Satsang (Discourse) 03/2/02




Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone.

Sal-OM means, I pay my salutations to the Divinity within you. You are Divine. You have the Essence of God in you and that is what we salute, and hopefully what you will become.

The goal of the life is to be(come) Divine. That means to polish that Essence and realize that your Essence and God are One, and everything else in the universe is just temporary. The only thing that is permanent is that Essence within you.

That Essence is what humanity has to realize, recognize, polish, and bring to full manifestation so that we can create many people who are truly in the image of God and that Essence, that Beauty that is within every person. That is when the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth also will be established and God will be accepted as the Essence in everything and the Center in all human activities.

We have had many religions on earth and each of these religions has been fighting with each other for the last six thousand years. Each of them is saying, Our religion is better than your religion because our religion came from God, and any religion after us is not from God. This separation has been on earth for all this time.

But if there is One God, why do we have so many religions? There is One God and there is one religion, and that is the Eternal Divine Path. The Essence of the teaching of each religion put together will manifest the true meaning of Gods Revelations and His Path.

The Path is narrow and few will find it. Even fewer will follow it. Finding it is good, but following it is even better.

So now that Path has been revealed to humanity and all religions on earth are unified. It is now very clearly shown that God truly exists. There is no way that someone reads THOTH, understands and sees the Vision, and still asks, Does God exist? There is no way. You cannot ask, Does God exist? You are sure that God exists because He said He would do all these things, and He has done them. Therefore, God exists.

It is just like we say, There is an Essence in you which is God. Probably 99% of humanity says, What Essence? I have no idea such an Essence exists. It is because you have not meditated. You have not closed your eyes and said, I will shut all my senses, will go within myself, and see that Essence within.

Eventually, when you see that Essence, which is in the image of God and is compassionate, is loving, is understanding, is wisdom, is beauty, is researching, is wanting to know the truth, and all the qualities of God, you cannot just say, I am god. Yes, you can say it, but you do not become god.

Yes, you can say, The Father and I are One. I have all the qualities of God because I am following the Eternal Divine Path."

The Eternal Divine Path has been revealed to humanity step-by-step as different religions. Now it has all come together as one Revelation that has been prophesied to come in all the religions of the world. It has been said that eventually a day will come, many religions call it the end days, that will be the end of the old age and the coming of the Golden Age. There are many different ways of saying the same thing: There is going to be an end.

Some people say, The revelation is a continuous revelation, and each manifestation will perfect it in a greater degree. But your perfection even ends somewhere and it is perfect. Therefore, it is not a Revelation that is going to come forever but it will end at a point and this is it. This is the end of that point.

It has been revealed to humanity now that each of the religions of the world have a part in a Path, in a truth, and when you put them all together, that togetherness is the real Revelation from God. Everyone should look at it, understand it, realize that God exists, come together, create Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and say, Now we understand. Now we understand why each of these religions came.

None of the religions before this, have covered all the religions of the world, none of them. If you look at any of them, the Mystical Paths do not believe in the coming of the Messiah, like Moses and Abraham. Well, they call them Great Revealers, or Great Masters, or Avatars. But really, truly, those people who have come, they have been prophesied to come, and when they came they brought a new revelation to humanity and they changed the course of history.

Now we are again in that junction, of the changing of the course of history. History will be less violent, more flowing, and humans will become more Godly and Godlike, with love, compassion, understanding, and openness, instead of separation, destruction, and the disunity that we have on earth.

It is because we are at the end of the Kali Yuga. We are at the end of the ignorant period of human existence. In the age to come many Great Souls will reach Pure Consciousness, bring great truth to humanity, and will become One through the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is the five steps of the Path revealed in the Mission. The first step is the awakening of the spiritual forces. Awakening of your spiritual forces means to meditate, to look within, to quiet your senses, to realize who you really are instead of letting the senses take you to the external world and to destruction, which are the desires, attachments, and everything that relate to the senses.

It is not an easy job. No one ever said it was. Meditation in Sanskrit is called, "Sadhana," and that means struggle. Struggle means that you cannot just sit there, close your eyes for five minutes and say, OK, I am realized. No, it takes many lifetimes.

I believe that those who come to this Mission and see the Vision have been meditating for lifetimes. That is why it is so easy for them to see the Vision right away and say, Yes, that makes sense. I love it. I want to be a part of it. I want to preach it. I want to expand it. I want to give it to other Elects, attract them all together, come together as brothers and sisters, and create an earth based on Gods Laws."

With that we will create a unity between all humans, and we will see that we are all the Essence of God. We will not ask anyone, Where are you from? but we will already know that he or she is from God. Therefore, we are from the same Source and Essence, and we are already One. So, when we awaken our spiritual forces, we see God within and we become Godly.

The awakening of your spiritual forces is what is called the Mystical Paths. The Mystical Paths cover all kinds of teachings that teach, The truth is within you. The Essence of you and God are One. Know thyself, to know God. Be still and know that I am God." "I am" means a person is the same as God. And these paths cover many religions, many paths, and many teachings.

Even in the great religions of the world, part of them are the Mystical Paths. It is just like the saints in Christianity, or Sufism in Islam, or Cabbala in Judaism.

The real religion that teaches the Mystical Paths is Hinduism. Buddhism has come from Hinduism. They are very similar with some points that Buddha tried to make Hinduism purified. Really, Buddhism is an attempt to purify Hinduism.

So we can see that the first step in the Eternal Divine Path covers a great number of humanity, all the teachings that say, Your Essence and God are One.

And that is exactly what Sal-OM means. Sal-OM means, I pay my salutations to the Divinity within you. Sal-OM: salute to OM within you, Sal-OM to God within you. So our very greeting is a mystical experience or recognition.

Therefore, this first step is the beginning of the following of the Eternal Divine Path. It is not the end. We can see that the mystical people also have to know about the rest of the Eternal Divine Path.

After going through the Mystical Paths, awakening of the spiritual forces, or during this process, we can direct that realization and understanding toward creating an environment that will help everyone to grow and meditate. By sharing and coming together in an environment of sharing, we can have more time to meditate, we can have more time to understand, realize, and expand ourselves. Therefore, the next step is to create the Communities of Light.

When you become Godly, you become good, and you want to make other people Godly and good. You create an environment where the people can come, look, sit and meditate, and they have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. When that is taken care of, the rest is to, Know thyself.

Really, life is very simple: Provide the physiological and safety needs of the people, and then they should know themselves. That is all that is really needed. The rest is just ego, attachments to the earth.

We feel that if we are rich, powerful, and famous, we will be happy. Many people are rich, powerful, and famous, and they are not happy.

What happened? I thought if I had all these things I was going to be happy. But you are not. What happened? Actually, the more I have, the less happy I become. Therefore we can see that is not the goal.

There should be some other goal in life that makes you happy instead of what we think will make us happy. Human understanding is very different than Gods understanding and truth. Human understanding is from mind and their senses. Gods understanding is from our Essence, which tells you, Know thyself. That is the goal of the life, to become Divine, to know who you are, why are you here, where are you going to go, and why this creation was created. We are not here to hoard wealth.

When you leave the earth, are you going to take your wealth to heaven and say, Here doorkeeper, here is a million dollars, let me in? You will not. You will leave everything here. And when the doorkeeper asks you, What have you done in life? you say, Nothing. I just hoarded money.

He will say, OK. And then a little door opens underneath you, and you fall right through back to earth, which is really hell. That is what this is. The manifestation is following your senses all the time, being attached to the things, and becoming completely drowned into the Maya.

So when you realize that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, therefore, you want to make other people Divine also. That is why you reach out. You want to tell the other people also that, The goal of your life is to be(come) Divine.

When you do that, more and more will be attracted to you and because you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, they also will want to be like you. It is like when I first started meditating, I became very attracted to the people who were meditating. I saw a beauty in them that was very attractive.

Therefore, you become attractive also because you have something that they want. And because you have something that they want, they will come to you and say, What do you have? Why are you so happy? Why are you not attached to things, and you are so flowing? They will come and gather around you.

As Christ said, you become like a tree that many birds will come and nest in, and people will lie down underneath to get the shade. You will become a source of God's Essence.

The Communities of Light should happen automatically around you by you polishing yourself and manifesting great realizations and wisdom through yourself. Other people will say, Yes, I want that. It is because that is a good desire. It is the only desire humans can have.

That is a desire from knowledge, I want to become a part of this Mission. I want to become a part of God. I want my Essence to become manifested through me. If they have good desires and you have it, they will come to you and you can create the Communities of Light around you.

So work on yourself and do not become upset, Why the communities are not happening. Work on yourself more and then it will start happening.

Then, of course, because you are doing that, the only way to polish yourself is, you have to sacrifice. You cannot say, What is in it for me?" all the time, but, "What is in it for this Revelation, God, and the community?

So you have no choice but to create a community around you. That is the Community of Light based on meditation and the awakening of your spiritual forces.

When you do that you will sacrifice because you are not attached to the external world. What to other people is sacrifice, to you is joy because you see that other people also are progressing, they are meditating, they are awakening their spiritual forces, they are sacrificing in the community, and they become one-pointed in creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

You rejoice in that and you say, Yes, I do not need all these external things. I need to work within myself so I can even help people more. So you work on yourself.

That is the only thing you can do. You cannot help anyone unless you help yourself. You have to work on yourself.

Some people say, If I can get such and such a person to do such a thing for me, I would be very happy. Or, If my husband or wife progressed, it would be great, I would be happy. But really, you have to work on yourself.

As Christ said, Take the beam out of your eyes first before you can take the speck out of the eye of your brother. So really it means, Work on yourself. That is all you can do. You can do nothing else.

You cannot help anyone unless you help yourself, you work on yourself, and you progress. Other people, as I said, see it and say, I want to be like that. I want to be that loving. I want to be compassionate. I want to be understanding. I want to have wisdom. I want to get rid of all these attachments, desires, and this and that. Therefore, what is sacrifice to other people is joy to you because you progress by doing it.

So, we can see that the first step is awakening your spiritual forces, which covers all the Mystical Paths, as we mentioned. The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light, attracting other like-minded people around you and to create Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path. That is the theme of Judaism, or the Hebrews, or the Old Testament.

God is trying to find the twelve tribes of Israel, who accept God as their King and His Rules and Laws as their Laws. Therefore, we can see that the second step is the Old Testament.

Of course, sacrifice is very easy to recognize. Which Prophet sacrificed the greatest? Christ was the person who went all the way to the cross. He did not stop to fulfill the prophecies that had been given about him, and he was crucified for his ideal.

That really means overcoming your ego. Ego means all the attachments we have to the external world. We realize that none of them are satisfying, none of them will help us to reach the Goal. But in the Communities of Light everyone will be provided for physically; physiological and safety needs will be provided for the children, for the adults, and for the old people.

Therefore, they are not afraid of life or of getting old, because the children are going to be taken care of, the adults will help the old, and the ones who are old now, had taken care of their elders when they were growing up, therefore, they have the right to be provided for also when they are older. The only thing left for them is to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, and to follow the Eternal Divine Path in a greater degree, and to help with the children in the community.

So, sacrifice is the message of Christ, or Christianity. And therefore, with this, the Communities of Light are possible.

But as we sacrifice more and more, we still might be attached to the results of our actions. We say, Oh, I am doing all these things and nothing is happening. The communities are not forming. People are not progressing.

If that happened we have to go back and say to ourselves, Oh, I have to work on myself even more. Maybe I am not working enough and that is why people do not like who I am. Maybe I should even become better than who I am.

Then direct more realization toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, and see if it happens. If it does not happen and we still are attached to the result of our actions, we will become depressed and unhappy. We might even give up and say, Well, it is not working for me." Or, it might start happening and we say, Great, this is happening and I am a great spiritual person, and create a big ego.

Therefore, the next step is surrendering and submission. Submit the result to God. Who brought that revelation? It is the very essence and meaning of Islam. It means to be surrendered and submissive to God. With this, we do our actions: we meditate, we direct that toward the creation of the Communities of Light, we sacrifice, but the result is Gods, it is not ours.

We say, God, I surrender the result to You, and I am not attached to it. Therefore, we are not attached to the results and we are free to go to the next project, to do more, to understand more, and to continue our work.

Even greater than surrendering, is submission, realizing that God is doing it through you. That is why when you praise someone in the Mission they say, All thanks go to God. It is because they want to realize that they are not the doer. If you think you are the doer, you are attached to it.

Actually, it happens to some people who come to the Mission. They do something for the Mission and then they think that I owe them something because their ego still is in the way. But if they realize that really God has called them to do something for the Mission, they should actually say, Thank You God that You showed me this beautiful thing that I brought to the Mission. It is really Your Doing and I am blessed to be a messenger, or a channel, or a way that You come through me to do something for Your Revelation and the Mission.

If the ego is in the way, then if you are not receiving your praise, or if you do not listen when you are not correct, you might not like it. You might walk away from the Mission or start creating doubts and saying, Oh, no, no, this is not the Mission I want. It is not correct. Really, you have to look at yourself and say, Well, God really Blessed me that I am a part of this.

So we can see that this, surrendering and submission, is very important, to realize that God is the Doer. He is Blessing us by coming through us. I am Blessed by Him coming through and giving this Satsang to humanity. That is the greatest thing that you can do. You should be thankful to Him. I should not create an ego, God, see, I am giving all these Satsangs and created this Mission. I am doing so much for You.

I should say, Thank God that you chose me to come here and start such a wonderful Revelation. What a beautiful thing that you gave to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

There was a poet who said, There are two thanks in every breath. You breath in because it refreshes it; you breath out and it gives you life. So you have to say thank you twice in each breath, Thank you, breathe in; Thank you, breathe out.

Maybe that is what the Haree Om Shrii Hung is. You breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung, and breathe out Om Nam Kevalam. And that means, Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.

Thanksgiving is the first law. If you start not giving thanks to God for being here, having a life, and being able to progress, then you have forgotten the first Law. Thanksgiving is the first Law.

Therefore, surrendering and submission, which has come from Islam, is the realization that God comes through us and does the action. We are not attached to the result because we are not doing anything anyway. That is why all thanks go to God.

Of course, with all this progress, we might still become attached to a part of the universe, to our family, to our community, to our city, to our nation, or to earth. That is why the next step becomes, universalism. You become a person who realizes that the universe is your home. God is your Father and mother, you are His child or Her child, everyone else is a part of God, the Essence of all of you is the same, and there is no separation. There is no culture, there is no color, there is no gender. There is nothing that separates man from man. We are all the same.

The reason for these separate cultures, traditions, customs, and backgrounds is our ego, which was created and was raised in a specific culture or custom. But if you really go to the Essence of all men and women, you can see that basically they are the same. They are the Essence of God.

The best culture and custom is Gods culture, Gods custom. That is the Eternal Divine Path and what the Prophet has brought to us as the truth of God.

So you have really been called to be born again. You have been called to turn around from the world. You have been called to realize that you have to change, you have to forget a lot of things that you already know.

A lot of people know a lot of things and they are still hanging onto that. That is going to be in their way to completely understand Gods Revelation. You have to open yourself to this new Revelation, to this new wine. Let the opinions and ideas and what you think is correct, go, and let God become greater in you than you.

So surrendering and submission means to let God come through. That is the highest spiritual realization because then you and the Father are One. And that is the goal of the life.

The next step, the universalism, is the Bahai teaching. Bab and Bahaullah brought the teaching that basically all the religions are the same, Do not fight. Do not kill each other for it. Your Prophet is the same as the Prophet before him. But each Prophet progressively completes or perfects the revelation before it, which is true, which is correct.

Baha'is say that it is going to go on forever and that the Major Manifestation will come again and again and again. Later on other teachers in the Faith realized that is not going to happen. They talk about the coming of the Seven Seals and the seven angels.

Even that religion eventually realized that there is a finality in revelations, and this finality has to come and unify all the religions together. So universalism comes from the Bab and Baha'i teachings.

These five steps -- awakening your spiritual forces, directing your energy, understanding, and realization toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing (which is Christianity), surrendering and submitting to God, and becoming a universalist --are really the Essence of our teachings. You automatically go to the sixth step if you follow those five steps. And that Sixth Seal is the Elects, or the Paravipras.

Paravipras are the ones who have been incarnated again and again in many lifetimes. They have been in many different religions. They have experienced all of them. Eventually, they see where each of them falls in the Eternal Divine Path. They will realize that God is One, all these Revelations have come from Him, and now they are unified.

Therefore, they jump of joy and say, Yes, that is what I have been looking for, that is what I have realized, and that is what I want. They will come and join this great Revelation and movement that has come to humanity now. They will gather together, create the facilitating body in the Mission, and eventually facilitate the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Really, their job is not that hard. As I said, they work on themselves, and they create the Communities of Light. As more Communities of Light are created, the more humans will be educated of this Revelation. The more Communities of Light that will be created, the more Communities of Light will be created.

It is kind of a snowball effect, it is going to pick up people who are out there and are waiting for this, Yes, I want to be a part of the last Revelation of God. And eventually many on earth will join us, and that is when the Kingdom Of Heaven will come on earth.

This is the Mission of Maitreya. This is what we are here for, and that is what we want to accomplish.

We really do not like to argue. We like people to understand our teaching instead of arguing and not wanting to open up to this. So arguments are really not very helpful, but understanding is.

I will be here for another hour and a half or so, until 12 oclock. If you have any questions about the Mission, our teachings, what we do, how you can help, how we can help you, and all that, please raise your hand and you can then come to the microphone and ask your questions.

This is the last Satsang we will have every week. This is the first Saturday of the month. From now on we will have these Satsangs every first Saturday of each month.

The teaching is all on the website. Everything you need to know is there. If you go there and you study the teachings, all things for humanity are covered.

Of course, we realize that not everyone has the Internet access and not everyone speaks English. So we have provided other means of reaching and understanding the Mission.

We also have a French website. We have the teachers. We hope to create more teachers who will travel to different countries and cultures and will teach humanity of this Revelation.

Go ahead, John.

John: Sal-OM Maitreya. We had a question while we were reading through THOTH on Thursday, which is that in the first creation story there in Genesis, when THOTH is discussing, it says that God codified the process in His Mind. We were wondering if you could define and discuss what codification is, the process, and things like that.

Maitreya: Sal-OM John. I hope that God is with you, and I am sure He is. How could He not be? He is with everyone.

The question is how God codified the universe. The universe really is the mathematic strings and codes. They are all created in the Mind of God. He has created it self-sustaining in a way that it will work toward balance.

If you connect two sources of water, which one is higher and another is lower, very easily you can see that one flows to the other. It comes to a balanced state, and both become the same level. So the whole essence of creation is to return to balance.

That is why any time any culture, any people, or any situation goes to an extreme, we can see that there are other elements created against that extreme to bring it back to balance.

Marx and Engel had understood that as thesis and anti-thesis. Always the thesis and anti-thesis are working toward the synthesis, which is again a balance.

The moment a synthesis is created, according to them, there will be an anti-thesis against that synthesis. So the synthesis becomes thesis, with an anti-thesis. They again go against each other, and eventually again there is another synthesis that occurs. That process continues forever.

That is not completely correct and true. As our teaching very well explains, that really the goal of the creation is to return to balance. And even in the manifested world everything is toward that end.

So the codification of the universe, one of the codes that is very well-known to scientists is the double helix of the genes. That is codified in a way that you can actually change the codes, replace them with the new genes, and create a new kind of being, or clone different beings. They already have started and are doing it. Even they can create, probably, new beings by replacing different genes from different beings and create something new.

It is not what they are doing. That is how the universe is created. It is not, of course, creation, or miracles, or the things are mysterious. The mysteries are there as long as you do not understand them. After we understand them, there is no mystery anymore.

It is just like this Revelation. Before this, everyone was hitting each other on the head, My religion is better than yours. Now we can say, No, it is not. God is One. These Revelations have all come from the same Source. There is no mystery left. Therefore, God is completely revealed to you today because you see that He has sent all these Revelations.

So these codes are what this whole universe is created upon. If a good mathematician meditates for a long time and God blessed him, he might even be able to reveal the mathematical coding of the universe. I am sure after people meditate and the creation of the Communities of Light, and people have a lot more time to spend, they can mathematically realize God. Of course, He is the best in everything so He is also the best in math.

Those codes are in everything in the universe which is created.When you understand those codes, you understand the creation. But the essence of these codes is to bring the universe to balance.

That is why no extreme should be allowed. Any time any society, any people, go to extremes, Paravipras will understand those extremist tendencies in that society and bring it back to a more balanced state.

We are not revolutionary. Revolution is a kind of not being in a balanced state. You are trying to change something with force instead of letting the evolutionary steps take their time.

That is why we are patient. We will wait and we will educate, we will give Satsang, and we will provide and use all the tools that God has given to us to educate people and humanity. Eventually, hopefully, most people will see that this is the way to peace and unity, and the end of war, destruction, and ego trips.

So those codes are in every aspect, actually in every atom they are codified. Any sub-atoms are codified, everything all the way to the consciousness and the creative forces. In the Essence, there is no code. That is the Essence. That is what God is. That is what the universe is.

The universe is the consciousness and the creative forces, Father and Mother. Therefore, in the Essence there is no code. That is the Essence. You cannot go beyond that anymore. That is it. You have reached the end. But everything else has to be created, and that creation is the codes that God created in the universe.

The very beginning of those codes is The Word, or the Essence of vibration. That is the four steps of the initiation that you receive. When you realize it, you realize that Essence, that Word, is in everything in the universe, and the whole universe is created with that first vibration in the universe.

So to answer your question, there is nothing in the creation that is not codified, and these codes are in everything. As the consciousness progresses, the codification also changes to a more subtle coding and eventually the Pure Consciousness, which is the Essence of the universe.

I hope that makes sense. If you have a follow-up question, go ahead. If it makes sense, that is great! If you have other questions, go ahead.

I have been giving these Satsangs for the last twenty-two years. I personally feel that I have answered all the questions. But that was good. That probably was not asked in the last twenty-two years. That is beautiful that still questions come up that have not been answered yet. I will be here for any questions that you might have, or any follow-up. [silence]

For those people who just joined the Mission, this is a Satsang that is given the first Saturday of every month. Satsang means, good company. It means the people who come together and talk about God.

In this room we talk about the Mission of Maitreya. The Mission of Maitreya has unified all the religions of the world and has revealed the Seven Seals that everyone has been waiting for them to be opened. The Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals has been opened, and all the prophecies are fulfilled.

We encourage all of you to go to our website to read our teachings. They are all there for you free of charge, freely received, freely is given. Now every person who has a computer and a connection to the Internet can receive them.

We also have a teacher who will travel this summer. He would be more than glad, I am sure, to come to your area. If you invite him and provide him with his needs, he will come to you and talk to the people in your community. You can just send us an e-mail and say, Yes, I want to do this. We will put you in touch with him and you make the arrangements of how it can be done.

So we are trying to reach humanity in every way possible. We are looking for teachers. We are looking for helpers. We are looking for the people who have seen this Mission and who would like to help. As I have said, if they help, they should be blessed by Gods Spirit and realize that they are blessed.

So if you have a question, raise your hand and let me know what is in your mind and what you would like to know. Gods Spirit, I am sure, will answer you in a way that usually makes sense. I have not seen, in the last twenty-two years that any time a question is asked and the answer was given, the person said it did not make sense.

So go ahead, raise your hand, come up to the microphone, and let us see what you have in your mind.

Go ahead, Sarah-ji.

Audience: Since you were talking about the beginning of creation, talking about the codification, and about the three gunas, I have always been interested in time. I know you said a few things in THOTH about time. But time is not an element, it is not one of the three forces, and it is not a manifestation. Then what is time?

Maitreya: There is no time in the eternal. There is no time in the Essence. Time is a concept that the moment creation was created, the time also was recognized. The moment creation came to being and the first feeling of I know was created, time has started.

There is no time in Essence. There is no time in the eternal.

Time is really a concept. It is the knowing of how events take place in the manifested world, because there are no events, there is no knowing, there is no doing, there is no memory, and there is no time. If you are not remembering anything, if you are absolutely in Joy and Ananda, and there is no feeling of know-ness, do-ness, or remembrance, so who needs time?

So really, time is just a concept. It is something that can only be recognized in the manifested world. In the un-manifested world, there is no such thing as time.

We have time. But if you reach Pure Consciousness, you do not stay in the body when you reach Pure Consciousness completely. If you could stay in the body, you would be amazed why people are so concerned about time and rushing all over.

If we create the Communities of Light, time also is not going to be of the essence anymore because there are so many helping there in the community that people will have more time to relax, be with themselves or with the other people, and talk about the greater and higher things. Time almost will stop. It is not going to be as important to the Communities of Light and in the Kingdom as it is today.

The more ego is involved, the more time becomes important. The less ego is there, the less time is important.

If you go to some old cultures, they never look at their watches. They do not have any watches. But the most important thing was waking up in the morning and going to do their work. They live more here and now.

What is here and now? Here and now means there is no time. There is no past. There is no future. You are here and now. It means, what is here and now is, I am giving Satsang. You see, I am now. That is all that is important. What happened in the past, what is coming in the future, is not important. Right now, I am here and now to give Satsang. And that is it.

When you eat, in that moment you are here and now. What you are doing, you are eating. Eating is the most important thing in that moment. When you are in PalTalk and you are talking, you are in that moment. You are doing PalTalk and talking about the Mission and your work.

So being here and now really means to know, to be what you do in that moment in your life. Whatever is past, is past. You can do nothing about it. What is coming in the future? Well, you have to work toward having a better future.

What is the best future? It is being in the Communities of Light, knowing thyself and what you are best in.

Being here and now means to know who you are. If you know who you are then whatever you do is according to who you are, and you are going to become perfect. Whatever you do, for example if you are born to be an architect, you become a very good architect. You become the best architect because that is who you are.

If you are a good lawyer, you become the best lawyer, not for the money in it but really for creating the justice, to bring the just earth, the just environment.

So the more you are concerned about time, the more ego is involved so you would become engaged into the world, which is the foreground noise or Maya. The more Essence you become, time stays still. Then you will be in the Essence which is the background, or God. A good comparison would be East Indian music.

One of the beautiful things about Indian music is that if you listen to Indian music, there is a lot of music going on in the foreground. But if you listen very carefully, you can hear something in the background, a tune goes on and on and on. It has nothing to do with the foreground music. That Essence is the God that is not attached to what is happening in time but He knows what the universe is going through.

So time is the concept of ego. It is the creation. And in the Essence there is no such thing.

I hope that makes sense.

Audience: Yes, that did make a lot of sense, thank you very much. I mean it makes me feel very blissful, and makes me just feel that I can be in bliss and not worry about anything. But on the other hand, arent we at a time of human history where time is of the essence? Otherwise this world is not going to be here anymore.

Maitreya: Yes, of course, I am not suggesting that you just sit there, be blissful, forget about the work, the society, etc. You are right. We are in the body. We are here and we have a Mission to do. We have a life. We are working toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Actually, at this time we have to be concerned to become more effective. But we can start knowing ourselves better right now. We work on ourselves better, to know ourselves, especially for young people. Maybe it is too late for us [laughter], but a lot of young people know their selves and know what they are best in.

I am a good speaker. Create the opportunity to speak about the Mission.

I am a good writer. Write about the teaching. Do not write comments on the teaching but write about it and spread the words all over the earth and become a good writer.

So there is a great opportunity given to humanity The more we create the Communities of Light, the more people will recognize and realize who they are, the less time they need to be concerned about, because in the Communities of Light time is not of the essence but the Essence is of the Essence.

So we can see that they can progress in a greater degree and become who they are. Actually, the productivity is going to increase 100%, more than 100%, because it is not how much you do, it is how much you know. The more you know yourself, the more you are here and now, and the more your productivity is in a greater degree.

A lot of people do a lot of things but they are not productive. But if you know thyself, you will focus on what you can do, which is most productive. So the productivity is increased a million times more than a lot of people who do a lot of things but nothing really manifests in a greater degree.

So, actually, time is kind of an obstacle in the way of the productivity because you have to get something done in a special time. But in Essence, when you know yourself, you accomplish something perfectly. So which one is going to create a greater impact on the universe, what is perfect or what is done?

What is perfect has greater impact than what is done. So your productivity should increase if you do what you have been created to do, because you are going to do it more perfectly and you will do it in less time.

So it is not that if we forget about time the whole universe is going to sit there blissfully and do nothing. That is not, knowing thyself. When you know yourself, you do things in a very perfect way and, therefore, you will have a greater impact and greater productivity for humanity.

Many great inventions happened almost at the beginning at the twentieth century, not now that we are so busy with just getting things done. They were done with the people who were chosen to do those things.

Who has more impact on earth, the flight, the electricity, the things that are invented, or, I have to give this report by this time of the day? So they had greater impact because they did what they had been chosen to do and humanity was amazed at how their lives changed.

Who is more productive, Edison, or an MBA person who runs a company? I am not saying it is bad to be an MBA or run a company, but Edison, of course, had greater impact on the life of the human.

But he was not worried about time. Was he sitting there and saying, I have to discover electricity by 5 oclock this afternoon? No, he just let things flow and eventually said, Yes, this is electricity. This is the lamp. You put them together," and suddenly the whole earth became lit.

So we can see that if we are connected to who we are, eventually, we will manifest great things. I hope that makes sense.

So do not sit there and be blissful.Do what you have to do. But know thyself so you can do what you do best. I hope that makes sense.

OK, she said, Yes, that makes sense.

Go ahead, Adam.

Adam: Since I found this room a couple of days ago, your teachings are running true with me, and I have had trouble accepting them as they were. I discovered on my own over the years some of what you are saying. If I believe every single time someone said they brought the Word of God, I will be one gullible person. How do I know that you are indeed a Prophet? No offence intended. PS. I really enjoy your sense of humor.

Maitreya: OK the question is, If I believe every single time someone said they brought the Word of God, I would be one gullible person. How do I know that you are indeed a Prophet? No offence intended. PS. He enjoys the sense of humor.

That is a very good question. We do not want you to accept our words at all. You should not accept anyones words that they are the Prophet of God. You have to search, seek, and knock.

Go to our website. See that the Revelation is based on the Words of God, that God has said that, A Book sealed with the Seven Seals will come. That was the only time that the whole universe rejoiced was when that Book was opened. No one could open it. They were all unhappy about, what is going to happen if the Book is not opened? No one will know what is in it. Everyone is going to fight with each other forever.

So the Book sealed with the Seven Seals had to be opened. It had to be opened so that the human and the universe would know what is in it. And, therefore, it is, it is opened, that is what is in it, and that is what it means. God sent all these religions.

Only when the Seventh Angel comes will the mystery of God be finished. When the Seventh Angel pours the last vial, it is ended, it is done.

So we can see that the coming of the Seventh Angel is prophesied. The coming of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is given to humanity.

Then, of course, other people have found the fulfillment of the prophecies that there was no Prophet ever, before this Revelation, who fulfilled as many prophecies as this Mission has done. Therefore, you have to go, you have to see the Revelation, you have to see the Words that have come in THOTH, and see the prophecies are fulfilled.

I was under the impression that all the prophecies are related to other people who came before me. But as this Revelation is the last Revelation of God, every prophecy fulfilled with any Prophet before this Revelation is also fulfilled with this Prophet and this Revelation. Therefore, you can see again, even the prophecies have all come to this Essence of the Revelations and are fulfilled.

If you really search and understand our teachings, and especially see the Vision, that is the most important part. To me, when I received the Revelation, that was all I needed, to see the truth; it made sense.

If it makes sense to you, if you see the fulfillment of the prophecies and the coming of the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals, you have no choice but to utter, Truly this is from God. Truly it has been sent by God to humanity. This is a Message from God for humanity. It unifies everything on earth and explains so many things that it is just amazing that anyone could think a man can do this.

So there is no doubt, God is behind it. God is revealing this truth to you.

You have to empty your cup. You have to forget about what you know. I am not saying that I am going to brainwash you, but you have to eventually, yourself, realize, Oh, OK, this part is my dogma. This part is my realization. This part is my idea. But what Maitreya says, because I accept him as the Mouthpiece of God, I agree with what he says more than what I think, what I say, or what I believe. Of course, if I say something that does not make sense, you should not even accept it from me.

Your goal is to go to God. My goal is to connect you to God. If we can agree on that, then we can work with each other and you will see that my teachings are geared toward taking you to God. They not geared toward taking you to me.

After I reveal this Revelation to you, I am out of the way. It is between you and God. And you know what you can do with it. You can follow it, or you cannot follow it.

The next step is that you come to the Mission and say, OK, I like it. I realize it is from God. I want to be a part of it. Now, how can I help?

Then you and I have a working relationship. Now I can tell you, OK, you can become a counselor, you can answer the questions. When you answer the questions, please send me copies so I can look at them because I am the person who received this Revelation and I am most familiar with the Revelation. Therefore, I can correct you if you are not saying exactly the way it is in the Revelation." So I can help you out.

Or, if you want to become a teacher, or you have the ability to teach, then we have to arrange a kind of organized way to send you to teach, or you go to the places that are available for you to present the Mission there.

So in that essence we are working in a working relationship with each other. In the other way, I already told you how to go to God. And, of course, I will help you in the Path if you need help, or have questions, or want to know more in a deeper level.

But actually you are the person who has to prove to yourself that what I say is from God. And that is why this website is created. That is why the Revelation is there. That is why the prophecies are revealed to humanity. You can go there and see all those and eventually decide for yourself.

If you decide it is, then you have many choices. You can just love it and say, Well, I found this and I am going to follow the Eternal Divine Path and join a Community of Light, or try to create a Community of Light." Or, you can say, I just love it, and that is it, I do not want to do anything. And you stay with it, which is really going to rot because it is just like the manna.

Do you remember when the manna came? Moses said, Do not hoard it, just eat it and leave it. God is going to provide something for you tomorrow. But the human mind says, No, no, I am afraid for tomorrow. So they hoarded some of the manna that day. And the next day it was all spoiled. The next day they could not find any food because they did not listen and they did not accept.

So do not hoard it. Do not keep it to yourself. You have to let it go. You have to let other people know about this Revelation.

If you hoard it, it is going to spoil, and spoil you as well. So do not hoard it. When you receive it, let it out. You can just reach to your family, you can reach to your friends, you can reach to your community, you can reach to whoever has the ability to do God's Will. Or, you can say, I want to create Communities of Light. I really want to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Then you start meditating. You start meditating on our Universal Mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung. Breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung, breathe out Om Nam Kevalam, and recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in. You can go ahead on our website and read about it.

Therefore, you can start meditating, awakening your spiritual forces and then, as you become more spiritual, you will attract other people around you and eventually create the Communities of Light. Tell the other people about this Mission. Tell the other people about this Revelation. Bring them together. Create the community, become their Elders if they wanted you to, sacrifice, whatever.

And then, you become engaged in the Eternal Divine Path. You sacrifice, you surrender and submit to God, and you become a universalist. Therefore, you will become an Elect.

Or you can even go further and say, I want to be initiated into the Mission. Then, you will send me an e-mail and tell me that, Yes, I recognize that this Revelation is from God and you are the Prophet of God. I want to be in it. There is nothing like this. There is nothing like this in the universe, and I want to be a part of it. I am sure about that.

That will be your Covenant with me. When you are in a Covenant with me, you are closer to me, to the Essence, and to our work.

Then, of course, you can be initiated. There is an introductory initiation. Then there are four levels of The Word that will be revealed to you, and the last part of The Word last, so there are six levels of initiation. With the Universal Mantra, there are seven initiations, just like the Seven Seals, in the Mission.

When you become initiated you become closer to me. You become a disciple. You become a person who works with me. You accept me as your only spiritual teacher, and on and on.

I can then work with you closer and in a more intense way. Then we go from there.

You see, first of all, you have to prove it to yourself. I am not going to prove it to you. I am just going to give you the information. I am just going to give you what has been revealed to me.

The other people have come, and have come with all the prophecies, which are in the website. They have realized themselves that, Yes, this is from God and all this Revelation has been prophesied to come." If you see that, then you have no choice but to see again that this is from God.

A couple of months ago, one brother came even and connected my genealogy to Adam and King David, which makes a lot of sense because the line of Judah is the only one that can open the Seven Seals and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. So you can even go there and see that.

All these things are complete proof. If you still cannot prove to yourself that I am from God, then I am sorry to say, but there is something wrong with you [laughing], because how can you not with all these things?

God made it very clear, especially this time that this is it. This is the truth that has come from Him to humanity. It is given to you freely. Go to the website, read it, understand it, and if it is proven to you then say, Wonderful, I would like to be a part of it.

Go ahead, Adam.

Adam: I understand. I know very little of most religions, but I too have come to discover God in the things that you said on my own. This does not make me a Prophet though. At least I simply do not think so. Thank you in God. I understand and I want to help.

Maitreya: OK great, Adam. Actually, yes that is how I expect it to happen, that they already know that if there is one God, why so many religions? And they come to some kind of a conclusion.

Very good, if you want to help or connect to the Mission in a greater degree, send an e-mail to the Mission. Go to the website. There is a part that says, "Question." Just click on it and send an e-mail to us.

First, as I said, make sure that you understand the Vision, that you understand the teaching. When you prove it to yourself, send an e-mail from the website. Say that, "Yes, you want to be a part of this Mission," that you completely realize and know that this is it and there is nothing really as perfect and complete as this Revelation, and it makes a lot of sense.

Go ahead, Sam.

Sam: Yes, thank you. I must admit that I just came in here a while ago. Would you kindly explain to me in very brief detail what is the purpose of this room? You went into a lot of details, which I cannot understand. Can you please, very simply, explain to me, what is the purpose and the idea behind this room? Thank you.

Maitreya: All right, sure. Simply, God has sent revelations through different Prophets in the past, and each of these revelations has become a great religion on earth. This also has created a lot of disunity because each revelation was a little different than the one previous from it, and it perfected the revelation before it to this point. Now this room, this Mission, this movement, or this religion, or whatever you want to call it, claims that each of those religions have one part of a greater truth, which we call the Eternal Divine Path.

Now it has been revealed that each of these religions has a specific message, and when you put them together the Eternal Divine Path is revealed. Therefore, they are not separated; they are from the same God. There is one God. He sent all of them. And when you put all these revelations together you see the whole truth.

This is really the essence of the whole truth. If you want to know more, I am sure someone will provide you with the URL of our website [ ]. You can go there and read in much more detail. You will find there a Scripture that we have called, THE HOLIES OF THE HOLIES (THOTH), THE LAST TESTAMENT, which is around 600 pages in a very small font. You can probably spend many lifetimes reading that Book and still need a couple of more lifetimes to really fathom it.

So the essence is what I just told you. But we recommend and encourage everyone go to the website and investigate in a greater degree. I hope that is good enough for you. If it is not, let me know.

Go ahead, Silver.

Silver: [typed in text] I am a converted Hindu and now I follow Islam, but what I want to know is when you talk about the Essence there is something like that in Hinduism, your Atman or your Soul. And you say, when you look upon it, it is part of God and every human being has that. But then why is there evil in humankind. Is it something instinctual?

Maitreya: Atman, or the Essence, is in Hinduism. The goal of Hinduism is to know that Essence, which is God, and eventually drop into the ocean of God and become a part of God. That is the goal of Hinduism.

That is why to them, this world is an illusion. You do not have to be attached to it. You should not even care about it. You should work on yourself, meditate, go to the mountains, eat bird food, and renounce the world to a point that some of them live completely naked.

In our Revelation God clearly says that that is not the way to go because He said that if you do that then, I will spue you out of My Mouth. It means, "Not only are you not going to reach your goal, but even if you become close, I will throw you back to this world and you have no choice but to become engaged in it."

Also the Mystical Paths, as you said, the Atman, is important to know that the Essence of each person is God. The goal is not just to meditate and forget about the society, but to create the Communities of Light, which the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on.

So that is the part that the Hindus have to realize, or the Buddhists have to recognize, that they should not forget about this world. This world is not illusion. This world is a relative truth. It is not the absolute truth. That is true. That is what is permanent in this world, is change because it is not the Essence, because it is created. And because it is created, therefore, change is the permanent thing.

But in Essence the permanent thing is no change. That Essence is always constant, always the same.

We can see that Hinduism has some truth. Buddhism has some truth.

Even in Islam there are people who are called Sufis and they also believe the same thing. They believe in Khod, or Essence is Khoda, which means God. That is why some of them meditated and eventually realized that oneness in themselves. They jumped with joy and they said, Anallah. Anallah means, "I am God."

Of course, the orthodox Moslems became very upset about it and some of the Sufis were even killed because that was heresy to say, I am God, because God is God, Muhammed is the Prophet, and we are all just a people trying to realize how to go back to the paradise, which has the water going underneath and all of that. So even the Sufis have recognized that there is an Essence, the same thing.

In Christianity we can see the Saint said that everyday he dies in Christ. The Christ is more in him, and he is less in himself. Christ becomes more than he himself. So really, after a while, what is left? Christ is left. There is no i left anymore.

Who was Christ? Christ means God, God within, God without.

Therefore, we can see that even Christianity realizes that Essence is within ourselves. Even the Bible says, Be still and know that I am God. Or, it says, God created man in His own image. It means that we are the same image as God is.

So you can see that every religion somehow alludes to this truth that the Essence of man is the same as God and there is no separation between man and God. Therefore, you can see that this is not really a concept of Hinduism alone; it is a universal concept and understanding, Know thyself to know God. It is a very, very simple thing that everyone should know that it has been said, Know thyself to know God. If you know yourself, you will know God.

[Silver typed] Why then is there ego in humankind?

That is a very good question. If you read the Bible, in the very beginning when the universe was created, there was darkness. Darkness means the light of God is not shining in it. The reason, of course, is the creation of ego.

Ego is the part of the human that separates itself from God and that illusion of separation from God, which really is what in Hinduism is called, Maya. In the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai religions it is called, temptation or sin, and it is the same thing.

Maya is the temptation or the attraction to the external world, our ego attachments to desires, wants, and the things that the external world offers. And because we do not have the realization of the Essence to realize that we are a part of God and we have to return to God instead of being attached to the external world, we become attached to the external world and therefore, we want the things that it offers, like wealth, fame, money, etc.

Even in the Koran it says, the wealth, women, horses, and all these things are the comfort of this world. The greater reward is with God.

So what is that comfort of the world that every man and woman wants, and they go toward? Because the Essence of man longs for infinity, when we direct this Essence which longs for infinity toward the finite world, we lose the ultimate happiness which is our birthright.

We desire a good life. What is a good life? What does that mean, a good life? It means having a house, having a car, having a nice partner, having children, having enough furniture, and a couple of cars. After one car, you want two cars. After two cars, you want three. After you have the cars and all the wealth that you need, you desire to have a yacht.

Then in order to go to your yacht, you want an airplane. And if your airplane is smaller than your neighbors airplane, you want a bigger airplane. You want a bigger yacht.

When is it going to stop? It is not going to stop. It is going to go on forever. Any time you gain something, you lose something for it in your spirit and therefore, you are never going to be satisfied. That is what the evil in man is.

The evil in man is ego. Ego is the illusion of the separation of man from God. Therefore, man does all those things to satisfy the longing for the infinite with the finite world. And it is never going to be satisfied. Therefore, they do evil things to satisfy their ego, and ego is never satisfied so they become more and more unhappy.

They do not look in the only place they can look for it, which is within them. They always look without. Where is it? "My happiness is out there, someplace. If I have this and that and that and that, I am going to be happy." You will not because it is not out there. It is not going to give you the happiness.

Of course, we do not preach escapism or going to the mountains and forgetting about the world. We believe that the creation of the Communities of Light and providing physiological and safety needs and security for every person is important.

The more humans are separated from each other and live by themselves, the more fearful they will become. So they have to hoard a lot of wealth so they can take care of themselves when they are old.

In the Communities of Light they do not hoard because the Communities of Light will take care of them. Therefore, they are not going to be worried about it.

And because they hoard a lot of money, there is less for others. How much money is there? How much wealth is there? So a few people become very wealthy and a lot of people become un-wealthy and that is when destruction, fights, wars, and the things that we see on earth will be created.

We do not want to share. We want to keep what we have. They also want what we have. They want to get what we have. When they get it they are not going to be happy.

What is the best way? The best way is they share. It becomes a more equal world. Create the Communities of Light. Therefore, the only thing left in the Communities of Light, is to meditate and to know thyself.

So the Communities of Light and our teaching is toward peace on earth and the creation of the human that their evil will not come through because their ego is recognized. They recognize their ego and therefore, their lower nature is going to be directed to the higher self because they are not afraid of getting old or living, or that no one will care about them. In the Communities of Light everyone cares about each other. Everyone is a part of it. They do not have the fear of being left alone somewhere in the cold out there that no one cares.

It is the beginning of a change for humanity toward the Godly way of living, not the ego way of living. The more ego is created, the more destruction and evil will be on earth.

So to answer your question, our Essence is not any of this but we have a physical body so we need physiological and safety needs provided for it. And it should be provided for every man, woman, and child. They should not be afraid, What is going to happen to me when I get old? or Where is my next meal coming from? We have the ability to do that.

Technologically humanity has reached a point that they can provide for every man and woman, and even reach to space and bring resources to humanity in even a greater degree. Or even colonize the other planets.

They have found out that Mars has a lot of water. They have found a lot of ice caps all over. If we melt those, can we make that planet livable? Yes, we can.

So humans have a great journey in front of them. We now have the ability to reach out to space, traveling there, and using those resources so that we do not have to scratch each others faces because we want more and the resources are limited. In a sense it is unlimited in the universe.

But our egos, our desires, and our fears create the environment that we have on earth. And evil comes from fears, desires, attachments, and not understanding that with sharing, with understanding, with recognizing these truths, we can cure all those problems.

Especially when you meditate and you awaken your spiritual forces, you need less and less because your happiness and your satisfaction comes from within, not by having things, but by being. So we can see that the evil comes from these things and that is why people or humans do evil things.

So the goal is again to go toward the balance. The balance is a balanced human and resources provided for everyone.

It is not a communist ideology. We do not say that everyone should work according to their ability and receive according to their need. The people who work harder, the people who put more into the society, should receive more. We are not against property ownership and all of that. We say it is OK. Actually, the communist ideology dissapates the creativity in man, and that is why it did not work and it is not working.

But the Communities of Light are based on Gods Word and Gods Desire. It is completely different. There is going to be a difference between people of having, but it should not be that large. Also if we reach to space, we will have infinite resources to tap into.

So the reason the human does evil is multi-dimensional, but the essence of it is the ego, being separated from God, and desiring external things instead of realizing the internal beauty.

I hope it makes sense to you. If it does not, you can follow up.

We have discussed the Communities of Light many times. We have looked at the many problems on earth with the people in the Mission, or the people who come to the Mission. The conclusion is always the same thing. The answer, the solution, is the Eternal Divine Path and the creation of the Communities of Light.

Now it is up to you. It is given to each of you to recognize this beauty, this Revelation from God, and how we can solve the human problems. Now if you want to become a part of the solution, you have found it. If you are an Elect you have no choice.

I did not have any choice to start this Mission. That is why I believe that those who are the Elects have no choice. They will have the Spirit in them, and they will see the Vision. When they see the Vision, they see the beauty of this teaching and the Revelation, and they say, Yes, I want to be a part of the solution. I no longer want to be a part of the problem.

If you are still following your culture, your customs, your dogmas, and your religions, you are a part of the problem. Every religion before this is now done. They are finished. It is the end of it. If you are still hanging onto them, then you are a part of the problem. If you come and become a part of the Mission and the creation of the Communities of Light, then you are a part of the solution and you are an Elect.

So it is your decision. Do you want to continue being part of the problem? Or do you want to become a part of the solution?

Bring me any question, any problem on earth. I will show you how the Communities of Light and the Eternal Divine Path will solve that problem. It is amazing how perfect it is, as God Himself.

He is Perfect and He gives the Perfect solutions. And that is what the solution is, the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path. I am sure all of you by now know what the Eternal Divine Path is. It is the awakening of your spiritual forces. It is directing your energy, or as you progress yourself, attract other people around yourself and create communities based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Teach them how to meditate. Give them the Universal Mantra. Direct them to our website. Tell them about our teaching and how all the prophecies are fulfilled. Then as they come and join you, more and more communities will be created. More and more will go away from this world and worldly things and will be satisfied with the essence within themselves and share, if they have extra, with the other people who do not.

As John the Baptist said, if you have two coats give one to another man. That is the Communities of Light. That is creating an environment that everyone has a coat. Not that one person has many coats and another person does not have any. So we can help the person who does not have a coat.

We can see that the Prophets are saying the same thing. You have to share. You cannot hoard. You have to create the communities. In the Communities of Light, everyone will be taken care of and there will not be much fear. And hopefully, by reaching to space, the standard of living of everyone is going to increase.

We are not saying that you should lower your standard of living. No. We are saying, Let us create such an environment that everyones standard of living increases."

So we can see that God wants the Communities of Light to be created and that all the solutions are there. The terrorism, the destruction, the wars, how long are we going to continue these things? For the last six thousand years we have been doing this again and again. This is the last war of wars. After this there is not going to be any war.

It does not work. The next one is going to come, until humans eventually sit back and say, OK, God, we learned our lesson. For the last 6,000 years we followed our own ego, our own way of doing things. Now let us listen to what You say.

Then go read THOTH, understand the Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light, and see how that solves the problem. Then you realize, yes, God has left us by ourselves for the last 12,000 years. We were following our ego. We have made a mess of the earth. Now it is better to go back and humbly say, God, I will listen to You, and I will follow the Eternal Divine Path, Your Ways, and Your Words.

Then we can see that, yes, His Kingdom will come. The wars will go away, the peace will come on earth and indeed the lion and the lamb will lie together. We will put our spears away and will bring the peace on earth.

So this is the message of peace. This is the way to do it. There is no other way. Any teaching, any realization, any revelation, any knowledge, before it, is just a part of this. We are not saying throw them away. No, realize where they fall, where they fall in the Eternal Divine Path and this teaching.

When you see that you say, Oh, OK. I do not have to throw my understanding away. I just have to realize where my understanding falls in God's Plan, or is it in the Plan of God at all? If not, it is a dogma. Of course, the dogmas have to go. Dogmas are the only problem. If the dogmas do not go, the separation is still going to be there.

So again this is the message of peace. It is the message of salvation. It is the message of a good life in the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light you are not alone. You are not lonely. You have companionship. You have people who live with you.

In the communities you have no fear of being old. In the communities the children are taken care of, are nurtured, and taught Godly things. The whole society, from the very base is going to be based on a solid foundation. And those societies are not going to be shaken with anything.

Therefore, you can see this is not just an ego trip or an idea someone came up with and is reaching out trying to make money, or it is a cult or anything. It is none of those.

It is the truth. It is the salvation of humanity. It has come to man with great signs and Revelation and truth.

If it did not make sense to me, I was the first person who would leave because the religions did not make sense to me and I dropped them just like lead. From the very childhood I said, No, you guys do not make sense to me. It just does not make sense. But this Revelation does make sense. So go read, and understand.

Prove it to yourself. I do not have to prove it to you. I proved it to myself and that is enough for me [laughing]. You really have to prove it to yourself.

When you proved it to yourself, then come and we will work together toward the creation of what is sent to humanity to direct them and help them to bring peace on earth. And that is the Mission that we have all chosen.

We have all been meditating for many lifetimes and you have been prepared for this. By you, I mean the Elects, those who really have been called for this Mission. And each of you has a lot of work to go and do. Do not become discouraged very easily.

I have been giving these Satsangs for twenty-two years and I am still enjoying it because I am not attached to the result and anyone who comes to the Mission. That is great, that is beautiful. Enjoy it. Be here and now. And be in what you do in that moment.

Another thing is that you have been blessed. You are here and now and you can see, you can hear the Prophet himself telling you these things. And blessed are those who have not heard, or seen and they will believe. And there will be many, people who have not heard of this Revelation and will believe.

Actually, there is a sundering right now with this Revelation. The Revelation is like a trumpet. It is a sundering process.

When God sends a Revelation it means for the last 12,000 years we were in the process of selecting people who will come to the Kingdom. It is the time and invitation to the Kingdom. Are you going to be in the wedding or not? It is very simple. If you are not, you are the people who are not going to be reincarnated for the next 1,000 years. After that there will be a Golden Age, Silver Age, and Copper Age.

Then the Kali Age is going to come again. After that we will come back again and maybe even go to other planets and preach the same thing. That is because these principles are universal principles. You can implement them any place in the universe and they are going to work. You can go to the moon and create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path. It is going to work. Go to Mars. It is going to work any where in the universe.

So our teaching, after we are finished with the earth, who knows, maybe we will go to other planets and continue the same thing. But the essence is those who have not really seen the Vision or will not follow the Eternal Divine Path, or will not completely realize what is taught here, after the next 1,000 years, probably they are not going to come back for 12,000 years at least.

So it is the time of sundering. It is the time of separating the chaff from the wheat. That is what we are looking for.

Actually, the realization was, I do not have to make you progress any more. Of course, I will help you as much as I can but those who have progressed for 12,000 years, now they are here. It is the time of choosing. It is not the time to make them progress. It is the time to gather the wheat to the barn of the Father.

So if you have seen the Vision, you are an Elect. The Elects are the people who will absolutely dedicate their lives to do Gods Will. And they realize that they are blessed. God blessed them by doing that to them.

God does not owe them anything. They say, Thank God, He choose me. That is what I say, Thank God, Thank God, Thank God, all the time that He trusted on me so much that I can bring this wonderful Revelation to humanity. That is my blessing.

He does not owe me a bit. Actually, I owe everything to Him that He blessed me with this Revelation. And, of course, now you are blessed with hearing it, understanding it, and realizing it. This is Gods Revelation.

This is how all the religions are unified. That is why God sent each of them. And now He put them together and said, Here is the whole truth. This is the Seven Seals. This is the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals, and that is how you can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

And it is going to come because whenever God said something He was going to do, He did it in the past. Now He said His Kingdom will come. So it will because He never misses any promise.

So we can see that His Words are the truth. His Words will come true.

That is why I am not worried about the Mission. I try to stay in that background tune in the Indian music, that a lot of things are happening around me in the Mission, a lot of things that sometimes sound like everything is going to go down the drain, but who cares? I started the whole Mission with ten cents in my pocket, was in the United States and the immigration was after me, Why arent you finishing your school? I went completely out on the limb and God helped. God is there.

If you are with God, and you are doing Gods Will, you will be provided for. Do not worry about it. Just, as Christ said, the lilies of the field. Are you even as pretty and as beautiful as the lilies? No. They are provided for. So it is not something to be concerned about. Go out on the limb. Do not be afraid for God. You will see even greater things happen in your life.

Also know that God said His Kingdom will come, and it will. There is no doubt about it. And the way is the Communities of Light and the Eternal Divine Path.

I hope all these things make sense to you. They make a lot of sense to me. They make more sense to me when I give Satsang. I hope they also makes sense to you and you become one with them.

We encourage everyone to go to our website, ask questions, test the Spirit, eventually see the Vision, and dedicate your life to the Vision and God.

Again, if you have any questions, please raise your hand. We have another ten minutes together and we will answer, if God is willing.

[reading a question in text] "Has God revealed anything of His children on other planets, aliens?"

There is a lot of speculation and belief about the aliens. Some people believe in them, some people do not. In the past, some believed that the earth was the center of the universe. And if any one said it was not, we even put them in prison.

Believing there are no aliens on other planets is less likely than there are aliens on other planets. That is because each solar system has billions of stars, and each star, as recently they have found, some of them have planets just like our solar system. And the possibility that there are other beings also in other planets is great.

Now that they have found water on Mars, there could have been life forms on Mars. There could also be life forms on the planets around Jupiter. There is also the possibility of life in other solar systems with advanced civilizations.

So the belief that there are other beings on other planets is most likely and possible. God is the whole universe. Yes, if God is the whole universe, there have been Prophets who have been sent to them as well, and they have some belief system and that belief system probably is directed toward the same Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities of Light, and creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven on that planet, whatever it is called, Planet Krypton, the Kingdom of heaven on the Planet Krypton.

So you can see that the possibility that we have been incarnated even on other planets is possible. Therefore, this Revelation has been revealed to them as well as it was revealed to us.

These principles are the universal principles. You can use them in your community, or you can start a community by yourself. Meditate and polish your essence in a greater degree. You start where you are. Then by doing that you attract other people around you and you reach out in a greater degree. It depends on how great a spirit you have. If you have a great spirit you might attract just people around you. If you have a very great spirit you might become a great teacher that you can reach many communities or the whole earth.

So it depends how much you want to polish your spirit, what degree you want to go, who you are, how long you have been meditating, and how much you have progressed. So it depends on a lot of things.

As I said, yes, the whole idea is to reach space. That is one of the things probably the Mission, the Communities of Light, and the Kingdom Of Heaven will try to do, to understand space. And who knows, one day we might find something that we can use, to go from one part of space to another part without using the regular speed of doing it, by realizing that there are other ways we can utilize to go even for millions and billions of light years in a second.

So, it is just like mind. What is the fastest thing in the universe? Is it light? No, it is your mind. You think you are on the moon, and you are on the moon. There it is. You think you are on Jupiter, and you are on Jupiter. You think you are at the end of the universe, and you are. See, so the mind is the fastest thing in the universe and maybe eventually we can tap into that power. Instead of thinking it, being there, we are there.

There is nothing out of human will or understanding, or achievement, but we are on the brink of a great adventure. It is not really the end of it. It is a great adventure starting for humanity to reach to a greater degree to their potential.

Maybe we could even go to another planet and find out that this Revelation is already there. And we will become one with them. They are following the Eternal Divine Path, we are following the Eternal Divine Path. They have the Communities of Light, we have the Communities of Light. They know God, we know God. We are one.

Or, we can reach a planet that does not have these things. We might go slow on them and be careful not to influence them too much, without realizing that our influence might make their work even harder or reverse their progress.

So yes, there is a possibility that your question is correct.

All right, we have reached the end of our time with you. We will have these Satsangs as long as there are questions and people like to come and learn about the teachings. But since our numbers dwindled and we almost went back to the number of the people who are in the Mission, and they already know everything about the Mission, we changed the timing back to every month. The first Saturday of every month, I will be with you.

If many people come, many new people joined us, and there is an interest in it, I do not mind to give Satsang every night. Also the questions have been answered. There is almost no question that has not been answered. But, of course, once in a while we can see new questions are asked. Also I do not mind repeating the answers again and again until all questions are answered.

So I leave you all to God until next month. God be with you.


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