Maitreya Calling Elects

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12/24/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Wishful thinking 2. The Sundering. 3. The Promises of God fulfilled. 4. The fearful will not make it. 5. Building the first Community of Light. 6. The Grace of God 7. Take your responsibility seriously 8. God's Holy Days 9. I was having a little confusion with God's Holy Days and was wondering if you could talk about them more? ..especially in where the Bible talks about the sacrifices? 10. This is Hephaestus. Why are the Jews and Muslims fighting over the Holy Land? What makes them think it belongs to them? 11. New Jerusalem 12. Dear heart is with you. I have longed to understand "Heaven on Earth". Recently, a friend of mine stated that those who have incarnated on earth have been doing so with the desire (God's Desire) to experience the completion of pure consciousness in the body.

11/26/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Thanksgiving 2. New Contact in Dubai, UAE 3. All religions are welcome in this Mission 4. Maitreya brings a completely new Way of Life 5. Realize the Oneness through Meditation 6. The Mystery of God revealed by the Seventh Angel 7. Revelation directly from the Prophet to the whole of humanity through the Internet 8. The two choices of humanity 9. Know the teachings 10. Eternal Divine Path 11. The individual Quest 12. Everything has been answered with this Revelation 13. Be Good Children of God 14. Be Still and know that I am God 15. I and the Father are One 16. What is the Will of God for you? Talents, how can you help? Leader, Teacher, Supporter? 17. Calling The Elects, those who have reached the sixth step. 18. The Messiah comes from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad 19. Others also claim to be Messiah ...and the concepts are different too different religions, so how can we differentiate these? 20. The Last Prophet - Khatem or Khatam? 21. Koran is an essential PART of Eternal Tablet 22. Can you explain why they say that Prophet Muhammed is the last prophet? and also, why it is said that the Prophet will be on earth until God's Kingdom comes, and will you be alive until then? 23. Maitreya is not in the bible, Koran. Why not? 24. Where did the name Maitreya originate from? And why is it that the name Maitreya is not in the scriptures? Also, where is the dajal that should be here at the time you are here? How can we believe THOTH is the word of God? 25. Dajaal/Maya/Anti-Christ/Devil/tama guna = lower nature of the
man, Where is the dajal that should be here at the time you are here? How can we believe THOTH is the word of God? 26. The miracle is the Message. 27. Do you have the prediction of the future in your teachings, so I can see that what you claim is correct? 28. Why don't you debate on radio, video, tv etc? 29. Shariah 30. Women and male are equal. 31. As a non-practicing Christian we were taught all will know
when he, Messiah, is here, it will be quite a forthcoming? So how come the world does not seem to know?

10/29/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Listen to God's Warnings! 2. Do you want feel good or do good? 3. Nothing in this Universe is permanent. 4. Everything has been covered by these teachings. 5. Initiative is needed by the members and the leaders! 6. A good leader is a good follower! 7. The quality of a teacher. 8. When we educate children their are milestones. When we talk about the spiritual education of children are there particular milestones to be aware of? or certain times when it is best to teach them certain spiritual things? 9. Infinite numbers of monkeys would not be able to create such
a wonderful Creation. 10. Your way or God's Way? 11. We have to baptize the whole earth. 12. Put God in every level of your life. 13. Have compassion even if other people are not as intelligent as you :-) 14. Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Jnana yoga are all accepted and unified in this Mission. 15. Get rid of ego and let God come through! 16. How did we get here? What is life? How did it happen?

10/22/2005: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. Ideation what we were before we were born into this world. 2. The Ultimate Goal - What is Permanent? 3. What is the Will of God? 4. What is the relationship/similarities between the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and Within? 5. History is a lesson for humanity. 6. Do you want people to follow your will or God's Will? 7. God IS Formless, Invisible, Nameless, Eternal; FINE. 8. Turn 180 degrees around to God. 9. Focus 100 percent on the Manifestation of God. 10. Many will be called, few will be chosen! The Elects. 11. The One connected to God. 12. Intellectual vs Intelligent. 13. How to become a child of God with out intellectual knowledge about His Plan?

10/08/2005: Listen - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. The change of Focus 2. Supporters, Teachers, Leaders. 3. Anointed ones are chosen by God. 4. Remember God when you become prosperous! 5. This Revelation is from God! 6. Humanity needs this Revelation. 7. The Miracle of the Mission is the Message. 8. Those who resist the Will of God. 9. Don't keep the Manna to yourself. 10. Where do we fall in the Mission? 11. If you have a choice you are not an Elect. 12. What will happen to me if I didn't believe in him? I will go to hell? 13. Eternal Divine Path; each step will take you to Heaven. 14. Not my ego, but His Will. 15. The Manifestations of God on Earth. 16. Call to humanity: Get out of the Hell and come to Heaven!!

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