we should glorify by saving each other to a greater degree."

So universalism is the next step, to completely realize that God is everything, we are a part of Him, and so is everything else, and everyone else. With these first five steps, you have followed the Eternal Divine Path, and you should have progressed tremendously.

I would like everyone to meditate and become self-sufficient in realizing the Eternal Divine Path and following It themselves. After awhile everyone is following without me worrying about if they are following It or not. Actually, I should not be worried. It is between you and God. I am just a plain Messenger bringing this Message to all of you to follow and see the result.

Therefore, you will progress in a greater degree, and you will become an Elect. Elects are those people who have gone through the Eternal Divine Path. They were with Noah when Noah was on earth. They learned the awakening of their spiritual forces, the Vedas, meditation, the Atman and atman is the same, and Self and self is the same.

They were with Abraham, with Isaac, with Jacob, with Christ, with Mohammad, and with Bab and Bahaullah. They are now here with us at this time.

Therefore, this is the time for calling the Elects. It is supposed to be only 144,000 of them. We can see how small the percentage of the Divines or the Elects are, 144,000 in comparison with six billion. That is a "drop in the bucket." It is a very small number. But if we find even these few numbers and they really follow the Eternal Divine Path, we can shake the world.

Of course, God is helping. God is helping and is bringing everything to fruition. We are at that point that we can see that eventually the human will realize that they have no choice. They have to accept this teaching.

That is what this Mission is all about. It is about the Eternal Divine Path, the calling of the Elects and those who want to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and the creation the Communities of Light. This is the truth of God, which has come to all of us. We are here to focus on God, bring His Kingdom on earth, and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

This will conclude our explanation of the Eternal Divine Path that we do every month.

We have a question in the Mission. Shirin has a question.


Littleone: Sal-OM, Maitreya. Many of us have been brought up with our different teachings in the different religions, and many of us have been told that we have to have faith.

Now that faith was described by our particular religions. I would like to know, what exactly is faith?


Maitreya: The question is, What is faith? That is a good question.

Faith is when you believe in God, and no matter what happens you will not lose your belief. It will not affect you to a point that you become a disbeliever. Faith comes usually with experience, with a revelation, with a realization, that we believe God exists. For instance, if you ask the people who believe that God exists to explain what God is, most of them cannot.

That is why a lot of people believe in the Prophet. They make the Prophet more important than God because at least the Prophet had a presence on earth. It is easier for them to relate to him than believing in the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God.

Therefore, you create faith by seeing some truth that that Revealer reveals to you. And you say, Yes, he is connected to God, therefore I believe in him. That creates faith. That is one experience.

Another experience is that you have a vision of God, or you feel God very deeply inside. Faith usually comes to you when you are in a higher chakra, or you are in the higher level of progress, or, you are taken to that higher level to have that experience.

Humans do not stay in that higher chakra all the time, do they? They fall back. They fall to the first chakra, second chakra, and all of that and, therefore, they forget God. When you are in the lower chakras, you do not even feel God anymore. You do not even believe that God exists.

A lot of people say, God does not exist. Why? It is because they have never experienced, and therefore, they fall to their lower natures. They do not see that God exists anymore. Even the people who believe in God, sometimes they lose their faith. Why? It is because they forget that experience that they had with God, the feeling they had that they believed in God.

Therefore, faith is when you are in the lower chakras and still you tell yourself, No, I believe in God. I believe in my experience that I had. I believe in what happened to me, and God showed me that He exists.

The more you meditate and go to the higher level, the less doubts you will have about God. Faith and doubt go hand in hand. You have faith because you had an experience. Or sometimes, some people call it faith because they have an expectation from a teacher.

They say, Oh, I have the faith that he is saying the truth, and they want the teacher to follow them. Then if he does not, they lose their faith. They say, I lost my faith on such a person. That might have been an expectation that was not fulfilled.

Really, that was not a spiritual experience but an expectation of an experience. That is not completely Godly but it is something that ego still is involved. Ego expected something.

That is why most masters actually sometimes do exactly opposite to the expectation of the disciple or those who come to them. The disciple might even get angry, Why is he not doing exactly what I want him to do?

Some of them walk away, go away, and never come back. Some of them stay around and say, Yes, this was my ego here that was between me and realizing the Divinity in my teacher.

Therefore, if you create a faith based on ego, your faith is not strong, and your faith is based on an expectation. If you create faith based on Spirit, then you never lose the faith. That is because when you see the Divinity, no matter how you fall, still that Divinity keeps you from losing your faith and becoming doubtful.

Also, faith comes from the higher chakras. When you are in the higher chakras, you have faith, you are flowing, you see God, and you feel good about everything. When you fall to the lower chakras, your doubts come in and you feel bad. You feel there is no God, Why do I have so many problems in my life? Why is it so difficult? You start complaining and seeing everything in a negative way.

Some people even yell, God, where are you? Why have you left me? I am so alone and helpless, and all of that. That is because now you are in your first, second, and third chakras and are absolutely doubting that God exists.

That is when God is laughing at you and says, Oh, look at this child. He does not realize that he or she, and I, are one. There is no separation between us. So we can see that is why humans go up and down, up and down, all the time.

Then, after you meditate more, as you create an environment that the physiological and safety needs of the people are taken care of and they can have more time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, that becomes less and less. Of course, in the physical body, as Christ said, the flesh is very strong and the spirit is weak.

When the flesh is not taken care of, the flesh is in pain, the flesh is in not a very healthy state, the human also loses faith because their concern goes to the physiological and safety needs instead of going to the higher things.

Really faith is going to the higher chakras, going to the higher level of being and creating an environment where people can meditate more and where their physiological and safety needs are taken care of. Then they are directed to close their eyes, and also create the love and devotion, and create an environment where people feel that they are loved and they are supported, that eventually relaxes them.

The only way you can understand God is what? It is to be relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the more you see God.

As we have said, The mind is like a lake. If our minds are turbulent, our bodies are in pain, and our environment is not supporting us, is always putting us down, and creating an environment that our minds are turbulent, can we see God?

No. It is just like a turbulent lake. Can we see the moon in the sky in a turbulent lake where the water is breaking up all over the place? No, we cannot. But if we can create an environment that the people can relax, are loved, accepted, and all that, eventually, more and more people can see that reflection.

It is because I can see the reflection of God in every one of you. Then if I can see the reflection of God in every one of you, can I see God? Can I doubt that God exists? No. See? That is again where the Communities of Light come in.

The importance of Communities of Light is to create an environment that more and more people can meditate and see these things clearly. Therefore, their faith is not just based on a couple of dogmas. That is another reason that they lose their faith. Their faith is based on a couple of dogmas and when they realize that those dogmas are not correct, they lose faith.

But if you had an experience with God, no matter how far you fell in your lower nature, you will remember that experience. If you meditated and you had a vision, you will not forget that vision at all. That will help you all the time not to lose the faith at all.

Do you have a follow-up question?


Littleone: So faith then could be a tool that keeps us connected to that Essence?


Maitreya: That is correct. It becomes a tool that you feel that Essence.

Again it goes to the Eternal Divine Path. When you become completely surrendered and submissive to God and God comes through you, therefore, His Spirit is with you all the time.

You are One, how can you not have faith? You can see that He is perfect. He does things perfectly. You can see that He comes through you, He is wonderful, and you feel good about the things. You see that you are affecting everything around you and God is coming through. Therefore, your faith becomes stronger and stronger every day.

Still you might fall sometimes from the Grace, or it is just a test to see how strong your faith is. The doubts might still come in but they are not going to stay long, and they will become less, and less, and less, and less. You will reach a point that no matter what happens out there, it has nothing to do with you.

Those things are just happening. You have no connection to them. You know at the end that it is going to be OK. So your faith absolutely becomes, God first.

If you put your effort on God, the rest will be added to you. It is as simple as that. The more you are concerned on yourself, your problems, your fears, your desires, and all of thatI am not saying do not solve your problems. Your very basic problem is to take care of your physiological and safety needs. The rest does not matter. It is going to happen. It is not going to be that important.

I hope that makes sense.

Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang room. We just explained the teaching of the Mission. If you are interested to know more, go to the website. You can go and read about it.


There is a question in the text: How do you make people do things they are supposed to do [laughter]?


Shirin: It would be so much easier if you could.


Maitreya: I think they should meditate and know Gods Will for them and do it.

Go ahead, Tahirah.


Tahirah: Sometimes when we are reading THOTH, I will come across something that I am not quite clear on in my mind. I will put a little question mark out to the side of my book.

I just came across one that I had done that to. So if there are no other questions I thought I would go ahead and ask you to speak on this section.

It is from the Revelation Of The Revelation. The paragraph is, In chapter 6 until chapter 8 verse 2, the seven seals are opened by Christ, a symbol of each Angel of the seven churches.

And the next sentence says: Also, each seal is a symbol of a religion which corresponds to one of the seven seals in The Greatest Sign. I understand the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth seals. Could you explain more the sixth and the seventh? Are they considered religions, or how is that explained? Thank you.


Maitreya: It depends. What is the definition of religion? What do we mean by religion? If religion means a set of beliefs and the truth and that those beliefs are the truth, then yes, they are religions. But if we just say, A bunch of dogmas means religions, then they are not.

So it depends on what you refer to as religion. Probably in those sentences there, they are referring to a set of truths that has been revealed through that Prophet that makes that revelation a religion.

Religion means that people believe in some Prophets and some revelation. They follow some rituals. Every religion has some rituals.

The Buddhists and Hindus chant, dance, and do those kind of activities. In Judaism they go to the synagogue. Christians go to the church. Moslems go to the mosque. Each of them have these things. Christians sing hymns that repeat. Jews repeat some special way of doing things. And the Moslems do Namaz.

So each of them have some rituals that go with their religion. Of course, each religion has some truth. And also there are a lot of dogmas. That is especially in the old religions, they have a lot of man-made dogmas that are related to their religions, but still we call them religions. At the same time they have some truth, which still we call them religions. So if the definition is that they have the truth, the truth revealed by God, and the people start believing in them and following them, so it made a religion, therefore, yes.

There are people who are following the Sixth Seal. They believe in the truth in it. They probably have also some dogmas in it. Still it is a religion because it has followers. It might not be as well-known a religion. It might not be a religion like Christianity, or Islam, or other religions that are well known, but still it has the definition of religion, which is revealed by God, or revealed through a Messenger, and people believe in them.

The Seven Seals are major religions. They are major revelations. Therefore, you can see that they are different in that they are directly sent by God.

Also there are other movements and there are followers in them, that are just a very small part of this Revelation, therefore, they are not as great a revelation as these seven are. Do we still call them religions? Probably most people do not but their followers do. So really it is very loose in that it depends on who is using the term and what they mean by religion.

But in those words probably it means a major revelation, which is related to those seals, and there are seven. There are Seven Seals sent by God and each of them became a religion.



Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang room. This is the room that we reveal the latest Revelation of God to humanity. It unifies all the religions of the world together by explaining how each of the religions has brought to humanity one specific message, and when you put all these messages together, it is then you see the whole picture.

Before that, each of these religions had only one part of the whole truth. Now the whole truth has been revealed to humanity. Therefore, we recommend that all of you go to our website and see this wonderful Revelation that tells humanity that there is only One God. There are not two, three, four, a hundred, or a thousand. There is only One God, and He has sent all these Revelations to humanity.

This is now the time of unity. The unification has come. Those who fight the unification are going against Gods Will and that surely will not work.

Therefore, you have come to the room that truly is giving you the highest truth, has opened the Seven Seals, and explains all the religions. You will be greatly blessed by understanding this Revelation, by seeing the Truth, and by realizing there is only One God.

We usually explain the teaching in more detail in the first hour. In the second hour we usually take the questions, if you have been in our website and you have a question about the teaching. If you have not been in our website, we recommend that you go there. There is a lot of information there, and you will be blessed with the beauty and wonder of this Revelation to humanity.

This is the opening of the book Sealed with the Seven Seals in chapter 5 of the book Revelation, that the book will not be opened, the mystery of God will not be revealed to humanity, until the Seventh Angel comes and the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. That book has now been opened.

Therefore, if you want to know the Plan of God and the truth revealed through the last 12,000 years, you owe it to yourself to go and understand this teaching in our website. This is one way that we reach out to humanity to reveal this truth to them.

The base of our teaching is the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path has five steps. The first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces, which covers all the Mystical Paths, which are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, saints in Christianity, Sufism, and any other teaching that says, Know thyself to know God, Be still and know that I am God.

The second is the Communities of Light, which is the theme of the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament teaches that God is trying to choose a people, and those people are communities or tribes who will follow God and His Laws. Therefore, the Second Step in the Eternal Divine Path is the creation of the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light you have to sacrifice. You forget about being self-centered but become community-centered.

Sacrifice comes from the Third Seal, or Christianity. Christ sacrificed himself for his ideal. Still with sacrifice you might become attached to the results of your actions.

The next step is to surrender and submit the results to God, or to become a channel for God completely. You become submissive to Him. And that is, of course, Islam. That is the message of the Moslems that was brought to humanity.

The next step is to become a universalist. Expand your mind and realize that you are a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of you.

With this you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and you realize that God is everything. Everything is a part of God and therefore, you love, you respect, and you understand every part of God and the universe as necessary and created by God. Therefore, they have the right as much as any other part in the universe.

With this you become an Elect, which is the Sixth Seal, which was brought by a teacher from India. It is called Ananda Marga, where he talks about the Sadvipras or Elects. Now we call them Paravipras. The Paravipras are the chosen people.

That is why we are in this room. That is what this Mission is all about, it is calling the Elects, calling the Paravipras, calling the people who have been meditating and progressing in their spiritual progress for the last 12,000 years and now are ready to come and take this challenge of the Eternal Divine Path, become the facilitating body, create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We are going toward that end. Humanity eventually will realize that they have no choice. They cannot just go ahead, kill each other, have wars, and destruction on earth but they have to follow Gods Will. That is the only way to peace, unity, tranquility, and everything that every human longs to have here.

The Seventh Seal is our Revelation, our teaching, and it has come to you in the Mission of Maitreya. There is much, much more to our teachings; it is in our website. But you have to put a little effort. Read The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, the book that has been written in the Mission, reveals the Revelation, and explains the beauty and wonder of Gods Plan to this point.

So we encourage you to study more. If you want to hear the whole teaching in more detail come to the room early next month. If you want to study it yourself, go to our website.

If you have a question, as I said, there are people here everyday. You can come and ask them questions, and you will be answered. We are hoping that you are an Elect and you will see the truth in this Revelation.

Thanks for coming to the Satsang Room. Apparently there are no questions there, which is good. This means that all the questions have been answered.

I will leave you all to God for the next month. Again we will be here next month.

You all know how to get in touch with the Mission. If still you have a question that comes to you later, just go to our website. There is a part that says, Questions. Just click on it and send us an e-mail.

There are many, many ways to contact us and to sharpen your understanding of this teaching in a deeper level. Eventually, hopefully, you will come and participate in a degree to getting this Mission moving and make it a force of peace and unity on earth.

Sal-OM everyone.

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