Maitreya Calling Elects

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Note: The dates which are bolded and in red have the "Topics Covered" indexed, so you can know what is in the audio before listening to them.

05/05/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. Introduction for CD
2. The universe was created for a purpose
3. We need people who can awaken humanity
4. Last month so many things happened
5. All lives are trying to change humanity to what
6. Awaken this sense of responsibility to accomplish great things
7. Start reaching out so other people can know the EDP
8. If this is not the last Revelation, prove it to us
9. Darkness has its own free well
10. Humans have to realize this universe was created to awaken Spiritual forces
11. Question: could you explain the taking of the rib of Adam in Gen 2 and then Adam and Eve receiving physical bodies in Gen. 3

04/07/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

  1. The prophecies are now fulfilled.

  2. The free will of humanity, the choice to accept or not to accept God

  3. What are the Communities of Light?

  4. To follow the Eternal Divine Path, the seven steps

  5. After the revelation of the seventh seal, the mystery of God will be finished

  6. The COL will change the whole earth

  7. Separating any part of the universe from any other part is from ego, not from the Essence of God

03/03/2007_Letter-to-humanity: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

  1. The last warning letter to humanity; a reading of the letter

  2. Sending the letter to the leaders of the society, and everyone else too
  3. Whoever goes against the Law of the universe creates karma, sins, suffering situations.

  4. The last days are coming; it is the time of sundering.

  5. Communities of Light to resolve all the problems of humanity; COLs based on the Eternal Divine Path.

  6. God said that His Kingdom will come on earth, so it will.

  7. Be under the banner of the Truth: The Greatest Sign.

  8. You know them by their fruits.

  9. This is the Last Revelation from God, no doubt about that.

02/03/2007: Listen Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. Important project of the Mission: A letter to influential people in the world. This Revelation is from God; we are at the end time...
2. A second project is the gathering of the prophecies of all the religions. All are invited to send prophecies to Hosanna.
3. The Word of God says that nobody knows the Truth before the 7th Angel has come.
4. The Elects are the salt of the world; they are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path.
5. Question: What disaster is prophesized?
6. Question: Isn't it necessary for us to be aware we are not solely the body to create Peace & Freedom for all?
7. Question: How does Christ come?
8. Question: How do we know when Christ is in the world?
9. Question: Does it then mean that God is not omnipotent?

01/06/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. The room "All Religions Unified by Maitreya The Expected One" is now a premium room from Paltalk (no need to download Paltalk to hear Maitreya).
2. We have a Russian website now.
3. The way of the Spirit is the Eternal Divine Path.
4. We have to concentrate to understand the Will of God.
5. Let us rejoice! We are the chosen people...
6. We are at the end time; we have to overcome ignorance; there is no separation between the religions.
7. This Revelation is based on the Words of God; It fulfills the prophecies.
8. Question: How can the artist lead the way on EDP?.
9. Question:From Deuteronomy 28:15. Are we still under the curses as stated by God thru Moses? The Grace and The Law are the same.
10. Dedication to God 100% or less... The goal isthat our will and God's Willbe the same.
11. Question: In one of the Satsangs you stated that Christ came as Saint Frances of Assisi. Are there other reincarnations of him that we did not recognize?
12. Little by little you will progress; reach out, give the message...
13. To stay with the destruction or with the team that will succeed..

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