04/05/03 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Good morning everyone. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. Welcome to our Cyber church and Satsang room.

We are going to again study the Mission and talk about what is happening in the world. We can see that the prophecies about what God said in the Scriptures, in the New Testament, in the Revelation, are coming true right in front of our eyes.

We can see that the war (so far it was rumors of wars, but now it is really the war) has started. The only war that will win the battle and the war, is the ultimate war of God that is going on right now between humanity and the truth, or ego and reality.

That truth and reality, of course has come through this Mission and has revealed to humanity how we can create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is the only way humans should go. Any other wars might win the battle but they are not going to win the war because it is not Scriptural, it is not based on the Word of God.

Any war that we are raging right now on earth is based on human ego. And human ego never wins. Especially not in this time that the Word of God is on earth and it is going toward the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, those who want to win should join the Army of God. The Army of God, of course, does not take any weapons or destruction but the Word of God, which comes out of the mouth of the people who have been chosen by God to give these words to humanity. And like a sword they are going to cut the untruth from the truth. So if you want to win, join this Mission and this last stage of fulfillment of the prophecies of God.

We are just like people who are in one room. It is like earth is one room, the door is locked, and we are imprisoned in this room.

If we create different groups, and each group opposes other groups and starts not cooperating with each other, are we ever going to get out of this locked room? It is going to be difficult to do. But if everyone cooperates together we can see that we can get out of this room with cooperation and finding the way out.

As I have said many times, we can destroy ourselves more than fifty times. The destruction is coming if we do not follow the truth of God that has come to us. But with cooperation and unity of all these groups together we can reach to space and in space, of course, we can have enough resources for everyone.

What is the problem on earth? The problem is really the resources, isnt it? We are fighting because of the resources, because there are limited resources. If we had infinite resources would we still fight over oil or over different commodities that we need on earth? No, we would not. We would probably have everything that we want.

The salvation is unity and reaching to space and bringing enough resources for everyone to have enough without being so adamant to have whatever we want because "If we do not have it someone else is going to have it". So we have to fight with one another.

The unity of religions has come to humanity. The way to bring a greater standard of living is given to man. The only thing we have to do is realize that is the only way out.

The more we scratch each others faces, what are we going to have? We are going to have more people who are angry with each other, aren't we?

And no war is the last war as long as it is based on ego. The only last war can be the one that comes from God and is based on His Word, His Scriptures, and His Revelations. So we can see that we have the answer to the human problem, and to the human calamity.

We can see right now the fulfillment of the prophecy that Europe will be unified very soon. We can see right now the split between the two spheres in the West and it is pushing Europe toward becoming more independent.

There was an article that Germany and France are coming together. Actually, they are cooperating as one unit and pretty soon all the rest of Europe is also going to fall in line with them. We can see the next superpower is going to be Europe, who will emerge as has been prophesied as the ten toes of the statue in Daniel.

Of course, we know in the statue the toes were made of clay and iron. Do clay and iron mix? They do not. It means that although it seems powerful, the base of the whole statue is not going to be able to hold together, because the iron and clay in that statue will fall.

We can see very clearly that no one has clearer vision than the Mission of what is coming. So really, if you want to know the news of what is coming, do not listen to NBC or CBS or anyone, listen to this Satsang. This is the real news that God has given to humanity, come and listen. The truth is here.

This is the salvation. This is the way out. And now we are giving it to humanity. If you are here and listening to this, you say, Yes, I should not be following the other things or other news out there because this is the only way that is going to take me to salvation and out of this mess that the human ego has created. You do not have to.

But where is it going to end? It is not going to end into the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So you can see the whole thing is coming together very, very clearly. The vision is becoming clearer and clearer every day. Now humanity has to come, listen, learn about this Revelation, and see what we are teaching here.

The old ways are not going to work anymore. The old ways are based on ego, are based on human understanding, are based on political maneuvering, and geo political domination, which is not going to work because the world is becoming smaller and smaller, and people are becoming more aware of their rights. They are going to fight back, you are going to fight back, and eventually who is going to be left?

Of course, we know that God prophesied that one third of the world is going to be destroyed. It is very hard when you look at how many people are suffering from all sides in these wars and this destruction.

But what should we hold our vision into? We should hold the Vision of God that "Yes, this destruction is going to come."

Although intellectually we understand that, still we become affected with the news of how people are dead or dying, destruction, and all of that. If you have the universal feeling and vision, no matter who dies you say, "That was the Essence of God that we destroyed."

That person could be meditating for the rest of their life, realizing the Eternal Divine Path, and reaching Pure Consciousness, no matter what side they are from. That Essence of God is in everything.

See, according to this Mission, when you realize the Essence of God of everything can you say, "Us and them?" You cannot say that anymore. You can say, "Everything is God. We should not destroy any of them." So we have to be sorry, or unhappy, for any side that becomes destroyed.

We can see that this Revelation, this Mission, is based on compassion, on love, on universalism. It is based on the unity of humanity together, and on coming together and seeing this new way that God has given to man to get out of this mess that we have created.

Of course, when you meditate on a deeper level, "This is the Word of God." It is not that God is destroying them. It is not God bringing destruction, human ego brings this disunity and destruction on humanity that we can see is going on.

Actually, it has been going on for the last 12,000 years. It is not something new that is just happening here. But now, of course, it is going to be intensified.

What is the way out? The way out is a new thinking of humanity, seeing there has to be another way out. And the way out, of course, is our teachings. The way out is the Eternal Divine Path.

First of all, one of the biggest problems between humans is religious separation, isnt it? Also, the war is going on based on the salvation of Iraq, or getting Iraq out of what it was used to. What do the Moslems think the war is about? They think it is attacking their religion, right?

If they realize that Christianity and all other religions are a part of a greater Revelation, then would we have such a separate feeling from each other? So we can see that the first step is to make everyone realize that Gods Revelation to this point was separated because each of them was revealing a part of a greater truth.

So that is one way of bringing humanity to unity and oneness, to make them to realize that all revelations of God have come to humanity for a greater reason. And, of course, that is the Eternal Divine Path. That is our teaching to humanity to let them know that all of Gods Revelation is based on each religion, and each religion is a part of a greater truth.

After doing that, we can go ahead and create Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light, of course, man has the ultimate vote, the ultimate truth, or ultimate saying on earth. So the great directive is that we have to create an earth that each individual has the greatest right to be here and they are protected. Every man, woman, and child, and humanity should be given all the opportunity to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We have a great task in front of us. But it has been said that that task will manifest itself. God said His Kingdom will come. It is not something that, "We are going to do it." It is already prepared. Those people who have been called for this Mission are on earth already.

So we need a new way of thinking. We have to make man to be born again. To be born again means to change man to a new way of seeing the earth, seeing the Word. Seeing the Word of God is the most updated news and the way for humanity to salvation physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to go to our website again, to come to these rooms, listen to the Satsangs, listen to the readings that people here in this room do everyday and give you all the answers. Do not come here to fight with them. Do not come here to disagree with them.

If you really understand that this is the way and salvation, come here and learn. Say, "What is the new way of thinking? What is the new way of seeing the truth? What did God say?"

Did God say there were going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Seals, and when the Seven Seals are open then will the truth come? Or, come here and say, "No, my religion says I am the last one, so I am." But your religion also says, "I did not reveal the whole truth."

So, "I am the only way." But Christ said, "I am going to return." He did not say how many times. He said he is going to return. He is going to return over and over and over. He did not say, "I am just going to return one more time." No, he said, "I am going to return." It means I am going to return many times.

So come here and learn from this Revelation and be open to it. Open yourself up to the truth. Then you will not be affected with what is happening.

It is going to get worse. We have not even seen the beginning of it yet. I know it is very depressing.

A lot of people are very depressed of what is happening but unfortunately we have to become stronger than we are. We have to see the Word of God, which said that this thing is going to happen, and therefore, become detached from it. We are not attached to any side. We are just attached to God.

Therefore, we are not affected with anything happening on earth or around us because we know the ultimate truth is going to come as what God said is going to come: The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Of course, after one thousand years we all will reach Pure Consciousness and will be with God all together as one.

So come here and know the Eternal Divine Path. That is the salvation of man.

Of course, you might ask, "What is the Eternal Divine Path?" You are talking about the salvation of man and the Eternal Divine Path, what is It?

It is very simple. It is based on our teaching, based on what we call, The Greatest Sign. If you go to our website www.maitreya.org , you will see an animated Sign on the very first page. That animated Sign is called, The Greatest Sign.

The Greatest Sign reveals that there have been seven great revelations, which God sent to humanity. And before the Seventh Seal is open every part of The Greatest Sign, before the Seventh Revelation, is a part of a greater truth that created a religion on earth.

So each religion on earth is valid but they do not have the whole Seven Revelations together. Now they are put together and a Path is revealed to humanity as the Eternal Divine Path.

It is Eternal because it is created in eternity. It is Divine because it leads you to divinity, Oneness with God. And it is a Path, it is a Way. It does not have any dogma.

You do not have to believe in any dogma, but if you follow the Eternal Divine Path you will go to God. You will reach salvation.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is awakening of your spiritual forces. Twelve thousand years ago at the time of Noah, God made the spiritual forces of the human latent in the very bottom of their spines, what many Mystics call the kulakundalini. That latent spiritual force is your birthright to awaken and see the truth.

The fastest way to do that is to meditate, to use the mantra that the Mission has given to you, to create an environment to be able to sit, meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces. So the first step is meditation, knowing thyself, to know thyself to know God, God and you are one, recognizing and realizing that not only God and you are one, but God is Everything. Everything out there is a part of God.

The Essence of God is also in every human being and creation. Actually, God is in every atom that you look at. So the very word that we reveal in the Mission is a part of the atom. Each atom has that Word, that pulsation of life in it.

So the first step is to awaken your spiritual forces. Who says, "Awaken your spiritual forces?" We can see that many religions are based on this truth, just like Hinduism, and Buddhism.

What are the Hindus trying to do? You become a drop, you fall into the ocean, and you become one with God? What does that mean? It means to know thy self to know God. Therefore, the first step is to awaken your spiritual forces.

But do you think the people in the war can sit and say, "I am going to meditate and awaken my spiritual forces while the bombs are coming to my head?" Can someone do that? Or, if you are hungry and you do not have any place to sleep, or live, can you say, "I do not care about if I have enough to eat or if I have a place to sleep, I am going to sit down and meditate there." Can they do that?

So what is the requirement of awakening your spiritual forces? The first requirement is having an environment that your physiological and safety needs are taken care of. If your physiological and safety needs are not taken care of the first priority in life is to take care of my physiological and safety needs.

We can see that the next step revealed to humanity is in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, God is trying to create a people, the tribe of Israel.

What is a tribe? The tribe is a community. It is the tribe of Israel, which will follow God and bring Gods Word to their lives, follow His Laws, and help each other to create an environment that everyone can progress, and have time to sit and meditate.

So really, before we awaken our spiritual forces, what should we create first? We should create an environment that we can even be able to sit and meditate.

Do we have that environment on earth right now that everyone can do that? No, we do not.

So our first priority in the Mission actually is not to awaken our spiritual forces, it is what? It is to create that environment, not for ourselves, but for the whole of humanity to be able to sit and meditate. The Eternal Divine Path is absolutely connected to one another.

Actually, someone was telling me, "How come some people are with you for twenty years and they are not in Pure Consciousness yet?" I said they delay their going to Pure Consciousness in order to create that environment for themselves and others, and eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then everyone can sit down, meditate, and awaken their spiritual forces.

Doesnt the Bible say that we will bring an environment that the lion and the lamb will lie together and will not eat each other, and that everyone will put their instruments of war away? And that is where we are aiming.

Eventually, we will reach a point that we will not have these wars. We will have an earth that everyone is safe, and will have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. Therefore, they can spend their time to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So, right now, we are not trying to awaken our spiritual forces. We are trying to create the Communities of Light. That is where we should be aiming and working toward.

Of course, that is the Old Testament. The whole base of the Old Testament is the creation of the community. Therefore, we covered the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufism, and all the Mystical Paths on earth, in the First Seal.

The next step is Judaism, or the Hebrews, or the Old Testament. The message of the Old Testament is the creation of the Communities Of Light.

Can we all, in the Communities of Light say, "What is in it for me? I want all the goodies for myself, and I am not going to give them to anyone else. I want the best standard of living. I want to have the best car. I want to have the best house. I want to have the best everything." Can the rest of the people have enough to progress? Of course not. Therefore, sharing and sacrifice come in.

As we said, if we can reach to space and bring more resources, we do not have to share or to sacrifice as much. Everyones standard of living is going to go up.

Or, at least realizing that the goal of the life is not to have the biggest car or the best home. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, to be(come) one with God. Therefore, the more you feel the goal of the life is to be(come) one with God, the less material things you need.

The less material things you need, some material things you can give to someone else so they can also have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. Therefore, they can also sit and meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

The Third Step in the Eternal Divine Path is sacrifice. And, of course, we know who made the greatest sacrifice among the Prophets.

Christ was the one who was crucified, who was nailed to the cross and left there to die. And that is not a pleasant way to die, especially for a person who had no guilt or had not done anything wrong.

But still people crucify him and say all bad things toward him. And it has happened to every Prophet.

You might say, "Well, it did not happen to you." No? You do not know. Probably we are not put on the cross and nailed to the cross. But when anyone comes and says, "Maitreya is a false prophet," that is a crucifixion. That is crucifying someone who has no guilt and who has brought the Greatest Revelation to humanity.

Would you like someone to come every day and say you are a devil, or fight with you? You can see that that crucifixion happens every time in the life of the Prophet.

Also it happens to the people who follow the Prophet, of course. They are also crucified because they follow the truth.

But that is the Third Step, to sacrifice, to share, to bring some of your blessing of God to other people so they also can have an environment that they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. And that is, of course, the message of Christ, Christianity, the New Testament.

That is what Christ was trying to say, "If you have two coats, give one of them to another person." That is sacrifice, isnt it? We can see that brings Christianity to the Eternal Divine Path.

Not only do we do all those things, we try to awaken our spiritual forces. Of course, first we try to create the Communities of Light. We sacrifice for them and the Communities of Light start happening.

We say, "I am creating the Communities of Light. I am working so hard. I am the person working harder than anyone else and no one is really working as hard as I do. I am the person really holding this Mission in my hands and carrying it out."

What happens? You create a big ego and say, "Oh, I am such a wonderful person that I am doing all these things." You create an ego.

The moment you create ego what happens? What is ego? Ego is an umbrella that we hold over our heads and we cut the shower of Grace from God to us.

If we want Grace we should not have ego. The less ego we have the greater Grace is going to come to us.

Or nothing is happening, nothing goes right and we start thinking, "WOW, I am putting so much effort and truth out and it is not happening." You become discouraged. Still, you think you are the doer. Therefore, you become discouraged.

So the fourth step is, surrender to God and say, "OK God, I am doing all these things but I am surrendering the result to you."

As I have said many times, it does not mean that we do not expect the result. We do expect the result but we are not attached to the result. So we expect the result but we are not attached to it.

Greater than surrendering is submission. Submission means I am not the doer. Actually, I do not exist.

That is, of course, the message of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submitting to God.

If we come to the point that we can surrender and submit to God then we can see absolutely that God and us are one. We become an absolute pure channel for God.

And is God perfect? Yes, He is. If He is perfect, we do a perfect job every time, in every situation, and we do not become elated too much or depressed. We become steady in our lives.

This is the highest spiritual realization. What is the goal of the spiritual journey? It is to become one with God. If you are submissive to God and God comes through you all the time, you are One with God and you have reached the goal of the spiritual journey.

There is one more step in your Path and that is to become a universalist. As I say, it is all connected.

The moment you become One with God can you not be a universalist? Can you say, "I am one with God but I separate myself from this part of the universe and the other part of the universe? Automatically you cannot because that moment you realize that God is everything.

If God is really coming through you, you see God is in everything, outside and inside. Therefore, you see God is the whole universe. I am a part of it, God and I are one. I am willing to put my life based on reaching Pure Consciousness and therefore, I do not need too much. I can share with other people. I can create the Communities of Light, let the other people also progress, and tell them also that God is everything. And they become universalists. The message of universalism came from the Bahai and Babs teaching that is now called the Bahai Religion on earth.

So, we can see with these five steps: awakening of your spiritual forces (all the Mystical Paths, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian Mystics, Cabbala, Sufis, old religions like the American Indians, the Shamans in Australia, and every other religion that is based on, "Know thyself to know God," or God is everything. It is like they see God in the trees, brooks, and wind because they realize that God is everything, the Great Spirit is in every aspect in our lives), you try to create the Communities of Light (an environment that everyone can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, the Old Testament), you will sacrifice for this ideal (New Testament), you become surrendered and submitted to God (Islam), and you become a universalist (Bahai teaching or Babs teaching). Therefore, you become an Elect.

Elects are in every Scripture you take and look it talks about My People, the People God will choose as His People. They will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven Within and without for humanity.

Of course, that is the Sixth Seal, which was revealed with a great Spiritual teacher in India, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, or P.R. Sarkar. It is P.R. Sarkar, not P.J. Sarkar. I guess somehow we have it P.J. Sarkar somewhere in our Satsangs, but it is really P.R. Sarkar. He brought the concept of Sadvipra that he expanded on. It is his revelation.

It became Paravipra. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. It means beyond intellect. In Spirit, in Intuition, it's greater than analyzing the world out there, but realizing God within. With this, of course, we will bring all these Elects together and that is what the Mission is all about, to find these Elects.

When I started the Mission, I thought all the Elects were going to be perfect. They are Elects. They have been at it for the last 12,000 years. They are going to be perfect when they come to the Mission.

Of course, the new Revelation for the last year or so is evolving to, they have one thousand years to become perfect. So even the Elects are not completely perfect yet. That is why I created great compassion for them when I received this new understanding of who the Elects are. Before that I was looking for perfection.

They said that they are going to come here and they are going to be perfect, they are going to realize the Eternal Divine Path, get on with the work right away, and start helping. But, of course, I realized that we have to work with them still to become even greater perfection in them. Maybe in a thousand years we are going to have millions and billions of perfected people that we can all go to the Godhead together.

So these Elects are the people who we are looking for. They are the people who will see this Revelation, this explanation and say, "Yes, how can there be one God and so many religions," that God said that there were going to be Seven Revelations, that God said that after the Revelation of the Seventh Seal the mystery of God will be finished, and that God said only the person who fulfills all these prophecies can bring this Truth. Therefore, it is from God and now we can see Also the external events are supporting our teaching absolutely and completely and we are going toward the last part of Gods Plan.

So come, get on with the Mission, get on with this Revelation and Truth, and do not let the external world and what is happening to it affect you. I know it is hard to do that. I know it is hard. With all our understanding, still we are going to become affected. But the more you meditate and the more you realize this teaching, the less you will be affected with the external world. And you will be looking forward, actually, to peace, unity, and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The more we bring people together, as the Scripture says, after the great Babylon falls, it is our time to come out and manifest this truth to humanity.

This is the base of our teaching. This is the latest News and the Greatest News for humanity. Go and tell people that we have the Good News, the Greatest News at this time, and let them know that there is a way out.

We do not have to have this destruction. We do not have to have this kind of separation between man and man.

We have to make a new man that they can see each other as a part of God, not to separate one another because of nationality, gender, culture, and all of that. If they do not do that, they will destroy themselves more and more.

If they realize that there is only One God and we are all a part of Him, we will not separate any part of God from any other part and we will create compassion for every being on earth. Then we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now I leave the room open for any questions you might have. Just raise your hand, come to the mic, and ask the question you might have about any topic. Of course, let us keep it very high, about the Mission, and the greater things that we can relate to. Many questions have already been answered. You can find them in the website.

If you go to our e-commerce room, there is a search engine. Search for any topics you have a question for. Actually you can go right away and listen to it. If you have a computer and a windows media player, you can go ahead and listen to those Satsangs right there in our website.

But if you have any new questions, or anything that you have in your mind, go ahead.

We have a question here. John, go ahead.

John: Sal-OM Maitreya. My question is about the relationship between dharma and atman, if there is one, and the levels.

Maitreya: What levels?

John: Like universal dharma and universal atman, if there is any relationship between that.

Maitreya: Johns question is about dharma and atman and how they relate to the different levels of karma, of individual karma, community karma, or collective karma. Is that what the question is?

John: I think so.

Maitreya: Soul and karma. As we said, when the first time the universe was created, the first feeling was, "I know." And then, of course, "I do." The moment you do, it did not say, "I am submitted to God, God is doing it through me, did it?" It says, "I do." So the first "I" was created in the universe, the unit consciousness, the illusion of separation from God was created.

The moment you say, "I do," you are the doer. Therefore, whatever you do has a reaction according to the action you do in the universe. Therefore, that first feeling, "I do," creates the first Karma and the unit consciousnesses started having karmic reaction into the universe. Karma was created and the moment karma was created, ego was evolved because ego creates the subconscious mind.

The moment you create karma, you have a subconscious mind. You have a memory, which is different than the Universal Memory. It is your memory, which is different than the Universal Memory. It becomes the subconscious mind because it is no longer the Unconscious mind, or the Consciousness of God.

Therefore, you become separated from God right away, the moment you say, "I do." Actually, what is the way of getting rid of that karmic creation? It is submission and surrendering, isnt it?

If we submit and surrender to God and we know that God is doing it through us all the time, will we create karma anymore? We are not saying, "I am the doer."

That is what I said, the first expression in the universe was, "I know." Knowing does not create karma, does it? "I know." OK, I know, God knows. Unless my knowing and Gods knowing is different. Again, we will be two different entities.

But the moment he said, "I do," he also created the memory, "I have done." That memory of "I have done," separated the unit consciousness from the universe and created that separation between the two beings. You create the illusion of separation from God.

So karma is really the action done by an individual feeling separated from God, or action, which is not based on the universal set-up. That is what many people call sin.

Some Catholic churches say, "The moment you sin your spirit becomes darkened." You create karma. But because they do not have any explanation about karma and about how it affects you and the universe they say, "Your spirit becomes darkened." Therefore, karma is the result of being separated from God and acting separate from the universal set-up.

So there is individual karma, which is the person remembers, does, and has memory. There is collective karma, that of the groups, or even a nation.

Now, how can we unify all these groups together? It is to make them think like God, let God come through. Will we then have different, separate karma? We will not. We will become all One with God and united together.

The answer about individual karma is your memory, your actions, and your subconscious mind, and about the collective karma is that the whole earth has some kind of set-up of thinking. That is their collective karma. So that collective karma is the group karma, is the national karma, is anything that binds some people together. And they do create, of course, collective reaction. That is why they suffer together in a group.

When a group is together and some calamity comes to them, wouldnt all of them suffer at the same time? So they pay for their karma collectively.

And what is all this karma about? Karma is to learn your lesson, to realize that the reason you create karma is because you think, act, and remember different than God. The more you surrender and submit to God and you let God come through, the less karma you will have and you will create, and you will have your greater freedom toward God.

Are there any other questions? Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: Where did your explanation of gravity in THOTH come from?

If you do not exercise and you do not move your muscles, you will become flabby and you lose muscle mass. If you do not read and study and go to the Internet and search for the things that you want to know, you do not progress mentally. So this Revelation is a combination of mental and spiritual revelation.

I heard about the forces that the scientists have discovered. And then, of course, I came to the conclusion that you read in THOTH that gravity is the power of the mass in the universe because the tama guna has the power of attraction and crudification. Therefore, it has the power of pulling things toward the center. And when the mass becomes large the gravity becomes in a greater degree.

Brad: It is different from most science and physics.

Maitreya: Of course, many things that we say in the Mission are different than scientists and physicists.

We, for example, explain the evolution differently than scientists. They say that everything is based on chance, or things evolved by themselves. They put God out of it. They say, "There is no such a thing as God."

Brad: They think of gravity as a force.

Maitreya: According to our teaching gravity is not a force. Gravity is the reason for the presence of the tama guna. The explanation is different than scientists, absolutely. It is because gravity is not a force. It does not exist until you have the mass.

Of course, everything has gravity but it does not become effective until there is a mass of matter. Then gravity exists. The reason for gravity is it pulls things toward itself.

What does the tama guna do? Doesnt the tama guna also pull everything to the center? It crudifies. It makes the consciousness to ether, then to air, then to fire, then to liquid, and then to solid? So that power of gravity is the power of the tama guna, therefore, it is not really a force.

Did you find it?

John: It is under the definition of atom in THOTH. Do you want me to read that part, Maitreya?

Maitreya: Yes, go ahead.

Maitreya: That is it. We just looked at THOTH again, and John just read it. I do not know if you heard it or not. That is exactly what the explanation is.

The strong force, as we explain in THOTH is the force of tama guna. It is strong because it crudifies the consciousness to different matter and levels.

Every particle in the universe has gravity because of the tama guna. It is not a force by itself but is the result of the tama guna, which crudifies the consciousness. Therefore, it is not a force by itself but is actually the tama guna and is a part of the strong force, not a separate force.

So that is the explanation of why we explain it differently than scientists. And that makes more sense than it being a force by itself.

Go ahead, Kinjin.

Kinjin: What is Buddhist enlightenment compared to a Christian being saved? I have this feeling like I should become a Buddhist. I am a Catholic, Christian, but I am really attracted to meditation and enlightenment.

Can you give me some advice on that?

Maitreya: Well, Buddhism is a part of awakening your spiritual forces. To become enlightened really means to know your self and become a part of God. According to our teaching, even Buddhism and Hinduism are not perfect.

So I cannot advise you to go join Buddhism because I do not believe it is a perfect religion or teaching. The most perfect thing is the Eternal Divine Path, or our teaching. I can advise you, if you really want to become enlightened, to join the Mission and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

But if you want to know about Buddhism, Buddha really came to reform Hinduism. That is why these two religions are very close.

Buddha had enough of all the gods that the Hindus followed. Those gods had become such an obstacle in the way of the Hindus that Buddha came and said, "Do not worry about gods, know thyself and reach Nirvana," which he explained as something that you reach and is unexplainable, the same as God that we say is unexplainable.

Some people say that Nirvana is nothingness. It is not really nothingness. It is a state of complete absorption to the One and unmanifested consciousness.

Therefore, Buddha did believe in something that some religions called God and he called Nirvana to separate Buddhism from Hinduism. He tried to release the Hindus from so many gods and rituals that were obstacles in the path toward becoming One with their Essence.

Buddhists also emphasize meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces. Therefore, it is a part of the Mystical Path and is the First Step actually in the Eternal Divine Path in our teachings.

The next step is the Old Testament (creation of the Communities of Light). Next is the New Testament (sacrificing for the community, to create it). The next step is Islam (to become surrendered and submitted to God), and next is to become a universalist.

If you follow these Five Steps you will receive salvation, or enlightenment as the Buddhists teach you to reach. So my recommendation is to go to our website, read our teachings, and send more questions to us if you have them.

But I cannot recommend you to join any other religions before this Revelation because I do not believe any of them are perfect. This is the perfect Path to join and progress.

Kinjin: So no matter what you do and choose, is meditation the real key to everything?

Maitreya: Not the real key but it is the beginning. Also, there are different kinds of meditation. There is formal meditation that you sit and meditate.

There are meditations that some people do gardening. They feel that they are meditating. That is their way of meditating.

Some people go for long drives. That is their way of meditation.

Some people go fishing or go to the mountain, or go mountain climbing. Whatever makes you concentrate on the deeper level of your Soul, is meditation. But formal meditation, of course, is the fastest way to go.

Some people have a hard time to meditate formally because they drink too much coffee, or they eat too much tamasic food that are not letting them have a calm mind. Going for a ride, for example, is easier for them than to formally sit and meditate because that obstacle that they put in their body will not let them meditate easily.

Therefore, it is a very wide range of possibilities how to go to God. But if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, the more you follow the Eternal Divine Path the greater Grace you will receive. The greater Grace you receive the less meditation you need. And even when you meditate, you are in the ecstasy of being in The Grace.

That is one of the things that Christianity teaches. It is one of the most important things, which a lot of Mystical Paths do not emphasize. That Grace is a very important part of Gods Plan and if you can evoke The Grace of God toward you, you will receive greater joy and happiness.

Of course, creating Grace means to do the Will of God, to follow the Eternal Divine Path, to really meditate (or at least try to meditate), to awaken your spiritual forces, to try to create the Communities of Light, to sacrifice for them, to surrender and submit, and to become a universalist.

If you do not do those things, you are not following the Eternal Divine Path. Even if you sacrifice and you resent that you are sacrificing, you are not really sacrificing. Your ego is in the way. You are not doing it from your heart. You are not doing it because you want to do it in a greater degree.

So the spiritual Path is not an easy Path. But with the Eternal Divine Path it makes it thousands of times easier. But you have to understand every Seal very deeply.

Awaken your spiritual forces, what does that mean? Meditate on each Seal, "What does that mean to awaken my spiritual forces?" It means that I start to know myself.

If you do not know yourself then you are not really awakening your spiritual forces. No matter how long you stay in the Mission but if I do not know myself it does not make any difference.

Creation of the Communities of Light, what does that mean? It means to join with like-minded people. It means to try to create an environment that everyone can meditate.

Sacrifice means that I do from my heart. Not, "I do it because there is community pressure," or anything like that but I do it because I want to.

Of course, surrendering and submission to God means that you really do meditate, you really do create the Communities of Light, you really do sacrifice, and then you are not attached to the result, and you absolutely say, "Let God come through and do my work."

If you can let God come through all the time you are One with God, you have reached enlightenment. You have reached Pure Consciousness. You have reached the Godhead, whatever you want to call it.

You have reached salvation. It does not matter what the religion calls it, that is what it means, "God and I are One."

Of course, you have to become a universalist, expand your mind to include every thing in the universe as a part of God, accept them, and respect them because of that. So this is the fastest way to salvation.

Buddhism is really the reformation of Hinduism and that is why it spread so fast for some time in the Hindu culture. Eventually, of course, it went mostly to the North of India, and Hinduism again became the main religion in India. But Buddha was the reformer of the Hindu religion.

Actually, the Buddhists tried very hard to make the distinction between Buddhism and Hinduism. If you really, really study them, it is just a terminology change a little bit, but the goal is the same.

Hinduism wants to become a part of God. Buddhism wants to become enlightened. So in a higher level both say the same thing.

John has a question here. Go ahead, John.

John: My question is about when I am working and I am very high on God, I feel very good. Then I come home, I meditate a little, I read the Scripture, and I go to sleep very happy. But then I wake up the next morning to take the shower or something, the ego is back, and the mind is going in all directions. I do not feel connected.

How can I stay connected when I wake up?

Maitreya: Dont go to work? [laughing] What is sleep? Sleep is really a temporary death. We really die, in a sense we are completely dead.

Why do we sleep anyway? Why does humanity need sleep? We sleep because we need to go through a deeper level, see ourselves, connect to the Universal Mind, and learn what is going wrong with our lives or how we can improve ourselves. Or, we let the mind Most of the time I compare that to defragmentation of the computer hard disc.

It is just like, in finding the criminals, they can hypnotize the witness. When you hypnotize a person, they might remember the car's license number although they would not remember usually. So it means that you remember fifty times more than your conscious mind lets you remember.

Your subconscious mind picks up fifty times greater information than your conscious mind does. So although you feel good and you think that you are not affected by your environment, you are. Environment is affecting you all the time.

That is why, again, we have to create the Communities of Light, the pure environment that even your subconscious mind does not pick up all these images that we can see that completely are ungodly and take us away from a deeper level and Gods way of thinking.

So when we sleep, we defragment, we get rid of those images. We go to a deeper level in our beings. That is what sleep is all about.

What is death? Death is a period that we die to really go deeper and realize what we have done wrong. That is because our conscious minds are so limited, therefore, we do not know on a deeper level who we are and how we are affected with things.

Actually if you meditate, the more you meditate the less sleep you need. If you can really meditate, you can decrease your time of sleep. So deep meditation itself is sleep.

You consciously feel good, you consciously feel Godly, you consciously feel great but your subconscious mind is picking up all those things. When you come home and you fall asleep, where do you go? You go to a deeper level. You are not elated in a conscious level but realizing deeper in the subconscious and unconscious mind that usually probably you do not even want to look at because the conscious mind is happy but the subconscious mind still has things you have to work with.

So when you wake up in the morning you are really more in subconscious mind than in your conscious mind therefore, you see ego is back. You thought you got rid of it.

If you got rid of ego it should not be there in the morning either, should it? So you really had not gotten rid of the ego, or subconscious mind, but you consciously made yourself feel good, or thought about God and became Godly. Also you were affected in your environment so when you slept and woke up in the morning, the ego was back. So the answer is to meditate more, meditate deeper.

So meditate more. As you meditate more and more and deeper, less and less you will need sleep, and eventually you will wake up in the morning, you will feel great, and you will feel wonderful. You will feel God.

Actually you put your head down in the lap of God at night and you sleep with God all night. You will wake up in the morning and still you are sleeping, God is right beside you, and your ego is no longer there. So the answer again is deeper realization of self.

The deeper we go, and the deeper we meditate, the less sleep we need. Also when we wake up we will be much fresher, ready to go, and united.

All right, it sound like there are no more questions in the room. I will leave you all to God. Think about this Satsang. Of course, the Satsang will be in the room maybe tomorrow or the day after. Again, listen to it and let everyone know this is the best place to have the latest news and what is coming up.

Let them know the Good News, the Great News and let us all come, join, and create Communities of Light. Eventually other people will also see this is the Truth, this is the Way, we may bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and everyone will be respected, will be given the opportunity to physically, mentally, and spiritually progress to the highest.

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