Satsang (Discourse) 10/01/01



Feast of Tabernacles

Maitreya: Welcome everyone to the Satsang of the Mission of Maitreya. You are all welcome to our room. If you follow a few simple rules here, we can get along fine, go ahead with our Satsang, and answer any questions you might have.

As long as you ask the question and relate it to something in the Mission, it will work fine. Do not preach your dogmas. We are all familiar with the religions of the world, their dogmas, and their teachings. If you do not follow these rules, and you start preaching your dogmas or your understanding of God, your microphone will be taken away from you. Raise your hand if you have a question, and you will be allowed to come in and ask any question you might have. Then I will try to answer it as much as possible. So, with these simple rules we can start the Satsang.

The Mission of Maitreya welcomes all of you, and all of humanity, to come and hear that the religions are unified, the prophecies are fulfilled, all the answers are given, and the Mystery of God is finished. As He has promised, when the Seventh Revelation comes, His Mystery will be finished, and it has.

This Satsang is about the Mission of Maitreya. The Mission of Maitreya is based on the Eternal Divine Path. It is based on The Greatest Sign. It teaches that the spiritual journey starts by awakening your spiritual forces. That covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity (just all the saints in Christianity), Sufism, and every teaching that talks about, Know thyself, to know God. Therefore, that is the first step.

The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light, which is taught in the Old Testament. In all of the Old Testament, God is trying to find a community based on God, His rules, and acceptance of His Presence in their lives. Therefore, the Second Seal is related to the Hebrews, the Second Seal of Gods Revelation.

To create such communities, you have to sacrifice. And, that is what Christ presented to humanity. He sacrificed himself all the way for his ideal. Without sacrifice, selflessness, and service to humanity, you cannot create such communities. Therefore, the Third Seal, or Christianity, is also covered in the Eternal Divine Path.

The fourth step is to surrender and submit yourself to God and do the job, do the work, but give the result to God. So, if you want to create the Communities of Light, you sacrifice, and if you are successful, you suddenly might become elated, egoistical, and say that you are the person who is doing it. Then you will fall again.

Or, you might become very upset and depressed that it is not happening. Again, you think that you are the doer. But, if you surrender and submit the result to God and say, I did my job, God, the result is yours, I am not attached to it, then you are free.

Better than that, of course, is being submissive to God. That means God always does things through you. So, that is surrendering and submission, which is Islam. That is the Fourth Seal.

With all this progress, if you direct all your attention and your desire to help people to a very few communities or a part of the earth, or even just earth itself, then you have become narrow in your vision instead of becoming a universalist. Therefore, you have to work toward the betterment and goodness of the whole universe. And, that is universalism. That is the teaching of the Bahai Faith.

Therefore, the Mystical Paths, which are all the Mystical religions like, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufism, Saints in Christianity, are unified; Judaism, or the Hebrew religion, the Old Testament, is unified; Christianity is unified; Islam is unified, and the Bahai teaching are unified all in one.

If you follow these first five steps, you become the Elects, or the people that God said, Those are my Elects, and He has chosen them to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is the Sixth Seal in The Greatest Sign, and these are the ones who will eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And, many, or those who are ready for it, will reach Pure Consciousness, or become one with God.

Therefore, this is our teaching. Now you have heard it. You know it. Our job is done. You now have to decide, do you really want to go and know about this teaching much deeper, and decide how much you want to dedicate yourself to it?

We will go ahead and open the microphone. I do not see any hands up. It sounds like no one has any questions. But, anyway, I will open the floor for any questions you might have.

If you had sent some questions to the Mission, the individual who was in charge has not checked her e-mails to see if there are any. You will have to restate it here again so we can hear what the question was, or is. So, if you had a question that you sent in, go ahead with it.

Go ahead, Handsup.

Handsup: I was just wondering who the founder is and what his background is. I heard something about he had no parents and I think he just appeared somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains. I am not sure if that is correct. But I was just kind of curious as to what his background is and where he came from.

Maitreya: That is a good question, Handsup. It is the confusion that has been created for the last twenty-two years by a gentleman from England by the name of Crme. Mr. Crme has been preaching that Maitreya has built his body in the Himalayas, that he has been there preaching for the last 2,000 years in a hidden place called Shamballa, and all that, which is absolutely not based on Scripture. It is not Scriptural.

If you read the Scriptures, if you read the history, God has never sent his Prophets like that. He always prophesies that such an individual will come on earth, he will be born from a woman, he will be raised as a child, and he will grow as an adult. And, then when he reaches a specific point in his lifetime, his Mission is revealed to him.

But this gentleman, Mr. Crme, came out in 1982 and preached, actually it was in 1977 that he started preaching, that Maitreya will appear in the spring of 1982. And I started to receive my Revelations and my Mission was revealed to me from 1977, at the same period of time. By 1982 we were ready to reach out to humanity, and we, for the first time, printed our materials and advertised that, Maitreya is here, and we have this wonderful, beautiful, unifying teaching for humanity to come and join us.

It was then that some individual, who was with me, informed me that a person was going around and preaching, and telling how Maitreya is going to come in 1982. We sent many people to Mr. Crme that, Maitreya is here. Your prophecy was correct, he came in 1982. What he desired to see to come, which was the unification of all religions and humanity, the upliftment of the suffering, and peace that eventually will come (if humans do not blow themselves up and destroy themselves before that comes) is here, is in the Mission of Maitreya. It has been fulfilled.

The Mission of Maitreya is based on the Scriptures, it fulfills the prophecies, it is the Word of God, it is based on Gods Revelation, and nothing is here which is not according to Gods Plan and how He usually does this. So, what you are talking about, I suppose, is from that organization, which I think is called, Share International.

In that essence Mr. Crme did preach that Maitreya would come in 1982, but then when Maitreya came, he did not recognize him. Actually, you see such a similarity between what Crme did and what John the Baptist did with Christ.

John the Baptist also preached that Christ is going to come. And, actually, he recognized it for a very brief moment at the time of the baptism. But, later on, he absolutely was not sure that Christ was the one that was to come. That is why John sent his disciples to ask Esa, Are you really the one we were waiting for?

So, Mr. Crme has a lot of his own ideas that are taken as the word of God, but they are not based on Scripture. That is why you have to test the spirit.

How do you test the spirit? You test the spirit by the Word of God. You go to the Scripture and say, Hey, this person is saying all these things. Is it in the Scripture?

Did God say that His Messiah is going to come from Tibet, build his body, and say, I am going to come in 1982? It is twenty-two years later and he still has not shown up? What is the matter? Did he get caught somewhere, in the traffic, or somewhere that he is not showing up? [laughter]

You have to question that yourself. What happened for twenty-two years? So, Mr. Crme has created a lot of confusion. Although he has helped in such a way that he has spread the name of Maitreya all over the world, he has been a kind of obstacle in our Path, in our work, that a lot of people are confused with the confusion that he brought to humanity.

Actually, they spent around one million dollars to take ads in every big city in the world proclaiming that Maitreya is going to come in 1982. But, when he came, the very person who proclaimed it, did not recognize him.

There is a writing on our website, written by one of the people who is with me, one of the Divines, and it is called, How He Became Maitreya. You can go ahead and read all about who I am, where I came from, what is my name, how I realized who I am, why I claim what I claim, and how it is all based on the Scriptures. I hope this answers your question, Handsup. Please let me know if you have any follow-up question.

Go ahead, Handsup.

Handsup: Yes, you were talking about Scripture. I was just wondering what Scripture are you talking about, the Christian Bible? I know that just in the welcome message you were talking about the unity of all religions. Do you believe that Christianity is truth, and Islam is just as true? When you say Scripture, do you mean the Koran as well as the Bible, or just the Bible?

Maitreya: If you study The Revelation, it talks about the Seven Seals, which if you read the book, Revelation Of The Revelation in THOTH, you will recognize that according to our teaching, God was talking about the Seven Revelations, which all will come through the First Begotten Son, or Christ. Each of these Revelations is a part of a greater truth.

And in the Bible itself, in The Revelation, chapter 10, verse 7, God clearly said, The mystery of God will finish when the Seventh Angel comes. Also, when the Seventh Angel pours the vial he has, in that same book, it says, Now it is finished. It is done.

So we can see that no one has the truth, no one knows the whole Mystery of God until the Seventh Angel comes. And, I do not think Christ ever claimed that he was the Seventh Angel. I do not think that any other Prophet ever claimed that he was the Seventh Angel.

Also in The Revelation, chapter 5, it is only when the book sealed with the Seven Seals was opened, that is the only place in the Bible or any Scripture, that the whole universe rejoices, because it is done, it is opened, and the Mystery of God is finished.

Therefore, any one who brings any Revelation or teaching before the Seventh Angel comes, does not have all the truth. And, that is why most of the religions have fallen into dogmas.

Dogma means man-made beliefs that people follow because they think what the preacher says is the truth. Of course, many religions have been created around these teachings, and that is why we have so many separations in so many religions, with different dogmas.

So, what are these Seven Truths, Seven Revelations? As I explained in The Greatest Sign, the first is the awakening of your spiritual forces, the Mystical Paths, which are Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, and all that.

The second is the Old Testament, creation of the Communities of Light. The third is sacrifice. The fourth is Islam, surrendering and submission. The fifth is the universalism.

So all the Scriptures of all these religions that have come to us are valid and are a part of Gods Revelation and Gods Word.

I know, the Jewish people still say that they are the chosen people, so no one else can be chosen. But, the explanation is, the chosen are only the Elects. The Elects are not a race. The Elects are not a religion. The Elects are not a name. The Elects are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path and become His people.

I know that the Christians say, We are the only way. No one has the truth, and no one can go to God but through me. So did Krishna say the same thing, If you want to go to Pure Consciousness, God, you have to go through me. So did Prophet Muhammad say, Listen to My Prophet. Whatever he says, I am saying it. It is the same thing that, no one goes to God but through Prophet Muhammad. So which one is really the only way?

We can see that all these dogmas that are in these religions were created. And, as I said, no one can have all the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. Therefore, the conclusion is that none of them, the Hindus, Buddhists, Hebrews, Christians, Moslems, Bahais, etc. have the answer, because they each have a part of the elephant. They say how the elephant looks only from their perspective.

It is the story of the five blind men and the elephant. One of them held the ear of the elephant and said, Hey, the elephant looks like a leaf. The other one held the leg and said, No, he is like a cylinder. The other one had the trunk and said, No, he looks like a hose. So, you can see that all of these people had only a part of the truth and that is why they described the elephant in different ways.

So, answering your question, it is in the Bible. The coming of the Seven Seals is in the Bible. Actually, our teaching is based on the Bible. But, the Revelation, of course, is the New Wine. You have to put it in the new skin. You cannot put it in the old skin. It is not going to fit.

Go ahead, Handsup.

Handsup: You were talking about the fullness of the truth, I think you said, would not be revealed until the Seventh Angel? I just wanted to know what verse that was.

Maitreya: If you look in The Revelation in the Bible, in chapter 10, verse 7, you will find that God clearly says, God is a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. It means that anyone who comes before him and says, I have the whole truth, does not.

Reader: But in the days of the voice of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the Prophets.

Maitreya: So, did you find the verse, Handsup? It is in The Revelation, chapter 10, verse 7. It clearly says that, that is how it will only be. It is only then that the Mystery of God will be finished.

Go ahead, Handsup.

Handsup: OK, thanks. Yes, I just looked it up. It says, But in the days of the trumpet call, to be sounded by the Seventh Angel So it would be the Seventh Angel who blows the trumpet. Then it says, The mystery of God, as he announced to his servants the Prophets, should be fulfilled. So that is saying that when the Seventh Angel blows his trumpet, the mystery of God would be fulfilled. I think this would be referring to, probably the end of time.

But, I do not see why this has to be Jesus blowing the trumpet. It says that the Angel is blowing the trumpet and that, The mystery of God would be fulfilled. It does not say that there is no such thing as truth on earth now. It just says that the mystery of God would be fulfilled then.

I was just kind of curious as to what your interpretation of that was. I thought that maybe I might have missed it, because in other parts of Scripture it talks about truth. It talks about, this is in John 16:13, talking of The Holy Spirit coming, He will guide you into all the truth. For he will not speak of his own initiative but whatever he hears he will speak and he will disclose to you what is to come.

In John 16, it talks about The Holy Spirit leading the church into all truth. And also another verse would be, I Timothy 3:15, and it is when Paul is talking to Timothy, and St. Paul is saying, In case I am delayed, I am writing to you so that you will know how you ought to conduct yourselves in the household of God, the Church of God, the Pillar and support of the truth. So, it talks about the church of the living God being the Pillar and the support of the truth.

So I guess, how would you reconcile that with you interpretation of The Revelation? And just as a side note, I was kind of confused, you were saying that all churches have some bit of error in them, and all Scripture is just as valid whether it be the Torah or the Bhagavad-Gita, or the Koran. But why do the Prophets contradict other Prophets? Like, obviously, they cannot both be right. So you end up with a situation where they are either all wrong or maybe one of them is right. And, if they are all wrong, then how can you even pick a verse out of The Revelation and believe it, because maybe that verse is wrong?

Maitreya: Let me make two points first, in the beginning. First of all, we use only the King James Version of the Bible. Apparently, the one you use is not the King James for sure. So let us just keep one version more attentive than any other one because that is the one, at least it was the twenty-seventh revision of the Bible. Anything that came after that is the twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, etc. And, also, they put a lot of effort to keep that version as pure as possible.

Second, the interpretation of the trumpet is, the Revelation that comes through a Prophet. It is just like a trumpet calling humans to, Wake up! It is time for a new dispensation, for a new time of Gods Revelation. Therefore, every trumpet is the Revelation with one Prophet that God has sent to humanity to bring a new Revelation to them. When God says, When the Seventh Angel blows his trumpet, it means when the Seventh Revelation comes to humanity.

And, third, we do not accept anything but the word of the Prophet, or the Messiah, as the truth from God. So, therefore, the only parts of the New Testament that we really concentrate on are the red parts that were taught directly from Christ himself. Anything else after that is written by either the disciples or people who claimed to be disciples, but taught differently than Christ himself.

So, if you want to quote something, let us just go right to the New Testament, the four gospels, and quote from them. Anything from John, Paul, Romans and all of that, forget it.

I am not saying that they do not have any truth. They have some truth in them. They have a lot of beautiful things in them, but there is a lot in them that is not true and was never taught by Christ.

So let us put some ground rules here to know exactly where we are each coming from. Let us see what Christ said about all these things, and let us concentrate on that. But, the interpretation of the trumpet is the Revelation by the Prophets, and there should have come seven trumpets, Seven Revelations, seven religions, and Seven Seals. And, the Mystery of God is not finished until the Seventh Revelation comes.

Now, how can the other Revelations before this Seventh Revelation not have the truth? First of all, they have only one part of the truth because they do not have the whole Eternal Divine Path. It is just like those blind men who held a part of the elephant, and each said, Oh, I have the truth. Were they right? No, they were wrong. They did not have the whole vision. A man with an eye had to come to them and say, Look, each of you have a part of the truth.

You are right. Christ was the Son of God. Christ was the Messiah. Christ was the Prophet of God. He brought the truth. But, his Mission, his Message was, sacrifice. That is why he went all the way to the cross.

He came to open the Third Seal. He came actually, also, to release The Grace to humanity, The Grace that was taken away from them after the Garden of Eden. So, we can see that there are parts that you might, as a Christian I suppose that you are a Christian, in that you are bringing up this matter of the Acts, etc, as evidence. As a Christian, you believe in a lot of things, which are in those supplemental books after the gospels and are taught by Paul, but you quote Christ very little. Why? Why dont we just go right to the Source? Why should we stay with the disciples?

Didnt Christ say that the disciples are never going to be as great as the Master? Didnt he teach us not to do that? Why are you still doing it? Why are you still following those who do not have the truth, and God did not choose them?

That is when you have to stop, think, and say, Oh, yes, Maitreya is right. I should go back to the Source, to Christ. Just read those red parts in the Bible. That is where the truth is, and Christ brought it to you directly from God. Do not listen to the disciples.

Do not even listen to my disciples. I love them. They are good and beautiful. They say a lot of truth. But, come to my Satsang. If they say something that does not make sense, come here and ask me directly, and let me clarify it for you.

So let us see what is the exact word of God, what Christ taught himself. Let us go to that Source. Let us go to the Messiah. Let us go to the Prophet himself.

We can see that, also you have to test the spirit. God has prophesied. Go to our website to see how many prophecies are fulfilled.

I did not find them. Other people came and found them for us. And, those prophecies are fulfilled. So our claim is not based on an egoistical trip that, Oh, I am the Messiah. I am this and that. It is based on the Scriptures, based on the Revelation, and based on the prophecies.

So, it is wonderful that you have the questions, that you have the searching mind. That is great. Everyone should accept it eventually by themselves, by realizing this is the truth, this is the only way, and no one goes to the Father but through me.

If you get that one, you will realize that the only way on earth right now is to come to the Mission of Maitreya, realize that all the religions have come from the same God, and understand what each of them had for humanity. When you put all of them together, then you will say, God I love You! I know that You exist for sure!

Ninety-nine percent of the people really do not believe that God exists. They just throw at you their dogmas, but in their hearts, they do not really know God. However, if you come to the Mission and realize, He did all these things. He said He was going to do all these things, and He did them, intellectually, at least, you will say, Oh, yes, He surely exists then, absolutely.

And if He exists, He will bring His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth no matter how much opposition is to it, or how much craziness is going on in this earth. We can see that the tribulation has already started. Probably this is a good time to reach to humanity through this wonderful media that God has created for us and let them know, You have an option, human. You can go ahead and kill yourselves, but you have another option. I am so sorry to say that they might even do that before they realize these words, because they are not open to listen to them right now.

Anyway, the truth is that the Revelation, this Seventh Revelation, is sent by God, and you will only see the whole truth if you realize all of them. So, we can see that the coming of this Revelation was prophesied. No one has the complete teaching; they have only a part of the truth. No one can claim that they have the truth.

But, Christ was right when he said, I am the only way, the truth, and the light. He was correct, absolutely. In that time in that Revelation, he was the way. He was the truth. And, he was correct.

When God said through Prophet Muhammad, Listen to Me. Whatever he says is My Word, He was correct. He was the truth. But, at the time, later in some verses, Prophet Muhammad said, I did not give you everything. There is a lot more in The Holy Tablet that I did not reveal to you. Well, if he did not reveal it to you, how can he be the last Prophet? He cannot.

If Christ said, I am going to come back, he did not finish all the truth yet. He is going to come back to say more about the things that he had not said. If he had done it completely, why should he come back? That was it. It was finished.

So we can see that it is right in the Bible. It is right in The Revelation. It is right in the Scriptures. It is the Word of God that, there are going to be Seven Revelations that come to humanity. You have to accept each other. You have no choice.

Or, you can destroy each other and have a huge fight. We are going to sit here and wait until you see that, that is not the way. The way is the way of God. The way is the unification. The way is the realization that all the religions of the world have been sent from the same Source.

OK, Handsup, go ahead. But, please stay short for the answer.

Handsup: You were saying that you believe everything that is in red. I guess you are talking about the red-letter edition of the King James Bible that has everything that Christ spoke in red. Whereas everything else, if it is not written in red, you are saying that you do not really believe in it. I think that is what you said. I was just trying to determine what it is that you believe. I think you said that you believe what was in red.

The thing is that you are quoting The Revelation and chapter 10, I think it was verse 7, and The Revelation was written by John. So we have one verse in The Revelation that was not said by Christ. I think it is like that even in my King James version, the red-letter version. How can you accept Revelation 10, verse 7, when it is not in red?

That is one thing that I was confused about, was why you believe that verse if it was not what Jesus spoke? And, why you would believe any verse that was not red? Because, let us say that you are reading the gospel of Luke, and you are reading something that Jesus said, in red letters there, but you are reading what was written down by St. Luke. And, Luke also wrote the Acts. So if you do not believe the Acts of the Apostles and Luke wrote it, then you really cannot believe

Maitreya: Handsup, you are breaking up very badly too. I heard a part of your question. Please keep the questions very short. You do not have to go all over the Bible to make your point.

I will let you have your microphone, but I am going to go and answer your questions. You are asking me why we accept the red parts in the New Testament, and why we do not accept some other things in the Bible, yet we accept The Revelation, but we do not accept Acts?

Well, the same question can be asked, Why do we accept the Koran or the Upanishads, or the Old Testament? They are not in red, so why do we accept them? If you want to expand the question, you can cover everything.

That is when the question of faith comes in, and you have to realize that if someone is coming as the Word of God, and he accepts a part of the Bible as the truth, then it has a lot of truth in it. So, it comes to that. If you ask the question, then you can accept our teaching about the Koran, you can accept our teaching about the Upanishads, etc. You can accept our teaching about any of the things that were revealed to you.

[many Internet difficulties here; had to reconnect]

Does anyone have another question? Go ahead. Otherwise, usually we meditate, or if I have something to say, I come in. Otherwise, just go ahead, raise your hand, and state your questions.

The answer to the question of Handsup is very simple. Also the book The Revelation is a very hard book to understand, and it was sealed from the understanding of anyone but the one who comes as the Seventh Angel. That is why God said, if any human added to it or subtracted from it, he is going to have his portion taken in Gods Kingdom.

So, anyone who put any commentaries or explanation of The Revelation were also wrong. They did not know the answer. Only the Seventh Angel has the authority and the ability to explain The Revelation. We can see that that is why The Revelation is accepted, because now it is explained in the purest form to humanity and it makes a lot of sense.

Also, if the prophecies are fulfilled, if the word of God has been fulfilled, therefore, the person who fulfills it has the authority to say which one is the word of God, and which one is not. Does that make sense?

If you have a question, go ahead. We will open the floor to anyone who wants to ask any questions.

Apparently, Tyler, you have asked a question about Satsang [the question was typed in text]. What is Satsang? Satsang means good company. Good company means the people who come together to talk about God. As Christ said, if it is not about God, just say, Yeah, yeah, and nay, nay. That is all that is necessary. The rest is idle talk, and idle talk is not good for spiritual progress. So, you should refrain from idle talk.

But, coming together and talking about God, Gods Revelations, Gods Scriptures, Gods Words, Laws, and everything that He has given to us, that is called, Satsang.

Satsang is when a person who is connected to God, comes and talks to the people. That is why it also means, God talk. It means that God talks to humanity through the person who is chosen to talk for Him.

So, Satsang is a Sanscrit word. It means good company, or God talk. The closest thing you can come to it in English is conference. Well, a conference room is not always about God.

That is why we chose the word Satsang for our conferences like this, to reflect, We are going to talk about God. We are going to talk about the Scriptures. We are going to talk about the Mission. We are going to talk about the Eternal Divine Path, our Revelation, and all of that.

So, Satsang is the gathering of the people who talk about the Mission, the Seven Seals, the Revelation of God, and they realize that the coming of the Seventh Angel is necessary. The unification of humanity is needed. We have to start sharing with each other. Those who have more, have to give to those who have less. It is not a goodwill thing; it is the Law that those who have more have to help those who have less.

It is not something that, I am a good person. I am rich. I give a little to these people. It is the Law that he who has more, has to help the poor. And, it is not a favor to the people who do not have much. If the people, who have much, give to people who do not have much, the violence we see on earth will be prevented. So it is not, You are doing a favor to those who do not have, but that is the Law of the universe.

The Law of the universe is always working toward balance. If you have high water, and you have a low water, and you connect them together, what happens? The higher water goes to the one that has less, and it becomes balanced. It is impossible in the universe to have too much equity. That is why this is the Law of the universe.

If you want peace on earth, that is the way you have to do it. You have to bring humanity to a more level position on earth, then we will see that humanity will not have as much destructive forces that is on earth right now.

Humanity has to stop being so materialistic and start listening to God and the Laws of the universe. One of the Laws is balance. He does not say that everyone should be poor but that there should not be a lot of poor people living with a miserable life and other people have billions and billions of dollars. So, it just does not make sense.

So to answer your question, Satsang is coming and listening, for example, what are Gods Laws? What are the rules? What is Karma? So, when you do something bad, it is going to stay with you. It is just like, your Bible even says, You reap what you sow. That is the Law of Karma right there.

We have some new people in the room. We are going to explain The Greatest Sign again and the Eternal Divine Path. You are in the Mission of Maitreya room. We are teaching the Seven Seals. They are opened. The Revelation has come to humanity. The religions are unified. The Revelations are as Seven Seals that God has said He would send to humanity.

The First Seal is the awakening of your spiritual forces, the Mystical Paths, just like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christians, Sufis, and the people who meditate and, Know thyself to know God.

If you do not Know yourself, you cannot know God because God and you are one. If you know yourself, you know God. It is as simple as that. So, that is all the Mystical Paths.

The Second Seal is the Old Testament, or the Hebrew teachings based on the Communities of Light. Not only do you awaken your spiritual forces, but also you join in the communities, which are based on God.

You can give Satsangs every night in the Communities of Light and talk about God. You are always flowing in His Grace all the time. So, the creation of the Communities of Light are helpful in many, many aspects in human life. And, that is the goal, after trying to awaken your spiritual forces.

Then sacrifice in the community. That means that you should not be self-centered. Not, Whatever is in it for me, all the time, but, what is the best for the community and how can I help the community?

If you are in a community, and you always say, What is in it for me? it is not going to go anywhere. Therefore, sacrifice is necessary. And, that is what Christ taught to humanity, he went all the way to the cross for his ideal, which he eventually brought to humanity.

Of course, if you do a lot of good things and things start happening, you may become attached to the result of your actions and say, It is a wonderful job I am doing. And, then, of course, you fall. Your ego comes in, and you fall.

If you are doing a lot and it is not happening, you think, Why is it not happening? and you become discouraged.

Either way, your ego is involved and you cannot progress. Therefore, the Fourth Seal comes in, surrendering and submission to God, which means that you do the job and you surrender the result to God. You say, God, I did my part, but I am not attached to the result.

Better than that is submission to God. That means, God is always doing it through me. And, because we know God always does perfectly, if we do something that is not perfect, is it God doing it through you? You can say, He did it through me, but really, He did not, because what happened was not perfect.

So, you have to let God come through. You have to become flowing with God. You have to just stand back sometimes to see, Why am I so pushy? I do things all the time that do not work to perfection. Why is it? Am I pushy about the things I really want to be done? or, I can just stand back sometimes and let other people do it. I will just watch to see how it works better, and learn from it. That is when God comes through.

If God comes through you, you do a perfect job. And, that is Islam.

The fifth one is, with all your progress, with all your work, if you are not a universalist, you will become narrow in mind. You will become attached to the one small community, a small religion, a small country, a small continent, etc. So, you develop the narrowness of the mind. And narrowness of the mind is the root of all the problems in human existence from the beginning of history to this time, because everyone wants to protect their own little interests, their own little part of the world, and their own little religions, instead of expanding themselves, There is One God, One Humanity, and One Earth. So, they can share and solve the problems we have. That is universalism, and it is the Bahai teachings.

So we can see that with these first five steps, we have unified all the mystical religions of the world, which means, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, all the saints in Christianity, and Sufis. We also unified the Hebrews, the Old Testament, which is based on the Communities of Light, Christianity, Islam, and the Bahais. Well, we covered around three to four billion people on earth, more than half.

If we can convert ten percent of humanity to this new teaching, we will be able to establish Gods Kingdom on earth. The ten percent is a drop in the bucket.

Ten percent of six billion is what? It is six hundred million. That is not too much, that is a pretty good number. But still, with all this technology that God gave us, we are actually able to sit here and reach the whole of humanity and invite them to come over and eventually, little-by-little, we will have more people join us.

So we can see that the people who go through the first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path -- awakening your spiritual forces, meditating, becoming more sensitive to the Will of God; creating the Communities of Light, at least working toward them; sacrificing for them; becoming surrendered and submissive to the Will of God; and becoming a universalist will become the Elects.

That is what the Scriptures were talking about, My Elects. God would love His Elects to the highest. So, that is the Sixth Seal. These Elects are the people who will guide humanity to the next step and will help everyone reach Pure Consciousness.

So you can see that the unification of the religions is here, the prophecies are fulfilled, we have the answers to the problems of humanity, and we are reaching out to everyone to come, to see, to test the Spirit, and eventually proclaim, Yes, this is the fulfillment of the prophecies, and I want to be a part of it. I want to help. I want to be one of those six hundred million people who will work to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Actually, 144,000 will be the most dynamic beings on earth to do His Will.

So, if you have any questions about our teaching, if you did not understand any part of what I said, or if I am not coming through well, let me know. Apparently, I am coming through well now. And, if you have a question, I will be here another couple of minutes. I have been here for the last hour and a half, actually more than that. I will probably stay another couple of minutes. So, go ahead if you have any more questions. [silence]

OK, it sounds like no question is presented. We are in the Feast of Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles is one of the Feasts and Holy Days of God that has been commanded for humanity to keep forever and ever. In Leviticus, chapter 23, you can find all the Feasts and Holy Days of God. We follow all those Holy Days in the Mission, and this is one of them.

This actually is the one when the Messiah is supposed to come to earth. That is what the Feast of Tabernacles is. And, always the Spirit is great when we have the Feast.

I hope all of you enjoyed the rest of the Feast as well. So, now you have heard The Greatest Sign. Our work is done with you. It is now up to you to go to our website. Go to our website, read and try to understand it, and realize what God has brought to humanity.

So, it is the Seventh Trumpet, and the Seven Seals are opened here. Have a good rest of the Feast, and I will see you Friday night. Actually, I will see most of you tomorrow morning. I will be giving a lecture at 9:30 AM, MST for an hour and a half on Paravipras, or The Elects. And, if any of you want to come and join us, and invite other people to come, again you are welcome.

Sal-OM. Good night.

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