Satsang (Discourse) 01/26/02




Maitreya:Sal-Om. Welcome to the Satsang of the Mission of Maitreya. This is the Revelation from God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, who has created all things and who has sent His Spirit to the world to go through the Eternal Divine Path. He has sent all the Prophets, and sent many Guiding Lights to humanity. Now He has put it all together as one Revelation, so man might know the Plan of God, His Story (History), and how He has guided humanity to this point.

Now they have a choice to follow the Eternal Divine Path and become one, or many will go against His Will and will not be a part of the Plan. That is what will happen when the Seventh Angel comes; humanity has a choice to choose two ways. And, that Revelation has come from the Only God, the One God.

There is no separation between men and men. There is no separation between religions. There is not such a thing as one religion is better than the other. We all have to go to the Prophet of that religion and listen to what He has revealed to humanity.

No other man but the Prophet himself should be followed, should be listened to, should be held as the Truth and the Mouthpiece of God. God has sent His Spirit to the world. It came, and It went through the Path we will reveal to humanity and we have revealed to humanity. You can read about it in more detail in our website, in our teachings, and in our writings.

It is a very simple Path. It is five steps that cover all the great religions of the world.

When the Spirit of God came to the world, to the darkness, to the chaos that we read in the Bible in the beginning, He meditated in that chaos, in that darkness, and God realized how lost those unit consciousnesses and Souls were. As He meditated, more and more He realized the nature of man, which is ego. Ego is the root of all the problems on the earth. Ego means, the illusion of separation from God.

In order to shatter that illusion of separation from God, we have to meditate, awaken our spiritual forces, and realize that God and we are One. There is no separation.

Everyone else is also a spark of God; there is no difference between us and anything in the universe. We are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of us. If we separate any part of God, or the universe, from any other part, we are not manifesting the Spirit of God on earth, but we are creating ego. Ego separates. God unifies.

That is the difference between a God-realized person and he who is not realized, he who still thinks in the terms of "we and them," "us and others," "me and my neighbor." Love your neighbor as you love yourself. You and your neighbor are one. You are a part and parcel of God. You are a spark of God.

Of course, if your neighbor is not a realized person, he or she will separate himself from you, and you have no choice but to deal with that situation. But, also, at the same time, realize that he is not separated from you. He is a spark of God, and you may be able to help him also to realize this.

Therefore, reaching humanity and giving this Message to every man, woman, child, and whoever listens, is a part of educating them that God is One, we are all a part of Him. There is no separation between man and man, man and woman, woman and woman; all are God. There is One God. He is everything and everywhere. There is nothing that you can separate, and say, This is not God.

That was ego, or evil, or devil, which makes man fall. It is really an illusion, the illusion of separation from God. If we shatter that illusion, we will not fall into the temptation of the world, because we will realize that the more we go to the world, the more we will be separated from God.

That is why Christ said, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle, but it is harder for a rich man to go to God. As you realize that, why do you want to keep all those things that keep you from God? Share with the other person, or with people who do not have and need what you can offer them. At least they can have their physiological and safety needs to be taken care of.

So you see, the more we keep the world, the more we fall from God, the more others suffer, and we create a situation that violence, destruction, wars, and unhappiness will follow. Those who do not have, they are not happy because they do not have. Those who have are not happy because they are falling away from God.

What is the solution? The solution is to share, to share with one another. Let those who do not have receive some from those who have.

As Christ said, If you have two coats, give one to the poor. And let them also have something, at least they are not cold. Maybe they will close their eyes, meditate, and also become realized. So we can see sharing is important, is necessary, is the way of stopping all this madness that we have on earth. Therefore, examine your life and see if you can help in any way.

Create the Communities of Light. Of course, the fear will come to the people, to individuals out of the Communities of Light. They do not have any support. They are alone. They are only people by themselves. Therefore, they have to have enough so that they can take care of themselves. They have to have enough for their old age. They have to have enough for their medical needs.

In the Communities of Light, they know they will be taken care of when they are old. They do not need to hoard finances so that they are going to be OK when they are old. In the Communities of Light, they will be taken care of.

The children will be great children. They will be nurtured and beautiful. They can learn and meditate from very early in their childhood so that they realize that ego (selfishness and self-centeredness) are the cause of all the problems on earth.

So we can see that He realized the first step is yourself to realize human, to realize ego, to realize separation from the Spirit, from Oneness. As He realized that, He saw how selfish and self-centered the unit consciousnesses were around Him.

He started telling them all these things and started to help them out. But they would not listen. They would say, No, our way is better than your way. Our way is better than You, God. You do not know how good it feels to be selfish and having all those things.

But as some of them meditated with him, and they progressed, awakened their spiritual forces, and felt the oneness with God, they realized that what they had was very pale in comparison with the joy, beauty, oneness, and freedom they felt being one with God. Therefore, they listened, and they awakened their spiritual forces.

He started having more people around self as people who have awakened their spiritual forces. Therefore, a community formed. There were more helpers there. The unit consciousnesses were stronger, more powerful.

That is why Prophet Muhammed said, The number is the Hand of God. The more people who meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, become one, and spread this Message together, individually and collectively, the more powerfully the Message will be heard.

That is exactly what happened. The group started feeling stronger, more powerful, and more effective. Therefore, most unit consciousnesses gathered together and eventually communities formed.

Of course, they realized that there are people in the communities who are still selfish and self-centered. They are still thinking only about themselves, and they bring the bad feelings and the energy to go down in the community. Therefore, they realized that every individual and unit consciousness should realize that the community is number one. God is number one. So they can learn and progress in sharing more and more with the community, instead of saying, What is it in it for me in this community?

That is the sacrifice that the Spirit of God had to go through. That sacrifice was symbolized with Christ coming to earth, the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God has come to earth many times. The Spirit of God came to earth as Adam. The Spirit of God came to earth as Noah. The Spirit of God came to earth as Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Christ, Moses, and many Prophets. Before Prophet Muhammed there were over 100,000 of them. After him, there have been a few to this point.

So to form those communities, the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. Where do we find the communities? We find them in the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on God finding the tribes of Israel, the Communities of Light.

What did He demand them to do? He demanded them to accept Him as their only God, no image, none on the earth, none in heaven, none under the water, should be accepted as God, but the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is the only God which unifies. If you give Him a shape, if you give Him a name, if you give Him any attributes of the manifested world, that will separate man from man. That will separate humans from humans. That will separate groups from groups.

So, in order not to create that separation, we all have to accept God as a Spirit and worship Him in Spirit. That means to close our eyes and go to the Spirit, to know God, to pray to Him, to learn from Him, and to know how the Spirit works. The Spirit is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Therefore, God has no name, no shape, no form, the ultimate God, the One that we are striving to know. Of course, everything else is God. You can make a statue and say, Yes, the Spirit of God is also in that. Yes, that also is true. But, that will separate man from man.

The highest realization of God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. So let us all know Him, go to Him, and ignore any name, form, or shape as God, but see the God in each other and know that spark of God, the Spirit of God, is in all of us. With all this we shatter the obstacles in our path to realize God in each other, instead of giving Him a name or shape, or something that is not really a part of us.

So, the Communities of Light were introduced to humanity by choosing Abraham. Abraham was given two promises: The scepter and the birthright. Abram was the father of Ishmael. Therefore, when God gave the promises to Abram, it was for Ishmael. He gave the promise of a Prophet and a territory coming from the children of Ishmael.

Then God changed the name of Abram to Abraham. Abram means the father of one nation. Abraham means the father of many nations. He also changed the name of Sarai to Sarah. Sarai means, "princess." Sarah means, "our princess," the princess for more than one people. Then He said that He was going to have another son from Sarah, and then He promised the same thing: the scepter and the birthright, which was for the Children of Isaac.

We can see that it has been fulfilled. God has fulfilled both of them. If you go to many rooms in PalTalk, especially those that do not believe in God, they say that they do not believe in God and, "Prove it to me." There is proof. He said that He was going to do this and He sent a Prophet from the Children of Ishmael and a Prophet from the Children of Isaac.

Then He also gave them great territories. The children of Ishmael have the territory from Saudi Arabia all the way to North Africa, to South America. The children of Isaac have the territory from the North of Israel, even now recently in Israel, all the way to Europe and North America.

So you can see that He has fulfilled the prophecy of the birthright and the prophecy of the Messiah or the Prophet coming from both Isaac and Ishmael. He has done it. He has fulfilled His Promises. Does He exist?

Even if you do not know this in your spirit, intellectually you can see and say, Yes, He did it! He said He would do it. Therefore, He exists for sure."

So how can you stay an atheist, or agnostic, if you see that God said He was going to do it and He has fulfilled these promises? Therefore, you can see that these two Prophets have been promised to two sons of Abram and Abraham.

Even if the Jews, Christians, and Moslems realize this, we have unified three great religions of the world together and they would realize, Yes, God did promise also Ishmael to have a Prophet to come from him.

Actually, the Jewish people knew about that when Prophet Muhammed came. When he started giving His Revelation, a lot of them did accept Islam. Later on, when he did not accept anyone over anyone and said everyone is equal, he was opposed.

But, we have to put the politics away. We have to realize God. We should not fall for the politics of the earth that have been destroying the earth. We are separating each other, and we do not want to hear the truth because the truth is different than what is politically correct. We actually become politically incorrect. That is true. If you want to be Godly, you have to become politically incorrect.

Of course, the more we teach this and the more people realize that, Yes, God did promise also Ishmael that a Prophet would come from them, how can we say that only Christ is the only way because God said that also a Prophet is going to come from Ishmael, and, no other Prophet came from Ishmael but Prophet Muhammed who established Islam?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Islam in other religions. Any religion that came later, the previous religions tried to dissect that religion, find a lot of problems and bad things about it. But, that is not the way it should be. Really, we should study all the religions, understand them, know them, come to the Satsangs, come to our room, ask questions, and eventually say, Yes. It is not as bad as I thought it was.

It is just like that question about Prophet Muhammed marrying a seven-year-old girl. At first, she was nine-years old, but after a couple of months it became seven-years old. I was wondering when it would go to four or five [laughing]. But, anyway, as I explained to them, they would not consummate the marriage until the girl has had her first monthly period. Then she is considered a woman. So, it is not a pedophile situation, or, many other things.

They say that Prophet Muhammed said that you should kill the unbelievers. They generalize it that anyone who is not a Moslem should be killed. Even the Moslems themselves generalize it to that point.

But Prophet Muhammed was talking about the situation between Moslems and some people in Mecca who were attacking them, destroying their homes, businesses, etc. So, we have to realize that we should not take the truth out of context and generalize it to something, which it is not meant to be.

We have to realize that God has promised another Prophet also from Ishmael. So, God did promise all these things. And, of course, He also chose Judah and the Jewish people, or Hebrews, to set an example for humanity of what the Communities of Light are. The Communities of Light are when people choose God as their King and His Laws as the Laws of their communities. That will bring peace, unity, oneness, beauty, and non-violence to the community. How can there be violence when there is a community strong, close, and watchful of what is happening in the community? Of course, we have the Neighborhood Watches these days, but that is not really the Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are more than only watching your neighbor. It means really knowing your neighbor, becoming one with each other, even doing the spiritual practices with each other. It is much, much more than watching, which really you do not watch all the time.

But if you have a strong, close-knit community, someone is always watching the community, and crime will not happen. Why be a criminal anyway if your physiological and safety needs are provided and the Kingdom of God is on earth? If in that time, when the Kingdom of Heaven is on earth and there is a criminal, then it is OK if we have a very harsh punishment for him/her.

So you can see that God went through this process of awakening of your spiritual forces, realizing that the community and oneness and unity between the people are necessary, and sacrifice is needed to create the Communities of Light. Many people who had also progressed startedfalling off the Path. The Maya came back to them. Their egos came back to them, and they fell back from where He had taken them.

So, He was very upset about that. He said, What have I done? I have done so many works for these people, and they are not here any more. Therefore, He realized that being attached to the result of your actions also is not good. You should not be attached to the result.

Therefore, He did his best. He tried to meditate, to awaken His spiritual forces, to guide people to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, but He said, Well, it is really Spirit who is doing it through me. I am not going to be attached to the result. And He gave the result to God or to the universe.

Then, of course, He realized later, greater than surrendering the result is to be submissive to God. That means, "God is really doing the action through me, and therefore I am not going to be attached to it. Anyway, I am not the doer. God is the Doer. I am unattached to the result."

That is the essence of not being unhappy, not being attached to the result. It does not mean that you do not expect results. Surrendering and submission does not mean that you do not expect results. But, you are not attached to them.

That, of course, came with Prophet Muhammed. As we said, God had already promised Ishmael also that a Prophet would come from him. It was the scepter that was promised both to Ishmael and Isaac, and He brought the concept of Islam.

Islam comes from the word tasleim, which means surrendering and submission to God. That is the highest spiritual realization man can reach, to become completely surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, know what the Will of God is for them, and fulfill that Will. That will bring the greatest happiness to that individual, to that person, to the people around him or her, because they realize what God wants them to do, and they do it. They do not resist it. They do not hesitate. They jump at it, go with it, and they accomplish what they have been called for.

Therefore, if you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, you create a mind closer to God. Of course, the goal of everyone is to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, live in them, and become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God.

He started helping only a few around himself or herself and eventually he realized, What am I doing? I am separating what I have created of the Communities of Light, or anything that I am working with, from the rest of the universe. Therefore, he realized that God is everything. There is no separation.

I have to work and give this Satsang to every unit consciousness in this universe, and if there are many other universes, so be it. We have to tell this to every unit consciousness: They have to awaken their spiritual forces, they have to create the Communities of Light, they have to sacrifice, they have to surrender and submit to God in the community, and they have to become universalists.

Being a universalist means that the universe is my home, God is my Father and Mother, and I am His child, His son, and I have to do His Will and become in His image. A universalist shatters all the narrowness of the mind because he sees that God is everything. So how can you separate anyone from anyone or anything from anything? Therefore, you become a universalist. That is the essence and Spirit of the teachings of Bab and Bahaullah who have brought the concept of universalism, and they are a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

By doing that, he became a dynamic spiritual being. He realized God. He realized ego. He realized what separates man from man. He separated the illusion of separation from God, from Maya, and he destroyed any illusion of the separation. He attracted other people to come to him and around him, and created Communities of Light. He realized that sacrifice is necessary and he taught others also to sacrifice for the community. Therefore, he realized that he had to create these Communities of Light, and sacrifice is needed.

He also realized that he should not be attached to the results of his actions. And, even better than that, let God come through Him. That is why we say, All thanks go to God. If we take the thanks to ourselves and say, Oh, thank you. Thank you for thanking me, and all of that, it means that we are the doer. We forgot that God is doing it.

Of course, being submissive is very hard. A lot of people forget that it is God doing it through them, and they become attached to the result. That is why it is recommended, if you are not submissive all the time, in the moment you remember you are becoming attached to the result you say, God, sorry, I forgot. Here is the result. I surrender the result to You. So, you can always go back and surrender the result and so be free from it.

After that you become a universalist. That means that you do not see separation between anything from anything in the universe. You might hate the action of a person, but you will not hate the person because the person is still the essence of God.

Therefore, you try to correct them instead of beating them on the head and creating violence and destruction. If you cannot change them or correct them, leave them alone and go and be with the other people who are more like-minded like you, and create the Communities of Light.

Eventually, when we reach the critical point on earth, the Communities of Light will succeed and many people will want to be in the Communities of Light. They do not want to be in the Communities of Light, if they have not even seen one. They have not been in one. They have lived their own little lives and they are afraid, What is it? It is new. It is something amazingly different than what they know.

But when they see it, they lived in it, they see the beauty of the cooperation, oneness, and help from each other, they will realize, That is where I want to be. I do not want to be in my little selfish world that really makes me unhappy, etc. So, we can see that many people will join us.

After you become a universalist, you become an Elect. An Elect is a person who is incorruptible, who is connected to God, who is intellectually strong, who is spiritually connected, and who has followed the Eternal Divine Path. They have realized our teaching in a much deeper level, and will work to create the Communities of Light, the hierarchy on earth, and eventually, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Such people are those who delay their own salvation in order to bring many consciousnesses to higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness. Then they will also enter Pure Consciousness and become one with God.

That Pure Consciousness is the goal of life. It is the symbol in the center of The Greatest Sign and at the bottom, which is at the end, becomes in the image of God..

That is the goal of the life, to be(come) Divine: To become one with God, to become in the image of God, to bring unity, to manifest great qualities of God: Compassion, love, unity, oneness, non-violence, education, and progress. These are the signs of God, or the qualities of God.

It is not something that you say, I am God, but I have no compassion, no love, no ability to sacrifice or to surrender and submit to His Will. But, I am God at the same time." That is not what the mystical people call, You are gods. Yes, you are, you have the potential to become god. Therefore, we can see that God wants us to become perfect.

In many rooms in PalTalk I heard that they say, Really, God never said that I have to become perfect. I am just saved by believing in such and such a thing. But if you read the Bible, if you read the Scriptures, even Christ himself clearly said, Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven.

Therefore, becoming perfect and in the image of God is the goal of life. Of course, the human loves to create a lot of dogmas and hang-ups in their traditions and customs. That God said is foolish. Going to God is the only way.

So, we have to examine everything in our lives, everything in our traditions, or anything that we are hanging onto, and let go of them if they are not the Word of God.

That is the Eternal Divine Path that is the base of our teachings. That is why God has sent us to humanity again and brought the unity of all religions here together. This is the Message of the Mission of Maitreya. This is the Message to humanity.

Those who come to it and follow it, will prosper, will progress, and will become one with God. Those who resist it and say any teaching other than this, unfortunately, will not be reborn for a long, long, long time.

This is the time of sundering. This is when the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Those who follow the Eternal Divine Path, realize all religions are sent by one God, are the wheat. Those who do not and insist on their own little religions and dogmas, are the chaff.

Go ahead, Binbrook.

Binbrook: How are you doing? What is the subject about?

Maitreya: This room is the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path. It is the Revelation that reveals all the Revelations before it, unified them, and brought them to humanity. This is the last Revelation from God. You can read more about it in our website. Someone will post the URL of the website for you. You can go to the website and read about it.

This unifies all the religions of the world. It is the opening of the Seven Seals prophesied in The Revelation to be opened in the end time. It is the Seventh Angel, which will purify the last Revelation to humanity.

It is the end time. This is the time of judgment. This is the time of sundering. This is the Revelation of sundering. This is the time that many religions have been waiting for. This is the end time.

Therefore, if you had not left the room you would have learned much more about it. But, since you left the room, probably you will not find out much about it.

Therefore, we will be here again. We have another hour and something left. We can discuss more in detail the Mission, or you can ask questions if you have them. If you do not have questions, probably I will continue talking about the Mission in more detail. But, if you have a question, raise your hand.

Yes, all the questions have been answered. There are not really many questions left that we have not answered. We have been answering the questions for the last twenty-two years or more. There have been many, many questions. They have all been recorded, have been transcribed, and are available in the Mission.

Actually, I hope one day we can create a database and put it on the website that if anyone had a question they could put it in the database and come up with the question they are looking for. It is going to be there. There have been many answers.

Therefore, nothing has been held back at this time. At this time all answers are given. We have not said that we have only revealed a part of the Tablet, but we have revealed the whole Tablet, the whole Akashic Records and whatever is needed for humanity to know.

Go ahead, Snowjewel.

As we read in the beginning, probably you were not here, we do not answer the questions typed in the text. Please take the mic and ask your question in the mic. The answers will not be given if they are typed. I appreciate that. [It was typed that they do not have a mic.]

Well, that is what a lot of people say, We do not have any mic. Please go and obtain a mic. and return maybe a little later or next week, and come to the mic. That is one requirement in this room, you have to say it in the mic. Thank you.

It is very easy for people to come and write in text but they have to be pretty brave coming to the mic. We are looking for brave people, people who are not afraid of coming out and saying who they are. I am sure you are not, but I am just talking about in general. That is one rule that we have put here, please go have a mic. It is not a very difficult thing to do and it is not very expensive either. Sometimes even a mic comes with the computer you acquire. So please have a mic, come to the mic, and ask us your question.

We do not mind answering any of your questions. Of course, the questions like the one you asked, you can always come during the week, and there are other people who can answer those questions very readily for you. Even if you do put it in text, they still will answer you. We hope that we keep this room for higher questions, questions about the Mission, about the teachings, about what we are doing, why we claim what we claim. If you have a question about those, come to the mic and ask.

If you do not agree with us, that is fine. If you put it nicely and in a very good question about why you do not agree with us, we can discuss what we say is true or what you say is true. If what you say is true, we will follow you.

It is just like, until six months ago I did not care too much about genealogy. I did not believe in it; I did not care about it. Then one brother came here and made me see the light [laughing], and he made me believe in it. So, we followed him and he told us exactly how it is.

Or, other prophecies that another gentleman brought to us. In the beginning we were very resistant to the truth behind them because there was so much of it and we said, How could you find all this? As he insisted that he is correct, we accepted them.

So, if you have something that you are more correct and truthful, bring it in. We are the seekers of the truth. We hate dogmas and ego. Those are two things we do not like in this Mission: dogmas and ego.

If you do not have any ego, you do not have any dogma, welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. Dogmas have to go. Dogmas are the problem.

A lot of people say, God brought so much suffering to humanity. God did not bring suffering. Man brought suffering on themselves by following dogmas and all the things that they have created, and have separated themselves from each other.

Now, if you read the Missions teachings, if you understand our teachings, you will see that there is no dogma in it. It is just a Path. Either you follow it, or you do not. If you follow it, you will reap the benefit. If you do not, you will not. It is as simple as that. Therefore, there is no dogma.

That is exactly what another expectation was. When this Revelation comes, the dogma will die. Of course, a lot of people are still hanging onto their dogmas and saying, No, no, no, I am not going to let go, I love my dogmas, my traditions, my customs, etc. But, the only tradition and custom is Gods tradition and custom. The dogmas have to go.

Eventually humanity will realize they are one humanity, one world, under one God. They can get along and bring peace to the earth, so the lions can lie with the lambs and they will not devour each other. The lions, of course, are the people, the Ksattriyas, the warriors. They like to fight. The lambs are those who love the peace and they do not want to be bad.

Go ahead, LittleOne.

LittleOne: Yes, I was wanting to know if in the Mission there is anyone who has plans to start building a Community of Light in the actual form.

Maitreya: Yes, LittleOne, the Communities of Light or the Eternal Divine Path are principles. They are the principles that you can bring to your life individually. Start with your family, and then expand to other people, and invite other people to come and join.

The plan is that there are six married couples, men and women, who come together and they create one unit in the Communities of Light. These six couples will bring other couples among themselves and when they become twelve couples, they will split into two units. Then when each community is made up of twelve couples, twenty-four people, they will split to four units, and on and on until they become twelve units of the units of Communities of Light.

Then, after we have 12 x 12 x 12 of these units of Communities of Light, we will have a Community of Light, which is around 1,800 people in that community.

So, that is the goal. The goal is to create those Communities of Light. Then, these Communities of Light will become a unit of decision-making. Each unit in the community is a unit of decision-making, and the Communities of Light themselves become a unit of decision-making in the area they are at. They also will connect to each other and create the hierarchy in the decision-making process.

So, each individual, at this time, should realize the principles of the Communities of Light. They meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, work toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and attract people to come, listen to them, and they will attract other like-minded people to themselves. They can help them to also come together and create a center for the Mission wherever they are.

That center will become a point of reaching to each community and the more people become attracted, eventually, we will have the Communities of Light all over the place.

Our Path is the Path of non-violence. It is the Path of education, and the more we educate humans, the more they realize that they have no choice and it is Gods Word, they will come together and create great Communities of Light.

But, you cannot just put every Community of Light, or the unit of a Community of Light. How do they follow and become a unit? As long as they follow the principles of the Eternal Divine Path, they will become a unit of the community, or a person of a community. So, you, as individuals, understand the principles of the Communities of Light, and apply that to your own life.

Meditate, try to understand, What is the ego? What does the ego do to you? What does self-centeredness mean? What does it mean to have an ego, which separates you from God?

The more you understand that, the more you will not be separated from God. Therefore, you are willing to share. You share with your husband. You share with your children. You share more with your community. You reach to the community. You become involved with City Hall and see, What are they doing? Are they really helping people in their environment?

Become involved. Become a person involved in the community and attract more people to yourself. Then, of course, you have to sacrifice. You have to put effort, time, and energy to the community.

Then you realize that you are not the doer. God is the Doer through you. You are just a channel for Him to come through.

And, become a universalist, shatter all the narrowness of the mind, of separating yourself from other groups or people. Everyone has the spark of God in them. Eventually you become a Paravipra.

The most important thing right now is to spready this Message to humanity, to reach out. Right now, we are in the process of actually choosing the Facilitating Body. We are not even working on the Communities of Light. The Facilitating Body will consist of the people who will give this Message to every corner of the world and eventually, the Communities of Light will start popping up all over the earth.

Of course, it can happen simultaneously, creating the Facilitating Body, at the same time reaching out and finding teachers who can teach the teaching and spread it out, and at the same time create Communities of Light. So, it is an all-around Plan.

It is very simple. The whole thing is based on the Eternal Divine Path, the five steps: awakening of your spiritual forces, directing that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, even toward your family, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit the action to God, and become a universalist.

It is in the process to be manifesting. It is not manifested. It is only twenty years old. The other religions have been here thousands of years, and they have not accomplished what we are trying to accomplish. I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Fun.

Fun4tessie: Hi, I have a couple of questions. I heard you quote from the Bible, and then you talk of past lives in your website. But, if the Bible is the true inspired Word of God, and the Bible speaks of, we live once and we die once and there is no such thing as reincarnation, I would like you to respond to that.

And, then also, in Genesis 6, what are your thoughts on Genesis 6?

Maitreya: OK. Can you tell us what Genesis 6 says? Are you telling us, Chapter 1, verse 6, or are you talking about Genesis, chapter 6? Either way, can you just read that, or give us the essence of it?

Fun4tessie: Yes, it talks about the sons of God. And, their offsprings were born giants.

Maitreya: Very good. Your first question is about reincarnation. Reincarnation is actually in the Bible.

Whenever I brought this up, some people were trying to explain it in many other ways but there is no other way to explain this but reincarnation: John the Baptist. Christ called him Elijah.

Elijah left the earth, or died, or whatever happened to him hundreds of years before. Then he came to the womb of a woman, Elizabeth. He was a child of Elizabeth. He was brought up as a person, and he was Elijah.

But he was called John the Baptist in that lifetime. How could it be possible? Is it really possible that John the Baptist was not the reincarnation of Elijah? So, here with a great glare in the Bible; it is telling us that reincarnation is correct.

Actually, reincarnation was in the Bible before, but the priests took it away. That is because it is much harder to control people if they believe in reincarnation, OK, I will do fine. Do not worry. If I did not do it in this lifetime, I will do it in the next lifetime.

Of course, we know that is not true. Eventually, this universe is going to finish and the energy is going to be completely withdrawn. If you have not made it in that time, you are not going to be in good shape. You are going to be completely unaware, destroyed, and a place that I do not think anyone wants to stay there.

So, there is an urgency to go to Pure Consciousness, to go back to God. But, at the same time it is not as urgent as, You have one lifetime and if you do not listen to the priest, you are going to go to hell.

Oh boy, I had better listen to him, or her. That is when the power of control comes on the Souls of most religions. Therefore, we can see that reincarnation is in the Bible. They have tried to take it away, but as usual, God is smarter than them. He still left a part in the Bible that we can clearly see that it is reincarnation. There is no other way to explain that but to explain that, Yes, Elijah came in the womb of a woman and was reincarnated.

Besides that, how can God be just if we believe He gives us one life, and He puts us in a situation that we never heard about whatever religion we are in? If you are a Jew, you think you are the chosen people, you are the saved one. If you are a Christian, Christ is the only way. I am the saved one. If you are a Moslem, I have the last word. I am the saved one. If you are a Bahai, I unified all of them. I am the saved one.

That is because we usually follow what our parents follow, our society follows, our custom follows, our tradition follows. Now, we are born in that religion only, we never progress, and then we die.

So, we can see that the justice of God comes. If He gives me many, many opportunities, many, many lifetimes, and tells me, OK, now did you follow what I said?

Well, I was born a Moslem, or a Hindu, or Buddhist, and Christian, and Jew, all of them, and then I still did not listen to God, and then when all of them were unified, a Prophet of God with a clear signs came to us and said, Look all these religions are the same, still I did not follow him,"God will say, Look, I gave you many opportunities.

It is just like the story of the man who was drowning at the top of his house. He was praying to God, Please send me some help. While he was praying a boat came and the boatman said, Come, let us go, I will rescue you.

He said, No, no thank you. I trust in God. And, the water kept coming up.

A helicopter came and said, OK, we are going to rescue you.

He said, No, no, I am going to trust in God.

A log came passing that he could just jump on and go to the dry land. He said, No, no, I am not going to do it. And he was drowned.

He died, and then he went and complained to God, Why didnt You rescue me? I trusted in You.

God said, Didnt you see the boat, the helicopter, and the log? Still you did not take the help I sent you.

He sent the Prophets. He sent Gods Word all through history to all the people who have been reincarnated until this point. Now He is telling them, Look, this is My Plan. This is what God sent to the Mission of Maitreya, and He is explaining to you how I did it."

And, you have been in all these religions. You have been reincarnated in all these religions. Still when He comes and with clear signs that fulfill all the prophecies more than any other Prophet has ever fulfilled; even the genealogy (that is another thing if you believe in that) is showing it. This teaching is incredible.

The truth that has been revealed in the Mission of Maitreya is amazing how much truth has come to humanity. Yet still you hang onto your traditions and your religions? Then God has all the right to say, No, you are not listening. You are not progressing. You are not going where I want you to go, therefore, you are not going to be reincarnated. You are going to be bound and thrown to ignorance, which is hell."

So, we can see that reincarnation is in the Bible, and it shows the justness of God. God is just. God is not going to give you just one lifetime, put you in a situation that you have no ability to progress, and then judge you. What kind of a just Judge is He if He does not give us enough opportunities to redeem ourselves?

So, we can see that reincarnation is something that is in the Plan of God. We have come many, many times, many lifetimes.

Dejavu, what is dejavu? We remember that we have been somewhere. Even regression, people are regressed and they remember previous lifetimes. They have talked about who they were even twenty years ago. They go and look at the newspaper from that time and say, Yes, he was there. There is news about him.

Or, they start speaking in another language that they never knew about in this lifetime. So there is a lot of evidence that has been revealed to humanity at this time about reincarnation. There is no doubt about it.

Your other question was about the sons of God and the giants. As we explained and if you study our book called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), you will see that the human was not in the same shape or state that we are in. They were more spirit. Actually, in the beginning, they were absolutely spirit, they had no material bodies. It was later on that God made a coat of skin for them and gave them flesh. And later on, as they fell more and more, God closed their ability to access the spiritual world.

Because they had access to the spiritual world, they misused those spiritual powers. They reached a point that they could extract the life form and use it to expand, or to make their lives longer. That is why in the Bible we can see they lived for 800, 900 years. That was the regular lifespan then. But, there were people who were using it to live even longer.

That is when the giants were born. Because of the misuse of their third eyes and spiritual powers, they started creating giants, they became psychically very powerful, and they started misusing these powers and creating a lot of problems on earth.

That is when God said, My Spirit will not strive with man any more. He started to destroy those misusers, and that is when the flood of Noah came. There were also the people who had reached Pure Consciousness, or least a very high consciousness, to a point that they could have been called the sons of God.

That is what the son of God is. Son of God means higher consciousness. When you overcome, you become a son of God.

They were sent to help humanity. But unfortunately, they became attached to the earth and the earthly things, and they fell. They are the fallen angels on earth. Still there are many of them around. They have created many different religions, beliefs, and systems on earth. Some people call them the hierarchy, or Brotherhood of Light. They are becoming an obstacle in the Path of the human. Instead of going to God directly, they attach them to themselves. They became gurus and teachers. They attached humans to themselves instead of to God. Therefore, we can see that they are the fallen sons of God.

It was then that God decided to destroy that system. The flood of Noah came. After the flood of Noah, God closed the third eye of man and made it to two eyes.

Actually, if you have heard about Cyclops, although it is a myth, it also has some truth in it because the Cyclops had only one eye, which was his third eye open. Usually they relate to Cyclops the ability of psychic powers and doing things. That is what the humans became. Their third eyes became open. They had bodies but they had only one eye. They had psychic powers. Actually, the spiritual world was more real to them than the external world.

Then at the time of the flood of Noah, God destroyed those beings and replaced them with humans, which we are. We have two eyes, which the only thing we see is the external world and we think, Oh, that is real, that is the truth. It is not.

When you open your third eye you will see, "There is much more truth in Spirit, power, energy, and all of that, than these two eyes that we have.

With this, God does not have to worry about us too much. If we progress, He opens our third eyes and we see beautiful things in the spirit. If we are not worthy, we stay with two eyes and we think this is the world. We even reject that God exists. 99% of humans are in that state. They really do not believe that God exists. They believe in their traditions, their customs, their ego, and they do not really know God.

I hope that makes sense to you.

We are open for discussion, or anything you want to discuss or bring up. Again, the Mission of Maitreya is the fulfillment of all prophecies. There is no dogma in the Mission. We have a lot of truth.

We are here every day during the week. THOTH, our Scripture has been read. There is a lot of truth here. There is no other way to God but this Mission and this teaching. Any other person, any other religion, any other teaching out there will not make it. This is the time of sundering.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Sal-OM Maitreya, and all. Could you go more in depth about the twin flames and soulmates, please?

Maitreya: Sal-OM, Lou. Thank you for your Sal-OM to all of us. We appreciate that, that you are sending salutations to the Divinity within all of us. We do the same to you and everyone in the room.

Twin flame and the other part; this is the topic a lot of people are interested in. The explanation of it is very easily given in Genesis. God took a part of Adam and made that to a woman, or his other part. They did not do very well. They fell. They fell together because they listened to their lower nature.

That is when God created another being for Adam, which was very similar to him. She was a help-mate. Instead of Woe unto man, she was a helpmate, or twin flame. Therefore, the twin flame is the help-mate of each person. But, the other part, there is a lot of flare and attraction and all the things that most people think are going to make them happy between them. But, at the end it is a kind of not very spiritual. Unless both have progressed to the higher level of the spirit and they can overcome, and they do not pull each other down to the lower nature. Then they would be great together.

But, greater than that is the twin flame. The twin flame is the person who is very similar to the person. The two get along very fine and they realize that they have a mission together, and they help each other in the mission and progress at the same time.

Therefore, those people who are looking for their other part usually end up with disappointment because the other part is not exactly what they thought he or she would be, and they will not stay together for long.

But, the twin flame, usually you are very similar, very one with each other in the Will of God and doing His Will, or whatever you are doing together. You just love each other so much because you feel very comfortable with one another. It might not have the flare of your other part but it is much calmer, it is much more peaceful, and there is much more unity. So, we can see that there is a difference between the other part and the twin flame.

I hope it makes sense. If it does not make sense, or you have more questions, probably there is more explanation in THOTH also about it.

Go ahead, Keyosha.

Keyosha: Yes, Maitreya, you were talking about the Cyclops and the third eye. I had a question about that because it sounded like you were saying that people who have their third eye opened when they are on earth now, it is because they are worthy of it and willing to progress. Is that pretty much always the case, that people do not have their third eyes opened in this time unless they are really worthy?

Maitreya: When the third eye is opened, it is also a test. Still you are in the test to see how you are going to use the powers and the psychic energies that you gain toward the opening of your third eye.

Some people see the third eye, they know it is a beautiful eye that when they close their two eyes, they can see it. However, the goal is not to open the third eye. The goal is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. There is no doubt about that.

But, as far as opening your third eye, if your are worthy, you show that you really are spiritual, and you like to go to Spirit, you eventually will see your third eye, you will open it, you will have psychic energy and powers, and you will realize that the spiritual world is more real than the external world. So you become a more spiritual person.

But if you misuse the power still in that level, your third eye will be closed, or you will not make it. The best way to use the power of the third eye is to direct it toward the following of the Eternal Divine Path. That way your third eye becomes bigger, and larger, and huger, and your understanding of the spirit becomes greater, and your two eyes become less and less important to you. But the third eye becomes most important.

Yes, the criterion for opening your third eye is to prove that you really mean you are spiritual, you are toward God. It is not the words. Your actions talk louder. You might know beautiful, pretty words, but if you are not implementing those words to your actions and to your life, they just stay beautiful words and still people see through you very easily that you have beautiful words but you have not become them.

But, that is beautiful that you have beautiful words because you know the teachings, you know the beautiful words, and eventually you might become them. If you become your words, in your actions in your life, you become beautiful, just like your words.

So, continue having beautiful words but work toward becoming them. Also, none of them, opening of the third eye, spiritual powers, psychic energies, or all these things, none of them is the goal of the life. None of them. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Those things, if they came to you, just gently say, Thank you very much. Put them away and say, I have things to do. I have to go and start the Communities Of Light. I have to meditate on God, which is a Spirit.

Even the third eye is not present in Pure Consciousness because even the third eye has a shape and existence. Therefore, the goal is not to open your third eye, the goal is to know the Spirit.

Go ahead, Isaiah.

Isaiah: Yes, I have a historical question for you. I wonder if you could tell me who Leviticus was?

Maitreya: Apparently, you know who he was. Who was he?

Isaiah: My dear Sir, I am coming here to ask you this question. I did not expect the question back.

Maitreya: Dear Sir, you are asking a question that I have no interest to know. The most interesting subject I would like to know is God and His Words. Who is Leviticus is not going to help me to reach Pure Consciousness or Godhood. That is why I am asking, who was he? It means I do not know. You tell us who he was. And, it is not important to me and I do not really care who he was. The most important thing is, who is God? That, if you have any questions, we can discuss. But, if you know who Leviticus was, please tell us.

Isaiah: Well Sir, I only came here to acquire knowledge about this particular topic right now. I do have other questions, by the way. I was hoping if you were all-seeing and all-knowing that you could shed some light upon this particular topic.

Maitreya: Apparently, you do not know our teachings. I am just a man, whose Spirit of God comes and gives the Revelation and teaching to humanity through me.

Christ was a man. He also called himself the son of man. He also called himself, No good, only God is good. He prayed to God. Who did he pray to? Did he pray to himself if he was God?

So, your teaching is full of dogma and your understanding is full of dogma, therefore, you bring your dogma and you want to measure me with your dogmas, which is not going to work.

Know our teachings first, realize what we teach here, what is the truth, what is reality, throw out your dogma, and then come here and ask questions that are relevant, are related to the Mission, and help you in your progress.

Do not come and try to throw your dogmas at us, because I do not know who Leviticus was. Leviticus 23 is the most important part to know, and that is the Holy Days of God. Following them will unify humanity. Therefore, it is more important to know that then knowing who he was. Who cares who he was? The most important was what he said, what is in that book.

What helps us in our Path? Knowing who he was, or was not, is not important.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Yes, back to the twin flame again. If one is married to ones soulmate and then one finds ones twin flame, is it OK if one leaves one and then goes to the other one that he thinks is going to help him the most?

Maitreya: Well, if you are with your other part and you are happy, then why do you want to leave? If you are not happy, it is trouble and problems, you do not feel comfortable, she does not feel comfortable, your relationship is very rocky, unhappy, etc., then you have to look in each situation, each individual case. You have to study it, look at it, and see what is the situation.

Is it redeemable? Is it possible that they can work it out with each other? If you reach the conclusion, No, this situation is terrible for both of us, it is neither good physically, mentally, or spiritually, especially spiritually, you probably have to sit together and talk about it, and decide that it is not working. Probably one solution is, of course, to separate and go in different ways.

If in that time you are smart enough, you have learned from your previous relationship, and you realize that the other person is your twin flame and you want to go together, that is fine. But, first you have to be very diligent in evaluating your situation with the person you are with now.

Separation or divorce should happen very rarely. People should marry each other for lifetimes, they should stay together for that time and not take divorce very lightly. But, it is something that has to be evaluated and reach a point that, Really, the situation is very bad, the best way for both of us is to go away from each other." In that case, of course, divorce or separation is recommended, and you can leave each other and find another person. Or, decide, Well, there is no other person for me, and become a sannyasin or renunciate and dedicate yourself to God.

So, either way, the goal or direction should be Godly, toward God, and see if God wants this to happen. Then after it happens, what are we going to do? If you are in a terrible situation, it should be evaluated by you and your partner, and then, separation is recommended.

I do not know your situation or any situation you are talking about, and so in this case a spiritual teacher or people in the community can be very helpful because they can also help the couple to come closer to each other and not divorce easily, or separate easily.However, we do not have such communities at this time so you have to rely on your own judgment and evaluate the situation to see how you can rectify it.

Go ahead, Abdullah.

Abdullah Waqqas: Thank you. My question is, how do you pray?

Maitreya: Praying is really a deep, Soul to Soul relationship with God. Probably the best way to pray is to close your eyes, meditate for a while, go to Spirit, and listen to God within yourself. Your body is the temple of God. God exists in it. God is in it. God is with you all the time. He never is separated from you.

Some people say, Where is God? I cannot find Him. Just look within. It is not out there somewhere. Just look within yourself; you will find Him.

If you felt in that moment of deep meditation that you really would like to pray to God, then go to your knees and try to pray. Probably the best position is, in the churches they have the kneelers and you can put your elbows somewhere and then put your head on your hands and deeply meditate in your prayer.

You do not have to pray loudly; you can pray inside to God, talk to Him, and let Him know what you want to tell Him. He will listen and if it is good for you, it is acceptable, it is do-able, and it is good for everyone, that will be done. But if your prayer is something that is not do-able, or is not good for you but is a selfish prayer, probably it is not going to be fulfilled.

So praying is talking to God, Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit. Of course, how can you say, Spirit to Spirit, because it is the same thing? Really, what you really need to know is, know your Spirit.

Therefore, prayer is talking to God, which really prayer means, "I am separated from God, I pray to someone else that is God. But meditation is listening to God. It means you close your eyes and you listen to your Spirit within, you connect to the Spirit and listen to what God has to say to you.

Therefore, you know His Will and your prayer eventually will become, Whatever is Your Will, Father. Your Will be done, not mine. That is the greatest prayer probably any person can utter. Your prayer, will be heard very well because His Will for you is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, join the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then your life is going to be very simple, easy, and all joy of knowing God.

So, most of the people pray in this time because they do not live in the Communities of Light. They want things. They ask for things from God. And, He will give them to them. It is just like a little child who is yelling and crying, and the mother gives him a little toy. If the child accepts it, the mother goes and does whatever she wants to do and not worry about the child.

But if the child throws the toy away and says, No, I do not want a toy, I do not want things, I want you. I want to be hugged by you. I want to be loved by you. I want my mother.

I want God, I do not want these toys. If you do that, God has no choice but to say, OK, child come here, and you and Him become One.

So, it depends on what kind of prayer you want to do. What do you mean by prayer? If you want to pray to know His Will, He has already given His Will in our teachings. His Will is to create the Communities of Light, following of the Eternal Divine Path, and creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. But, if you want things, of course, you can go and ask Him and He might fulfill them. But you had better ask for higher things.

Go ahead, Abdullah.

Abdullah Waqqas: Thank you for your kindness. One last question, may I know something about the family tree of Maitreya?

Maitreya: Yes, well not much until six months ago [laughing]. I did not know very much. The only thing I knew was that my mother always told me that we were from the lineage of Nadir Shah. That is all I knew. I did not even know how we were connected to Nadir Shah.

A couple of months ago, around four or five months ago, a gentleman came here and asked me if I knew about my lineage. I said, Not really.

The most important thing for me always was the teaching. The way it came to me was incredible, and the teaching was incredible. I saw the beauty of it, and I said, That is really going to help humanity to realize there is only One God."

Actually, I did not believe in God in the beginning when I was growing up.

I have to tell you something also. My fathers name was Abdul Karim, which is the same meaning as Abdullah. It means the servant of God. My grandfather was Abdullah. So your name is very interesting to me and reminds me of my childhood and grandparents.

So anyway, I told this gentleman, the only thing that I know is that we are from the lineage of Nadir Shah. He then came to me and said, Well, your lineage goes all the way to King David, and Adam." Then later on, in his research on how to connect me to Nadir Shah, he also came with the person who was a Sayyed.

Therefore, my lineage also goes to the Sayyed. Sayyed is the lineage coming from Prophet Muhammed. Therefore, my lineage goes back both to Prophet Muhammed and to King David. So apparently, it was very important. It was very important to this gentleman and he found it. Probably it is very important to a lot of people to also know that this is fulfilled.

Therefore, that is another sign that this teaching is from God. These are the last days of human history. The new, or Golden Age, is coming to humanity. There is One God, One Humanity, and all these Revelations have come from the same Source.

There is no separation between religions and all have to see that. If they see that, this bickering, destruction, and all the things that they do to each other on earth, and even on PalTalk, interestingly, will go away. They will realize, Yes, God said that there was also going to be a Prophet who was going to come from Ishmael. If God said that, how can I stay only with the Prophet who came from Isaac? I have to accept also the Prophet who came from Ishmael also."

Also, Prophet Muhammed said that, There is going to be another Prophet come from my lineage, which was Bab, and Bab brought the teaching of universalism. Bahaullah had to bring it to the West, etc. So we can see that the Moslems say, That was God who did say through Muhammed that such a person was going to come.

Then we know that God is talking about the Elects in all His Revelations. Who are these Elects? He called them Elects. The Jews say, We are the Elects, because we are the chosen people. Christians say, No, we are the Elects; we have the only way. Moslems say, Well, we are the Elects; we have the last word.

But what did God really mean by Elects? Our teaching very clearly explains what He meant. He meant those who follow the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path unifies all the religions together and shows who are the Elects. That is who we are calling here, the Elects.

Those who see our teaching, love it, and say, Yes, Maitreya makes sense. I knew it. I knew there was a relationship between all religions. I knew there was some unity between them. And, there is One God. There are not many Gods of many religions and sects.

So, we can see they jump of joy! They are not the ones who come here and ask me, Who was Leviticus? or, Is my dogma better than,.." some obscure verse in some Holy Book and say, "What does that mean?" or, Do you know who that person

Who cares? Does it help you in your spiritual progress? Does it help you in reaching Pure Consciousness or higher consciousness?

Why is the human so adamant to prove God wrong? Why dont you go and prove Him right? See that the prophecies are fulfilled. See that the unity of all religions has come. See that the Seven Seals are opened and the Book with the Seven Seals is revealed to humanity. See that the prophecies of God have all come to an end. See that it is the end time.

And, you are still hanging onto your religions, customs, and trickery? Why? Practice, go to God.

I am sorry for such Souls that still are hanging onto these things, and not seeing the beauty, the signs, and all the wonderful things that have come to them. They are not able to see. I am sorry for them.

But, God said that is the way it is going to be. There is going to chaff, and there is going to be wheat. If they are going to want to stay chaff, so be it. Who am I to argue with God?

I am just a plain Messenger to give a Message to humanity and you. If you do not see it, it is between you and God.

I am just a plain Messenger to bring a Message to you. I believe that those who do not see it, will not be incarnated for a long, long time. Those who come to it will bring the Golden Age on earth and the Kingdom.

So, this is the end time. This is the time of sundering. That is the time of putting the chaff away and bringing the wheat to the barns of God.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Yes, my question is concerning the Bible, Zechariah. Maitreya, do you want me to read that?

Maitreya: Yes, go ahead.

Lou: That is Zechariah, chapter 6, verse 12, And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying, Behold, the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord: Could you please expound on that?

Maitreya: Probably, BroFrank or John would be better people to answer that question. "Branch" to me sounds like genealogy, doesnt it? From the branch, being the genealogy, like a tree, come from the root and spread downward. As I said, it seems more and more to me that it is very important that this thing has been fulfilled and the genealogy has been confirmed that, Yes, it is from the branch of David.

Go ahead, John, I yield the floor to you.

John: Sal-OM, Maitreya, Sal-OM, Lou, and everyone. Yes, the verse in Zechariah is actually very similar to the ones we will find in the book of Ezekiel in which, if you are familiar with Ezekiel, you will notice there is a temple, which is constructed in front of Ezekiel. Someone enters that temple, coming by way of the East. And, the figure is called, Glory of God.

So, in the book of Ezekiel, it says that the Glory of God enters into the temple facing the East. Here, when it mentions Branch, this is probably a meaning that will be from the branch of the tribe of David. So, the lineage will probably be from David. It is going to enter the temple.

But, of course, it cannot just be from David himself, because only the Levite priests could enter the temple. So, this is also a priestly figure. This is also someone of very high spiritual quality. So, it is a symbol by special specifications.

But, that is not the point. The point is that when you enter the temple, and you go into The Holiest Of The Holies, there you say the Name of God. If you remember the Old Testament, that is what happens.

So really, it is The Holiest Of The Holies, and in that you are going to find the Name of God. So really, this Mission is the fulfillment of that Revelation because here it is set out before you, The Holiest Of The Holies. It is our Revelation.

In this Mission, through four initiations, eventually with great struggle and His Grace, you will receive His Name, which we call The Word. So, this is actually the fulfillment of that prophecy as well.

So really, there are many levels that that prophecy is fulfilled in this Mission. I could probably go on much longer in discussing that.

Does that make sense?

Lou: Oh yes, yes, that is fine. That is fine.

Maitreya: Of course, we do have a Temple in the Mission, which will be built in the shape of The Greatest Sign. There will be six doors, which the six great religions of the world can come and enter it. Each person can come from their own door. But when they are in the middle of the Temple, there is no separation. There is no religion that is separate from any other religion. They are one in the center as one humanity, under one God.

So the Temple has been revealed also. It is here. Eventually we will build them all over the world. Hopefully, eventually, we will have at least twelve of them in the twelve regions of the world. So even the Temple has been given to humanity, how to build it, and how each religion is a part of the Temple.

When each person enters the Temple in their own door, in the center they become Divine. They become one with God, and there is only One. There are not many religions. There is no separation between them.

Therefore, you can see that everyday we are receiving more truth about the beauty of this Mission, and it supports what we have claimed. Hopefully, that will spark in you the fire to go to know more about our teaching, and our Elects will come with us and help humanity to bring the peace on earth, goodwill to man, and the unity.

Go ahead, Abdullah.

Abdullah Waqqas: Thank you, once again. My question is, in your opinion, is this toward the middle of time, or is this towards, approaching more toward the end of time?

Maitreya: Yes, it is the end of the old age, or what Hindus call Kali Yuga, and the beginning of the new age, or the Golden Age, which has been prophesied in all the prophecies and religions to come.

The Golden Age is the age of true spiritual understanding and bringing the beauty of God in every level of human existence. This is the end of this era.

Of course, there is another era, which is the end of the creation when the original energy that was used to create the universe, will be exhausted and all things will divert back to where they were before the creation.

In this time, which the new Golden Age is coming, those who do not follow these teachings, those who do not see the unity, those who hang onto their dogmas, traditions, and customs, will not be born for the next 12,000 years. That is because in the next 12,000 years many will reach higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness. This is the time of spiritual renaissance, upliftment, and many will go to God. So you can see there is a long time of the Golden Age coming. This is the first resurrection.

But at the end of many, many, billions, of billions, of billions of years in the future, when the energy of the universe is exhausted, it will no longer be existing and will be destroyed.

In that time, if you have not reached Pure Consciousness, you have not reached the Godhead, you will stay in limbo or in what is called hell, for billions, of billions, of billions of years.

So, it is not that everyone can eventually reach there in many lifetimes. There is an urgency also to reach there. That last destruction of the universe is going to be the great end time.

So there are two end times. There is an age end time, which we are at the end of the Kali Yuga, or previous age, which lasted around 12,000 years. We are in the beginning of the next age, or Golden Age, which lasts for another 12,000 years. That is the finishing of the age, and the Golden age to come.

The other one, the end time, is when the destruction of the universe comes. By that time if you have not made it, you really are in a bad shape.

So, we have to recognize between the two end times. We are at the end time of this age. I hope this makes sense.

Go ahead, Abdullah.

Abdullah Waqqas: Thank you so much for your time. And, I pray to God to reward you for what you put forth in this world, Enshallah. Everyone have a pleasant day. I must go now. Hopefully, I can run into you another time, if God has willed it.

Maitreya: Very good Abdullah. You have a God day, and God week. Hopefully, you will see the teaching and the beauty in it, and tell all the Moslems that their expectation has been fulfilled, the new teaching is here.

Also Jews and Christians and everyone else, so they can all come and bring the Kingdom on earth.

God day.

Abdullah Waqqas: May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you all. Praise and thanks to Allah that we have been given what has been called the acid test. Do you know it?

The analogy I can make of it is, to make sure that there is no falsehood being taught. So, as you grow, Enshallah, we will be here to see what becomes of it.

Maitreya: Very good, Abdullah. We shall see. Yes, there is no doubt that you have to test the Spirit. You should not believe in anyone, but follow the Spirit, which is Pure and from God, and there is no impurity in it. If there is the slightest impurity, you should run away. Very good. God Bless. Sal-OM.

Again, this is the teaching that has been given to you. Now you know it, you know the Will of God. Go ahead and tell anyone, everyone, if you believe in it.

If you do not, test the spirit. Go see, read, study, search, and knock on the door. Make sure first that you really truly understand what the teaching is, and what we claim. And if you prove it to yourself, then it is yours.

I cannot prove it to you, no one can. Only God and you can prove it to yourself. Go and prove it to yourself. When it is proven, then know that God has sent another Prophet, the Revelation for the last days, the unity of all religions, and there is only One God, One Humanity. Then go ahead and follow it.

Tell everyone in the world about it so you can also bring everyone to realize that beauty. So please go ahead and talk to everyone. Spread the Message, spread the teaching. I hope it made sense to you. Again, when you hear this, it is between you and God. If you see the truth in it, now you have been called to go and tell everyone else about it.

You are commissioned to give this Message to every human on earth. Whoever you are in contact with, tell them at least once. Then leave them to God. It is not up to you or me to bring them to God. God already knows them. God already prepared them for this Mission.

Also, they know God and when they hear the Message, they will say, Yes, that makes sense. If it is your husband, your wife, your child, your neighbor, your family, if they do not want to go to God, if they do not want to hear this Message, do not worry, they have not been called for it.

If they are hearing it and jumping of joy and saying, Yes, it makes sense, then they are called for it. It is not up to you. You cannot bring them to God. God only can bring them to God. You can try hard but eventually it is up to God to bring them.

Go ahead, BroFrank.

BroFrank: Thank you, my Lord, Maitreya. When Isaiah1 came and asked you the question of Leviticus, I was reminded of the disciples coming to Esa the Christ and asking him when the end time would be. And, Esa the Christ, that is the one some call Jesus, answered and said, No one knows the hour but the Father.

He said all things relative to his mission. The end time was not relative to his mission. So when those who came asking obscure questions that were not relative, even Esa did not know.

But, it has become obvious to us, My Lord, that you know all things relative to your Mission. And the Glory be unto God forevermore! I will post that Scripture, if I may.

Maitreya: May God Bless your Soul, Brother Frank, your realization is correct. That is the truth, that came out of your mouth. That is Gods Truth and the Reality.

I leave all of you to God. May God Bless you and keep you. And remember, this is the Revelation for the whole of humanity. This is the end time. This is the time of sundering.

Sal-Om everyone.

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