01/02/99 Internet Satsang



Ishvara: Yes, I have a question about God and our relationship with Him.

Maitreya: Sure. Thats a good question. It is always a good question, anything about God.

So, what is our relationship with God? Does anyone know what is our relationship with God, here in the Mission? What do you think our relationship with God is?

What did Christ say, Seek God and the rest will be added to you. God is something that is not up there sitting on a throne with a long beard and deep eyes. He is a Spirit and He is within us. He is always with us. He never leaves us.

That is why I am here, to connect you to the Spirit within you with the understanding of Gods Laws and Revelations.

We believe what the New Agers say that, God is within you. But they say that because God is within you, you dont need anyone else to follow or listen to and you are God yourselves. Yes, it is true, God is within us. We all have the potential of becoming God, or a son of God, or a daughter of God but we are not God yet.

That is exactly what the problem was in the beginning. Adam and Eve said, We are God ourselves. But they werent completely pure yet. They ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is becoming self-centered, falling from The Grace. Instead of saying, What is Gods Will, saying What is my will.

Gods Will is good for us not because He is a tyrant, or He wants us to follow Him because He needs us to follow Him. He doesnt need us to follow Him. It is because He created us and He knows what is better for us, what is good for us and what is not good for us.

It is just as I always say, like an engineer who builds an engine. Who knows better about that engine than that engineer? And who knows what is good for that engine better than who made that engine: what kind of oil is good for it, what kind of taking care of it is necessary that makes that engine in a good shape?

So God is something we are one with and we always are with Him and He is with us. We indeed have the potential to become like Him. That is why even Christ said, Become perfect as the Father in heaven. That is what Christs teaching was, the Kingdom of heaven is within you, the Kingdom of heaven is without you, and the Kingdom of heaven is in heaven.

The only way we can become like God is to perfect ourselves and follow His Rules, Regulations, Laws, and also Grace. Of course, you are not saved by Law alone. If you are just following the Laws and doing the Reminder [Sarah-ji asking Maitreya to look into the camera] Im instructed to look into the camera [laughing]. So it is something that we have to become. That is why in our teaching, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine.

Some people say, the moment you say, I am God, or, I am Divine, you become Divine. Yes, if you really recognize that Divinity within you, then they are right: you are that essence which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). Thats why we call God, FINE.

He doesnt have any shape. He doesnt have any touch. Although He is all the touch and smell in the universe, but in the Essence He doesnt have any form, or shape, or name, or anything that you can sense with your five human senses.

That Essence is the God that we are aiming for. Thats why anything in the universe you see has shape, has form, has smell, has sound, has anything, is not the Essence. That Essence which is beyond all of them and is absolutely absorbed to Itself is what Buddha, for example, says is Nirvana.

That is what the Buddhists are seeking to reach, Nirvana. Nirvana really doesnt have any shape, or sound, or smell, or anything. That ultimate state of God is what we have to aim for.

So anything else is a trap. If you believe in angels and youre desiring an angel to come and help you and become your guardian angel, if youre following a guru or an Avatar or anyone who makes a little dust in his hand or blesses and you think, Oh, I have to follow this person or that person, or if he comes and says the most beautiful thing and tells you, you can do whatever you want, its OK, these are all traps.

Or even if you are astral projecting and going and seeing wonderful masters, images, and having the highest experience with any person, any being, anything that has shape, form, still that is a trap. The ultimate achievement is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Even if you become attached to me, my body and my physical form Thats why I was resisting to put my picture in Internet. Of course, people in Internet kept telling me, No. Youre afraid to put your picture in, or you are trying to hide something. You have leprosy or, that youre afraid to do that.

That wasnt the reason. The reason is, it doesnt matter. It is not important. The important thing is to realize the Essence, to recognize the Essence within you.

It doesnt mean you have to completely disregard me and be nasty to me. No, thats not good either. But in a sense know that I am just a representative of God and actually I confirm the existence of God. Why and how? It is because He said such a person with such a revelation will come. Now its here. What do you think, do you think God exists? You see? God exists because He said He is going to do this and He did it.

Im going to be gone. Maybe in one hundred years this body wont be here but would this teaching be here? Yes, this teaching will be here. And no one else is going to come after me and say, Maitreya sent me and gave me this vision. I am his representative, or even my disciples. They just have to teach what we teach here and bring humanity to this realization: There is only one God, one humanity, and all these revelations have come from him.

So with knowing this kind of a God, you absolutely go beyond any forms, names, sights, any form of manifestation, to something that absolutely has no form, no manifestation, no physical body or anything. You go beyond all the traps that you can see millions of people have fallen into.

They are attached to their guru. Theyre attached to their Masters. They are attached to Ethereal Beings. They are attached to the name of a person. They are attached to even Messiah, or anything.

Of course, thats true, Christ said that no one goes to the Father except through me. But what does that mean? You mean you go through his physical body? No. You go through his words. You go through what he taught us. If we understand what he taught us and we follow them, we go to the Father.

This is the same thing for Prophet Muhammed. Its the same thing for Moses. Its the same thing for Abraham. They said the same thing. They said, Be surrendered to God. Bring God to your life in the highest level. Make Him the first Being in your life and follow His Laws. Become perfect.

Why would Moses stone people who take the name of the Lord in vain? It was because he wanted them to be perfect. He didnt want that they take the name of God in vain. They wanted them to become perfect. They wanted them to realize God and bring God into their lives.

If we follow those words, Mosess words, would we reach God? Yes. So Moses was the way, the truth, and no one would go to the Father but through him.

Was Christ the same? Yes. He said the same thing. If your eye defiles you, what did he say? He said to take it, pluck it out and throw it away. If you hand defiles you, cut it off.

Why? Did he really mean to physically cut it off, or he meant to clean up your eyes, to clean up your hands, to clean up your consciousness. If you do that, then where do you go? You go to God because thats how God is, God is Perfect! God is Pure! And thats how we become

You cant just become pure by believing such and such a person is a good person, or is from God. You havent done anything. Maybe he makes you to be a little more aware of your imperfection and you become more willing to become perfect. But really it is you who has to decide, Yes. I am going to dedicate my life to God. Now how am I going to become one with God? How am I going to get myself to God? I have to go to the words of God.

Thats why He sends His Word through His Prophets. That is why the Prophets come here.

God is a Spirit. God cannot just come and talk to every person. Even if He wants it, not every person is pure enough to hear Him. You might hear Him a little bit and then your ego comes in and you distort what God said.

That is why he has chosen Prophets, and when He has chosen a Prophet that Prophet cannot lie. That is why, they cannot just simply lie. That is why God chooses them, and He cleans them.

If you study the life of all the Prophets, you will see that all of them go through a period of intense purification. Although hes already in a very high consciousness and God chooses him many, many times and knows him, but even in each lifetime they become very God takes them away from the society to a very secluded place, or secluded life that they have to have an intense meditation period and eventually they recognize their beings as being chosen to do something on earth.

Most of them, or all of them, have a vision of God, something that affects their lives absolutely, completely, and makes them a completely different person than regular people. So when they come and bring the word of God, these are the words of God. This is God who is talking. This is God who is giving you these words. Then you say, OK, that is not good enough.

He has given you the Old Testament. He has given you the New Testament. He has given you the Upanishads. He has given you the Bhagavad-Gita. He has given you the Koran. He has given you the Bayan, from Bab. And all those Scriptures all together are given to humanity to find what God wants from us. Of course, THOTH brings that all together and makes them make sense more than ever before.

When you read those Scriptures, see where they fall in THOTH, you will realize what Gods Plan is, what Gods Will is. When you come to understand those in a deeper level then you become closer and closer to God.

That is our relationship with God, to know what He wants: To meditate, to awaken our spiritual forces. Thats not enough though. Some people say, Just meditate and youre going to be OK. But we know that thats not enough.

We have also to read the words of God. We have to go through the Eternal Divine Path. We have to awaken our spiritual forces, direct our lives toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice (not being self-centered), surrender and submit to Gods Will (not my will, Gods Will).

These are all difficult requirements. And humans are not very good in following these things. Most of them dont want to even meditate, to close their eyes.

You cannot even start meditating until you have the prerequisites of the spiritual life: good environment, good food, good sun, good air. So we can see the human is way away from the requirements of the basic necessities for a good spiritual life.

What kind of air do we have? It is polluted. What kind of food do we eat? It is mostly acidic kinds of food: meat, coffee, coke, alcohol. All those things absolutely destroy the body.

What should we be eating? We should be eating vegetables, fruit, nuts, good water, and good air. That makes our physical body strong and the spirit willing to sit and even meditate. With the kind of diet that most people have, they are going to have a hard time to even decide to sit and meditate. They cannot do it because its going to be difficult for them to even consider it.

That is why we have so much disease. Our hospitals are full of people with incredible diseases that they have because their diets are not good and their lifestyles are not correct.

We can see a lot of things are wrong with the earth right now that have to be corrected. Who is going to do it? We are going to do it. We have the knowledge. We are the people. God has given us all this knowledge to

First of all we have to work on ourselves. Each individual is responsible for their own physical, mental, and spiritual progress. So we have to start with our diets: eat more alkaline foods, like vegetables, fruit, and all that.

We are not absolutely against meat. Were not saying that absolutely you have to become vegetarian. But a good Divine is a person who eats less meat than regular people eat. Meat is OK, but dont eat too much of it. It destroys the body.

So our relationship with God is based upon all these things. It is not only one thing that, Ill do one thing and I have a relationship with God. Its an inclusive life-style. You put your life, absolutely according to His Revelation and His Will and you bring an environment for yourself and others that accelerates your connection and their connection to God.

Its OK to make a mistake. Its OK not to be perfect. God knows us. God knows were not perfect. Its OK. But the most important thing is the effort we put in it and the Grace we seek from God.

Actually in the school that Isaac goes to, they give you the grade for the effort you put in it, not what you made or how wonderful a thing you made. If you put an effort, you are accepted as someone who tried hard. You tried hard. You tried it.

But with all of this teaching and all this revelation, we can, anyone who is really willing to go to God, all the tools have been given to us to physically, mentally, and spiritually makes us strong. If we are not perfect, its OK. Its not something that God is going to take us on it. He might yell at us. He might tell us, That wasnt the correct thing you did, but He Loves us.

You concentrate on His Love for you, not if Hes sometimes not very nice all the time. That doesnt mean He doesnt Love you.

Like little children sometimes need to be corrected or something, but thats OK. Even if youre trying to go to Him and have a relationship with Him, you eventually will.

But we have to put effort. We have to have the willingness. We have to follow the diets and the recommendation in THOTH, and we have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. The more we can create the Communities of Light, the easier it will become. The more we can be and relate to the people who are like us, the more it becomes easier and easier.

Eventually one day you live in an environment that the food is naturally good because you grow it. The air is naturally good because you use alternative ways of transportation and other things that, we call it science based on Spirit. So we can see that although we are not there, we are working toward that environment and relationship.

We have to find God within ourselves. We have become His instruments, become His channels. We dont want to become channels of the hierarchy, or the channels of the angels, or the channels of the people in the ethereal level. No. We want to become the channels of the Essence which is within each of us.

We dont need the hierarchy. We dont need those angels or beings in the ethereal level. We are connected to God directly. That is our birthright.

That is a lie that you need someone else to take you to God. That makes you connect to the medium and something else and diverts you from connecting yourself directly to God.

So that is the thing that we have all to realize, that God is within us and we can go there. But the Prophets have come and told us the way to do it.

Did I answer your question?

Ishvara: Yes. Yes. How arrange for God. It seems I dont understand which kind of relation you have with God.

Maitreya: Im sorry, Ishvara, our connection went way down. I dont know. Is that our connection goes down when the other people are talking, or Are you holding it down?

We could not understand the question, Ishvara. Can you say it slower and more deliberately. Very slowly and let us hear what you said again?

Ishvara: you have and because you say do you understand?

Maitreya: Did you understand what he said? [the sound broke up] OK, Rahdah, do you have a good connection? Maybe you have a good connection with us and a good connection with Ishvara. If you understood the question, maybe you can repeat and see if we can understand it then.

Ishvara & Rahdah: [translation]

Maitreya: We disconnected and connected again, go ahead if you want to ask the question again.

Rahdah: OK, I will try to translate the question. Ishvara wants to know, youre Maitreya, youre private relationship with God is different from either mine or so, and you seem to receive stronger, or, yes, you receive more precisely what God wants from you and we dont received those so from God. So can you talk a little bit about your relationship, your private relationship, with God that is different from ours?

Maitreya: OK, as I understand it. Ishvara wants to know the relationship between me and God and what is the difference between this relationship and the relationship of you and God. Right?

Rahdah: Yes, thats it. Right!

Maitreya: OK. Well, apparently I have been doing a good job [laughing] or something that God chooses me. It is just like, if you have a good person, if you have a person who is effective and he does a good job, what do you do? If you have something important to be done, you go to that person and say, Look I know you are very good in getting things done. Why dont you do this. And because that person is dedicated he says, OK, and yes I will do it. And he goes ahead and does it. Its one way to look at it, that God chooses the same being over and over to come to earth and bring the Message of God to humanity.

Another way to look at it, as you remember, in the beginning there was chaos. The Spirit of God came to the chaos and God said, Let there be light. He sent His Spirit to the darkness, which was the chaos in the universe. That Light went through the chaos, recognized the Eternal Divine Path and reached Pure Consciousness, back to God.

Because he was from God, because he was the Spirit of God he came to the world and went through that experience. And because it was the Spirit of God, he could learn very fast, progress fast, and go back to the Father, to God. That Spirit was sent back again and again to the earth to guide humanity to go back to God or Pure Consciousness.

That Spirit is what really Christ is. That Spirit is really what the Messiah is. That Spirit is what the Christians say, God came to earth to suffer so the human is saved. But it was not just Christ who came to earth. He came to earth even before creation was created.

They are correct in a sense when they say, God came as man and suffered so we can be saved. That is right, absolutely. He came as the Spirit of God, as the Light, and went through the Eternal Divine Path, through the darkness and he reached back God. And there was Light. God was very pleased with the Light because He recognized now how to help the darkness to progress and become one with God in Pure Consciousness.

So in that sense, that Spirit is what God sent back to earth. That Spirit comes to earth again, and again, and again and guides humanity toward Pure Consciousness and purity.

In that sense that Spirit is behind also me. So you can say that you are connected to the Light that came to the creation in the beginning. He went through the darkness, reached God and became Light, And there was Light. John said, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

That Spirit of God that was sent to the world is the Essence of creation. The whole creation is created with the Holy Name which has two parts: the name of the Father, and the name of the son. And they connect They are one with each other. They are not separated. The Father and the son are one.

In a sense you can say that the Spirit is God on earth which comes to us and brings this Revelation again and again. Why does he come to earth? He comes to earth to save man. He doesnt need to come to earth. He comes here and he suffers on earth because God Loves humanity, God wants to bring all this chaos back to the Godhead, or to Pure Consciousness.

So he comes here to guide us again and again and dispels our delusions that you can see 99% of humanity are in those delusions. Each person, each being is connected to some kind of belief or attachment. As I said, even being attached to anything that has form, or smell, or name is a delusion.

You are delusional. You are still not with the Formless, Nameless, Invisible, Eternal. So I am here to dispel that delusion and tell you, Dont be delusional."

The people who really want to get away from the delusion, understand my teaching and what I say makes sense to them. They say, Yes. If God is Spirit, anything that has form is not the Essence, it is not God.

By understanding our teaching you will dispel the delusion and you will free yourself from all kinds of attachments that come to your way. If you are willing and you are chosen, these words are like bread and wine and Spirit, and the blessing of God. If you are not, they are like a spike or not very nice because you want to stay with your delusions. You say, No. What Maitreya says doesnt make sense. Or, I dont want to give up my traditions, my delusions, or my attachments.

So you see, that Spirit comes to earth for those who are ready and willing to follow the last step of their delusions and dispel them and say, Well, we dont want to stay in delusion anymore. We want to go to God directly. That makes them to go to the next step and become free of all the bondage of the physical life.

That Spirit has to bring a different Revelation to humanity according to the level of consciousness they were in the past. So he probably would not completely come and say, Do not be even attached to me, which also Christ said, Go to God. He didnt say stay with me. Or Prophet Muhammed, or Moses, all of them are trying to connect humanity to God, not to themselves.

But humanity falls back into delusion and becomes connected and attached to the Prophet, and all that. My relationship with God, when I am connected and I give Satsang, it is God talking. When Im not giving Satsang, Im down there living a regular life, Im a regular human. I live like a regular human: I eat, I sleep, I walk, I talk, and all that. But when these words come through me and Gods Spirit is on me, then you are listening to God, you are hearing him talking to you.

So take His Word and this Word as the Truth. If they are not the Truth then I dont want to talk about them either. I would just rather not talk at all.

That is the difference between me and the rest of humanity, God somehow chose this vessel to be his mouthpiece and tell you how to dispel the delusion, create the Communities of Light, purify yourselves, follow the Eternal Divine Path, know that there is one God and all this Revelation has come from Him. With all these things purify yourselves and dispel the illusion of whatever you might have been in before.

If you can, bring your family, bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring your nations, bring your whole earth to these Revelations and Teachings and lets create an earth in which everyone can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually from where they are, so that we have better humans, better earth, better people, better religion, and understand God in a much deeper level.

That is what Gods desire is and that is why I am here. I am not here to bind you to myself. I'm not here to make a lot of money out of you. I am not here to become rich or anything like that -- I am already rich in Spirit. It is none of them.

My only wish is to see all of you dispel the delusions that you might be in and come together. Become brothers and sisters, friends, wives and husbands, sannyasins, teachers, students, and together create Communities of Light, communities that everyone has somewhat individuality and freedom under some Laws and Revelation from God which create a good community, not being self-centered, not being always thinking, What about me? What about me? being surrendered and submissive to the Will of God instead of, No. My Will. I dont want to do what you tell me to do.

You dont have to do what I tell you. You really dont. But if I say something and it makes sense and it makes you a better person, if its according to the Word of God then you have to listen to it.

Youre not doing me a favor if you listen to Gods word. You are doing yourself a favor. So dont think if I am saying something that you feel you have to do and you think, Oh, I am doing it so Maitreya is indebted to me. Im not. Its between you and God. You have to realize that when you do something that is according to Gods Word, its going to affect your life. You become a better person. Youre going to have a better life. You are going to become more pure.

Those are the things that God wants us to see, to manifest, to create the Communities of Light based on pure couples. That is really, really the essence of our teaching: the creation of the Communities of Light based on the pure couples and based on the teachers who dedicate their lives to God and in teaching and helping the community.

Two very important ingredients: sannyasins and the married couples. They go so well, hand in hand. Married couples create children, create home and a beautiful environment. Sannyasins have a place to live, have a place to progress, have to reach Of course, they are supposed to reach out to humanity, and help the couples at the same time. They go hand in hand very well. And that is wonderful!

In a sense that is what my life is all about, to teach these things to humanity, and to you, and that you take it as the Word of God and go for it. There is no argument. There is no, nothing that should come between us. It needs your understanding and my effort. Im willing to put my effort as much as it takes to get these Words out and see people hearing, understanding, and accepting these. Eventually find 144,000 Paravipras that their lives are absolutely dedicated to manifest these things on earth and humanity.

So my lesson with God when I am out of this Satsang and down there in life, Im just like you. Im human. But when Im here and when I give Satsang, when I teach God, it is His Spirit coming through. And Hes Wonderful!

I hope all of you experience this wonderful experience of giving truth through you. But lets be very careful not to be presenting another spirit but God. Because as we have seen it during the history, other spirits take over people and they claim that they are presenting God, which they are not.

If you are connecting people not to the Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal but to yourself, to another person, or to me, then you are a false prophet, you are a false teacher.

That is the sign of a false teacher: he who does not connect you directly to the Spirit, to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. If anyone, as I have said many times, if anyone teaches that Anyone who teaches you angels, anyone who teaches you Masters in the ethereal level, anyone who teaches you Masters in the Himalayas, anyone who teaches you any Messiah is more important that God, or anything, then you are listening to a false teacher.

Yes, Messiah is the way. I am the way, the truth and no one goes to the Father but through me. But through what? Through understanding my words, understanding these words. Not saying, Oh, just believe in the name of Maitreya, you are going to be saved. No, you are not going to be saved because youre not listening to me. You are just believing in my name.

Yes, it is true, if you are believing in my Spiritual Name, which we give you in initiation Because if you dont really believe that name and you are not really doing the Will of God, you are not going to even hear it.

Even if you hear it in initiation, you are not going to hear it later on because in initiation I make you hear it. But after that, its up to you to hear it, and that hearing comes to you only when you are pure, when you are doing the Will of the Father, when you are not self-centered, when you are not selfish, when you are surrendered and submissive to God. When you understand the Eternal Divine Path and follow it, then yes, you can hear the Holy Name within you.

So it all boils down to how dedicated you are, how wonderfully you understand the teaching and how much you are willing to realize these Words in your Spirit, and your heart. Not something that comes out of your mouth that you say, Im dedicated, but your action doesnt show it. Action is much louder than 1,000 words.

So that is what this Mission is all about. This Mission is about the truth. This Mission is about explanation of what happened in creation and history, bringing all the teaching together and fulfilling the prophecies, the coming together of all religions, and recognizing that there is only one God, and all these Revelations have come from Him. Now He has sent His seventh Revelation which is the end of the Revelation. Now its complete. It is perfect.

If you understand it, then we are one. If you understand these things then we have two Maitreyas, three Maitreyas, four Maitreyas, 144 Maitreyas. Then we can all work together.

That is why, I am your brother. I am your brother. I am your friend. And I dont want you to put me on top of the pedestal and be afraid even to talk to me or object or discuss things with me. No. When I am down there, object, thats fine. If you dont like something about what I do, thats OK. Just tell me, Maitreya, I dont like this thing. We can discuss it. Maybe you are right. Maybe you are wrong. Who knows? But we have to work together. If you want to be in this Mission we have to work together. We have to be able to communicate. We have to understand what the ability of each of us is and utilize it toward the manifestation of this Mission.

So in that sense, we are co-workers. We are working together. We are friends. We are just trying to figure out how we can do this Mission best together.

If no one comes and helps and gets to this level, that fine. Ill come back next lifetime [laughing]. Im not going to give up that easily. So we go next lifetime and try it all over again.

But the sooner we do this together and manifest this truth, the sooner we all can go back home and be in Nirvana or in Pure Consciousness, absolute Oneness with God. And that is what heaven is.

Heaven is not a place with a lot of water and beautiful things in it. It is a state of consciousness. Some people say "heaven," they have been in heaven. They have seen their relatives, friends, and things like that. How can that be heaven? That still has form, shape. It is still not the Essence. As I said, anything that has shape, form, sound, smell, all those things, realize that is also a trap, that is an illusion. Go beyond all of them.

Again, as I said, my relationship with God is, when His Spirit is on me, He and I are One. When I am down there, I am a regular human. Does that make sense?

Ishvara: That makes big sense to me.

Maitreya: That makes big sense [laughing]. Yes, Ishvara, that is one thing about our Mission, it just makes sense, doesnt it? It is so freeing when you realize these things are so simple and humans are looking so hard to realize these things and recognize these things. Hopefully this teaching will dispel all delusion of creating all this

Even Buddhists create that - - whats that heaven they say Maitreya lives in? Anyway they say that Maitreya lives in that place in that heaven, and all that. That is in delusion.

How can a Buddhist who believes in Nirvana believe in an ethereal place? Why do you want to get attached to an ethereal place? Youre supposed to be attached to Nirvana, which they call nothingness. Is ether nothingness? That is not nothingness. It has form. It has shape. It has

Who are these ethereal beings who trap these people? Why, why do they do that? It is because they want to become God themselves.

Thats one of the things humans falling is, they want to become God. Yes, you have the potential of becoming God but you are not God yet. And when you are God, you are not here anymore. OK? You are in Nirvana. You are in Pure Consciousness. So why waste your time?

You can see the whole world is trapped in, I am God. No, you are God. I am better than you. My guru is better than your guru. My ethereal level is better than your ethereal level. My being in ethereal level is better than your being in ethereal level. I travel better in astral projection than you do. Such confusion! You can just go in those newsgroups. No wonder.

But you will not be confused if you know our teaching. Who cares? I dont care about your guru or ethereal being or anything. I am going to Pure Consciousness. I am going to the Essence of God. These are all traps.

You can see all those people on Internet, in the New Agers, 99.99% are trapped. They are trapped in those beings.

So we have to dispel this delusion, free ourselves, and free others who also listen to this truth dispel the delusions. And if they listen If they dont listen just give the Message, give the Truth and then leave them to God. Say, We leave you to God and we go our way, and find those who might listen.

Any other questions? Do you have a question, Keyosha? Why dont you go ahead then?

Keyosha: My question has to do with Christ. At the end of his teaching he was in the garden of Gethsemane and he said, Please if you can He was saying to God, Can you have this cup pass from me. Then he immediately stopped and said, But not my will but Thy Will be done.

There is a big discussion on the Internet about this. So what my question is, I am wondering, Christ was in Pure Consciousness, did he himself actually have to learn a lesson and thats why he said that, or did that whole thing just happen only to pave the way for the coming of Prophet Muhammed and the next teaching. Cause he was in Pure Consciousness. But even if you are in Pure Consciousness, does that mean This is the second part, does that mean that you dont have anything more to learn? Or, becoming more I guess you cant become more obedient to God, so that part is no good.

Maitreya: Well, if we just go back to what we just talked about, probably that answers the question very well by itself. Because like we said, the Spirit of God came to earth in the beginning and went through the darkness, learned the Eternal Divine Path, and reached back to God.

While he was going through those stages, what did he become? He had to learn his lessons in that state. He had to meditate. He was the Spirit of God, alright? He was God on earth and on the darkness but he had to go through the experience of awakening his spiritual forces: meditating and becoming more aware of self and the environment.

Eventually he realized that he had to create the Communities of Light, or at least help those close around him to come to this realization that they have to awaken their spiritual forces. Then he had to realize that he shouldnt be self centered, selfish, and think about himself all the time but about the community, sacrifice, and all that. Eventually he became submissive and surrendered and became a universalist: Eternal Divine Path, as we have explain in THOTH how the First Begotten Son went through that experience as darkness, etc.

So when the Messiah, or the Prophet, also comes, as I said, when he is connected to God and he gives the Word of God. It is just like in the case of Prophet Mohammed, he used to go into kind of a trance, almost like Edgar Cayce. He would go into a trance kind of a state and then he would give the Revelations. In that state, who was talking through him? Was it Prophet Mohammed? No. It was God and the Spirit of God talking to him.

When that person came as Rabbi, told him youre a good Rabbi or something and Christ said, Im not good. The only good is God, in that time he was a regular human who was talking like a regular human.

In Essence, as I said, when God is upon me, it is God talking through me. I dont have to go to trance. Somehow this lifetime it is not necessary for me to go to trance to give good Satsangs or Revelations. Actually our Revelations are very different than other revelation because its more explanation actually than any revelation. Of course, It brought the Eternal Divine Path, while were explaining very intellectually to humanity what happened, what God brought.

So you can see there are two parts of the Prophet, or the Messiah: the part that when God is upon him he and God are One, and there are other times that he is a regular human, he has emotions, he has feelings, he has his own understanding. Sometimes they become even emotional, just like Christ. At that time he was in that state that his human part comes out and says, Take this cup from me.

Physically, who likes to be on the cross and someone put nails in your hands and feet? No matter how Pure Consciousness or higher consciousness you are, still its going to hurt. And you dont want to, anyone wants to In a human sense, he didnt want that to be done.

Also, in that stage, God is showing how the next stage is going to come. The next Prophet is going to bring to humanity It is just like Christ in that state really wasnt absolutely submissive to the Will of God, it seems. He said, Take this from me. It means God said no you have to be crucified, and it was prophesied that he would be crucified. Now in that state he says, No, I dont want to do it. It seems he said, No, I dont want to do Your Will. Can you take this

What happens, because he is in higher consciousness, in a very high level of consciousness and connected, immediately he realizes, Not my will, but Thy Will be done. If it was a regular human, what would he say? He would say, No, God, I dont want to do this. Im not going to do this. Im just going to run away. Just like a nobody, I mean Jonah did.

Jonah ran away. He said, Im not going to do it. He was a minor Prophet. It was just one message that he had to take to that city. He said, No, Im not going to do it.

But Christ is in a state, theyre going to crucify him. And he knew. He already told his disciples thats what is going to happen. But his human part said, No, I dont want to do it. Immediately he realized, No, I have to be surrendered and submissive to the Will of God.

Then after that lifetime, what revelation does he bring? He brings the revelation of surrendering and submission. Its just like in the last moment of his previous lifetime it has to be revealed to him that surrendering and submission is very important in spiritual life.

In that life he was teaching sacrifice, he went to the cross for it. He was showing how not to be self-centered and selfish. He died for Thats why Christians say, He died for our sins. He went through that experience of suffering.

But he didnt go through that experience of suffering only in the life of the Christ. When did he go through that experience? He went before even the creation was created. He went through that experience of suffering and going to the darkness and realizing the Eternal Divine Path.

So that Spirit behind him had learned the lesson already of being surrendered and submissive. But in that lifetime he had to demonstrate it again, maybe even for our own good, for our own later understanding when I explain that he became surrendered and submissive and the next lifetime he brought the surrendering and submission part of the Eternal Divine Path, then he what? It strengthened our Revelation didnt it? It shows that God was teaching that that is what the next revelation is going to be, surrendering and submission, through Prophet Muhammed which is the same Spirit as Christ and all that, that came to humanity.

So we can say that there are two parts in the Prophet. When he is connected, he is One with God, he is the Spirit of God and God comes through him. And there is a human part thats human.

Its just like you and me have emotion. He has understanding, he has needs, wants. But, of course, maybe he is not as human as most humans are. His desire to serve God is probably greater than a lot of other people. His life is more dedicated to God than regular people. Probably he is purer than many, many other people and humanity. But its not that he is absolutely always connected to God.

That is one misconception that a lot of people have that the Prophet or Messiah is connected to God all the time. And that is not true. We can see that Christ demonstrated this many times in the Bible, that he became emotional. For example, when he said, "Take this cup away from me." Many times he personally really didnt want to do this, to go through all that suffering. Just as Esa said, his Soul was troubled. He asked his disciples to stay with him and pray with him because his Soul was heavy. It was just like a regular human, that his Soul was troubled. He was emotionally an exhausted person.

So we can see that he has very well demonstrated that the Messiah is a human. But he represents the Spirit of God on earth because God is a Spirit and He needs to be represented with the physical body. Otherwise not many people can hear It.

But when the Messiah comes, he says the truth. When he gives the Revelation, when he threw the moneychangers out of the Temple, the Spirit of God is doing it.

Probably those moneychangers had been in that Temple for hundreds of thousands of years. No one threw them out of the Temple. Suddenly he comes and he throws them out of the Temple. Maybe a lot of people complained that, Why are these moneychangers in the Temple? but no one dared to do that.

When the Spirit comes through, or over him, that makes him bold and go and throw them out, yell at them and tell them that they are the generation of vipers, and stand in front of the priests and call them, Youre no good. The priests were the most powerful being in that society.

It is just like going to one of those dictators in one of those third world countries and telling them, Youre stupid. Your work is no good. You are a dictator. What would they do to you? They would put you under arrest and probably kill you.

But he didnt care because the Spirit of God was with him and that was who was doing it. Another time he was desperate and lamented about his spirit is troubled and all that. So you can see two sides of the same being: when one is bold, incredibly powerful and says beautiful things that go right to your heart, in another time he is troubled.

If we believe that being in Pure Consciousness means never being in trouble, then why Christ was in trouble? Why his spirit was troubled?

So again, this teaching makes sense that yes, when the Spirit of God is on the Prophet or the Messiah, yes, he is One with Him. But when He is not, he is a human. He might be a little more Godly than regular humans but still he is human, he has all the human emotions and feelings and all that.

So that is why we have to be compassionate even toward the Prophets, toward the Messiah, and toward the teachers and pray for them too that they have strength, they have the ability to discern, recognize, and realize the Truth and bring it to us in a greater degree. We shouldnt completely become attached to them.

Thats good actually because again you shouldnt be attached to the Prophet but God. You realize that you are dealing with another human that happens to have the Spirit of God as a channel to bring you these words. And these words are the relationship between you and God.

That is how you go to God through me, through my words and recognizing them and going to God. Not being attached with my physical body and saying, Oh, Maitreya always is in Pure Consciousness. So he is always in bliss and, I dont have to do anything, he is going to do everything for me.

No! I am the way shower. You are the ones who are going to walk It. So dont put that trip on me [laughing]. Also by recognizing this, you love Christ as he was and you empathize with his last moment of going to the cross and feeling his pain. He had to be crucified. He knew it.

How do you feel if you know they are going to put nails in your hands and your feet? Would you like that? Wouldnt your spirit be troubled? Would you want that to be happening to you? No, you dont. So that is again another teaching for us that really not being self-centered and sacrificing is the ability to go even that far, if that is the Will of God.

As I have said, I hope this time we wont have any martyrs, and all those things that have happened to the other religions. But that is the Essence of his teaching, isnt it, that we reach a point that if God Wills us to go through that experience, we will. But, of course, hopefully we wont because He has prepared the way this time pretty good.

Even freedom of religion in this country is one of His Doings. I couldnt talk like this if I was in Iran or another country that doesnt have these things. We wouldnt be able to sit in the Internet and talk with the people all over the world. We wouldnt be able to make films and movies and give them to whoever wants to listen to these Satsangs.

Hopefully, this time mostly with the education and understanding, the truth is going to come to humanity. All of us have to understand this teaching, become one with it and teach others. As we educate them (and we will become more educated), we will have more people realizing the truth who are going to give up all those delusions of guardian angel, ethereal beings, this guru and that guru, this Prophet and that Prophet, this religion and that religion, and eventually say, Look, its already within us. We have it. God already put it in us. Why go anywhere else?

It always reminds me of Vitale in Quebec. He was saying the story about gods. They wanted to hide the Essence of man because he fell. They wanted to hide It somewhere that man never could find. So all the gods got together and discussed, Where can we hide this that they cannot find it. They said, Lets put it in the middle of the earth. They said, No, theyre going to eventually get to a point that they know how to go through the earth and find it there. They said, Lets put it in the tree. They said, No, theyre going to cut the tree

Anyway they thought about it, even to the sky. No, theyre going to make spaceships and go to the sky and find it. Eventually the big guy, the big God, the head God, to us Well, its a story. Of course, there is only one God but He said, I know. Lets put It within themselves. Then they cannot find It because they are going to look everywhere else for God but where It is really, which is within us.

Thats what we can see the human delusion still is. They are looking for Him everywhere else but where It already is. That you already have It, It is within you and that that is where you should look.

But, of course, we look there by guidance of the Word of God. If we dont go with the guidance of the Word of God, we might be taken with the other beings that are not as pure, as beautiful, as God is.

So you have to be very careful, when in your meditation, that what comes to you is according to the Word of God. That will guide you not to be taken over with the unclean spirits.

So in that, answering your question, it happens, as God always does, it has many reasons, many purpose when God does something. One is He In one Essence maybe his human part came out in that moment and his spirit became troubled, as he himself said.

He didnt want to go through it, first. Second was, in that lifetime God was manifesting that in that lifetime he realized surrendering and submission to the Will of God so the next time he teaches, the Essence of Islam is surrendering and submission to God. So in the next lifetime he takes the same theme that he left in the previous lifetime.

Third is that it is given for us to strengthen our belief and faith in these revelations. Again, of course, God promised to both Abram and Abraham that there was going to be a Prophet come from Isaac and Ishmael.

So we have that one part is to strengthen our faith but this is another one, that we can see Christ became surrendered and submissive to God in that moment, and the next lifetime he brings the surrendering and submission as a new revelation of God.

Now we put all of them together and all of them now make sense. Go ahead. Follow up? Go ahead.

Keyosha: But even when the Prophets do something where its -- its like its their human nature or their human part, they never go to their lower nature? Is that correct? Or Do you know what I am saying?

Maitreya: Yes. They do not usually make as big a mistake as other humans do. And even sometimes it might seem they are not completely going to their higher nature but there is reason for their action and it strengthens their station where they are.

So, yes, God is protecting them very, very well. There is no doubt about that. In a sense, no, they dont fall to their lower nature, absolutely. Yes, thats true.

Any other question here? [quiet] [someone saying something]

I asked if there are any other questions from the other places. Are there any other questions here, from the community?

There are no questions here. Does anyone have any questions in Quebec or France?

Rahdah: No, I dont have at the moment.

Ishvara: Yes, Ive got a brief (?) more question. A very brief one.

Maitreya: Go ahead Ishvara.

Ishvara: I will ask Rahdah to translate. [now they speaking in French]

[[[and this side of the tape ended]]]

Rahdah: Yes, I understand the question. The question is about clothing. With the Mission we have some rules about clothing. For example it is preferable to wear skirts instead pants or trousers. Maybe Ishvara thinks that for a person it can be the same kind in Islam, the women who have to hide their hair under a I dont know the word in English. It can be for some person the same kind of rule. What do you say about that?

Maitreya: [asking us is the question about clothing] If we understand the question, after we confirm with everyone here, it seems the question is that we have some restrictions for clothing in the Mission and if we are required to have the same clothing as the Islamic people, or what do I think about that? That part wasnt very clear.

Rahdah: No, its not the same thing, the same rules as in Islam but the skirt for woman, the obligation to wear skirt instead of pants can be of the same kind of the thing they wear on her head, woman, for Islam. Its an obligation. It can be the other, skirt as a restriction.

Maitreya: [discussion about what Rahdah said as it was not clear] Well, really, even in Islam it wasnt restricted or required that the woman to wear chador. Thats what it is called. But it was required for them to be modest. Actually its something in Arabic or in Persian called having Haya. It means women who are not aggressive, who do not want to show off their bodies. They would rather be very modest in spirit. Spiritually such women really dont like to be exhibitionists or the people who like to show off their bodies.

It is again a kind of a spiritual thing that the woman herself feels that she wants to follow that kind of a life. The more they cover themselves, they feel that they are more spiritual

All the Prophets accept that and recommend that in every religion and every revelation that the women Men are very attracted to the bodies of women. Women are the keepers of the door to heaven as we talked about it.

If they said, Women, which, of course, we dont really mean woman as woman, as the human body but as the lower nature of man, fell, then they have also the key to bring the man back to heaven. If the bodies of women are attractive to men, what does it do to men? When the body is naked and exhibited to the men, it brings them to where? It brings them to the lower nature. So do we want to do that?

Do women want to bring men to their lower natures? When men come to their lower natures then they seek what? They seek lower things, women and the body. Really women become their bodies instead of their spirit. So by covering it and by being modest and not bringing men to their lower natures, men also go to their higher nature and they seek greater things, spirit and God. They look at woman as a being, as a human, as a beautiful God within them instead of the physical bodies that bring men to their lower natures.

Even in the advertisements, if you notice, they use beautiful women half-naked. Thats how you sell things to people by bringing That is well known to many advertisers and people who try to sell things to the people: soft music, and music that relaxes you, and also sexual connotations bring you to your first and second chakras. When you are there what do you want? You have a lot of desires, attachments, wants, and all those things.

After they put the music and relaxed you, and then showed you a beautiful woman with the half-naked body, then they say, Buy this car. What are they saying? First they bring you to the first chakra and then they say, Really, that is what you want. That is how you can get that kind of life. With having this beautiful car you can have that kind of woman that we just showed you.

So what they are doing is bringing you down to the lower nature and then selling you whatever they want. And as you can see many people are buying heedlessly to this advertisement. They are buying things that they really dont need. They are spending their money for the things that are really not that necessary. That is why they have been using these techniques that they know work.

But they tell you that Moslems are no good. They are telling their women to hide themselves, they are restricting them, and they are bad people. Because thats what they want. They want the whole world to follow their things.

But the whole idea is not having a long skirt. You might have a long skirt but still be a loose woman. That doesnt work.

You have a long skirt because you want to, because you desire inside that you want to be modest. Because you understand these things that how women can affect the society. Women have great responsibility to bring men to their higher natures and make the men look at them as their beautiful beings, not as a physical attraction.

Again, its not a restriction that we are putting on women. It is a restriction that women should put on themselves by understanding these teachings and by realizing how they are able to help the society to come to the higher nature and stop this kind of advertisement the mentality that, Its OK to show your body all over the place, and at the same time have a spiritual environment. You wont. It just wont work together.

So Prophet Muhammed also didnt say that you need to put the chador on. It was a tradition in those part of cultures that women used to wear chador and eventually There is no place in the Koran that says you have to wear chador. It says, Be modest. Cover yourself and be open only to your husbands. Those things bring a beautiful environment to everyone. It doesnt bring the stimulation

What are we trying to do? We are trying to stop the stimulation of the lower nature of man. The sexual stimulation is one of the biggest stimulations for human. They have a lot of problems with it.

They are seeking relationship all the time. They are trying to find their other part, their Soul mates, and this and that. You turn on the television, its all about sex and all the jokes about the sex and things about these things. What does this do to you? It brings you to your lower nature.

Prophet Muhammad was trying to eliminate that kind of stimulation in the society. He succeeded pretty good. Actually its very wonderful. Ive been living in those societies and women are not looked as a body, but as a human, not as a physical body.

So if we understand the depth of it, then it should be the women themselves to volunteer to do this. They shouldnt do that because I say so. They should do it because God says so, because they understand why its good for them to be covered and keep their physical body under wrap.

Its also more beautiful for their husbands and their husbands are going to Women in Islamic countries are so mysterious for men. Here there is no mystery left. You can see everything on the television. There is no really, that attraction you can see in those countries, in Islamic countries.

I think it is even better for women themselves. The women themselves dont realize how more beautiful they will become, how more respectful, and how more desirable to men, if they covered themselves and not show off everything they have.

Its not something we require. I like to see, of course, women to be in a long skirt and modest as much as possible. The more modest But it shouldnt become a requirement. It shouldnt become rigid.

Nothing should become rigid in the Mission because if its a requirement then the women dont do it because they want to but they have to. Anything you have to do, its no good.

Thats another thing about this teaching that you have to understand, why not just do it because I said to do it? It is because you want to do it. It is because you realize that if the society that we have, the Communities of Light, women are emphasizing in their beauty in their spirit, in their nurturing, in their motherhood, in their wonderful ability to be the center of family, then that is the most important thing for you too. And then you will comply with the requirement of God that, cover your body and wrap it up.

If you dont want to do it, then if you are forced It is just like, even in Islamic Countries there are a lot of women who cover themselves but they are loose women. And they are well known. Actually there is a poet who made a poem about this, that the woman was in the chador but at the same time she wasnt very protective of her private parts. So its kind of a Really being under the chador doesnt mean you are a modest person. You are forced into it. So it has to again come from Spirit, it has to come from you, it has to come from your realization.

I know the West is pretty much against that idea. They think, Oh, Islamic countries, those poor women are in Probably they are right in one sense, most of them have been forced to do it. And that is no good.

But if they understand why they are doing it, then they can be beautiful women, educated, well taught. But we do not require chador. No. You dont have to wear chador. But be modest. Thats all that is required.

Does that answer the question?

Ishvara: I understand the things that you say. Of course, I understand that it is not good that men or women are attracted sexually in the Mission. But the sense is very clear for me. But for French or for an American, maybe an American woman when she wants to be beautiful for a man, she puts a skirt. She leaves her pants and she puts on a skirt. So it is exactly the contrary. Understand? When she wants to be sexy, she puts on the beautiful skirt. But when she wants to be normal, she puts on the pants. You understand? [something about control?]

Maitreya: [laughing and we all talking about what we think we heard] Well, first of all I forgot, the dress code is not only for women, its also for men. Men, we are recommending not to be naked from the belly up and from knee down. So they should cover from their belly to their knee at least. I guess probably that was because they had to work. Sometimes working out there is hot and things like that. So its OK for them not to have a shirt on or things like that. But even men are recommended to be modest and that.

I talked about women because that is what most of our objections are but men also are supposed to be modest and keep their bodies as wrapped as possible. They shouldnt even be showing their bodies.

But about your question, as we understand it, you are saying that women wear skirts and things like that to look beautiful to their men. Then when they go to the wedding they wear long skirt to be modest and all that.

That is what I said, it for the women who understand the implication of their action, how it affects the society, and how they feel about how they affect the society themselves. Also if the women are taught from the very beginning, from childhood, that they should manifest their beauty as a spirit, as a being, as a human, and keep the beauty of their bodies for their husbands, when they grow up they are beautiful inside and out. Their husbands are going to love them because they are modest, they are chaste, they are dedicated to their husbands, God, their lives, and their families. Men would love such women.

The physical beauty fades away. Women have physical beauty only for what, twenty, thirty years? After that, all of us change the shape of our bodies. We lose all that beauty. But if the man loves you for your body, what happens when you get old? They just forget about you because you dont have any beautiful body anymore?

But if you base the whole society and the community on the Spirit and Beauty within and dedication and love, that you love that person not because of the body but because of who she is, then the body doesnt matter, does it?

So you see, women want that love forever. They want it for the rest of their lives. They just dont want it for The real women Im talking about, the chaste women, the good women, the women who are Godly. They want to create an environment that someone loves them for the rest of their lives. They want to create an environment that lasts for a lifetime. Having a beautiful body doesnt last for a long time.

Again, we have to emphasize the Spirit, the beauty within, the dedication of the couple together, the life of the couple based on God. Such a relationship doesnt fade away when the body fades away because the love and beauty between them is based on a much deeper level.

They love each other even when they are old, crooked, and all that. That does not come by showing off your body. Actually the women who shows her body all the time says, Thats all Ive got. You should love me because of this. When she gets old and crooked and the man leaves her, she is surprised why he left. Well he wanted you for the body. Its not there anymore. Why should he stay around? You didnt have beauty from within.

So these things are things that a real woman understands very deeply and she prefers to be covered and show her beauty outside instead of her physical body.

One of the things this society teaches women is to show your body, show your body. That's what you are. That's what you are. You are your body. You are your body. And the men say, Yes, I like your body. I like your body. But Oh, its not good. You are old. I want to go to another body which is younger.

So is that what women really want? I dont think so. I dont think they want that at all. They want a deeper relationship and a deeper understanding from man. They want to be respected. They want to be loved. They want to be looked at as a being who helped them in their lives and not just go with the first beautiful body they find after her.

We can see that even in this level we have to be taught from childhood what is more important; not our bodies but our spirit and our Soul. If they understand that, if we teach our children things like that, when they grow up they will look at other beings as Soul, not the physical body.

That is another sign that we can see everywhere Even in the West it didnt used to be like this. Its getting worse and worse every day. And the people are buying into it that, Yes, that is the way to go. Its OK. I do whatever I want. If I want to just go in the street naked, its OK.

Even men, we have a lot of transvestites who wear womens clothing. You said the women wear pants. Thats exactly in the Bible that it says that when women start wearing mens clothing, thats the end of the world.

So even God is not very much in favor of women wearing mens clothing. And pants is mens clothing. At least it used to be. I dont think even in the United States people wore pants fifty years ago, or even thirty years ago, or forty years ago.

These things are man-made that have been creeping into human consciousness. They are changing things around and saying its OK. But God clearly says in His Scripture, It is not OK.

We have to teach our children these things. Bring a much deeper level of Spirit into society. That is what the Communities of Light are. Communities of Light are an environment that the stimulation of the lower nature is at the minimum possible, so we can concentrate on higher things.

Actually a women who is modest is much more beautiful to her husband than if she shows off her body all the time.

These things have to be recognized with us first, with the women who like to be in the Mission second. They have to realize themselves. It doesnt affect me. They can be half-naked, it doesnt affect me at all. It doesnt make any difference to me. They can do whatever they want.

Its affecting them. It is not required, something I require. Its something they have to require of themselves by understanding why.

If you have any follow up go ahead. I hope I answered your question. If not, go ahead.

Ishvara: Maitreya, we understand very well what you say when you say man and woman have to wear clothing We understand very well because Im going to tell Rahdah in French [French].

Maitreya: It sounds so much like Arabic.

Rahdah: Maitreya, its about Ishvara understands very well the reason to be modest. But the point is on the meaning of the clothing, the meaning of the pants, the trousers, and the skirt. Ishvara said that a lot of people will see that the trousers are less sexy than the skirt. Its about the meaning of the clothing. He said also that some women have never worn something else than pants.

Maitreya: [we talking about, what did Rahdah say??] Well, were trying to find out exactly what the question is here. Were confirming with everyone. Just be a little patient. [more talk about what Rahdah said]

According to these ladies here and Isaac, the discussion is First of all its a new tradition. It didnt used to be that woman wore pants. They didnt wear pants, so it was mens clothing. Second of all, Isaac suggests that being beautiful is different than being sexy. So apparently we are not against being beautiful. Women can be beautiful. And actually, probably it is recommended that they be beautiful, clean, and all that. Its OK to be beautiful, but not showing your body.

The third opinion is that probably youre talking about the skirts that are very tight and it shows the body again instead of being just a skirt that covers the body, its flowing and something like that. So that makes it different.

And the fourth one, of course, is Mas opinion that thats Gods Word and God says do not wear mens clothing and who cares who says what [laughing]. So that is the ultimate Word of God and He says that when women start wearing mens clothing then that is the end of this era and the end of the world.

What is mens clothing? Men were wearing pants for thousands of years and women werent. So apparently that is what God meant when He said mens clothing, He meant mens clothing which meant pants. And the pants have been worn by the men

Actually I have seen women who wear pants, even in Iran in those villages. Its a different kind of pants. Its a shiny kind of a material they wear. But they also wear something over their pants. It doesnt come all the way to their knees, its a little higher, but it covers the sexual part. That is beautiful. They wear them, they work with them, they sit and do all the things they have to do. Also some people have pants but at the same time they have a longer skirt which goes over them, so again covers they bodies and that.

But the pants that the women wear now is the pants that are very thin and then they dont wear any underwear underneath and they try to show off as much body as possible. You can see all their curves and their body. So I think that has a very sexual connotation into it and there is no way you can say its just for the comfort of it.

So we can see that the attempt here mostly is to show the body off. And that is, I think, where the objection comes from. The objection is that women have to become spiritual, beautiful mothers, and manifest that part of themselves instead of being attached to the physical body and the physical body becomes crooked. If the women understand that, I think that they will agree themselves that the body is going to become old.

Those who dont, they are not spiritual women. They are mostly physical and when they get older they realize, WOW, that wasnt very good. Im not pretty anymore. I cant show off my body anymore. Yes.

Sarah-ji: I think that everyone in the Mission, all the women in the Mission that were used to the culture of wearing pants and then when they came to the Mission it seemed a little bit odd to switch from wearing pants all the time to wearing a skirt all the time. I know Ma was saying, But Ive never done that, and, You cant do things. And I said, Well just try it.

I think it happened to all of us. Then once they started trying to wear skirts all the time it becomes so regular. I mean, we garden in skirts. We ride our bicycles in skirts. It is no big deal. Its just kind of what we wear and its very comfortable. Even though in the beginning it seems kind of different, once you try it and realize, WOW you really are more modest and youre not getting funny looks anymore. It does work!

Maitreya: Well, that is the opinion of a woman, so. I am not a woman, so you have it right from the mouth of another woman how it works. I have never worn a skirt, I never will. If I do that then Im transvestite and [laughing] then I have to think twice about Gods Word.

Ma has something to say. Lets see what she has to say. Go ahead.

Ananda Ma: This is Ma and I think I was probably the worst of anyone who ever came to the Mission. I felt like it didnt matter what a woman wore. That was because in my experience I saw women who wore long skirts and were very promiscuous. I felt that that was a lie and I didnt want to lie. I was who I was and it didnt matter what I wore. Well, I found out very shortly that I was wrong.

How I found out was when I was in the meditation room doing the Reminder. There was a visitor here who was in front of me who was wearing pants. When she was doing the part where you get down on the floor, I dont know why, but I am sure it was God made me open my eyes, and what I saw was very displeasing.

That was the last of my pants. I got rid of them all and I went to skirts. But it probably took me longer than anyone else because Im very hard headed and something has to be proven to me positively, and it sure was. That was the end of it for me because I saw that that was awful. It was just absolutely awful and I didnt want to look like that. Especially when youre supposed to be worshipping God.

So I think God knows what He is doing. Sometimes if we just follow Him, then we can later see what it is He is trying to get us to understand and see. Hes interested in the whole universe not just in a few people or one religion, or Hes interested in the whole universe and He knows how it runs. When He speaks, or when He gives His opinion Well, it isnt His opinion. When He gives His Truth, then we should really consider that that is the truth for the whole of the universe.

Maitreya: OK. I couldnt say it any better than this. Thats what God wants and thats what the modest woman will accept as something that will affect their lives, will affect their husbands and family lives, it affects their communities, it effects the whole earth. It sounds like trivia but its not. Its not trivial at all. Its very important that both men and women become modest, we create communities that are modest, emphasize on Spirit and higher things, create men and women who are married and are married because they are helpmates, and they cling together because God desires them to cling together.

If we accept God then those things become very unimportant to us. We will accept this thing because that affects our spirit also. We do not have opinions or anything like that, but what the Truth is and how we can create a better environment for everyone.

If you dont, thats OK. As I said, Im not going to force anyone to do anything unless they understand why.

Any other follow-up or any questions? [a question about putting in another video tape & another audio tape as both were almost out] No, thats OK, I think we had enough.

OK, lets

Ishvara: I do have [???] more question.

Maitreya: Ishvara did you say one more question or no more questions? We did not understand that.

Ishvara: No more. No more. Zero.

Maitreya: OK. Well, then well say our good byes to you. Have a good week. Again think about these words and connect to me. Send me e-mail. Talk about what you want to do for the Mission, how we can help you, and if you want to do something for the Mission or not. And if you want to do it, lets discuss how it can be done. If you have any questions, send e-mail. Its OK. We can bring it here next week and talk about it.

I hope these things make sense to you. As I said, when you come to the Mission you are no longer French, or a Quebecian, or an American, an Iranian, or a Jew, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or anything. You are not a Frenchman or Englishman or African. We are all the children of God and that is how we are one. In that Essence we are beyond all those narrowing things. And we dont follow our culture but the Truth of God. With that we can overcome any propaganda and things that television, radio, and all those things are teaching us we have to be.

Also, like Europe is becoming one, they coined their money and it sounds like you are going to become one united nation of Europe. That is a prophecy that is coming through. I was waiting for it for a long time. But that prophecy is also coming through.

So everything is working according to Gods Plan. It take longer than we think but He is working behind the scene and it is coming. That is Gods Will, that is what He wants. He wants to create the Communities of Light. He doesnt care where you are from, what kind of religion you had before, what kind of ideas you have, what kind of a color you have. As long as you understand this teaching and create the Communities of Light, you are His Children.

See you next week. Sal-Om

Rahdah: Thank you, Maitreya, and Sal-Om to all of you.

Ishvara: Sal-Om, Maitreya, and everyone.

Josiana: Sal-Om, everyone. Sal-Om, Maitreya.

Ishvara: Thank you.

Isaac: Sal-Om

Keyosha: Sal-Om, bye bye

Ananda Ma: Maitreya, and everyone, is going out the door and theyve said, Good bye to everyone.


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