Satsang (Discourse) 02/23/02






Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Sal-OM means, we pay our salutations to the Divinity within you, the Essence in each of you. That means the Essence (God) is in everyone, in every person. In this Mission we will try to teach you a Path that will polish that Essence and will bring out the purest form of God in you to manifest to humanity.

Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya Satsang and lecture room. This room is our church and cyber place that we preach our teachings. The topic is the Mission of Maitreya.

In this Revelation that has come to humanity, again God has proven that He surely exists. There is no doubt about that. He has said that He will do things all through history, and He has done them. Therefore, clearly He does exist.

Now He has put all religions together and revealed to humanity how each of these religions have been sent to humanity and why they are one. There is no one, no one person on earth, who has the whole truth, but the Mission of Maitreya. Therefore, everyone else out there who claims to have the truth, they might have a part of the truth, God might have revealed to them some truth, but the whole truth only comes after the Seven Seals are opened.

Now It is opened and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed to humanity. We welcome all of you to go to our website, read about it and find out about it. It is all there for you to investigate. Investigate the Spirit, investigate the teaching, and see that God has fulfilled another of His Promises that He would send a Revelation that will unify all the religions.

Now we know why He sent each religion separately. We can look at the whole picture and say, Yes, that makes a lot of sense.

If it had not made sense, I would not have accepted it myself. It makes a lot of sense and those who are called for it, who see the Vision clearly with no ego or expectations, will submit to the Will of God and say, Yes, I am here to serve Him completely, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, and collectively. They will get on with the Mission and say, I want to do this Mission, which is the Will of God for sure. They will submit and surrender to His Will and say, Yes, I understand now why God sent all of these religions of the world separately."

Each of them had a message for humanity. Each of them had a specific reason to come. God sent all these messages through each Revelation. The Sign that you will see in the first page in our website is called The Greatest Sign. This is the website URL so that you will know how to go to it: .

It is called The Greatest Sign. It is a yantra. It is the Shrii Shrii Para Maha Yantra, the greatest yantra for humanity. If you look at The Greatest Sign, you will see that it has the major religions of the world and unifies them together as one.

That Sign shows a Path called, the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the base of our teachings and a Path to salvation for humanity, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, and collectively. Therefore, we can see that now humanity can come, see, read, understand Gods Revelations, and they will not fight between Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Bahais, the Mystical Paths, and any other religion. They are all unified together. For the first time, all religions are included.

Some people say, No, our religion," for example, Islam, or Bahai, or Buddhism, or Hinduism, or all, "includes everyone. No, they do not. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic and Baha'i teachings do not include the Mystical Paths. Also they allude to them, but they are not explained as a part of Gods Revelations.

Therefore, this Revelation is the only one that includes all the religions of the world, including the Mystical Paths. Even the Mystical Paths do not include the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Baha'i teachings. They do not believe as strongly in the concept of the Messiah and the coming of the teaching through one Revealer. But they believe in many Revealers, many gods, and different ways of looking at it.

Therefore we can see that the Mission of Maitreya and this Revelation for the first time covers all the paths and religions of the world and unifies them together as one. And that is very much related and is according to the prophecies that in the1900's all the prophecies and the end of the Kali Yuga and Old Age will come, and has come. There are many prophecies and explanations on our website that confirm this, that in the 1900's all these things are going to come to a conclusion and that is when this Revelation came to humanity.

So we can see that God again said He would do this and He has done it. Therefore, He does exist.

Basically, our teaching is based on five steps. The first step, awakening of your spiritual forces, which relates to all the Mystical Paths, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christians, Sufism, and any other teaching that says, Know thyself to know God, or, Be still and know that I am God.

Those Mystical Paths are the paths that teach you to meditate, to concentrate, to contemplate, to Know thyself. The Essence of them is that you and God are one, and God is within you. If you know yourself, you can know God for sure. And that covers all the Mystical Paths. In the Mystical Paths, the goal is to reach God and become one with Him, like a drop that falls into the ocean. That is the goal.

We can see in the Scriptures that God said, No, you cannot do that. That is not the goal. The goal also is to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That is given in the Old Testament. You can see that the Hebrews have been chosen as a people who God wants them to accept Him as their King, His Laws as their Laws, become one with Him and follow His Laws. That was until the Shiloh, or Messiah, comes. When Christ came, that promise was taken away from them and as Christ said, would be given to another nation. Of course, when Christ came, he taught sacrifice.

The Second Seal, or the Old Testament, symbolizes the Communities of Light. So God wanted to choose a tribe that the people in that tribe choose God as their King and follow His Laws. Therefore, we can see the whole Old Testament is talking about communities, communities based on God and His Laws.

Christ came to show that to create such communities, sacrifice is necessary. He went the cross to show that sacrifice is needed to complete the Eternal Divine Path.

Otherwise, in any community if everyone says, What is in it for me only? such a community cannot last very long, and they cannot be Communities of Light. Therefore, the third step is sacrifice in the community. And even if we sacrifice we might still become attached to the result of our actions. We say, Why am I doing all this? Nothing is happening. Or, I am doing it, something is happening, and it is me doing it.

Therefore, the fourth step is surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means to surrender the result to God and not to be attached to the result. Submission means, letting God come through you and do the great work through you. That is when He is the Doer. You are not the doer, therefore, how can you be attached to the result?

That is the theme, the very meaning of Islam, being submissive and surrendered to God. Still you might become attached to a very small part of the universe.

All the religions have universal elements in them, but for the first time the universal teaching came from Bab and Bahaullah. That is the universal teaching that came to humanity as, All religions are basically the same. They say the same thing, and that we have to listen to the essence of all of them, so that we can see that all has come from God.

A lot of people compare us with Bahais and say, Well, what do you say differently than Bahais? Bahais say the same thing, 'Basically the religions are the same.'

But we do not say that. Baha'is have their good points. Yes, there are a lot of similarities in all religions but in our teaching and this Revelation, it does not say that all of them are the same. But it says that, Each of them has a specific message for humanity and therefore, when we put them together we can see the whole picture.

So it is completely different than the Bahai teaching, although it does unify all the religions and has a universal point of view of, All religions have come from the same God.

When you go through these five steps: Awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and becoming a universalist, then you become an Elect.

The Elects is the Sixth Seal in our teaching. We call them Paravipras or the Elects. They are those people who meditate, who contemplate, who concentrate, who think, who read, who search, who find the truth by themselves, who see the Vision of the Mission and say, Yes, I see the Vision. I can see what Maitreya is talking about. I can see it is beautiful. It makes sense. I want to be a part of it. I will work for the Communities of Light.

They do not create a big ego that, Now that I am in the Mission of Maitreya, therefore, I am pretty big. You are. There is no doubt about it. When you are in this Mission, you join the Mission, and you see the Vision, be assured that you are a great Soul. Otherwise, you would not see the Vision, you would not even be able to come to the Mission, or go to the website, or find us, etc.

So you do not have to prove anything, really that, Oh, I am a great Soul. You already are. Just by being in the Mission, seeing the Vision, you are a great Soul.

Now, who you were in the previous lifetime, it really does not matter. The most important thing is that you are a great Soul, you have come here, you have seen the Vision, and now you are a part of Gods Plan.

Therefore, the Sixth Seal is for the people who again awaken their spiritual forces; they direct their energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light; they sacrifice for them, the Third Seal, Christianity; they become surrendered and submitted to God, they accept His Will for them, the Fourth Seal, Islam; and they become a universalist, they realize the universe is their home, God is their Father and Mother, and the rest of the universe are the struggling unit consciousnesses who they have to help to reach Pure Consciousness, and eventually the Godhead, or return to God.

These people are dynamic spiritual forces who understand Gods Plan. They read all the Scriptures. They know all the Scriptures. They know all the teachings of God. They can sit with any religious people and quote their books: Bible, Koran, Upanishads, anything in Gods Revelation, talk with all people in different religions, and show them where their revelation falls. No matter what came before this Revelation, they fall in our teaching somewhere.

We will have a Temple that will be built in the shape of The Greatest Sign. Around the center of the Temple there will be libraries that are going to include every kind of book in it about spirituality, from the Mystical Paths all the way to Judaism, Christianity Anything between them historically, whatever is between them we are going to put in a historical way around the center of the Temple so people can go, study, and read different ideas.

The whole idea is that we do not hold you back from reading, studying, searching, and understanding different religions or teachings. But see where they fall in The Greatest Sign, where they fall in the Missions teachings. Then you will see very clearly, although there is a lot of truth out there, each of them fall in a specific place in The Greatest Sign, and they belong there.

You are not going to be confused by saying, Oh, that was great. I found something even greater than The Greatest Sign, or the teaching of the Mission. There cannot be. There is not. They are a part of the teaching but nothing is really greater than The Greatest Sign and the teaching of the unification of all religions. So you have come to the room of the greatest Revelation that has ever come to humanity.

Such Elects eventually will help humanity to create the Communities of Light all over the world. We will create a world that is based on God, His Revelation, the unity of humanity, and religions. God will become one, and His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven already. He is the King anyway. He will be the King of the earth. All powers to Him are just a speck. He can change things around very fast as He Wills. So we can see that our teaching is based on the Scriptures and the Word of God.

Do not listen to any human, or person, but listen to Gods Revelation. There is a lot of what I call, ego-chattering, all over the world. Even in this PalTalk, if you go to many rooms, a lot of people think they have the truth and they are the Messiahs, or the teachers, etc. But do not listen to them too much because they will affect you and your mind. That is ego-chattering.

The only place to find the truth is to go to God, His Revelations, and His Scriptures. So, spend more time with the Scriptures and the Word of God instead of listening to the people who claim to have the truth, but they have opinions.

Therefore, this is the base of our teaching. Actually, I was not going to explain The Greatest Sign today. I thought it was going to be mostly our own people. But I see new people here. It is explained now. You have heard the Revelation.

Of course, it was a very brief explanation today. It is much more involved and it expands itself to cover every aspect of human life, from the lowest to the highest level in your life. It is all on our website. You can go to our website and read about it. If you have a question about the Mission, about our teachings, after you are done with the website, please come back and ask your questions in this room. I would be more than glad to answer them.

If you really follow the Eternal Divine Path, you have no choice but to shatter your ego. You can imagine that you are in the Mission and that you are an Elect, but that does not make you an Elect.

A real Elect is a person who follows the Eternal Divine Path. If you do not follow the Eternal Divine Path, you are not an Elect. You can say, Oh, I am in the Mission of Maitreya, therefore I am an Elect. No, you are not.

This Mission is not a cult or something that I want to keep you in it. It is a Path. You have to see it. You have to see the Vision. You have to follow it. And after you reach a point that you saw the Vision, then we are co-workers and we can work together to bring this wonderful Vision to humanity.

If my explanation was not enough, go ahead and ask a specific question. If you have other questions, also go ahead and ask. Please raise your hand and I will call you to the microphone.

Go ahead, John.


Jon1981: Thank you, Maitreya. Could you discuss the difference between the Seventh Seal, there on the bottom of The Greatest Sign, and the HOSH symbol in the center? That is because the I-Ching is in a different position. I thought you might discuss that a little.


Maitreya: If you go to the website, The Greatest Sign starts with a dot. There is a blue background, and there is nothing in it. It is just like the universe before the creation. Everything was in the state of being-ness or balance. There was no movement, or no ego, or no separation between any part of it. It was in the state of being.

And then a dot appears. Then the I-Ching swirls, and then it expands to the Lotustica, the Lotustica in the middle. Then the triangle downward appears.

The very center of The Greatest Sign is the representation of God Himself in the manifested form. In the beginning there was all Being and no awakening or realization of know-ness, do-ness, and memory. Therefore, that dot is what the scientists call the big bang and the beginning of the creation.

Somehow there was a desire that arose in the collective beings and that desire brought the imbalance between the balance in the universe and created that imbalance, put everything out of balance, and the first sign of the creation, which is the big bang, or that dot appeared. The I-Ching is the symbol of positive and negative, the duality in the universe.

Someone was saying that everything is duality. There was a discussion between people that everything is duality and where is it that there is no duality? The only place there is no duality is Pure Consciousness, or in a state of Being.

While you are in the body, while you are in the cold and hot, when you are in the good and bad, everything is in duality. You see two things as good and bad. But if you are in a non-dualistic state of consciousness, Pure Consciousness, even bad is good sometimes, because destruction means new creation.

What happens when you want to build a new house over an old house?Can you say, Oh, no, I am not going to destroy the old house and build a new one, the destruction is a bad thing, it is negative?

No, it is not. If you want to create a nice house in place of an older one, you have to destroy the older one. There is no malicious intent in doing that. You just have to destroy the old.

That is exactly what is happening on earth. The old has to be destroyed and the new consciousness, new evolutionary process, has to come to humanity. Therefore, the old has to be destroyed.

Or, some people say, You have to be nice to everyone. Sometimes you do not.

It is just like a surgeon who has to remove a tumor. Can you be nice to the tumor and say, Oh no, I am not going hurt you? No, you do not have any choice. You have to cut, remove the tumor, and say, OK, now you are going to heal.

In a higher consciousness, you recognize the duality of this world as necessary. Therefore, sometimes destruction is no longer bad. Then the duality is no longer there. You can see that Gods work is perfect as it is and you do not see that some people say, Why is there so much suffering, so much destruction?

God does not bring destruction. We bring destruction on ourselves.

So we can see that, that un-dualistic state of being was before the creation was created, or was in the state of being-ness. Then that dot appears and then the I-Ching is the duality, which also appears, and it changes to the Lotustica. The Lotus is The Grace of God and the Lotustica is the destructive force in the universe in order to destroy, rebuild, create, etc.

When the creation started, the chaos was there. It was chaos. And in the chaotic state, Gods Spirit came to that darkness, as we can read in the Bible that, There was darkness, and the Spirit of God moved over the waters.

That triangle downward is the Spirit of God that comes down to the universe and controls and guides the unit consciousnesses, which we can see in the bottom as the I-Ching with the dot in the middle in the horizontal position. That I-Ching in the horizontal position is the unit consciousness, whose consciousness has not been awakened.

What do you do when you want to fall asleep? When you want to fall asleep, you lie down. What position are you in then? You become horizontal. You are not vertical.

When you want to be active and awakened, what do you do? You awake and you stand up. What kind of position are you in there? You are vertical.

So that I-Ching in the bottom is in the horizontal position, it means the consciousness is not yet awakened. And that is where the Mystical Paths start. That is when it is recommended to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, Know thyself to know God, and everything that is related to all Mystical Paths and the teachings like Hinduism. Hinduism teaches meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces.

The essence of Hinduism is really the Upanishads, which say that atman is the same as Atman; atman, with a small a, is the same as Atman, with the big A, which is God. Or we can see even in every culture they will tell you, Know thyself to know God. It is very simple.

It means that Self in you is the Essence of God. If you know that Essence, you know God. You do not have to go to church, or the synagogue, or mosque, or in the mountains, or anywhere, but within yourself.

Of course, if you go to the mountains, you are in a quieter place. It is closer to nature, so you are closer to yourself. When you go to the mosque and those places, they are supposed to be the source of the knowledge of God and they are supposed to connect you to yourself, to God, and teach you the Essence that is you is the same as God, and teach you how to overcome. And whoever overcometh, of course, becomes the son of God.

As has been declared in the Bible, all through the Bible that overcoming is equal with becoming the son of God. And there is no path faster to overcome than the Eternal Divine Path.

So we can see the I-Ching in the middle is in the horizontal position. You have to awaken your spiritual forces. But is that it? If I awaken my spiritual forces am I going to reach Pure Consciousness?

God said, No, you have to direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. That is the Second Seal. Then you have to sacrifice for the community, the Third Seal."

Then in the Fourth Seal, eventually, you surrender and submit your ego to God. You do the work of God and the Will of God, and you surrender the result to God. Or, even better than that, when you submit to God and you let God do the work through you, then you become one. You and God become One, dont you?

When you let God work through you, who is the doer? God is the Doer. Where are you? You are nowhere to be found. The only thing that comes through is God. And therefore, you and the Father are One. In that state, you can see in The Greatest Sign, the I-Ching is no longer in a horizontal position, but it becomes in the vertical position because you have really awakened your spiritual forces.

That is because if you reach a point that you know what the Will of God is and then let Him do it through you, will He do a perfect job? He will, because God is perfect.

As the Scripture says, God is perfect. Be perfect as my Father. So it means that God is perfect and your goal is to become as perfect as God and then you become a Divine.

Yesterday I was thinking, what does Divine stand for? We were discussing what can the Divine represent? Because we are following the Eternal Divine Path, we are Divine. What does it stand for?

We came up with a lot of wording but eventually Divine stands for Divine Instruction, Very Inspired, No Ego [laughing]. Actually, those are the beginning of the words. We put them together. DIVINE: Divine, Instruction, which is the Eternal Divine Path and THOTH; Very Inspired, we are; and No Ego, NE. So Divine stands for that. And when we become Divine, it means that we are perfect as God is, so God does the work through us.

You do not become frustrated. You do not say, Oh, why are these people not listening to me? Why is it not according to the way it should be? You are free because God is doing it through you.

If you are not doing a perfect job, if you still have the slightest ego left, you are blocking God to come through. You are not One with God. You are not surrendering and submitting yourself to His Will. Therefore, what happens? Your ego, like an umbrella, blocks The Grace, blocks the perfection, which God is.

The goal is to reach to the surrendering and submission to God completely, absolutely being surrendered and submissive to God and say, Your Will be done and not mine. And that is when your spiritual forces are totally awakened.

So you can see that in the Fourth Seal, the I-Ching in the bottom seal becomes in a vertical position and it becomes in the image of God. In the Fourth Seal, the I-Ching is no longer horizontal, therefore, the rest of it, the Lotustica is the same as God in the middle, and the I-Ching is in the vertical position. The Father and you become One; you become in His image.


And that is how we have been created. We have been created in the image of God and when we reach the Fourth Seal, we can see that we are One. There is no separation between God and us, and we reach the perfection. Still we have to become universalists, to shatter all the narrowness of the mind. And then we will surely become an Elect.

So you can see the difference between the sign in the bottom and the sign in the middle, is only that we have not completely surrendered and submitted ourselves to the Will of God and our spiritual forces have not been awakened. By doing that in the Fourth Seal, we overcome that part, and the very bottom seal and the middle seal become in each others image.

I hope that makes sense. If it does not you can go ahead and have a follow-up.

One of the things that everyone can do easily, if you cannot meditate, is to sit in front of The Greatest Sign and just gaze at it, or read the teachings, listen to the Satsangs, the explanations that we have given for the last twenty to twenty-two years, and realize things.

People have realized things. They come to me and they tell me about these realizations that even I had not seen before in The Greatest Sign. They make a lot of sense. Therefore, it is something that it can reveal itself forever.

It is just like God. God is a Revelation that never ends and forever will continue to Reveal Itself to you. If you become connected to Gods Consciousness, It is infinitely revealing.

Go ahead, Divine.


Divine: Yes, thank you very much. I had a question about sacrifice. We know that Esa the Christ, also known as Jesus, was the one who came to teach us about sacrificing, about giving of ourselves and not being self-centered. But the question is how do we know sometimes if we are sacrificing for the very best? I mean, there are lots of things that we can actually give our whole life to, which are not very inclusive kinds of things.

For example, you could sacrifice your life fighting for a war to kill others of another religion or something like that. You actually are sacrificing, but your sacrifice is not going to be very worthwhile. Or, say you have a job and you put so much effort into it and so many hours into it that you have no time left for your family, and things like that.

How do you know about sacrificing for the very highest?


Maitreya: Part of our teaching teaches that everything can be of three kinds, as the universe and the forces are three kinds. It can be from ignorance, tama guna; it can be from passion, raja guna; and it can be from knowledge, satva guna.

Therefore, anything that we do can be from ignorance. So sacrifice can be from ignorance, or it can be from passion. Passion is when we expect a return. When we do a sacrifice and we expect some return from our sacrifice that is from passion.

If we sacrifice for something that is not worthwhile or will not help anyone, or it is even destructive, it is from ignorance.

If the sacrifice is based on the Eternal Divine Path, and directed toward the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth without any expectation for return, that is a sacrifice from knowledge. That is the highest.

That is why we recommend that everyone follow the Eternal Divine Path. In the Eternal Divine Path, know thyself. How many people want to know themselves? A lot of people chatter, they watch television, drink, go here and there, and always are stimulating their senses all the time. They go to the world and they never know themselves. They are born ignorant and they die ignorant. At the time of death they have no idea who they are, why they were here, why they were created, and what is the goal of life.

So that is why we recommend the following of the Eternal Divine Path, to know thyself. Then direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on God, His teaching, His Will, and His Laws. Therefore, you know the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine, and you sacrifice for that community, which is based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Actually, the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Therefore, your sacrifice is absolutely based on Gods Will, and it is not from ignorance or passion, but is based on knowledge.

Then you learn to know what the Will of God is and you let Him do it through you. Again, your sacrifice is based on the Will of God.

Then you become a universalist. You expand your mind. You shatter all the narrowness of the mind, of this religion and that religion, this nation and that nation, this race and that race, or this gender or that gender. That is universalism.

In universalism you have no prejudices, no separation. God, the Essence, is in every man and woman on this earth and anywhere in the universe. Therefore, you look at every person as the Essence of God in them. Your sacrifice, your surrendering, and your realization of Gods Will is toward the universe. So, you do not kill other people because they are in other religions, or because they are of different cultures, etc.

So you expand your mind. You will teach the other people also to expand their minds. Eventually, hopefully, humanity will reach a point that they will see that each man, woman, and child is a child of God. And they cannot kill them, because when you kill them, you kill God in them, and you create a very bad Karma. Therefore, you will not do that. You are absolutely one with God and the universe. The peace will come because you would not separate and demonize other people so that you can kill them with no feelings, and actually be proud of it.

You cannot be proud of killing other people no matter who does it. If it is being a terrorist or being an army, they do the same thing. They still kill that Essence in man.

So humans have to be re-educated, and educated again and again to overcome these prejudices, separation, and destructive tendencies. Everyone will direct their energy and self-realization toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which eventually will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Any other sacrifice, any other teaching, any other realization is very narrow, too small, and will not bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, but this will.

Therefore, the sacrifice from knowledge is what the Eternal Divine Path recommends, sacrifice toward the Communities of Light. And that is from absolute knowledge. It is not from ignorance; it is not from passion.

It is from passion if you do it with an expectation. That is a business. Business is a passion.

Some people say, Our business is to serve you. Well, serve means, Service done without any expectation. You take your car there and say, Come and serve my car. At the end they say, Here, you have to pay $500.

I thought you serve; service means no expectations. But they mean that, "Passionately we do this for you." You pay for it, which is OK. I am not saying that they should not receive their fair wages. But that is what passion is. Passion means a business kind of thing. I do something; you do something for me.

But the real sacrifice is you do it for God and no expectation will be there. So we can see that the only real service that is not from passion or ignorance is the sacrifice based on the Eternal Divine Path.

If it is not based on the Eternal Divine Path, if you go to work and you are in the Mission, you have to realize that you are working not for that company, not for that place, you are working to support yourself so that you can become a productive person in the society and at the same time support the Mission as much as you can.

If you are a member of the Mission and you have been initiated, you automatically surrender the tithe for your cause. If you are not initiated, still tithes are what God is asking for everyone to pay for this cause. We do not demand for anything, but God is very clear on tithing.

So we can see that even your job should be graced with this ideation that you should not be attached too much to your job, but you are there to do the Will of God and realize that you are a part of Him.

Even then you are not that completely engrossed in a job that takes your life away from the Mission. That also becomes a sacrifice or passion if you do not do that.

So we can see that any action we do, anything, sacrifice for example, any action we do can be from ignorance. That means our actions benefit no one. They can be from passion that with our actions we expect something in return. Or from knowledge, it is based on the Will of God and the Eternal Divine Path, toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is the best action you can take in your life.

I hope that makes sense. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

So we can see that the Eternal Divine Path is the salvation. We went through the Eternal Divine Path many times in the Mission. We had a lot of people and discussed it. And we always came up with the same conclusion that that is the salvation for humanity.

Go ahead, Brad.


Brad: The First Begotten son and that consciousness that was, is it different than what were the lost unit consciousnesses at the chaos, at the creation? Or, is it different because God willed that the Messenger become the way and the truth? Or, was that first consciousness part of the lost unit consciousnesses that were in chaos?


Maitreya: That is a very good question. In the beginning of the creation, when the universe or God went out of balance and the first sign of the creation came to that state of being, the first feeling in the universe was, "I know," the knowledge, that know-ness, I know. The know-ness came from the satva guna or sentient force. And that is the knowledge of the universe.

Then the second feeling was, I do. That is raja guna or the mutative force, and that doer-ness of consciousness.

After it is done, you have the memory of what you have done. Therefore, the feeling of I have done, or the crudifying force, or the memory, or the first fine ether was formed in the universe and the feeling of I have done, was created.

Ether is where the Akashic Records and all the history of the universe is stored. That is what the Bible calls the source of knowledge, or the tablets, or the Koran calls the Eternal Tablets, Illiyin and Sijjin, etc.

So we can see that every religion knows that there is a memory in Gods Mind that everything that happens in the universe is recorded there. That is also where the Revelation comes to the Prophets to bring to humanity and to correct the previous religions and revelations.

Men can go ahead and change the revelations if they want, and they do change the revelations. They think they can change the revelations and bring something that is man-made. And they do that, but God brings another Prophet and reveals the truth to humanity and to those who are ready to see it.

So we can see that those three stages of, knowness, do-ness, and have done, create the unit consciousnesses or the feeling of separation.

The idea of unit consciousness itself is kind of an illusion because the moment you say unit consciousness, you separate the unit from God and there is no such thing as anything separated from God. It is an illusion of separation from God, which is really Maya that is created. That illusion makes separate beings. They think they are separate from each other and because of their experiences and their sub-conscious minds, which have been created in many lifetimes, create different kinds of egos, which are different than ours.

But in essence, when we all reach that Pure Consciousness, we are all one. There is no separation. There is no, anything that separates me from you or anyone else. Therefore, there was an illusive feeling of separation from God.

Of course, the Spirit of God has to come to that chaos, which is illusion, which is Maya. That Spirit of God needed a consciousness to go through the process of the Eternal Divine Path, reach Pure Consciousness back to God, and realize the Path.

That consciousness was the closest consciousness to God. Many, many consciousnesses were there from the very top to the crudest part. And that unit consciousness, which was closest to God, had the greatest opportunity to return to God. Therefore, Gods Spirit manifested through that unit consciousness, which, as we said, really was an illusion of separation.

It is a very interesting topic. If you close your eyes and imagine that there is a unit consciousness, but really there is not because even the unit consciousness itself is an illusion because there is nothing separated from God, then you can see the Maya is just like a veil that separates us from God but that the veil itself is an illusion.

But, if we accept that illusive state of consciousness, the closest consciousness to God was the one who received the Spirit of God and went through the Eternal Divine Path. He meditated; he started to awaken his spiritual forces. He realized that the Father and he are One. God is the same as he is. That illusion of separation was shattered. And then he also realized that there are a lot of other Souls in the illusion of separation from God.

Because the Spirit of God was with him, he progressed very fast. He realized that other unit consciousnesses are in this illusion of separation and he tried to help them, to make them understand that they are already one with God. They have the Essence in them.

They did not want to accept. They wanted new religions, different ideologies. They just wanted to accept the Messiah who will do everything for them when God said that, You have to awaken your spiritual forces," and they should take responsibility for their progress.

Therefore, that unit consciousness went through the awakening of the spiritual forces and helped other unit consciousnesses to awaken their spiritual forces. So, he created a kind of center for the other unit consciousnesses to progress to a higher level. He realized that they were not progressing. He became very upset and depressed.

When they progressed he became very elated and created an ego of, Oh, what a great person I am. I am doing this. He felt separated from God, and that illusion came back.

Eventually he realized, Yes, well, I really should not be attached to the result of my actions. I surrender that to God. He realized that he should even go beyond that and become surrendered and submissive to God, and let Him do the work through him or her.

He went on and realized that still he was attached to a very small part of the universe. He realized that God is everything, the whole universe. He cannot separate man from man or unit consciousness from unit consciousness because they are different from him. There is no separation.

He eventually shattered all the narrowness of the mind and became an Elect. He reached the Sixth Seal, and he is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last.

So the decision was that he will not go to Pure Consciousness himself until he has made everyone else go to Pure Consciousness first. Therefore, that is his sacrifice. That is his decision, not to go in until everyone is in.

Of course, the energy of the universe is limited. The beginning energy will one day be exhausted and at that time those who have reached Pure Consciousness will go in and the door will be closed for millions and billions of years before the next creation is created.

Therefore, there is an urgency for everyone to go in. That is why I am here. I want to get you guys in. I want to see you reach Pure Consciousness.

That is why we are calling the Elects, the people who have been with that unit consciousness from the very beginning. They have progressed. They have awakened their spiritual forces. They want to create the Communities of Light. They do not have much ego left in them. They want to sacrifice. They want to surrender and submit to God. They want to become universalists. They want to teach the rest of humanity these wonderful Revelations and teachings.

Therefore, we create an environment that people share with each other and they create a place for everyone to have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. Then we will have every person progress, physically, mentally, and spiritually. So we have to create a place that is one humanity, one world, under one God.

And that unit consciousness comes back again and again. They have stoned him. They have crucified him. They have killed him. They have shot him. He says, Hello, here I am back here, and now what are you going to do?

They again kill him, or they do not listen to him. Or, everyone says, No, I know better than that unit consciousness what is good for me. I am not going to listen to anyone else but listen to my own ego or my own little understanding of God. I will not follow God.

Therefore, that is why we say, This is Gods Revelation. This is Gods teaching. This is the way back to Father. And it is the way to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. No one else has the way and the teaching and can take you there.

So that unit consciousness was the first who reached Pure Consciousness before the creation. And that unit consciousness will return back with the Spirit of God to humanity again and again and again. According to our decision in the Mission of Maitreya, Maitreya will return again and again until we create the hierarchy from the Communities of Light.

We are not in a hurry. We have many lifetimes to come back and do that. But, of course, there is an urgency to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth as soon as possible.

So that unit consciousness was closest to God. And the Spirit of God went through him. Therefore, he became the First Begotten Son. The difference between the First Begotten Son and the rest of the sons is that he was the first who reached Pure Consciousness before creation.

But to help the unit consciousnesses reach Pure Consciousness in that state was difficult. That is why God decided to create the universe based on the evolutionary process.

If you go wrong, you create karma, you go away from God, you suffer. If you do good, you follow Gods Will, you progress, you go toward God, you suffer less.

So in this process, eventually, after many lifetimes you say, I had enough of this Maya and illusion. I want to return to God.

I believe that any one who comes to the Mission and sees the Vision are great Souls, that they have seen the Vision. They have done this many lifetimes. But, what you were in the previous lifetimes, do not even think about it, do not even try to find out, do not even go into detail about it, otherwise you will lose the Vision of why we are here.

But they are all great Souls who have come to help the Mission to reach where it is supposed to be.

I hope that makes sense. If it does not, ask a follow-up.

Tahirah, go ahead.


Tahirah: Sal-OM, Maitreya. The question that I would have for you today is in reference to all the Prophets that have come to earth. Out of all the Prophets, the mother Mary of Esa (Jesus) has been one of the most well-known mothers of the Prophets. A lot of Christians and Catholics pray to Mary. Why is she more popular as a mother of the Prophets than the others?


Maitreya: Well, the mother of Buddha is very famous. She has also a lot of fame in Buddhism, in that culture. In Islam, the daughter of Prophet Muhammed has a place almost as exalted as Mary the mother.

Mary, or the mother, or the daughter, none of them were the Messiah or the Prophet and none of them really should be as exalted as the Prophet himself. So that is why we can see in other religions the Prophet probably has been considered greater than any one else.

We know that Christianity was affected a lot by the Roman teaching and the things that were not all Christian. Mother and the female energy is very much worshipped in pagan religions. It is just like Nimrod, his mother, his wife and the mother of his son become very famous and very exalted in those things. Also in other religions, before Christianity in Rome, the mother had a great place in the teachings. Therefore, when they accepted Christianity that part also became very prominent in the Christian religion.

But the most important part of every Prophet is their message, not the mother, or the daughter, or the sister, or anyone, but what the message of the Prophet was and what God was trying to bring to humanity. Therefore, we can see that we should not exalt even the Prophet himself. That is because when we exalt man, we create an image. Whenever we create an image, the image is in our way to God. We will become attached to the image, and we will not go to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Therefore, they became idols, and idol worshipping is prohibited by the greatest Prophets.

The only accepted God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Therefore, we have to destroy the idols. We have to take them away and teach man that they should not worship idols but worship God, which is a Spirit in your spirit, which is within you, and know thyself to know God. Again, this is another teaching that Christians, Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists have to realize. They have to go away from idolizing pictures, statues, and all those things.

Apparently, it seems some people think it helps them to worship a picture because they are really worshipping the Spirit behind it. But still it is something external.

Whatever is external will not take you to God. The only thing that takes you to God is the eternal realization of self as, The Father and I are one. God and I are one; my spirit is the same as the Spirit of God. That is what should be worshipped, not as an egoistical way but as a humble way to realize that the Atman, Self, and God are One.

Therefore, we can see that anything that is external should not be promoted and should be discouraged, no matter how much people are attached to it. The moment you give something a shape, name, or visibility, it will create separation.

Which one is Mary the mother? Is it the picture with the black hair, or the blonde hair, or the red hair? Which one is Christ, the black hair, or the blonde hair with the blue eyes?

See, the moment you create something external it will create separation because whatever is manifested is not the Essence, is not God. That is what we have been teaching for the last twenty years. We are hoping that our members understand this teaching, look at the Essence of themselves, and not become bogged down with the external things that are out there. And teach also the Christians, Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists, to look within. That is the highest, not the picture, not the mother, not even the Prophet himself, but the Spirit behind the teaching, the message. What is the message that God sent through that Prophet to humanity? That is what they have to understand.

No one is going to take you there but you yourself. You have to put forth the effort. You have not to be a lukewarm but completely one-pointed toward God and His Revelation, and know that God is first. Listen, understand, read, and then see the Vision. Do not let anyone deceive you or take you away from the Essence and the highest that is revealed to you. Then you can see that none of these things are important. The most important thing is God within, that Essence within.

So we can see that again the reason for that is the effect of the religions before the Roman Empire accepted Christianity. They accepted Christianity, but they really changed everything around to what they believed before that.

Therefore, if we know that, then we realize, Well, that is another thing that, we have to watch out for. Then we come to the teaching and we realize, Well, none of them is really important, we can completely overcome them.

I hope that makes sense to you, Tahirah. If you have a question you can follow-up.


Tahirah: Thank you so much, Maitreya. That is a beautiful answer and yes, it does make sense to me. I do not think I have any follow-up with this other than to understand a little bit more about why people pray for intersession to the Mother instead of going directly to the Essence, as you just said, that without shape or form, etc. So thank you, thank you very much, Maitreya.


Maitreya: Yes, it was a very good question, actually, it is why the human cannot understand the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is Who they have to go to. Do not become attached to the Prophet, do not become attached to the mother, the sister, the daughter, or any one but to God Himself.

Apparently it is very hard for them to realize the Formless, Invisible, Nameless God. It is easy for them to see a shape, and then say, Oh, probably, if I bow down in front of this picture five times a day, maybe the Grace of God will come to me.

It sounds like it is very hard for them. It is just like the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion is really the Upanishads. All those statues and all those gods that they have created, they have not created with the highest spiritual beings; they are created with the lower level of consciousness in the Hindu religion. In the higher level of consciousness in the Hindu religion, they realize that the Atman and atman are one.

When you read the Upanishads you see, That is great. That is the only place I can find God. You cannot find It in Ganesh or a statue of Krishna. It is within you. That is where you have to look.

Maybe this was because this was Kali Yuga to this point. It was in the time of ignorance. And because it was in the time of ignorance God allowed people to look for Him in the things that they could relate to as something external.

Now is the time of the Golden Age. We have to again return to knowing God is within us, within ourselves, and know ourselves to know God.

That might be why to this point it has been allowed and now we have to return to the deeper level.

Go ahead, Tahirah.


Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya. I just had another thought coming to me as you were speaking about this. With all the many, many apparitions that Mary has had to the world, to many people, I think that probably the attachment of what you are talking about, I guess, unless you need to clarify that further with me, that because of that the people have held on to that strength, that devotion to her probably because of these stories and the many apparitions, etc. So that should be considered also then separation? Right? Is that correct?


Maitreya: We can say that Mary is the symbol of The Holy Ghost, is the female part of God, or the raja guna, or energy, which is directed toward God and higher self, or is influenced with sata guna, which is called The Holy Ghost. So you can say that she represents also The Holy Ghost in the essence that Christ was the Logic or Father, and she was The Holy Ghost, as two sides of God as male and female.

Again, it is manifested as a being. When it is manifested, it separates between man and man and human, and we have to realize that both of them are within. It is not something as a statue or a picture out there.

Visions are the things that are used by God to bring people closer to Himself because those people who see those visions need them. Otherwise, they would not believe in God, they would not accept Him as God, and would not become close to the religion.

It is just like Prophet Muhammed. He had to have that vision of Gabriel to tell him, Read. Of course, he did not know how to read, and he said, I cannot read. Gabriel said, Read. And Prophet Muhammed said, I cannot read. Gabriel said, Read, and he started revealing the revelation from God, which really Prophet Muhammed was reading the Akashic Records. He was an illiterate man.

So he had to have that vision. He had to see Gabriel as a being to accept his Mission.

Some people, probably to this point, needed the visions they had from Mary. All over the world they see the visions. But it is not even a Christian thing, seeing the visions.

There were a lot of Moslems when I was growing up who could see the Prophet. Mostly they would see the Imams, after the Prophet, that they thought had come to them.

Actually, there was a spring in that village that I used to go to in the summer that gushed out of the stone. It was completely stone and the water would come through the stone. At the bottom of the water was a hole, kind of a place that the water would go into and the people would go and pick up the water from that. The water was gushing out of this stone. It was pure stone, and suddenly the water would come.

The vision was that they saw one of the Imams came with his horse. The leg of the horse hit that stone and made that hole. The person who saw it was adamant that, that is what had happened, and the Imam had hit the stone with his sword and the water came gushing out. The next day when that person awoke, he saw that hole and the water that appeared.

Also Hindus have had some visions of their gods that have performed miracles.

So we can see that visions are given to every religious people to strengthen their faith and their commitment to that religion.

We know that God is a Spirit. God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. And that is the highest level of the realization of God.

So we can see that these visions are given to every religion. Why did the Hindu people have to see Ganesh, the people in Christianity had to see Mary, and in Islam they see an Imam? It is given according to your belief and faith. Therefore, you can see those visions are because they are needed in that time, for those people to see that to strengthen their belief. So it is all over the world. It is given to people who need it.

But really the greatest realization is knowing God is within you, is always with you, and there is no separation between you; you and Him are one. That is even greater than a vision, than an understanding given to the different religions the way we have seen.

In the West, for the most part, the people only know about Christianity. They are not aware that other religions do that because Christianity is what they are concentrating on. But if they expand themselves, study, and go to other cultures, they will see that they have the same things.

Go ahead, Shakti.


Shakti: Yes. I have thought about these kinds of things before, when you hear about people all over the world seeing the apparitions and Mary. I used to try to think why this was happening. And I would like to ask you, because this thought did come to me as question. Did some of these people see these apparitions because they desired it so much within themselves to see it, so they see it from their own desire for it?


Maitreya: Exactly, Shakti, it is a desire they have to see what they believe. They have a great love for Mary the mother. They have a great desire to see her in a vision.

Sometimes just look at the rug in your home. If you concentrate enough you will see some pattern that looks like someone or something. If you really look around you will find that there are shadows that look like something. So it happens.

There was a shadow in a glass in one of the shopping centers, or somewhere in the United States. It looked like Christ. But we really do not know what he looked like because we never had a picture of him. Now they say he is in the image of Christ. How do we know? We have a black-haired Christ. We have a blue-eyed Christ. We have Christ Middle Eastern looking, or western looking. Which one was it? But they say, Look, it looks like the image of Christ.

They want to see it, so they see it. They want to have that vision, they receive it. So it is something that we desire very strongly, and so God gives it to us.

Then, of course, we say that we are the only people who see this vision. It is not true. They see visions all over the world according to their desires and according to their wants.

But greater than that is the message of Christ or any teacher.

Go ahead, Asterion.


Asterion1: Thank you, I wanted to ask if 777 is Maitreya himself.


Maitreya: Seven as the Seven Seals, seven hills, seven cities, seven valleys, seven is a very mystical number. Actually, it is the number of God. That is why now He reveals the Seven Seals. And the Seventh Seal, of course, is the end of the Revelations. It unifies all religions and reveals everything that you have to know about God and His Plan.

Seven charkas, when you reach the seventh chakra, you reach Pure Consciousness and you become one with God. So seven is the number of God.

Is that the number of Maitreya? If that is your realization, it is, because actually seven is pretty prominent in the Mission. The Seven Seals, the seven trumpets, the Seven Revelations, the Seven Angels, seven is very prominent, seven in the Mission

. And you can say, OK, that is the number of Maitreya also.

But if you mean here in this room, the name is changed almost weekly because we do not want people to even become attached to a name in PalTalk. But if that is your realization, I accept that. That would be fine.

Go ahead, Dustin.


Dustin: My question is, what are some things a person can do, who has not yet opened their third eye, in order to channel some of their excess energy, to their higher chakras?


Maitreya: There are many ways to do that. It depends really upon individuals. As I said, some people like to meditate, close their eyes. That is the fastest and greatest way of doing that. But because it is sitting in a place, maybe if you have excess energy, it will not completely go away.

Other people like to run, or go to the gym, or go for a walk, or go to the mountains, or go fishing, or go for a ride, and many, many ways that you can channel that excess energy to the higher self.

Of course, the best way is to get on with the Mission and preach the Mission. Reach to the people and start a class, a yoga or meditation class for the Mission. Or, you can use the six-week meditation class that we have in the website. And do Gods Will to see, what is the Will of God for you?

Then use that excess energy to direct that energy toward doing the Will of God. Or, if you want, as I said, if you do not have anything else to do, go for a run, or do something that is physical and burns that excess energy for building a better body, building a better mind, or building a better spirit, physical, mental, or spiritual progress.

So it depends upon the individual. Each person should choose or realize what works for him or her. We have a couple of individuals here, their meditation is to do gardening. They love to do gardening. They receive great realization and receive a very high level of consciousness. Some of them like to go for a walk. Some of the members like to go back packing and go to the mountains.

I individually like to go for a ride, just go for a long ride and use that energy for higher thoughts.

It is up to you. But the best way to use your energy is to direct it toward the following of the Eternal Divine Path: meditation, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing for them, surrendering and submitting to God, and becoming a universalist.

Therefore, you become an Elect and then know thyself. That is what it boils down to, to know thyself, to know what works for you best.

But do not let that scattered energy take you to the places or directions that are not Godly. Look at it and see how that energy is affecting you. And if you have excess energy, meditate on it to see how you can channelize it in the best way possible.

I hope that makes sense to you. If it does not, just follow up with your question.

Go ahead, Lou.


Lou: Yes, my question was concerning the passage that I was reading in Matthew 16, where Christ said, I am not sent but for the House of Israel. Does that mean that Christ was only sent for the House of Israel? Is that correct?


Maitreya: Absolutely, that is a very good observation. Christ came for the lost tribes of Israel. He said it himself. You just said it again. Christ said it very clearly. Also even the high priest, if you read our teaching in, Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled, the high priest also prophesied that he has come to gather the lost sheep of Israel, which are the ten lost tribes of Israel who were separated from the rest of the tribes, which were Benjamin, Judah, and the Levites with them.

And the ten tribes became the Northern Kingdom. When they were attacked, I think by the Assyrians, they were scattered and completely lost. In history apparently no one knows what happened to them. Even when Christ came to the northern kingdom, just like that woman told him, you have come for the Jews, but you should have mercy on us also. And he came and said, OK, yes, and he healed them.

Also it is very clear in the Bible, and in the New Testament that, that is what Christ mostly came for, the lost ten tribes of Israel who were scattered to the North and the Northwest and eventually came to Europe and the United States. That is where you can find more Christians.

Most Christians are in that area and they are the ten lost tribes of Israel. Prophet Muhammad came mostly for the Arabs or Ishmaelites. And they are mostly in the Middle East, to North Africa, to Spain, to South America.

Even the Spanish people have a lot of Arab blood in them. You can see that South America is mostly Ishmaelites. North America is mostly the lost tribes of Israel. And New Mexico is right on the border between the two.

The Revelation reached out to most of humanity from this area. So the two brothers, the Ishmaelites and the Children of Isaac, are mostly in the United States.

Religions not only come for one people, they also attract and convert other people to it. It is just like Moslems, although there are a lot of Moslems in Indonesia and other areas that are not Arabs but they are Moslems. Or Christianity, there are a lot of Christians Actually, the Eastern Orthodox Christians probably are not the lost tribes of Israel but the ones in the West are mostly the lost tribes of Israel.

Also the Bahai teaching came in Persia and it spread to the West. It did not cover the Mystical Paths.

So this Revelation is the only Revelation that has come for the whole of humanity. It does not have a specific race or culture. That is why a person from the East came to the West, and then He revealed it to the West. The West has the best communication abilities for humanity, and he can communicate this Revelation all over the earth because the West has so much potential for communication. We can reach the whole of humanity through it.

So we can see the universality of it, the amazingness of how God planned it to this point, and it is the most universal Revelation for every man and woman and child on earth. It does not have any specific people in mind, it is for every human being on earth.

That was a very beautiful observation. Yes, actually, that was a point we were discussing with another person in the Mission. He was in the belief that Christianity was very universal. Yes, every religion has a universal point in it but actually, Christ mostly came for the ten lost tribes of Israel, or the lost children of Israel. That was a very good question.

All right, we are at the end of our time. Again, Sal-OM to everyone. We pay our salutations to the Divinity within you. Know thyself. Follow the Eternal Divine Path. You will reach God.

And if you want to help bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth by working toward the creation of the Communities of Light, coordinate with the Mission so we can create the facilitating body and see that His Kingdom comes.

Have a nice week, a Godly week. Sal-OM! And see you next week.


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