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Maitreya: Good morning everyone. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya welcoming everyone to our room today. This is our church. We appreciate your respect for it. Just imagine you are going to another church, or another synagogue, or the mosque, or the temple, and treat the room as if you are in one of those places.

We would appreciate that if you have a question, please raise your hand. The topic is the Mission of Maitreya.

We know about all the religions of the world, we have studied them, and we have come to the conclusion that this Revelation unifies all of them. We ask that you please do not preach to us.

You are welcome to ask any question about the Mission. Relate your faith to the Mission, and ask how this relates.

This is a call for unification to all the men, women, and children of the world. It is a revelation that God has promised will come to humanity, and now it is here for everyone to read, to study, to test the Spirit, and to come to the conclusion that, Is it from God or is it not?

If you conclude that it is from God, then take it, love it, understand it, study it, and tell everyone else that the last Revelation of God has come to humanity, and let all of humanity come together and bring the peace, unity, and kingdom on earth.

The Mission of Maitreya is based on The Greatest Sign. If you go to the first page in our website, the first thing you will see is The Greatest Sign.

In our website, you will see that a dot starts the very beginning. That dot is the beginning of the creation. Before that, that blue background is just like the universe before creation, infinite consciousness when nothing was present. Then, of course, the universe had the potential to create and to be created.

That dot is the beginning of what scientists call the big bang. That started the creation.

Then as you see, the creation started spinning as the I-Ching sign and then exploding as the sign of the Mission or the HOSH sign, or Lotustica. Then, of course, after God came to being as the manifested universe, there was chaos. That is where in the Bible we read that there was darkness, the Spirit of God moved, created the universe, and all of that.

The creation was in a chaotic state so God decided to bring the creation more under control and help them to reach Godhood, back to God. That is when, in the Bible, we see that the Spirit of God moved over the waters.

Therefore, He sent His Spirit into the earth. That is when we can see that the triangle downward means the Spirit of God comes to man, to the consciousness. Then the I-Ching comes, at the very bottom, and that is the awakening of your spiritual forces. So, the Spirit of God went through studying the chaos and realized that they have to awaken their spiritual forces, like meditation, prayer, contemplation, and whatever helps you to calm your mind.

Then after that, he realized that a proper environment is necessary to reach higher consciousness. That he called the Communities of Light. That is the second sign, which comes after the I-Ching. And that is, of course, very familiar to everyone. That is the sign of the Hebrews, or the Old Testament.

Then, of course, he realized that to create such a community, sacrifice is necessary. So he understood that he had to work very hard and sacrifice for the Communities of Light. In that you can see, the teaching of Christ, or sacrifice. Christ went to the cross for humanity.

Then the fourth one is surrendering and being submissive. He realized that he had to surrender and submit himself to the Will of God and become a channel for Him. That is, of course, Islam.

He also realized that he had to become a universalist. That is the Bahai teaching.

He became an Elect, the Sixth Seal. He realized that God is everything and unifies, and that all of them have come from Him.

Go ahead, Stars.

Stars: Thank you, Joseph. Thank you. I am beginning to understand that you believe that Islam and Allah is the only way? Is that true? Is that correct, please?

Maitreya: No, Stars. We believe that all the religions are equal. They have all come from the same God. We believe Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, the Saints in Christianity, and Sufism all are the Mystical Paths. They are the paths that teach you to awaken your spiritual forces, to know thyself to know God, Be still and know that I am God, and all those things are the Mystical Paths.

The next step after awakening our spiritual forces is to direct that toward the creation of the communities. If you read the Old Testament, the whole theme is that God wants to choose a people for Himself to accept Him as God, to follow His Laws, and they were the Children of Israel. Such communities cannot be created but through the sacrifice of the members.

That was the symbol that Christ put for humanity. Christ went to the cross for his ideal. Therefore, in any community if everyone says, What is in it for me? What is in it for me, only? that community will not become a Community of Light but it will become very selfish, self-centered, egoistical, and the separation will start between the individuals. The individuals of that community will not create the Communities of Light. Therefore, sacrifice is necessary.

But, even after sacrifice, you might become attached to the results of your actions. You become either depressed, or you become egoistical. Therefore, the next step is to surrender the results to God. Even greater than that is submission, or to let God come through you. That is Islam.

With these four steps, you might become narrow minded. You might think, Oh, I am just going to help these people, or, I am just going to help my religion, or I am just going to help my community, I am just going to help my nation, or even earth. So, the next step is universalism. And universalism is Bahai.

We can see there are the Mystical Paths, this covers all the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the other Mystical Paths. Then there is the Old Testament (or the Children of Israel), Christianity, Islam, and Bahai. None of them is greater than the other.

OK Friend, go ahead and ask your question.

Friend: Hello everyone. Thank you very much for the invitation, my friend. My question is, who is Jesus the Christ? And also, in end times there will be so many false prophets. How do we identify them?

Maitreya: Two very good questions: Who was Christ? We do not call him Jesus because there is no j in Hebrew. And really his earthly name was Esa. Most of the Eastern countries use that as his earthly name.

His spiritual name, some people say is Ywehshua. But really his true name, like the name Yweh (they called God Yweh), cannot be pronounced in the manifested world. That is why the Hebrews were forbidden to utter the name of God because the true name of God is within you and cannot be pronounced at all.

So I call him Christ, which relates to the same thing that you call Jesus. But Christ did come. He was prophesied to come. If you go to the book of Genesis, I think it is verse 49 or 50, when Israel was distributing his inheritance to his children, he gave the kingdom to Judah. He said that the Shiloh will come from him, and he will gather the people. Shiloh was the Messiah, was the Christ. He came to gather the people of Israel. If you read THOTH, it is explained exactly how it is.

Also, in Genesis when God gave the promises to Abram, the son of Abram was Ishmael and the children of Ishmael, of course, are Arabs. Then God changed the name of Abram to Abraham, which means the father of many nations (Abram means the father of one nation, Abraham means the father of many nations). Then He promised Abraham through the son Isaac that he will also have a kingly personality come from him. So, both Ishmael or the child of Abram, and Isaac the child of Abraham, were promised a kingly personality or a Prophet from God. And that is exactly what happened.

Christ came as the Messiah, or the Prophet, from the Children of Israel. And actually, he was from the tribe of Judah, as the tribe of Judah were supposed to be the kings, and they were, all through Hebrew history. Therefore, he came from the tribe of Judah as the Messiah. He fulfilled that. And Prophet Muhammad came from the Ishmaelites, and he also fulfilled the promises given to Abram.

Christ came with three missions: First, he came to release The Grace that was taken away from humanity at the time of the Garden of Eden. He also came to gather the people together, who were the children of the House of Israel, the northern kingdom who came to the West. And the third was to set an example as the sacrifice for that part of the Eternal Divine Path.

About the false prophets, that is true. In this time, how many Maitreyas are there? Just image how many Maitreyas we have out there claiming to be Maitreya. Also there are many who believe that they are Christ, and they have come in the name of God.

But God is very thorough in whatever He does. When He wants to send a Message, He prophesies for a long time before He sends His Prophet and His Messenger to humanity. That is why anyone who claims to be Christ, anyone who claims to be Maitreya, anyone who claims to be from God, ask them, What prophecies have you fulfilled? Is your word based on the Scriptures and the Word of God?

If these two requirements are not met, run away. Even if I say something that is not based on the Word of God, do not believe and accept. That is because if it is not the Word of God, then I am a false prophet. But if you read THOTH and study our teachings, you will see that all prophecies are fulfilled and our word is based on Gods Scriptures.

Makam, go ahead.

Makam: Is there anyone on earth who can fully understand the Koran? Thank you very much.

Maitreya: Yes, Makam. The Koran had been written down after Prophet Muhammad was deceased. He recited it to his disciples, and there were people who learned it by heart. They relied on those people for a long time.

Eventually, in a war that they had, many of those who could recite this, were killed. That is when the leadership of the Moslems realized that if they did not gather it together, it might be completely lost.

There were two versions. There were two people who claimed that they gathered that together, and they came up with two versions of the Koran. There was a great upheaval within the Moslem communities about which version was correct. Eventually, the leaders decided to take one of them as the official Koran.

So there has never been, in the last 6,000 years of human history, that a Prophet came, received the Revelation, wrote it down, put it in a book form, and put it on the Internet [laughing]. So there is no Revelation before this one that was completely revealed to humanity the way it is now.

Even in the Bahai teaching, although many of them were written down, Bahaullah himself instructed his clerk not to publish many of his writings and threw them in the river because he did not think that humanity was ready for them.

So you can see that even the Koran is not completely, you can say, written by Prophet Muhammad and it is all there. But there are parts, if you read THOTH, that have been explained. If still you have a question, you can read that part of the Holiest Of The Holies. If you have a question, come and you are welcome to ask about it.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: Thank you very much, Maitreya. If people gave two different versions, like you said there were two different Korans, which I only know of one, then it means that there is a difference of opinion somewhere. How can we separate what is opinion and what is not from Allah, or from God?

Maitreya: Well, as I said, all the religions before this Revelation culminated or came together, or supported each other, or made each perfect in each successive Revelation, until this one. With this one, if you read THOTH and you understand THOTH, you will understand the Koran better. I am not saying you are going to understand everything in the Koran, but you will become a better Moslem than ever any Moslem was.

If you read THOTH, you will become a better Jew than any Jewish person. We have Jewish people in the Mission. We have Christian people in the Mission. After they read THOTH and they understood my teaching, they became even better Christians, or even better Jews. They realize, Oh yes, that is what God said, and that is what God did, that is what God meant, that is how it is, and that is how God meant eventually all the Revelations come together as the Seven Seals. They will be opened. The book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. And when that book is opened, the mystery of God is finished.

See, God is a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes, until the Seventh Revelation comes. Now the Seventh Revelation is here. Now you want to go and read the Koran and try to understand it, when if you read THOTH you will be able to understand the Koran in a much better and deeper level.

So that is true, none of the religions, none of the Revelations before this Revelation was perfect. They were a part of the greater truth.

Even in the Koran, it says that Prophet Muhammad is revealing only a part of the Tablet, not the whole thing. So it means there is going to be more to come. All right?

So I recommend you read THOTH first, and then go to the Koran and read it again to see if you understand it much better than before. Then if still you have any questions about a specific part of the Koran, I would be glad to talk to you, discuss it with you, and come to a meaning that makes sense to everyone.

But, understand that none of the Scriptures before this one is completely perfect. They have been influenced with the human thought and opinion. If you want to know which one is opinion and which is not, measure it against the The Holiest Of The Holies, (THOTH) to see. If it is in the Holiest, then it is not opinion. If it is not, it might be an opinion.

Go ahead, Friend.

Friend: A question to let them understand and see their own blindness so they may search for the light. So, the question is, what is the meaning of S-L-M?

Maitreya: It is a two-part question. The first part, of course, is that we believe also that every person has to go to our teaching, to read it, to understand it in a deeper level, to come here and discuss it with us, and eventually see the light themselves. There is no compulsion in going to God and accepting a religion. Therefore, you are completely free to go and study it. It is free. It is given to humanity absolutely free on the website. You can have access to THOTH and our teaching with no obligation. We believe what you say is to be the truth.

About those words in the Koran, they are a part of The Holiest Name that has not been on earth for at least 2,000 years, or 1,400 years according to any religion that you are affiliated with. And The Holy Name is the true Name of God that I said could not be pronounced in the human language. The moment you do that, you will lose the power, the energy, and the truth of it. That is the part that the Mission of Maitreya reveals to those who will come to the Mission and say, Yes, you are right. That is truth, and we believe in what you say. You have the word of God. We examined, we tested, we read THOTH, we understood what you said, we tested your Spirit, and now we are ready to become a part of this Mission, dedicate our lives to it, and work for it completely. That is when you will be initiated to that Holy Name.

So, that is a part of the Name of God that is revealed to humanity. Moslems have been trying to find and realize what it meant until now.

Lou, go ahead.

Lou346: In Essays, about the control of the lower self, you said that men should be in control over the spiritual senses by raising the spiritual consciousness to the higher self. I just wondered, what does one have to do to raise ones consciousness to the higher self?

Maitreya: The question is about Essays in THOTH. It talks about raising the lower nature to the higher nature. That is not the only time in THOTH that you will see this. Many places in THOTH relate to the awakening of your spiritual forces and raising your consciousness from the lower nature to your higher self.

Of course, that teaching goes to the Mystical Paths. All the Mystical Paths recommend to you some kind of meditation.

Some people meditate and close their eyes. Some people sit in the lotus pose. Some people sit on a chair. Some people go to the mountains. Some people go to the river or a brook, to a very peaceful place to meditate.

Really, it means to find or worship God in your spirit. As Christ said to the woman at the well, There will be a day when you will worship God in your spirit instead of going to Jerusalem or worshipping in the mountains. You do not have to do either one.

So, we can see that awakening your spiritual forces or raising your lower consciousness to the higher self is the process of meditation and awakening of what the Indian philosophy calls the kundalini. That kundalini means the latent spiritual force that they compare to a serpent. And the serpent is lying down.

As the Bible also says, Be wise as serpents. That is exactly where it is. It is the awakening of your kundalini inside.

But, until now, the Mystical Paths were saying that the goal of your life is to awaken your spiritual forces, go to God, become a drop, fall into the ocean, and you become one. Any of those will teach that.

But we say, No. After you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct your energy and your understanding toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the Second Seal. Then you sacrifice for the Communities of Light. In sacrificing and being in the community, your spiritual progress will accelerate because there are many other people out there helping you. You are in the community, you are safe, your physiological and safety needs will be taken care of, therefore, you have time to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces.

Then by sacrificing, you will not be self-centered. You will become other people centered. These are all the path of awakening your spiritual forces.

Then you realize that it is not really you who is doing the work. It is God doing it through you. That is the highest spiritual realization, when you realize that you are just a channel for God to do His Will, to create the Communities of Light, to sacrifice, and you are not the doer. That also makes you let God come through, therefore, you are not attached to the result. Your ego will vanish more and more, and God will be more and more in you.

What happens with the awakening of your spiritual forces? You become more Godly, dont you? You become in His image. You become a universalist. The fifth step is to become a universalist. And when you become a universalist, you destroy every narrowness of the mind. You do not look at the people as their religions, as their nationality, or as their gender, but you look at them as Children of God.

Therefore, the whole universe becomes your home. God becomes your Father and your Mother, and all that narrowness of the mind will be destroyed.

In the Eternal Divine Path, the first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces. That is meditation, concentration, chanting, dancing, and all those things that have been given to you. The rest of it is following the Eternal Divine Path.

That is why in the Mission we say that we do not have any dogma. We have a Path. Either you follow It, or you do not. If you follow It, you raise your spiritual forces. You awaken your spiritual consciousness, and you are following Gods Way. If you do not follow that Path, it does not matter how much dogma you have, it is not going to help you.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: Thank you very much. Now I am a Muslim and when you said something earlier on about Islam, I am obviously very interested.

Ultimately I am a truth seeker. And to me all Muslims are truth seekers because Islam invites truth, or it represents truth. It invites research, if you like. And that is what I have been doing.

So when you said that some of the things in the Koran have been tampered with or are not from Muhammad, Peace be upon him, which things were you actually referring to? Because if man has interfered with perfection, then shouldnt it be very obvious?

Maitreya: Well, that is the real question that you have to find out, Makam. Is Islam perfect? Is it the last Word of God? When Prophet Muhammad said that he was only revealing to you a part of the Eternal Tablet, how can that be perfect?

The Prophet himself is telling you, I did not give you everything that God is supposed to give you. Wait, you have to wait for another Revelation to come, which is going to be perfect. Then you will have the perfection.

So that is the question you have to ask, exactly. If you are a real Moslem, if you are a real Jew, if you are a real Christian, if you are a real Hindu or Buddhist, you are a searcher. If you have been born a Christian, you stay Christian, and you accept what the preacher says. If you are a Jew, you stay a Jew, and believe whatever your Rabbi says. If you are a Moslem, you stay a Moslem, and believe whatever your Mullah says, etc., you are not a searcher. That is why we are telling everyone, come and search again. Go to our website. Prove for yourself that the Spirit of God has sent perfection now.

We do not say we have a part of the Tablet. We say we have the whole Tablet. It is exactly what God said was going to happen when the Seventh Angel comes. He only, and only He, will bring all the Revelation and perfection to humanity.

Before that, there is no perfection. Each of them is a part of a greater truth. Each of them has a part of the elephant, but they do not have the whole elephant until the Seventh Angel comes.

So, the dispute here should be, is Islam perfect? And that is not the Word of God, because the Word of God says it is not. Even if the whole Koran was not tampered with and is the Word of God, and was the whole revelation that Prophet Muhammad brought, which Prophet Muhammad brought much more than that, still it is not perfect

He preached for thirteen years almost every day in the Masjid. If you preach for thirteen years it is going to be a huge book. It is not going to be just the size of the Koran that we have now.

So, we can see that if you really are a truth seeker, then ask these questions. Go ahead and search about a deeper level.

Also, read THOTH. Read our website. Read our teachings, and then come to the conclusion that, Yes, the Perfection will come later.

Go ahead, Moondog.

Moondog: Thank you. I have heard it said that Maitreya and his followers are supporters of a new world order. I was wondering is this the same new world order that George Bush and the ten nation coalition are implementing? Or, is it the same as the new world order that the Arabs are re-instigating in the Old Babylon? Or, is it something else completely different from those two?

Maitreya: Well, we are neither Arabs, nor from any government, nor from any present religion on earth. We are a new Revelation.

If you go and read on our website, you will see that all the prophecies are fulfilled. All the things that have to end, the Kali Yuga, is finished. The dispensation of Buddha is finished. The time of Prophet Muhammads dispensation, and Babs, and Bahaullahs, all of them are finished.

It is the Revelation that has been foretold to come for centuries and thousands of years. The culmination of all of Gods Revelation to this point has come to humanity.

We are not connected or affiliated with anything on earth. The Mission is from God. We are calling the Elects to come, to see, to join, and to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We are not propagating a new order, but we are propagating Gods Kingdom on earth. And when the Kingdom comes, as in the book of Daniel, the stone will come and hit the statues, the statues will be destroyed, and they will be no more.

So, the worldly kingdoms and systems are not going to work. The only system that will bring peace to humanity and goodwill to man is the system of God. That system of God is now on earth and we are inviting everyone to go to our website, to read about it, to understand it and come and ask questions.

When many people have seen what it is, we all can come together and help to bring it about.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: Maitreya, the Koran says that it is going to take us all the way to judgment day. And so it is going to be the last religion on earth that is going to take us all the way to judgment day.

So tell me, what has the Koran missed out? What is there to come, which is not already in the Koran? Thank you, that is my question.

Maitreya: It is the judgment day today. We are in it at this time, at this moment. The tribulation is here. The last Revelation has come. Humanity is in the judgment day.

They have been judged. All the earth and all the nations have been judged. All humanity has been judged. Of course, like everyone else in every religion, probably the Moslems have their own idea of what the judgment day is. But, this is the judgment day, humanity is judged and will be judged.

So, in that sense, the Koran was correct, it was in effect, it was viable, it was acceptable to this time, in this period. Now it is time for judgment. Therefore, its dispensation is finished.

What has the Koran not covered? It did not open the Seventh Seal. It did not reveal the Eternal Divine Path. It did not bring The Greatest Sign. It did not fulfill all the prophecies that have been given for the coming of the last revelation of God.

Therefore, we can see that although Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all the other religions are great revelations to humanity, they are still a part of God, which is greater than all of them. So, we can see that with all that we have to pause and say, OK, then, these are the last days. This is the time of the judgment.

They already have been judged. That is why there is so much tribulation and upheaval on earth, because those who have been judged will be receiving their correct judgment.

Go ahead, John Cohen.

John Cohen: How are we to take as credible other things that are said on your website when at least in that one instance, and others, there are so many factual errors? Secondly, how is what you are teaching, which is absolutely commendable, different from others who have taught exactly the same things?

Maitreya: First of all, let us be aware of the fault-finder. They do not look for the truth but they want to find faults in what is the truth.

Second, what you mention in THOTH, and our website is mentioned very little. It is talking about only one time that the high priest goes to the inner sanctuary and utters the name of God alone. That is what is referred to. Only once a year, he is the only person who goes inside and utters the name of God. And that is accurate because it is in the Bible. Look at it. It is in the Old Testament. That is the only time he goes to the Holiest of the Holies.

So that is accurate. It is not inaccurate. Therefore, you can be assured everything else in THOTH is accurate and based on the Scriptures. There is no untruth in it.

Second, about what is different about what I claim and Meyer Baba, Ananda Murti, Sai Baba, all those? They have not fulfilled the prophecies. They did not open the book sealed with the Seven Seals. They did not bring The Greatest Sign. They did not reveal the Eternal Divine Path. All of those, they have not done.

So it sounds like you are more inaccurate in your assumption than THOTH being accurate about going into the Holies of the Holies. You have not really studied the website. You do not know about our teaching. And you say it is the same thing, it is absolutely amazing that you say that our teaching is the same as the message of Meher Baba, or anyone else on earth.

Such a Revelation has never been on earth before. We have never had such a thing for the last 12,000 years. And now you are telling me that they are the same thing? They are not.

And the accuracy in THOTH is amazing, how accurate it is. I challenge that assumption of the inaccuracy that the high priest went in the Holiest of the Holies, and he uttered the name of God once a year. I encourage everyone to go to the Bible and find that part where it talks about when the High Priest goes to the inner sanctuary or the Holiest of the Holies and utters the word of God only once a year.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: In THOTH, when you explain St. John, you said that Christ never approved of earthly wine. In the last supper, did he use the earthly wine with the bread?

Maitreya: No, he did not. He never approved of the wine. It was the same kind of wine that he gave in the marriage ceremony. It was the water that he made into blessed water. They drank of it, and they were blissful. They looked drunk but they really had not been drinking earthly wine.

The drinks like wine, or the drinks that many people drink have some benefit but the side effects and the bad part of them is greater then the small benefit it brings to humanity. So, we discourage drinking and becoming drunk, especially if you become addicted.

Any drug, anything that lifts you up artificially, is using some energy from some part of your body that is supposed to come to you in a very gradual way. But, when you stimulate it and it comes suddenly, you feel uplifted but later you will be dropped and you will feel even worse.

That is why we see that the people who drink, the next day they have a hang-over. Why? It is because the body was not supposed to use that much energy. The next day your body feels, Oh, you used all the reserve energy I had, now I have to make the reserve energy back to you.

So it is not recommended to stimulate the body artificially but through meditation, through awakening your spiritual forces, through yoga, through concentration, through being in a environment that is not ungodly, being in the Communities of Light, which bring you greater Godly energy.

So that wine really was not earthly wine but was blessed water.

Go ahead, John Cohen.

John Cohen: I am sorry. I must not have made my question clear to you. I did not say anything about the Cohen entering once a year in the Hashem on the Koresh. I said that on your website it says that he entered once a year and no other time at all. And, he entered once a year to make a blood sacrifice inside the Holies of Holies.

That is wrong. He entered more than once a year, and never was a blood sacrifice made inside the Holy of Holies. I happen to know that he went once a year to say Yo tay vo tay. I am a Cohen. I am a direct descendent myself of Aaron. I do that myself. So I think you need to be told about this.

What I do need to tell you, is that never, ever was a blood sacrifice made inside the Holy of Holies by the Cohen or anyone else, as your website says. Your website says that. Now if it says that, which is grossly inaccurate, how are we to believe other things that are being said? How are we to know that they are not equally as wrong?

Maitreya: You have to send me that part where it says that. Is it my word? Is it a disciples word? What part of the website says this? Because the only place that I mention that the High Priest goes to the Holy of Holies in our website, in THOTH, in my teaching, is when he goes to utter the name of God once a year. There was nothing about the bloodshed or blood sacrifice.

I do not know where you got it from. You can send us an e-mail and tell us where it is in the website, or you can come in and say where it is in the website. I have to know exactly what you are talking about because it does make sense at all, because I do not say such things as you are saying.

Therefore, you can send your answer to us, and we will look at it to see what you are talking about, because that is inaccurate. That is not correct.

You are correct if there is such a thing in our website. It is probably not my word, or it is not from me, or it is incorrect.

So, go ahead, Friend.

John: Sal-OM, Maitreya. I am sorry to jump in. It is off of something that I wrote on my part of the website. So, it is my mistake. It is not in THOTH. I just wanted to clear that up. If they would like to send us the correction, I would be glad to make that change. I do make mistakes. So, that is my fault.

Friend: If you meet someone very ignorant and not wise because he is claiming that he is Jesus, or a man of God, in truth. As you would appreciate those men of God listen, they would have wisdom besides the love and all that is good, that comes from the goodness. And for the questions sake, let us assume you saw that man claiming so much things. As I said, he is not wise, and also he is ignorant. What would you tell him? And how would you approach him, please?

Maitreya: Well, I do not know why such a question. But if he is ignorant and he is claiming to be Jesus, I would leave him alone. I would not do anything with him, because he is not from God. Whatever is not from God is not going to manifest. He probably, has a lesson to learn and no matter what I say, he already thinks he is Christ. What can get in? His cup is full. If the cup is full, what can you put in it? Nothing, it is just going to go over and nothing will stay in.

So, I would leave him in his ignorance. If he ever eventually changed his mind, came to me, and asked, Maitreya, I am sorry, I was ignorant. I did not know better. Now what can I do, what should I do?

Then I would tell him, Go read THOTH, and see how the prophecies are fulfilled.

You cannot claim to be Christ if you do not have the prophecies, the word of God, and the backing of the Spirit. You will fail. No Prophet will come and claim something that has not the backing of God. If he does not have the backing of God, it is empty. It is empty words, empty belief.

If you cannot prove to yourself that what we say here is truth, that we have the word of God, and that what we claim is the truth, then it is your problem, it is not ours. Ours is just to give the Message. Yours is to prove the Message is correct. So, I have nothing to do with that ignorant person.

And what is claimed here is not from ignorance either. So, it is something that you have to prove to yourself.

I would probably like to spend my time for better things, for those who are ready, those who have been called, and those who are not ignorant to see the truth that has come through this vessel.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Yes, back to the wine. When Esa said, Do this in remembrance of me, so should we use water instead of wine? This is my question.

Maitreya: You do not have to use either. The time of bread and wine, and eating of my flesh, is no longer. Understand the meaning of it, though. If you understand the meaning of it, you do not need it any more.

Those rituals in the past are all fulfilled. Now is the time for the new rituals of doing The Reminder, the Kirtan, and all the things that the Mission has given you.

But, the meaning of what Christ said, Eat of this bread that is my body, drink of this blessed water, this is my blood, means, I Am everything. It means that God is everything. When we eat the bread, remember God. When you drink, remember God. When you eat, remember God.

So, you do not have to go to the church. You do not have to go to any place to receive the bread of life, or the body of Christ. But, whenever you eat, that is God. That is a part of God. It belongs to God. It is a part of God.

So all in your life, everything you do, is a remembrance of God. You never forget God. When you move, the movement is God. When you eat, it is God. When you breathe, it is God.

So you live, you breathe, you sleep, you eat, you walk, and you talk God. That is the meaning of, Eat of this, this is my body. And drink of this, that is my blood.

So, the whole idea behind that ritual is, Remember God all the time. As Prophet Muhammad said also in the Koran, Remember me sleeping, walking, talking, and always. So, if you remember the meaning of that ritual, you do not need to do the ritual.

Rituals have a reason behind them. If you understand the reason behind them, then you either do them from the knowledge, or you understand them and you do not need them any more.

All right. If there are no more questions, for one more time I will explain The Greatest Sign to everyone because everyone should hear this Revelation at least once. At least they should know how the religions of the world are unified.

If you go to our website, the first page you come to will show a sign that is animated. It is blue in the beginning, and then there is a dot. That is the beginning of the creation. The creation begins when it becomes the Lotustica, or the dot expands itself to the I-Ching and then to the lotus. That is the creation.

As the Bible said, There was darkness and confusion. The Spirit of God moved in the darkness, went through the Eternal Divine Path and became the First Begotten Son of God.

That is when you see that the triangle downward appears. That triangle downward is the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God reaches to the darkness and wants to help humanity to reach Pure Consciousness or Godhood.

Actually, that is exactly what the Christians say, God came to earth as Christ and brought the revelation of Christ to humanity. God manifested Himself to that darkness and went through the Eternal Divine Path.

He awakened his spiritual forces. The I-Ching, below, when it comes up, you see it is horizontal. That means that the spirit has not been awakened.

Then he realized that an environment is necessary to create greater people and guide them to the Godhead. That is the Second Seal. It comes up as the Hebrew sign, or the Sign of Solomon, or the Star of David.

The third one, to create such communities, he realized that sacrifice is necessary, the Third Seal. The Third Seal is Christianity, which is the symbol of sacrifice.

Then he realized that surrendering and submission is important, and it will free you from egoistical feelings and also depression. So, he realized to surrender the result to God. Also, he eventually realized that greater than surrendering is submission. It means that God does things through you, and you become a vessel for Gods Will.

Also he realized up to this point, you can become narrow. You can say, No, only the Mystical Paths is the way, or, Only the Old Testament is true. Nothing else is true. Or, The New Testament is the only way. Or, The Koran, surrendering and submission, is the last word of God. But God says, No, there is more to it.

That is why universalism came in the teaching of Bahai, Bab and Bahaullah. And that basically says that all the religions are the same.

Of course, with this Seventh Revelation, we see that they are not all the same but that each of them has a specific truth. When you put them all together, you realize that God is the whole truth and has sent all these religions.

So if you go through the first five steps: Awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and becoming a universalist, you will become an Elect, the Sixth Seal, which is very similar to the Second seal, or the Seal of Solomon.

Actually, you see that there are three seals of Solomon. One forms in the center, one is on the right, and one is on the left. The one in the center is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven. It is already established. God is in the center. The Lotustica in the center is the symbol for God. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven is already established.

The kingdom on the right hand is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is based on the Communities of Light. The one on the left hand is the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. When you go through the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path, the Kingdom Of Heaven Within will be established.

Such people, who have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, are called the Elects in every religion and revelation of God. These are the people we are looking for, we are calling, we are waiting to come, to gather together, to help and direct humanity to the next step of human evolution, which is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

This unification comes with the Seventh Seal, which is when the I-Ching forms to the Lotustica, which is in the image of God. As God said in the Bible, man is in His image.

When the Spirit of God went through this Path, he became the First Begotten Son of God. Now you can see a triangle upward forms. The First Begotten Son is at the top of that triangle. That is the triangle upward and is the hierarchy in heaven, the sons of God and the Children of God. They will bring humanity to the understanding of the unity of all religions and that God is One. We are all His children.

No religion is greater than the others. Each of them has a part of the truth. And, every man and woman has to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

They have to awaken their spiritual forces. They have to work toward the creation of the Communities of Light. In order to create the Communities of Light, they have to sacrifice. They have to surrender and submit to God and become universalists.

That is the Path to salvation to God, and that is the Path that every great being has gone through.

Therefore, this is the base of our teaching. It reveals a Path. It unifies all the religions of the world. It is based on Gods Revelations and the Word. It fulfills the prophecies. It is the opening of the book sealed with the Seven Seals.

And now it is up to you, each of you, to go and find the truth, prove it to yourself, or disprove it, and then come and tell me.

If you have proved it, come, let us help, be together, and get this Mission spread all over the world. If you disprove it, just disprove it to yourself. That is fine. Keep it to yourself and say, OK, I do not believe that. That is fine. I will leave you to God, and you leave us to God.

Go ahead, Sandmoon.

Sandmoon: Just correct me. I am taking it that you are saying that you are Jesus? That you a Prophet? And that you are here to unite all people from all religions? What you are saying, can you prove it biblically, Scripturally? And from what I am reading in the text, is there another book that you are using called the THOTH? What is that?

Maitreya: I do not have to prove anything. It is you who has to prove it to yourself. If you cannot prove it to yourself, that is fine. As I said, if you do not believe, I leave you to God, you leave us to God, and God will be the judge among us.

You are not the judge. The human is not the judge. Only God is the judge. So, refrain from judgment because then you are placing yourself in the seat of God. Therefore, what is written in the website, what is claimed here is for you to go, to read, and to study.

The Prophecies are fulfilled, and the Seven Seals are opened. The book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened and revealed to humanity. The way to salvation is revealed. The way to peace and unity has been given. The way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is here.

We are in the tribulation. We are in the last days. Therefore, you go and prove it to yourself. If you believe, then you come and say, Yes, it makes sense. It is from God. If you do not, again it is up to you and God.

Go ahead, Friend.

Friend: Thank you. My dear friend, as I asked, what would you do when you see very clearly a false teacher. You said that you would just leave them alone to themselves. My dear friend, it will be according to your answer. But, in my heart that is not correct. I wish I can be given the opportunity to reflect, to make him to understand his delusion, and ask him to repent and to turn to the living God for his salvation. That is what I would do.

And I wish that I could do that very same thing for you, but also as I said, it will be according to your answer, my dear friend. May God help you.

Maitreya:Apparently, it seems that you believe that I am a false prophet and a false teacher, and that I need your help. I do not. The only Being I need help from is God. Do not try to put yourself in the place of God, judge people, and try to tell them that you are the person who is going to save them.

You are the false teacher and prophet that you connect people to yourself instead of taking them to God and telling them that you have power to forgive them. You are placing yourself in the seat of God, and you are the one who is judging and filthy.

So do not come here to our room, to our church, preach at us again, and tell us that you are the person who can save us. You cannot. The only person who can save is God. OK?

So, Satan get away from me. This is satanic and the misunderstanding of humanity that you are preaching here. You have no power to forgive. You have no Revelation. You have no prophecy fulfilled.

No wonder Christ said that many of you would come and say, Christ, Christ, I healed in your name, and I prophesied. And I will say, I know you not, you generation of vipers. You are not God. God can forgive; you cannot. I do not need you. Please get out of the way. Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. And you are in the way of God.

Anyone who sits in the seat of judgment is in the way of God. You are a false prophet. Stop it! [silence]

Go ahead, DireWolf.

DireWolf: Yes. I do have a few questions for you, and I am very curious. Could you please tell me who Onesiphorus is from the Bible?

Maitreya: Can you say what part of the Bible it is? You broke up when you said the name. Can you repeat the name again?

DireWolf: [spelling the name] Onesiphorus.

Maitreya: The question was, in what part of the Bible is it, Dire Wolf?

Dire Wolf: You see, his name is mentioned a few times, actually, in II Timothy 1:16. You know if I remember correctly, didnt Jesus Christ know Scripture so well, that he was actually teaching it in the temple at age 12 or 13?

Maitreya: Yes, he was, but I do not think he memorized every name in the Bible and proclaimed and claimed that he knew every name in the Bible. Especially, I am not that interested in the supplemental books of the New Testament anyway. Those books are not the word of Christ. We believe they are the word of the disciples, and I am not interested in his disciples.

If you want to ask me anything from the word of God, which is Christs words in the Bible in the red, go ahead and ask that. Do not try to trick me with the names that have absolutely nothing to do with the word of God and expect me to know even what the disciples said.

If you want to talk about the word of God, go ahead, and let us talk about the word of God, which is in red. I am not interested in those books. They are not the word of God.

Go ahead, cog.

Cog: So you are saying that Jesus, also known to you as Esa, is God, and his Word is the Word of God?

Maitreya: When God wants to send a Revelation, as I said, He prophecies that such a person will come. That person comes and fulfills the prophecies. When that happens, Gods Spirit will come through that person.

The Spirit of God is upon him. He is the Anointed One. He has the truth. His Spirit comes through him to humanity.

That is why Christ said, The Father and I are one. It means that Gods Spirit, in that moment, and Christ, were the same. There was no difference.

That is the Word of God. When it comes through him, he and the Father are One. There is no separation, and there is no difference between what he says and what God says.

Another time someone called him, Good Rabbi. He said, I am not good. Only God is good. Therefore, in that time the Spirit of God was not upon him, so he did not feel that he and the Father were one.

That is exactly what happens in every religion and every Scripture. If you listen, the Prophet says the same thing, The Father and I are one. When Moses came to the Children of Israel, he said, Oh Israel, listen to me. This is God that is talking to you.

Why? How can he be God? Is he God? Yes, in that moment the spirit of Moses and God were one. God was coming through Moses and giving those Commandments to the Children of Israel. In that moment, Moses and God were one.

Another time Moses was confused and asked God, What am I going to do with Your people? There was a separation, You and me. In that moment, Moses was not saying, Oh, the Children of Israel are doing this bad thing. That was separation that occurred there.

The same thing, Prophet Muhammad came in, in the Koran and said, Listen to Prophet Muhammad. Whatever he reveals is My Word. And another time Prophet Muhammad was just a regular man, and he said, No, I am not, I am not the Messiah. I am just a plain Messenger. So we can see, again, at that moment, God and he were not one.

So, those things that Christ said that are in red in the Bible are the words of God. He and the Father were one. There was no separation. There was no difference. They were revealing the same thing as God would have revealed if He had come on earth.

But God is a Spirit. God cannot come and say, Here I am. He is always with us. How many people really feel Him and know Him? They do not.

Most of the people do not even know God, and they believe in their religion. They even sit in the chair of God, in the throne of God, and become the judge of men instead of letting God judge between us.

Why do you judge me? Let God judge me. That is more important than you judging me.

So you can see that the human cannot feel, understand, and become one with the Spirit. Therefore, God needs a body, a vessel, to come to humanity. When that vessel sits and talks about God, his Word and Gods Word are the same. In that moment, you can say he is God, he is one with God. In another moment, he is a man.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: It is kind of a response to what you were saying. Is what Invisible was just saying a little bit ago, that God is never separate from anything manifested or unmanifested. Those that are unmanifested are not always aware of His Presence.

So, do you have times when you feel separated from God?

Maitreya: Yes, many times [laughing], many times: Also to answer your question that God is with everyone all the time. Then the question comes, Why do we need Scriptures? Why do we need the Prophet? It is always with us, and everyone is connected to Him all the time. Why should He send His Words to humanity as messages by the Messengers? Therefore, because we are all connected, we do not need the word of God because we are God ourselves. Well, that is where the problems start.

Then the ego also is present in humanity. That filters Gods Grace and Spirit, and the ego might feel it is God but it does not manifest Gods Qualities. Gods Qualities are: Compassion, Beauty, Mercy, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Non-Violence, and all of that.

We can see that most of the humans do not express the Spirit of God, which has all these qualities. Therefore, we can see that although God is with us, we block His Grace, Beauty, and all that through our ego, which is the only thing that separates us from God and Self.

That ego is really our self-conscious mind, which separates us from our non-conscious mind with the conscious mind. That sub-conscious mind is created in this lifetime and many lifetimes that we have lived. We created this reactionary set of actions in our lives that separate us from God, and we do not know what Gods Will is.

Therefore, we can see that although we are all connected to God, not everyone acts Godly. That is the problem. That is why He sends the Word of God to humanity. That is why He sent the Scriptures. That is why we have to read the Scriptures, to follow the Prophets, to know His Word, His Will, His Plan. Then not only will we feel Him, but we will know He is with us, and we will act Godly.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: OK, the Seventh Seal. If the Seventh Seal you have opened is opened, and that is the final seal, then what is to happen next, according to you?

Maitreya: The next step is to call the Elects. The next step is to gather those who have been incarnated, sent by God, to come, see The Greatest Sign, see the Revelation, see the Seven Seals, come and say, Yes, it makes sense. You make sense. Whatever you say makes sense. I have no question about the validity of your claim. The prophecies are fulfilled. The words are based on the Word of God. The Seven Seals are opened. The book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed. You have to be the Seventh Angel, who reveals the whole mystery of God. Therefore, I am here to completely dedicate my life to God and become a part of this great Mission, which will eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So the next step is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth so that the whole humanity becomes one. They all will feel the pain of every man and woman on earth, and they will create an earth where there is no pain, no violence, no destruction, and the unity will come to humanity, God will become their King, and His Laws will become their Laws.

That Kingdom will last for a long, long time. All the warmongers and destructive people, and those who sit in the seat of judgment instead of God, will be no more.

Go ahead, Dire Wolf.

Dire Wolf: Yes. I have one more question. Why exactly, because I have never completely understood this, why exactly did the Lord send a fiery serpent among the people? Why exactly did He do that?

Maitreya: DireWolf, you have to elaborate a little more. Where did God send the fiery serpent to people?

DireWolf: I think I understand. With my question before, you do not know the New Testament, and you are not too good with the Old Testament. Are you very good with the Bhagavad-Gita, the Hindu text?

Maitreya: Not all the Old Testament is from God either. If you want to know what parts are from God, go and read THOTH, and it will reveal to you what part is from God and what part has been changed.

The New Testament has been changed twenty-seven times and revised twenty-seven times. If you want to discuss things, go ahead and discuss. But if want to still sit on the seat of judgment, you are in the wrong place. OK?

You are a fault-finder. You are looking to bring a very little thing in one part of the very unknown part of the Bible. You do not even go ahead and tell us where you got this.

If you are talking about why God punished people, that is what the Law of Karma says, You reap what you sow. They probably needed that serpent to be sent among them and be punished. That is what God does to the people who do not follow His Law and create great Karma. That is, the Karmic things happen.

God is Just. God never does anything that is not just. But, if you want to quote something from the very obscure place in the Bible and never come out and tell us where it is, do not expect an answer.

I am not going to sit here and say I know every part of the Bible, every name and everything. If that shakes your faith and belief, so be it. If you do not want to see the greater thing that has come and you judge based on very little, unscriptural quotes and your opinion, that is your prerogative, not mine and not those who believe.

Therefore, do not come here to find fault. Come here to learn about the Mission.

If you have a valid point or something related to our teaching, go ahead. But, that is not valid. That is your opinion that you think that you can come here and prove me wrong, instead of seeing that the prophecies are fulfilled, the Revelation has come from God, and the Seven Seals are opened. Those you do not see because you are blind.

How can I help a blind person? I can just tell him, Go, read our teaching. Go to our website. Become more familiar. See the positive things.

I do not claim that I know every name in the Bible. I am just telling you right here, I do not know all the names in the Bible, OK? If that shakes your belief, sorry, it is your problem.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Do you pray to God, and do you hear from God audibly or spiritually?

Maitreya: Apparently you are asking if we pray to God and if we hear God. Praying to God is talking to God. Meditating is listening to God. God usually does not have an audible sound. His Voice is within. It is something assuring, correct, perfect, and no doubt about the truth of what He reveals to you.

I will finish the Satsang here.

Come to our room with your open heart and questions. Go to our website and read about this new Revelation. Know that Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, everyone is from God, and they are Children of God. You have to come to realize this otherwise you are going to go through a lot more tribulation and destruction than we have seen so far.

It is your choice. You can go that way, or you can come with us. We are not from any government, any affiliation. We are from God and we stay with God in His Grace and His Revelation. And we will wait until humanity is ready for this Message.

This Message is the salvation of humanity and is the only way to peace, prosperity, and the Kingdom. It is your decision, which way you want to go.

We do not need your forgiveness. We do not need your help. We do not need your ability to save us. We are already saved. We know that for sure. What you have is dogmas. Go and know God in our website.

Sal-Om everyone!

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