10/20/01 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Welcome, everyone, to the room of the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path. We welcome you to our room.

I hope that you are here to hear the latest Revelation from God to humanity and the calling to unification. All the religions of the world are unified. All the prophecies are fulfilled. In this last Revelation, God reveals how He has sent all these religions and teachings to all the humans on earth and how we can put them all together and unify them under one teaching, which is called the Eternal Divine Path, based on The Greatest Sign.

If you go to our website, www.maitreya.org, the first thing you see is The Greatest Sign. It is animated to show how it has formed.

The very beginning, of course, was the universe in the state of Pure Consciousness, or no manifestation. Then you can see a dot. That is the beginning of the creation, what scientists call the Big Bang. When the equilibrium of the universe was disturbed, the rotation of the I-Ching eventually came to the expansion of the Lotustica, which is the lotus with the I-Ching and the Lotustica together. It shows the beginning of the creation of the manifested world.

Of course, as we see in the Bible, it says, "There was darkness, and the Spirit of God moved over the darkness." That is when God sent His Spirit to the darkness and chaos, to help the chaos and darkness to come back to the Godhood, to bring everything back to the equilibrium. The Spirit of God went through the Path. That is, it started knowing itself, meditating, awakening his spiritual forces, and realizing who he is.

Eventually, he realized that he and God are one. As it says, "Know thyself to know God." So, the process of meditation is to know yourself. It is the process of awakening your spiritual forces and realizing that you are in the image of God. That is why He said, "Be still and know that I am God." Be still means to meditate, to know thyself.

The second step is to realize that many other souls are lost around Him, and in order to help them, creation of an environment that is conducive to the meditative process and spiritual progress is necessary. That is why He realized that the Communities of Light, the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path, are necessary, and that is the second step.

The first step is the awakening of the spiritual forces, the Mystical Paths, which covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, saints in Christianity, Sufism in Islam, and all the teachings that teach "Know thyself, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and realize who you are." It also covers psychology and the teaching of the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, how you know yourself, or how your dreams have a relationship with spiritual messages, and all that. So, it covers a spectrum of techniques and ways to know thyself.

The second is Communities Of Light. We realize that Communities of Light are necessary. That is what the Old Testament is based on. God is trying to find a people, or the Hebrews, or the Children of Light, to come together and accept Him as King and His Laws as the Laws of their community, and create an environment where God is number one.

Of course, that sounds like God needs us to make Him number one. But that is not really what He wants. But making Him number one and by concentrating on Him, we overcome a lot of attraction of the external world, and we are free from a lot of the problems of ego trips and all the problems related with it. So, we are not creating big egos, and we release ourselves from the external world and Maya, and we go toward the salvation, which is the unification with the Godhood.

Such an environment is necessary to help people to be able to meditate, to take the pressure of the external world off them, and to make them calm and ready to go toward the spiritual progress. Therefore, the whole Old Testament is the symbol of the creation of the Communities of Light. God is trying to find a people, a tribe, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, to become His Children, and that is what the Communities of Light are.

So the awakening of your spiritual forces is the first step. You meditate, then direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

But to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. If everyone in a community, everyone in a city, everyone in a country, and everyone on the earth says, "What is in it for me," and tries to have only for themselves, they create a lot of discrepancy between those who have and those who have not, and that brings great suffering and destruction.

We can see that that is what is happening right now on the earth because some people feel that they do not have enough, and some people think it is their right to have as much as they have.

That is where the concept of sharing comes in. Sharing, sharing our resources together, helping each other to come to a closer way of living, and also reaching to the universe and space, will bring a greater standard of living to everyone and a lot of problems we have on earth will be resolved.

Some people say that sharing is a good idea. Sharing is not just a good idea, it is a Law. Humanity has to learn to share with one another in order to create the peace on Earth.

So that is what Communities of Light are, to bring an environment where people learn how to share and live in a more peaceful and less pressured way of living. In these communities, of course, sacrifice is necessary.

That is the symbol of Christianity. Christ put the symbol of sacrifice for humanity. He went all the way to the cross and sacrificed himself for his ideal. Of course, we do not have to go to the cross. But the idea is to overcome selfishness and self-centeredness, and become more God-centered and other people centered, to be able to share and give of ourselves to others. Not as, "I am a good person. I am doing it," but because it is a Law. You have to do it in order to create peace on Earth.

Of course, the greatest overcoming is the overcoming of ego-centeredness, and that is really what Christianity is about. That is the message of Christianity. It is sacrifice, not being self-centered.

However, Christ did more than that, he also released The Grace to humanity. The Grace that was taken away at the time of the Garden of Eden was released back to humanity. Now Grace is available to everyone who believes what Christ came for and what our teaching is all about.

You sacrifice, you try to create the Communities of Light, you meditate, and the Communities of Light are not happening. You become very upset. You become discouraged, and you become very depressed, "Why is this thing not happening? I am putting so much effort into it."

That is when the concept of surrendering came to him in that state of development. He realized that he should just surrender the result to God, and say, "OK, I have done my best. I have done my work; I have tried my best. Now I surrender the result to God."

So, we awaken our spiritual forces, we try to create the Communities of Light, we sacrifice for them, and we do our best to create the Communities of Light. Then we surrender the result to God and say, "I am not attached to the result," because the depression and being unhappy is based on our expectations for the results of our actions.

Of course, later on he realized in a greater degree that surrendering is not enough, still you surrender the result of your actions to God. Still an "I" separate from God exists. So, he realized that submission is even greater than that. That means that God does the great work toward the creation of the Communities Of Light through you. So when God does it through you, you and God are one.

That is the highest spiritual achievement, when you and the Father are One and when God does the work through you. You have not done anything, therefore, the result is also Gods. That completely frees you from any attachment to the result of your actions. You go on and do your work, and you know that God is doing it through you. And because God always does a perfect job, your work will become perfect. If it is not perfect, probably it is not God doing it through you because God is perfect.

With all these four steps, still you might become attached to a very small part of the universe, "Just my household, just my community, just my city, just my state, just my nation, just earth." That is not good enough. You have to become a universalist. You have to realize that God is your Father, He is your Mother, and the universe is your home, because God is Everything.

You cannot separate God into different portions and say, "This part is greater than that part." God is everything. Therefore, any person, any teaching, any realization, and any religion that separates any part of the universe from another part of the universe, is not from God.

That is where the universalism comes in. That is the teaching of Bab and Bahaullah, who brought it as the Bahai teaching to us.

So he went through these five steps. He awakened his spiritual forces. He tried to create the Communities of Light. He sacrificed. He surrendered and submitted himself to God. And he became a universalist.

Suddenly, he realized that he had overcome all the pitfalls of the spiritual path. He meditated. He started knowing himself or herself. He realized that he had to create the Communities of Light, therefore, he had a goal. He had something to work for in a greater degree and create an environment for everyone to progress.

He sacrificed, therefore, he overcame being self-centered, which is the base of unhappiness and not being realized, and the problems on earth. He surrendered and submitted to God, therefore, he was not attached to the result of his actions. He became a universalist, which shatters all narrowness of the mind.

The problems on earth and of humanity come from narrow-ness of the mind, selfishness, and attachment to the titles and to the worldly-made things that makes people think, "Oh, I am great."

Actually, most of the people want to be God. They are not looking for God but they want to be God themselves, and they do not want to accept His Word and Scripture.

So, with these five steps he shattered selfishness, he shattered being attached to the result of his action, and he shattered the narrowness of the mind. He became an Elect.

That is what we call, Paravipra. An Elect is a person who goes through the first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path. That is what all the Scriptures talk about, "My Elect," the people who have overcome, "My sons, my Children, the Children of Light." These are the real Israelites, the Children of Light, those who have gone through the first five steps in the Eternal Divine Path.

By becoming an Elect, he realized that he can help everyone to come to God, and he reached Pure Consciousness or Light. That is when the Bible says, "And there was light." And God likes that light. That person reached the light of the oneness with God.

When he reached the light (you can see in that graphic in the website), for the first time a triangle upward is created. So he became the top of the hierarchy or the First Begotten Son of God. And the hierarchy was created, which many sons were created.

We can see that the triangle downward is when the Spirit of God comes to earth. The triangle upward is the hierarchy, which at the very top is the First Begotten Son.

The triangle downward and the triangle upward at the very center of The Greatest Sign is the sign of the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven. So, that is established, and God already has the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven established.

Therefore, this seven-step Path in eternity, in the beginning of the creation, became the Eternal Divine Path. In the last 12,000 years, especially the last 6,000 years, God was sending each seal as a religion to humanity.

The first came by Noah, which was after the flood of Noah. He brought the teaching of awakening your spiritual forces, which eventually came to humanity. The base of his teaching is the Vedantas from the Hindu religion. That talks about how atman or self is the same as Atman or God; atman with a small "a" is the same as Atman with big "A." Therefore, we are in the image of God. We are created in his image.

Of course, God split man and woman from that consciousness so we no longer are in His image until we merge with our other part and we again become male and female as man was in the beginning.

Then, of course, after Noah, came Abraham. Abraham brought the Old Testament, which is the message of the creation of the Communities of Light. So, for humanity to create the Communities of Light is very important.

Of course, the way to create the Communities of Light is given in our teaching, in the website. The very base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on these communities. A great deal of that has been taught in our teachings and in the Old Testament.

Of course, to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. That is what Christ brought to humanity. He brought that teaching to us.

After that, there is surrendering and submission to God, which frees us from the attachment of the result of our action, and letting God come through. That is Islam. Islam comes from the word Tasleim. Tasleim means to surrender and submit to God.

Of course, then become a universalist, which is the teaching of the Bahais and Bab. Universalism shatters all narrowness of the mind. You become an Elect, or Paravipra, which is the teaching that came from a person in India by the name of Baba. He brought the concept of Sadvipra. We expanded on that and call the Elects, Paravipras.

"Para" means beyond. "Vipra" means intellect, beyond intellect. So "Paravipra" means reaching an intelligent and intuitional realization of self. Such people are the people who we are looking for. They are called the Elects.

They are people who realize, "If there is a God, why are there so many religions?" "If there is only One God, why do we have Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and all the separation that exists right now?"

We have a great fight going on now between two great religions of the world, because each of them says, "We have the truth." The comparison, as I always say, is like the five blind men and the elephant. Each of them holds a part of the elephant and says, "This is the truth." One of them holds the leg and says, "The elephant looks like a cylinder." Another one holds the ear and says, "No, it looks like a leaf." Another one holds the tail and says, "No. It is a snake." Each of them holds a part of it, and they cannot agree on what the elephant looks like.

Than a man with sight came and said, "All of you are correct. You have just a part of the elephant. The whole elephant is greater than what each of you have."

That is what the Mission of Maitreya is all about. Of course, God already said in the Scriptures that there are going to be Seven Seals sent to humanity. Each seal is related to one religion or one seal in The Greatest Sign. He also predicted the coming of the book sealed with the Seven Seals in chapter five of The Revelation that no one can open but the one who is chosen to open that.

And when that book is opened, that is the only part in any of Gods Words, in any Scripture, that the whole universe rejoiced. That is because by reading that book all humanity will realize, "Yes, we are a part of God's truth, and all religions have a part of The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, there is One God, One Humanity, One Earth and that is what we should work toward."

So, THOTH, or The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament, our Scripture, is the only Revelation that, when it was written down and came to humanity, the whole universe rejoiced, and that is our miracle. That is what everyone should accept as the miracle of the Mission.

In this book, we teach you how you heal yourself. We are not going to heal you because it is not going to work. Even Christ said that when he heals someone, that spirit goes and brings seven more, and the state of the man becomes worse than he was before. That is because the man himself did not know how to heal himself. Therefore, he could not block the unclean spirits, and they came back.

So in THOTH, you are taught how to heal yourself. It is just like teaching you how to fish. It is better to teach you how to fish than to just give you a fish. I can heal you, but if you do not know how to heal yourself, when I am gone, you are going to be worse than you were before.

Therefore, do not ask for, "Oh, will you heal us? Please heal us. Do this and that." It is not going to work. It did not work then.

Also miracles, do not make better believers. Moses brought the Israelites from the one side of the Red Sea to the other one. He opened the Red Sea. When they went to the other side, they were arguing. They started murmuring against him and said, "Why did you bring us out of Egypt, at least we had food there that we could eat?" and all that.

Even in the time of Christ, he did a lot of miracles. What did they do to him? They crucified him. Was that the reward of healing people, or raising Lazarus, and all that? Or, he even fed 6,000 people with the three fish and two loaves of bread.

If miracles would have made better believers, all of them should have been standing for Christ and would not have let him be crucified. But, of course, it was prophesied. So we see that miracles do not make better believers.

You have to be prepared for this Mission. You have to be an Elect. That is what we said, "If you come to this Mission, you realize you have no choice." You already knew a lot of the things that we talk about here, and you say, "Yes, Yes, that makes sense, that makes sense, that makes sense." You say, "Yes, what you are saying is Truth because there is One God, One Humanity, and One Earth, and there has to be an explanation of why there are so many different religions on earth."

So, this is our teaching. Now you have received the explanation. We are done with you. You have received the Message.

My job as a Messenger is to give the Message to you and humanity. Now you are the person who has to reach to humanity, give this Message, and bring everyone to realize that there is One God, and all these Revelations have come from Him. Become more and more unified, share this earth together, create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, and bring the unity on earth and the Kingdom of God on earth together.

Now if there are any questions, you can go ahead and ask. Please do not preach to us. This is the Mission of Maitreyas room. This is our church. You are here, we are hoping, to learn about the Mission. We know about all the other religions of the world. All our members are encouraged to read our Scripture. They have read the Upanishads. They have read the Bhagavad-Gita. They have read all the Scriptures.

Of course, if you come here and say, "In some of the books of the Bible, what was the name of," an obscure person that is buried in the many names or even make up a name and say, "Do you know who he was?," do not expect an answer. Do not try to trick us with your tricky questions.

Come here to know our teachings. We will be very open, and with open arms we accept your questions and inquiries. We do not mind to discuss your religions, compare them with what we teach here, and talk about why your religion is a part of our teachings. But do not come here with the preaching tendency or yelling at us that we are the anti-Christ and all of that. We are not that interested in that either.

You are not the judge. God is the judge. We take that judgment to God, and let God judge us who is Christ, and who is anti-Christ, who has the truth and who does not have the truth. You are not created to judge who we are or who is correct and who is not correct. So please do not do that.

But if you have a question about the Mission, you want to know us, or you have something you want to realize here, we are very glad to discuss it with you, and we are very open to your questions.

Kakame, go ahead.

Kakame: I was curious as to some of the prophecies I have read. What is your connection with the Bahai Faith?

Maitreya: The very base of the Bahai Faith is that all the religions of the world are basically the same. The Bahais teach that they have come from the same God, and they are saying the same thing. Therefore, we have to come together and become unified. It was prophesied to come.

After Prophet Muhammed, many Moslems were waiting for another great Prophet to come to humanity from the lineage of Prophet Muhammed. Bab came as that Prophet. He was from the lineage of Prophet Muhammed. He was a Sayyed. A Sayyed means a person who has been born in the Prophets lineage.

Usually, if you go to the Islamic countries, they have two colors of turbans. One is black and one is green. It is believed that the people who wear the black turban are from the lineage of Prophet Muhammed. Bab was such a person. He came, and he brought a new teaching that he called the Bayan.

Of course, it is very hard to find the Bayan these days. We have been looking for it. We cannot find it.

Then, of course, later on Baha'u'llah came, and he tried to correct and perfect Babs teaching. But we can see in the Scripture that it reveals that the Bahai teaching and Bab's teaching is not perfect. You can read why. It is in THOTH (The Holiest Of The Holies). They were the twin Prophets that God predicted to come.

So they brought the concept of universalism but in our teaching it is not the same as the Bahai teaching. Bahais say that all the religions of the world, basically, say the same thing. They talk about God and being good and all of that.

We do not say that. We say we are revealing the Seven Seals, and each religion of the world has one specific message, therefore, they are different in that, and they are not the same.

So the Bahai teaching in our teaching is the universalism. Universalism means to accept God as your Father and Mother and the universe as your home. Therefore, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind.

The Bahai teaching in our teaching is related to the shattering of the narrowness of the mind, realizing that God is One, and all humanity and the universe are His children.

Go ahead, Bambinolocc.

Bambinolocc: Hello. I have a question. The concept you have of Islam, is it from the Shiite or from the Sunni prospective? I was reading some of the stuff that you were saying about the djaal, but you said it was the spirit of djaal. Because from the Sunni prospective, the Prophet gave us a very good description of djaal. That he would have an imperfection in his right eye. These were physical descriptions. Now could you tell me When you said they had a spirit of djaal

Maitreya: The two main branches of Islam are Sunni and Shiite. The reason for the separation of these two branches was that after Prophet Muhammed left his body, there was a problem of the succession. Some people believed that after him, Ali, his son-in-law, should have become the Calipha or the head of the Islamic body. Other people said, "No. We will go with the tradition of the Arabs," which was choosing a successor by vote from the community.

Ali also was a young man. In the Arabic culture, they do not trust young people very much to become leaders. They trust older people to be more acceptable in that sense. Therefore, they chose another person by the name of Abu Baker who was the first believer in Islam and who spent most of his wealth to support Prophet Muhammed and his revelation.

After that was another person by the name of Omar and _____. So after three persons came, by that time Ali was old enough and the community accepted him as the Calipha or their leader. But the Shiites said, No, from the very beginning Ali should have become the Calipha or their leader. So, this is really the reason the two branches were split.

Of course, in order for the Shiites and Sunnis to separate themselves in those concepts, they made themselves distinguished. They created different branches. But all in all the belief basically is the same.

Of course, when Ali was accepted, they accepted him as their Imam, or leader, and then his children. Then there were other branches that came. There were five Imammies. There were seven Imammies, twelve Imammies, and Shiites are the twelfth Imammies, and they believe that the twelfth Imam disappeared.

It is just like the Christians are waiting for Christ to come from the sky, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth and make everyone Christian. Similarly, the Moslems believe that when the Imam comes, he is going to do the same thing and make everyone Moslem. So, that is why the concept of Imam in Shia is so powerful.

You can see that when Komeni came, they called him Imam. They thought he was the person who was going to make everyone on earth a Moslem. So there is the same similar concept there came in Islam.

Of course, there is a belief or concept, which is now again just like anti-Christ, of "djaal" in Islam. He is supposed to come and everyone starts following him and they become very materialistic and all of that. It is the same idea as the anti-Christ. It is really the concept of attraction to the external world.

It is not a person. It is not a being. It is the attraction to the external world, which makes people go away from God. In that sense it is the same concept as anti-Christ.

Even John said that he is even here now. He did not say that he is going to come in the future. He was there. He is always there. That is the attraction to the external world, or Maya. Anti-Christ is being against Christ.

Christ is from God. He is the First Begotten Son of God. Anti-Christ is the attraction to the external world. If you are going toward the external world, you are following the anti-Christ. If you turn around and go toward God, you are going to be baptized and you are going to follow Christ.

So those concepts, again, are the things that are man-made and Gods ways of explaining them are in The Holiest Of The Holies, or THOTH, or The Last Testament.

Kakame, go ahead.

Kakame: Thank you for giving me the microphone. I guess I was asking specifically your relationship to the Bahai Faith and to the Bahai writings, and not necessarily information about the Bahai Faith, but just simply your relationship to it.

Maitreya: It is a little hard for us to understand exactly what you are asking. What is our relationship with the Bahais in the external world? In this world, really we do not have any relationship in the sense of being connected to their organization.

We have informed them of this Revelation. There are Bahais in the Mission who have sent e-mails and letters to the organization and have told them, "He who will be manifested has been manifested. It is based on the revelations, expectations, and prophecies based on what Bab, Bahaullah, Abdul Baha, and Shoghi Effendi said and revealed. And now these prophecies are fulfilled. Therefore, come and join us."

We have sent that to every religion on earth, that your expectation is now fulfilled and, therefore, you do not have to wait for anyone to come because he has already come. All the religions of the world are unified. The prophecies are fulfilled.

In that sense our relationship with all other religions is to call them to come to see, to join and to become unified under these teachings. Of course, as history has revealed, no religion in the past accepted, at least not the organizations, the heads, and the leaders of those religions accepted the new revelation.

As we can see, the Jews did not accept Christianity. Most of them. The Christians did not accept Islam. Islam did not accept the Bahais. And the Bahais probably are not going to accept ours. We are hoping they will. We pray they will.

Therefore, we are reaching to the individuals who have been called for this Mission so that they can come and join us. They are the ones who are the Elects. But if they came, if the Bahai people came tomorrow and the organization said, "Yes, we believe what you are saying makes sense and we are a part of you. We want to be a part of the unification of all religions and, therefore, we will become one," they would be welcome.

If tomorrow the Christians and the Moslems come and they say, "Yes, what you say makes sense. We believe in you," then we would not have the war in Afghanistan. We would bring the peace to the two camps right away if the Palestinians and the Jews come and say, "Yes, we both believe in you." We will say, "You have to get along. You have to live together in peace. You should not kill one another." And, therefore, the peace will come to them.

But the question is, if they will. That is the question, if they would listen to this new Revelation and realize the unity that has come to them from God.

So the answer is here. The way is given. Humanity is called to come and join this unification, but according to the history that we know, and according to the Scriptures, unfortunately, we have to go through a period of tribulation, which has already started.

We can see that there are two camps that have been posed against each other. Apparently, it seems that the West has the coalition and a lot of support, but I can tell you that this support will not last long. The coalition is going to fall apart and a very, very bad situation is going to come to humanity for the next ten, twelve, or fifteen years.

By the year 2017 humanity will eventually realize that they have no choice but to see that this Revelation is the unification. By 2017, hopefully, humanity will realize this Revelation and our teaching, and come and be unified.

So to answer your question, we do not have any relationship with the Bahais. We do not have any relationship with the Moslems. We do not have any relationship with the Christians. We do not have any relationship with the Buddhists, or the Hindus.

Really, what we are trying to do is to gather the Elects, gather those who have been called, and then reach to all these religions and, hopefully, eventually, guide them to come.

It is just like the Temple that we are going to build. There is a door for each religion in the Temple. Every person can come into the Temple from their own door. If you are a Christian, you can come in from the third seal. If you are a Hindu or a Buddhist, you can go through the first seal door. Or, the Jews can go to the second seal door. But all of them are going to end up in the center of the Temple and mix together and become one.

That is the whole idea, to call the Elects and eventually call all these religions and bring them to the Mission. After they are in the Mission, they no longer are a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, or a Buddhist. They are Divines.

So no, we do not have any relationship with any of the religions in the physical sense.

Go ahead, Bambinolocc.

Bambinolocc: I was not quite clear, are you saying that djaal is not an actual person?

The reason why I ask is because the Prophet said that he would either be disfigured or his right eye would look like a grape or whatever, and that he would be blind in his right eye, and that he would have something between his eyes. What he would make seem like the truth was actually false, and what he made seem false was actually the truth.

He also said that the djaal would be followed by 70,000 Jews and would be dressed in robes of green colored satin.

So I am just curious. You do not think that the djaal is real? Like the Prophet said before the appearance of the djaal that certain things would happen. He said that there would be three years of famine. The first year there would be one third less rain, the second year there would be two thirds less rain, and the third year there would be no rain at all.

So this is what is going on in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is in a three year drought. Also they said there would be mass exodus. Four million people have left Afghanistan. You know, so there are four million people who have left. Also Afghanistan has been in war for a long time. They said there would be a ruler whose way is unstable. You know the Taliban is in the middle of the Civil War. And also the Prophet said that there would be military budget or whatever, and that the last Calipha would have so much money that he would be spending money without even counting it. Also you know that Osama Bin Laden is a very rich man. He has been spending money without even thinking about it, buying military equipment out of his own money and stuff.

So all this stuff has to happen before the appearance of the djaal.

Maitreya: OK, please keep your questions short.

You are talking about someone said this, and someone said that. If you want to know the truth, go to the Scriptures. Do not listen to someone or something, or somewhere, or a guru, or a teacher, or a Mullah, or a predictor, or a psychic, or whatever. You go ahead and read the Scriptures.

According to the Scriptures, there is going to be the coming of this Revelation, the Seventh Seal will be opened, the book sealed with the Seven Seals will come to humanity, and the person who will bring this teaching will fulfill all the prophecies. That is how we will know who he is.

The djaal, or the anti-Christ, are the concepts that are created in each religion, and that meant the forces or the powers, which are against God and against Gods Revelation. And that has been with us all along.

There has never been that there has not been Maya, or the attraction to the external world. Bringing that to a concept of a person is a man made concept. There is no such thing.

All these concepts of djaal and anti-Christ are a very small part of the Scriptures. The only place in the New Testament that it talks about the anti-Christ is in the books written by John and some other places. But Christ talks about the forces that take you from God. That is Maya, and that is what is the most important part about the anti-Christ, or as not being from God.

So, do not listen to people. Do not listen to things that try to explain what is happening on earth. These are the tribulations that God has predicted to come to humanity, and the only salvation from it is the teaching that comes from God at this time, at the time of the end of the time, which is the end of the old era and the beginning of the Golden Age, which will come for the next 12,000 years.

So, go to the Scriptures. Listen to Gods Words. Do not let any man tell you what are Gods Words.

That is another thing that the Mission of Maitreya does, it connects you to God. I do not even want you to be connected to me, take me as God, and worship me. I want you to go directly to God because you can. God and you are One. There is no separation between you.

You do not need the preacher, you do not need the teacher, you do not need the guru, you do not need the Rabbi, you do not need the priest, and you do not need the Mullah. You do not need anyone to tell you how to contact God.

Just close your eyes and worship God in Spirit as Christ said, "There will be a day that you will worship God in Spirit." You do not need to go to Jerusalem, or any mosque, or any Hijah, or any place. You can worship Him right where you are.

Just sit down somewhere comfortably, keep your back straight, keep your head straight, close your eyes, and concentrate on breathing. Breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung. It means that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Breath out Om Nam Kavalem. That means, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

There is no separation. There is nowhere in the universe that God is not. Therefore, you do not need them. Do not listen to humans. Do not listen to teachers. Do not listen to anyone but Gods Words and the person who God has predicted to come. Anyone else does not have the whole truth, and they will misguide you.

So please keep your questions very short and sweet, and also realize that you have to go to God.

OK, Kakame, go ahead.

Kakame: I have something to add to what you were suggesting and went to the Bahai site and tried to find out about the prophecy that you are saying that according to the Bahai prophecies that you are the Messiah or the Madhi.

The Bahai prophecy says, "The dispensation of Bahaullah will last for at least 1,000 years." His cycle will extend so far into the future that it relates to your claim of Prophethood according to the Bahaullahs prophecy. Yes, it was written by Shoghi Effendi. That is true.

Maitreya: Alright. I will let John1981 answer that question. I did not write down the prophecies. Other people found those prophecies that are fulfilled through this vessel. Therefore, they know about those prophecies much more than I do. John, are you there? Do you want to go ahead and answer that question?

Of course, you can find the answer in the website. John has already answered that. He was a Bahai himself, and later on he realized that our teaching is even greater. The coming of this teaching has been prophesied even in the Bahai teaching.

John: Sal-OM, Maitreya. I hope everyone can hear me. I would be glad to answer that question. As Maitreya said, I was a Bahai for quite some time.

It does say that in the dispensation of Bahaullah [John was cut off] a book written by Shoghi Effendi. Actually, it was not a book written by him, it was just parts of different I believe [this is really broken up so that only a word here and there comes through]

Shoghi Effendi followed a lot of his own whims and ideas. But as you can see on our website, at the end of Shoghi Effendis life, he did clearly say to his wife, Ruhiyyih Khanum I believe, that the next Messiah was coming. She wrote about it in Bahai News.

Also, of course, we can see throughout our website, through the Bab, Bahaullah, and Abdul Baha, the three most authoritative figures in the Bahai Faith, that Maitreya is predicted to follow in the ranks (cant hear this again) You, of course, can verify that Of course, you can go and verify these on the website.

He was predicted by his birth name, his birth place, his birth date, what he is going to do, what Revelation he will bring, where he will go to, and where his dispensation will begin. So it is broken down into every little detail of Maitreyas life.

The prophecies are fulfilled and I request that you go to maitreya.org. There we have two entire sites devoted just to the prophecies of the Bahai Faith.

I hope that makes sense, Kakame. I hope that is the correct pronunciation.

Sal-OM and thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: I hope that answered your question, Kakame. Of course, you can go to our website as John mentioned: www.maitreya.org. They are all there, all the prophecies. I did not write them. Other people found them and gave them to us. So, I hope you can find your answers there easily.

Bambinolocc, please go ahead but do not make it very long. Make it short, and do not bring who said what. If you want to know more about those things, go to our website also and you will find a lot of information there. Your questions are going to be answered.

Actually, the answer to every conceivable question has been given there. Go ahead, Bambinolocc.

Bambinolocc: Maitreya, with all due respect, I was saying the Prophet Muhammed, I was not just saying like a dude here or whatever. I was just curious though, have you ever seen the unity, the true unity of Islam, by going to the hijah in Mecca? Or, have you ever been to the city of Medina to the Prophets Mosque just to see the unity of Islam? I am just curious.

Maitreya: OK. Can you tell us where in the Koran Prophet Muhammed said those things?

Bambinolocc: The Koran is only half of the religion of Islam. In the Koran it does say that anything that has been sent down by Allah, or by the Prophet, has to be followed, and that anything that is not followed is not the straight path. So any of the examples that he set, or anything that he said, that you have to do.

And, as you know, the hijah, or pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam. So everyone knows this. Like I said, any matter that was decreed by Allah or the Prophet has to be followed. If he said it in the Hadiths or in the actions of the Prophet, the scholars verify these to be authentic and they have to be followed.

Maitreya: Islam is probably the religion I am most familiar with. I was born into it, OK? You are talking about the Hadiths and the things that the people brought from Prophet Muhammed. Which Hadiths are you talking about? Which one is the correct one?

There are many people following different Hadiths, and they are each saying that is the correct one. Even the Koran itself was lost, and there were two versions of it. Many of the people who knew the Koran by heart were killed. There were two versions of the Koran and there was a great upheaval, so which one was correct?

Prophet Muhammed himself said he has not revealed the whole truth, he revealed only a part of The Holy Tablet. How can he be the last Prophet if he had only given a portion of The Holy Tablet?

Now do not be dogmatic about your religion. If you want to yell and be dogmatic, we are going to have dogmatic Christians, dogmatic Jews, dogmatic Hindus, dogmatic Buddhists, and each of them are going to tell you that they are the correct one, that is the only way, if you go any other way

Even dogmatic Bahais, they are going to come to you and say, "Well, no, you are not the one."

That is fine. You can keep your dogmas for yourself, and do not believe us. We do not care. Go your way, and we will go our way, and we will see who is the truthful eventually.

So there is a lot of controversy about those Hadiths, those things about Prophet Muhammed. Many people follow different Hadiths. Some of them are accepted. Some of them are not accepted. They has been discussed. They has been reputed, many of them are not authentic.

Even here in this Mission that I have been giving twenty years of teaching, still some of my disciples say things that are not my words. I have to correct them, and we have to discuss it together and see what is truthful.

Then Prophet Muhammed did not even write his book down. At least THOTH is written down here and has been put in the Internet and been corrected. I am still here, and I am not letting anyone change it. And believe me, a lot of people wanted to change it. We had many people, even my own disciples, who wanted to change it.

So there were a lot of things that happened after Prophet Muhammed left, and he never wrote these things down. No one wrote these things down. There was only one version that was written down that one person kept underneath his bed, and then that was lost.

So, you can see that you cannot rely on those Hadiths, you cannot rely on everything you hear. Also there have been two versions of the Koran, and they were not written exactly the same.

Even the Koran Itself says that, "I did not bring the whole Holy Tablet but I brought a portion." So those things you are telling me are dogmas.

Go ahead, Unity19.

Unity19: This is not the Bahai teachings but would be considered those of "covenant breakers." Why doesnt Maitreya answer it?

Maitreya: Well, to be a "covenant breaker," you have to be a Bahai before you can become a covenant breaker. If you are not a Bahai, how can you be a covenant breaker?

I have never been a Bahai. So I cannot be a covenant breaker. Also the term "covenant breaker" came from whom? They are the words of Abdul Baha, at the time that the first person was opposing him, who was his own brother, and they were having a problem of who was going to become the leader of the Bahais.

We can see that every time the Bahai leaders died there was a great upheaval, destruction, and split in the Bahai people. Even Bahaullah himself said, "It is impossible having a Bahai system without a guardian. They do not have any guardian.

You said that they do not need it anymore. According to the very words of Bahaullah, your religion is finished, because He said that without the guardian you cannot have a Bahai Religion.

Therefore, that is another sign right in our faces that is saying, there is no guardian, there is no Bahai teaching, and there is no Bahaullahs teaching. Therefore, you cannot have Bahais continue in their belief because he already said that you need that guardian.

OK, go ahead, John.

John: Sal-OM, Maitreya, I did have a question from Paula but I can get to that.

To answer the question, Shoghi Effendi himself did say several times in his writings that if the institution of guardianship was taken away from the Bahai Faith, that it would be rendered amute, that it would be permanently injured from bringing Gods Kingdom on earth. It is in Shoghi Effendis own words. This is also on our website.

So Maitreya is absolutely right. If we look through the Scriptures discriminately, we can see that another Prophet shall come, that he will not be a covenant breaker because the Bahai Faith will lose its guardian, which it did, and it would be rendered powerless, and that this next Prophet is predicted in every level and stage of his life in the Bahai Faith.

The Bahai Scriptures are the most powerful and predictive of all the prophecies. I urge you to go to our website, and that will resolve many of the problems that we have in this room.

And, of course, anyone who truly keeps the covenant of the Bahai Faith will be a member of the Mission of Maitreya because he fulfills the prophecies and promises to come.

Maitreya: John, go ahead, if you have a question from Paula also, I will answer that.

John: Thank you, Maitreya. The question is from Paula. The question is, Are you the last Messenger, and after you will there be others?

Maitreya: According to the prophecies, when the Seventh Seal is opened, it is done. It is finished. And also in the verse of Revelation, chapter 10 verse 7, it clearly says, "When the Seventh Angel comes, the mystery of God will finish." When the Seventh Angel opens the seal, at the end of Revelation, it says, "It is done, it is finished."

Also, if you go to our website, if you read our teachings, there should not be any questions that will not be answered. The mystery of God is indeed explained, and even how to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, has been revealed to humanity.

Also the tribulation that humanity is going through and will go through will bring people to the realization that their religions are done. Every religion on earth has been existing to this point so that we can reveal the Seven Seals to them and explain how each of them fall into the Seven Seals and the Eternal Divine Path, and how they can be unified.

You do not have to leave your religion. The only thing is to understand the Plan of God and realize that all religions, all disciplines, everything on earth has come from God, and the only separation and differences between you, your religions, the branches in your religions, and your separation from other religions, are dogmas and man made.

If you take out those dogmas and realize our teaching, and see the Eternal Divine Path, you realize, "Yes, that makes sense," and you are no longer going to be a Jew, or Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or Moslem. You will become a Divine because you are in the Eternal Divine Path. Eventually, hopefully, we will become all One.

As I said, "If everyone accepts this tomorrow, we are going to have peace and the Kingdom on earth tomorrow." But that is not going to happen, and we had better know than just say that it is going to happen tomorrow.

But apparently the human has to go through the tribulation and destruction before they realize that they are wrong. Those who are waiting for someone to come from the sky, let them wait. Those who are waiting for someone to come by the name, djaal, and then Prophet Muhammed comes, let them wait. Those who believe that they are the chosen ones, let them wait. Those who think they are the way, let them wait. We will wait for them. They will eventually see that this is the truth.

God said that such a person will come with these prophecies fulfilled through him, and he has come. A teaching will come to unify all humanity, and the Seventh Angel will open the book sealed with the Seven Seals.

Therefore, there is no way but to conclude, "Yes, this is the last Revelation of God to humanity, this unifies everyone and brings the Kingdom." So the answer to your question, is definitely, Yes.

Go ahead, Unity19.

Unity19: John 1981 claimed to be a Bahai at one time and you could not answer it. Why is that if this Messenger has received it from God? The guardian was Shoghi Effendi, and now he is the House of Justice, the guardian of the Bahai Faith.

Maitreya: Unity19, we saw your question. We are not here to argue with you. Go to our website. It is answered there. The prophecy for 1,000 years was not for Bahaullah. He was a twin prophet. Indeed the teaching of Bab was not perfect.

If you go to THOTH (The Holiest Of The Holies), in chapter 3 of The Revelation, which is talking about the fifth church which is the Bahais, in the very beginning it says, "It is not perfect." Why is it not perfect? It is because a lot of the things that Bab said were not practical, were his opinion.

Also, you glorify your Prophet. You worship Bahaullah. You do not worship God. And that is not perfect. Whoever worships the Prophet instead of God, their religion is not perfect. They make the Prophet in the way of you to connect to God.

Here in the Mission of Maitreya, we connect you to God. I do not want you to worship me. I do not want tomorrow you to create the abundance of dogmas around my personality and make a personality cult, and worship me instead of God. I connect you to God. Therefore, the Bahai teaching is not perfect. God said it is not perfect. It is in the Scriptures, and Bab did not perfect it.

Bahaullah came to perfect it, and he did a good job. But still, even in your teaching also, Bahaullah wrote a lot of Scriptures, a lot of Revelation, but he never revealed them to humanity. He told his clerk to throw them into the river because humanity was not ready then.

If he was the person who was to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, he should have let everything come that came from God to humanity. Therefore, he also did not write the whole thing and give it to humanity. Therefore, he cannot be the last Prophet.

Now we can see that all the prophecies are fulfilled. The Hindu prophecies, the Buddhist prophecies, the Christian, the Jewish, the Islamic, all the prophecies are fulfilled to this point.

Therefore, this is the time for the coming of the last Prophet, and we gave everything to humanity. We did not hold back.

So go again to our website. Please do not be argumentative. And we will go now to Rachael126. Go ahead, Rachael.

Rachael: Awhile ago Maitreya stated that he has never been a Bahai. My question, is from what tradition does Maitreya come? Thank you.

Maitreya: Again, if you go to our website and go to our literature, to the section, Other Literature, there is a writing called, How He Became Maitreya. You can find everything about me, where I was born, how I was raised, how I was guided to this Revelation, how I started the Mission, and all that.

But to answer your question, I was born in Tehran in Iran. I was born in an Islamic tradition. My grandfather was a very well known clergy in the providence of Taleghan. He almost owned a village called Shahrasar, where I spent most of my summers. So I was in a big city and at the same time in a small village, in the summer, spending time there.

So I was born in an Islamic background. Of course, Tehran is the fulfillment of the prophecies that Jews and Christians are waiting for Messiah, Prophet, to come from the East. The Buddhists and Hindus are waiting for Maitreya and the Kalki Avatar to come from the West. And Tehran is right in the middle of those two, or three, or four, religions and cultures. That is also the fulfillment of one of the prophecies.

Of course, there are a lot of prophecies that I said many people have found and came and gave to us in the Mission. The people who have done it, some of them were not even in the Mission when they received those prophecies. And then they realized, "Yes, I have to come and join."

So it is not something that they were in the Mission, and they tried to match me with the prophecy. But they found the prophecy first, and then they came and said, "Yes, I want to be a part of it."

That is what my background is. But if you want to know more about me, there is a booklet on our website called, "How He Became Maitreya." You can search for it, or you can go to our literature, Other Literature, and you can find it there.

Go ahead, Kakame.

Kakama: Thank you very much. I have a final question. You have, just a few minutes ago, suggested that Bahaullahs words, and he himself, was not perfect. If that is true, then why do you justify your own station according to the prophecies of other religions? One of the criteria for a Prophet is that they never, never put other Prophets down or diminish their station. You have done this, and that I found unacceptable.

Maitreya: Well, I do not put anyone down. This is in the Scripture, right in the Bible, it says, "It is not perfect." I do not diminish their station. They were both great Prophets. They brought wonderful Revelations to humanity.

Actually, they relate the Fifth Seal which is related to the ether. The people, when they reach to that ether in meditation, think they have reached the end. They think that they are perfect. They start traveling in the astral projection, and they see all these great wonderful beings. They can talk to them, and these wonderful people say wonderful things.

If you read the teachings of Bahaullah and Bab Well, you cannot find Babs teachings any more because the Bahais destroyed Babs books. You cannot find the Bayan because they changed a lot of things after Bab. They completely covered Babs teaching because they said he is no longer good. And he was the first one who brought the Revelation.

You can see that the truth, is the truth, is the truth, even if it hurts. This is where we say the truth, and that is what the truth is. That is what the Word of God is telling you in His Scripture, it is not going to be perfect. So, it is not the seventh level of your spiritual progress.

When you do astral projection, when you go to ether, when you see those wonderful beings in that level, this is not the ultimate. You think it is the last one, and you think you have reached the end of your spiritual progress. You have not.

The same thing goes with the fifth revelation. The fifth spiritual progress is the fifth level, and the people who reach there think, "Oh that is it. It is so beautiful. It is so wonderful."

Bahais words are wonderful. His revelation is fantastic. I have no problem with praising him and what he brought to humanity. And I am not diminishing his station or Babs station. Every Revelation that came from God is great and wonderful.

But it is in the Scripture that it says, "It is not perfect." So every Bahai who is a real searcher, which also was recommended by the Prophet, Be a searcher, question, ask, and find the truth, will read the Scripture and find out that what I say is correct.

That is, of course, unless you are dogmatic, and you are angry, or unhappy because I have said the truth. Well, that I cannot help.

Go ahead, Bambinalocc.

Bambinolocc: I was curious, do you know about how the division between Ali and Omar occurred? It was because of a Jewish guy. I am not anti-Semitic but that is how it happened. I do not know if you knew about that or not.

And you still did not answer my question. Have you ever been to Mecca? Or, have you ever been to the city of Medina?

Maitreya: No, I have not been to either Mecca nor Medina. It is not necessary. It is not needed. Those were the prophecies that Bab fulfilled that he would go to Mecca and Medina. Bab did those and fulfilled that.

Of course, you still do not accept Bab and Bahaullah as the Revelation that came after Prophet Muhammed, therefore, you think I should be doing it. I do not have to do it. That is done, finished.

Now it is a New Wine in a New Skin.

The division between Ali and Omar is not in the Koran. Yes, Prophet Muhammed finished his religion and perfected for what he came to humanity by bringing the message of surrendering and submission to humanity. He finished that part. That is correct. But he did not finish the whole thing, the whole revelation, because he said that he has not revealed the whole Holy Tablet, "He went over a lot of it."

Therefore, if he did not reveal the whole tablet, there has to come another Prophet to finish this. Also, Prophet Muhammed said that God is an able God. He can do whatever He wants to do.

If He wants to send another Prophet, He will. If the Moslems say that He cannot, they are limiting God in Islam, which is not limited, and it is your dogma that you believe in.

You are probably going to come up next and say the word Khatem means he was the last Prophet. Of course, that was also explained in our teaching. You can pronounce this as Khatem, as the last Prophet, or Khatam, as the seal of the Prophets. Again, in our teaching, you will see that both explanations are correct. He was the Khatem, he was the last, in the sense that he brought the highest spiritual realization to humanity.

The highest spiritual realization is surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means to do your work and surrender the result to God so that you are not attached to the result. Submission is when you let God come through you. Therefore, He is going to do a perfect job because God is Perfect.

If you really let God come through you, you are completely submissive to Him, and God is doing the work through you. You are not doing anything, and you are not attached to the result. Therefore, Prophet Muhammed brought the highest spiritual realization to humanity. In that sense, he is the last Prophet.

Also if you look at The Greatest Sign, you can see Islam is at the very top of The Greatest Sign, just like a seal in a ring. So both of them are correct and explained in the Mission, and it takes away the argument that Moslems have had about that word for 1,300 years.

Also the argument between Moslems and Bahais about, what is the meaning of Khatem? Was it Khatem or was it Khatam? Of course, Bahais say it is Khatam. It meant he was the seal of the Prophets. It did not mean Khatem, the end or the last Prophet.

Moslems say, "Oh no, it is Khatem. He is the last Prophet." Now we have unified that argument as well. We say both of you are correct. Khatem means that he brought the highest spiritual realization, therefore he was the last Prophet in that sense. But he did not bring the whole truth. He did not bring the whole Holy Tablet to humanity. And Khatam, he is at the very top of The Greatest Sign.

Go ahead, unity.

Unity: Maitreya, you are not teaching truth in my own opinion. The Manifestation of Bab would answer for himself and not be preaching this in my humble opinion.

Maitreya: Unity 19, I do not think we want to let you come in any more because you are becoming argumentative. We are not here to argue. Go to our website, read the teachings, and see that the prophecies are fulfilled.

Read the prophecies about the Bahais and their teaching. Read our teaching about the Bahais and their teachings, and come up with the conclusion. Either you conclude that we are correct and we say the truth, and you come and join and help, or you say we are not saying the truth and are incorrect, and you go your way. We will leave you to God, and let God judge between us.

You are not going to change our minds. Apparently, we are not going to be able to change yours. But the truth is in the website. It is the fulfillment of the prophecies, and the teaching unifies all the religions.

And all the religions are not the same. It is not that God is going to send Revelation through Prophets forever, as the Bahai teaching says. It is going to finish. It is not Scriptural that God is going to send Prophets forever. Therefore, we can see again that that teaching is not perfect. I am sorry it hurts you. You do not like it.

I am not trying to put Bahaullah or the Bahai teaching, or Bab, down. They are beautiful Prophets from God. We accept them with all our hearts, and we recognize their station, but Scripture is clear and truth, therefore, go and study that.

Go ahead, Makum.

Makum: Thank you. Thank you very much. OK Maitreya, how are you? Nice to speak to you again. I have three questions in one but all about the same thing. It is about The Holy Ghost.

When did you last experience It? Did any other person on earth, including Prophets up to now, did any other person beside Jesus bring The Holy Ghost back to earth? This is question number two. And number three, would it be experienced again in our time? Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, The Holy Ghost, the Grace of God, was taken away from humanity at the time of the Garden of Eden. That is why the human fell, and they started worshipping stones and statues and kings and queens. Of course, they are still doing that, they worship the stars, or Hollywood, or whatever they can replace God with.

Christ then released The Holy Ghost, and that is when the Pentecost, the day of Pentecost, came. People thought his followers were drunk. But they were not. They were in the Spirit with The Holy Ghost and felt very beautiful. They spoke in many tongues that, of course, they had been reincarnated before in that tongue, and that is why they knew how to talk in that tongue, in those languages.

Will we experience The Holy Ghost? Prophet Muhammed experienced It. He received The Holy Ghost. Actually, The Holy Ghost is the revealer of the Revelations and the truth. Although The Holy Ghost was taken away from humanity, it was released to the Prophets of the Old Testament. So although the regular human could not experience It, there are people like Moses, people like Job, people like Jonah, and all those Prophets of old, who experienced the Holy Ghost because if you do not experience The Holy Ghost, you cannot experience the Truth, because The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, and The Spirit of God reveals the Revelation to the Prophet.

Have I experienced the Holy Ghost? I am experiencing It right now [laughing]. The Holy Ghost should be with me that I would be able to reveal this truth that I am giving you. If you have been chosen, you will say, "Yes, what he says makes sense. There has to be One God, One Humanity."

God cannot send all these religions. Prophet Muhammed did not reveal the whole truth. Bahaullah and Bab struggled to perfect their religion, but it was not perfect.

It says in the Scripture of God that it was not perfect. And we can see that it is not. Even the Guardianship was taken away from them. The very base, the very pillar of their religion is gone.

We can see that all these truths are there. If The Holy Ghost would touch you, you would say, "Yes, Maitreya is right. Maitreya is correct. What he says is from God, is from The Holy Ghost."

When you follow the Eternal Divine Path, when you awaken your spiritual forces, dedicate yourself and your life to the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit yourself to the Will of God to see, "Why did God send me here? What is this life all about? Why am I here? Am I here to preach and teach this teaching from Maitreya, or am I here just to sweep the floor in one of the Centers of the Mission? No matter what, I am here for that purpose, and I will do it. I will listen to God. I will surrender and submit to the Will of God. I will surrender my life to this Revelation." Therefore, you will be completely One with God because God is going to do through you. Then you will break all the narrowness of the mind, of the gender, color, nationality, titles, anything.

Some of the biggest problem with humanity is titles: "I am a Rabbi." "I am a big shot," or, "I am a Mullah." "I am a Priest." "I am this and that." Throw all that out. "I am the teacher." Even, "I am the big teacher of the Mission of Maitreya, and everyone should bow down in front of me," and all that.

So throw them all out. Become an instrument for God, and help everyone in the universe no matter where they are from, or who they are, how they look, or what language they have. If they need help, help them. Come and spread this Message to humanity.

Then you will become an Elect. You will experience The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is given to you. It is your birthright. God wants you to have it. He gave it to Adam and Eve in the beginning. He did not withdraw it from them. The Grace was with them.

So God wants to give it to you. But you have to do something. You have to earn it. God did not want you to earn it in the beginning. He just gave it.

It is just like our Satsang room or like here. Last week we wanted everyone to come, participate, and be nice to us. But we saw that if you let everyone talk, then you see what happens. They start with the things that just did not make sense.

So it is just like us, we would like to give everyone the floor so they can talk but unfortunately, we have to restrict it and make it more orderly. That is exactly how God is.

He wants you to have The Holy Ghost. He wants you to experience It but first you have to go through the Eternal Divine Path. Then when you get to the Sixth Seal, you will experience It.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Maitreya, is there a difference between The Holy Ghost and The Holy Spirit?

Maitreya: There is none, it is the same thing. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, and The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. They are the same thing. Of course, that is according to my definition. Unless you have another definition for yourself and you define The Holy Ghost as something and The Holy Spirit as something else.

But in my book and in my definition, they are the same thing. The Holy Spirit is The Holy Ghost.

Go ahead, Rachael.

Rachael: Sal-OM Maitreya. My question is, you are speaking about how The Holy Spirit can benefit mankind, but my question is, how does what you teach benefit God?

Maitreya: How does it benefit God? How would it not benefit God?

God created the whole universe to help humanity go back to Him, and this is the way back to God. That is what God wants. God created this universe to help humanity to turn around, to be baptized. The force of creation is going away from God, going to Maya, going to the external world, being lost, not going back to God.

And Creation, you and me, everyone, are a part of His Body. It is just like a part of your body is diseased. You go to the doctor and you ask, "Doctor, your treatment, what is it going to do? It is going to help this disease but how is it going to help my body?"

"Well, if you cure the disease your body is going to feel better."

That is why God created and sent the Prophets. Why is He so concerned about our well-being and wants to send the Prophets and go through all these problems and send the Messengers and messages to humanity? If it would not benefit Him, He would just leave us alone and say, "Just forget these people."

"Why do You have to struggle so much with us and want us to return and turn around?" It is because it does help God by bringing us back to the Body, unifying ourselves with Him, healing the universe, and going back to the state of "be-ness," which is the state of complete Bliss and Oneness, which of course, Buddha called Nirvana.

Hindus call it oneness with God. Sufis call it being in love with God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. And Christ also taught the same thing.

So why are all these people saying these things? If it is only benefiting humanity, then that is not good enough. Why does God want to only benefit humanity if it does not benefit Him? So this teaching not only benefits humanity, also it benefits the universe because it teaches that you have to meditate and you have to awaken your spiritual forces.

You have to question your religions, your beliefs. You have to go and listen to the Word of God. You have to go to the Scriptures and see, "What did God say about me and my religion? Is that really perfect as I think, or is it just because the House of Justice, or my religion says, It is perfect, therefore, I have to accept it?" No.

Even if I said something that does not make sense, do not accept it. You should not. And I hope you will not, because if it does not make sense it is not from God because God has a lot of Sense.

So, God sent this Revelation because humanity needs it and He needs humanity to go back to the Godhead.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Thank you. My question: Is speaking in tongues a sign of the manifestation of The Holy Spirit?

Maitreya: Well, speaking in tongues and having many powers in the spirit are a part of your birthright. There are many of them, which are the gift of the Spirit. But they are not the goal of the meditation. They are not the goal of spiritual progress.

The goal of spiritual progress is not to gain powers. It is not to gain psychic powers.

But in your progress toward perfection or Pure Consciousness, you will gain spiritual powers. But you probably should learn from my own experience when I started meditating. When I started meditating, one month later I could see the past and future of the people where I was.

I was then in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I knew a lot of people in my university and another school in Wilkes-Barre. The people in Wilkes-Barre would invite us to go to their gatherings. I started telling the people what happened to them in the past and what is going to happen in the future a little bit. I became the center of their gatherings, and everyone would say, "Tell me, tell me about what did I do," this and that. So I would tell them, and they were all amazed.

I felt, "Wow, what a great power I have." One or two months later that power was taken away from me, and I could not do that anymore. I felt even worse than I was before.

So the lesson was, Do not misuse your power. Do not think that that is the goal of the life.

The goal of the life is not to talk in tongues. The goal of the life is not to see peoples future or past. The goal of the life is not to have a 900 number so people can call and you can tell them their future from Tarot, or is your boyfriend or girlfriend going to stay with you or not. These are not the goal of the life.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. How do you become Divine? You become Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore, The Holy Ghost has a lot of gifts and it gives them to you but if you misuse them and you think that is the goal of your spiritual progress, you will be even worse than before.

Go ahead, John.

John: Sal-OM, Maitreya. I have a question about how the postures in The Reminder affect the energy centers in the body.

Maitreya: The Reminder is the practice of praying that is very similar to what the Moslems called Namaz. It is a new way of doing it. It starts, "We pay our salutations to the Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the path of enlightenment."

Of course, the posture of the hands is in the center of your chest and your fourth chakra. Therefore, you are relating to your fourth chakra, and you are coming from that center instead of your lower nature or lower chakras. Therefore, you are awakening that part of your spiritual body that affects your chakras.

Then, of course, you raise your hands and you say, "We open our hearts to Your Grace." So you open your heart, yourself, to The Grace of God, which is The Holy Ghost. You want to experience The Holy Ghost. You want to receive The Holy Ghost, the gifts. But be aware, as I explained, that is not the goal of spiritual progress. So you open yourself by opening your heart to God so He can enter into your fourth chakra and open it up.

And then, "Detaching ourselves from Maya." Detaching means, not to be attached to the result of your actions. Therefore, that is the fifth and sixth, opening yourself to God, believing that God is Everything. That is the fifth chakra. That is, again, universalism. Detaching yourself from Maya means that you are completely surrendering and submissive to God, and that is fourth, that affects your fourth, and fifth chakras.

Then you bow down and, "Promise to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness." That again is the fifth level, which your intention is to help the whole universe. It is not only one group, one community or anything, but you expand yourself to the whole universe. That is again universalism.

Then you, "Bow down in front of all those Great Souls who have helped and will help," therefore, you recognize the Prophets in the past, the Revelation that came to the Mission, and the Prophets in the future. Therefore, you become a Paravipra.

You shatter all the narrowness of the mind, and you expand yourself to realize that God is the Doer in all these things. In the past, sending all these religions, and in the future, He will send other Great Souls, who will explain our teaching according to that time, place, and people involved.

There is not going to be any great revelation come after this one. This is it! This is the end of it, but there are going to be Great Souls who come and probably explain different parts that some people did not understand. Or, the people will try to change it and all that, and these Great Souls are going to help to keep our teaching and Mission going.

Of course, I will also be reincarnated and come back and help in the process. So that also expands yourself to the sixth chakra, or Paraviprahood, because we will believe in them, and they will come.

Then, you surrender and submit to the Word of God, The Greatest Sign, THOTH, and our teaching. That means again, you do not just accept one religion. You accept all the religions that came through the Prophets. And that again is expansion. That is acceptance. That is unification. That is the shattering of the narrowness of the mind.

Also, you surrender and submit to the Formless, Nameless, and Invisible. It means you do not give any names, any shapes, or anything to God that separates man from man.

Anytime you give a name, anytime you give a shape, anytime you give any physical attribute to God, it is going to create separation. So, the names, the shapes, or anything given to God is not acceptable.

Therefore, by doing that you again shatter the pitfall of falling into a teacher, a guru, or a mullah, or a book, a priest, a rabbi, a father, or whatever is between you and God. You go to God directly to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which is FINE. You will completely free yourself from any pitfall on earth, which has separated humanity.

Then you also "bow down in front of all the Great Souls who will teach you to reach Pure Consciousness." If you find a teacher who will take you to God, your respect should be the greatest toward that teacher. You have to respect them. You have to love them.

You have to greatly accept their judgment and their teaching. If they tell you that you have to improve in some part, you should take it very nicely and say, "Yes. He is my teacher. He is telling me about this. I will meditate on that. I will not become angry. I will not become disappointed. I will not become unhappy about it. And I will say, 'Yes, I will meditate on this, probably he is right.' I will improve and become perfect in my quest. I will be a better person."

So, of course, there are two other Satsangs I gave on The Reminder. If you want those, I can tell someone to send you them, or at least tell you where you can find them on the website. You can go and read more about that.

But in general, The Reminder is not only reminding you of what the Mission is all about, it also affects your chakras. It is actually a yoga, very similar to, as I said, the namaz the Moslems do.

Probably most Moslems do not know that they are really doing yoga when they are doing namaz. Namaz is going up and down, and you are actually using the muscles that you usually do not use in regular life. It affects your chakras when you do that.

Yoga means to go to a stretch, hold, and then after awhile release. That is really what yoga means. When you do that you feel the energy is released from the lower chakras to the higher self.

And The Reminder does that without calling it Yoga. So not only does it affect your chakras, it Reminds you of your goal, it expands you, it affects your chakras, but also it is the yoga thing.

So if you want, someone is going to send you an e-mail. You can read more about The Reminder.

It is after 12 now. We have been here for two hours. It was nice being with all of you. God Loves you, and it is great having you here. May you all have benefited from these discussions. If you are in other religions, please go study our teachings. See your religion in the light of the Mission.

Do not argue. Do not become dogmatic.

If you are a real seeker, you will see that we are not on an ego trip, and I am not here to degrade your Prophets or your religions. All of you have great religions, have great teachings. But this is the last one. If you want to really know the truth, this is it.

So please go check us out. If you decide, "No, you are fake," then go your way. We have no argument with you. We are not here to fight you or argue. We will leave you to God. And leave us to God.

Sal-OM everyone.

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