Conversations With Maitreya 2004

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12/25/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Can you talk about the importance of the Feast of the Tabernacles vs. Christmas and other man made traditions?

2. Tell the mountain, go yonder!

3. How does one constantly think of God in all things with single minded attentiveness?

12/18/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is after life?

2. Does ignorance have a place in heaven?

3. Revelation 3:15 is about being spued out of His mouth, who is the one that it will happen to and what will happens to them?

4. What is the most important realization of Mission of Maitreya?

5. Even if I have reached Pure Consciousness, I will have to help others to reach it too, by being sent back to earth?

6. If we are looking for a new way... why do we keep referring back to the ancient texts?

7. Why do you give The Final Declaration now, are you going to leave us?

8. Are you the Messiah?

9. What is the answer to the Da Vinci code?

10. Is there two Maitreyas on Earth now or someone is taking this name on the web too?

11. Will you write an autobiography?

12. The book called "The Aquarian Gospel" wrote many things concerning Christ. Is it a true book?

13. Esa (Jesus) said every eye will see the 7th Angel, this is how I have planned to see if the 7th Angel is the true one, will every eye see you?

14. See Him this way written on Ephesians 1:18 will it be correct?

15. Will "everyone" see you? No matter by what means.

16. Christmas vs. Holy Days of God.

17. Could you speak on Jeremiah 10?

12/11/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Why was there no Conversation last Saturday?

2. Do you expect people of all religions to convert over night?

3. I think so we can begin to discover ourselves, because The house of the God is person's heart, how we can clean our heart?

4. There are a lot of children in the dark streets, what can we do for them?

5. Why are they so poor in India and have caste system when they have had Hinduism for thousands of years?

6. What is the right way from a spiritual point of view?

7. Who is the final Prophet/Messiah?

8. You are Antichrist.

9. Is The Revelation chronological?

10. Where does the different incarnations fall in the bible?

11. Has the Revelation been changed?

12. What is the Goal of meditation?

13. Can you give us examples of excess comfort versus comfort that is acceptable to God?

14. Did the serpent lie?

15. How can we correct the material imbalance in the world?

12/4/2004: No Conversation!

11/27/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Are we all divine?

2. There are many paths to enlightenment?

3. Can You do an simple explanatory of the Great Invocation (The Reminder), by the light of The Greatest Sign, please?

4. If we are going to reincarnate and we will learn the lesson for sure, why all the trouble to make the people aware?

5. Before creating any Community of Light, should I create first, my internal Community of Light? I mean, be in direct contact with God?

6. Is The Maitreya a Prophet?

7. If you have been Initiated but realize that you want to go back and become a supporter of the Mission is that alright?

11/20/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Which Maitreya are you? Where were you born?

2. Maitreya, in your 3rd declaration speech on the website, were you referring indirectly to the outcome of the United states election.

3. Why are there so many Maitreyas?

4. What is the formula for a happy life?

5. Is meditation more important than service?

6. Where on the website is "Eternal Divine Path"?

7. How can an ordinary man give the best service, and which is the best Mantra?

8. Vegetarianism or meat eating?

9. Do you attend the Feast of Tabernacles every year?

10. Is there life after death?

11. Lifespan in the Bible and how does it relate to us today?

12. What would you regard as the most important part of the THOTH?

13. How will the Library in the Temple be and who can attend it?

14. Is marriage or celibacy the best lifestyle?

15. Who is Baba?

11/13/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Final Declaration 'It is Done':

2. Maitreya: when you say "Know the Teaching well ... Do not add to it, and do not subtract from it." I hope that this does not discourage others and me from using Your teachings to create a spiritual blueprint for mental illness in our studies. In this way, others may add to your Teachings, but it will not corrupt or contradict what You have said and written. It will complement them, I think. Any thoughts?

3. Why do we need a guru like you?

4. Have you not just blended the different religions together, what is new about that?

5. You have explained the teachings so many times, on many levels, from so many viewpoints - very clear teaching, so vast, so complete. Is it possible to misunderstand it?

6. Can you talk about James 4,7 please? How can you explain that in another manner. What can you say about that verse? James 4:7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

7. Can a fallen one reach Pure Consciousness?

11/06/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. I want to know something: the symbol of your religion are the same symbol of witchcraft, that's against God, how you explain that Maitreya?

2. In acts 4:12 it says: none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. So my Question is what was the Name they talked about?

3. Do you know about the devils?

4. Can you explain this verse please: Mat 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

5. I experienced the crucifixion of Christ when reading about it in the gospels... what happened to me?

6. What is the meaning of the number 40: Noah opened the windows of the ark after 40 days, David ruled Israel for 40 years, Esa spends 40 days in the desert, etc.

7. I have been taught that 4 is the number of foundation. 0 is spiritual. So 40 seems to be this symbol of spiritual foundation.

8. Elect is a universalist?

9. Please elaborate on Mark 13:20.

10/30/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What God are we talking about?

2. Was Zeus Jesus?

3. Can we see God? How can we know He is there?

4. I have read the story about Baha'u'llah and the suffering they went through, even more than Esa. Will this happen again?

5. Can you speak Persian (Farsi)?

6. About Zeus, Mithra, and Jay Zeus (Jesus, Esa).

7. I know that Maitreya is the Seventh Angel but I cannot become a full time servant of the Lord. It is so hard following the rituals. Why is this?

8. How can you know you are a true believer?

9. I believe God has called me to this Mission how do I know this belief is true?

10. The reason for the tribulation on earth is because people are keeping God out. After the tribulation no human will doubt the Revelation of the Seventh Angel and through that understand that God exists.

10/23/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Plato - man made ideas for society.

2. Is the Maitreya title the same as saying, he is Messiah, Buddha, Bab, Christ?

3. What is your source of information about the Kali Yuga, Kalki Avatar?

4. What is a valid Authority?

5. Difference between Formless and Manifested God and why.

6. Sal-Om Maitreya! I am expecting a baby in December. When could I request a spiritual name for him or her and could you explain the significance of a spiritual name?

7. The Swastika.

8. Does Maitreya have any powers?

10/16/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Who exactly is Maitreya?

2. I have wondered all my life how division in Churches and sanghas etc. can ever make Unity happen. Exclusion and hatred never made inclusion and love happen.

3. How are Paravipras 'dynamic'?

4. Importance of Leaders in the Community of Light.

5. Is it good to be forceful?

6. I imagine being in the Communities of Light is difficult at first but eventually will be very beautiful as all come together through God.

7. In group efforts in America these experiments fail for ego, for self interests, conflicts etc. Why is this?

8. What is your view regarding "jinns" in Islam? And where do they come from?

10/09/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Would it have made any difference if Esa had not spoken in parables? Today you speak plainly the Words of God but many people still aren't open to the truth.

2. Are you Esa (Jesus)?

3. You said Moses had received 15 commandments; how come the other 5 are not mentioned in the Bible.

4. What is the very first step in forming the Community of Light?

09/25/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Maitreya - I am a graduate student in clinical psychology, and I feelthat my life mission to help infuse psychology with the spiritual insight that has been overshadowed by shallow, false-ego serving mechanistic science devoid of spirit and higher purpose. How should I go about aligning my own personal mission with the teachings and greater overarching mission of your ministry?

2. Can we by the meditation, get out from our personal problems and see their (our problems) origins?

3. The number four can be seen so many times in the Scriptures. What is the importance of number four?

4. Fourth chakra = self-actualization = outward manifestation of goals.

5. How do you treat people as the Essence of God, when you know they are not Godly?

6. Baptism. Should it be done in the name of Christ or in the name of the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost?

09/18/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Do you believe that you are the Messiah, the Christ?

2. Is Christ pagan because of the concept of son of God?

3. The meaning of Yah?

4. Do you disappear and do wonders?

5. What is the purpose of life?

6. I am not divine I am human?

7. Are we able to measure the truth that comes from the Revelator?

09/11/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is the purpose of the 'MAITREYA, Conversations with' room?

2. Is the Maya a force coming from God so that we all make the real effort to overcome?

3. Does living in poverty make one happy?

4. If you are the Messiah then why do you have glasses?

5. Saying you are the Messiah is quite a claim!

6. Can you explain THOTH, Book Universe and Man, Tablet 9 verse 13-15 what is the last state?

7. What is difference between the son of God and the First Begotten Son of God?

09/04/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Why do religions hate one another?

2. Do Buddhists have a God?

3. I have a friend at work who is Hindu and she says that Hindu religion don't advertise for their religion. What is your view on this matter?

4. Why do we need God?

5. Why doesn't God stop the suffering on earth?

6. What about hell and dooms day?

7. I do not desire the illnesses, I do not desire the hurricane.

8. I have been meditating and have peace at mind but I don't see God. Where is this God?

9. I am one with the universe and there is no God here.

10. Are you humble?

11. You have so many followers how can you be humble?

12. Are you the Maitreya of Share International?

13. Share International has pictures of their Maitreya. Is that you?

14. There are two groups stating that Maitreya is here. Are there two Maitreyas or just one?

15. What are the three Angels you mention in your teachings?

16. Did you say that you are one of the three Angels and that more Angels are needed?

08/28/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What Book does he teach from?

2. What is the difference between the old man and the new man?

3. Is the new man who is trying with his/her personal effort to be(come) Divine?

08/21/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Do you consider Krishna to be of spiritual body or mere human?

2. Does God have form?

3. Is there any difference between the rainbow serpent and the Eternal Divine Path?

4. You are Mayavadis.

5. You believe in oneness. Mayavadis read Vedas, but interpret in own way. Krishna has three aspects: impersonal, localized, and personal.

6. Have any of the Prophets, sons of God, been a Druid?

7. That is, I do think, more about ego and power. If you know God, you do not fight like dogs.

8, What does self-actualization really mean?

9. Do you ever get angry?

10. What about being on the other end of peoples' anger?

11. I have been exposed to a teaching that the false ego is out to destroy us and that it is as powerful as God. Please comment.

12. Is this approach the same if one feels afraid?

13. If we are living in the Community of Light and we are practicing this wonderful meditation of breathing and using the mantra, we should not have these experiences of fear, anger, etc. and we should be expanding the Love of God everyday?

14. How do you describe "Pure Consciousness?"

15. Do you know Nasser Hamedani, a Sufi from Iran?

08/14/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Orthodox Christian religion is based on prayer and humility, not on meditation.

2. Would you define "Day of Judgment?"

3. Real meaning of blasphemy?

4. In which country is this religion practiced?

5. Maitreya is an incarnated Prophet, or a continuum of the prophecies?

6. Are those who brought the revelation consciously recollecting their previous lives or Spirit, or are their lives singular, with only the same Spirit?

7. Do you feel that the chaos, or the complexities of the universe as it increases and the chaos lessens, that our intelligence also rises with it?

8. Did God create evil?

9. The unity of THOTH is incredible. May I ask how long it took to complete?

08/07/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. All answers are given in this Revelation.

2. It is up to every person to prove this for him or herself.

3. God promises and fulfills.

4. The human way is the way of ego.

5. This time God has given us the Internet to spread the Message.

6. Any Prophet of God has two natures: as a man, and as a Revealer.

7. But are we all sons of God?

8. Two categories of people who join the Mission.

9. Will your son continue your Mission, or your disciples?

10. Difficulties with relationships; Only God unifies.

11. Is the HOSH mantra an old mantra or a new mantra for this time?

12. If the facilitating body (144,000 members approximately) doesnt manifest while you are alive here right now, will you be a peacemaker for the world now

13. "He comes as a thief"; Kalki Avatar.

14. How many light workers are on the earth today?

15. Maitreya, when you come back, will you come back through the Communities of Light or natural means?

16. Is the Seventh Angel split into three persons?

17. Is Maitreya (giving the example to act as Divine), The Greatest Sign (teaching the Path), THOTH (indicating the routes to walk in the path) and the meditation (showing how to walk inside the Path) the key or the cross to reach the realization?

18. The Mission is a package.

19. Half a bath.

20. Meditation process/experiences in meditation.

21. From where did you get this mantra?

22. Seven levels of initiation.

07/31/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The whole Work of God and His Endeavor is to return the part of the body that has been severed from It and created this chaos, to return back to the original Essence.

2. What does GIWH mean?

3. What are your practical abilities to help the suffering people?

4. Do you say that you are God?

5. What are your hopes and goals in this area of political influence?

6. Why do the people act in your behalf in a way that seems controlling?

7. What does the name Maitreya mean, and where is he coming from originally?

8. Where does the theosophical symbol on your site come from?

9. There is only one way to God, and that is Jesus!

10. Why do you have the ultimate wisdom?

11. Isn't your teaching one of many?

12. What is in a name? It is about the person!

13. What do you say to those who say that you are the anti-Christ?

14. Was Jesus married?

15. How about the Rosicrucians?

16. What will be your biggest moment to reveal yourself to humankind?

07/24/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is the Eternal Divine Path?

2. Who is Maitreya?

3. Have you studied all the religions?

4. Who is God?

5. How do you become connected to God?

6. Why can't God have a form?

7. How can He be not having any spiritual form?

8. Is Maitreya God?

9. What is the greater meaning of 'THE BOOK'?

10. Is this the real Maitreya that is well known or fake one?

11. When are you (Maitreya) going to make yourself known to the world?

07/17/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. You say you are the return of Christ. 2000 years ago Christ came as a Jew. Now you return as a Muslim. This confuses me.

2. What is the relationship between Muslim and Maitreya?

3. I saw on the web site that you refer to the Baha'i Faith. What is your connection with the Baha'i Faith and have you read all the Baha'i Scriptures?

4. Are you saying that you are a Manifestation of God, filled with His Spirit and bring the Word of God?

5. Can you explain what is the beginning of Maitreya's Dispensation 2017 and what happened in the period between 1982 and 2004?

6. Where does it say that Bah'u'llh's Revelation is not without flaw?

7. As a Prophet how shall we know you by your fruits?

8. All the religions have the Golden Rule is that the connection?

9. In the Baha'i a bless is he who preferred his brother before himself.

07/10/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Is wearing of kippah (head cover) necessary?

2. Is the meditation the base or foundation to at least be close to get to the first Seal?

3. It is very refreshing to hear you speak of the oneness of all true religions.

4. When we chant the HOSH mantra, whateffect will it have on us?

5. Is that also good for men in the Mission of Maitreya to wear a head cover?

6. Could you explain how self-knowledge (false self) is of importance in relation to the truth?

7. Could you also explain of what the false self is made up of and what the factors are that make it impossible to see what the false self is?

8. What does your teaching have to do with the Baha'i Faith?

07/03/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics covered:

1. If Old Testament was lost why did Esa read from book of Isaiah?

2. Isn't the second coming of Christ an awakening of consciousness?

3. Will some be awakened to assist humanity to wake up?

4. Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel... the mystery of God should be finished...

06/26/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Is it correct our spiritual evolution is not possible to do alone?

2. Does the community also imply other people from other parts of the world?

3. Who was the Angel Esa (Jesus) sent to John in Revelation 1:1?

4. How in a practical way can a human who want to be good find the force to be good?

5. To be Divine means to receive the Seventh Spiritual Initiation?

6. I believe that if you get rid of the ego God will come through all the time. Is that also what the Teachings of Maitreya say?

7. When I get angry with someone who is doing an evil act what am I doing?

06/19/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. If Maitreya is the next Buddha why do the Buddhism still exists?

2. Does Maitreya the human vehicle have a tiny amount of ego/human personality left?

3. Does meditation include to see our errors in life?

4. When are the prophecies going to be fulfilled?

5. We are told that Al Mahdi will fill the world with the justice and peace as it before has been full of oppression and injustice.

6. Why doesn't Buddhism mention the Kundalini?

7. When does the bodhisattva know that he wants to be a bodhisattva?

8. When will Maitreya save the world?

9. Can we use Maitreya energy like a way to help us to redeem our errors?

10. How many sons did Prophet Muhammad have?

11. According to Muhammad (PBUH) Esa al Messiah and Al Mahdi are two different personalities. How can you be both of them?

12. How can you say that I should investigate the prophecies that you say you have fulfilled and that I should recognize you by the fulfillment of these prophecies when my understanding of these prophecies are not valid?

06/12/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Prophet Muhammad said he was the last Prophet. Khatem or Khatam?

2. How do you pray to God?

3. We are in the verge of going to global government one that has created mass genocide world wide and it seems to continue. What is your thought on the new world order and the one world religion that the United Nation has announced?

4. How can we improve ourselves?

5. What if I don't like religion but just like to love everybody and live in peace?

6. If someone has never meditated before how does one start?

7. Why do people see authority in people that meditate much?

8. Is the goal of meditation not to have 'no mind'?

9. We should not meditate until we have created the Communities of Light?

10. You said that Kingdom of Heaven is a state of consciousness and it needed the Communities of Light to come about on earth?

11. I am not God!?

12. Why the need for Initiation?

13. Will those and only those who are Initiated be among the 144,000 Elects?

14. I have seen another web site with a Maitreya.

15. What does the word 'Maitreya' mean?

16. Is Maitreya also an energy?

17. The Koran doesn't support the waiting of the Mehdi.

18. What is good food?

19. Do you agree with the part in the Koran about pig meat?

20. Do you know the reason why we should not eat pig meat?

21. Modern day animals are raised with chemicals so they are not so healthy.

22. Are there new laws and stuff?

06/05/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Krishna says I am the Lord. How do we look at that statement as most religions have a similar statement. Why are they like that?

2. In trying to explain the concept of Communities of Light to a friend, I explained the requirements for doing this. She said who is going to do that? If they don't do this, they are excluded. How to explain that?

3. What does to create the Kingdom of God mean in terms of their spiritual development?

4. The aspect you are talking about in Communities of Light is not new, it is going by the wayside and you are proposing how to reorganize a group of people of higher minds to protect as much of humanity as possible.

5. How are issues such as personality (being unpleasant, irritable, snappy) dealt with in the Communities of Light?

6. I have not been able to meditate. I seem to be more action oriented.

7. What is the root of illness?

8. How should we respond to individuals who are violent?

05/29/2004: No Conversation!

05/22/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What does Maitreya mean?

2. What do you believe will be the outcome of the so-called "war on terrorism" in terms of its geopolitical consequences, increases in militancy, etc.?

3. Do you have any view of Meher Baba and the "breaking of his silence," if you are familiar with that concept.

4. There are still a lot of people without Internet access. How will they hear about your Revelation?

5. I was thinking you might want to make World Tours.

6. What is goal of life?

8. Why should one become God, if God has created us as an eternal part and parcel, serving Him/Her?

9. If nothing is created, why you worship, to yourself?

10. How did you become bona fide to teach?

11. I'd like to hear the teaching directly from you.

12.I'm more interested in how you talk with God.

05/15/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Do you believe that there was a literal global flood?

2. What is your purpose or role in God's Plan?

3. How is The Grace of God given out to people?

4. You are the focal point, you are the nucleus, people must come to you?

5. What are some of the main problems with the church today in its outreach to people in the world?

6. What is your problem with Paul the Apostle?

7. If all religions are one what about this very exclusive claims that Jesus made (John 3:18)?

8. Are you saying that you are the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Are you the Messiah?

9. What is the reason for the cross?

10. What are the 70-7's from (Daniel 9:23-25)? Are these supposed to be the signs of the second coming?

11. How long will it be then until all wars stop and peace is established on Earth?

12. Our system is the democratic-theocratic system.

13. Can you elaborate and expand on why society today is more reluctant to see a new path, a new religion, or whatever.

14. What does 'abomination of the desolation' mean?

15. This One Way - is not the New World Order thing, is it?

16. What is the effect on humans that the invisible beings of the parallel realm have - called, spirits, jinn, elementals, fairies etc., also called Satan?

05/08/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. This is the lesson that man has to learn: They need God, His Laws, and His Guidance to become united and purified.

2. You have said that this world is a relative truth but not a reality. Can you please expand on that?

3. "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:.." Malachi 4:5. This says that Elijah will precede you in coming to us? Is this correct, and if yes, who is he?

4. Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

5. Sir, are you tobies? Do you belong to shaumbra?

6. Why don't we join hands, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus, and bow to the anti-Christ?

7. Muslims deny Christ, Jews deny Christ, Hindus deny Christ.

8. "In the days of the voice of the seventh angel the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." Rev. 10:7

9. I was looking at the Fourth Sign and in that Sign, the Sign of Islam, there is a five-pointed star. Is that a link to the Baha'i Faith or to Bab, or is that not related?

10. When is he coming, 2007?

11. When is that, the Golden era?

12. Maitreya, Can God's HOLY NAME be realized through following the Eternal Divine Path?

13. Do you have a church in the Washington area?

14. Do you have workshops?

15. Is the public welcome at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration?

16. Do you bless people in this room to be safe?

17. How do we learn to heal ourselves?

18. It is a "Catch-22," I can't hear God, so how do I test the Spirit?

19. Could you expand more on what dedication really is?

20. How is the Maitreya a Messenger of God even after Baha'u'llah said that there would be no more Messengers of God for 1,000 years after His Revelation?

21. I want to know what is your take on the meaning of Hod and Hoda and what is the root of this "Hoda."

05/01/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Is it true that there will be a great war such that the vultures will have their fill for up to six months, or is that in the past?

2. Pure Consciousness (no more ego), how may I visualize it?

3. Can't we have maybe a mental picture of how Pure Consciousness is?

4. Can one experience Pure Consciousness in the flesh, right now?

5. How do you single out the Creator from other gods?

6. You give too much credit to God, when there is more than one.

7. Does your God have a name?

8. Does God have many forms and names but comes from the same Source?

9. What is the Source?

10. From Adam to Muhammad (Seal, Khatam) only two "letters" were revealed?

11. Which are the first two parts of the Revelation?

12. The 99 names, where they given by your God, or was this given by man?

13. What is the main religion discussed in this room?

14. Is this a Baha'i Room?

15. What is the Seventh Revelation?

16. Is the Seventh Sign here manifested yet?

17. I can't seem to reach God or hear Him, what should I do now?

18. Dorood bar shoma then?

19. How is this Path related to the mystical teachings of Sufism and the Eastern philosophies like Buddhism?

20. Is that the same as speaking-in-tongues by the Christians, being closer to God, the Kirtan and the chanting, I mean?

21. Is there more to speaking-in-tongues now, at this time and age?

22. Many claim that the Bible was corrupted. Does that mean the preachers who misunderstand the Bible and not the Bible itself?

04/24/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The ten horns mentioned in Revelation of The Revelation, is that the European Union?

2. And the three horns that will fall?

3. I would like to know who you are and where you get your knowledge from, and how you became appointed to whatever position you are in?

4. Where do you get your authority? And do you claim to be that Seventh Angel?

5. Were you visited by Gabriel, or another angel?

6. Muhammad was visited by Gabriel, as were all of the Manifestations of God, so was just wondering.

7. What would you say to someone who called you the anti-Christ?

8. There is another person on earth at the moment who is saying she is The Holy Ghost and she is also awakening the kundalini of people en mass. What is your comment?

9. Can you talk about some of your past lives?

10. Are you going to bring all religions together?

11. You said it is not your aim in the Mission to awaken the kundalini, but how do we reach Pure Consciousness without awakening kundalini?

12. In THOTH it says in the First Seal you have to awaken the kundalini to attain Pure Consciousness.

13. Why don't we hear about you on TV?

14. I am beginning to recall a lot of stuff, some from childhood all of a sudden after meditation. Why is that?

15. Who is the anti-Christ that many talk about?

16. You are saying she is the false prophet.

17. She is saying, "You are the false prophet."

18. How is it possible to humble myself, if I follow the Eternal Divine Path?

19. As you are speaking about humility and thankfulness, becoming a universalist, and following the Eternal Divine Path, so Grace we would be reaching, coming into His Grace as we become more humble and thankful?

20. What is, who is, Maitreya?

21. The little book talked about in Rev. 10:8 is the THOTH, or not?

22. Can you please tell me about the Seven Seals?

23. The followers of Muhammad have been given permission to take up the sword to further Islam? If yes, is there an expiration date?

24. Now all the suicide bombers are really misguided!

25. How many people are in Communities of Light right now as per the Mission of Maitreya? And in how many countries do you have the Mission so far?

04/17/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. I've just visited the Hubble telescope site and the pictures taken of the universe are just awesome. God, who created all this, is concerned about us puny, fragile, egoistical humans?

2. That is what Islam teaches.

3. Are there other planets with humans/beings with the same Goal (Pure Consciousness) in the universe?

4. People with dual or multiple personalities showing different manifested natures at different times; this is not just mood swings, is it? Or are there multiple selves?

5. You have come and 1,000 year old prophecies are fulfilled. What are some of your prophecies of things to come? How will the tribulation period be like?

6. Will there be doomsday-like type of scenario?

7. Placing The Greatest Sign on our front doors, will that help for tribulation/doomsday to pass over our area?

8. I asked that question because many people are attached to a lucky charm.

9. While in conversation with a friend on Pure Consciousness, the question of when we can reach the Goal was brought up.

10. Why do we use the Buddha statue to symbolize the Eternal Divine Path? The Maitreya logo that shows Maitreya sitting on the chair.

11. How does one channel the energy after or during meditation, e.g., how do I channel it to Communities of Light or the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? This is the second step of Eternal Divine Path, right?

12. Is this the New Order? Why do some quarters say that the New Order is from Satan (Maya)?

13. In my New Testament, which is from 1984, Revelation 10:7 did not make sense. Now I see on the Danish Bible site that it has been changed to "the mystery of God is finished." Another sign from God!

14. You have written that only the tama guna can destroy the Soul. Is this final as in "no more soul," or is it a transformation as, nothing can be destroyed? One more please.

04/10/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Why God did not create the universe perfect?

2. Is there a yardstick of sort for us to measure one's progress?

3. Is it not like overcoming the nature of the lower chakras, like self-preservation, self-gratification, and knowing that in our day-to-day life?

4. Did you get THOTH revealed by the angel Gabriel?

5. The third eye is no longer physical, how do we know if it is opened or operating?

6. Any outward manifestation (when third eye is open)?

7. There are a lot of false teachings in my country, purporting that they can open our third eyes for us!

8. What is the difference between the three forces of the universe and the energy (Divine)?

9. Why did God send the majority of his Prophets to one nation, sons of Israel, or all except 3 or 4?

10. What are some of the dangers of the female side path to God?

11. Is that the danger, falling from the Grace easily?

12. Is there any danger when we meditate? Can we be trapped in the astral world?

13. Do you believe in God?

14. Who are you exactly, for clarification?

15. God is?

16. Every body has forgotten God.

17. What is the difference between illusion and truth, since one can have many conscious states and different ways of viewing their world?

18. Is "The reality is the truth, is this Revelation and God," your opinion?

19. What is the narrow path and the wide path?

20. Is there a deeper meaning to "We come to God by knowing His Name?"

04/03/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Passover.

2. Natural man and woman.

3. Promised Land.

4. Elects, who are they?

5. Is the Land a separate land?

6. We are not a cult.

7. Us and them.

8. #1 priority: To buy that piece of land, the Promised land that God has given to you, Pure Consciousness, oneness with God.

9. What does this Ayat mean: "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things." 33:40.

10. What does the Seal of the Prophets mean?

11. That Ayat is clear that it means that the Christians hid much from what was revealed and passed over.

12. So when he says it is for Moslems then he is wrong.

13. The Quran is a complete book, why is more needed?

14. What is Maitreya?

15. "And We have explained to man, in this Quran/Reading, every kind of example, yet the greater part of mankind refuse to accept." [17:89]

16. "The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient."

17. "This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear God;" [2:2].

18. I am waiting for the Day of Judgment, not a man, to come.

19. If every kind of example is in this book, why is a new Book needed?

20. It does not say He is sending us another Prophet.

21. The Quran is complete, and a complete guidance for all mankind. I am waiting for God, the Unseen, to judge me.

22. Submission to God alone, that is my calling.

23. There is every example in the Koran that will give you spiritual guidance to save your soul on the Day of Judgment.

24. Why do the followers of the different religions continually want to just worship their Prophet, the Messiah?

25. I would like to ask you that hell, someone told to me that hell is the remoteness. But in Koran hell is really a fire there for unbelievers. Do you believe that?

26. I do not find that the Divine Path is easy for everyone.

27. Should I read all the Scriptures to know the Divine Path?

28. Can you keep Passover and other Feasts on your own without the right environment (Community Of Light)?

29. Did you come to show the Divine Path only?

30. Do not concentrate on destruction. Destruction has been prophesied to come.

03/27/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Forgive and forget the past wounds and come together. No more, "We have to revenge because." Recognize the message of Christ to forgive, to forgive to be forgiven.

2. I like to meditate more but need to work long hours.

3. Maitreya, are you a democrat or republican? Should we vote for Bush this coming election?

4. Fatal flaw in democracy... theocracy... dictatorship, all earthly systems.

5. The only way is to create a system which has been given that is run by the people who are connected to God. They will bring the Spirit of God to men and will help them to grow.

6. What is the name of your Holy Book?

7. Who is the writer?

8. Nobody is left out from anyone's religion if you read the Qu'ran or the Gita? How many times have you read the Bhagavad-Gita?

9. So I have to go to you to understand?

10. You just blasphemed most of the religious sects.

11. Its called varna system, chapter 4 talks about.

12. If you lean onto your own understanding, you will not see the truth.

13. What was meant by "the time is near" in the Bible in Revelation 22:10?

14. There is no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed, whatsoever.

15. If Jesus ever existed, Christians murdered millions of people on His behalf.

16. People have been murdering in the Name of God since the beginning of history. Why don't we stop? I think it is time.

17. Right, Paul invented Christianity, not Jesus as most people believe.

18. If the glands or the organs related to a spiritual center are damaged through drugs or removed by surgery, how does this affect the kundalini system?

19. You claim to be the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Revelation 5:5: "And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." Explain how you are the root of David?

20. The energy vortex is always present and usable.

03/20/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Understand the Dharma, and create no karma.

2. The only way will come with the last Revelation.

3. It is not only one religion and all religions are unified; it also shows how the Kingdom of God can come to humanity on earth, how the cyclical movements of different kinds of humans created the history, how we can prevent the destructive forces, and how each period is going to transfer to the next one.

4. There are infinite resources in the space and we are at the brink of reaching to space, traveling into it, and being able to either find other livable planets or make them livable.

5. You don't have to touch or feel or see to believe.

6. How do we rid ourselves of the anger inside of us?

7. I try, then fail at it, again and again.

8. There are many who claim to be the Christ or Maitreya returned again at this time. How do you explain this?

9. Maitreya, is it a man's name?

10. Do you believe in Islam?

11. The Prophet said He is the last Prophet.

12. The Prophet said in other Hadiths that, "There is no Prophet after me." What are you saying about it?

13. You know, many religions tell you if you leave theirs you will be damned to scare you not to believe in anything else.

14. If you don't believe in Hadiths then you don't believe in the Koran.

15. Not all of the Hadiths are false.

16. If all the Hadiths are corrupt, then the Koran is corrupt.

17. If you believe that the Koran is corrupted then you do not believe in the Prophet.

18. What aspect of God are you revealing to humanity at this time that never has been revealed before?

19. What do you say about the different categories of Hadiths?

20. What do you mean that Islam is not complete?

21. God clearly said it is the most complete religion that has been examined over the last 1,400 years.

22. Can you challenge Dr. Zahid?

03/13/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What does Maitreya mean?

2. Allah correct, you mean Jesus, not Buddha?

3. It says that when the Lord Jesus returns that all will know. If you are in New Mexico, then why have we not seen?

4. It [website] has all signs of evil.

5. Are you Jesus in whom is the Christ to come that we may be caught up in the clouds with Him?

6. The sign of good and evil is on the main page.

7. How does one arrive at what is truth?

8. Is Cabbala evil?

9. Is the Seventh Angel is still to come, or is He here now?

10. Being very interested in The Revelation, I see that you have written extensively on the book.

11. Were you given this Revelation, or did it come to you from study?

12. How does one knows when one's third eye is opened?

13. Before one reads your writings, should we be familiar with the other books first, Bible, Koran, etc.?

03/06/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Did God speak to you?

2. Angels spoke to the Prophets (PBUT)?

3. Why is that, "Peace Be Upon Him?"

4. Where in the Qu'ran does it say that He did not bring everything? Allah tells us that the Qu'ran is a complete book.

5. Is it so important to prove which religion is the greatest? So why are people in all rooms abusing each religion?

6. Has God spoken to you?

7. So you are saying you are a Prophet?

8. What has God given you to prove that you are a Prophet? What Message?

9. How can religions such as Hinduism be put into this category when Jews, Christians, Muslims, have been taught not to worship idols.

10. So are you Mehdi? Mehdi is not a Prophet.

11. Where is Dajjal? Where is Jesus?

12. To confirm, is it a feeling in your heart, or someone talking to you?

13. So what is God now asking us to do?

14. If all the religions are from God, will they go to heaven, just by following a part, or do we have to follow you, to go to Heaven?

15. Qu'ran says even Christians and Jews will go to heaven, those who are not following Qu'ran.

16. Those who believe in ONE GOD, pray, etc., will go to heaven.

17. The Qu'ran is a part of what you believe?

18. 2:62 "Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians, any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve."

19. I was wondering about the Dead Sea Scrolls and "the law-of-one?"

20. Is it normal to experience more hardship after starting to meditate and so on?

21. Aren't every last one of the six billion people a small spark of the Divine?

22. "and the whole universe rejoiced." Could you speak more about that?

02/28/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The only acceptable attachment is being attached to God 100%.

2. That is not what Benjamin Creme is preaching or prophesied.

3. Are you who Creme prophesied about?

4. So you are that one that is to unify the world religions?

5. Do you remember your Heavenly Name?

6. So like the "OM" of the Vedic writings?

7. It (Holy Name) will eventually lead you to OM or the original sound of the creation before the entrance to Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God.

8. NASA has recorded an odd humming, way out in space; does this have something to do with it?

9. I noticed in the Third Sign, Esa summed up the Ten Commandments by the words, "Love your God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself." As I was doing the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, the first part of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, is a sort of, love your God with all your heart, and the second part, Om Nam Kevalam, is love your neighbor as yourself as God. Can you share with the room about this, and expand on it? Is this my own realization?

10. Would that (unification of religions) ever be possible, or there has to be tribulation before that happens?

11. At the time of anyone's death, is it a gift to see the spirit leave the body, going up?

12. Will there be more after you Maitreya?

13. I have seen people with a third eye. Does this mean anything?

14. The Name of the Lord has been written in every atom and creation, and it is pulsating all the time. If that pulsation stops, the creation will stop.

15. Your plan has been the MAP to unite the world as one, however, after you depart, if the secular world takes upon themselves the MAP and implements it, but not 100% as you say, would that be still in your eyes be acceptable?

16. An article through the Baha'i Faith states that as long as we do unite as one, in a sense we will all become as one, gather together as one faith and all that. Would that be successful?

17. The more we are attached to our own little lives, fears, and desires, the more we will have excuses not to do it (bring the Kingdom of God on earth).

02/21/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Problems of ego: ambition, domination, depression.

2. Is there life out there besides on earth?

3. Do they come here, and if so, are they called jinns?

4. Do you support the governments in the world that are creating wars, and, do you support the New World Order?

5. I don't feel forgiven.

6. I can see ego in sports as well.

7. TV does a good job of keeping the mind distracted. The Internet is good because it give us free will to choose, not be controlled like other media.

8. The earth is getting ready to have a change. Do you think living in California will be safe?

9. Is California safe now?

10. Yellowstone Park and surrounding areas are dangerous right now.

11. I had the same dream three times, about waking up being under water.

12. Yellowstone is going to erupt.

13. Most important get in tune with ourselves, our Souls, and listen to our Souls?

14. That is the best way, form communities and become self-sufficient?

15. Our Souls are connected; it is our only hope for survival.

16. The stronger the intellect, the bigger the ego. Perhaps when we "think" we have the answer, we are actually getting further from it.

02/14/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. What is the reason for creation itself?

2. What does it mean that equilibrium was disturbed?

3. A "chaotic state" is a creation itself, even if it is before creation.

4. Why not be more concentrated with "existence?"

5. We are so close to total destruction; existing and surviving seems to be a more urgent concern.

6. As the goal of life is to reach back to the equilibrium, it would mean all the creation will reach back to that equilibrium one day?

7. Can we reach to completeness, or God, by ourselves through books?

8. How can we reach the experience?

9. May I know your definition of "reaching God?"

10. Can we say it means our acting like God, or having God's characteristics?

11. For sure we should have a model for that.

12. That model should be viewable. We should see it. We should not have a fantasia model.

13. I mean for taking those characteristics, we should see them now. Otherwise how can we experience that?

14. Even in philosophy for connection of two different levels, you need an interface, a level in between.

02/07/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. If you meditate a little bit on the state of the earth, you can see something is happening to humanity, and they are going through a period of a great evolutionary leap. But they have to learn to listen before they can pass this leap to the next state successfully.

2. Is it possible to be born with an accelerated Spirit because God already knows we will go to Him in that lifetime?

3. Only the people who follow you, your Path, will go to heaven?

4. How long will it take to finish the Eternal Divine Path and be(come) Divine?

5. Do you have a book like the Bible, Quran, Torah?

6. When one has become Divine, is it known what happens in the next reincarnation?

01/31/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Is that why a lot of spirits are frightened, because of the truth?

2. What is your opinion of the Bible?

3. When one walks in space he is not really moving in space, right?

4. When we are looking at a tree, we get a wrong perception? Is there a true tree?

5. What are atoms made of?

6. There is a real God-supported creation in matter itself?

7. Did Buddha acknowledge the existence of God?

8. Was Buddha also born of a virgin?

9. Buddha is not really a person but is a condition that you can reach by meditation.

10. There is no real reason to try to explain because, can they understand?

11. I am unable to quiet the mind. I witness the mind. Is this a correct approach?

12. The mantra has that purpose, to keep mind focused on one thing only?

13. Once we obtain experiences with God do we slide back to being normal people?

14. Do you let the tama guna take over your Soul again?

15. Are our lives running simultaneously, all reincarnations at once?

16. Ego focuses only in this segment?

17. The understanding is in a blink of an eye from the spiritual consciousness.

18. Are spirit and ethereal level the same?

19. THOTH defines Spirit as ethereal/astral. Does that refer to the infinite spirit?

01/24/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The Mayan calendar will end 12/21/2012. According to Scriptures it will mark the end of this current lifetime and the beginning of the new one and is symbolized by the Mayan tree of life.

2. You argue that the Seven Seals have been broken. You published THOTH, which you describe as being the only Scripture that reveals the Seven Seals and their meanings. What does this ultimately mean to humanity if you are indeed the real Maitreya?

3. I would like to ask about the origin of ignorance and why mankind has put himself into the ego format.

4. Were already able to look into the future and we knew what we were getting into and there was a deliberate reason for the ignorance?

5. The answer is beyond the mind then?

6. You symbolize all the world religions coming together as one. Some people wonder how this can be possible when most of the world's conflicts are based on religions. How will this fighting come to an end?

7. Is this one of the reasons why you have lately taken this time of our era in intensifying this movement, because you know or you believe that there is a breakthrough coming pretty soon and it will all come together where people start to change their attitudes?

8. If science and religion cannot agree then both (theories) are flawed.

9. Why is our outreach is intensified?

10. We all have work to do all.

11. Whatever is being perceived by the ego, like disease, the lack of limitation, are not a power in themselves, they are not God-supported, they are not God-sustained. These are manifestations that only become because of the falseness of the ego's perception?

12. I even refuse to accept that I am an ego and I allow God to work through me. This is my true nature..

13. What about the Karma pending?

14. Could you shed some light on how much the role of the intellect within the ego plays to start to dissolve it?

15. When I do a painting, the first thing I do before I put my first brush stroke is I say, "God, work through me." Is this the correct attitude? And never fall into the temptation of the pride of me doing the painting.

01/17/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Please tell me where you derive your authority.

2. Please tell me the importance of The Maitreya.

3. What your opinion is of the covenant of Baha'u'llah, the position of Abdu'l'baha, and the great grandson of Baha'u'llah, Shoghi Effendi?

4. Jesus was God, Christ was God. Can you address that please.

5. Do you think Christ had a wife?

6. What is the difference between merging with God, and becoming Divine and reaching Pure Consciousness?

7. Is there truth in astrology?

8. When did Jesus gain Pure Consciousness?

9. What is God doing right now?

10. Could you comment about the release of information to humanity, like the recent events and the landing of the craft on Mars, etc.

11. Any thoughts on the New World Order?

01/10/2004: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. Why was confusion allowed between religions?

2. How did Maitreya come to know that he was Maitreya?

3. In the EDP do we see our loved ones again that have passed on, or will they be reincarnated on earth before we go back to God?

4. Is that bad if they are trapped in the ethereal world?

5. So the ultimate is nothing?

6. Who is our savior?

7. But Jesus is the only one who died for us.

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