03/25/00 Satsang (Discourse)



Maitreya: Good morning, everyone. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. As usual, I will be here every Saturday from 10 to 12. Hopefully one day all of humanity is going to join us in these Satsangs and we can talk to everyone.

I am surprised they are not coming. Actually I was looking at the list and the list is the same number of our members. Of course, you are always welcome and it is good to have all of you here. Coming to the conference room is easier than it sounds and I thought more people were going to be able to easily get into it. A couple of people are telling us that they want to come to the conference room but they are not making it, and they are having a hard time to be in contact with us.

Did you all read the essay, Does God Speak To Everyone Directly? I hope you all liked it. I would like to receive some feedback. I received some feedback from Tahirah and Ishvara. Does anyone have any questions about it?

Cyber Audience: I have a question about the three categories of hearing voices. I was thinking about the voices of Joan of Arc. She was the young woman in France who saved France. She said that she was hearing voices to guide her to war. Those kind of voices are, from my understanding, in the third category: People who say that God talks to them and told them a truth that helped them in understanding or to receive a solution to a problem. Is it true?

Maitreya: Yes. Very good. You answered your own question very well. Joan of Arc received instructions to do something that was necessary, and she was guided to lead an army. With the great inspiration that she receive, she was able to lead the French army to victory. She was a very young, probably very shy, girl who could not even imagine that she could have done the work that she did.

You are absolutely right. That was not a revelation. It was not prophesied in any prophecy that Joan of Arc is going to come. No one was waiting for her. But God guided her to a great task.

That is actually how you can see if it is a true voice or not, by the fruit that you can see. If the fruit is bad, it is not good, then it cannot be from God because God is good. If the fruit is good, then it is from God.

So Joan of Arc indeed was guided to do what she did. You are absolutely right. Your answer is correct.

Cyber Audience: Yes, it was a good fruit but at the same time there were people dying in those wars. So sometimes it is difficult to see the good fruit in a war.

Maitreya: Well, when you get to that kind of feeling, read the Bhagavad-Gita. In the Bhagavad-Gita it shows you that also it is good to be compassionate and try not to hurt other people or support any wars or destruction, but the universe is a very destructive place and destruction comes in many forms. We have to understand that that is also a part of Gods Plan and work. Of course, we have to work to prevent it, but if it happened, we have to accept it as Gods Will and prevent the things that the human has power over.

It is just like, create the Communities of Light, create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, create the better relationship between humans, reach out to space to colonize other planets and use the resources that are out there waiting for us. All these things are going to help the human.

So there is something the human can do to prevent those destructions, and there are destructions that are necessary to be done. It is just like surgery. Many times we discussed this. A surgeon cuts the other person up. It does not sound good or look good when you cut another person but when the surgeon gets the tumor out, the patient is healed.

It is a very, very fine line to look at how the destruction is going to affect everyone. So in the case of Joan of Arc, it apparently was a very good destruction because it saved France from whatever calamity was coming to it.

We have to look at every situation and every case, and come to the conclusion, Is it Gods Will or it is something that the human can prevent? But the human has the ability to prevent it.

So do not become too upset about destruction but focus on the goal of creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and eventually this destruction, hopefully, is going to go away.

Does that make sense?

Cyber Audience: Yes, absolutely. It is very clear. Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sure. OK. Anyone else?

Audience: I had a question about, does God speak to everyone. But we teach that everyone can go to God, that you can directly connect us to God. I can be totally connected to God as the way I should be for my being who I am and I can feel Him and I can know Him and I can love Him. But I do not have to be a Mouthpiece for Him. There is only one person in a certain time who is prophesied to be the Mouthpiece. But I can realize Him to the utmost even though God does not speak directly to me?

Maitreya: Yes. Everyone can know Him absolutely through the Scriptures and the Revelations sent by God through those Mouthpieces. That is really the crux of the matter, that it is just impossible for Him to come and have so many people say, I hear God, and I talk to God, and I am the great teacher, come and follow me. We have hundreds and thousands of them out there that, actually as I have said, there are more chiefs than Indians. Everyone says, Oh, I am a teacher. Come and follow me. That is absolutely against the Scriptures and the Revelation that God has given to humanity.

No one should be able to claim those claims. That should be exposed and also taught and people educated that if your guidance is the Scriptures, those Scriptures have come from the Revelation that has come from the Messiah, the Prophet, the Manifestation, whatever you want to call him or her -- usually it has been him so far. But he is the person who has been prophesied to come for thousands of years, for hundreds of years. He comes and fulfills the prophecies, and then he reveals the new Revelation to humanity in the purest form. So not everyone can come and say, as you put it very well, I am Gods Mouthpiece that I can speak for God and that is what we should be doing

Just last week again a group killed themselves, around 500-600 people in Uganda. And you know what happened. Again we have another case that they went to destruction because the mouthpiece was not really the mouthpiece. He was a false prophet. So he led them to destruction.

In the Mission we are teaching what? We are teaching, Thou shall not suicide. Actually, that was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I started the Mission, Never give up. Never suicide. Those are two things you should not be doing in the Path of Spirit. You should never give up.

If you give up, that is it. You fall. You fall right to the bottom of Maya. You even get worse. As Christ said, Your state is going to be worse than before, because seven of the unclean spirits are going to get hold of you now instead of one, and you are going to fall to the very bottom of the barrel.

Who you are listening to is very important. Your company is very important, your friends, and the people you keep as your companions are very important.

God said many times, I am going to send these seven angels, these seven revelations, these seven Prophets, seven only, not hundreds, or thousands, or millions out there that claim to be His mouthpieces.

These seven angels only have the answer and the Scripture and the Truth, and they bring it to humanity. Our teaching fits right into the previous Scriptures and there is nothing you can find in It and say, No, no, no, no, no, what you are saying is not according to the Scriptures. It is according to the Scriptures.

So I am not teaching anything that God has not taught before. I did not sit there and try to fit it to whatever was in the past. It just came because it is the same Source and the same Being that is coming through this vessel to humanity.

I have fulfilled the prophecies and all that. Is that an ego trip? Actually I would rather someone else have this job and I probably would do very well in other realms. It is not something that you say, Oh, that is great. He is on an ego trip and saying these things. He thinks he has the connection and I do not have the connection. He is just trying to make us feel bad or disconnect us from God and connect us to himself. No.

I still say you have to be connected to God, but through what? You have to be connected through the Scriptures, through the Words that He sends to humanity through those who were His Mouthpiece. So do not follow any false teachers.

Actually, I am saving you from a lot of headache and heartache, and I am connecting you right to the Scriptures and saying, Do not go and listen to anyone who looks good, sounds good, is famous, or has a lot of fads or he channels Ramtha. For example, everyone says, That is fantastic, she is the one who is connected to Ramtha or this hierarchy or that hierarchy. After a while, there is absolutely a lot of confusion.

New Agers are in confusion because they do not like to listen to the Scriptures. God already said, This is My Word. There are some other voices and words out there that will call you to listen to them and will tell you that they are the ones that you have to listen to. You should resist it.

If such a voice even came to you, you have a yardstick. What is your yardstick? Your yardstick is Scripture. God has already said, This is My Word. Is it according to Scripture?

Can everyone come and say, I can talk to God, therefore I am a teacher? We can say that Scriptures say, No. God says, I will prophesy and will say who is going to come. When he comes, that person, that being that I am coming through, cannot say anything that I did not say. He just cannot. It is impossible for him not to say what God wants to say.

That is what that article is about. It is about saving you from following false prophets, even falling into the trip that you hear God directly. No one hears God directly unless you pick up the Bible, Koran, THOTH, Upanishad, Bhagavad-Gita, Bayan, etc. Those are the Words of God. Then you can hear Him.

Yes, you can hear Him directly if you pick up the Scriptures. And if you hear any voice that is not the same as those in those Scriptures, you are not hearing God but something else. They might pretend to be God but they are not.

The Path to Spirit is like walking on the razors edge. It is not something that everyone says, Oh yes, I am spiritual, I am going to progress.

There are a lot of false prophets, false teachings, and false statements, and they think that they have the answers. That is why they are not coming here and they think that they are the teachers already and they do not want to listen, which is OK. But it is very important to recognize this, that the only things we have to listen to is the Scriptures, not what we think is correct, not what anyone tells us is correct, but we always have to go to see if it is the same as the Scriptures.

So that essay [Does God Talk to Everyone Directly?] really, is the crux of the matter to save you from yourself, to save humanity from going in all directions. If everyone listens to the Scriptures, then what do we have? We have unification again. There is a focus that unifies humanity with the same teaching, the same realization.

Thou shall not do adultery. We would not have all these crazy things going on in television, in radio and videos. You should have sexual relationships in the bond of marriage. Now turn on the television, It is OK. This guy goes picks up that woman and that woman goes to this guy. And the guy does not like this man. Hello! What happened to the Scripture, Thou shall not do adultery? It just is absolutely gone.

And what are the kids going to learn? Kids are listening and seeing these things all the time. So it is OK to do those things. And they grow up as if it is OK. Just the whole thing is a mess.

But if you listen to the Words of God, then we will not do adultery. The only way for a relationship is in the bond of marriage. OK, get married, settle down, be responsible, create a wonderful family and environment, and then invite sannyasins to live with you and create the Communities of Light.

Then you will see so much peace, tranquility, beauty and openness come to humanity. People are not open to each other because they do not even know what is the opinion, understanding and way of thinking of the other person. People are absolutely closed to each other because they are afraid. They have their own ideas, their own opinions, and they want that to be the best, and that everyone else follows them.

But if everyone follows the Scriptures, they would not be that closed. If everyone says, God said this. God said that. We are thinking on the same wavelength, therefore we are open. OK, how can I help you? You think like me because I follow the Scriptures, therefore we are very close and open to each other.

It is very healing to understand these things. Again, it is not for me. It is not something as an ego trip that, I am the only person who can hear God; you guys cannot hear. Just bow down in front of me. No, I do not want you to bow down in front of me. I want you to bow to God and the Spirit that has sent all this Truth to humanity.

So that essay was from a very good question. Very good things came out of it and we are going to put it in the Supplements as part of THOTH in the next edition. Actually there are a couple of Supplements added.

Audience: But Maitreya, you also talked about that we have to create more Maitreyas. Sometimes you say that we need to create 144,000 Maitreyas. Does that mean they will become a mouthpiece, or how will that work? To understand that part of what you said.

Maitreya: OK, what does Maitreya talk about? Does Maitreya talk about that he is the person saying these things? If you become another Maitreya, what are you going to teach? You are going to teach exactly what I taught. If you are teaching something that I did not teach, then you are not Maitreya. You are again still yourself. Still you have your own teaching, your own ideas, and your own opinions. And that is not exactly what is in THOTH or the Koran or the Bible. So you are in delusion or illusion of being another Maitreya instead of being a real another Maitreya that you are absolutely one with me and with our teaching and with the Scriptures.

So that was what I meant when I said, We have to create 144,000 Maitreyas who teach these things and awaken humanity to follow the Scriptures, and we have to stop this madness that is going to the destruction.

It is going to go to the destruction. A lot of people are in delusion. They think they are having fun. But they are not going to have fun very long. And it is going to get worse and worse.

Even we see that a 6-year-old kid picked up a gun, went to school and killed another child. Or the day before yesterday, again, there was another student who brought a gun to school and, of course, they subdued the person. But we can see that this is going to get worse. Why? It is because the whole base of the society is not correct. They have forgotten God and they have put Him out, absolutely out.

At least they used to give lip service and say, Yes, we go to the church, or we go to the mosque, or we go to the synagogue. Even that one is not important anymore. Actually if you go to the church, or mosque, or synagogue, or temple, they look down at you, Hey, he is one of those, he does not have an opinion and he still listens, or at least wants to listen, to God, and all that.

So God does not talk to everyone. He talks only to his Chosen One. He prophesies, He tells such a person is going to come, and when he comes, he will say absolutely what God wants him to say. He does not have the ability not to.

As Christ said, If the Father tells me, I will tell you. If he does not tell me, I wont. So you have to understand why. I know a lot of people do not like the essay because they still believe that God talks to them, but that is not true.

And we are not saying that God does not talk to everyone but He does not talk to them directly. Also when the Revelation comes, that is a new Revelation, it is a cleansing; it is something that humanity needs at that time.

But you will be guided. If you meditate, if you are diligent, if you purify yourself, you will be guided. And guidance, that is from God. But as Prophet Muhammad said, God only talks to mortal man from behind a curtain. What does that mean? That curtain is really our ego, is not it, that filters things according to what we want?

Even when we lose our ego, still we are not going to become a Messiah, we are not going to become a Prophet. We will become a person who is closer to God. And still, it is a personal relationship. It is not something that you bring a Revelation that is not according to Gods Revelation and Scriptures.

Someone said to Christ, You are a good Rabbi, and Christ said he was not good because the only person who is good is God. As we discussed before, even the Messiah himself is not connected to God all the time. He is a human. He is a person. He has human qualities and all of that.

But when you are connected, as Ishvara asked, it is a very fantastic feeling. It is not really a feeling; it is a kind of a WOW. As I have explained many times, no one has been able to explain how it feels when they recognize and realize God or are connected. It is something beyond the human ability to explain.

So it is not something that anyone can explain, it is a feeling, it is something that you are sure what you receive is correct, it is true, it is pure, and it is a fantastic Revelation. Of course, you want to be in that relationship all the time but, no human body is able to handle that much energy and power. It is just like you are putting two million watts of electricity through the 200-watt wire. So that is why most Prophets die early because they get such a shock through that connection.

Are there any other questions? Is there any one new today that we have to tell them about The Greatest Sign? [No one answered]

The Bahai gentlemen asked two questions and we are going to answer them here. And probably you can send the answer to him too. Before we do that, we will give everyone here one more chance to ask any questions.

Cyber Audience: Do you think that it is necessary that the Son of God suffers on this earth? Do you think it is necessary?

Maitreya: Well, that again goes according to the prophecies that will predict the coming of the Messiah or the Prophet. In the case of Christ it was clearly prophesied that he would go to the cross and he would be crucified, or at least he would suffer and that he would go through what he went through. But it is not necessarily going to be the same for every Prophet who comes to humanity and brings a Revelation.

But they do all suffer, for sure. Anytime you bring new ideas, which are not according to the society, that person will be shunned and will not be accepted. He will be looked down at and will struggle to get his ideas across to the other people. That is human nature to believe in what they believe and they are brought up in. They accept their own religion and culture and the things that they have been taught.

So accepting a new Prophet or the Messiah or -- and we have seen that all of them have suffered up to this point. Even Prophet Muhammad was stoned and chased out of town, the property of his followers was confiscated, and they eventually had to leave Mecca and go to Medina. Bab was shot at and was killed. Christ died. Even Baba (Ananda Marga) was put into prison and all that.

But in our case, there is no prophecy that there is going to be such suffering. Actually, it says he is going to talk to everyone, but he never goes to the street [laughing], as we can see it now. God created the United States that there is freedom of religion. You can have any religion you want and no one is going to persecute you for your ideas or your religion.

If I had started this Mission in an Islamic country, and especially in Iran that is much more closed, even more closed than when the Shah was in power, yes, I would have been persecuted and probably would have been killed a couple of times by now.

But God has prepared much preparation for this Revelation to come. Because this Revelation is mostly explanation. It explains what has been a mystery to humanity up to this point. It explains every point of religion that humanity had accepted as Revelation from God but they did not know what it really meant in a deeper level. It is really very intellectually explained to humanity what it is that God has been trying to give to humanity. And if you understand our teaching, really there is no mystery left for you. It explains exactly every point, every question, every Revelation. Everything that has been in the past that has not been given to humanity now is absolutely given out because it is the Seventh Angel, it is the end of it.

I do not foresee any great physical suffering but I have to tell you that I have suffered emotionally, intellectually, discriminatively, and socially. There is suffering, no doubt, relationship-wise with the people who came and claimed they loved the Mission and they wanted to be in the Mission.

Well, you heard some of them. You have been involved with some of them that even affected you emotionally. Of course, as the disciples of Christ also suffered, you probably suffered also emotionally because some people came and claimed and then they did not do what they promised.

In that sense there is a great suffering, emotional suffering, or people claim and then you see they do not exactly mean what they say, or promise and they do not follow through, when you do yourself always follow through with your promises.

So it is a kind of -- that kind of suffering has been great in my case. So you can see that even I have suffered in one sense. But I have not been stoned. I have not been put in prison.

I do not mind if they want to put me in prison. If it works and makes the Mission go, that is fine.

But this time it seems the people who want the Mission have to understand it intellectually. They have to realize the answers. And it is a more subdued kind of Revelation. It does not have that kind of, 5,000 people get fed, but hopefully 5,000 people will realize the answers to their questions in a deeper level.

So it depends upon each Revelation and each Prophet, and according to what God said is going to happen. I have not seen anywhere in the Scriptures that God said the Seventh Angel is going to suffer or be crucified or stoned or anything like that. Have you seen anything about that for the Seventh Angel? [no answer]

Does that make sense, Ishvara?

Cyber Audience: It makes great sense, Maitreya. I can understand you loud and clear.

Maitreya: Very good. I am glad you understood that.

Are there any other questions? OK. We are going to go ahead and read the questions from the Bahai gentleman.

Question: Is man's spiritual journey toward God eternal, as God's nature is eternal? Or does this Faith view Pure Consciousness as other faiths do heaven or Nirvana, as a last and final spiritual destination without an opportunity for further growth?

Maitreya: The question basically says: Is there any end to our spiritual journey? We reach Pure Consciousness, is that it? We reach there and there is no opportunity for growth? We are in Pure Consciousness? We are with God? We are in Heaven? We are in Nirvana? We are in Samadhi, or whatever you call that state? That is the end of it? So we reached our goal and we are out of suffering, and, is that it?

Can anyone answer the question?

Audience #1: I would think that THOTH tells us that that is not the end. As God is Eternal, so is our growth eternal. He is still learning things. So then we should be learning things also. Like, God does not speak to everyone. That was wonderful!

Maitreya: That was a new revelation to you, huh?

Audience #1: That was a new revelation.

Audience #2: But there is a place -- you grow and grow and grow and at some point you are in Pure Consciousness? But it does not just stop. It is more like you are going up, up, up, up and then you reach a place that you are one with God but you still learn more things and you expand more.

Maitreya: OK, sounds good.

The goal is what? The goal is to become like God. The goal is to reach God, to merge with Her or Him, to become like Him. The question is, when you reach there, is that it? God does not learn any more, and He knows already everything from the past and the future and now and forever? Therefore that is it? He does not learn anything?

You have learned everything already and that is the end of the whole thing?

Probably the correct answer is that there are two states of Pure Consciousness. As we explained before, one of them is the manifested state, which is God, as most people refer to as the Witness Entity in the universe. And the other one is the unmanifested state of God that the Buddhists call, nothingness, or nirvana.

Remember, when that desire arose in the universe, the first feeling was, I know. So what was the feeling before that when it was not manifested? If He knows, before that He did not know? And then He said, I do. The second step was the feeling of, I do. So He did not do anything before that? And the last stage said, Ah, I have done, memory. He did not have any memory before that?

If that is true, then in what state was He? Therefore the Buddhists call it nothingness. Well, nothing comes from nothingness. So there was something. It was not completely nothingness. What was it?

We call it the state of Being, the state of absolute Intuition. There is no memory. There is no doing-ness or knowingness but at the same time He comprehends everything. He can do things without doing them. He can remember without even trying to remember.

So that state is the state of the unexplainable, Being-ness. In that state is the ultimate to be. To be or not to be, that is the question.

But in the state of manifested consciousness, or God, what does He do? He knows. He has to know. He is learning. He is growing. He is manifesting. He does. He remembers, etc.

We say, God is doing through me. Who is the doer? God is the Doer, I am not. In that sense again, God is Doing something.

God promised Abraham 3,000 years ago. God promised Noah 12,000 years ago. So He has done, there is a history of God.

So there are two stages that man can reach: to know God in the manifested form, or to reach Pure Consciousness in the state of Being-ness. In the Hindu religion they say the human is like a drop of water that, when it reaches God, falls into the ocean like a drop falls into the ocean. What does that drop of water that has fallen into the ocean become? It becomes the ocean itself; there is no separation.

When you drop water into the ocean, can you say where that water goes? That drop becomes what? It becomes a part of the ocean. It becomes the ocean itself. That is when that ultimate realization comes to us.

But can we stay there forever? No, there is a possibility that we will be sent back. We will be returning back. But when we return, of course, we return in a much higher consciousness, ability and manifestation.

But still if we are not prophesied by God to come, so we cannot talk to Him directly. We can have very great abilities and guidance, like Joan of Arc or many people in history that had a premonition that they were chosen to accomplish some great work for humanity or the universe in general, and they have affected our lives, undeniably.

But they have not been prophesied to come. See, that is the difference there. That is the teaching I really want humanity to receive and realize, that they should be unified through God and the Scriptures.

So it is not something that you reach there and that is it, you are finished and you are done. But when you reach there, you never fall back again. You always have it. You come back, you work, but you are somehow connected. You are in higher consciousness. You go through life much easier, much stronger, much more connected, and the world cannot get you as easily as it can get those who are not that high in consciousness. The Maya does not have much effect on you because you see through it right away; the emptiness of it, So it is very attractive, very interesting, but what happens if I go through it? You just right away see that it is going to lead to destruction, not to the happiness and beauty that you can have in your life.

So you do not fall for what the world offers you. You say, No, sorry. I have better things to do. You even might fall for it in the beginning a little bit, but you go through it fast and you learn your lesson. See, you learn your lesson much faster than the people who are not in higher consciousness.

That is why God forgives you because He looks at your Soul, what you are, not who you are.

So the answer to that question is a resounding answer of, No, we are not like other religions that you reach heaven or Nirvana or Pure Consciousness and that is it, you are finished. Even then, as it says, I will spue you out of My Mouth (Revelation 3:16). You have to come back and help the whole humanity to reach higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness.

Our teaching again is different than those teachings that have a kind of ultimacy to their journey.

It is just like getting your doctorate. When you get your doctorate, you are not done. You have to go get a job. But your pay is much higher than if you did not have higher education. So if your pay is higher you have a more comfortable life than the person who has to dig the ground. It is as simple as that.

When you come back to this life, life is easier for you. You can go through the Maya just like butter and come out of it and say, Well, this is not the answer. I am looking for something greater than that. So you eventually end up sitting and listening to Maitreya and his teachings and Gods Revelation because you do not want to go to Maya.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Yes.

Maitreya: OK, let us go to the second question of that gentleman.

Question: Is it not impossible to reincarnate the same entity again, as it is also impossible in the physical world to see duplicates of the same person (exact duplicates) in either the future or in the past? That is to say, the duplication of the same physical essence is impossible, so why then is the re-manifestation of the same soul possible?

Maitreya: So the question is, if we cannot manifest a duplicate of a physical body, therefore, how can we duplicate the consciousness or the Essence of the same being to come? Probably he is referring to our teaching that it is the same Essence who brought all the Seven Revelations to humanity. Also it sounds like it is referring to, how can reincarnation be true? If we cannot duplicate the physical body, how can we bring the same Essence or duplicate the same Essence back to the body as reincarnation?

First of all, that is not true anymore that you cannot duplicate the physical body. They are cloning the physical body to an absolute duplication of the original form. They have duplicated sheep. Actually a lot of governments and people are concerned that they might duplicate humans. And they are very concerned about what the moral and other implications are if the people do that. A lot of rich people are trying to help these companies who do cloning, to be able to clone themselves.

Actually one of the prophecies is that Maitreya is going to be teaching for 50,000 years when he comes. I am not going to live 50,000 years. I was thinking maybe some people are going to clone me [laughing]. Of course, each clone is not as good as the previous one, so by 50,000 years I am going to start teaching absolutely something else instead of teaching what the original Maitreya taught. They say that Maitreya is supposed to come and teach for 50,000 years. If someone finds some of my genes or something and then clones me, they can keep cloning and on and on. And it might last for 50,000 years.


Audience: In cloning, the personality of the original donor will be missing from the clone, so it will not work!

Maitreya: Isaac says it is not possible to do that. But I think the clone also has the personality of the person. No?

Audience: No, it does not. If the clones were brought up exactly the same, maybe, but mostly all it has is the same characteristics.

Audience: How is that possible? I mean, if the Soul is this person and you take one cell of the clone, what inhabits that body?

Maitreya: That is right. Very good point, that even if you clone someone according to -- of course there are Souls hungry to come to this world. If you clone someone, what Soul gets into that clone? What kind of Essence is going to be residing in that clone? Maybe it is not going to be a good Soul, or Essence, at all.

But we can duplicate the physical body today.

Audience: Doesnt it need a fertilized egg?

Maitreya: Well, there are different kinds of cloning. One of them needs the egg to clone and that is not important, they can do it that way now. But the other one is that they can take any cell in your body and duplicate it, and eventually create a new body of that person.

So that is the one that they have not yet reached. So we can clone. The whole point is that we can duplicate the physical body today and in the future. So that is not correct anymore that we cannot do that.

If he bases his question on that premise, that is not correct, that is not true. We can make duplicates of the physical body.

As I said, also, when they are talking about the same person who comes over and over again, actually we are talking about the same God coming through that individual, the same Spirit, the same Mouthpiece, the same Being, or the Universal Mind is sending this Truth to humanity through that individual.

That individual is one in Essence with the Universal Mind because, as we explained in our teaching, he went through the Eternal Divine Path and God said, Let there be light, and there was light. Therefore, they are one. As Christ said, The Father and I are One.

But, of course, that person who comes should have a little ego. When that ego presents itself he is not completely connected and he is human. But when that ego is not there, when he gives Satsang or reveals THOTH, it is absolutely God, or that Essence, coming through.

What is that coming through? What is coming through is God. Is God the same God that came through Abraham? Is it the same God that came through Moses, or Christ, or Muhammad, or Bab? Therefore, it is the same Being bringing these revelations to humanity again and again.

It is very similar to the question Ishvara was asking some time ago, isnt it? That how can the same person bring the same revelation? It is very similar. I do not exactly remember what was his question. But we had a hard time for a couple of weeks to explain and go through that. Eventually it sounds like he got it.

Audience: I thought the question was just about reincarnation in general. I do not think he was talking about the same Being coming as the Manifestation. He was just wondering how is it even possible, because of the natural law, that you cannot duplicate the physical body. So how is duplication of the Soul possible? He might be misunderstanding reincarnation. It is not duplication. The Soul stays the same. The Soul is something that just grabs a garment. It is like changing your clothes. It is not duplication.

Maitreya: Exactly. If we just go back to a purely reincarnation point of view, and forget about the coming of the same person and bringing the revelations, in reincarnation when someone leaves, that Essence returns. When that Essence returns, it takes an available body and comes to the world.

Therefore, as was mentioned, there is no duplication; we are not making another being or another Essence, which comes. It is the Essence that comes back and that personality, that consciousness, that level of realization, that Being that was in this body, returns and takes another body and says, Here I am, and lives on.

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