Satsang (Discourse) 04/06/02




Maitreya:  Sal-Om everyone.  Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Satsang room and our Cyber Church.  We welcome you to our room.  We welcome everyone to our room.  Our Message is a Message of the unity of all religions.  We are hoping that humanity will eventually listen to this Message and stop the madness that we are going toward.

As we all can see, most probably we are going toward a great destruction and war that is all over the world right now.  We have a Message of unity for humanity, and we are giving it out over and over again.

Humanity is not listening to this Message at this time because they are still trying to put the new wine in the old skins, or they are hanging on to the old wine and it is spoiled and destroyed.  It is no longer functioning.

So the Message is clear that God is in control.  He has sent all the religions of the world to humanity, and each of them has a message for humans.  And as the messages are put together, we can see the whole Vision.

The Vision is that there is One God, One Humanity, and One Earth, and we have to realize and recognize that we eventually have to listen to Him and His Message that has come to humanity to unify them all.

We have to learn to share.  That is the real message to everyone that as long as there are extremes, there is going to be destruction.  God has been guiding all to this point and with our teachings, He has done it.  He has promised things to many nations and people, and He fulfilled them.  Therefore, He does exist, and He is in control.

His Laws are very clear.  It is the Law of Karma; your actions will create reactions in the universe.  Those who go up, go down.  Those who are down, will go up.  The extremes will continue until we realize and recognize to bring His Kingdom on earth based on our teachings.  In the Kingdom there are no highs and lows.  There are no great differences between people, and therefore, there are not going to be any great ups and downs in human history, as we have seen so far.

Many nations have become powerful, have become dominant, and later on they were destroyed, and another nation that was humble and small became powerful and dominant.  Humanity eventually has to realize that these earthly powers are all temporary.

Everything in the manifested world is temporary.  Therefore, they have to recognize that the one who is the aggressor will be aggressed against.  The one who is humble will be exalted.  Those who exalt themselves will become humbled.

That is the lesson that humanity has to learn and eventually say, “The best way is the middle path, neither too high nor too low so we can create a more equal world and humanity can share together.”  Therefore, this destruction that we are going through right now will eventually be stopped, and humans will learn their lessons.

Actually, history is the lesson for humanity.  That is why God created the history so we can recognize how the history works and how He is in control.  Many nations have been powerful before us, and they are no longer powerful and no longer in control.

Therefore, humanity has to recognize and realize that God does this and has done this, so we eventually have to come to the realization that there is only One God, One Humanity, and the goal of life is to be(come) Divine and help everyone also to be(come) Divine.

Now, how we can stop this madness that humanity has been going through for at least the last six thousand years is the Communities of Light that are proposed and given to us through the Mission of Maitreya, the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path.  The Eternal Divine Path is the explanation of each religion of the world and how they each have come for a specific message, and how when you put all of these messages together you see the whole picture and what God has been revealing to man.

Therefore, we are here, we are giving this Message out again every day, every month, every week.  We are trying to give this Message to as many people as possible.

We are hoping they realize, recognize, and see the Vision that is here in the Mission.  When they see this Vision, they give the Vision to other people, to their families, to their friends, to their neighbors, to their communities, to their cities, to their nations, and eventually, many people will see it and say, “Yes, that is the only Vision that makes sense."

How can there only be one God but so many religions?  If there is only one God and not many religions, what is that religion?  That is the religion which combines all of them together and explains where each one falls in this explanation.

This explanation, of course, explains the Path.  It is not a dogma.  It is not that you have to believe in such and such a name, or such and such a thing, and you will be saved.  A path means you walk it.  And when you walk the Path, you will see the benefit of it.

Therefore, we can see that God has been in control all this time.  Religions do not create separation.  Dogmas and misunderstandings of religions create separation.  Also humanity has to recognize and realize that they have to become more equal on earth, and that too much difference between them will create destruction, wars, and unhappiness for everyone.

So these are the lessons that humanity has to learn.  This can be easily accomplished by reaching to space and oceans, and utilizing the infinite resources available there.  This is the Message that the Mission of Maitreya is trying to give to every individual.  And every individual then is responsible to give it to everyone else who they know and they can reach.

Therefore, everyone will eventually see that those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who are humbled will be exalted.  Those who are aggressors will be aggressed against.  And those who are aggressed against will be the aggressors themselves later, but they have to learn not to be.  We can see that we have to use the resources, the power, and everything on earth and beyond toward the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is based on the Communities of Light.  And the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path, which is the base of the Kingdom, has five steps.  The first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces.  It means meditation, contemplation, chanting, dancing, whatever works for you to calm your mind and eventually recognize who you are, and to hear that very still Voice of God behind all the worldly things that are happening in the external world.

In the external world many things are happening, which are pulling us, pushing us, making us think that everything is falling apart and that life is not completely the way we want.  Therefore, we feel helpless, hopeless, and completely at the mercy of the events.  But if you calm your mind, do not let those things affect you, and then meditate in a deeper level, you will experience a very calm place that you will know everything is going to be OK.

That calm place is where the goal of the meditation is, where it is beyond all the sounds, the events, and the things that are happening in the external world and beyond where we can reach that calmness, and recognize and realize that all will be OK.  And we will know what are the actions that we have to do next, and in that moment.  We will take that action and improve our lives toward their betterment, and toward the creation of the Communities of Light.  The creation of the Communities of Light is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The first step is to “know thyself.”  To know thyself, who is the self?  The self is beyond mind.  The self is beyond events.  The self is beyond all the foreground noise of life.  The self is beyond all of this.

When we know ourselves, when we reach that calm mind, when we reach God, then we reach love, understanding, depth, compassion, strength, effectiveness, and see our lives clearly, “Why are we here?  Where are we going?  Why have we been created?”  The Scriptures will help us in this regard because God sent them to us to guide us.

As we are guided toward the Scriptures and toward our meditation, we will see that the only Source of Love, of clear- mindedness, the seeing of our lives in a clear way, is God Himself.  So if we open ourselves to Him, we do not seek attention, we do not seek love, and we do not seek everything from the external world but from within ourselves because we already have them.  We do not need to reach out there and look for them.  That is the wrong place to look for the things that we really desire.

We have to recognize that Essence that has everything we want, yet we are looking everywhere else but where it is at, and that is within us.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken your spiritual forces, to “know thyself.”  And that covers religions like:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any other path that teaches meditation, “Know thyself to know God,” and, “Be still and know that I am God.”

That part is covering most of the Far East philosophies and the many religions that also have a mystical side that a lot of people have realized, that they can recognize God within themselves.

Therefore, when you awaken your spiritual forces, what is the next step?  The next step is the Old Testament.  If you go through the Old Testament, the whole theme of the Old Testament is that God is trying to find a people, a tribe, a community that will accept Him as the King, His Laws as their Laws, and bring Him into every aspect of their lives.

That is what the Communities of Light are.  The Communities of Light are the communities that the people accept God as their King and bring His Laws as their Laws and will follow His Laws.  Such communities will be the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If each individual meditates, awakens their spiritual forces, knows themselves, and then directs that toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and brings God (which they recognize within themselves) into the community, more people (Godly people) will come together and create a community that is based on something they already recognize within themselves.  And therefore, that community will become more Godly and more flowing, and become One.

You cannot bring the Communities of Light with the people who have not recognized, who have not awakened their spiritual forces, who have not seen God within, who are still looking toward the world to give them what they need and therefore, they cannot feel oneness with the community, and they might blame the community for what they do not have.  But really, what they do not have is what they cannot find within themselves.  That satisfaction, that oneness, that feeling of not needing anything, is within you, not without.

Really what the human needs is:  their physiological and safety needs provided for.  The rest is, “know thyself.”  You do not need much after that.

So we can see, the next step is the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are what God revealed in the Old Testament.  The Hebrews were chosen as the chosen people.  Hebrew actually means:  The Children of Light.  They were chosen at that time to show humanity, what does God mean by the Communities of Light?

Later on, as it was prophesied, when the Shiloh, the Messiah, came, the kingdom would be taken away from that nation and be given to another people.  Anytime the new Messenger comes, the Messenger before it is finished, is done.  His message is on earth but is a part of the greater truth.

So we can see that our teaching recognizes and explains what the Old Testament message was.  The Old Testament message was:  Communities of Light, communities based on the pure couples and also the teachers who dedicate their lives to creating more Communities of Light and creating a community based on the Laws of God, the purity of their relationships, and a place where people share and bring greater unity to themselves and the community.

Such communities cannot be formed or created if everyone in the community says, “What is in it for me?”  If everyone recognized and realized themselves, and awakened their spiritual forces in these communities, they would not do that.  They would say, “I can share some.  I can give more.  I can be more.”

Actually, we have to be more, not to do more.  When we are more, we will do more very easily.  So it is not how much we do but how much we are closer to God.

Therefore, we can see that the next step is sacrifice.  You awaken your spiritual forces, you try to create the Communities of Light, and then you recognize that if you say, “What is in it for me?” all the time and be self-centered, selfish, and thinking only about yourself, then you are taking from the community more than you are giving into it.  Also you do not create a feeling of oneness.

As I have said many times, when the couple marries, they want to become one.  They want to completely find their other part, to become one by concentrating on each other.  It is impossible.  No two humans can become one.  The only way you can become one with each other is to become one with God.

If I am one with God and you are one with God, are we one?  Yes we are, because God is the Spirit within all of us, and I recognize God in you and you recognize God in me, therefore, we are one.  But if I concentrate on you and you concentrate on me, then two egos are concentrated on each other and they have their own desires, wants, and ways of doing things, and you will not become one.

It is the same thing in the community.  If every individual in the community is one with God already and recognize the God-ness within themselves and the unity of God in them, they do not need to put stress on other people and try to divert the attention to themselves or create negative situations to get negative attention in the community.  But they will be happy within themselves because God is within them, and that is the only Source where you can receive everything you need.  You do not need it out there.  If you are longing to get it out there, you will not find it and you will be disappointed.

Then you might blame the community or other people for your problems, but really they are your problems.  You say, “If I leave this place and go somewhere else, I am going to be happy.”

The problem is that you are taking your baggage with you.  You are going from here to somewhere else, and the same thing will happen again.  You can see the patterns in your life if you really meditate deeply, that same thing is going to happen over and over again.

Therefore, the next step in the Communities of Light is sacrifice.  And sacrifice should come very naturally.  If you awaken your spiritual forces in the first step, you do not really need to work hard at it.  It comes very simply and easily to you, and you recognize everyone’s place in the community and will support them in their way.

So we can see that sacrifice was brought by Christ.  Christ came and went to the cross.  He sacrificed himself for humanity.

Of course, he had more missions than that.  He released The Grace that had been taken away at the time of the Garden of Eden.  Also he unified the lost tribes of Israel in the West, etc., that you can read about in our teachings.  But the essence of his message was:  sacrifice.

So, in order to create the Communities of Light it is necessary to awaken your spiritual forces, to work for the Communities of Light, and to sacrifice for them.  Therefore, the message of Christianity is:  Not to be self-centered, to be able to give of yourself to the community and help it to grow and become a great community so it can use its resources and power to reach even to the greater community around it and attract more people to come to the Communities of Light and eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now, you have recognized God a little bit in your spiritual progress and you join a community or try to create a community.  You sacrifice, and you thought you gave some and nothing happens.  Then what?

You are still not in Pure Consciousness.  You still have an ego lurking there.  Suddenly you become depressed and say, “Well, what happened?  I put all this effort here, and it is not happening.”  So you might be depressed, or you might even give up and say, “No, it is not going to work.  I am going to walk away from here.  It is too hard work,” or something like that because ego wants to feel the result.  I am not saying, do not expect the result.  But do not be attached to the result of your endeavor.

Therefore, the next step is to surrender the result to God.  You do the job, you do the work, you sacrifice in the community, and then automatically you say, “God, I did my job.  I am not attached to the result.  The result is yours.”  That means surrendering.

Greater than surrendering is submission.  Submission means that, I am not the doer.  God is the Doer.  I have recognized God in the first step, haven't I?  I eventually will be in touch with Him.  I meditated.  I went deep inside.  I went beyond all the noises in the foreground and eventually went to the background, and felt the calmness and unity with God.

Now I have the Love of God, I have the compassion of God, and I have the calmness of God.  Now I can see that God is really the Doer because, who is my Essence?  My Essence and God are one.  He is doing everything through me.

When I am beyond all this foreground noise and I am in the background with God, and He is Doing things through me, am I going to make mistakes?  If God is perfect, how can He make mistakes?  Therefore, you recognize and realize that you become submissive to God more and more, and you let God come through and do a perfect job in whatever you do.

But, if it is not perfect, if you bring your teaching to our teaching, to God’s teaching, if you do not go in a deeper level to realize the depth of His Spirit, then who is interfering with God coming through?  It is your ego that is in the way again.  You have to recognize that and say, “Ego, go.  Let God come through.”  Therefore, let God come through more and more, and eventually you become a submissive person most of the time, or eventually all of the time.

You can see that the message of surrendering and submission is the message of Islam.  Islam means surrendering and submission to God.  Therefore, with this recognition we become one with God.

That is the goal of life, to return to God, to let God come through, to become one with God.

That is the goal of yoga.  Actually, yoga means union.  The goal of yoga means you become one with God.  When you become one with God, who exists, you or God?  God exists.  You do not exist any more.  Therefore, we can see in that level you become completely a channel for God, God comes through, and the ego goes.

We can see that now we have unified, not only all of the Mystical Paths on earth, also the Old Testament (all the Jews and Hebrews), the New Testament (all the Christians), and Islam (all the Moslems).  That is three billion people of humanity.  More than three billion, almost four billion of humanity, is unified in these teachings.

Of course, when we surrender and submit to God, still we might become attached to a small part of the universe and say, “Well, I am just going to help my household.  I am just going to help my community, I am just going to help my nation, I am just going to be attached to the earth."

No, still we have the narrowness of the mind and, therefore, we limit ourselves to a very small portion of the universe.  We become narrow in our vision.  Our vision becomes tunnel vision.  We cannot see the whole picture of what is happening in the universe.

The next step is universalism, to realize that your home is the universe, your Father is God, your Mother is God, and the rest of the universe are the struggling beings in your path with you.  And you are here to help all of them to recognize the Eternal Divine Path, to join in the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom of Heaven in the whole universe, and accelerate the process of returning to God for every individual and being in the universe.

Therefore, you become a universalist.  You create the compassion for every atom in the universe.  You try to help each and all of them to progress to a higher consciousness, a higher level, and eventually Pure Consciousness.  That also helps not being self-centered and thinking about ourselves all the time but thinking about the universe.

Expand your mind, “Oh, I am a part of the universe.  I do not belong to anything else but the universe.”  Then you really become a child of God, because God is the universe.  Then you recognize that you do not belong to any specific gender, or group, or nation, or religion, or anything on this planet, or any planet, when you become a universalist.

The progress and salvation of the universe is the essence of your endeavor and your thinking.  And, of course, you will progress because you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and you will see everything clearly as they are instead of coloring your perception with small little things in human life.

Universalism is the fifth step in the Eternal Divine Path.  That was brought by Bab and eventually perfected a little more by Baha’u’llah.  And that is the Baha’i teachings.

With these five steps we also unify the Baha’is with the rest of the universe and the rest of the people on earth.  Also the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path are finished here:  Awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist.

If you truly follow this Path, if you truly recognize God within you, if you direct that recognition and realization toward the creation of the communities based on God and His Laws, are able to become one with the community, sacrifice without any resentment and without any expectation, and then surrender and submit to God and His Will and know what is His Will for you in the community, why did God put you in this community, therefore, you recognize why you are in that community, then you become a universalist and shatter every narrowness of the mind, and you will become an Elect.

That is the Path of the Elects that all the religions of the world have been talking about.  In every Scripture God said, “My Elects will inherit the earth.  My Elects are the salt of the earth.  My Elects are the ones who are worthy of My effort.  My Elects are the ones who receive My Grace and Love.”  That is what He was talking about.

The Elects are those who follow The Eternal Divine Path, they awaken their spiritual forces, recognize God within, go beyond the noise in the foreground to the calmness and unity of God in the background and receive everything they need from God without longing and craving for external attention, external love, and external things that never, ever satisfy.

That is because, "I am looking for love and you are looking for love.  How can I give it to you when I do not have it?  I am looking for it myself.  I am looking for love.  You are looking for love.  So it means we both do not have it.  If you do not have it and I do not have it, how can I give it to you?"  See how the human mind is thinking wrongly instead of Godly?

But does God have Love?  Yes, He does.  He actually longs to give the Love and Grace and Beauty to you, and for you to recognize Him.  Of course, there is a condition there.  You have to follow His Laws.  You have to recognize His Laws and follow them instead of saying, “No, I am going to create my own law.”  Then when you do not receive The Grace you say, “Well, you have to give me The Grace.”  You demand Him to give you The Grace.

But He says, “You are not following what I told you in my Scriptures.  How can I give it to you?”

So you can see that as you go deeper, as you recognize and realize Him deeper, you follow His Laws easier.  As someone said, “I recognized and realized the beauty of the Ten Commandments after I started following them.  Before that I said, Why do I want to follow these things?”

After you follow God’s Commandments and Laws, your life becomes smoother, your life becomes more flowing, your life becomes more beautiful, your life becomes easier, simpler, and nicer.  You say, “Oh, that is good.  I love that.  I want to be that.”

So we can see that the Eternal Divine Path guides you to become an Elect.  An Elect, you know by their fruit, not by their words, not by their claims, not by big words, pretty words, and beautiful words, but by their fruit.

If you do not give fruit then it means you have not recognized God within.  It means you do not feel one with the Community of Light.  It means you do not want to sacrifice, and when you do a little sacrifice it seems so big to you.  And you are not surrendered and submitted to God. You are looking for results all the time.  And if you do not receive them, you become unhappy.  And you are not a universalist by feeling you belong to a specific place, or people, etc.  Still the ego is big and present, and is not dissolved in God.

So meditate deeply and go beyond everything that you long for, therefore, you will recognize God within in a deeper level.  Then follow the Eternal Divine Path.  That is when you become an Elect.

Then if you are a real Elect, I do not have to do anything.  You are self-motivated, you are absolutely One with the Spirit, you are One with God.  We are one together, we become two good co-workers, and we can work together and create the Communities of Light, spread the Mission, create the great teachers who will come and join the Mission and travel, preach, and establish the communities.

Or, you are going to become part of a support group that you will support the Mission so we can support the teachers and the Mission.  And eventually, we will create a system based on God that the Spirit of God exists in it.  We can have hundreds of thousands, or one hundred and forty-four thousand great teachers and millions of supporters who will support those teachers so that we can give this Message to every corner of the earth.

Then more and more humans will see this, recognize this, realize this, and say, “Yes, we do not have any choice but to share, to realize that God is One, we are One Humanity and One Earth, the planet earth, or the spaceship planet earth that either we have to get along on it or blow it away fifty times and destroy it all."

Actually, better than that, recognize that we can reach to space and bring even greater resources for all.  Or, even go to space and live in places that resources are available.

So we can see that all these things have been given to us now, and you are called to see this Vision.  If you see the Vision, let me know that you have seen the Vision, and then start working on the Eternal Divine Path.  When you reach the point that you have become an Elect, then you and I are one, all of us are one with God and we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That is the Seventh Seal.  The Sixth Seal is the Elects, who have gone through the Eternal Divine Path, the first five steps that we just explained.  The Seventh Step is when we bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and eventually many people will reach Pure Consciousness.

This is the Essence of our teachings.  Now if you have related question(s) about the Mission and our teachings, bring them up.  Please keep them in a higher level.  Let us know what your questions are, if you have any.

Nature Boy, go ahead.

  Nature Boy:  Yes, I saw a video and I have listened to Benjamin Crème.  He would say that the Maitreya is going to come out publicly at this time.  Then, Maitreya is going to come out at this time.  And then, Maitreya is going to come out at this time.  Maitreya has not come out publicly to like the United States or to the world yet.  I would like to know why?  Why is this Benjamin Crème saying Maitreya is going to come here, Maitreya is going to do this?

  Maitreya:  If you see what Mr. Crème did and what John the Baptist did, the similarity is very amazing.  John the Baptist was waiting for Christ.  He went to the desert and started preaching that the Kingdom is at hand.  He preached that the Christ is going to come, he will reveal the Kingdom of Heaven and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  A lot of people started following him.  And he became very famous.

But when Christ was teaching later, John the Baptist did not recognize him.  Even his disciples had to go and ask Christ, “Are you the one we are really looking for, or should we wait for someone to come?”

Don’t you see the similarity there between the two?  Mr. Crème came, he put ads in every major city in the world and claimed that Maitreya is Christ and he will be on earth in the spring of 1982.

We announced the Mission and reached out to humanity in 1982, without even knowing that Mr. Crème existed.  Then no one showed up according to him, and he still hangs onto something that is not true any more.

His prediction was correct.  We did reach to humanity; we did announce the Mission in the spring of 1982.  It is just as Christ also announced himself to be on earth and John the Baptist never acknowledged.  Well, the Spirit acknowledged through John the Baptist when he baptized Christ.  But later on he could not see how Christ was the same as the one that he was preaching about, because he had a lot of his own ideas and he was expecting the Christ to come the way he thought he would come.  And when Christ came, John the Baptist could not accept him or he did not recognize him.

So we can see the similarity here is very striking, and we can  realize that Mr. Crème was a kind of forerunner for the Mission to come to earth.  But when the Mission came, he did not recognize it.

We tell him, “Good luck.”  If he wants to wait for another Maitreya, I do not think he is going to come.  It is not going to happen because if you look at the Mission and our teaching, it has been prophesied to come, the prophecies are fulfilled, the genealogy is accepted as a great point of recognizing who Christ is, who Maitreya is, and what the teaching is.  Therefore, we have no doubt that what we say and what we reveal to humanity is from God.  And what Mr. Crème recognized and preached in 1982, “The Maitreya will be here,” is fulfilled through this Mission.

But according to Mr. Crème, Maitreya is going to come, overshadow everyone, and the Kingdom comes the next day.  Many things he says are not Scriptural, are not based on the Word of God, and there are a lot of things that he has learned from his own understanding.  So his understanding and the Scriptures are not the same.

We do not think anyone is going to come after 1982.  And we will wait, and you can wait to see who is the correct one.

Go ahead, Nature Boy.

  Nature Boy:  I am a little bit confused.  I came in the room and I read the greeting when you come in the room.  It is my understanding that you are Maitreya?  We are listening to Maitreya?  Or, you channel Maitreya, and you are telling us…  I am trying to get like who you are, Joseph.  I am a little confused.

Maitreya:  Sure, there is no problem.  I am Maitreya.  I have been given the name Maitreya.  The teaching that has come to humanity has come through me, and it fulfills the prophecies, it fulfills every expectation that all the religions have for the coming of a teacher or teaching that unifies all humanity and eventually will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, I am Maitreya.  [Nature Boy posting in text] That is what you are asking, if I was the same person who was seen in Africa?  There are a lot of things, as I said, that have been said through the Share International group.

If you read our teachings, you will see that we are going to fulfill exactly what the Share International and Mr. Crème are expecting to happen.  But we need the teachers and the people who will spread this Message and create the Communities of Light.

Many things that have been given in Share International, which are from the people who have a good imagination and who come up with these ideas, but they are not from God.  It is not important even if they were the truth, if I was there, none of those things are important.  The most important thing is the Message, is the Eternal Divine Path, is the creation of the Communities of Light and to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Share International did their job by predicting that Maitreya is going to come in 1982, and he did.  That is what all their vision and their mission was.  And they accomplished it.

Now because their Maitreya did not come, they are still trying to convince people that these things are happening with someone going around appearing here and there, magnetizing the water, going to the windows and creating all those things in the windows, and appearing in the churches.

Even if it is true, it is not important.  The most important thing is the Message.  The Message is here.  The Message is the Eternal Divine Path.  The Message is the Communities of Light.

If Share International and Mr. Crème would recognize this, they would realize that what they are expecting has been fulfilled with this Mission.  Many of the people who know me have gone to him and presented him the Mission and our Scripture, THOTH, and told him that, “This is him, come and see the teaching, you will recognize the teaching is from him.”  Just like John the Baptist, he keeps refusing to see it.

Of course, we do not put our trust in him or anyone else.  Many people have been inspired to bring the prophecies, to bring the genealogy, to bring many things for the Mission, which are inspired by God.  And sometimes they take that inspiration as something they have done, or we owe them something because they have recognized those things.  And we do not.  That is God’s way of making this Mission realized and recognized by those people who see the Vision that it is from God, it is the fulfillment of the prophecies.

This is the last Revelation of God to humanity.  It is the beginning of the coming of the Kingdom on earth and the Golden Age.  Before the Golden Age comes, of course, there are always upheavals.  If you want to create something new, you have to destroy the old.  That is what is happening on earth.  The destruction is on earth and those who see the Vision that we have given become a part of the Mission, come and help, we become one, and we eventually create the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth.

So, go to Mr. Crème and tell him, " Your Maitreya is not going to come.  You are waiting for a person who is not going to show up.  It is not going to happen the way you thought about it.  It is going to happen the way God said it is going to happen.”  Therefore, he has to recognize that this is from God, and he has to forget about his own ideas and all those things that he thinks is important.

Just appearing somewhere, is that more important than parting the Red Sea?  Moses parted the Red Sea.  Did he get better disciples by doing that, or after they went to the other side did they start murmuring against him, “Why did you take us out of Egypt?”

Or, Christ healed how many people?  What did they do?  Did they believe in him or put him on the cross?  You can see that miracles and all those things do not make better believers.  But seeing the Vision of God and the Mission, and understanding the depths of what we have brought will make better believers and understanding.  Therefore, we invite everyone to see these things and to forget about the miracles.

The miracle of the Mission, is THOTH, is our Scripture.  If you read it, understand it, and see the Vision, you will see the miracle of God.

Actually, the only time the universe rejoiced was when Christ opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.  So, that means that is even greater than healing leprosy, or the miracles that a lot of people are so attached to.  More importantly is the Message of God, the Vision of God for humanity, and that is what we have and we preach.  We believe that we have brought to humanity the last Revelation from God, and that is the salvation of man, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, and collectively.

Therefore, you have to see the Vision.  You have to read THOTH.  You will eventually see why and how God sent the different religions and how when you put them together, suddenly everything makes sense.

I rejected religion because it did not make sense.  But when I received this Revelation, it made sense.  It made so much sense that it was impossible not to accept it.

So those who see the Vision are the ones I am looking for.  They are the Elects.  They are the people who see the Vision, love the Vision, want the Vision, and are able and are willing to participate in manifesting this Vision.  They are not looking for miracles, for help from outside.  They are already very high Souls, and they will see this Vision clearly.  They will come and join us, will help with all their might to get this Mission moving, and will eventually reach to every human.

Other humans are still fighting, who is Moslem, who is Christian, who is Jew, who is Buddhist, who is Hindu, who is…  We do not.  We accept all of them.  All of them are a part of this teaching and this Vision, and we recognize that all is from God.  Of course, they do not recognize us.

Every new religion, if you study, the old religions do not accept them.  But this time is different.  This time those who do not accept this Vision, unfortunately, will not be reincarnated for a long time.

And, after the destruction, which is approaching very fast, the coming of the Kingdom will start.  We can see that we are on the brink of the Third World War right now.  I had hoped it would not happen.  We are as unhappy about the destruction, the killing, and the things that are coming all over the world as anyone else.  But unfortunately, humanity is not willing to give up their attachments, their little religions, their little beliefs, and their understandings, which are mostly dogmas and false.

This teaching has no any dogmas or false understandings, and therefore, I invite again Mr. Crème, his organization, and people to come, read, understand, see the Vision, and say, “Yes, that is what we are looking for.  This is The Maitreya prophesied by Mr. Crème to come in 1982.  Therefore we will come and join, and help to manifest this Mission as much as possible."

I hope that makes sense to you, Nature Boy.  So if you are close to Mr. Crème, or you know people in Mr. Crème’s organization, go tell them.  Go tell them, “I found The Maitreya.  He is here.  He has a website, and he is teaching in that website free of charge.”

We have received the Revelations free and we have given them free for everyone to read and understand them.  The people here read them every day in the morning, at noon, and at night in our PalTalk room.  You can come and hear it if you want to do that.

OK you go ahead, if you have any other question.  [Nature Boy posted in text:  Add me to your list please.]  Come to the microphone and pose it.  Pose it here.  Ananda Ma, do you want to add Nature Boy.  Nature Boy, do you want to give your information?   Or, the best would be for you to go to the website and fill out the request for our newsletter.  You can give your name, your e-mail address, and whatever else if you would like to do that.  Someone will post the newsletter website URL for Nature Boy, You can go there and read our teaching and see that: newsletter

OK if there is another question, please raise your hand.  Otherwise, we will meditate.

Now we have all our CD’s on the website and probably there are hundreds of topics that we have already talked about.  There is a CD even on the very question that Nature Boy brought up.  There that answer has been given.  I think there are two CDs there.  Those Satsangs have been given in a much deeper level explaining our relationship with Mr. Crème and what happened.

So if you go to our website, to the commercial part of it, the e-commerce, there are CDs that cover the Satsangs from 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002.  And there are hundreds of topics already covered in those Satsangs:

I am glad that no one has a question.  That means that I have already answered all questions, and I hope you know them.  That is great.  If you know the answers and the questions have been answered, the only thing left really now is to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Awaken your spiritual forces.  Go deep inside.  Know God is within you.  You cannot find it out there.  It is not out there.  It is not out there, OK?  Period.  If you cannot find it within yourself, you are lost.  That is what the “lost Soul” means.  It means you have not found it within.

That craving, that desire, that want, that ambition, all those things are no good.  They are not going to give you satisfaction.  They are not going to give you the Essence that you are looking for.  They are all false.  They are going to give you a false satisfaction for a very small period of time if those are fulfilled, but they are not forever.  They are not permanent.

The permanency is within you.  The permanency is beyond your desires, your wants, your longings, and your cravings.  That is where your permanent Soul and Beauty are.  So go and find that Beauty, find that Essence.  Do not just jump all over the world trying to find something that is already home.  You do not need to go anywhere to find it.

Then reach out to the neighbor, reach out to your family, and reach out to your friends.  Reach out to the people who are thoughtful.  Come together.  Create an environment that is Godly, that is good.

God is good.  Create an environment that is good.  When it is good, it is Godly.  Then create the Communities of Light.  Create two Communities of Light, and three Communities of Light.  Sacrifice for them, not always, “What is in it for me, what is in it for me?  Give me, me, me, me,” all the time.  If you do that, the less and less happy you will  become.  The more "me, me" you do, the less happiness is going to be there.  Eventually, surrender to God and say, “OK, I did all this.  This really, I am not attached to the result," and surrender to God.

Do not become a calculative mind, “I did this, so you do that.”  “Tit for tat,” that is the calculative mind again and it is no good.  “I did it because I wanted to do it.  God came through and I did a good job.  That is wonderful.  I am free.  Now, what is next?”

Become a universalist, shatter all the narrowness of the mind.  Shatter everything that binds you, everything that makes your mind small, makes you have “tunnel vision,” to see one race, one gender, one people.  No, see the whole of humanity, the whole universe.  Then expand yourself and then you will see things very clearly, the Vision of God, how each person, every flower, each thing in the universe has their own place.  Actually, if you take those out, the balance is going to be disturbed.  Therefore, create an environment that everything stays the way they are.

Would we have war if we all think like that, if we all share a little bit, and create an earth where there is sharing and understanding instead of ego vision and tunnel vision in it?  No, it would not be.

Then you become an Elect.  You will feel great, you will become a Paravipra, and you will go beyond intellect.

God has given us this beautiful realization.  The timing is right.  The timing is correct.  We can see that the earth does need this in the greatest degree possible, and we are here to give it to them.  Therefore, you are called for this.  You have seen the Vision.

See the Vision.  See the Vision, and then send me an e-mail and say, “Maitreya, I have seen the Vision.”  Then I will say, “Great.”  Then come and join us.

What are your talents?  What can you do for the Mission?  How can you help?  Are you a good artist?  What kind of artistic talent do you have?

If you are a good musician, make music for Haree Om Shrii Hung [laughing] and Om Nam Kevalam, something that you can play with your music or sitar, or guitar, or whatever you have, and spread the words through your music.

If you are a good drawer or graphic artist, you can create nice graphics, go to the website and make our graphics in a more beautiful way.

If you are a good business person, come here and take over the business of the Mission, and become a person who can help to use our resources in the best way to spread the Mission.

Whatever talent you have, even if you just sweep the floor beautifully, great.  Come and sweep God’s House in the most beautiful way and make it pretty so when the people come they say, “That is a beautiful and clean nice place.  You can feel God in the cleanliness of it.”

Whatever you have, whatever talent God gave you, no matter now big or how small, it can be used and it is appreciated by God.  And God will accept it.

As the Hindus say, “If you give a beautiful rose petal to Krishna, he will accept it with great Grace and say, ‘Thank you,’ (and you should say, 'Thanks God') and you will receive The Grace of God.”

So do not think, “Oh I am small, I do not have anything I can do.  I do not have any talent.”  No, you have talent.  You are accepted.  You are welcome to help the Mission in any way possible, but do it.

Do not hold it like the manna that came to the Children of Israel.  They held on to it, and it spoiled and benefited no one.  So let it out and use it.  Be more, instead of doing more.

We have been doing a lot actually for the last year or so but this is again the time to relax, to become more, to understand the Mission.  When we are more, we do more.

If you have any questions, again, raise your hand.  Go ahead, Littleone.  How are you doing?  I hope you are doing well and everything is fine.  Go ahead with your question.

  Littleone:  Sal-OM, Maitreya.  I am doing wonderfully.  Thank you very much.  Thanks God.  My question is, well I would first like you to speak please more about positive and negative energy, this came up yesterday in PalTalk.  My example would be that if we were around someone who is very angry, or someone who is into their addictions and manifesting some negative energy, of how I can be better in working with positive energy.

  Maitreya:  OK, that is a good question.  When you are around a negative person or a person who is addicted or they are angry, the best way to deal with that situation is to be as centered on God as possible, also to show them that you are a good person, and what you are doing is pure and perfect.  Do actions in the most pure way possible so they can see the purity in your actions and therefore, your energy is more positive than theirs is.

Of course, there are negative energies sometimes that no matter how much light you put on them, they just cannot see it, or it just cannot penetrate that energy.  In that situation the best way is to create an environment that has greater light and energy so that negative energy cannot affect you.

That is why Christ said that when you go preaching about his teaching, go two together, not one, because in that case you have greater light with two instead of one.  Therefore, if you can bring the more like-minded people with more light with you in that situation, it will create a greater degree of effectiveness.

That is one thing also in the Communities of Light, the more Communities of Light are created, the more light will be on earth and the light will become stronger and more powerful, and that can affect the darkness that we have on earth in a greater degree.

Therefore, as Prophet Muhammed said, “The number is the Hand of God.”  The more our numbers increase, and the more people see the Vision of the Mission and they have light, the greater light will be.

If you are talking about an individual situation, if the person is not that dark and they have some goodness in them, appeal to that part of them.  Let them know that your actions are pure, and there is no doubt about your purity.  Therefore, the other person will eventually see that, recognize that, and calm down.

But if the darkness is too strong and you cannot deal with it individually, then you have to bring some other lights into it so that you become a greater degree of light so you can make an effect in that darkness.

Positive energy and negative energy are fighting with each other all the time.  Positive energy attracts negative energy, because negative energy loves to be positive and light.

Therefore, you can see that the light actually attracts darkness.  And they sometimes become very unhappy because they want that light.  But because they do not have it they become rude and aggressive.

Just imagine what happens in our room in PalTalk.  We can see some people come, and they become very rude about what we are doing because we attracted them to come because there is so much light here.

But when I started the Mission, I was only one person who had this.  Now we have many other people joining us.  As the people increase, the light is going to be in a greater degree.

In an individual situation, I would involve other people in the situation, the family, the people who can help, if it is a family affair.  If it is between friends, bring other friends.  If it is between strangers, two Divines should go together and tackle the situation.  It depends upon what the situation is, and in each situation try to bring greater light if you cannot handle it yourself.

Does it make sense, Littleone?

  LittleOne:  Yes, Maitreya, that does make sense.  It makes a lot of sense.  That is all.

  Maitreya:  OK [laughing].  That was good.  Well, that is how it is.  It is a part of the life.  If you see the I-Ching in The Greatest Sign, there is white and black going around all the time.  They are attracted to each other.  They are each other’s partners.

Someone said, “If there is no negativity, how would we recognize the positivity?”  If everyone were good then we would not have good and bad.  The bad people make the good people stand out in a greater degree.

So we have to deal with negativity and at the same time stay with that Essence within ourselves.  If we recognize that Essence and stay with that Essence, we have the light in the greatest degree and the darkness cannot affect us at all.  Darkness will fall on its own self and will destroy itself by being dark, when it cannot penetrate the light.

So the more light you create, the more Communities of Light you create.  The more individual light you create, the less darkness can affect you.  The more individuals we create who have the light and come together, we have the greater degree of light on the earth and eventually darkness will become smaller and smaller and smaller and one day we will say, “The light is on earth and the Kingdom of God is on earth.”

We can always look at the darkness that was before the light and the Kingdom came, and realize that the light we brought on earth can fall back to the darkness as it was before.

So again, God is the answer.  The Essence is the answer.  Our recognition that God is within us is the answer.

Again, if you have any questions raise your hand.  Go ahead, Littleone.

  LittleOne:  I did have a follow-up on that.  A lot of my interactions are one on one, being of a client/therapist type.  They come in, they are complaining, they are hurting.  They are very much into their arguments, their dogmas, etc.  And I certainly am not going to argue that energy with them.  So what I do, when you said, “Who is my Essence?” is rather than rely on words, I simply go within myself and say, “God’s Will be done, and the Kingdom Of Heaven be revealed on earth.”  So is it appropriate then that I not use words to communicate this positive and negative energy?

Maitreya:  Yes.  In your situation, also bring the Eternal Divine Path into your relationship with others.  Just go to your Essence and come from that Essence, which you recognize in meditation.  Use the Universal Mantra for the time being, unless you want to be initiated, then that is a process of sending me an e-mail and saying that you want to be initiated.  Then we go from there.

But if you do not, you can just use the Universal Mantra and go through the process.  Recognize that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, the meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, and recognize that stillness between breathing out and breathing in,.

Then when you deal with these people, come from that stillness, from that unity in that stillness between breathing in and breathing out.  In that way you can easily handle them and handle their negativity.  Do not become argumentative.  Do not argue with them.  One of the parts of the Mission is, do not argue but rejoice in what we have here, and recognize.

Of course, they have dogmas.  They are either Christians or Moslems, or Hindus, or Buddhists.  They have been living with those dogmas all their lives.  Suddenly we come here and tell them, “No, you are just a part of the rest of the Revelation,” of course not.  Ego likes to say, “Well, I am a Christian.  I have the only way," or, “I am a Jew.  We are the chosen people," or, “I have the last word.  I am a Moslem.”  Ego likes that because then, "I am better than everyone else."

Then suddenly we come and say, “No, you are not better than everyone else.  You are just a part of a Path that God was sending to humanity.”

Of course, they become negative and start feeling negative toward you.  But stay centered, stay in that Essence, stay in that calmness, and even just smile at them and say, “OK, do not worry about it.  You do not want to hear it.  You cannot hear it.  It is OK.  But just consider it.  Consider what I am telling you.  Go to the website.  Here is a card with the website on it.  Go ahead and study yourself to see if you see something in it that might help you.”

So be very calm.  Be very gentle.  Have a smiling behavior, but at the same time be effective.

Do not be apologetic.  One of the things about the Mission, about our teaching, is that we are not apologetic at all.  I think we have the truth, and we would like the other people to see it also.

If they do not see it, fine.  If you reach the point that you see the other person does not see it, just give them a smile and say, “OK, do not worry about it.  I still love you but it sounds like your cup is already full and I cannot put anything into it.”

Go to the next person.  Maybe the next person is not as full and they might see something that you are telling them, recognize it, and take it.

I hope it makes sense.  Go ahead, Bliss.

  Blissthis:  Well, Sal-OM.  My question is about Consciousness and your understanding of Consciousness.  As far as Consciousness is concerned, there are meditation, breathing techniques, pranayama, asanas, etc., all in the hopes to find and get us to Consciousness.  This has been going on for thousands of years.  My question is, what new teaching is your Mission offering in regard to unraveling the mystery of Consciousness through meditation?

  Maitreya:  Our process of meditation teaches the stillness and release of the energy between breathing in and breathing out.  There is no other path that I have seen that recognizes that or teaches that in the meditation.  That release of the energy is actually the most important part of the meditation, which stills the mind, and that is where the Consciousness is recognized in the greatest degree.

Therefore, what is new in the meditation process is that achievement of the stillness which is the result of recognizing the energy released between breathing in and breathing out, in our meditation technique, and the mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung.  Breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung, recognize the stillness and the release of the energy; breathe out Om Nam Kevalam, recognize the stillness and the release of the energy.

Haree Om Shrii Hung means, “The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.”  That is why you are here, what you were born for.

Om Nam Kevalam means, “That Divinity (or God) Is Everything.”  There is nowhere that God is not there and therefore, God is feeling every part and parcel of the universe.  Therefore, I am a part of it and I am a part of the universe.  That is the goal of my life, to recognize and become that Consciousness, which is pure, and Pure Consciousness is the goal.  After a while of following this technique of meditation, just recognizing the energy itself will become a constant meditation and stillness of mind.  In that stillness you will recognize God or Pure Consciousness.

It is from the Consciousness and the three creative forces that the whole universe has been created.  The first element in the universe, which was created, was ether or Akashic Record, or memory.

Ether is so subtle, it is so unearthly or un-material, that although the scientists know about ether they cannot pin it down.  They cannot say, “Here is ether.  We found it.”  They know there is something that the whole universe flows in.  But what is it?  They cannot bring it to the laboratory and say, “Here it is.  Here is ether.”  They cannot do that.

Now consciousness and the three creative forces are even subtler than ether.  If they cannot recognize ether, which is the matter, in the laboratories, how can they recognize the Consciousness and the three gunas, which the ether is even created from them?  So we can see that the Consciousness is very subtle.

They even know about the three creative forces:  the strong force, the weak force, and the electromagnetic force.  So there are three forces that they know about but they do not call them the three gunas.  So they recognize this but they cannot say, “Here it is.  This is the strong force.  This is the weak force.  This is that and that.  So they cannot say.  They cannot put it under a microscope.

Consciousness is subtler than all of these.  The only way you can recognize it is when you are one with it.  When in that Essence in your meditation, in recognizing that stillness within you, one day you feel, “Hey, I am not my body at all.  I am that Consciousness that sees, does, recognizes, and moves but has nothing to do with my body.  I was in this illusion that I was my body, that I am the doer.”

But when you recognize that Essence you realize that, “No, it has nothing to do with my body.  But I am the recognizer, I am the seer, I am the realizer.”  So in that Essence that is the Consciousness.

Even then, you do not have any name for it, it just is.  We call it Consciousness because of the lack of ability to see that in that level.  Therefore, when you recognize that then you say, “Oh, that is what the Consciousness means.”  And when you realize that you are not your body but that Consciousness that is the Pure Consciousness, therefore, you realize that your body is just a temporary thing.  You are a permanent being that has been there, is there, and will be there forever.  You are eternal.  You have reached the goal.  You are one with God.

So in that Essence we recognize how subtle Consciousness is.  That is why it is so hard to recognize and explain.  How many people have tried to explain God for the last 6,000 or 12,000 years and so many books have been written about It and still few recognize and realize It?

It is not something that you can write about, or explain.  It is something that is recognized and realized within the individual.  And the moment they realize that, there is no question left.  “Yes, I am not my body.  I am god.  I am a part of that Essence.”  And that is the goal.

When you reach there, the only thing you need are your physiological and safety needs to be taken care of, and the rest is to be one with that Will.  I hope that makes sense.

So what we brought more to humanity is the explanation of how subtle it is and how scientific it is.  It is not something that you look at it as only the mystics or the religious people look at it, because even science is so close.

Science recognizes ether.  They cannot see it but they recognize ether.  Science recognizes the three forces:  the weak, the strong, and the electromagnetic forces in the universe.  So they are very close.

Actually, science is closer to God than ever they have been.  They only thing they have to do is to recognize and say, “Yes, God is there and made all these things, and we are just finding what He has already created.”

Of course, if they do that they are no longer scientists because you cannot put God in the laboratory and say, “Here it is, it is God.  Now I can show it to you.”  That is a step they can no longer go any further.

Many scientists even have recognized this, just like Einstein.  Einstein recognized.  He came up with the formula of E=mc2 but he did not know why, or how.  He knew it worked.  He wrote a lot about something beyond matter, and he became closer to a mystic than ever a scientist was.

So we can see that even scientists are closer to God than ever before.  But they cannot go beyond that, as the moment they do that they are not scientists anymore.  That is because you cannot experiment God, you cannot put It under the microscope and say, “Here this is God, this is the Consciousness, this is ether, and this is air and this is fire, and these are the five elements of the universe," etc.

So we can see that in that Essence again, we combine science with God.  Some people say, “Either you are a scientist or you are a religious person.”  I say, “No, you can be both.”   You can be a religious person who sees God as a science, and a scientist who sees God also behind what they recognize.

So that is another thing that the Mission has unified in humanity.

Go ahead, Lou.

  Lou245:  Sal-OM Maitreya, and Sal-OM to all.  My question is concerning Isaiah 43, verse 5, if you can hear me well.

  Maitreya:  Yes, Lou, we can hear you.  Go ahead and read it.

  Lou245:  “Fear not:  for I am with thee:  I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west;...”  That was speaking of Israel.

  Maitreya:  That sounds like what we already have in our teaching that the Children of Israel were split into two nations, the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  The House of Judah was the Children of Judah, Benjamin and the Levites with them.  Then the House of Israel, which was the Northern Kingdom, were the rest of the tribes with the Levites with them.

Therefore the ten tribes of Israel, which are known as the ten lost tribes of Israel, left Israel or the Northern Kingdom, and came to the North, Northwest, to Europe and eventually to the United States.  And they are the real Children of Israel.  They are the people who traveled to the West, came to Europe and eventually to the United States.  And they came from the East to the West.

Then the Children of Ishmael, who were from Ishmael (the other son of Abram) came from the Arab background, from Saudi Arabia and went to the Middle East, to North Africa, and eventually to Spain.  And they were stopped in Spain.  But the Spanish people came and gathered, they came mostly in South America.  So you can see his children also came from the East and were gathered in the West, in South America.

If you look at New Mexico, New Mexico is on the border of the United States and South America, Central America, and Mexico, which mostly are Spanish people, who really are the descendants of the Arabs.

Now here this teaching, where has this teaching come to?  It has come to the West.  I did not receive this Revelation in the East.  I came from the East but I did not receive this Revelation when I was in Iran.  I received it when I was in the United States.  Actually, I was studying for my education.  I had no idea that I was going to receive a Revelation here.

If you have read the story of my life, that is the way it happened.  And this Revelation now came in the West among the people who are the Children of Israel and the Children of Ishmael.  These are the people we are calling to be gathered.  We are gathering everyone from all over the world, but really the most people who are joining us are from the United States right now, and Europe.

Europe also is a part of the Children of Israel.  So we can see that the Elects, the true Children of Light, are those people who are gathered under this Revelation and probably mostly are from the West.  They mostly are from South America, the United States, and Europe.  Of course, the rest of the world, whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path, is a part of our brothers and sisters and they are a part of us.

So the West seems to indicate exactly what we teach here.  And it is completely confirming that the people who came from the East were gathered in the West, and they are a part of God’s Revelation.  They are now receiving this Revelation and have to come together.

Actually, the United States is the melting pot.  Where else, what better place, could this Revelation of unification have come?  If it had come in Iran, they were all Moslems.  Probably, I would not be alive by now because that is heresy if you say there is another Prophet after Prophet Muhammed in the Islamic countries.

They would not even understand probably as much as the people in the United States understand because they have seen Moslems, but Hindus, Buddhists?  A Moslem probably sees very little of Buddhists.

I did not know too much about Buddhists until I came to the United States.  Then I started reading about Buddhism and saw Buddhists, saw monks, saw the Haree Krishna people jumping all over the United States and singing, "Haree Krishna, Haree Krishna, Krishna, Krishna."  Where else better for this Revelation to come to the people who already were exposed to so many different energies, religions, and things?

So we are gathering.  It sounds like we are gathering more people in the United States than anywhere else.  They have more computers than anywhere else.  They can read this Revelation in a greater degree.

So they have come from the East.  Everyone came from the East to the United States.  The only people who did not come from the East really are the native Americans, who did not come from the East.  They were living here.  Everyone else came from the East.  Even Europe is East of the United States.  Even if you have come from Europe, it is still from the East.

A deeper explanation of this is in the book Children Of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.  It explains very clearly how the Children of Israel were split into two nations.  One nation became the Jews, and the other one become the House of Israel; the House of Judah, who became the Jews, and the House of Israel who became the Northern Kingdom.  The House of Israel and the House of Jews both have been uprooted.  But the House of Israel, the Northern Kingdom, completely left.  No one knows what happened to them.

However, our teaching explains how they left the Northern Kingdom and came to the Northwest, and eventually they ended up in Europe and came to the United States.

The Southern Kingdom also was taken away.  But later on King Cyrus of Persia sent them back and made them build their temple again, and they became the Jews.  They were only the Tribe of Judah, Benjamin, and the Levites with them.  Later on the Jews were scattered in a greater degree all over the world.  So their teaching, the Old Testament, was spread all over the world.

The Bible is the book that almost everyone knows about.  In every culture you can find it.  Everyone has those stories about what happened to them.  The Children of Israel’s mission finished when Christ came, and he finished and gathered the people.

Where did he gather them from?  Most of the people who followed Christ were from the West.  They were in Europe and the United States.  And he gathered the people.  What people?  He gathered the people who left the Northern Kingdom and came to Europe and the United States.  He gathered them as it was prophesied he would.

We can see that God again said that He would do all these things, and He has done them.  That is our salvation.

You look at the world and the way the dogmas and the differences between people are, and you say, “What am I doing here?  How am I ever going to change this craziness in the world and unify them?”  Then you remember that God said He was going to do these things, and He did them.  He said that He will bring His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, He will open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and when the Book is opened, the Kingdom of earth is going to become the Kingdom of God.  We are in that process of bringing together those people who have that Vision and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is peace, prosperity, unity, sharing, and all that beauty that we all want.

So we can see that, yes, God has gathered the Children of Israel together.  And the Jewish people were scattered all over the place.  They were so mixed up that even the government of Israel said, “We really do not know what a Jew is any more.”  We have the Chinese Jew.  We have African Jews.  And they all came from Abraham?  How can they be Chinese-looking?  It is because probably some Jews went to China and married some Chinese people.

So we can see that God mixed the Jews with the rest of humanity, and we realize that the Elected people are not the ones who are called Jews.  But the real Children of Israel are the Children of Light, who follow the Eternal Divine Path, and become an Elect, or a Child of Light, or the Children of Israel.  So those are the real Children of Israel.  Maybe most of them are in the United States, Europe, South America, and in the West.  We do not know.  We will see as the Mission unfolds, we will see when the people come and how dedicated they are.

The more dedicated they are, the more they manifest, the more they are the Elects and a part of God’s Plan.   Where they are from, I do not care.  They can be from the moon.  As long as they are the Elects I love them, I accept them, and I will work with them.

So in that verse you can look at it, the gathering of the Children of Israel, which were the Northern Kingdom who came to Europe and the United States.  You can relate that to the Children of Ishmael.

The same thing happened to them.  They came from Saudi Arabia, came all the way to North Africa, and came to Spain.  And the Spanish people came and are in the West in South America.  You can look at it, the gathering of them will be after this Revelation comes, His people are called to come and join and they are the Elects.

As I have said many times, God’s Word has more than seven meanings.  So all those explanations can be related to that verse.  Does that make sense, Lou?

  Lou 245:  Yes, it does.  Thank you very much.

  Maitreya:  Yes indeed, we have a lot of truth and beauty in this Revelation, Mission, and our teachings.  It is indeed amazing how much truth has been revealed to us.  We are very lucky to be a part of it, see this Vision, and eventually say, “I give up.  I give up my ego.  I give up everything that I think I know, and I submit to God, His Revelation, His Understanding, and His Teaching, and I want to dedicate myself and my life to spread this truth to other people and completely overcome anything in my life that is in the way to this great Revelation.”

So that is how it is.  And that is what I did.  I dropped everything for this Revelation because it is beautiful.  It has a lot of truth in it, and humanity has to see this.  They have to be told.  They have to listen, hear, read, and eventually say, “Yes, there is no separation between us.  There is One Humanity and One God, and He sent all these religions.  Therefore, we all become One.  The only thing really left is to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to create the Communities of Light."

Right now, as I said, I am looking for the facilitating body for the Mission, for the people who are dedicated, to come, join, and to create the facilitating body, to become teachers and the supporting group for the teachers and the Mission, and we will reach out to humanity.   That is the only thing we have to do.

We do not have to pick up any sword.  We do not have to fight them.  God will fight our wars, and we do not need to really destroy anything or anyone.  We are not destructive.  We are productive, and we are creators, the creators of the unity on earth, and conveying this Vision to humanity that you do not have to fight.  Unless you want to keep your ego and fight, then we will fight.

As I said, the conqueror will be conquered.  Those who exalt themselves will be humbled.

It is history, just look at the history.  How many great nations have come and gone?  They thought that they were greater in the world.

The Persian Empire came.  Still most of the Persians think they are still living in that kingdom.  It is gone.  It was finished 2,500 years ago.  OK.  There was a kingdom.  Who are you now?  And where are you at now?

The Roman Empire, the 1,000 years of the peace of Rome, did not last forever.  So we have to learn; humanity has to learn.  Those who have the power have to use it for bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

They do not have to, they can use it for destruction and domination but later on they will be dominated.  That is the way it is.  It is the cycle of the life of the ego.  If we rid ourselves of the ego, if we bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, if we create the Communities of Light, we would not have these up and downs and great nations; lower nature dominates, brings destruction, and destroys.  We do not have to have these things.

This is the Message of the Mission of Maitreya.  We do not have to have this destruction on earth; just rid ourselves of our egos!  See the unity.  See God in everything and everyone.  Become a universalist.  Shatter all the narrowness of the mind.  Let God come through.

Give of yourself a little bit instead of “me, me, me” all the time.  Create a community.  Live in it with other people.  You create greater light when you live with others.

So this is the Message, meditate, “Know thyself.”  This is the Message of Maitreya.  This is the Message of the Mission.  I think it is a good Message.  It unifies all the religions of the world and brings the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

And now you have been given this Message.  You have had it, do not keep it, it is going to spoil.  It is just like the manna.  What I am giving to you is the manna of God.  It is the truth of the Father to you.  Do not keep it to yourself.  Give it out to anyone who listens.

Do not argue.  Do not involve yourself in arguments with other people.  If someone is argumentative say, “OK.  Fine.  Do not worry about it,” and just walk away, or just give them a smile and be very nice to them.  Calm them down and say, “No, I am not going to argue with you.  I am rejoicing with what I have received.  I am not going to argue.  But if you do not want to see it, OK.  Do not.  It is all right.”

So again the truth is incredible.  This Revelation is beautiful.  Humanity needs it.  The time is right.  Let us put our egos out and see the Vision in the clearest way possible.

Go ahead, Reg.

  Reg-WA:  Would you be able to comment on the upcoming pole shift, what kind of intervention you see along these lines, and any kind of a time frame?

  Maitreya:  If we understood the question correctly, comment on the coming of the shift of the poles and what kind of intervention we can give to this.

Well, it has been realized and recorded that the poles on earth shift once in a while and change their places, north/south with each other.  Are we in that period or close to it?  Some people say we are.  Some other people say we are not.  So it is very hard to know exactly if it is going to happen or not.  I have a feeling that it will not happen very soon.  Probably it is going to be a long time before this happens.

The most important thing that we can do right now is to create the world unity and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth according to our teachings, and then scientists can study the poles and predict when it might happen and how we can survive it.

Just imagine how many great minds are destroyed in the countries where the kids are starving and they never have the opportunity to use their minds in a greater degree.  If we create an environment that all the minds on earth can be nurtured and brought up to a point that they can become scientists and also thinkers of a greater degree, we will have a great leap in scientific discoveries and understanding of the earth, atmosphere, and everything that we now know a little about, and bring great scientists from all these people who are wasted, are dead.  A good mind that does not have any good nutrition and dies, is a loss to humanity.

So the intervention again is to give the opportunity to every man, woman, and child on earth to become the best they are or can be.  Therefore, in the long run, all will benefit from it instead of accumulating power and wealth in one place or one area and not to recognize the possibility that there can be a greater mind somewhere else that is being wasted .

We do not have to give up our standard of living either.  As I said, if we reach to space, there are so many resources out there.

I always say it is just like that bird that is sitting by a huge lake and does not drink the water because he is afraid if he drinks the water the lake might dry out [laughing].  And we are the same way.  We are at the brink of exploring the space that there are unlimited resources out there for everyone to have the greatest standard of living they can have, and we are just fighting with each other over a little oil somewhere in the other part of the earth because we do not recognize that we can have greater resources by reaching to space.

So how we can intervene in this situation, is again to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and create an environment where everyone will progress in a greater degree.  Reach out to space and bring a greater degree of material progress and prosperity to every man and woman on earth.  And increase the standard of living of everyone so they will have their physiological and safety needs taken care of very well.  Then we will see that we will have great minds that will solve these problems for us.

If the shifting of the poles of the earth came, who knows, we might be able to do something about it not to shift, or if we can do nothing about it, maybe we will move to another planet and stay there.  After it shifted, we can come back and see how we can continue living on earth, or do something about it.  The possibilities are infinite, the ability of the human to progress and solve the problems is unlimited.

Why did God create so many planets out there empty?  They are there for us to go and live on them, make them livable, and make them places that we can expand our human race.  Why just stay with the earth alone?  Why not expand out to space, go to the other planets that we can live in and make their resources available to ourselves?

Why do we stay here and just use the oil, or cars, that pollute the earth and destroy ourselves?  Why not learn how to create a cleaner way of living?

Actually, that is a part of our teaching, teaching science based on Spirit.  Our science is not based on Spirit right now; it is based on ego and material longing.  That is why we are so attached to the one earth and we are depleting the resources of this earth.

How long are we going to have oil, another hundred years?  And then what?

Where did this oil come from?  It was the carbon that was put into earth to create an environment that humans can live in.  Now we are releasing the carbon to the earth again, and what is happening?  After a while you cannot live in it anymore.  We are going to be destroying ourselves with this kind of approach and with this kind of vision of limited resources on earth so that we have to fight over them, destroy each other, dominate one another, and all that.  Instead of saying, “OK, let us reach out.  Let us bring everyone in and let us use all the great minds that exist on earth and progress in a greater degree.”  So you see, again, our Vision is going to help every level of human life, even in the scientific way and seeing this reality of earth.

There is no doubt that the poles are going to shift.  But when, they really do not know.  And how to help it, again the answer is Communities of Light, our teaching, the unity of humanity, and bringing a greater degree of scientific understanding of the deeper level based on Spirit without the by-products like pollution.

There are other resources we can use without pollution and polluting the earth.  How many more people have asthma now?  How many people have allergies?  Why?  Did we have so many people who had asthma and allergies before?  Why?  They are just symptoms.  It is a beginning of the greater upheaval that is coming to us.

Again, there is an urgency for humanity to recognize these things, to open their vision from the tunnel vision of, “Oh, no, oil is the only way and we have to get it, burn it, and destroy ourselves, because we want bigger cars, we want a nicer way of life," etc.  But at the end, we are destroying ourselves with it.

So we can see that our teaching is the salvation of humanity, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and the survival of humanity based on recognizing these things, coming together, and using the resources well.

I hope that answers your question.

  Again, Sal-OM, and thank you for coming to our room.  You have seen the Vision.  You have been given the Vision.  Do not keep it to yourself.  Give it out.  Reach out.  Let humanity know.  Let us bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and solve all these problems that are solvable.  There is a way out, and this is it.

Sal-OM everyone.

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