Maitreya Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Mission and our room. I hope that our members in Florida are OK, and we all heard that they are. I hope everyone listens to the warning that God has given to humanity that this is just the beginning of what is happening on earth.

The more the human will not listen or look at this Revelation and takes the warning of God lightly, the more intense these disasters will become. As I said before, we have not seen anything yet.

So this is the warning. Please listen. Listen to the Calling of God and His Mission, and know that indeed what He said in His Revelations and the Scriptures will come true no matter how many people would not listen and how many people are seeking the spiritual path that feels good but is not good.

That is the question everyone should ask themselves, Do I want to feel good or do I want to be good?

Indeed they are creating mega-churches with hundreds and thousands of people joining them. They join them because their children have a place to play, there are games and game rooms, and the teaching mostly is, feel good.

They do not teach, as Christ said, If your eye offends you, take it out and throw it away. They say, Whatever feels good, do it.

That is why those lost sheep are flocking to their churches, and those churches have resources to create even better recreational areas instead of teaching the Word of Truth and God that there are going to be Seven Revelations. God said that when the Seventh Revelation comes, that is the beginning of the end. It is the beginning of the tribulation.

From all these six billion people, God is only asking 144,000 that would listen, come, and surrender to God and to His Words. It is so hard to find them, which is OK. It is going to happen. One thing for sure, God promises, and He fulfills those promises.

These all have already been said. In many Satsangs, we repeat ourselves again and again, This is the last Revelation of God. This is how God wants human to be, to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, to know thyself, to rid themselves of those creatures that make them greedy, attached, and believing that this external world is the truth, which it is not. It is just a relative state.

Even quantum physics can tell you that, everything is in flux, nothing is permanent. If you are a scientist, you can clearly see that this is an illusion that we think everything is solid and permanent, and will stay forever. It will not. In a million or billion years from now, nothing that we can see now would be here.

But humans vision is very tunnel vision. They see this moment, at this second, and they do not progress and see that indeed this is temporary. So they hang onto the things that are trivial and are not permanent, and they are afraid to let go of them.

It is just like a strong bird that has a lot of weight on him or her and it cannot fly. Those heavy burdens and weights are holding it down. If you take those burdens, one by one from that bird, little by little it can fly, and not only can it fly, it can soar and go to the places that it never knew it could do.

Take away those burdens. Cut them off.

Compassion can be three kinds too, compassion when the burden is keeping you down on the ground; that is compassion from ignorance. We have to cut the burden out so we can free ourselves because, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. How you be(come) Divine is to soar and fly with the Divinity, not with the illusion and delusion.

That is why Communities of Light are the places that everyone should strive toward soaring and becoming a strong flyer to God, and also teach everyone else and take the burden out of them so that they can fly, of course not to the point that everyone becomes lazy but to the point that everyone becomes responsible and becomes a member that can help everyone else also to fly with them.

To become lazy and have a lot of lazy people in the community, then no one is going to fly. A few people will fly and even they will be overburdened with the responsibilities. That is why it is so important that everyone takes a part of the community and helps out; therefore all of the community can fly together. And they will.

These things all have been said and preached. Therefore this Satsang will be the last one that will be edited and put into the room to be broadcasted. From now on we will come here, just give these teachings together, discuss things with one another, and work toward establishing the Work of God. But these Satsangs are not going to be edited anymore because everything has already been really said [later it was decided to edit the rest of the Satsangs]. It has become a repetition. If we want to know the teachings we can refer to whatever has been given so far to this point and it will be covered.

This room, Conversation, no longer will be broadcasted from the room called Discourses, but there is enough material and Revelation that has already been broadcasted. Probably we should go back to know them more instead of having a new one every week. We never have a chance to go back to see what exactly the teachings are, especially for new people that come to the Mission. There are plenty of things to refer to.

So this is going to be the last session that we will have available for the public. Probably we will still record them for the future, or if there are questions that have never been answered, we might extract them and add to the previous ones. If someone saw a new question that has been asked that they cannot find or they realize it is new, let us know. We will extract that part and add it to what is already available.

So those who want to hear these Conversations and Calling for Elects have to be in this room. You cannot listen to them later anymore. This way we also have more time to concentrate on other things in the Mission because the pace of the Mission indeed has picked up. Wonderful things are starting to happen.

We encourage everyone to go to the forum in the Mission website. There are new posts there, and they are really becoming lively. There is a lovely conversation going on among a few people in that room.

Also Brahmamurti is writing an article that he needs help with. Everyone can pitch in and see if they can help to get that article in a way that he wants it to look. It is an article that is going to go be in Wikipedia format. Wikipedia is a system, it is a new thing in the Internet that you write an article and everyone can come, change it, and add their thoughts to it. After a while that article is going to be completely different than what the original person thought it would be. But if everyone participates and updates those articles, we can keep it from going too far to the other side. It again is up to us, to all of us, to participate and to put time and energy into the Mission and its work, and start to move this Revelation and realization to everyone.

When I send a suggestion for everyone to do something, or something that should be done, it is not final. It does not mean you have to do it. It is a suggestion that if you have the time, inclination, desire, and ability, consider it. It does not really mean, when I say OK for example, let us help Brahmamurti, that does not mean to drop everything in your life and go to that article. But if you have the time, energy, willingness and ability that will help (initiative) that will help the Mission.

Initiative is very important in the Mission. Everyone should become self-motivated to initiate different things and at the same time recognize and realize it is God who is who is doing it through them. If they realize that then they do not become attached to the result or what they are doing but they are doing it with the pure ideation of Spirit, and it will be perfect. Of course, they do not hesitate to ask for help.

Also we had an e-mail from Amina that there are places that assist the teachers and educators, which is very helpful. As we discussed many times, it is a good idea if we can have a department or clearing place that people can have all kinds of information about the Mission and availability of the services for them.

Of course we are not there yet. We are not in many places that I would like us to be. But if we reach where we can create such information centers, that would be great for the people to know what is available.

The Mission is progressing although it might not seem on the surface that it is happening (as we can see there are fewer numbers in the room today) which is OK; there is no problem with that. The other reason for this is that PalTalk has put a restriction of how many people can come to each room from the same IP or from the same network. Therefore we can only have five people from the Mission center to enter this room, so that cuts the number of the people here more.

Of course the number never has been our priority but the quality of the people who are in the Mission. We indeed have a lot of quality in the Mission, some of them are not even here today, that are working in many different levels to manifest this Mission. So we rejoice that people are seeing this Vision more and more, and they become a part of it and it is their Vision now. The more their Vision manifests, and they reach out and initiate different ways of reaching humanity, eventually more people will see. The leaders will see. The teachers will see. The educators will see.

The regular man will see. Their eyes will be opened, and they will realize and recognize that indeed the Way of God is the way.

There is only one Way. It is not your way. It is God Way, and it is your way under the umbrella of Gods Way. Individuality is not destroyed here. It is not a cult. Indeed we encourage everyone to recognize their individual and individuality, abilities, and why they have been created on this earth under the umbrella of Gods Will, which is the Eternal Divine Path.

Know thyself. We encourage you to know yourself. We encourage you to know who you really are, what your talents are, and why God gave you those talents and abilities. Are you a person who initiates things? Are you a person who can start by yourself without anyone telling you what to do? Or, if anyone tells you what to do, and you recognize that indeed is a better way and accept it, you are a leader.

A good leader is a good follower. If you cannot follow, become irritated when someone tells you something that is better than your way, and you become stubborn in your way, then you are not a leader because you cannot accept good suggestions to improve yourself. You are stubborn. You are set in your ways. You are rigid. No one is going to follow you because everyone sees the rigidity in your actions, and you are not flexible enough to accept those who know more than you do.

I do not know everything. If you know the computer better than I do, I will follow you. If you know medicine more than I do, I will follow you. But in spirituality, in the Revelation, and in Gods Will, I know better. I have been Chosen and Accepted to reveal Gods Will in the highest level. Therefore you listen to me. But in other places that you are better, I listen to you. It is just as simple as that.

That is a good leader. A good leader does follow when it needs to be.

If you know the teachings well, you are willing to reach out, you have no fear of saying the truth, and the Spirit of God indeed dawns on you when you open your mouth and you say things that are out of this world and bring the teaching to the focus and clarity, you are a teacher. God has chosen you to clarify, to explain, and to spread this Revelation to humanity. Then accept that and say, "Yes indeed, I will teach this no matter where or what, I will be there and I will preach it."

As the numbers increase, more people will hear, and we will come together as a great Body based on Gods Revelation and His Word. We will see that indeed the truth is here.

Amina has a question. We will go ahead and see what she has to say. Go ahead Amina.


Amina: Sal-OM Maitreya. This is my question, when we educate children we know that there are particular milestones. For instance we know that at a certain age they crawl, they do not run. When we are talking about the spiritual education of children, are there particular milestones that we have to keep in mind or is there no such thing when it comes to the milestones of Spirit? I mean, how do you know when a child is ready to meditate? How do you know when a child is ready to learn about the symbolic language in Scriptures? I just needed to know that. Sal-OM!


Maitreya: Sal-OM Amina. The question is, how do we know when to teach children in the spiritual Path to do what?

First of all, we have to set an example for them and teach them the Ways of God not by words, but by our actions. With our actions we meditate. They see you meditate; therefore they see something that has been done.

You do your prayer. They see you pray, and they think that is something mommy and daddy do.

If the teachers also pray and meditate, and the whole society supports your actions and your words, then they are more inclined to accept that situation and become more and more Godly.

Another thing is to create opportunities, all kinds of opportunities, for every child that they can choose what they are attracted to. If you do not create opportunities, they do not know such opportunities exist. They have never tried it. They do not know if they can do it or not.

The more you have the Spirit of God in you, the more they will have the Spirit of God in them. Again it falls to the individual progress, and as each person progresses spiritually, they will affect their environment.

If more of such people come together and create the Communities of Light, the more effective and powerful they will be. A child who has been born in the Communities of Light indeed is a Blessed child because he will be wrapped with the Godly Thoughts and Godly Actions, and therefore he has no choice but to become Godly.

In the Communities of Light also they have to create all kinds of opportunities for the children, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, so they can grow to be well-rounded and well-built children, matured, and deep.

Of course in this environment that we live in now, your work is harder because you set an example for your child and your child goes to school, and the school teaches things that have no God in it. The Word of God is not used very much in the school system that we have now. Therefore they do not hear it.

Evolution is just made by chance; it just happened. It is very logical. Everyone can see a logic behind evolution, so it can just happen by itself. But their logic is if they give you infinite monkeys and infinite typewriters, one of them will write something good. But that is just one little writing.

But if you give infinite monkeys the creation material, they cannot create such a logical creation. It is absolutely two different situations.

The gasses first were created, and then dust became giant stars, and later warped stars, and eventually super novas. Through this process, heavy elements such as iron, etc., were created. Eventually life started, progressed, evolved and became humans, which can experience God. There is a reason for it. There is a Logic. There is a goal for all those processes that happened. It just did not happen by chance. They cannot bring themselves to accept the creation based on Intelligence.

So your work is harder because now our teaching brings the science and God together and says, Yes indeed, there is a Creator, there is a reason, there is a goal in this creation, and meditation, singing, dancing, chanting, all of those things have been given for us to turn around and direct our attention within instead of without. Our children will also see that we meditate.

There are many people in different levels that like different things in the Mission. Those who like to dance and chant, they can do it. Actually I was watching an American Indian video. They can replace their dance with the Haree Om Shrii Hung.

Even in one of those mega churches, I saw the Christians were singing but at the same time they were jumping up and down. They can use the Haree Om Shrii Hung and enjoy it even more because there is no restriction in what they can do. So everyone, when the Spirit takes over them, likes to jump and just let go.

The Buddhists like to chant. They can chant Haree Om Shrii Hung.

The West likes to discuss things and come up with the finer thoughts. They can read THOTH, discuss the creation, and see the Intelligence behind it.

So everyone has been given a chance to enjoy what they are and who they can be, and that is how the children should be.

Communities of Light are not only for adults, they are also fantastic places for the children to evolve to who they are. They should not be pushed to become super-stars. They should not be pushed to become great football players or skaters. Of course if someone is born as a fantastic skater from the childhood, he or she should be provided the opportunity to do that. But if every parent wants their child to become a great skater and pushes the poor child to wake up every day at 3 oclock in the morning and go to practice, but eventually does not become what the parents desire is, then there is something wrong.

Or if we want our children to become athletic and become football players, and this and that, when God said, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. He does not say you have to become a skater or football player or soccer player or whatever, or even a doctor, or professor, or teacher, or lawyer, or what we desire for our children, which is really our lack, not theirs.

So in the Communities of Light, we have to create every opportunity for children to find themselves, who they are. When they find who they are, they know God even in a greater degree because they are relaxed; they are themselves, and whoever knows self, of course, knows God.

It is not that we have to push and pull and make children to follow God and become Godly, but we have to set an example for them to create an environment that is Godly, and give them enough opportunities to progress and become who they are.

Of course as they grow up, at the time of the teenager years, they might rebel against you and would not accept your ways. But you insist in your ways and guide them, and remind them of the deeper things and leave them alone; let them fly like a bird away from your nest. They shall return. Or, if they did not return, then you have to let them go.

But usually if you set a good example for them, if you meditate, and they can see your beauty of Godliness, your steadiness, and your strength, they will turn around. They will come to see your way is the best way and your way is Gods Way. So Gods Way is the best Way.

That is how parents should know, every school should know, that they should set an example and realize Gods Way is the best way, and therefore bring the best Way in every level and situation on earth.

That is not the case at this time. Gods Way is not the only Way. My way is the only way. Of course my way is different than your way. And your way is different than his way. Therefore we are a separated, fragmented earth. Not only my way is different than yours, my religion is different than yours, also my culture, my gender, my color, etc. We are pretty separated.

But if we understand the Eternal Divine Path and realize that there is only One God that has sent all the Revelations on earth, that everything in the universe is a part of God, indeed we are marching toward unity, we are marching toward understanding that we are here for a purpose, there is a logical Intelligence behind this universe, we have not just been created by chance, and there is a purpose in life and that is to be(come) Divine, to know thyself.

When you know yourself, one day you experience that you really do not exist. You have been in illusion all this life and many other lives. Only God exists, and you and Him/Her/It, whatever, is One.

Then you become a source of the manifestation of Gods Grace, and those who are around you have no choice but to see that is the most beautiful thing you can become. When you become that, others will become that, if they let their egos go and accept that indeed Gods Way is the best Way. If those who are connected to God say something, meditate on it and experience the truth behind it, and become one with it.

We need more people like that. We need Communities of Light. We need children that grow in these communities. We need an environment that is created in every part of the earth based on the Communities of Light, and therefore we will have an earth that is a wonderful place to be born in. We will have the parents who act like parents, grandmothers who act like grandmothers, and grandfathers who act like grandfathers. We will have the leaders who are connected to God. We will have the teachers who have The Holy Ghost and the Spirit of God upon them.

We need to turn this earth around. We have to baptize the whole earth. This teaching is the water that has been poured on earth, and it is the time of baptism of the whole humanity and the whole earth, not each individual. That is exactly what is happening. What we say and where the earth is at, they are opposites and they are going in two different directions.

As when Moses came out of the mountain and he saw that the Children of Israel had fallen, he gave them a choice: Come to me, or stay on the other side. Those who stayed on the other side were separated, and the earth opened and swallowed them. Those who stayed with Moses were the ones who eventually became the Children of Israel, the Chosen Ones, the Children of Light.

It is the same thing: I climbed the mountain of the Spirit and received this Revelation. Now I have returned back to earth, and I am calling those who want to be the new Children of Israel, the Children of Light, Come to me. Those who do not, will stay to the other side.

As when Moses called, a few people came and joined him, and many stayed to the other side, so that will be now. So we should not be surprised but know that what we say is the truth. It is the way of the peace, unity, and the Kingdom of God on earth. No matter how things become difficult or people do not listen, or do not come, or oppose us, that is the truth. We have the truth, and if each of us accepts that, turns around, and realizes that indeed this is the Truth, who cares if the rest of humanity accepts it or not? Who cares if anyone comes and joins or not? The most important thing is, I know this is the Truth. That is what each of us has to develop, accept, and be.

Unless you find something better. Unless you find something wrong with these teachings, then as I said many times, let me know. I do not think you will. I have absolute confidence there is nothing wrong with this Revelation and teaching. It is perfect. It is from God. It has been prophesied to come.

Actually the uniqueness of this Revelation and the Revealer itself is a miracle. When we see that, then we recognize that our lives, our marriages, our societies, our children, our careers, etc., can improve immensely if we realize these teachings and bring God to every level in our lives, and eventually to every level of society and the earth. Then we recognize that the unity of humanity is needed, and the destructive forces, political maneuvering, death, killing, etc., all will backfire. These are not the Will of God. They are the will of men, which is resisting the Will of God.

But those who will follow the Will of God will eventually succeed, when humanity reaches a point that they recognize that they are a part of God; indeed they are a part of that Intelligence. That is why they have intelligence. That is why they have mind and the ability to recognize, decipher, analyze, and come up with the solutions, because every human is a Child of God. He is in the image of God.

Human is intelligent; so is God. Human can solve the problems; so can God. God is not an illogical, religious belief that you believe in a couple of dogmas and you are going to be saved, and eventually such religions just attract people who do not have any intelligence. And the intelligent people become very upset and they say, religion means not to be intelligent.

So most of the intelligent people who oppose religion actually oppose dogmas; they oppose the old religions that are not based on Intelligence and the Beauty of God.

But this Revelation is for intelligent people. It is for people who can make decisions. It is not that we are cutting off those who are devotional or they do not have any ability to be a leader or a teacher. We accept them too. Devotional people are beautiful but if they accept themselves as devotional people and do not try to compete with the other levels of beings.

Everyone is accepted in this Mission. Even intelligent people should create compassion. That is one thing that is probably lacking in intelligent people. If someone is not as intelligent as they are, they cannot accept such a person when they should. They should have compassion and recognize the beauty of a devotional person instead of putting a devotional person down.

As the ability to manifest by work, and hard work, they are a part of God if they let God come through them and they recognize why they have been created, why they are good workers, and how they can manifest those beauties also.

So again the Bhakti Yogi, the Jnana (Knowledge) Yogi, and the Karma Yogi are accepted in this Mission, and everyone should recognize where they fall.

That is a part of the process of knowing thyself. That is what we should teach our children, how to know thyself, and we can help them. We can help them by encouraging them, by seeing what they are good at, by pointing out that they are good writers, they are good painters, they are good workers, etc.

Just see them as individuals. Not everyone has to become a good doctor. No. This person is a good doctor; this one is an engineer. This one is intelligent. This one is a computer wiz. You have to recognize who they are and not create a wedge between them, not, If you are not a good doctor, you are no good. All of you are necessary and should be accepted by society and encouraged to become what you are best at.

Then there is no competition, but division of talents that exists. No one should feel inferior or superior for what they are. It is Gods Talent given to that individual to manifest it, to recognize it, to become it, and to connect it to God. Then they see, Indeed, that is the Will of God for them, no matter what it is.

It is like that gentlemen in New York City; all he wanted was to drive a garbage-sweeping truck. He achieved his goal, and he lived a very happy life. That is all that he wanted, to drive one of those trucks that sweeps the streets.

To some people it does not look like a very great achievement. But he achieved what he wanted. There is a saying, If a poor man is happy with his lot, he is a happy man. But if a rich man is not happy with what he has, he is a very sad person.

So children are the future of humanity, of society, and we have to learn to create an environment that they become Godly and we create all the opportunities possible for every child on earth (and beyond if there are any) to become what they have been created to be and accepted as they are.

If they become what they were created to be, they are successful. But if we encourage them, push them, pull them to something that they were not created to be, they are a failure.

I hope that answers your question, the question about the children.

So in the Communities of Light we have to create parents that do not try to fulfill their own failures through their children but parents that see a child as a manifestation of God and a gift given to them to nurture, to love, to teach, and to set an example for them.

The most important thing is to make them Godly, try to encourage them and help them to recognize who they are and what they have been created for, and when the time comes, let them go, no attachment.

Of course it is easier said then done. I have done it. I know it is not that easy. But you have to do it. You have to let them fly.

If they come back to you and say, Yes, indeed you helped me in my life, that is your reward. That is the worth that you have worked for. If you have done your job, you will receive that reward.

But you have to let them go. They are not yours. They are Gods. They are not even in the hierarchy of beings as: God, spiritual teacher, parents, and spouse. They are free to also recognize that there is a hierarchy of beings in their lives: God, spiritual teacher, their parents (which is you), and their spouse.

Of course if they are sannyasins and dedicate their lives to God, there is only one hierarchy for them: God. That is it.

Again the answers to all the questions for humanity are given here and the way of the better life has been revealed. The only thing left for us is to rid ourselves of our egos and let God come through, absolutely 100%, to want to know the truth, to want to follow the Will of God, to want to be good, not to feel good. Although when you do good, it feels good. It is not always appreciated but you should receive your appreciation and rewards from within yourself, not from the external world.

If the external world appreciated you and rewarded you, thanks God for it that He has shown you the way and you have become a person that others also recognize there is some beauty in you, and that beauty, of course, is the manifestation of God. Since you and God are One, there is no separation. When they glorify you, they glorify God. When they reward you, they reward God. There is no separation.

You do not create any big ego that, It is me who is doing all these things separate from God. And God has nothing to do with it. I am the doer. I want to be thanked.

It is that praised attention, Me, me, me, me, that brings destruction. But, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him and me, brings unity and freedom.

So we can see this teaching and what most of humanity is looking for, is different. This teaches the absolute truth, the highest realization, the greatest grip of truth, but the illusion of the external world and believing that we all are our bodies and this external world is the only truth, it is just amazing that many of them do not stop and think, How did I get here? What happened?

Life, existence, being here, is a miracle. Can you just imagine that there was no universe, no beings, nothing?

But we are here. It exists. If we exist, then God exists.

They never think about that. They just live a life that takes them eventually to the grave. That is it, that is the end of the story, and they never consider this amazing thought, How did I get here? What is it that I am here for? What is life?

If they think about these things, hopefully one day they will see that there is more to life than eating, sleeping, having children, and dying. They will open themselves to the universe and God, and they will eventually recognize that indeed God exists because, first, He said He was going to do things and He has done them. Second, if I exist, there has to be other existences. Third, He said He was going to do these things through history, and He has done them.

Again I leave you all to God. Ponder on these words. This Calling Elects session will be broadcasted by tomorrow. But this will be the last one. So anyone who wants to hear the live Satsangs have to be in this room. They will not be broadcasted any longer.

But there are so many things have been given in the website and our teachings, videos, audios, and everything that has been happening that you have a lot of materials to refer to. Of course you can always go to the website and put a question in the search engine. If it did not answer you, send us an e-mail. Say, I have this question. I could not find the answer. Or go to our forum and ask it there, and people will respond to you. Therefore there are a lot of ways given to answer you.

But this is where the audio will be ending. You can see one by one the Mission is ending the different things it has been doing because it has been perfected, it is completed; they are no longer needed. Now is the time for everyone to become more familiar in a deeper level and reach out to humanity.

Be good. Be with God, and put God first in everything you do.

Sal-OM everyone.

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