06/26/99 Internet Conference


Maitreya: Well, good morning everyone in the Internet and all over the world. Whoever came, thank God that you made it. And whoever didnt come, may God forgive them [laughter].

As usual, this is Maitreya. I will be here for the next two hours as usual, and every week, unless you are informed that I am not around or something. Otherwise I will be here and will be open for any questions or discussion or anything on your mind, we can go ahead and do it.

Anyway, Hi everyone. If you want to say Hi, go ahead.


Shakti: Sal-Om. Hi Maitreya.


Rahdah: Sal-Om, to all of you from Quebec.


Ishvara: Sal-Om, Maitreya. Sal-Om to all of you.


Maitreya: Sal-Om Ishvara. Sal-Om Shakti. Sal-Om Rahdah. All of you. God Bless you all and be with you.

As usual Ill open the Satsang for the discussion by giving you the news. I dont know if all of you realize that now all of our material and literature is in HTML. Everyone can just go to the site and read them with the browser. They dont need any other program to read our materials any more. All of them are in that format.

I think that is a good thing because noone has to have a specific kind of a program or anything. If you have a browser, you can go and read our teachings. So I think that is our good news for everyone.

Also we had an e-mail from a person who wanted to join us to the conference today but he says he has a technical difficulty to join us. We are going to go ahead and read his question and then see what we can come up with the answer.

If there is nothing else, well go with his question. Ill just be here a couple of minutes, one minute or two, a couple of seconds, thirty seconds, to see if you have anything to say, go ahead. Otherwise we go with his question. [Isaac talking to Maitreya about changing the name of our group in the conference room]

OK. We go ahead with the question and Keyosha is going to read for us what it is.


Keyosha: The question reads: Respectable Mr. Joseph Emmanuel. I would much long to join today, Saturday 26th of June, the Conference Room where Lord Maitreya will speak, but due to hardware limits I can not. I have followed very deeply and nearly the theological questions of the Apocalyptical time and of the so-called return of the Christ. I have gained the possess of many precious information from many sources, and I have so lately developed some questions which are maybe more refined.., more rarely asked, maybe also harder to be answered.

The question I would like to make to Lord Maitreya in his conference today is if it is true that the Lord of the Hosts who oversees to Our Universe, that Being usually called archangel Michael, will descend on earth during this zodiacal Cancer-period, as announced by Apocalypse 12:5.

Considering that Id like to ask this question directly to The Planetary Christ, may I maybe ask you the pleasure to make this question to Him in my name?

I would deeply be thankful if it was possible for me to be announced about this event, if it will take place in the Cancer-period, as foreseen, or in another period of this year.

Sincerely, I thank you, if you will bring to Him my humble request, considering my wish and my hardware impossibilities.

Cordial greetings,

Henry Victor


              Maitreya: OK. Now I have a question for everyone. Does he have any question? Can anyone tell me, does he have a question? Anyone on Internet, do you think he has a question? [no answer] Hello, can you hear me in Internet?


            Isaac: I dont think he really has a question. Hes just asking you to confirm [Shakti came in so you cant hear what Isaac said]


            Shakti: Maitreya, its Shakti. Ill jump in.


            Maitreya: OK. Go ahead. Yes Shakti.


            Shakti: Im not understanding about that myself. It seems like he the bit about certain things, Im not understanding too much about that myself.


            Maitreya: About what? About what you dont understand? [some discussion here about what she said] Hes asking if Archangel Michael is going to come down to earth because its the zodiacal period. That is the question. That is what he wants to know, if I can answer the question if Archangel Michael is going to come down because its the zodiacal period.

But he also tells me that he already has gathered a lot of information, he already knows a lot, and that the name of the witness entity is Archangel, and because its a zodiacal period hes supposed to come. OK. So he is telling me that he knows a lot and that entity is called Archangel. There is no discussion about that, no question that his name is Archangel. The only thing is, is he going to come in this period or not.

And my question is, does he have any question? Isaac answered it very well. He said, No. He is just looking for confirmation. There is no question there. Exactly what Isaac said is correct. He is not looking for an answer.

He is looking for a confirmation. He thinks he already knows. The cup is already filled up. Its full of his own ideas. He thinks he has already found all the information he needs. The name of the witness entity, no doubt about it, is Archangel Michael. And now its the zodiacal period and he should come. Does he?

If I say, No, do you think he would accept?


Keyosha: Maitreya, is he saying that Archangel Michael is going to be the Messiah? Is that what he is saying?


Maitreya: Probably that could be also inferred from his writings that he is going to come as the witness entity.

The witness entity is who? God is the Witness Entity. And He cannot come because He is everything. How can He come? Can He come? Can He come to earth and say, I am everything.? If He comes to earth and says, I am everything, would He be in the moon anymore. Hes on earth only.

So that Witness Entity really is where? It is all over the universe. There is no place that He is not.

OK. Lets accept his assumption that he is called Archangel. He is not because Archangel is just a helper of God, not God Himself. See, God is the Witness Entity not Archangel. Angels are just helpers to the Witness Entity.

Now just assume that He is called Archangel. Then he is the witness entity and he is everywhere and he is a consciousness that is everywhere in the universe. Can he come to earth and say, I am here only.? He cannot.

That is what the whole base of Messiah and coming of a person as a representative of God comes to us, as we have revealed, that God prophesied the Witness Entity, the Universal Witness Entity that he calls Archangel, prophesied that He would send the Messiah, He will send a person, He will send a human being to earth, or at least He creates a body of a human being which comes to earth and then that Witness Entity, or God, can manifest through him. While He is the witness entity all over the universe, He can come through him and give His Message to humanity and to earth.

So He, as a Witness Entity, doesnt have the ability to come only to earth. The only thing He can do is He can come through a body to us as Christ.

As we explained many times, when Christ was connected, whatever he said was true. When he was not connected he said, Dont call me even good. I am not good. Only God is Good.

Why should he say that? If he said, God is Good, it means there is a separation between me and God, isnt it? If Im not good but God only is Good, it means that I am different than God. So in that moment he is not completely connected so he feels that separation, so hes not good but God is Good.

So we can see that he was a human, as a person, as a man, as a body, but what was behind him, the Spirit behind him was what the Witness Entity was, which is God Himself.

Thats why another time he said, No one goes to the Father but through me, because that is exactly the truth: his message leads us to God.

If we want to go to God, we have to listen to Christ. Prophet Muhammed said, Listen to My Prophet, whatever he says is whatever I say. Again the same thing, Me and the Father are One. But in another thing that Prophet Muhammed always said, No, Im just a man. Im just a Prophet. Im not the son of God or anything. But in another sentence he said, Listen to My Prophet. Whatever he says is whatever I say. So in another, Me and the Father, or me and God, are One.

So we can see the Witness Entity, in the sense of an entity which witnesses all the universe Himself, its impossible for Him to come and manifest Himself and say, Here I am. In what shape? In the shape of consciousness? In the shape of a body? In the shape of a person?

Looking at it that way, then we are saying the same thing: The person comes who is connected to the Witness Entity, to the Universal Mind. So we can see that a lot of people have a misconception that God Himself, as a Consciousness, comes to earth as one being, as an entity.

Which is true. That person All of us are not our bodies. All of us are consciousness. If we realize that, that we are not our bodies, we realize and understand the concept of Messiah that we represent in the Mission.

So his answer really is that the Witness Entity has been here all the time. You dont have to have the zodiacal period to have the Witness Entity come to earth. He is always here. He is always with you. He is you.

So there is no way that you can say that God is not with us, or He is not on earth, or He is not manifested, or He is not here. He is always here. He is with you. He is you.

There is no separation between us and God. The only reason we feel separated is because our egos get in the way and we feel we are different than He is.

So I receive a lot of e-mails like this, that the person already explains to me that they know everything and they really ask for confirmation. And I cant give it to them because I dont believe that what they say is correct. I cannot give them confirmation.

But the answer to his question is that he has to realize our teaching again. He has to go read THOTH. He has to understand what the concept of the Messiah and God is, what is the relationship between God and Messiah is and in this way they can understand the meaning of all those words in the Scriptures.


Isaac: What did he mean by the Christ in the world [Isaac couldnt find the word and someone suggested, Planetary Christ.] yes. What did he mean by that? Why did he ask [cant really hear this question]


Maitreya: We were talking about the question of that gentlemen, and that most of the people who send an e-mail and explain to me that they already know everything and then also pose something as a question, theyre not really asking a question. They are really saying, I already know it. Please just tell me what I say is correct. Im just looking for confirmation. Im not interested in your teaching, or you, or what you do, or what is in the Mission. I am interested in my own little knowledge and thats what I really am looking for.

Of course, if the gentlemen were here, I wouldnt be so direct as I am now, but I would probably very subtly try to make him understand that what he says isnt really what it is. So we have to gently make these people understand that their cup is full. They have to throw the cup away and get a cup empty so we can fill them up.

But the question that Isaac brought up was, What did he mean by Planetary Christ? He refers to Planetary Christ and we are looking for someone who can explain to us what does he mean by that. Do you know, Ma? [Ma doesnt know - - cant hear her answer]

Well, apparently no one knows. No one knows here in the Mission what it means. I can guess what he means.

As I said, I think in the Theosophical Philosophy and the teaching of Mr. Crme, they believe there is a hierarchy, that they live in the Himalayas. Maitreya is supposed to be the Planetary Christ of this planetary system.

Apparently, not only is there a planetary System, there is probably a Galactic system, the galaxies. Then many galaxies create the region. I dont know how they - - but eventually So they create a lot of mediators between you and God.

So you dont go directly to God. You have no connection directly to God. You cant do that. If you want to go to God you have to go to the Planetary Christ first and then go to the regional Christ second and on and on, to be able, eventually, hopefully, you make it through many planetary systems to God.

We say, No. That is not true. You are connected to God directly right now, here. You dont need planetary system. You just need to understand His Words in the Scriptures and go to God directly. You do not need a planetary hierarchy.

But a lot of people, apparently, like that idea of hierarchy. I think its probably an ego trip because if there is a hierarchy there and a hierarchy here and Im a big teacher here on earth, so you have to listen to me before you can even go to the planetary hierarchy. But this is not Scriptural.

Again we see this is not Scriptural. The Scripture never, ever, talks about such a thing. It talks about God directly, that you are connected to Him. Even in the Upanishads and the Hindu teaching it says you are God, you are already connected.

How can you have a hierarchy if youre already connected to God? So that is why they believe that Maitreya is the Lord of the planetary system. So its very important to be very afraid of him and respect him because if you dont youre not going to go any further. No, thats not true.

Our teaching is that God is always with you, always youre connected to Him. The only reason you feel disconnected is because of ego, your attachments to your desires, your wants, and all of that. If you can get rid of them, we have seen many saints, many wonderful realized people, many Sufis, many Cabalists, many people in many religions, they have connected to God directly without the need of such an elaborate hierarchy.

I even read the book of Urantia. If you want a hierarchy, go read that book. Its hierarchy, upon hierarchy, upon hierarchy. After a while I lost it. I said, No hope for me. Im never going to get there [laughter]. So many hierarchies, I have to go through and so many people I have to please before I can even approach the top of the top, which is God Himself.

But there are seven chakras, seven levels of consciousness that we have to go through, and in each of those chakras have tendencies and desires that take you away from God. That is the most important thing. That is why I do not accept the title of planetary Lord, but as a Messenger of God, as a bringer of the Message to humanity.

And I want you to go to God directly. You do not need a hierarchy. You just need to work on yourselves and go to God directly. Destroy all those hierarchies and be a fighter and a warrior of destruction of those crazy ideas that are out there. And dont let your ego gets say, Yes, Im a part of hierarchy. Im important and everyone else are not. Everyone is important. Everyone has the ability to reach God. The humblest is the greatest and goes to God.

Does it make sense? Isaac, does it make sense?


Isaac: Yes, it makes sense. So he thinks youre probably a disciple of Crme?


Maitreya: He think that I am the Maitreya that Crme is talking about.


Rahdah: Yes, Maitreya, it makes sense.


Isaac: But arent you?


Ishvara: That makes sense, Maitreya. But where are these Great Souls you were speaking of?


Isaac: I mean, not arent you but werent you Crmes Maitreya?


Maitreya: Yes I am, but he doesnt know it [laughter].

OK, I think the question was, then what about those Great Beings that we talk about in the Mission, Paravipras, Elects, and Where are they? Is that what the question was?


Ishvara: Exactly, exactly. Why are they not now in the Mission?


Maitreya: You are here. [silence] Did he hear what I said [to Isaac, our computer operator]? Did you hear what I said [to Ishvara]?


Ishvara: [something about he couldnt hear] Would you repeat, please?


Maitreya: I said, you are here.


Ishvara: I do not understand exactly the joke, Maitreya.


Maitreya: [laughter] OK. You are saying, where are all the Great Souls that we are talking about? I said that you are here. Rahdah is here. Shakti, and Ma, and Keyosha, and Sarah ji, and Isaac, and me, and all of us are here. These I count as Great Souls, those who are connected to the Mission. And hopefully we will increase, our number will increase. That is what our hope and our inspiration should be to receive the Great Souls and work toward bringing them to the Mission.

Those who are absolutely dedicated to the Mission, see the truth in our teaching, and any time I say something they say, It makes sense. If it makes sense, it has to be from God. And if it is from God then, as I have said many times, who cares if no one else is in it right now.

But we know that it is from God and it eventually will catch into human consciousness and they will come and take it up and love it.

So its just like those first Americans, those white Americans who came to the United States and everyone asked, Where are the rest of the whites? They were the pioneers. They were the first people who got here. We cant just come here and say, Oh, it should be already done and everyone should be here and the ceremony has to be started and the wedding is going on.

No its not. We are the pioneers. We are the first people who are here. But if we understand the teaching and we love the teaching and we accept that it is from God and it is the fulfillment of the prophecies, we dont care too much if there is anyone in it or not, who comes, who doesnt, who joins the conference room or who doesnt.

Actually Im thinking about not to ask who is in the conference room from now on. The most important to me is that I am here from 10:00 to 12:00. If anyone wants to join, join. Who doesnt want to join, dont join.

If you have better things to do than the Mission, then I dont want you to be here either. If its not your best thing in the world, its not number one for you in the world, dont come. Go where your call is. If your call is out of this conference and somewhere else, then go there. Thats where you belong because you dont belong here.

This conference is for the people who are dedicated to the Mission and want to know and learn and discuss and get on with the business of the Mission, and on and on.

So from now on Im just going to sit here and say, This is Maitreya. Ill be here from 10:00 to 12:00. Thank you for coming. And if there are any questions or whatever you have to discuss about it.

So the numbers are not important, not a bit. If you are looking for numbers, then youre going to be in trouble, you are not completely dedicated to the idea, but you are dedicated to the number of the people in the Mission.

If the number increases, great! I love it. Number has power, no doubt about it but I am not attached to the number. You shouldnt be attached to the number either. You should be attached to the truth that is revealed through this Mission, and me, and the teaching.

If you are dedicated to that, then you will attract many, many Great Souls. And you are a Great Soul because you are attached to God but you are not attached to the people in the Mission.

Actually, if you study religion, most of the religions are not -- they dont have many numbers in them until they become a religion. As far as the truth, it doesnt have any numbers. The moment it becomes a religion, everyone joins it.

Probably the only religion that had many numbers is Islam. Of course, you had no choice. You either became Moslem or your head was gone. So you didnt have any choice. Even if you werent dedicated still you said, Yes, yes. I believe. I believe. Dont cut my head off. So we can see

Do you want us to do that? Get the sword and put it at peoples necks and say, You have to say that the Mission of Maitreya is the best in the world and thats the last revelation, and you have to join us. Yes, you might get a lot of numbers but

Most Moslems dont have it either. A lot of people in Islam, theyre not really dedicated because it didnt start with dedication. Actually, some Christians are more dedicated than a lot of Moslems who claim to be Moslems because they are afraid to say they are not Moslems.

If you say youre not a Moslem then youre an infidel and your blood can be shed with anyone because an infidel is a person who anyone can kill. So thats not a true faith. True faith comes from your heart. And that is why this Mission is an educational Mission. We have to educate humanity to see our truth.

There is so much truth in this Mission. Its amazing. When I was going through the website the other day I was looking at this teaching and what we brought and just look at them. Its amazing how much truth we brought to humanity.

No wonder very few people want to be in this Mission because the more truth, the less people want to be around it. The less truth, the more people want to join.

So we can see we should not listen, or as I said many times on the numbers, if you are then go where there are a lot of numbers there. Go join the Haree Krishna, or Moslems even, they have a lot of big numbers. But the biggest number is Christians in the world. Go join them and just say, Im saved. Christ died for me. Dont worry about it. I can now do whatever I want.

So you can see that the numbers are not important. Do not be attached to the number. If you are attached to the number then you will go away from this Mission because this Mission is truth. If you are seeking the truth, you will find it. If you are looking for numbers, youll go somewhere else. So the numbers are not important a bit.

If I reach a point that Im the only person in the universe who believes in this teaching, fine with me. It is This is what I believe and that is what you should also believe too. You say, This is my belief. I dont care what the rest of the universe says.

If you cannot reach that point, then youre in trouble. Youre going to always say Youll get very disappointed.

Im not saying not to get the numbers. Thats great. But if numbers means to sell your Soul, dont do it. Keep your Soul and forget about the numbers.

But if you find someone is wonderful and they are very high Souls, they are great, they want to do the Mission, they love the Mission, they want to join us, they want to get on with the work and spread the Message and put it in Internet, put it in a movie, put it in a film, put it in any media that can reach human consciousness, it is great.

Again, another thing that we discussed before, that human consciousness is developing toward our Revelation. Not everyone is there. A lot of people are getting

Just imagine this situation in Bosnia. Six hundred years ago Moslems came and did atrocity to the Serbs and threw them out of Kosovo. Did anyone go and help them that this would not happen? There was no one to help them. Now the reverse happened, the United States went and threw the Serbs out and said, You cant do that.

We can see that, at least, human consciousness is a little higher now that those kind of atrocities are not acceptable. That is a good sign.

Of course, we have to do it everywhere, if it happened in Africa, if it happened in Asia, if it happened anywhere else also we should defend the human rights and the ability of people to be where they are and wherever they want to live.

Actually, if we ever get to the point that the Kingdom Of God, there is no border between the countries, what is going to happen? You can live wherever you want. If you want to go to live in South Africa, or in the middle of Africa, or in the North Pole, thats fine. You just pack up and you go.

There are no boundaries for you. And when you go there you should be received and accepted as a being. If you have the ability and you can contribute to the community, they would accept you as a person who is respectable and acceptable.

So we can see that the human consciousness is going toward more understanding of human rights and all that thing, but it takes time.

As we said, we are the pioneers. Pioneers are usually very lonely and alone people. They have an idea. They are on fire for the truth. And they will take it and go. And they are not swayed with the little things like the numbers or why Maitreya walks, or why Maitreya talks, or why Maitreya eats, and this and that, why Maitreya is married, why Maitreya is not married, why he has a child, why he doesnt have any, why he has only one child. Abraham had only one child too. That has a reason for it.

So we can see that again it goes to your faith, it goes to your personal decision that is it correct for me or not? If it is correct then who cares if anyone can join us or didnt? If it is not correct, then what are you doing here? You shouldnt be here, you should be somewhere else that the truth is there.

I found that what is in Mission is the highest truth ever you can encounter. I havent found any faults in it.

And dont be a fault-finder. Dont be negative all the time. Look at the positive part of the Mission. Dont always try to find fault either. But find the positive part of the Mission.

It is the Mission of the opening of the seven seals, the unification of all religions, its the fulfillment of the prophecies. The very presence of it destroyed an empire, an empire that was 2,500 years of a continuous kingdom.

It was foretold that it would come. The person got on fire, put millions of dollars in the paper to say the coming of the Maitreya. These are positive things that have to come to your Soul, become one with you, and see that what we are doing is an incredible thing that is happening. And God is behind it.

Should we be afraid if one person didnt join, or another person didnt like it, and what we teach is not according to another persons understanding? No. Because we have God behind us and that is all really we need. We dont need people. We need God.

If we are going for the people, we will lose God. If we go for God, we lose a lot of people. Most of the people dont want God, they want their own little egos, little lives, and little house, and little this, and all that. And they do not want to join us and know God.

So if youre true seekers you do not look for numbers and numbers will not affect you a bit. But if you are a seeker of the people then you will lose God. Its really your decision which way you want to go.

I personally will stay with the Mission. I will stay with this teaching. I will preach it, reach out in any way I can. If those Great Souls that I am looking for came, great. If they didnt come, well they will maybe next lifetime.

Ill be back. For a short period I might die and come back as a child and grow up. But Ill be here Saturday at 10:00 after twenty years, or twenty-five years.

Does it make sense?


Ishvara: Maitreya, you said that the number is not important..if we want to have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, at least we need to be more than four.


Maitreya: Yes. That is the real catch 22, isnt it: That we dont care about the people if they come or not, you know the truth, and also we need the people to come to join and do the Mission, and we dont have them. We have not received them yet. And the people we have really are not that gong ho about it and the amount of the energy that I would like to see they are putting on the Mission.

But that doesnt concern me because God said that His Kingdom will come, that this is the stone that hits the statue and the statue of this worldly system will be destroyed and be replaced with something that will last forever, at least for 1,000 years.

So again, I have to trust Gods Words, not the appearances. The appearances can be very deceptive. You have to create a lot of heart, much more heart than mind. Mind is critical. Mind always asks questions. Mind is negative. Mind wants things that it desires, but heart understands without questioning.

So some of us have a good mind but we have to create more heart. Some have a lot of heart that they have to create a better mind. So we bring a little more balance in ourselves. Then again the question is, which one are you listening to?

The first question is you have to accept that this is the Messiah, this is the teaching of God. This is the revelation that God has predicted and foretold to come. If it is, then who cares if its two people, four people, or none people. It will happen!

Is it going to happen in this lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. But we believe in many lifetimes and this Mission is huge, it is big. It is incredible. Moving it is not an easy job. So maybe it needs many lifetimes before it starts even moving and starts catching on.

So should I back off of it this lifetime and say, Wow, this is really big, I cant push it hard, there are not enough people to push it, people are not participating, they are not as dedicated as I would like them to be, they are not really putting effort, they are lazy, they dont want to do what I want them to do. Would I be able to stay so enthusiastic after twenty-three years of saying this over and over and over and over and over, even being criticized, and being called the devil or the anti-christ, and all that?

Why am I still enthusiastic? I should have left it a long, long time ago and said, Just forget it. I can just go in a small place, live in there, and Ill be happy by myself. I dont need this.

But I believe in God and His Words. He told me that it is going to happen. That is good enough for me. Is there two people, four people, ten people, a hundred thousand people, it doesnt make a bit of difference to me.

Are they going to come to the conference, or not? Of course, if they come I will be happy. If I see the Mission grows, if I see the numbers created and increases, great. It means it is going to happen faster and earlier than I thought.

Im willing to give it one hundred lifetimes before it is accomplished. If it did one thousand, fine. I will come here one thousand lifetimes.

So that faith, that acceptance, and seeing the truth in the Mission, and how wonderfully He has fulfilled the prophecies. As I say, even if an empire, two thousand five hundred years an empire, went down the drain six months after this Mission started and fulfilled the prophecy, then you will not be dismayed with the numbers: four, five, ten, twenty, or one hundred. It doesnt make a bit of a difference.

If you are, then you are in the wrong place. Your faith is not strong. You are not really seeking the truth. Then dont criticize the Mission. Dont criticize me. Look at yourself.

There is nothing wrong with the Mission. There is nothing wrong with me. Theres something wrong with you.

Then you say, Well, my faith is not really strong. My faith is not that strong that I say God said it and He will do it. I will accept Gods Word and I will go with it no matter how long it takes, no matter how many people come. Then you have to look at your own faith and your own self and say, No, something is wrong with me. I started criticizing the Mission. I started criticizing the number. I started being attached to the number. Im going to be attached to this mind-set that I have come into it.

Look at the truth that is on earth. Look at the revelation that has come. Look at the unification of the religions. Look at the fulfillment of the prophecies. Then you say, God, take me. I am yours. Use me as you want. Then you will be used and you will be effective.

I got five people. You get five people. The other gets five people. Rahdah gets five people. Shakti gets five people. Those five people will get five people. Believe me it will go so fast, you cant imagine how fast the Mission is going to be fulfilled.

But if you sit on your hands and say, Oh, no, no, theres only five people, what can we do? Then its never going to happen.

So look at yourself, look at your faith and increase your faith, increase your participation in the Mission and do not be attached to the numbers but be attached to God and His Words and His Revelations.

Does it make sense?


Ishvara: That makes sense, Maitreya, to me.


            Shakti: You, my teacher, are the only one who can fill my cup [she is crying]. I give thanks to you.


            Maitreya: That is called The Holy Ghost touching you. That is the true heart. It has no question but loves God with all our mind and spirit. Thanks God. [silence]


            Ishvara: Maitreya?


            Maitreya: Yes. Yes, go ahead, Ishvara.


            Ishvara: You have said that it doesnt matter how many we are because what is important is that we believe in the truth, the true truth. OK. But sometimes when I speak about the Mission with someone else, he begins to listen to me very carefully. And after that sometimes he begins to smile. And I feel that in his mind he thinks its not truth, Dominique is a good boy but he believes in stupidity.

That wouldnt change my point of view. I am sure about what I believe but I feel disease about that one. Do you understand?


            Isaac: [repeating what Ishvara said] He said that when hes talking to someone, he thinks they dont believe what he says. They think, Dominique is a good boy, but hes caught up in stupidity.


            Maitreya: Yes. Well, I understand what you are saying. That goes again with the strength of your faith and conviction.

            And also, the whole Mission is not the way that it is right now. Remember we have received the Kirtan. We have received the Reminder. The whole idea was when our number increases, the people will go to the street and start dancing and chanting and do the Reminder. The people are going to come and ask, What are you doing? What group you are in? And we will reach to the people who are ready for this Mission.

            So the way to spread the Mission is not really one by one. I did think -- it does not mean that you should not talk to the people but dont be attached to your family, dont be attached to your friends only, to convert them to your point of view. There are people out there who are ready and willing to be different than the rest and see the truth in our teachings and come and join.


[[[[[end of side 1 of tape]]]]


Thats one thing. Again, when you are talking to them about the Mission, are you trying to convert them, or are you looking for a confirmation?

It is just like the gentleman who sent me this e-mail. He really was looking for a confirmation, Am I OK? Am I doing the correct thing? Is what I was saying to this thing, is it really true? Do I really have that faith myself, or am I telling them so that if they say its true. Do I say, Oh, OK, I find something good. So its OK.

So really you are looking for them to tell you if you believe what you believe is OK or not. Youre not saying to them that, What I believe is true and correct, I dont care if you believe it or not but that is the truth. Take it or leave it.

If they take it, fine. You say, OK, God, thank you, you did it. If they leave it you say, OK, Chow. I go to the next guy, or the next person and talk to him. But if you are looking for confirmation for your lack of faith, then its going to bother you because they drop you and then they say, Oh, OK, theres something wrong with this teaching, theres something wrong with this revelation. Theres something wrong with my faith. And then, of course, youre going to not receive that confirmation and you are going to feel bad about it. Then your faith is going to be less than it was before you started talking to these people.

If your faith is strong enough that you dont care if they take it or not, then who cares if they didnt take it. Who cares if they think Im bad?

All my family thought Im crazy, but not anymore. Not only they dont feel Im crazy, they feel that Im more effective than they are. Or my love for my mother and my parents is even greater than those children that live with them all their lives and didnt leave them and come here to start the Mission. Why? It is because my faith is in God. My strength is in God.

And God says you should love, and respect, and help your parents. And we do. You dont do it because they need it, or because youre going to look good, or you feel good. You do it because God said to do it.

God said when you marry you are one in the flesh. And me and Sarah-ji are one in the flesh, not because Sarah-ji wants me to be that way, but because God said it, you should not do adultery or fornication. No, I dont do it because Im afraid of Sarah-ji not to do it. I dont do it because God said dont do it. It is as simple as that.

If you believe that this is the Mission and God said this is the Mission, and you believe in it, who cares if they think you are crazy? Of course they do. Of course they do.

Dont you think that those people who were following Christ, that the other people didnt think that they were crazy, they were stupid, they were out of this world, that they didnt know what they were doing?

Again, it goes back to your own faith, your own understanding, and your belief. If you believe in it 100% that thats it, again who cares if the other person doesnt accept your revelation, or thinks youre crazy, or your not as good a boy as you used to be?

That is the choice you have to make. You are being a born- again person. A born-again person has a different lifestyle, a different way of thinking. You no longer belong to whomever you belonged to. You belong to a new family. You belong to a new nation. You belong to a new idea. You belong to the truth!

And thats exactly what happened to me. When I was in Ananda Marga I longed to go to Iran. I wanted to go to my family. They were strangers to me anymore. I had grown out of them. I loved them. It doesnt mean that I dont love them anymore. I loved them and I tried to help them and if I ever see them, I would be very friendly to them.

But they are not my family. My family is you. My family is here. My family is in the Mission.

I have said to my father, Youre not my father. My Father is in heaven. He got very upset about it, but thats the truth.

Thats how much faith you have to create, thats how much strength you have to have to be able to get a few people interested. If you do not have that strength, of course, you cannot be able to attract anyone. And they will think you are crazy and after a while either you believe you are crazy or youre going to lose your faith and go away from the Mission. They are going to take it away from you.

So yes, you have to be a very strong person, very strong and great faith of the truth you have received. You are standing against the whole world. If you dont, the world is going to get to you.

Thats why I said it is up to you. Im just giving you the truth. I cant even save my son. I can give him my truth but if he chooses to go to the world, thats it. Thats it, the world got him.

If you choose to go to the world, thats fine. The world got you. Im not going to come after you and try to I will if you still have the potential. I would come, like a sheep that is lost, I will leave the other sheep and come after you and try to get you back to the fold. But if the wolf got you, and eats you, and tears you up and eats you up, what can I do? Its too late, the wolf got you.

Thats why I put so much effort in each of you to understand this strength. I put so much effort on each of you to come to the fold and realize that thats where you belong. If you want to go, Im going to put effort for you not to go, but if you reach a point that you are beyond help, Im going to let the wolf eat you. Thats it! The end of being the sheep.

So we can see that, yes, when a new revelation comes, only great Souls can join it because it needs a lot of power, it needs a lot of strength, it needs a lot of faith. If you dont have it, then I can tell you that this is the way it is. Its really up to you to choose it and eventually come to terms with it. If you dont, then I let you go. I say, OK, it was nice meeting you, it was nice seeing you. Thank you for all the help you gave to the Mission but apparently you are not creating that kind of faith that it needs to stay around and carry on with this Mission. Then you go away and I go

But its not going to affect me. It used to affect me in the beginning when I started the Mission and the people would go away. It would really bother me that, Why? There is so much truth in this Mission, why they cant see it?

Still I question sometimes, Why cant you see, theres so much truth in this revelation? Why cant they see it? But I have realized that there are people who cant. Simply, they cannot see it. And there are other things that catch them.

So I reached a point that I tried to persuade them not to, but if they did I just let them go. I just said, Thank you God for sending them our way. If they want to go away I have no reason to be upset about it. Ill go on with the Mission.

So all of you here, I appreciate your being here but I believe that you are the seeker of the truth and that because you want the truth you are here.

Im not going to create a cult. Im not going to put trips on you and keep you in the fold for a while and later on it falls apart and then all of us suicide and kill ourselves, or those stupid things that happen to a cult.

That is not the way it is here. It is from God. It is the truth. Its not a cult mentality. Ill let you go if you want to go. Im not going to persuade you or hold onto you and put a trip on you and keep you here.

If you want to be here, you want to be here by yourself. If you dont want to be here, go. And if you find something better, come and tell me. Well come and join you. But I doubt it. I doubt that you can find anything better in the universe than the Mission that we brought to humanity.

But if you went there and you didnt find it and you came back, youre always welcome. You always are the prodigal son, and you can come back to this Mission. But be strong when you come back.

So again its your decision. Again, again, Im coming back to the same thing. It depends on your faith. It depends on your decision.


Shakti: Maitreya, this is Shakti. You were just cut off. I was wondering You are still on the screen but your voice just cut off right after the word, if.


Maitreya: The word if? Which if? [laughter]. [to Isaac about connection and asking if the others can hear him.]


Shakti: Yes, Maitreya.


Maitreya: Apparently Surf and Call, after 10 minutes [Isaac saying something here but cant hear it]. OK. After ten minutes our connection is disconnected or something.

Anyway, the answer again really comes back to: What is your decision? Do you like this Mission? Do you think that its the truth? Do you want to help it? Do you believe that it is from God? Do you believe that what I say is true? Then you have to create a stronger faith.

We do not expect you to create the strong faith in a year or two, three or four, thats fine. But after seven years, I expect a lot from the people who stay in the Mission for seven years. I believe that after seven years if they dont get it, then its very hard to get it anymore.

So in a way you are a little child yet, Ishvara. We stay with you and pamper you for a while [laughing] and help you out in the process. We understand your situation. We have gone through it ourselves, all of us here in the Mission. Sarah-ji is shaking her head, and probably Ma and Keyosha also.

Even these guys here, if they felt they dont want to be here, Im not going to keep them here. Im not going to even try to persuade them. If they want to go

Especially them, after being here for such a long time. If they desire to go, actually I facilitate their going because after all this long time if still they have a desire to leave the Mission, then they should go, actually. They shouldnt be here.

Im absolutely adamant not to accept or persuade anyone who doesnt want to be in the Mission.

I need the people who want to be in the Mission, who want to do a good job. When they give me their promise, I count on them. I want the people that when they say something, I know its done. I dont have to worry about it. When they say they will do something I say, OK its going to get done and its going to get done fast. Not in a couple of weeks, or a month, or two months. They say they are going to do it. I say, OK, do it. And I expect that to be done right away.

So thats the people Id like to be in the Mission. Otherwise, this Mission is not going to go anywhere. Its going to become another cult and Im not interested in creating cults.

I dropped my life for it and I think I would have been in a much better worldly position if I had continued with what I had started in my life. But I didnt start this Mission to create a cult. I am not interested in a cult. Im interested in the truth and Im interested in the people who are strong enough, with great faith, and who want to be in the Mission. They dont put any trip on me and I dont put anything on them. We work together to establish this truth on earth.

So evaluate your situation to see how much you want to be in the Mission, how much do you want God and the truth? And dont be swayed or persuaded by humanity out there. If you are still affected by the other people, then look at yourself.

Dont start criticizing the Mission. That is one thing I have seen the people do. Because they are not strong enough to stand that pressure from outside, they start criticizing and finding fault in the Mission so they can justify themselves to go away.

Thats fine. If you want to do it that way, that is your choice. But there is nothing wrong with this Mission. There is nothing wrong with what we do here. And if you want to find fault, as I have said, look at yourself.

But if you want to criticize the Mission and go away, thats fine. You can do that but thats not true. Its just an excuse not to blame yourself but blame someone else for your lack of faith.

So evaluate your situation. See how strong you are, how strong your faith is. How much do you really believe in this Mission? If you dont, then fine.

I do. I believe in this Mission and Im going to stay with it until the end. If anyone wants to stay with it then you have to create that kind of stubbornness that I have [laughing].

Does it make sense?


Ishvara: Maitreya, you speak very, very quickly for me. I understood a bit.


Maitreya: Understand a bit? [Isaac trying to explain what Ishvara said] Well, if you want we can send a tape of this to Radah, and Rahdah you can either explain it to him I dont know, it was a long, long Satsang. I dont think that we can explain the whole thing right now. But if you can, we can send a transcript to you so you can translate it for him?


Ishvara: Its a very good idea, Maitreya. Very good idea.



Maitreya: Its twelve oclock and we leave you with God. Lets all pray for each other. Let us pray for those whose faith is not as great as ours. May our prayer help them and may they create a strong faith and join us whole-heartedly, 100%.

Let these words become the bread of your life and keep them in your hearts through the week. Hopefully, we will see you all next week in the conference and continue with our


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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