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A Letter From A Christian To Maitreya

(names have been changed to protect privacy of the sender and others)

It has been an amazing 6 months. When I first met Paul, I knew immediately that there was a spiritual brotherhood that had been there for quite some time. It was like we had know each other from a "different life" so to speak.

I used to think that Islam was the religion of the devil.

I was wrong.

I used to think that Brahmins were Satan-worshipers.

I had never met one until this year.

Mexicans were greasy low-life sum...

then they began to help me.

Africans were stupid and ugly...

then two of them moved in with me.

Nirvana to me was demon-possession...

until I experienced it.

All of my Christian 'friends' said that Jesus was the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one could reach the Father but by him... but no one of them would buddy-up with an Indian, Mexican, Pakistani, Japanese, Korean, nor Paraguayan (regardless of religion) in order to share with them this Ultimate Truth.

Today, I say that God's Eternal Divine Path is the explanation not only of the Ultimate Truth that Esa lived, but of the very nature of all humanity.  I've met students and other people from between 75-100 nations of the world and they are all looking for the Same Thing.  

Recently I've decided to become a Muslim. To be honest, I did it for one main reason: to fulfill my destiny. I knew that if I remained occluded like the rest of my Christian friends and 'authorities' (who knew sooo much about religions of the world; yet did not know that Isa was the Messiah according to the Qur'an) I would never be happy.

With the Eternal Divine Path, I was instantly stained. I know that demons are tricky; but Paul is completely sober and his dad - the police chief- would know if he was demonized. Nevertheless, we have been accused of listening to the doctrine of demons. The way that I see the matter is that if we are, then that's not your fault, Maitreya; that's my fault.

Your teachings explain the questions that I was afraid to ask for fear that I might lose faith or that Christianity would be proved as 'just another religion' among the thousands of the world. In fact, when I was 16, I decided to burn all of the 'bad' books that I owned - like the Book of Mormon, a Jehovah's Witness book, and one on Siddhartha. I was afraid of the results of reading such things. My pastor said that anyone, who believed in ANYONE else would be condemned to hell.

Then Paul showed me that Christ would come back; so my mind was opened once again to al-Rehmani-r-Raheem.

A Convert

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