Satsang (Discourse) 01/06/01


Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya Satsang. Today we have a full house. If there is any new person, let me know so we can go through The Greatest Sign, discuss anything that relates to God in this conference room, and repeat whatever we have been talking about for the last twenty years. Actually, we just finished around 100 CDs all prepared from previous Satsangs, and we have not even done half of them!

The news that I would like everyone to know is that The Great Sign will be The Greatest Sign from now on. We do not use the words The Great Sign anymore. Even in The Reminder we say, The Greatest Sign.

We are in the process of changing that in THOTH and on the website also. So that reflects the new name for The Great Sign. I think that is a better name and reflects correctly what The Greatest Sign is, because it is not only a great sign but, it is The Greatest Sign. That is because it unifies all the religions. It is the Shrii Shrii Maha Yantra. That means the greatest yantra. Yantra means the visual manifestation of a great idea, like what the Buddhists and Hindus use to contemplate.

So The Greatest Sign is a very wonderful yantra. If you cannot meditate, you can just sit in front of The Greatest Sign and look at it. Just absorb it, remember what the teaching is, what the center is, what that dot in the middle of the I-Ching is, etc.

If you look at any I-Ching out there in the world, it does not have any dot in the middle, does it? That is because they have forgotten that it all came from the one dot, from one Source, that the scientists call the big bang. That is how creation started and it expanded out, as The Greatest Sign does.

You can see that the Lotustica in the middle is the representation of God. There are three colors in The Greatest Sign that represent tama, raja, and satva. It expands out to the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven and then it shows the Eternal Divine Path. What can be greater than The Greatest Sign?

So, it is The Greatest Sign, and our teaching is the greatest teaching that has come to earth.

If we have something from our previous knowledge or our previous reading or studying or experiences, there is probably a lot of truth in it. As we have said, the Word of God has more than seven meanings. It depends on the chakras you are in.

If you are in the first chakra, you say, God provides me with my sustenance. And you thank God for providing your sustenance.

If you are in the second chakra, you say, I have such a beautiful family, my child, my comfort, all that.

In the third chakra, you say, How can I win this election [laughter]? God please help me win this election.

When you are in the fourth chakra, you say, I love everyone. I have unconditional love. God is Love. That is it, God is nothing else but Love.

If you are in the fifth chakra, you say, Look at this universe, how it has been created. Such a wonderful thing God created.

In the sixth chakra you say, Oh, I have been touched with God. You become moon struck, and you go crazy because you have been touched. And you sing, He touched me, in the song [laughter], and all of that.

And in the seventh chakra you say, That is what they meant what Pure Consciousness is, that God is Everything! God is not only Love; He is also compassion. Even destruction is a part of His creation. Then you will see God in everything!!

But in each chakra even you have many levels. That is why I have said that Gods Words have more than seven meanings. But where do you find the highest meaning? You find the highest meaning in THOTH, in our teachings.

So anything you have from your previous teaching, previous experience, and previous knowledge, we do not say it is wrong. We do not say it is not true. We say it is not the highest thing that God has sent to humanity. So let us just go to the highest, go to the things that God has sent as His greatest teachings that we have received.

That is why it should be called The Greatest Sign, and it is the Greatest Yantra. You realize a lot of things just by meditating on it. God has given us so many techniques. If you meditate, meditate. If you cannot meditate, look at The Greatest Sign. If your mind is still wandering, do the Kirtan. If the Kirtan ended and still your mind is wandering, do The Reminder.

Even doing The Reminder and coming to the Missions activities is a kind of baptism, because what do you have to do? You have to pull yourself away from the world, pull yourself away from your daily activity or the things that are keeping you from coming to God, and come and join the activity that is Godly.

So the name is going to be The Greatest Sign, so everyone should consider that. Some of the website is reflecting this already. Some things have been changed, and there will be more of them.

Well, I am ready and open for any questions there are. Does anyone have a question or anything you want to discuss? This is the time, and go ahead.

John: Maitreya, I have a new person with me. His name is Dustin. He lives in Pittsburgh here with me.

Maitreya: Dustin. OK, welcome to our Mission, Dustin. As usual, do you want me to go ahead and explain The Greatest Sign, or have you already explained it to him?

John: I have already explained The Greatest Sign to him, but if you would like, you can explain it to him as well.

Maitreya: Sure, sure. That would be fine. Does he have any specific questions?

John: No, he does not.

Maitreya: OK, well, we are very glad to have you here, Dustin. It is always a pleasure to meet new people. New people are welcome to join the Mission.

This Mission is for everyone, and all of humanity is invited to come, join, and become one. Eventually all the religions of the world will become one Godly Revelation. That is what this Mission is all about.

The Mission is to unify humanity and show Gods Plan for man and how He has sent each religion separately to one group, or one nation, or one language, or one part of the earth, and that now He has sent the whole Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals. If you go to The Revelation chapter 5, it clearly talks about the Seven Seals, Seven Angels, and Seven Revelations, and when the Seventh Revelation comes, that is when the mystery of God will be finished. Before that, God is a mystery, at least for the last 12,000 years.

What does that mean? If He is a mystery before the Seventh Angel comes, it means that no one on earth has the whole picture. No matter what revelation, what religion, what part of the earth you are in, still you have one part of the Truth but not the whole Truth.

It always ends up to the story of the five blind men and the elephant. Each received one part of the elephant and said, Here it is. The elephant looks like a cylinder, because he was holding the legs of the elephant.

The other one had the trunk and said, No. It looks like a hose.

The other one had the tail and said, No. You both are wrong. It is a broom.

And the fourth one had the ears and said, No. It is like a leaf, and on and on.

They had a big fight over it, and each of them said, That is what the elephant looks like, you are wrong.

Eventually a man with sight came and said, Look, you are all correct. The elephants tail is like a broom, his trunk is like a hose, his legs are like cylinders, and his ears are like leaves, but the elephant is more than just his parts.

That is what The Greatest Sign and our teaching brings to humanity. It says, Yes, you all are right.

Yes, the Mystical Paths are the path of awakening your spiritual forces. It is important that you meditate, you chant, you do all those things that the Mystical Paths have realized and that have come to us. It is just like, in Hinduism, they meditate. In Buddhism, they chant. In Sufism, they dance. All those things have been given to us. In Judaism, the Cabalists read, study, contemplate, etc. In Christianity, they pray.

So all these mystical things have been given to humanity to awaken their spiritual forces. That is the spirit of all religions. That is the First Seal.

Then God brought the Old Testament, Judaism, or the Second Seal. What is the Second Seal? The triangle upward is like an organizational structure. If you study management in business, what do they show you? They show you an organization with the president at the top, the vice-presidents, and then the departments, and then the heads of the departments and their people under them, until it comes to the workers at the very bottom, and it becomes a triangle upwards. It is kind of a worldly organization. But does management have another triangle downward? No. In worldly organizations, we have the triangle upward.

In a Godly organization, the Spirit of God has to be in the organization. That organization then becomes the Second Seal.

What does the Old Testament teach us? If you study the Old Testament, God is trying to choose a people, the twelve tribes. These twelve tribes are supposed to accept God as their King, as their spiritual guide, as their light in front of the tribe. That is why the Bible says that God at night became like a light in front of the tribe so that they could see where they were going.

So if the Spirit of God is not in an organization, what will happen to that organization? It will fall apart. It will become egoistical. It will become self-centered, and it will become something that the people are not one with each other.

If every person pulls the organization in different directions, what happens? It falls apart. It is not going to happen. It is just like that chariot in Hinduism with five strong horses. Who is the charioteer? Who is the driver? Krishna is the driver. God is the driver.

If God is not driving those five horses, what happens? Each horse is going to pull in different directions. What is going to happen to the chariot? It is going to fall apart. So we can see that the Spirit of God is important to any organization, or any nation, or any movement, or any people.

If many individuals in the group or organization do not let the Spirit of God come through, what happens? They become self-centered and egoistical. What is the problem on earth? The problem is ego. Ego is the only problem that we have on earth.

The more people who become One with God, the more we become one. We cannot become one with each other, that is impossible. It is impossible for humans to become one. But when we are One with God, then we are One. So the triangle downward is the Spirit of God in organization.

I was reading another explanation of the Second Seal this week. It was that the triangle upward is the outward action, reaching out to humanity, reaching out and trying to create a good environment. The triangle downward is self-realization, know thyself. That explanation is going to go mostly for the Sixth Seal. The Second Seal is mostly the organizational structure upward and the Spirit of God in the organization downward.

So now we know that, but how are we going to create such an organization? Can we have the Communities of Light or organization if each individual in it is selfish and says, What is in it for me? I am the only person who should be taken care of and thought about and given to? If such a situation arises, what is going to happen? Each person is going to pull the society, pull the community, pull the organization in different directions again, and that organization will not last very long. The destruction will come to that organization.

So that is why the Third Seal is sacrifice. Who is the symbol of sacrifice for humanity? It is Christ. What did Christ do? He sacrificed himself on the cross for his ideal, for his teaching, and for what he believed in.

Of course, the crucifixion is the symbol of crucifying your ego; you are not thinking only about me, me, me, me all the time but thinking about God, God, God, God instead and replacing me, me, me with He, He, He.

After you do that, then the Spirit of God comes through you. What is the Spirit of God? Gods Spirit is perfect. As Christ said, Be perfect as the Father in heaven. If God comes through you, does God make mistakes? God is infallible, isnt He?

If God comes through you, do you have compassion? If God comes through you, are you lonely and separated from everyone else? If God comes through you, can you stay inactive and not do the Mission? Then you see, My ego is the problem that creates self-centeredness and all those problems related to this.

So the more we rid ourselves of ego, the more we sacrifice for the ideal of the Communities of Light and the creation of the hierarchy in the Second Seal, and the more we free ourselves from all the ills related to the ego: making mistakes, being lonely, feeling left out, being rude, not being compassionate, and anything related to the ego, the freer we will become. Anything that is related to the ego comes from thinking about me, me all the time.

Now we have reached a point that we realize that we should not be self-centered, and then what? Still I have my own will and my way of thinking what is right and what is wrong.

That is when the Fourth Seal comes in, surrendering and submission to God. Still I have my will, Yes, that is true. I would like to sacrifice for the Mission but I am the doer, I am the person who is going to sacrifice, I am the person who is doing all these wonderful things for the Mission. And what is going to happen? You are going to happen, instead of God. You are going to look for the praise. You are going to look for a reward. You are going to be attached to the result of your actions.

So this is the next step. The next step is surrendering and submission. You do the action but you are not attached to the result. You surrender the result to God and say, OK. I meditate. I awaken my spiritual forces. I would like to create the Communities of Light. I sacrifice for it, I do all these wonderful things for Gods Mission to create the Communities of Light, but I surrender the result to God.

What happens to you if you are surrendered to the result of your actions? Then you are free to go to the next project without sitting there waiting for someone to pat you on your back and say, Good job, or everyone praising you all the time. So you just do the job and go to another work, and you are not attached to the result of your actions.

But greater than surrendering is submission, when you are always concentrating that God is the Doer through you. You are not the doer. You are absolutely free of any attachment to any result because you are not the doer at all. That is why we say, All thanks go to God.

So it means, Well, you did a good job, but what did you do in the third level? In the third level you overcame your ego. In the fourth level you do not have any ego, therefore, who is the Doer? God is the Doer. You have just become an observer. It all gets done through you, and you are not attached to the results because you never did anything anyway.

With this, all kinds of expectations, any attachment to the results, and all the things that are related to depression and the wanting and the craving of the ego will be completely overcome. That is the sign of Islam. Islam means tasleim, or being surrendered and submissive to God.

Then, you do all that and now what? Will you do this only for your community, for your city, or for your nation, or even for the earth? The next step is to become a universalist. Universalism means that you do not have any nation, you do not have any gender, you do not have any earth, and you belong to the whole universe.

You are a unit consciousness belonging to the whole universe. You shatter all the bondages of the earthly concepts that are put on humanity and that bind us to one place, to one community, to one thing. It frees you to accept the whole universe as Gods home, as Gods place. You become the nation of God. You become a part of the universal outlook.

Of course, that is the Bahai teaching, that is what Bahaullah and Bab brought to humanity and taught them, to become universalists and to not be attached to one nation, one race, one gender, or one teaching. So with that, what do you do? You shatter all narrowness of the mind.

With these first five steps, you follow the Eternal Divine Path and what you become is the Sixth Seal, which is a Paravipra. A Paravipra is a person who has awakened his or her spiritual forces, meditates, chants, dances, or whatever works for him, and his spirit will be awakened.

Then you realize that just sitting there and meditating and going to the mountains and escaping the world is no longer going to work but you have to come and create the Communities of Light, which is the Second Seal, which is the Old Testament.

After that you realize that in order to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice or overcoming your ego is necessary. Then you have to surrender and submit to God so that you are not attached to the result of your actions. All thanks go to God, and He is doing it through you. The fifth is to become a universalist, to shatter all the narrowness of the mind that has been taught to us through our lifetimes. So with this you become a Paravipra.

A further explanation for a Paravipra is: A Paravipra is a spiritual person who is also intellectual, he understands the worldly intellect and worldly explanation of things, and he also can be a laborer.

If it is needed to pick up a shovel and dig the ground, so be it. He is not just sitting on the mountain and saying, Oh, I am a great spiritual teacher up here. Come to me, and I will tell you that everything is an illusion. Do not worry about it.

If everything is an illusion and, Do not worry about it, then the whole society becomes escapist, and the society becomes very poor and unsanitary, and we see all the problems that we have in most of the third world countries or where the people do not put effort into creating a good environment for themselves.

So we can see that here the Paravipras not only go through the first five steps, also they are involved in the world. They are businessmen. If it is necessary to handle business, they are there to do that. They are intellectuals, and they do scientific things. They are interested to know about science and evolution, etc. They are courageous. If it is needed something to be courageous about, they are courageous to go ahead and do it. And they can be laborers. Those are the four human types that we discuss in THOTH and our teaching.

We have four classes of humans: laborers, Ksattriyas or warriors, intellectuals, and businessmen, which is explained in THOTH, and they created the four phases in history. And now we are in a period that the Paravipras are being created.

That is what another goal of the Mission is, to create as many Paravipras as possible. Such Paravipras are the new leaders of humanity who will take humanity to the next step by creating the Communities of Light, which are based on the Eternal Divine Path, which are the five first steps in The Greatest Sign.

When you follow the five first steps in The Greatest Sign, you will reach the sixth step, which are the Paravipras. The Paravipras are the leaders who will lead humanity to the Golden Age that everyone is talking about. Even the New Agers are waiting for the Golden Age to come or the Age of Aquarius, as some people call it, and on and on.

These Paravipras are the people who will help humanity to reach a point that they have time to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and create more Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists.

So you see it is kind of a catch 22. The more Paravipras there are, the more Communities of Light we are going to create. The more Communities of Light we create, the more Paravipras we are going to have, and the easier it will be to create more Communities of Light. We will reach a point that the Communities of Light are going to be popping up all over the earth like mushrooms. We will have a lot of Communities of Light that are connected together through the computers and Internet and the technology that we have.

All these things are coming together to a point so that the New Age, or Golden Age, that all are expecting to come, will come. So we can see that the coming of this teaching is timed and supported very, very correctly as it has been prophesied to come.

Such people, the Paravipras, will help humanity to reach Pure Consciousness, which is our sign, or the Seventh Seal.

Where do you see the whole picture? You see the whole picture when you reach the seventh chakra, when you merge with God. That is when you see, That is what they meant by Pure Consciousness. That is exactly when you reach to our teaching. Suddenly you say, Oh, now I see, this is what God was doing. He was sending all these religions separately, and now they are put together. Now I can see His Plan. I can see what He was doing. Therefore, I see the whole picture.

That is exactly what Pure Consciousness is. It is when the Communities of Light are created and people are helping each other and sharing. They will have more time to meditate. They will have more time to awaken their spiritual forces.

From these Communities of Light, people will emerge and eventually our system will be created, which is the system for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth that is also explained in our teaching based on Gods Will. He is God, and His Spirit should be in that organization. His Spirit should not leave the organization. The moment His Spirit leaves the organization, that would be the end of that organization.

So basically that is our teaching, that evolves all around The Greatest Sign. And if you know The Greatest Sign and THOTH, you should know the base of our teaching.

So this is how The Greatest Sign is the greatest yantra. It teaches you the whole picture of the Revelations from God, unifies all the religions of the world, shows how the Kingdom Of Heaven can come to humanity, how the hierarchy on earth can emerge, and how the Spirit of God should come to every aspect in our lives.

It is not a Sunday event. It is an every-minute event in our lives that we have to bring God into it. Then we can see that the coming of the Kingdom is going to be accelerated. It is up to each of us to bring God into our lives in every moment and second. The moment our impure desires come, we have to face them squarely and say, Oh look, I had better back off and look at this impure desire, impure want, impure craving, impure thing that is pulling me away from God and making me ungodly.

It is OK. No one is blaming you. No one is trying to say you have to be perfect right away, but each time you pull off from one desire, one want, one impurity, you become purer and more wonderful in your life. Of course, you have to have the willingness to do this.

So you have to have that kind of mind, and want to be really working on this.

Audience: You have said, Do not be serious, but be sincere.

Maitreya: Yes. Right. Of course, being serious sometimes can create problems. If it means you never smile, you never have fun, then you are too serious. You shouldnt be serious, but you have to be sincere, very, very sincere in this Path and in your own path and progress.

No one can do it for you, no one. You have to do it yourself. God can show you the way. He can say, This is the Eternal Divine Path that you have to follow. But who is going to follow it? You.

God said, Be still. He does not say, I am going to make you still. He can but He does not want to. He said, Be still and know that I am God. You be still. That is why we say, This is the Eternal Divine Path. That is what we have to follow to become Paravipras.

But am I going to make you follow the Eternal Divine Path? No, I am just a way shower. If you do not want to follow it, I can do nothing about it. Actually, I might be able to do something about it, but I will not because you would not learn.

If I am the best chemist in the world and you want to become a chemist, what do you have to do? You have to go to school, learn, go to the college, spend four years, go to the doctorate program, etc. And in the process you eventually will become a professor or a very good chemist.

Can a chemist make you a good chemist if there is no desire? No. You have to have a desire to become a chemist, or whatever you want to be.

So this is basically our teaching. If you have the most sincere mind and most desire to work on yourself and with the Mission, then it is possible. It also goes hand in hand: You work for this cause, the creation of the Communities of Light and the Mission, and you progress. As you progress, you make more commitment to the Mission. The more you are committed to the Mission, the more you progress.

If you are holding back, then you are holding back. That is all there is to it. You are not committed. You are not putting everything in it. God is not number one.

What is the greatest Revelation that ever came to earth? This is the greatest Revelation that ever came to earth. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to still hold back and say, No, I am not going to completely commit? If you are going to do that, then you did not understand the teaching, you did not understand the Mission, and you did not understand what is happening here. And your commitment is not 100%.

We are not a cult. If you want to leave the Mission, fine, just go ahead. We are not going to put a strain on you or keep you somewhere, as they say, They do not let you sleep at night, and they envelop you with their own teachings or put a trip on you, etc. We do not do that.

It is you who has to decide. After you decide that you have no choice, then it is your Mission. You are another Maitreya out there.

Actually I would like to have 144,000 Maitreyas out there giving Satsangs, reaching out, and giving the teachings to everyone. So I am free. You have no choice; that is what I want to hear. The moment I hear you have no choice but to follow this teaching, then I am done with you.

You are all a part of this Mission, and God is your God. Of course, I am always available. You can send me e-mails. You can talk to me. There are other people here to talk to, and we will help you out as much as possible. The ultimate thing is to realize that really what is happening here is the manifestation of Gods greatest Revelation and the fulfillment of the prophecies.

My desire is to see His Kingdom come. Even my presence here is evidence of Gods existence. If He said He is going to send a person with all these things and He did it, does God exist? He does!

OK. I hope that if Dustin has other questions about what we talked about, he can go ahead and ask us.

Disciple: I had a question. Well, as everyone knows, one of my interests is organic gardening and sustainable agriculture. A lot of people feel that one big problem with the agricultural business and our food production is that it is a mega-business, and it has turned into just a big multi-million dollar business rather than local control. Will Communities of Light cause the food production, agricultural business, to go back to local control, and will it end up being a much more natural process like it used to be?

Maitreya: Yes. Some people think that the best diet is a diet of locally grown food. That is because each locality has different environments and effects on the body so usually the food that is grown in the local area has the ingredients that adds to the health of the people, fights disease in the area, and makes them cope with the environment that they are living in much better. So the whole idea is to grow and eat food locally.

Another problem is that they interfere with nature about growing food by knowing very little about what is in the ground and what the plants need to create healthy food for humanity. That is why a lot of chemicals and fertilizers are used, but they are man-made, and a lot of elements are missing that they do not consider that were there before.

You can feel the difference between organic, locally grown food and commercially grown food. Take tomatoes, for example. If you eat a tomato that you grew yourself in an organic way, or you go to a third world country where they have not completely become all chemically and artificially fertilized, and you eat a commercially grown tomato, you can feel the difference in the taste of the food. Usually the tomato grown locally and naturally tastes much better and is more satisfying then when you go to the grocery store and buy one. I am not saying that they are completely bad for you but it does not have that complete satisfaction of taste like the food that was locally grown.

That is another thing in the Communities of Light, as you mentioned; we will eventually go back to the local growth of the vegetables and animals, etc. It will not be going back to the way it was 500 years ago, as probably we are still going to use science as the way to create more food.

For example, there are people in some third world countries who are creating a new way of growing rice. This rice has around 20 times more protein and nutrition in it than the rice that they used to grow. But it is all done very naturally.

So we go back to the science based on the Spirit, which for a while we called Metatronic Science in the Mission. Scientists are going to study this, not to commercialize it, but to make it naturally more productive so a larger number of people can have more food but in a very natural way.

What we do now is, we take the nutrition out of the food, we purify it, and then we go and buy vitamins and supplements to supplement what we are missing in our food. That shows completely that there is something lacking.

Just look at the industry for diet, dietary supplements, and all of that. It is a billion-dollar industry in the West. Why? If we are eating good food, why do we need all those supplements? It is because there is something wrong here, and there is. The whole system is based on purification, taking the minerals out of the food, and bringing the food from one locality to another locality to feed people, which that food is not as good for them as if they had grown the food themselves.

Probably a combination of both is the best way to go, using much deeper research to really bring everything nature uses to create good food, and to also use science to bring good food to humanity.

We cannot go backwards. We have to go forward. Science is here. It has taught us how to research, how to hypothesize, and eventually how to search, research, and find a better way for living. But it has become commercialized. The whole idea is to make as much money as they can, and that is when the scientists have lost control of the deeper level of scientific research.

Now our food does not have the nutritional value that it used to have. That is why people become sick very easily these days. There is a prediction that by the year 2020 every person who eats that kind of food is going to have cancer. One hundred percent of the people will have cancer. That is a possibility. Why? Why are we not as healthy as we used to be? It is possible that it is our food, that it does not have the nutrients as nature intended it to have.

So to answer your question, yes, it is very important to grow the food locally and to go back to organic gardening. It will not completely be the way it was, but we should research and come up with new ways of growing food naturally and with all the nutrition that we need so that we do not need all those supplements. At the same time they should create more food, because the population of the humans is greater than before, and we need more food for humanity.

Also we need to reach to space. We need to go to space, colonize other planets, and expand the human race to other places and do the same thing there. We need to find out what is necessary, what kind of food is good in that environment, and eventually even find the nutritional value in other places that helps humans to become much more healthy.

Does that make sense?

So we are not going back. We are not an organization that preaches that we have to go back to 500 years ago, or completely become organic gardeners. Organic gardening did not give enough food for everyone.

We need to go back, but at the same time forward.

Keyosha: I have a question, Maitreya-ji. It is briefly explained in Lets Unify Humanity, a little bit of the difference between the meditation that we do during the week, and the transmission meditation on Saturday which has a really expanded ideation, when we are supposed to be putting the whole earth in the highest level or whatever. Can you expand on that a little bit?

Maitreya: Are you asking what is the difference between individual meditation and transmission meditation?

Keyosha: Yes.

Maitreya: Individual meditation is going through the process of meditation and the one that we explain in initiation. Mostly it is between you and God; it is self-realization. You meditate to know thyself. That is what has been said all through history, Know thyself to know God.

Why? Why does knowing thyself mean to know God? It is because self and God are the same. There is no separation between the self or i, as the small i, and God as I, as the big I. Or, as explained in the Mystical Paths, or Hinduism, atman or self as a person is the same as Atman as God.

That is why if you know yourself, you know God. If you know God, you know yourself. It is just the same thing. There is no difference. That is why self-realization is so important.

You can go to the mountains, sit up there, meditate, and try to know thyself. As our teaching teaches, that is not going to work. You will become an escapist. Even the Buddha, in the beginning when he started his mission, started meditating and avoiding food (or at least eating very meager food) and being completely ascetic, denying the world, etc.

One day he heard a boatman say, When you want to secure a boat, if you tie it too tightly it is going to break, and if you do not tie it tightly enough but too loose, the boat is going to become free and the water is going to take it away. So you have to tie it just right.

He realized that what he was doing was to tie too tightly. Then he changed his ways and stopped being an ascetic. He started eating and having a regular life but not too luxurious, the way he used to live. The middle path again goes hand-in-hand here, and so we have to follow the middle path.

That is why you know yourself much better in the Communities of Light. You meditate, but in the community, people around you also see you. They want to know you too so they tell you what is wrong with you. You have to bring them into consideration. Other peoples opinions of you should not be brushed away. Sometimes you have to consider their opinions, meditate on them, think, and say, Why did they think about me like that? That is a part of self-realization also.

In the Communities of Light and the Eternal Divine Path, you progress spiritually and realize yourself in a much faster way. That is the meditation you do by yourself to know thyself.

Transmission meditation is the meditation that everyone else also meditates at the same time. So you transmit at that time. All of these minds are transmitting goodwill to men and the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They are kind of connecting all this goodwill together to change the energy of the earth and to bring the energy of humanity to a little higher level than it is now, so they can affect the environment collectively. If I have goodwill and a good wish by myself, I can affect very little.

It is just like a radio station. A 50,000-watt radio station can reach all the way to the end of Arizona and Colorado. But if you have a transmitter somewhere that can transmit those 50,000 watts and extend its range, then you can reach all the way to California, or all the way to Canada. Now if you have hundreds of such transmitters all over the world, what can you do? You can have a worldwide AM station that can send signals all over.

Transmission does the same thing. You are all transmitting at the same time goodwill to men, good thoughts, the Kingdom to come, etc. So all of you are affecting the environment and transmitting. You are actually powering each other up, reinforcing each persons meditation in that time. That creates a greater affect and greater range to your meditation.

Besides the individual meditation and transmission meditation, there is a collective meditation, which also is to know thyself. It is not transmission meditation, which is affecting the environment but because you meditate together at the same time sitting somewhere, it affects individual self-realization in a greater degree than just sitting in your room and meditating by yourself.

So all these three kinds of meditation are very important, and each of them has its own effect. That is why on Saturdays we do the transmission meditation, during the week each individual has his or her own individual meditation, and on Thursday evenings we have a Collective Meditation. Also in that time you can invite other people to come and meditate with you, which helps them also to meditate and know thyself. Collective meditation accelerates your personal meditation in a greater degree.

Does that make sense?

Keyosha: Yes. That is very clear. Thank you, Maitreya. [a long silence here]

Maitreya: I guess I should understand that there are not that many questions to be asked because when I was going through the CDs, almost any question you can think of has been asked and answered. But I want to emphasize that all of our teaching goes hand-in-hand. You cannot separate one part from another part.

Self-realization is not separated from the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is related to THOTH and The Greatest Sign. And the whole thing is based on the creation of the Communities of Light. The creation of the Communities of Light will be done by the Paravipras. The Paravipras are the dedicated people who will create the facilitating body. The facilitating body is the body that will spread the Mission and work toward the creation of the Communities of Light to manifest the hierarchy that eventually will replace the facilitating body.

Everything in the Mission falls in their places. There is a pattern. There is a Vision. There is a Plan. It is not only to meditate by yourself. It is not just being in the Mission. It is a state of mind. It is a realization to see the whole picture of what this Mission is trying to accomplish.

When you see the Vision, you see it is perfect. So perfectly God sent it to humanity, and that is why my Mission is to find the Paravipras. My Mission is to create the facilitating body. My Mission is to impart this Vision to you so you can see what I am trying to do here. Then you can become a helper.

The Mission is not to have a chat room in The chat room is a springboard for another accomplishment. Or, it is not just a website. The Mission is not to get people but to impart this Vision to them.

As I have said, we are not a cult. We have a Vision we would like to share with those who are looking for a great Vision or the greatest Vision. Actually everything should be est in the Mission, greatest Mission, The Greatest Sign, etc.

So I would like you to meditate on this Vision, this whole package of the Mission and see, what is it all about? And we all can work toward that manifestation.

I am here to work with you. I am not a guru sitting on a throne who just says, Do not worry. Meditate. You are going to be OK. No. I am here, on earth. I work with you. I cooperate with you.

But you have to prove that you have seen the Vision, that you are a part of this Mission, that you and I are one, and that we are working toward the same goal with each other together. That means you are becoming like me, dropping everything. The Mission and God should become number one for you, and nothing else is left that you are attached to.

If you are still attached to other things, then you either have to leave me and go to those things, or you have to leave those things and come to God and me. So there are some decisions that people have to make for themselves, and then we can work toward the manifestation of that Vision.

When you see that Vision, then I am done with you, as I have said. We are working toward something great.

John: My friend Dustin has a question, Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sure, go ahead, Dustin.

Dustin: At the end of the day, I am bored and I feel like I do not have anything to do. I do not know, should I be meditating, or should I read THOTH?

Maitreya: OK, so it is at the end of the day. First of all, what do you mean by the end of the day? Do you work, or come home from school, or what?

Dustin: Just any point during the day when I feel bored, whenever I do not have anything to do there is sort of this separation feeling, and I do not know what I should be doing.

Maitreya: Well, each person is different. What do you like to do? Do you like to meditate better, or do you like to read better? Do you like to sit and just gaze at The Greatest Sign? Do you like to dance Kirtan or do any technique that we have given? Which one makes your mind calmer and more connected to God and brings the Spirit of God to yourself? Another thing is to become involved in the Mission. Become involved with Johns work, and see how you can work together.

One person has a lot of power to influence other people. Two people have even greater power to influence other people. Three are even better. Four, great! Twelve, you can create the Communities of Light together.

So our teaching is very open to all kinds of individuals, their aptitudes, and the abilities each person has. It again goes to know yourself. What is the best for you, what can you do to come out of idleness? What you are saying actually sounds like, I have some time, now what am I going to do? If I do not know what to do, I become idle. And idleness is the essence of all the problems that people involve themselves with.

So you have to tell me more about exactly what you mean by this time. If you have time on your hands, you can read THOTH. You can meditate. You can gaze on The Greatest Sign. If you have too much energy and you can do nothing with it, do something constructive. And what is better than being constructive toward the manifestation of the Mission?

Coordinate with John and see what you both can do. Start a class together. Start teaching a yoga class or meditation class or study group together. There are so many things you can do. Make a movie for the Mission; that is another thing you can do. Or write about the Mission. Or start a newsletter or a newspaper. Or write an article for the school newspaper, or your local newspaper. It really depends upon your aptitude and what your abilities are.

You should do the Missions work because you love to do it, because it makes so much sense, and because you feel, I want to do this, and enjoy it very much.

Of course, if we have time and we feel we are idle, we can close our eyes. We do not have to even sit with crossed legs. We can sit on our chairs, close our eyes, let the flow of the energy come to our bodies, and start meditating wherever we are. Or we can close our eyes and see where everything is located in the room that we are sitting in. Where is your house located in your neighborhood? Where is the neighborhood in the city? Where is the city in the state? Where is the state in the nation? Where is the nation in the earth? Where is the earth in the solar system? Where is the solar system in the galaxy? And where is our galaxy in relationship to the rest of the galaxies in the universe?

Not only does it bring greater memory to you but also it expands your mind. You realize that you are a speck in something incredible in the universe. It humbles you. When you are humble, you say, God is everything, and that means the whole universe. Then you realize how insignificant you are but at the same time how wonderful you are because you are a part of the entire universe. There is no separation. As Baba said, You are not alone or helpless, the Force that guides the universe guides you too.

If you feel helpless and disconnected, just close your eyes. Let us connect to the universe, and you will see, I am not alone. I am not lonely.

Alone is OK. Alone means, all one. But lonely you should not be. Lonely means, I am not connected. The moment you are not connected, it means you are depressed, unhappy, etc.

The only thing humanity really has to do for each other is to create an environment that everyone is provided their physiological and safety needs. The rest they have to work on themselves to realize that they are One.

Humanity is One. God is One. If God is One, why do we have so many religions? If God is One, why are we so separated? Did He separate us by religions and nationality and race and gender? No, we did it ourselves. Our egos did it.

We are not separated. There is no separation between us. There is nothing that says this is different than you. The moment you say, This is different than this part of God, what are you doing? You are separating one part of God from another part. So we have not yet realized God. When we realize God, there is no separation.

They might do things differently, but they are not different. They are the same consciousness, same Souls, but they learn to do things differently. That does not make them different than us. They just do different things differently. But their Essence is the same as ours.

If we teach them to do things better than they did before, would they change their ways? Of course they would. If we learn to do things better than we used to, we change our ways.

That is one good thing about humans; they like to progress, to go ahead. Sometimes they lose their ways and instead of progressing they digress, but they love to progress. They love to go forward. And anytime they go forward a little, they are closer to the goal.

That is how you reach the goal. You do not just jump to the goal. You go step-by-step.

So close your eyes, meditate, chant, dance, look at The Greatest Sign, become involved in the Mission, and do things for the Mission that can expand to reach more of humanity. Bring your friends, bring your relatives, and bring your family. This is the Mission for everyone. Anyone who is not in this Mission should be, because this is the latest Revelation from God and it should cover everyone. But they have to understand it. They have to see the Vision. They have to say, Yes. That makes sense.

A lot of people are not interested in God. They are interested in themselves and their little lives. Fine.

We are looking for those who are Paravipras, who have come to this earth for this specific reason, to work for this Mission. Their longing is for the unification of all religions together, seeing the last Revelation of God, unifying all humanity, and working toward it. The more dedicated you become, the more you will become a part of the facilitating body. The facilitating body will eventually manifest this Mission.

It is just perfect. If this Mission were not perfect, I would not be in it myself as I rejected other religions because they were not perfect. They were telling me to believe in something up there, which did not make sense.

So envelop your life into this Mission and each idle time, each time you have, bring your focus back to God. Do not let your mind wander and take you away from that focus.

The more you focus on the Mission, the more you can do for the Mission, the less idle time you will have. But if you have idle time, meditate. If there is time that you do not really want to do anything, just close your eyes, meditate, and know thyself a little more. See how your energy is connected to other energies, how the things you do might not be as kosher and good, and just look at them through your meditation.

Or, if you have a desire, say you have a desire to do something and you do not know if it is good or not, go through it in your meditation. OK. I want to do this. If I do that, it leads to what? And this leads to the other thing. Go through it in your meditation. Usually at the end you will say, No, I do not want it.

A lot of people go through it in their lives. Do you know what I mean? They really become involved, they go through it, and in the end they say, I did not really want it, or, Really it is not what I want.

You can do that through your meditation. Instead of doing it, go through it in your meditation, "What happens if I do this? Usually, if it is not good you will see how your actions affect not only you, but also the people around you and everyone else. Or, you are at the end and you say, No, I really do not want to do this. It is not really what I want.

The less desires you have, the less wants and cravings you have, the more dedicated you are to God. The more things out there that are attracting you and getting you away from God, the less dedicated you will be because you are going to be split. I call them two. That means that there are two personalities. There are two pulls in their lives. One is their desire, and one is God.

If you have two, you do not know yourself. You still are not quite one with yourself because you are still being pulled away from God. If you are completely with God, you have no desires left and then you are One.

So most of the people are two, they have two different pulls. We have to look at that in our meditation, What kind of pulls do I have?

Say you are a sannyasin. What does sannyasin mean? It means complete dedication to God, I do not have any desire. I do not have a desire for television, radio, relationships, or clothes. The only thing I am interested in is, I am absolutely dedicated to do Gods work.

Sweep the floor my whole life if that is what I have to do, but I am doing it for God. I do not want television. I do not want anything of all those pulls. I am dedicated to God 100%. That is what sannyasin means, I am a renunciate.

What does renunciate mean? It means, I have renounced the world. I have put everything away. I do not have any desire. I do not have any wants. I do not have any desire for clothing and relationships and this and that. I am here absolutely, 100% for God, to be with Him, serve Him, and manifest His Will. I do not have any will. His Will is my Will.

That is what sannyasin means, really. It does not mean you should be married or not. Of course, you should not have a craving for marriage either. If it happens, it happens, fine. If it did not happen, it did not.

So we can see that anything that pulls us away, we become two. When you ask, Why dont I feel God anymore? it is really because you are pulled, you are pulled away from God. It is because you want other things. You want a family. You want children. You want a vacation, or anything.

I am not saying you should not go on a vacation. Once in a while probably it is good to just drop everything and go away for some people, but it should not become a desire that takes you away from God or your purpose.

So that is kind of seeing yourself in your meditation, in the Communities of Light, in our teachings. What is the goal of the life? It is to be(come) Divine. That is why we are here. We are not here to become a doctor, professor, or lawyer.

That is OK if you become a lawyer. Become a Divine lawyer. Become a Divine doctor. Become a Divine professor. Become a Divine cook, or whatever.

That is why all these techniques are given to us, for example, submission and surrendering. Submission means God is doing it through me. Does God like to watch television five hours a day, or being attracted to relationships that are not good for us sometimes? Or, listen to everyone else but God?

We can see that we should not become two. In our meditation, we should meditate on, Am I two? Maitreya explains what two means. What does two mean? It means that I still have some desires that are pulling me away from being completely dedicated to God. Am I two or one?

If I am one, where is my focus? It is on God completely all the time. If I am two, I still have some desires left. Then I do not know myself. I am not Divine. I have not made it yet.

So you can see again that the Mission is a state of being. It is not, I am in the Mission. I live in the Missions house, or, I am in the Communities of Light, therefore I am Divine.

No. You are Divine when you are One, even if you are in the Communities of Light. That becomes a light; it is a process. We do not expect that if a community is created that there will be Communities of Light right away. These are the pointers for all of us.

The next time you meditate, ask yourself, Am I one or two? If I am two, what are my pulls that take me away from becoming one? These are questions to ask yourself.

I can answer them for you, but if you answer them yourself it is better. Which do you learn more from, if you answer them yourself or if I answer them for you? It is better if you answer them yourself. I am just helping you to answer things yourself.

So, let us all become one. Let us ask ourselves, Are we one or are we two? If you are two, then get rid of the other part and become One. The more you become One, the stronger, the greater, and the more powerful Mission we will have.

And use your talents. What kind of talents do I have?

I am a good cook. Good, cook good food for the Communities of Light. Cook good food for the Divines. That is what we are called. We are called Divines. Let all the Divines have good, nutritional, delicious food that you can create.

I am a good professor. Write good books about the Mission and what we are doing, how the religions are unified.

I am a good lawyer. Great. Come and work for the Missions legal implications that we might have for the legal parts of the Mission. We are still living in this world. As long as we are living in this world, we are dealing in this world. So we have to protect our teachings. There are legal implications in what we do. How can we protect our teachings from being misquoted, being abused, etc.? We have to be not only spiritual but also we have to be smart.

Is God smart? If we let God come through us, would He be the smartest? Of course He would.

So it is not only a teaching, it is not only a Revelation, it is a new man we are creating here, a man who is spiritual, he is smart, he is intelligent, he is effective, he is a businessman, he is a good worker, and he is absolutely ready to take on any task in his or her life.

We are making a new man; we are creating Paravipras. And Paravipras are people who are One, not two.

Shakti: Maitreya, it is Shakti. I have a question pertaining to what you just covered.

Maitreya: OK, Shakti, go ahead.

Shakti: Those of us who are with the Mission, who feel we have been called to this Mission, so it would be our purpose, our Dharma, to do this Mission because it is Gods Will?

Maitreya: Yes, when you are called to this Mission, it is your Soul call, and it is something that God has given you to see the Vision.

When I received this Vision first, how many people knew about this Vision on earth? Only one person knew. That was me. That was it. Now I shared this Vision with you. Now you also saw the Vision.

What would have happened if I had this Vision and kept it to myself? Would you have ever known about it? That would be it. I would die, and that Vision would die with me.

Now I received the Vision. What did I feel? I felt, I have to share it. I have to do it. I have to manifest it. I have to reach out. That was my choice. Of course, that does not mean that if I had not done anything about it that this Vision would stay. God would choose another person probably to bring this Vision to humanity. I do not mean that I had the choice to completely kill the Vision. I did not, no one does.

If I had not done it, what would God do? God would choose another person to send this Vision to humanity. That is because His Purpose is to send this Vision to humanity and see it done. If I do not do it, if you do not do it, if someone who is called for this Mission does not do it, what will happen? Someone else will come and do it.

Actually, it was proven in the Mission to us that that is exactly going to happen. If someone is called for this Mission and they have a purpose, if they do not do it, they are going to be replaced with someone else. It is not a threat or something. But that is exactly what has happened. In the process of the last twenty years or so, we saw that when some people came but did not do it, so someone else came and took over.

So we can see that I received it, and I loved it. Of course, I always loved to know the truth. When I was a child, I was born into an Islamic environment, and they told me that God is Allah and you have to just accept Muhammad as the Prophet, the Koran as the Word of God, and Whatever we say is the truth. Well, OK.

My question was, Show me God. You show me God, and I will believe in Him. But they were not able to do this. They had a God sitting up there angry most of the time, and He was not very compassionate at all. According to Islam, God is Compassionate, the Most Compassionate.

A lot of things that I was told just did not make sense. So I completely rejected that notion. But I was seeking the Truth.

When I received the Revelation and the Mission, it made sense. That was one of the things that impressed me in this teaching; it just makes sense. Because if God is One, why do we have so many religions? Why have so many Prophets been sent? It is because each Prophet has a part of the Truth.

Now God is telling me that this is the whole package. It is just like, Hey, you are looking for the Truth? Here it is. Oh, yes, it makes sense. It is the Truth. God is One. God is not just the God of Christians, or of Muslims, or of Hindus, or of Buddhists, or of Shintos, or of Jinns, and this and that. There is just One God.

What created the separation mostly is because each revelation was different and also because of the human ego. They separate one from another, and they separated one religion from another. They create branches in their religions because of what? It is because of their different egos that become involved and split the religions into many, many fractions and parts.

So I received it. I loved it. I said, I will have to reach to other people to spread this to other people. That is why I dropped everything. I dropped my education. I dropped my family. I dropped my religion, if you will, or country. I said, That is what I have to do.

That is what I expect and I hope each of you will do. That is why sometimes you might say I am too one-pointed. I am too one-pointed; I dropped everything for this Mission. And that is what you have to do. You have to be one-pointed and say, Yes, I have been called for this Mission, it makes sense, it unifies humanity, and it fulfills all the prophecies. And even more fulfillment of the prophecies is coming in every day.

John came in and gave us many new prophecies that have been fulfilled. We had no idea. We had just scratched the surface, and he brought much more. I am sure there are even more. I knew there were going to be more, but I did not want to put the effort to find them. I knew someone was going to come and tell us about them. John came, and we saw that everything points to the fulfillment of all the prophecies and Revelations of God.

We read THOTH, and we can see the evidence right there. He is explaining to us how He sent Seven Revelations, right there. It is unifying. He shows us how to create the Communities of Light, how to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It is not just, Go meditate, and you are going to be OK. It is a perfect culmination of all human longings and the coming of the Golden Age that people have been talking about for the last fifty years. So everything is coming together.

Even the Internet itself is a part of the whole package. If we did not have the Internet, could we do this? You do not even have to be here. That fulfills the prophecy, If they say he is in the desert, do not go. If they say he is in the mountains, do not go.

You do not have to go anywhere; it is right there. We can see the whole thing is coming together. Am I still going to be attached to my little life and little desires and the things I long for? How could you be still holding back and not dedicating your life to something that is so incredibly vast, comes from God, and shows that God exists and is here on earth? If you do, then something is wrong.

So you have been called for it. You have heard it. You saw the Vision. It is you who has to dedicate your life to it. You have to realize that you have to reach out.

You are not doing me a favor if you are reaching out and doing the Mission. You are doing yourself a favor because you are pleasing God and that is what God wants to be done. It is not my will. It is His Will.

If you think it is my will, tell me, because I do not want you to do my will. I want you to do the Will of God. And the Will of God is this, to get this Mission going, to reach out.

So if you are called, if you saw the Vision, if you are here, it is your Mission. It is not my Mission anymore. You and I are co-workers together. I will help you, and I will teach you. I will repeat answering the same questions. But eventually I would like to see you have all the answers that have been answered through this vessel, and you reach out to humanity according to what you can do.

As I have said, if you can sweep the floor the best in the world, go ahead and just keep Gods House clean. If you can cook great food, cook for the Divines, let them have nutritious food and make them have nutritionally very good human bodies. Whatever you can, again that goes to, Know thyself. What are you best at?

Are you a good teacher? Then become it, become a whole-timer. Come and start traveling. Go to different Centers, teach the people in the Mission, and teach the people who are out of the Mission so that you can bring them into the Mission.

As the pool expands, the greater talents we will have, and the greater things we can do. And the greater things we can do, the greater numbers we can reach. The greater numbers we can reach, the more people are going to join. The more people come, the greater talents to pool. It is going to snowball itself to the manifestation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So each of us, me, you, all of us, have a responsibility to see what we have been called for. And we see the Vision. We see what happened here. It is the fulfillment, the culmination of all the religions prior to this one. It is the opening of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. It is the manifestation of the Seven Revelations. It is the creation of the new man. It is the coming of the New Age, or Golden Age.

Are you going to stay idle and say, No, I am not going to do anything about it? What is going to happen?

I have said that this Mission is like a bulldozer; it is so huge and heavy. If you do not run ahead of it and start getting it done, it is going to run you over [laughing]. Of course, a bulldozer or a tank is hard to move, but when it starts moving, is it easy to stop it? No. When it starts moving, it is going to keep going.

So it is up to you. Do you want to be in that bulldozer, and in front of the bulldozer, or do you want to be bulldozered over? It is really everyones decision.

It is not a threat or anything; it is just that that is the reality of this Mission. It is the Mission that is Gods Will. If it is not Gods Will, tell me. I am the first person to drop it, as I have said many times. If it is not Gods Will, I do not want it.

But if it is Gods Will, are you going to stay to the side and say, No, I am not going to do anything about it? I am just going to go on my vacation here and there and see what I want in my life, or still keep my own ideas about who I am? I am a great teacher, and I am not going to give in to Maitreya? Or, I still have all these little things in my life that I am attached to?

OK, fine. I can wait. And you wait to see how God is going to be manifested.

That is Gods Way of doing things. He prophesies. He sends a person who fulfills those prophecies. Then He says, This is My Teaching. That person has no choice but to say the truth. If he could not say the truth, God would not choose him.

This is the way. Anything you know previous to this one, forget it. That is true, what was in the past might have had a lot of truth, but this is the highest Truth.

Which one do you want to preach? Do you want to preach the truth, or do you want to preach the highest Truth? Do you want to show the people a sign, or do you want to show the people The Greatest Sign?

It is really your choice. But if you do not show the people The Greatest Sign, do you think God is going to accept it anymore? Not anymore. Before this, yes, that would be fine. Then you could be a Moslem, you could be a Christian, you could be a Jew, you could be a Hindu, or you could be a Buddhist. But when The Greatest Sign comes, when the greatest Revelation comes, can you hang onto the great? Not any longer. That is why It changed from the great to the Greatest now.

Again you have to really meditate on these things. Do not think that I am here to take care of you, to make you happy. I have given you the way to be happy. I do not have to make you happy.

And I do not owe you anything if you do something for the Mission. You are doing it for God. See? God this time has completely freed me from any attachments or any trips or anything. Absolutely free! I am free to just go on and do the Mission, give Satsang, and show the way. I will help you. I will work with you. I am your co-worker. But if you are doing it, you are doing it for God.

And you have been called for it. If you had not been called for it, you would not be here. That is one of the requirements of the Mission, that you have to profess that you have no choice. If you have other choices, other religions, other ideas, other ways to go, go those ways. Actually I will facilitate your way to go the other way.

But if you want to do the Mission, you have to see what the Vision is, what an incredible thing is happening here. And then realize that God truly exists.

As I have said, 99.9% of the people do not really believe that God exists. They really do not. They talk about it. Even the preachers, even the Mullahs, or the Rabbis, or even the Brahmans, talk about it but really they are preaching their own ideas. They do not really believe in God.

But when you see the Mission, that He said He is going to do this and this and He did it, can you still say that God does not exist? So He does exist. God is Everything. There is nothing that He is not. Therefore He is everywhere and all the time with you. So whatever you do, He knows. Whatever is in your heart, He is aware of. He knows you better than you ever could know yourself. If you ever could know yourself, then you know God, and you know that He knows everything in your heart.

Do not think that you can hide anything from Him, or do something and expect something in return, or if you do something for the Mission that Maitreya owes you something. No. You are doing it for God. I am doing it for God.

I am doing it for myself, actually. I am doing this Mission for myself so I can make Him love me more [laughing]. So you have to do the same thing. You have to do more because you want God to Love you more.

Of course, the more you do for the Mission, the more I Love you too. There is no doubt about it. The more I see the Mission manifest through you, the more I say, Thank you, God, for sending such a wonderful worker for the Mission that will manifest the desire of Your Heart which is the desire of my heart to see this Mission start blooming. This Mission has to reach to the people. The people will realize that they do not have to fight.

For example, this problem with the Middle East, if we build a Temple in Jerusalem and each religion sees that they have one entrance to the center of the Temple, is there going to be separation between Jews and Moslems and Christians and even Bahais in Jerusalem? No. They are just going to say, Oh, OK, that is the way to go to the Islamic door. This is the way to the Jewish door. This is the Christian door. But when they get to the center, who are we? We are One. The center is God. All of them come from there.

So you can see that even the human problems can be solved easily with our Mission and our teachings.

That is how you have to meditate. That is what you have to meditate on, and you have to realize what you have been getting involved in. If you do not want to get involved, run right now [laughing] because this is the greatest thing that has happened to humanity for the last 12,000 years.

It is not an ego trip that I am saying this. It is the greatest. If it were not the greatest, I would not be here myself.

If you want to run, run now. Otherwise dedicate yourself. If you do not, you will see that the train is going to go. The train is not going to stay for anyone. Either you are on it, or you are going to be off it. And suddenly you will say, This train is going too fast; I cannot catch up anymore.

So that is the truth. The answer to your question is, Yes, you have been called for it, and that should be your priority. That should be first in your life. Nothing else.

I am not saying drop your family or your life that you have here. No, love the family through the Mission. They are a part of God. But your Calling is for the manifestation of this Vision.

Does that make sense?

Shakti: Yes, Maitreya. Thank you. Thank God.

Maitreya: OK. We have a couple more minutes left of our time together. I will be silent and listening. If you have another question, that is fine, we can go over it. Anything else you want to bring up, I will be here, and the channel will be open for you. [silence]

OK. You all have a good, God month and meditate on these words, the bread of life, and read THOTH, meditate, and participate in the activities of the Mission.

We now have reading of THOTH every day in the morning and every day meditation as our activities. Try to be here. The more you participate in this, the more you are going to be wrapped up in this Consciousness.

I will see you all next month. Sal-OM.

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