Conversation With Maitreya 2003

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12/27/2003: Kalki Avatar, Solving problems: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. Explanation of One God?

2. Who is this God?

3. Which scripture?

4. What are your eight superhuman qualities alluded to in Hindu Scriptures?

5. Do you believe that Christianity is right or not? I do not understand your teaching.

6. I want to understand what you believe first, about one God, the trinity.

7. What is this room about?

8. I want to know more about the Hindu Prophecy, the 3 incarnations of the Kalki Avatar.

9. The 4 beasts: the word, time, space, and the atom. Could you speak more about space?

10. When we go to what we call meditation and we are trying to see the problems or patterns in our lives so that we can overcome them, what are we doing then? Is that just contemplation?

11. Who is Maitreya?

12. Could you explain Matthew 24 about many false prophets?

13. How do you believe in one God when you do not believe in the Old Testament?

14. How do I believe that Muhammad is Christ, where are the two witnesses as required by the Bible?

15. Is not Thoth an Egyptian fake god?

16. Why are you using his name? But there is only one God not thousands.

17. Who is the Maitreya?

18. Were you a Muslim early?

19. Does a persons level of intellect or level of consciousness effect their understanding and acceptance of these teachings, and how does it affect their progress on this Eternal Divine Path

20. What do you say about Salmon Rusdhie since you are from Iran?

21. How can we believe that you are the Messiah?

12/20/2003: (be a Buddha and more!): Listen - Read - FTP site

Topic Covered: No questions

12/13/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. Didnt the Bible say, "Leave your parents, wives and children?

2. Who is God?

3. What is God for us?

4. What is our commitment to God?

5. After realizing God, then what?

6. Do you think He will treat us all the same way after our death?

7. Why does the word God carry so much distraction?

8. Where do those who died as children go, hell or heaven?

9. Where are we going after death?

10. After death do we keep our personality?

11. What do you call this religion?

12. Do you believe all people need Jesus as a savior?

13. If he is everyones savior, what is the mercy of God for?

14. Which book are you reading to realize what God recommends and what He fulfilled?

15. Do you think Gods Mercy stopped and is gone with Jesus death?

16. Abortion?

17. Laws of marriage and divorce?

18. Would like to know about The Goal Of Life Is To Become Divine, and of the unit consciousness.

19. What you teach is not new.

20. What is your base of your teaching?

21. Can you summarize your belief?

22. Can you tell me, who is Abdu'l-Baha?

23. What will I gain if I believe same as you?

24. What do I need more?

25. I am a drop in the ocean, so I am a part of God.

12/06/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. Do you know Portuguese?

2. Do you know the date when you are going to become the leader?

3. Acts are not all true?

4. How can you say part of the Bible is of God and part is not when all was inspired by the same God?

5. Paul and disciples followed Jesus. The things that the disciples taught in the Bible were from Jesus.

6. Bible encourages us to read from the book alone in Isaiah 34.

7. Do you believe Mohammed was greater than Christ?

11/29/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. What are you thoughts on science to make clean energy to help people?

2. Do you believe there are powerful economic forces, leaders who suppress technology like this?

3. Do you believe there is an actual individual, a person called Satan, Lucifer?

4. Your thoughts on Christian concepts that Jesus is the only way, he is God in the flesh, etc?

5. What happens when we die physically, where does our eternal spirit go?

6. What are your thoughts on sin?

7. Are you the Messiah, the Savior?

8. Have you met spiritual beings, and what are your thoughts on extraterrestrials?

9. May I offer you a website, post a URL?

10. Why do people embrace Atheism?

11. What are your thoughts on homosexuality, do you believe it is wrong?

12. Have you ever thought about getting married?

13. Where does your authority come from, and how?

14. Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, and he is now on the right hand of God?

15. Do you believe one day you will be the world leader?

16. What dogma do Atheists have?

17. If you say there is a God, what evidence?

18. How do you know your perception isnt fantasy?

19. Human beings are poor scientific instruments.

20. I can prove that humans are constantly wrong about theology.

21. Are you saying that your perception of reality is correct and mine is incorrect?

22. I have trouble with this God. I see it as a huge leap in logic.

23. Scientists have little understanding of anything in the universe but you understand.

11/22/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site (Mission Heals the whole earth, Chaos = ego, situation in Iran!)

Topic Covered:

1. Why did he not discuss, and I say that he could not. It is very simple.

2. Explain, At the time of the 7th angel, the 7th seal, the karma of the whole world will be dissolved.

3. What was the desire that caused the operative powers to be released in the beginning?

4. Are you saying Maitreya is Yshua, Christ?

5. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many

6. Would I be correct in saying that the self-centeredness and ego caused the chaos because the unit consciousnesses were in an illogical state without a system or path and this why we have the EDP?

7. How come you eat meat if your teachings are supposed to be in line with everything?

8. Are you Imam Mehdi?

9. Are you the fifth Buddha?

10. Are you Bb and Bah'u'llh?

11. Do you like Baha'i's?

12. So you do not kill mankind?

13. Where is your location?

14. When will Iran become a democracy?

15. What is your view of Baha'i's?

16. Do you believe in Sufism?

11/15/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site (Origin of the Universe, Global Consciousness, etc.)

Topic Covered:

1. Is an example of the loss of the teachings of Buddha that they now consider themselves atheists?

2. What does Haree Om Shrii Hung mean?

3. How would we define Universal Ego?

4. a. Is the innate nature of the universe to be creative? b. Were we created with free will to be co-creators with God?

5. Do you believe in next birth?

6. Where did that chaos come from?

7. Did the first manifestation have no direction?

11/08/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site (String theory and our Teachings part 2, etc.)

Topic Covered:

1. String theory and its five different theories.

2. The M theory.

3. God is everything?

4. What if something is separate from God if God is everything?

5. What does everything mean?

6. Einstein tried to unify

7. According to you hate is not bad?

8. The bad thing only comes through ego?

9. Did Maitreya ever join an organization?

10. Did you study in India?

11. Are you the reincarnation of Christ Jesus?

12. Can you talk about sensation perception, interpretation (via thought) identification, and reaction?

13. Who wrote THOTH?

14. Where does negativity come from?

15. Death as a deep sleep.

16. How we should live based on our calling.

11/01/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site (String theory and our Teachings part 1, etc.)

Topic Covered:

1. String Theory.

2. Definition of Mystery.

3. Could you explain, The opposite of good is evil?

4. Would you apply the concept of good and evil to the story of Job?

5. Is it right to be praying to Mary, or worshipping anything but God?

6. Gen 28:18 emphasizes that someone will be crowned. Is there any connection to that?

7. When all these Revelation were revealed to you, how did that make you feel?

8. Where did God come from?

9. How does one identify future Prophets after the 7th truth according to the Scriptures?

10. If a person is egoistical and really bad, could such a person control the world?

11. His name was Y'shua and it translates to Jesus.

12. Why does this Revelation quit with you, why doesnt it quit with the Bible?

10/25/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. How is God described?

2. Is Maitreya a religion, and if yes how old it is?

3. Is God all-powerful, all knowing, and all good?

4. Maitreya is just a fulfillment of prophecies?

5. If god is all-powerful, then why can he not have a name?

6. Names do not create separation if God can have unlimited names.

7. Doesn't that limit God to say he cannot have a name?

8. What is Maitreya view on religion?

9. Why does having a name have to be a human attribute? a. It is readily accepted that God is within you, but why not without you also?

10. Is Maitreya the continuation of all previous existing religions?

11. What is Maitreya view on vegetarianism?

12. How can Maitreya believe in Karma and expect that there will not be a reaction for killing animals?

13. How were the Seven Seals opened?

14. Do you believe in life after death?

15. What are the qualifications you posses to allow you to open the seals?

16. Do you know the Hebrew language? a. How then can you be king of the Jews?

17. How did you overcome the four defects of the conditioned soul, namely "making mistakes, having imperfect senses, the tendency to cheat, and being in illusion?"

18. Wouldnt you have to be free from these conditions in order to be able to receive this message?

19. How would you know if this revelation wasn't just your own mental speculation?

20. All of these same teachings can be found in the Vedic Scriptures. So where is the revelation?

10/18/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. What is this religion called?

2. What is the spiritual practice?

3. Where do you live?

4. Do you have meeting places?

5. What do you do when you are not on pal talk?

6. What kind of God do you believe in?

7. Who do you think the chosen one is?

10/11/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. If, during our progress of walking the EDP, we would bring ourselves to Compassion (The Essence 10:5) would we then be in harmony or dharma with the nature of the universe?

2. How can we keep Compassion and that corrective love to come through so to not fall into judgment?

3. How do we differentiate between compassion and sympathy?

4. Are you Jesus Christ?

5. What do you say about what Muslims say: The Koran is from God and replaces the Bible as the last book?

6. Ihsou' is Hebrew, when transliterated into English it is Jesus.

7. Jesus taught he is the only way.

8. Scripture also says do not believe the people who claim to be Messiah.

9. Does the Mission teach the resurrection of Christ?

10. Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ? And was Jesus born of a virgin?

10/04/2003: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. Do you expect to become a more public figure eventually? How and when do you expect this to happen?

2. What is faith and how can I improve it?

3. How can we overcome our selfishness and become closer to God?

4. Who opened the 4th 5th and 6th seals?

5. How will you unite Christians and Muslims when you claim that Mohammed was a reincarnation of Jesus? a. Christians claim that Jesus was the son of God and Muslims claim he was a prophet of God?

b. That he was never crucified and did not die? c. That Mohammed came after him and was the LAST prophet? 6. How do you know you are a reincarnation of Jesus?

7. What is the difference if any?

8. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and to turn the other cheek, but Mohammed went to war.

9. Do you have memories from that life?

10. Does God want us to love our enemies or to fight them? Or love them as we kill them? a. Or love them as we kill them.

11. Why do I think I have the ability to choose? Who is making decisions inside me?

09/27/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. What exactly will happen in 2012? How is this related (if at all) to the establishment of The KOHOE? Is it related to Judgment Day?

2. What is the symbology of the word land, and why the fighting about it?

3. Universalism.

4. Can you comment on the seven levels of initiation in the Mission?

5. How is this Word understood and communicated if it cannot be uttered?

6. Maitreya talked about the need for the people to come forward to support the contacts.

09/20/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. The point, Jesus died on the cross. You say Mohammad came after and said he did not die.

2. Does the Koran teach that Christ was replaced with another person, a likeness, was put on the cross?

09/13/2003: Listen - FTP site (Sai Baba, Bah'u'llh, Hinduism and Buddhism, etc.)

Topic Covered:

1. What is the difference between Maitreya and other Avatars?

2. Is Maitreya here today?

3. You do not talk so good about Sai Baba on your homepage (and about Kalki Avatar).

4. We are all God.

5. God took Abraham as a friend. Could you explain the word friend more deeply?

6. We are all a part of God, isnt that the truth?

7. Why are all of you so mad about Sai Baba?

8. Who are the Messengers of the past?

9. Bahullh brought the teaching didnt he?

10. The Seven Seals are not a part of the Vedas.

11. Is this the same Maitreya that has been with me since a young age?

12. I was looking at Benjamin Crmes teaching and did not believe in it.

13. How do you dismiss the Messenger?

14. What protection do you have to keep this writing safe?

15. The writing of Bahullh was not his writing?

16. A question about the perfection of the Koran.

17. Was it you in Nairobi, Kenya?

09/06/2003: Listen - FTP site (EDP, Prayer, Sounds of Chakras, etc.)

Topic Covered:

1. Do you have disciple succession? And Is there a list I can get hold of?

2. I want to understand better the word unknowingly in the last verse of The Essence, T. 18.

3. Where did this revelation start and when?

4. I am looking for truth, reality, something I can live and practice.

5. In The Reminder we pray to overcome the power of the Tama Guna over our Souls. How then can we pray for someone else?

6. What should I call you to express respect?

7. What should you pray for others?

8. Could you expound on the different sounds (of Chakras) in Universe And Man?

9. What is the difference between Jesus the Christ and Maitreya the Christ?

10. Some say that Maitreya overshadowed Jesus, is that true?

11. Can we download the literature on the website?

12. Are we also trying to be Christ or are there some few chosen for that honor?

13. It is confusing because there are many religions out there that provide just as effective a way to reach a higher state of being.

14. Many people are experiencing that they are Jesus. What is happening to those Souls?

15. What came first the chicken or the egg?

16. I do not see anything that would help me to believe that this is any more truthful than anything that I have seen yet.

17. Isnt it the way to meditation to go through practice and learn?

18. Your teaching only talks about the method to reach meditation not history.

19. Have you read the book, Conversation With God? Would you comment? 20. Why is it not more simple (the teachings)?

08/30/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. When will the coming of the peace be?

2. What is God?

3. God is Everything is a dangerous deception.

4. If you say we are God, why are we mortal?

5. Bible talks about resurrection day, when we all will be resurrected.

6. What do you think about the Sunday worship?

7. When the Messiah comes every eye will see him.

8. You do not know much about the letters of Hebrew or tradition.

9. How do you perceive the future events, how will things unveil?

10. What happens to human beings when they die?

11. Do you have a website?

12. Is it true that you believe that the Seventh Seal is opened?

13. Where were they opened from, earth or heaven?

14. The Seals have been opened from heaven, right?

08/23/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. You told us that everything in the world is God, the bigots dont believe in being in Gods Way.

2. Sometimes we jump for joy when this realization comes to us to know God.

3. We must all go collectively to help one another.

08/17/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. In The Reminder, the last line, how do the Great Souls help us?

2. Are these Higher Souls influencing events in our lives?

3. We can only go to the Father thru the Son.

4. Are you really the Messiah?

5. So you are the one who died on the cross?

6. Do you remember being on the cross?

7. When Christ comes every eye will see him.

8. You cannot see Christ on the Web.

9. Can you do miracles, like walking on water?

10. Arent you worried that people are going to hang you up on the cross again?

11. Do ever have any doubts that you are the Messiah, or do you feel like you are the Messiah all the time?

12. Are you God's only son?

13. When did you first know that you were the Messiah?

14. Did you wake up one day and think, Oh, I am the Messiah?

15. Do you ever think you might be going crazy and you are not really the Messiah?

16. Do you have a wife?

17. What does your son think about you being the Messiah?

18. Do you realize that there are many people in history, and at present, who think they are the Messiah?

19. If someone really proved you are wrong, you will quit?

20. What has to happen to prove that you are wrong? (Im not saying you are wrong)

21. What keeps everything in the universe in motion?

22. Does raja guna exist in the physical universe, or is it a spiritual force?

23. Wouldnt hearing these answers from the Messiah be better than reading from a website?

24. The Bible says not to go beyond what is written in it, so reading your teachings is forbidden.

25. You add raja guna. Thats not in the Bible.

26. What is your objective for the world?

27. Is it true that you believe that the Seven Seals have been opened?

28. Where were the Seven Seals opened from, earth or heaven?

29. The Seals have been opened from heaven, right?

30. Who opens the Seven Seals?

31. You are the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, and it is you that is opening these Seals?

32. Who were these people who came to you and told you that you were from King David?

33. Has the Anti-Christ been revealed from heaven yet?

34. Revelation 6:2, who is that talking about?

35. John is in Heaven in Revelation chapters 4 and 5 when he sees these visions and writes them?

36. Can we agree that John from this Hallowed Word says that man cannot add or take away?

37. Rev 22: 18-19 (God will add, God will take away) Do you agree with those two verses?

38. Are your hands nail scared, your ankles, and does your thigh have a spear wound in it?

39. If any man says I am Lord, believe them not (from Matthew) are you familiar with that?

40. Why should I believe you when the Lord JC says that I should not believe a person who says that?

41. Matthew 24 tells what will happen in the last days. Then in vs 30, he comes in the clouds. We have not seen all these things yet. So by this verse you would be an imposter.

42. Matthew 24:24-25 If it were possible they would deceive the very Elect.

08/09/2003: Listen - FTP site (Islam, Are you the Messiah, etc.)

Topic Covered:

1. What about Jesus or also known as Yshua?

2. Are you a Prophet? Are you Mehdi? What is the miracle? How do you know that you are a Prophet?

3. Do you have a Holy Book? From where did you bring It?

4. You have seen Wahey?

5. What would attract me as a Muslim and make me believe in this message you brought?

6. All people should follow this religion, like convert?

7. Do you consider yourself a Messiah, a Christ, or The Messiah, The Christ, the one prophesied to come?

8. Who are you?

9. The Bible has been changed.

10. Christ did not deny Christhood.

11. What is the proof that you are the last Messenger?

12. I understand that drinking is allowed and the women are not covered. God changed His Mind?

08/02/2003: None (PalTalk was down for hardware update).

07/26/2003: (Subconscious mind): Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. What is Sal-Om?

2. What do you know about Islam?

3. Maitreya did you say you had a Guru?

4. Can we talk about the mind? I am curious about the nature of memory.

5. Could we focus on the connection between unconscious mind and subconscious mind?

6. How do we release the effects of our bad causes that we have brought on ourselves?

7. What makes up the subconscious mind and its tendencies?

8. By meditation do you mean to think, or to contemplation, or a still mind?

9. How many levels does the unconscious mind, or the sub-conscious mind have?

10. About people who use psychic powers: Is it a hindrance from the spiritual path?

11. Are there really spiritual guides?

12. If one does not pursue an impulse, is the impulse suppressed back into the subconscious mind or released out of the subconscious mind at that moment in time?

13. What is Tantra?

14. If you are God, people should expose you more to the world because many people do not know of you.

15. What is your final message?

07/19/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. What is the source of the ego? Does it come from the fact that we are created in the image and have an innate nature to believe that we are God?

2. Is it the effect of the tama guna on the consciousness?

3. Prophet Muhammad brought miraculous verses in the Koran.

4. Is there going to be an earth shift where some cities will go under water?

5. Does the Maitreya have new teachings or a review of the old teachings?

6. Anything new on the site for the last year?

7. How much time should I devote to the website?

8. Can a person just meditate and see the nature of the mind?

9. Is it true that any action is from the mind itself, preservation, whether it is meditation, service, study, etc?

10. Most of the human action, behavior, wants, and needs are simply reactions. That is true the nature of ego.

11. Sometimes when I come here during the week I see people who are as egoistical as I am.

12. Would you agree it is not black and white but instead a transformation?

13. I do not understand, ego is ego.

14. So any insight of Pure Consciousness is, ego is less?

15. If I just meditate and watch the nature of my ego, thoughts, and I see my heart becoming impersonal, what is happening to the nature of the mind at that time?

16. I am in the medical field and not impressed by how I am taught to treat patients.

17. Were you enlightened when you were born?

18. Hoping to find a more natural way.

19. During your free leisure time do you watch TV listen to the radio?

20. Is Armageddon that which has been being fought since creation, are we in the middle of it right now?

21. Are you the last prophet, or will there be other Gurus/saints to help human beings?

22. I do not know the difference between a Prophet and a Guru/saint.

23. I want to go to India, my motherland, when I mature.

24. Have you given all your teachings, or there is more to come from you?

25. What does 'THOTH' mean? 26. Have you heard of a spiritual teacher Krishnamurti?

07/12/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topic Covered:

1. What is the religion you actually teach?

2. What is the purpose of life, why are we here?

3. I have never been able to meditate. I just find it impossible.

4. Who or what is God and how do we know that we are one with Him?
a. How do we know that we are on the right path?
b. Also how does love fit in with all of this?

5. When you have been back to God, reached the oneness with God, what next?

6. How do you handle someone who disagrees with you?

7. God says a spiritual man makes judgments of all things.

8. Are you going to explain to the US government the Eternal Path and shift their Consciousness or is this in the plan of the Creator to have the chaos that is happening for now for the cleansing period on Earth?

9. If God tells me to do one thing and you tell me to do another, what should I do?

10. Been following you for the last 12 months but still dont feel I am part of you. How do I join you officially?

11. Are you Perfect? Do you sin?

12. Do you think you are correct?

13. Can anyone add anything to your word or is your word completely finished?

14. Is Esa in Italy now?

15. Do you know anything about the light of Melchizedek? Do you have that light?

16. When a person reaches its oneness with God is that person then equal to you?

17. Hebrews 7:15 talks about Melchizedek.

18. Is there such a thing like "Great white brotherhood"?

19. After reaching the oneness with God do you just keep being one with God or you evolve more and more?

20. Please do not hurt my friends, Maitreya.

21. So not even you are always experiencing the oneness with God?

07/05/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Is Maitreya a Hebrew Word?

2. If every man is a part of God, how can God turn away from any man?

3. In the Old Testament God is a vengeful God, how can He be vengeful to a part of Him/Her-self?

4. Revenge is an action of separation not of unification.

5. I read a translation and it's indeed written by humans, though inspired ones.

6. Why does man keep choosing for (the illusion of) pain in his/her life?

7. Are natural catastrophes chosen by man, or are they answers of nature to our actions?

8. WHO is the enemy spoken of in Luke 10:19? Does this mean Satan, or the un-churched, or the infidels?

9. Could you speak about the Tree of Life?

10. We have not created the heaven and the earth... How is We used?

11. Who is the John who wrote The Revelation?

12. Are you a minister or something?

06/28/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Where do You each live in the world?

2. How many followers do you have?

3. What are the main rules for Maitreyas religions?

4. What do you have to give up, sinful activities?

5. A question about Krishna.

6. Christ is going to come from the sky.

7. My father also said that God is everywhere, is this true?

8. Do you believe in Buddha?

9. A question from an Atheist.

10. If God exists, how come he does not believe in God?

11. Why do you insist on giving God human attributes?

12. Where are all the Catholics?

06/21/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is it in human nature that things have to become just horrible before we wake up or change?

2. Who is Jesus for you?

3. I believe in Jesus Christ, the real Christ.

4. He is back to judge the World, for everything that happened in the World, the War, and the Famine, etc.

5. What is the difference between the teachings of Maitreya and the Prophets of the other religions?

6. Now the only way to God is through chanting in Hinduism.

7. Where is unification in the Bible?

8. Who is your spiritual master?

9. Do you eat meat or flesh?

10. Why people eat cows that give milk?

11. You eat to give you strength, to do Gods will and worship Him. Most eat much more than they need.

12. It is not religion, but each must seek the Beloved.

13. Every faith is true?

14. Do you intend somehow to have THOTH on CDs?

06/14/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Will you talk on what faith is please?

2. Why over 2,000 years, of Christian belief anyway, no one has ever, with faith, prayed for world peaceif faith is a power, like it suggests in the Bible, If you ask anything in faith of God, you will receive.

3. Why dont people of faith, who are praying for a cure for aids, say Surely, someone out there has enough faith that that cure will be found now.

4. That means surely that Gods Will is The world is as it is. For you or anyone else to say that the world needs to change, to become more spiritual, is against Gods Will.

5. You suggested just now, what the will of God is. Yes, I can go along with that. But it still does not explain what faith is to me. I am not being argumentative, I really would like to understand what it is. I believed that faith was the correct use of knowledge.

6. Could you give some other examples of sins against society.

7. In the beginning God willed the world into existence, or the universe into existence. So surely, Gods Will is the creative force. If God wills the world to be at peace, it will, just because He willed it, surely.

8. I am having a little problem with the whole concept of Gods Will. That is because to me, Gods Will implies a God with human traits.

9. How do we discern the truth from the influences you just mentioned?

10. How can we tell the Word of God from the word of man?

11. I am not familiar with any book other than the Bible.

12. Do the other writings teach about the Sabbath and feasts?

13. In the lunar and solar calendar for the Mission the day starts at sunset.

14. All time / calendar systems are arbitrary. How do we know this is really 2003?

15. Is the calendar on the website?

16. Where does the sacrificial system laid out in the Tanakh fit in, and will it be re-established?

17. If God didn't want them to sacrifice, why did he give them the instructions in the first place?

18. Why didn't he teach them against it then?

19. Is there an aspect of God that evolves so at that time (where it was in our evolution with Gods creation) there was sacrifice?

20. Doesn't it indicate in Ezekiel that with the establishment of the third temple there will be also the re-establishment of the sacrificial system?

21. Ezekiel talks very clearly there about the reestablishment of animal sacrifice.

22. Isnt the temple being discussed at the end of Ezekiel, a temple to come that has not come yet, and is it not still talking about animal sacrifice.

23. When you refer to Grace exactly what you are talking about. When you said that Grace was taken from mankind and then re-given by Christ, is that to say then that no one between Adam and Christ had Grace?

06/07/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. When Babylon the great falls then the Kingdom Of God will come. We are in that period of time that we are going toward that finality.

2. Is this a new teaching or reviving old teaching / knowledge (as it looks to me). If new what makes it new?

3. What is the new message? Is there new Ten Commandments, etc?

4. how many Elects does Maitreya have so far in the world? Is there a specific Elects number that has to be reached?

5. when this Pole shift or great earth change that we all feel is coming finally gets here (the fate of man is probably already sealed), what can we expect? What is the next step?

6. Is this why people seem to be so on edge, jobs, etc., due to the fact they feel it is the end times and they are not prepared?

7. The parents expect the schools somehow to solve all the problems they have with their children. It is always someone elses responsibility. No one is ever responsible for their own actions.

8. When this country first started it was based out of a longing for freedom to be able to know God. That longing was there and they were willing to work for it because of that deep internal longing. it changed from this wonderful longing, to be willing to cooperate, to this arrogance and separation, and you owe me sort of thing. That is just how I am seeing it.

9. We went from a pioneer spirit to a recipient spirit where someone is going to do something for us. They promised us they would. They would give us a good life and whatever we needed. And they did not deliver.

10. people no longer were thinking that, God is going to provide for me, but the thinking was, The government is going to provide for me. They replaced God with the government.
It is very difficult for parents to discipline their children. I think our school system has a lot of do with that.

11. I think the parents are also lazy today, a lot of them. Not to mention that, if we as parents do not discipline our children when they are young, they have no discipline for anything when they grow up. They grow up spoiled and greedy.

12. you can see what is happening now that it is the mentality, the consciousness of every man for himself. They do not have that trust that the government is going to do it for them anymore. There is so much fear.

13. If we are concentrating on the war in Iraq and the Middle East, we are not looking at the end of the tunnel, or the light, which God said will come. We are concentrating on what is happening now. So therefore, our job is not to concentrate on what is happening, but to concentrate on what is coming.

14. this nation has been chosen for a reason. This land has been kept away from the rest of humanity for centuries for a reason. It is explained in our teaching what that reason is.

15. Does Messiah mean teacher of God, or claim to be a super being of God?

16. when I read in THOTH, especially the first section, the book, The Holiest (sometimes so much in the ethereal that I cannot really make it relate to the present time) you just made everything make sense in the present time It is hard for most people to understand, the Messiah is just going to give us a Message and show us the way. The rest is up to us.

17. I have the THOTH book here and will learn

05/30/2003: Listen - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. When we pray do you hear us?

2. Where in Islam can I find your meaning of the truth of the words, or prophecies, or foretelling?

3. Would you please send me some literature?

4. What about the impression that Genesis gives that the earth was created first and then all else? And secondly, that all this was done for the benefit of humanity

5. Do we have unit consciousnesses that are not in a physical body, light beings, angels, whatever?

6. Which god is being advertised here?

7. His name?

8. How do you worship?

9. Sabbath?

10. Zoroastrian?

11. You talk like an Iranian, are you?

12. Where is he now?

13. You claim to be a prophet?

14. What is your message?

15. What is your name and religion?

16. If you are the Messiah then you should be able to perform miracles.

17. Which kind of Islam do you follow? 18. Is a temporary retreat just to get on the Path, to get wholly grounded possible?

05/24/2003: You can Listen to the audio of this Satsang or download it from our FTP site.

Topics covered:

1. I cannot understand how God can be universal and personal at the same time.

2. How long have you been here on earth and where did you come from?

3. Why is the situation on earth amongst humans the way it is now if you are the Messiah that has been here for that long?

4. Is that something that other people have too, the grief of life rather than the Joy?

5. My ego is a part of me that keeps me striving to find the truth.

6. How will we be born again?

7. Where do you find the Messiah returning again and again?

8. It seems to me that the female part is the most active in the universe. Is that correct?

9. How was the serpent functioning before he was told to crawl on his belly?

10. Are you suggesting it would be better not to see good or evil into anything, just God in everything?

11. Communities of Light, how are they organized, and who should come to them?

12. I am still a little bit confused about reincarnation.

13. Can you include the Rosary of Maitreya in a room on Pal Talk?

05/17/2003: You can Listen to the audio of this Satsang or download it from our FTP site.

Topics covered:

1. Do you see any parallels between the Essenes mission and what they tried to accomplish and their similarity to your Mission?

2. Marriage is a punishment.

3. Could you please explain the word, ascension?

4. Could you please clarify, Women should not teach in the church?

5. How can we tell when we are starting to conquer the ego?

6. Are you familiar with the Course Of Miracles?

7. I was wondering if you counted your omar?

8. Is there any other way to shift public attention away from the way they seem to be going?

05/10/2003: You can Listen to the audio of this Satsang or download it from our FTP site.

Topics covered:

1. Is it necessary to study and master the Seals in sequence, or is it possible to work on several at one time?

2. Is there a way to retreat, withdraw while in the initial stage?

3. Could you explain to us the sentence, One World, One Humanity, under One God?

4. Is free will then inherent in creation?

5. You mentioned in one of your Satsangs that it takes seven years to work the path. Do we have that much time left?

6. Does this room talk about Buddhist Law?

7. Are you Christians?

8. How do you believe one must be saved?

9. Is Christ the way for you?

10. I have a problem with the concept of GOD being a "super-person" who watches over us, passes judgment and protects us.

11. Are Angelic Beings envious of humans with their free will?

12. Free Will is not such a great thing when it creates nothing but indecision.

13. Now I may be able to stop seeking and start learning.

14. Are we talking about the vibrational quality or levels of the pronunciations in the alphabet when it is written in Creation and History, The gross form of the spiritual vibrations which can invoke the spiritual powers have come to man through the letters of the alphabet in many different languages.

05/03/2003: (this is the only one we have video of): You can Listen to the audio of this Satsang or download it from our FTP site.

Topics covered:

1. Everything is done by God but the human glorifies men. What exactly does that mean?

2. Does that mean in Predestination and Choice, then that men are predestined to do certain things?

3. Does God control the universe by the creative forces, the three gunas?

4. Is free will a part of that illusion of separation?

5. All the nations will be blessed through him, the Messiah. Is that because each time he came, he came to another nation?

6. Who or what is acting in us when we are separate from God?

7. In THOTH, could you tell us more about the spiritual teachings being revealed through the letters of the alphabet?

8. Do we also have to handle the Karma of our ancestors?

9. Did John the Baptist know who he was when they asked him if he was Elijah come again and he said, No?

10. Could you explain a little bit more about the antichrist?

11. Is it correct that Crme does connect people to ethereal beings?

12. What is the difference between conversation with Maitreya and the Satsang?

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