10/07/01 Satsang (Discourse) By


At The Feast Of Tabernacles


Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya conference room or chat room. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. We are here to present the Mission to humanity and hopefully bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

All the prophecies are fulfilled. The Seven Seals are opened. The book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed. We can see the signs these days that probably the tribulation has started. We can see that, hopefully, humanity will eventually see that they have no choice but to come together and become unified: One World, One Humanity, under One God.

Please listen to the Mission. Go to our website, study our Scripture, test the Spirit, and then come here and let us discuss. If you have any questions or anything that you want to know about the Mission, you are welcome to come and do that. We will be more than glad to answer your questions but please keep your dogmas out of this room because we already know about all of those dogmas out there.

Tonight, is the last night of the Satsang for the Feast of Tabernacles. Usually on this night we take it easy and have fun. We have a talent show and someone sings, recites a poem, plays music, or whatever talent they have. But this year, unexpectedly, we became so involved with Pal Talk, without even really planning on it, that everyone was busy reading THOTH, talking about the Mission to people, learning Pal Talk and all that so apparently no one had the time to get ready for the talent show tonight. A few talents were there but the decision was that it is a good idea not to have that tonight.

So we will go ahead and talk about the Mission. In this time if you have any questions, raise your hand and let me know that you want to talk and contribute in this room.

In general, you can see that a war in Asia has started today. I do not know if you have heard or not that the US bombed Afghanistan. That is one thing, it sounds like again we can see that humans are trying to attack each other. And another war, although everyone says it is not a religious war, but it is going to end up as a religious war.

The allies and the people who claim to be allies, their hearts are not with each other, and neither are the hearts of those who joined the West with the West. Neither is the heart of the West with those who aligned with them. So we will see that even worse things are going to come out of this than before.

It is unfortunate that we have the answer, we can help them out, but the human ego is still very involved in human affairs and we will see that great tribulation has started.

Of course, we are on neither side. We are on the side of God and we are working to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Although we see the unfortunate situation that the human is in, at this time we can do nothing because, as I have said many times, if you do not want to listen to what we have here, I can do nothing about it. I am just a Messenger. I have a Message for you.

If you take it, listen, and say, Yes, that Message makes sense, I want to be a part of it, then your heart is open, and I can fill your empty cup. But if your cup is already flowing with your dogmas, your narrowness of the mind, or anything that does not see the universe as your home, then it is very hard to bring anything to that filled cup.

Can you put more liquid into a filled cup? No. The cup is already filled. You cannot do anything. You have to empty your cup and then say, OK, now fill me up.

Then I say, Sure. I can fill you up. I can give you the Satsang. I can show you the unity of religions and humanity, and we can all realize that we are one humanity, under one God, and we can create one peaceful earth.

So, we can see that with this, although everyone says, Oh no, we are right, or they are wrong, it does not matter any more. We are not attacking anyone, we are just responding to the attack. Or, they say, No, we have been depressed, or It does not matter. It is too late for finger-pointing and blaming.

The most important thing is that again the human ego is involved in the process. And wherever the human ego is involved, what happens? Suffering will follow on every side.

So, it is unfortunate to see. Also we can see it so clearly but we cannot help them. As in another Satsang someone asked me, What is your opinion about the Middle East? I said, Well, if Sharon and Arafat would listen to me, we are going to have peace tomorrow there. But will they? That is the question. They will not.

Will the two sides right now in Afghanistan or the allies in Afghanistan listen to us? They will not. But after they go through this tribulation, at the end, they will come to this conclusion that their way is not a good way.

Our way is the way of unification. Our way is the way of God. Our way is the beginning of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. But we rejoice that God said that He is going to do all these things, and He is doing them. Therefore, He exists.

Since He exists, our trust is in Him. We are one nation, under God, and we are all His Children. Whoever joins us, of course, will be a part of those who have been caught in this confusion into truth. That has been prophesied. Those who have been chosen, the Elects, will be caught with Christ in the clouds.

Cloud means confusion. Is there confusion in the world? Yes, there is. Each religion says, No. we are better. We have to have the last word. We are going to be the most powerful. Will they?

So, it is something that we can meditate on and contemplate on, and realize that again this Revelation has come at the right time for the right people, and the beginning of the Kingdom has come to us as it has been prophesied. By the year 2017, many people will realize what we are saying.

Many people, even in this room, might object to what I am saying but by 2017 many of them, and many more, will come to the same conclusion, We have no choice. I did not have a choice but to start this Mission. When God wants you, you have no choice.

That is why I have asked those who join this Mission one question, Do you have any choice? Do you have any choice besides this Mission? If you do, then you are not called for it. You do not belong here. That is because if you have a choice you are not an Elect, and we are looking for the Elects.

You reach a point and say, Yes, Maitreya and the Mission of Maitreya is the only way. There is no other way on this earth. And you say, I do not have any choice.

Of course, I do not want you to take my word for it. I want you to go to the website. I want you to read our teaching. I want you to come here and discuss things. Try to change my mind about what I believe. Great! I would love it.

Do not come here and say, That is the only way, da da da your dogma. No. Know the Mission. Know the teaching and then come here, and we can discuss every aspect of the Mission as we have done in this Mission before. Every time the conclusion is: The answer is the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path. There is no other way.

But if you can come and find something wrong in this Mission, I would be the first one to admit it, just drop everything, go somewhere else, and say, Sorry, I was wrong. But if you cannot, then you have to admit, Yes, this thing really makes sense, and eventually say, Yes, I do not have any choice either. I have to be with this Mission. I will be here to help this Mission. I am here to become a son of God, or a child of God, and withdraw myself from this confusion and completely free myself from the destruction that is coming to us.

That is what we are going to do together. We are going to support each other as the Communities of God and eventually help each other out of this destruction that is coming to humanity.

So we are not in support of either earthly power or earthly things but the Godly coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is based on the Communities of Light.

I am just going to go ahead and explain to you the base of our teaching in the Mission of Maitreya. That is because we believe that every human has to hear about this teaching at least once.

Basically we are teaching the Seven Seals here, the seven revelations that came through the seven Prophets or the seven teachings.

The first revelation that came to humanity is the awakening of your spiritual forces, or the Mystical Paths, which covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and every other Mystical Path that talks about, Know thyself to know God, or, Be still and know that I am God.

Therefore the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken your spiritual forces. How do you do that? You learn what calms your mind. What makes you feel calm and connected to God?

Of course, the fastest thing that we can recommend is meditation. Meditation means to sit straight in a very comfortable position, not that comfortable that you fall asleep but comfortable enough that you can relax your body.

The best position is the lotus position that yogis used to sit in. But in the West it is going to be very difficult for people to do that because we have been sitting on the chairs all of our lives. Our muscles are not used to going underneath and twisting around our legs and going under our bodies.

So, we just suggest that you sit in a very comfortable position. You can even sit on a chair if you want. Close your eyes, your back straight, your neck straight, and your head straight. Then after you are comfortable, just look at your body to see if there is any tension in your body. Get rid of the tension and then concentrate on breathing.

Breath in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, which means, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Then realize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out. That stillness is what is said, Be still and know that I am God. If you realize that stillness, you will realize God within. That stillness should stay with you all the time.

If you can keep that stillness with you all the time, life becomes a dance. Life becomes very comfortable and easy, and always you are with God and God is with you. It all becomes very comfortable things to live with.

So, you breath in Haree Om Shrii Hung, which means, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and you breath out Om Nam Kevalam, which means, OM, God, Kevalam, is everything. Therefore, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. God is everything. Therefore, God and I are one already. There is nothing that God is not in. Therefore, I am not separated from God.

Then when you breathe out Om Nam Kevalam realize the stillness between breathing out and breathing in. Actually, you feel the energy of the first silence start coming from the very lower level, in the pit of your stomach. The energy is like this to the higher level. That is the Spirit of life within. So, this is the base of knowing thyself and awakening your spiritual forces.

After you awaken your spiritual forces, now what? OK, I am a Hindu. I am a Buddhist. I am a Cabalist. I have been meditating for twenty years. They teach that the goal of the life is to completely forget about this world and go to God. But we say that God has another plan.

In the Old Testament, we see that God is trying to find a people who are called the tribes of Israel. Those twelve tribes of Israel were a community. The community is people who live together. And they were the Israelites. They were the Children of Israel, or the Children of Light.

Now if you are in a community and you follow the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path that we are going to talk about, you become a Child of Light. So, the Children of Light means whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path, whoever creates the Communities of Light, which accept God as their King or as their leader, and they follow Him and His Laws.

So, we can see in the Old Testament, He is talking about the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the goal of the Mission. We believe that the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now you have meditated and awakened your spiritual forces, and you want to create the Communities of Light. What is the next step? Christ gave us that answer. He sacrificed for his ideal all the way to the cross.

In a Community of Light you do not say, What is in it for me alone? What is in it for me? but What is good for the whole community? So, in the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary.

Now you sacrifice a lot and nothing happens. What happens to you? You become depressed. You say, I am doing so much, and nothing happens. Or, you do a lot and it starts happening. You say, Wow, look at me. I am such a great person. I am doing this.

So the next step is surrendering the result of your actions to God so that you do not become attached to the result. Therefore, you become free of any attachment. That is the religion of surrendering.

Islam means surrendering and submission to God. It comes from the word, Tasleim. Therefore, you start doing good in the community but you surrender the result to God. Much greater than surrendering is submission. It means you let God do it through you.

So, we can see that so far we have unified four religions of the world: the Mystical Paths, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Islam. Now we can see we need one more step to have the Eternal Divine Path. So far, all our endeavors are directed toward one community, one limited place.

The next step is the expansion of the mind, to become a universalist, a person who says, My country is the whole universe, my Father is God, and my Mother is God. Therefore, you expand your consciousness, and you break all the narrowness of the mind.

Who brought the message of universalism? The Bahai teaching, Bab, brought that teaching to humanity. Bahais are expanded in a sense that they do not feel that they belong to any specific place but they belong to the whole universe.

So, by awakening your spiritual forces, trying to create Communities of Light, sacrificing for them, surrendering and submitting the results of your actions to God, and becoming a universalist, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind, you shatter all the attachment to your actions, you shatter the egoistical feeling of I am the doer and what is in it for me, and you try to create those communities. Therefore you become an Elect.

That is the sixth seal in The Greatest Sign or our teachings. That is what all the Scriptures are talking about with the Elects, the Elects of God, chosen people, people who have been chosen to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So, we are trying to create the Communities of Light based on these five steps of the Eternal Divine Path and attracting all the Elects to come and follow this Eternal Divine Path and create the Communities of Light. Eventually, these Elects are the people who will lead humanity to the next step, which is the Seventh Seal, unification.

We are the symbol of the unification of all religions, as you just saw. You see, all these religions have a part of the Eternal Divine Path. Each of them have brought a part of a greater truth. Each of them have a part of what you can compare to the five blind men and the elephant.

It is interesting that the Eternal Divine Path has five steps, and there are five blind men when they look at the elephant. You can see that it sounds exactly like all the other religions are like blind people just getting a part of the truth and saying, Ah, I have a part of the truth, that is the truth!

But a man with sight comes and says, No, each of you are correct. Each of you have a part of the elephant. But the whole elephant is something more than what each of you have.

That is exactly what we are saying to humanity: Humanity, your religion is OK, what you believe in is fine. But you have a part of the truth. Here is the whole truth: The Greatest Sign, the Eternal Divine Path, because the Eternal Divine Path, as we just explained, unifies all the Mystical Paths, Buddhism, Hinduism, Cabbala, saints in Christianity, Sufis, and even some old religions like the Zoroastrians, like the American Indians, like the teachings of the Australian Aborigines, or Africans, and all those who are mystical. They believe in a spirit in a tree, for example.

Well, really, it is the spirit of God in the tree, it is not separate from Him. Nothing is separate from Him. So, we can see that all those people fall in that first category.

The first category, actually, is the Spirit of the whole teaching, because the Mystical Paths is the Spirit of the whole teaching. Before you awaken your spiritual forces, before you realize that you and God are already One, you cannot even understand when Christ says, The Father and I are one. You just say, Oh, only Christ and the Father are one, or can I also be one with the Father? God says, Yes, you will, because whoever overcomes will be my son. So, there will be more than one son.

Of course, he was the First Begotten Son, but being a son is open to everyone. Whoever overcometh will be my son, right in chapter 23 of The Revelation.

So, we can see that this is the time of calling the people who want to become His son. This is the time of calling them to come here and follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is the way of overcoming.

You meditate, and you awaken your spiritual forces. What do you do next? You work for the creation of the Communities of Light. You have a purpose in life. You are trying to bring other like-minded people together.

You sacrifice. You are not self-centered and say, Oh, what is in it for me, what is in it for me? because that is going to bring destruction to society. If everyone says, What is in it for me? as Ghandi said, There is not enough for everyones greed. But for everyones need, there is enough. So, we have to share. That is another way out of this mess we are in. We have to share.

If the difference between those who have and those who have not is too high, there is going to be destruction, there is going to be violence, as we can see. So, we have to say, Not what is in it for me at all, but what is in it for everyone.

We have to feel the pain of every being in the universe. Their pain should be our pain. We should say, No, they should not suffer.

It is no longer just, Love your neighbor, but you have to love the whole universe this time. Loving your neighbor is OK, but with the communication we have and everything, it is more than just love your neighbor. You have to love the whole universe. So, that is the Third Seal.

OK, I am doing all those things, then you surrender and submit the result of your actions, so you are not attached. You are free, absolutely. You do the work, you see that God does it through you, and you say, OK, thank you God. What is next? I am ready for the next project.

Just sitting there and blaming yourself, Oh, what did I do wrong? It is a wrong thing I did. I made a mistake. Do not blame yourself for your mistakes; learn from them. It is not going to help you to blame yourself and say, Oh, I am such a bad person, I did not do well. OK, so how is that going to help you?

Instead, say, How am I going to learn from this? OK, it was a mistake, but how am I going to learn from this? If you learn from it, then the next time you do not do that mistake, what do you become? You become a little more perfect, and that is the goal, isnt it? Perfection? How do you get there? You get there little by little.

But sitting there and blaming yourself, Oh, I made a mistake. I made a mistake. Oh, that was so bad. I am such a terrible person, is not going to help you. But if you look at it and say, OK, I made a mistake, how am I going to learn from this? then, that is going to help you.

So, we can see that the next step is universalism. Universalism shatters all the narrowness of the mind. If everything is God, if you are the child of God and the universe, you cannot separate yourself from another person. You cannot say, This person is that color. This person is from this place. This person talks with an accent. Another person is taller than another person. You cannot do those things. Everything is God.

Then you can look at it and say, All are one! They are all my children. They are all my creation. They are all Gods creation, and I have to love all of them.

So, the narrowness of the mind is going to be completely destroyed. You are free. So you are not self-centered, you are not attached, and you are free.

What else can take you to become an Elect? These five steps are the messages of all the religions. It is now revealed to humanity: Look, each of you have one part of this message. Now put them together, and that is what the Mission of Maitreya has done.

What are you going to find? You are going to find the Elects. And what are the Elects going to do? They are going to bring unity. They are going to preach this teaching to every human at least once.

Actually, you can go to our website, and read it there. The moment you go to our website and read it, we are done with you. We gave you the Message. The Message is given. It is now up to you what you are going to do with it.

You can just see it and say, Oh, it is wonderful. Or, you can be just like some people who come here and say we are from the devil, and all that. Fine.

Why dont you let God judge us? Who are you to judge us? God is the Judge, isnt He? He is going to judge us if we are the devil.

What a big ego you have, that you are coming here and telling us who we are. Let God tell us who we are. Do not bring your big egos here and think that you are the judge. No, God is the Judge. He is going to judge us if we are wrong.

But what if we are right? Where are you going to be? Just think about it. If you are accusing us of being the devil, and we are not, and then you believe that, where are you going to be at the end? In the lake of fire, with the rest of the things that are going to come? Or, are you going to go into our website and study and read and test the spirit, and see that the prophecies are fulfilled, the Seven Seals that are prophesized to come have been opened, and the book that is sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed?

Hey! This is what God is talking about happening. Therefore, we are not from the devil. And anyway, Who am I to judge these people in the first place? God is the Judge. I am going to leave them to God if they are from the devil

But we are not from the devil, because our teaching is based on the Scriptures, and we are backed up with the prophecies fulfilled. So, our claim is not an empty claim. And God is behind us, so we are not afraid of anyone. Not a bit. Because, when God is with you, you are not afraid of anything or anyone.

So, please, get these things into your brains, and go read your Scriptures, understand what they are talking about, and do not judge. Remember, if you judge, you are going to be judged. And you are going to be judged harshly.

If you come here and judge us harshly, and this is from God, what is going to happen to you? I am worried about these people, really. I am not saying it as something It is, what is going to happen to their Souls?

Well, anyway, I am not trying to scare you, but think about it. Meditate on it, and say, Who am I to judge these people?

First of all, go to our website, and read about our teaching and find out what we are saying. Do not come here without knowing anything about us and try to say, Oh yeah, you are this and that. That is an act of the weak-minded. It is an act of a dogmatic-brain-washed person who does not have anything else to stand on, who comes here and feels good about doing it because their preacher said they should do it. But they have never studied or educated themselves about what is the truth of God.

So, we can see that this Revelation is from God. These things are from God. All the religions are unified. The Seven Seals are opened, and the book sealed with the Seven Seals is Revealed. This is the time of tribulation. But when we come out of it, those who are left, hopefully, will see our point and come together and unify.

That is why we are here. We are here to call the Elects. We are not interested in your preaching. We know about your preaching. If you are here to know about us, please, welcome. But if you are here to judge, do not. I am worried about your Souls, those who come here and do that.

This is the base of our teaching that I have been explaining hundreds and thousands of times, and each time it comes out differently. But the base of it is that we have the whole teaching, the whole elephant, and have unified the religions of the world together, and that each of them fall in one part of this whole thing. All of them have some truth but the whole truth is greater.

OK, Lou, go ahead and type your question.

Lou 346: God said, Thou shalt not kill.

Maitreya: OK, apparently, Lou is asking for the Ten Commandments that it says, Thou shalt not kill.

Actually, the true wording of that commandment is, Thou shalt not murder. Murder means the premeditative killing of someone.

If you are defending yourself and you have no choice in the process but to kill the attacker, probably that does not fall into the category of murder because you did not premeditate to do that and you are defending yourself. So, there are times that probably killing, you have no choice but to do it. But, of course, you should not kill as much as possible, and you should not murder for sure.

If you think about it that way you can see that it is not really killing but it is murder. That is because if you take it as killing, you become completely passive, and other people might do something to you that is not good for you.

Lou 346: [typing] But in Samuel 25, God said, Smite them.

Maitreya: As I said, the Commandment is not, not to kill. The Commandment is, Not to murder. In that case, probably God had a good reason.

If you believe in reincarnation and the Law of Karma, then you will see that God is just. If people have been born many, many lifetimes and instead of listening to God they go and do things that are not according to the Law, what are they creating? Are they creating Karma? Yes, they are creating Karma, and therefore they have to reap what they sow. Therefore, when God said do that, and His voice is really Gods Voice, then that is the punishment that happens to them.

We cannot judge God. We cannot sit here and judge God, why He does what He does, because He has a greater Vision and knows exactly what is happening in the universe. Therefore, He knows what should happen.

There is the story about the old Prophet who went to a city. In that city suddenly he took his knife and killed a child in the street. Everyone became very upset with him and they said, Why did you do that?

He said, Because if he had grown up he would have become a very big murderer and would have killed many people. So he had the vision, and he gave it to them.

Who are we to judge God what is correct or not? So, we have to believe that whatever God does is correct. And the only way you can understand that is that you believe in reincarnation, that we are born here again and again and that each time we come here we accumulate either some karma, or we burn some karma and learn our lessons.

Of course, karma is the process of learning the lesson. We have talked about it many times. If you learn your lesson, the karma goes away. So, if you accumulate a lot of karma then when the time comes to pay, you might suffer. You might be killed. You might be destroyed. Something might happen to you.

But never, ever, anything God does, is not just.

Go ahead, John.

John: In THOTH it says that the Universal Mind was used, and it became flesh. Does that mean it became a unit consciousness at that time to walk through the Eternal Divine Path? If so, did the Universal Mind cease to exist for God to use it? That is my question. I hope that makes sense.

Maitreya: OK John. Actually, that is very similar to the theology of Christianity that God came to humans as the form of Christ, and he came to go through the suffering, therefore, he realized the suffering of humanity.

Actually, that did not happen only at the time of Christ. It happened in the very beginning of the universe. He came because when the universe went out of balance, the formation of the unit consciousnesses started, the separation and the body of God started forming, and ego formed. Therefore everyone started saying, Oh, you are separate from me, because the ego is separate.

In the true realization of God, you realize that God is in everyone and you do not feel separation. You do not look at people as their races or their colors, or languages, or nationalities. You can see, Oh, it is a child of God. I can see that. It is a part of me. It is a part of God, therefore, I can be a part of them.

You do not feel that separation. Because of that evolvement of the ego, God sent His Spirit into that darkness, which is The Holy Ghost, and It became a spark of life, which is individual. And He went through the Eternal Divine Path.

He started meditating on this. Of course, because he was the Spirit of God, he was way ahead of everyone else in progress. So he started to meditate and to say, Why are these beings separated? Why do they feel resentful, destructive and separation from each other and all of that?

As he meditated more and more, he realized they have egos and they are separated from each other, therefore, they have not awakened their spiritual forces. He realized they are all Gods children, they all come from the same Source, they are all going to go to the same Source, there is no separation between them, and all that. Therefore, he started teaching them meditation, awakening of their spiritual forces. Then as he did that he realized that he created a kind of a community around himself. The great beings attract those people who are ready for this teaching.

As he started to attract them he realized, The best way to do that is in a community. People come together, help each other, and all of that. He realized that the next step in awakening your spiritual forces was the creation of the communities, people who are like-minded, who want to accept God, who meditate together, and who see each other as a part of God, not separate from each other.

He realized that in order to do that you cannot be egoistical. You cannot say, What is in it for me alone? in the Communities of Light but, What is good for the community?

So, he started sacrificing for everyone, which is the symbol of Christ coming and sacrificing himself on the cross. Some people started progressing, and some people did not. When some people started to progress, he felt very good. He said, What a great being I am that everyone likes me, everyone comes together and creates Communities of Light. He felt the separation from God the moment he did that because he became egoistical. Or, when nothing happened, he became depressed. He said, Why am I putting so much effort, and there is nothing happening?

Therefore, he realized that the next step is to do the job, to do the work, and say, OK. I am going to awaken my spiritual forces. I am going to create the Communities of Light, I am going to sacrifice for it, but I am going to surrender the result to God.

What makes us depressed? It is when we are attached to the result. We set up our lives in such a way that, I am going to be such a person. I am going to be successful. I am going to make that much money. I am going to become a great celebrity, and it does not happen. That is why most of the people get depressed. It is because of the way they want things. They want the result of their lives, which is not happening exactly the way they want.

It is the same thing with your work. If you do something and you are expecting the result, and the result does not happen exactly the way you want, what do you become? You become depressed.

But if you do the work and the result starts manifesting, what happens? You say, What a great person I am! You become egoistical, and you try to connect the people who follow you to yourself because you think it is you attracting all these people to come and join you. Again, you separate them from God and that is a no, no again because you are here to connect them to God.

Therefore, you say, OK. This is God doing through me. This is not the Satsang I am giving. This is not Maitreya. This body is not giving Satsang but the Spirit of God is coming through and telling you this truth, which is wonderful.

There is a lot of truth in the Mission. When you hear it, read it, and understand it, you have no choice but to say, Yes, this is true. I have no choice.

Where did it come from? Did it come from this body? This body is going to die and go away. What is going to remain? The Spirit behind it is going to remain, and it is going to be with you all the time.

So, when you realize this, then you are not the doer anymore. He is the Doer. He comes through you all the time. You are submissive. That is the highest spiritual realization.

Isnt the goal of spiritual realization to be(come) one with God? If that is the goal, submission is the highest spiritual realization because He is Doing this through you all the time.

So you are absolutely One with God. You have reached the highest spiritual realization. Therefore, that is the highest spiritual Revelation to humanity.

Now with all that, you might get attached to a very small portion of the earth, Oh, I just belong to this religion.

I am just going to take care of my local community.

I am just going to belong to this nation.

I am just white.

I am black.

I am Spanish, or Hindu.

All these are separation. You have been born in that in this lifetime but who knows, maybe you were black in the last lifetime, or you were Chinese in the previous lifetime, or maybe you will be next lifetime?

If you do not get it this lifetime, and you think, Oh, I am greater than them, (whoever, or whatever you think you are greater than), maybe you will be born in the next lifetime as them! What are you going to do then? So, in this lifetime you had better watch what you are thinking about and how you deal with the different issues on earth.

So, we can see that the next step, universalism, is when you realize that God is everything. The universe is your nation. That shatters all the narrowness. You do not belong to any nation. You do not even belong to the earth. You belong to the whole universe, and God is your Father.

You even do not have an earthly father. Your earthly father and earthly mother, were used for you to come to this body. Of course, as we explained many times, you should respect them and love them greatly. No doubt about that.

We have a teaching about the different beings in life. The first is God. The second is the spiritual teacher who takes you to God. The third is your parents. And the fourth is your spouse: wife or husband. That is another topic. You can go to our website and read in THOTH what they are. But your parents are just instruments to bring you to earth.

What is the goal of your life when you are on earth? The goal of your life is to be(come) Divine, to know God, to realize why you are here, why you have been created, and why you have been sent here.

If you know that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, then you can become a divine doctor. You can become a divine lawyer. Or, you can become a divine floor sweeper. Whatever, you can become divine in that. So, we are not opposed to you having a career. But make your career Godly, make your career Divine.

So, he went through that Path, and he completely freed himself from all this narrowness of the mind, attachments, and selfishness. He became an Elect, and he reached the light.

And God saw the light and God said that is good! That Path is great!

So, the Spirit went to the darkness, and the Spirit returned back to God. Then God said, That is good. That is a wonderful Path. I like the Eternal Divine Path. That is the way to reach back to Godhood.

That is exactly what the explanation of the Messiah or the Prophet is: The Prophet is the Spirit of God returned to humanity. But he needs a body. He is a Spirit. He cannot come here and say, Hello. I am here. Hello. You cannot see a Spirit. And ever-one would say, Do not look. It is just like the invisible man in that movie. He went all over the place, but no one could see him.

He is there. God is always there. There is no time that God is not there. But he needs a body.

Now how to recognize that this body is the correct body? He prophesies. He says, When this body comes, he is going to manifest this thing, and he is going to fulfill this prophecy.

If you go to our website, no Prophet ever fulfilled as many prophecies as this Mission and our teaching has fulfilled. Never, ever, have you had that many prophecies fulfilled.

And I did not go and dig them out either. Other people brought them to the Mission and said, Here. Here is another one.

As we heard in this wonderful lecture this morning, there are even more that we do not know about. It is just coming that more and more are added to these prophecies.

What does that mean? It means, OK, yes, this person came here and brought all these things that God said would come. He fulfilled the prophecies. Do I have any choice except to say, Yes, he is from God?

You do not. If you have a choice, your cup is full. I cannot get anything in. No matter how much I tell you, your cup is full. It is going to come right over the cup.

But if your cup is empty, if you are a real seeker you say, Well, let us check him out at least. Is he really saying something true or not?

If you check and you are the seeker, you will find the truth yourself. That is why everyone in the Mission found the truth themselves. We did not go after them.

We do not go to the street, snatch them, bring them to the Mission, close the doors and say, Now you cannot leave. Forget about your parents, and do not call them or anything. No.

Actually, we encourage you to help your parents, call them, explain it to them, and love them. Really, we want your parents, to come join us [laughter]. It is not a cult. It is not something that you are put away from everyone.

You are free. Absolutely free. It depends upon you how much you give to the Mission, how much you want to spend for the Mission, how much you see that you feel you have to give to this wonderful Mission.

Therefore, he became the Light.

So, in a sense Was he the Spirit? It was the Spirit of God.

It is the same problem as the question this morning. Someone asked, Christians believe that Christ was the Son of God, but Moslems do not believe it. How do we know that Christ was the Son of God?

Christ said, The Father and I are one. What does son mean? Son means in His image, doesnt it?

Adam was the son of God. He was in the image of God. He manifested God to humanity. Then Adam was split into two, male and female. And then he begot Seth.

Seth now was in the image of Adam. If you read the Bible, in the beginning God created man in His image. But later on, Seth was not in the image of God anymore. He was in the image of Adam because Adam was half of God then.

He was split into two, into the male and the female. Adams son was in his image, but Adam, which was both male and female, was in the image of God.

Now, what does that mean? Christ was in the image of God. He said, The Father and I are one. It means, I am manifesting Father to earth.

What did Prophet Muhammed say? He said, God said to Prophet Muhammed, listen to him. Whatever he says is my Word. Was not he also manifesting the Spirit of God on earth? He was doing the same thing that Christ did.

Christ said, The Father and I are one, whatever I say is His Word. And Prophet Muhammed said the same thing. Therefore, both of them were the Son of God in that aspect.

But Prophet Muhammed was objecting to what? He was objecting to the idea that God came and made a child through Mary. He was saying, There is not such a thing.

Now God, later in the Bible, says, Whoever overcometh is going to be My Son. Does that mean that God is going to make children with every woman whose sons are later going to be those who are going to overcome? See, that is the matter of semantics of the explanation of these things.

Again the Mission explains correctly that it was not a physical thing. It is a spiritual thing that Gods Spirit came through Christ, therefore, he was the Son of God. Gods Spirit came through Adam, therefore, he was the Son of God. Gods Spirit came to the darkness, therefore, the one who went through the Eternal Divine Path in the beginning was the Son of God. The Spirit of God came through Noah, therefore, Noah was the son of God.

Actually there were sons of God even in the sixth chapter of Genesis. There were more than one son. There were many sons, even in the beginning, even before Christ came.

So all of them, whoever comes and fulfills the prophecies, shows the Sprit of God, and comes through them to humanity, is a son of God. So we can see, yes, the Moslems called Christ a Prophet. That is true. A Prophet also has a message for humanity, and Christ had three messages. If you read THOTH, you are going to see that.

We can see that both of them were Prophets. And both of them were sons of God. And this problem of the discussion between Christians and Moslems going on for centuries is resolved right now. You can see the explanation. The truth is here again for them, and the Mission of Maitreya unifies them and explains it to them. Hopefully, they will listen and say, Oh yes, that makes sense. We were fighting for nothing all this time.

So, the Spirit of God came to the darkness but that is the Spirit. The Spirit cannot manifest himself to you because most of the people who have ego are not sensitive enough to know that the Spirit is here and comes through them. That is why He has to choose a being, an individual, that the Spirit comes through him. That Spirit and that individual are the same, as we have explained before, especially when he is connected and giving you Satsang and talking about the truth.

Other times he is just a man. That is why one time Christ said, The Father and I are one. Another time someone said, Good Rabbi, and Christ said, What is good about me? I am not good. The only thing good is God.

What happened? Two days ago you said, The Father and I are one, and now you are not good anymore? We can see that at the time he and the Father are one, the Spirit of God is upon him. At the other times, he is just a man.

That is another discussion that Christians have: Was he a man, or was he a god? Again, it is resolved here. He was both. He was a man that the Spirit of God was behind him. Therefore, he acted like a man sometimes, and he acted like a God sometimes.

So, we can see again that the Mission explains. Actually this Mission is mostly a Mission of explanation and unification. It has been explained. Every problem you have with religions will be explained in this Mission. If it was not explained, or you cannot find it, come here and ask.

OK, Lou, go ahead.

Lou: Esa said, What I do all men shall do and greater things than this shall he do. How can we do the same things that he did?

Maitreya: As I said, it is through the process of perfection. Christ was saying what? He was saying, Be perfect as your Father in heaven. So, the goal of the life is to be(come) perfect. But how can you become perfect?

Who is perfect? The Father is perfect, isnt He? God is perfect. He never does something that is not perfect. That is why it says that submission is when you let God come through you.

In that meditation, if you recognize that stillness between the two breaths and stay with it, you will be perfect because that stillness is perfect. So stay with it.

When you meditate, do not let that stillness go away. Carry it with you. Carry it to your work. Carry it to your conversation. Carry it to your thinking. Carry it to your life. If you carry that, it is perfect. It will let you become perfect, and you will do what Christ did.

Actually, as he said, You can do even greater things than I do if you become perfect. So in the goal of the life, how can you become perfect? If you made a mistake, how do you become perfect? By sitting there and blaming yourself, would you become perfect, or are you going to become depressed and make even more mistakes?

But if you say, OK, I made a mistake. What was the reason that I made a mistake? I did not let God come through. I was not in that oneness with God. Therefore, if I am not one with God, I lost it. That is why I made a mistake, because if I am one with God and He is perfect, therefore, I can do exactly as perfect a job as He does.

So, the goal is to become one with God and that is the path of submission: Let God come through you, and understand His Will.

What is His Will? Is His Will to become a Jew? Is His Will to become a Hindu? Is His Will to become a Moslem? Is His Will to become a Christian? Is His Will to become any of those religions that came before, in the past? No. His Will is now to be(come) a Divine. That is what the Eternal Divine Path is.

Now I know the Will of God. The Will of God is to be(come) Divine. The Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, I know what the Will of God is now.

Now I also know how to become one with Him within myself in my meditation. I have the whole Plan of God and the Will of God in my hands. I am free. I am ready to do the Will of God. I am ready to be perfect, therefore, I follow Gods Will.

But if you do not follow Gods Will, of course, you are not going to be able to be one with Him because you are going one way and He is going another, and your path will not be the same. You are going to different paths. When you go to different paths, would you be able to be together? No. You are going south. He is going north. It is just impossible for someone going to the south and someone going to the north to be together.

So understand His Will. What is His Will? His Will is revealed in the Scriptures. His Will is revealed in Revelation. His Will is revealed in the Words of God.

Where are the Words of God? The Words of God are in the Upanishads. They are in the Bhagavad-Gita. They are in the Old Testament. They are in the New Testament. They are in the Koran. They are in Babs Bayan. They are in the teachings of Ananda Marga. They are in THOTH.

Of course, if you understand our teaching, if you read The Holiest of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, then you can read any Scripture and see where it falls in Gods Plan. Then little by little you will see the Vision, you will see the Plan, you will see God, and you will become more and more perfect.

Of course, we do not expect everyone who walks into the Mission to be perfect. You are not. Probably you are going to make mistakes. But we say, Do not blame yourself. It is OK. Just learn from your mistakes and become more and more perfect.

As you make fewer mistakes, what do you become? Dont you become more and more perfect? And eventually, hopefully, one day you will say, Yes, God is really coming through and what I am doing is perfect the way it is.

Go ahead John.

John: Maitreya, we have a question here from the website, which says that Maitreya mentioned 2017, is that when everyone will accept the Message? That is the question from Cog.

Maitreya: OK, well, by 2017 probably the Mission is going to be on Its way. Many people will have heard about it. Many people will have joined it. Many people will have seen the Vision. And many Elects will be teaching it all over the world.

That is one thing we are looking for, we are looking for the support group that supports the Mission. We are looking for the teachers who will dedicate their lives to the teaching and go all over the world, travel, teach, preach these things and reach every corner of the world.

Of course, we are reaching already to every corner of the world with our website. There is no place in the world that cannot go to our website and find the truth there. But at the same time, we are in the process of creating the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

And the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. It is very simple. There is no dogma, nothing, in this Mission. It is a Path. You either follow it or you do not.

If you follow it, if you read our teaching, it clearly explains how God said He is going to do these things. And He did them. Therefore, God exists. It is very simple

Even if you are an intellectual, you do not have any feeling of God and you say, No. God does not exist, and all the problems of the earth are based on religion.

All the problems of the earth are not based on religion. All the problems of the earth are based on ego and dogmas. If you take those two out of humanity, you will not have any problems. God is unifying. God is not destructive.

Therefore, we are looking for all these things and now we are reaching with this room [our conference room via the Internet) to many people who come to it and hear it, go to the website, and understand it. Eventually, as many other people have done, they are going to come and say, Yes. I want to help. I have had this vision all my life, that I am going to help the teaching of God and Christ. God told me that, Yes, you will be one of the people who will do that. You are very good in teaching, you understand the teaching very well, and you can spread it beautifully. Then we say, Beautiful. Here is your robe. Go ahead and become a teacher. Then you will become a teacher and dedicate your life to this.

By the year 2017, hopefully, we will have reached enough people that this Mission is going to be on Its way and no one will be able to stop it. No one can stop it even now, but even then it will be unstoppable.

One person, I remember, was telling me, But this Mission is so big. How are you going to make it move?

I said, Yes, it is very hard to move. But when it starts to move, nothing can stand in front of it. It is just like a bulldozer. It is going to be huge. It is just going to bulldoze everything over and just go on and on.

So, the answer to your question is that by the year 2017, many people will see the Vision. Hopefully by then we will have gone through the tribulation and everyone will realize that this is the truth.

The funny thing about the wars is that after a while everyone forgets why they started the war in the first place, and they say, I do not even remember why I came here to fight. They realize it is not a good idea.

It is just like the WWI. They created that court in Europe, the League of Nations. In WWII, they created the United Nations. They made it a little bigger. Hopefully at the end of WWIII, they will say, OK, let us create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They were not ready so far, and they are not now.

So, by the year 2017 the Mission is going to be in a place that many people will know the truth in It.

Go ahead Lou.

Lou: Yes. I am referring to Creation and History. In Tablet 2, verse 19, you say that, The creation of man in this present state started 12,000 years ago (after the symbolic events of the flood of Noah) and was completed around six thousand years ago.

Now, what was man like before that creation 12,000 years ago?

Maitreya: Very good question, Lou. Actually, if you read the Bible, it talks about that God put the coats of skins on them. So, the human did not really have any skin before that. It was more spirit. It was more psychic. It was more consciousness than to have a body.

That is why God put a coat of skin on them. It means He gave them flesh, He gave them bodies. Before that, they did not have that.

Actually, the human used to be more spirit than physical body. The spiritual world was more real to them than the physical world was. The physical world was something that they had very little awareness of because there was so little of it there.

Then, of course, every time man fell, they became more and more flesh until they started misusing the psychic powers they had. It is just like the ones we have here. You pay $2 a minute and someone reads your psychic future to see what kind of partner you are going to find.

Actually, they were able to extract life and prolong their lives much longer. Why did they live for 900 years, 800 years? They were able to prolong their lives because they knew how to heal themselves much better then.

But we can see that in the Bible, God gave them skin. They fell more and more until the flood of Noah. In the flood of Noah, God had enough of them. He just said, The man is wicked. I do not want to have anything to do with them. What am I going to do now? I am going to take all the psychic powers away from them and actually close the third eye of the humans, and He gave them two eyes.

Have you ever heard about the cyclops? Those stories and legends have a truth behind them. Humans did not have two eyes. Humans only had the third eye, which could see. And usually when they talk about the cyclops they talk about, He had some psychic power. So there is some truth in what they say.

So, the third eye was closed and became the pineal gland in the human, and it was divided into the two eyes that we have. What do we see? Do we see a spiritual world anymore? No, we do not see anymore. We just see the physical world. Why? It is because we have only two physical eyes. We do not have any spiritual eyes. It had been closed. It was twelve thousand years ago.

Again, if you read THOTH, read the book Holiest. In Holiest it explains it in more detail than Creation and History. If you read the book Holiest, it explains exactly how humans fell again and again and again until 12,000 years ago when the human that we know now was created.

Of course, it took around 6,000 years to complete that process. That is why we have a history of 6,000 years. Of course, now through archeology they have found that there have been humans living 9,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago. Then that is when the agriculture started, the human started becoming more connected to the land, and all of that.

So, we can see that before that, 12,000 years ago, there was not much culture or history they can find, especially in Europe, Asia and Africa. So we can see that, that is when the human we know was created.

Now God has complete control over us. If you are not spiritual, your third eye is not going to be open. If your third eye is open and you misuse it, you will create bad karma, and it is going to be closed later again in this life or the life to come.

That is why we say that the human was created 12,000 years ago. We are not talking about the human in general but we are talking about the human as we know it with two physical eyes.

Does that make sense, Lou?

Lou: Yes. That makes perfect sense. One more question, is that OK?

Maitreya: Yes, go ahead Lou. Sure, that is OK.

Lou: In Genesis 49:10 where He says about, The scepter shall not depart from Judah,until Shiloh comes. I am wondering, those learned individuals who read the Scriptures, how come they did not see that one?

Maitreya: That is another good question, Lou. Sure. Well, because God did not want them to see, because He kept it a mystery up to this point.

Another explanation is that a lot of those learned people are very narrow. They look at the Bible and their teaching of God in one point of view that they want to see. They look at it in a Jewish way of thinking. They look at it in a Christian way of looking at it. They look at it in a Moslem way of looking at it.

So, they are looking at one religion, one specific explanation, that they want to see there. And also, God would not let them know because if they knew it, they would have realized that not only would the Messiah come, but He also was going to take the Kingdom from them and give it to another nation. They did not want to see that. So that narrowness of the mind then comes in. The ego comes in. The explanation is not going to be revealed to them.

Also, He said that the truth will not be revealed to humanity until the 7th angel comes. That means he is not going to reveal those nitty-gritty and wonderful teachings that He has kept to come in this time, to those who are not prepared or called for it. That is why we see they did not see it, they would not see it, and they will not see it. And now it is revealed to you.

Actually, the people in the Mission know about all those religions much more, 100 times more, than even the scholars in those religions know, by reading and understanding THOTH. And that is one of them.

That is revealed now for the people whose eyes are open. If your eyes are not opened, still you will not see. That is interesting that some people even saw that Scripture and that explanation, yet they would not accept it. They would hear our explanation and they would not accept it because their eyes are not opened. It is not for them, unfortunately.

But if your eyes are opened, if your heart is opened, if you are called, you will see it right away and you will say, That makes sense. That makes a lot of sense.

Maitreya: All right we will end the Satsang here. I wish all of you a good week. If you know anyone who is interested in our teaching also, and is a Divine, an Elect, please bring them with you and let them know that God has sent a new Revelation to humanity. And we are waiting for the Elects.


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