Maitreya Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Calling Elects. We indeed are calling the Elects to come and see the Revelation of God, and realize that it is the end time and God is seriously calling those who want to follow His Words and His Ways.

Today I would like to talk about the phenomena called, wishful thinking. Of course, this room is for those who have questions, have gone to our website, want to know more about the teachings, and are not clear on some points. If they have been in the website, and know the Eternal Divine Path and our teachings, they can take the microphone. Otherwise they can type in text.

Wishful thinking is a phenomenon that humanity has to overcome, and that is thinking that we can go away from the set-ups of this universe and not receive the consequences of our actions. It is any thinking that we do not have to take responsibility for our actions, and we do not have to worry about God and what He is going to think about our actions as long as no one is around or, Maitreya is not around, so I can do as I please and not follow Gods Way, and still believe that there are no consequences for our actions.

Such beliefs include believing in an all-powerful Messiah who will come to earth and fix everything for us, which history says never has happened, or some space brothers who will come and bring the Kingdom on earth for us, or hanging onto our beliefs from previous religions or our cultures and not able to let go of and become completely one with the Word of God, which clearly He has sent in His Scriptures.

Scriptures are the guidance for humanity, and they eventually have to recognize and realize that if such a wishful thinking was possible, God would have rescued and turned around the darkness that was upon the face of the deep.

In the very beginning, why did He have to go through all the creation to this point and call humanity to be responsible for their actions, and to turn around and go to God? He would have done it then and be done with it, and none of us would be here and there would not be any creation.

But you can see this wishful thinking is in every culture, and every human has a hard time to take responsibility for their own actions and indeed read the Scriptures, the Revelations of God, especially this last one that clearly God says, This is the time of sundering. I am going to separate My Children and those who really want to listen to My Will and My Way. Those who will not listen to My Ways will not come to me, as Christ said, There is going to be the gnashing of the teeth, and not a very nice place as a consequence.

But still a lot of people, not reading the Words of Scriptures and God, believe that this creation is going to be here forever, no one is going to be left out, and there is not going to be any tribulation, end time, or anything that the Scripture already said will come.

One of the things humanity has to do, in this junction especially, is to stop having wishful thinking and waiting for something to come and fix everything for them, and not take responsibility or hang onto their cultures and their religions, their previous religions, and what they know or their ideas that they have. They think because their ideas appeal to them that is the way it is going to happen.

That is why it is so important for everyone to read the Words of God. God said that there are going to be the Seven Angels, Seven Revelations. This Revelation will reveal everything to humanity, will clarify all religions, and will unify them. That is when the end time starts. That is when the sundering begins. That is the time for humanity to either go to God, or to go away.

We can see indeed they are going away very fast. What God called the actions that are an abomination to Him, are being done all over the world.

You can read in the chapter 18 of Leviticus, chapters 18, 19, and 20, and some other chapters there, what these actions are. Then look around yourself and see, is humanity doing those actions that God called abominations and Christ called the abomination of desolation?

If you read those chapters, you indeed see that God said that if they do these abominations they will be desolated. The nations will be humbled, those people who do not listen to those words, which are categorized as wishful thinking, Oh not really. God is not going to do it. First of all God is not there anyway. We can put Him out of all our actions. We do not even want to bring the Word of God to our schools or to our children. This universe is not created intelligently. There is no intelligent design, when God created super novas and black holes to cook the material to heavy material, to create the whole universe. You can see there is an Intelligence behind this creation but many deny there is an Intelligence behind it.

They think that by doing the actions that He called abominations, they will not be desolated. So you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see the Word of God as revealed in our Revelation will come true.

One beautiful thing about this teaching is that it shows how God promised in the past and He fulfilled those promises. One of the things humanity always talks about is, Learn from history; learn from the past so you will not make the same mistakes in the future. This Revelation shows how God promised many things in the past and He fulfilled them.

First, if He promised and He fulfilled them, He exists. You cannot put Him out of our lives and say, No, we will just ignore Him. He does not exist.

He exists. He promised, and He fulfilled those promises. He said, after this Seventh Revelation, which clarifies all the confusion, that there will be a sundering. Those who still follow the actions that are abominations will be desolated.

Those who do not see this clearly and still hang onto their own ideas, cultures, and backgrounds, and not the Word of God, and believe that this universe is going to be forever and there is no end as it says in the Scriptures, they make a great mistake. They use the wishful thinking.

God said that after this Revelation eventually the Kingdom of God will come on earth for 1,000 years to make the Elects to become the sons of God. After 1,000 years, there is a short period that those who have fallen and did not make it now are given another chance and that would be the end of it. There will be a time of those who reach to son-ness and those who do not.

So these things we have to recognize, realize, and understand that there was darkness in the beginning; God created the universe to take this darkness back. If He could have done it without us taking responsibility and accepting our part in the process, it is not going to happen.

There will be no savior who is going to come from the sky and say, Be, and it will be. You can wait, and we will wait. You will see at the end there will not be any. God does not change His Ways.

His Way is to prophecy and say such and such a Prophet will come and fulfill these prophesies, and will bring this Revelation. All of the Prophets have had this happen to them. Then, of course, the Word of God comes to man. So our salvation is to know the Plan of God. What did He promise in the past, what is He promising now, and where are we at?

He promised many things. He fulfilled them. He said the Seventh Angel will come, and no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. No one knows the truth until the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. It is now opened.

Now what? We are going on from here. So we have to stop what we believe. We have to stop to look at what culture we came from. We have to stop believing in our own ideas but know the Word of God and His Revelation, and follow them. Therefore we have a good grip of the reality and we will be with Him in the Kingdom, instead of thinking and wishing to be what we were, or what we did, and continue in our ways and still expect God not to follow what He already said He is going to do.

So for those who do not want to take responsibility, for those who do not want to read the Scriptures and understand them, for those who still hang onto their own ideas, old religions, old cultures, look at the Words of God clearly and read them, contemplate them, understand them, and then follow them 100%.

God said, I do not want 90% or 80% or 95%. I do not want the lukewarm. If you are lukewarm, I am going to spew you out of My Mouth.

These are not my words. These are the Words of God and His Scriptures from the past. The whole creation eventually will be dissolved and go back to its origin. The darkness that did not make it will have to wait for millions and billions of years before they can be given another opportunity to hear these Words, progress, and go to God.

That was interesting that someone was telling me this morning that they were reading The Revelation and one of the categories that will not make it is the fearful, along with the warmongers, the adulators, and this and that. One of them was the fearful. That person said that was interesting, because she never considered that as a part of those who are not going to make it.

So we should become fearless and absolutely accept God 100% in everything we do, and know His Words. Read His Scriptures.

We are the most educated group in the world. Education has never been so high in human history. Still we do not pick up the Scriptures, read them, and say, That is what God said. If it is not according to what God said, that is my idea, my opinion, my culture, my upbringing, and my wishful thinking.

Therefore, rid yourself of the wishful thinking and become one with the Word of God, especially if you believe this is the last Revelation of God and the opening of the Seventh Seal. Then this is a pretty critical moment in human history that we have to recognize. It is the end time. This is the time of the coming of the Elects and those who have progressed to a point of no return. They are here to indeed go to God and become one with the Spirit, and escape the suffering and the destructive forces in this external world. They are here to return to where there is only eternity, knowledge, and Be-ness, no mind, no ego, but oneness with the Infinity.

That can be experienced in this body, now. The only thing is that we have to create an environment that our physiological and safety needs are easily taken care of. Therefore this body is really only a garment, and we will leave it behind when we leave the body, but we have to keep it up. We have to give it nutrition and the things it needs but we should not be attached to it because it is not going to come with us.

I think probably the next step in the Mission, not only Calling the Elects, is going toward creating a small community, two to three hundred acres that we can really build a community and sing the Call to Prayer. We can set an example for humanity that they can come. Of course they are all welcome to come and visit.

It is not going to be a cultic community but it is going to be an open community as an example for people to see that at a specific time there is going to be a Call to Prayer. People can live, be honest, and share. It will be a sample for humanity to know the best way to live is the Communities of Light.

We can at least create one community with around 2,000 people in it. That could be a next goal or the next goal for the Mission. Those who are in the Mission can start thinking about it and spreading the word that maybe that is where we are going next.

If we can create a community that way, of setting an example of unity, beauty, sharing, and peace, then more people can see how it works. In a community that God is number one and His Laws are followed, criminals are not tolerated, and good people are encouraged, supported, and secured. It is a community where people will have more time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, a little Kingdom in the ocean of Maya. Therefore we can show good people of the world that there is a way out.

There are a lot of good people out there. But they feel helpless and hopeless. Also they do not agree with a lot of things that are happening. They feel they are helpless to do anything.

Many people also have been brainwashed instead of seeing that wishful thinking is not going to take them anywhere, but Gods Way is the only way. They will eventually see that yes, indeed, we had better realize that, that is not going to help us at all.

So the time is indeed here for humanity to be separated. Those who do have wishful thinking will soon find that what they have and the Grace of God that was with them is no longer going to be there because as He said those actions, which are abominations to Him, will cut The Grace from them.

Instead of them praying to God and thanking Him for The Grace that He gave them, they go against His Will and do things that He says are abominations. They will soon find themselves, the Grace is not there. What they used to do and prosper from will not cause prosperity any longer because The Grace of God is no longer there.

Those who are aware and awakened, those who are in these places and they realize, That was The Grace of God that made them what they are or who they are, will not stand on the side and let those actions destroy them also. They will withdraw from it. They will be in the world I am not saying they should leave the world and say, No, we and them - but they will be in the world but not of it any longer. They will be the Children of God that work toward the Communities of Light and the spread of the words of this Revelation to those who are also Called to be with us in this march. Those who will not, will receive the tribulation and also will not be incarnated the next lifetimes.

So the Plan indeed is in progress, and those who have the eye can see all the signs everywhere. They can see that The Grace indeed has been taken away from them. It shall return after they return to God.

This Revelation is the beginning of the end. It is not something to take lightly. When God sends a Prophet, a Revelation, especially the last one, which is for the whole humanity, they should really open their eyes and ears, listen to the Revelation, accept it, and follow it 100%.

The preaching has been going on for the last twenty-some years. If someone has not heard it, or brings the excuse that, I did not know such a Revelation has come, it is not going to be accepted because we have reached to humanity in any way we could. Also it is our responsibility to reach out to every corner of the world, in any way possible, so all people can hear it. When they hear the Message, we are done.

It is not my Revelation. It is Gods Revelation. You are not joining the Mission because of me but because of Gods Word. It is your salvation.

I am just a plain Messenger to call you to it and make you realize, Yes indeed, God says He will do things. He will do them. He said there will be a period that His Kingdom will come, and it will come that Babylon the Great will fall, and it will be a great fall.

These things are going to happen. If we are sitting here and wishing it is not going to happen, No, it is not going to happen, that is wishful thinking. The only way is to not expect a Messiah to come and do it for us. We are intelligent. God gave us hands, mind, and Spirit. We have to learn how to come together and work together, and make this happen.

If we sit there and wait for someone to come or wishing it is not going to happen, it takes you away from the Body of Christ. You become irresponsible. Working with the Body of Christ becomes hard, and therefore you fall off because you do not want to take responsibility and you wait for the space brothers, great Messiah, Mehdi, Savior, Maitreya, who is going to come and do it for us.

As I said, God never did it that way. Now it is the Elects who recognize this responsibility and take the responsibility seriously, and indeed take action.

Let us concentrate to spread this Mission to every corner of the world. Let us come together and see how and where we can find such a sample community in this world and set an example for humanity. Therefore many can come and join that community, or at least many will know that indeed there are people who are claiming that they have the Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, the last Word of God to humanity, and they might be interested to know more about it. They will see that indeed, they also have to forget about what they know and what they think they know, their opinions, their religions, and their culture, and unlearn a lot of things that they think are the way.

As has happened before in the past, there were people that they worshipped idols or their ancestors, and this and that, and they thought they had the truth. But when a greater truth came, eventually they forgot about what they had and accepted the new Revelation.

This is again a time of unlearning and learning new things, and accepting the Word of God. Read THOTH; read the Scriptures. See what God says, not, what I believe, or I think it should be.

If you do that, then we also become more united and unified because we have the same ideas, the same opinions, and the same understanding of the Word of God. Therefore separation between us and opinions, which clash with one another, will be lessened. We will see the same things as other people in the Mission see. We will not have much conflict with one another because we all accept the Word of God, how it is going to happen, and how we can be a part of it, help, and accomplish it.

It is our responsibility to read, to understand, to come and ask questions here. Is it really the space brothers who are going to come and help us to bring the Kingdom? Where in the Scriptures does it say that?

Where in the Scriptures does it say that the ships are going to come, and we should make an ambassadorial welcome and build them some houses so they can come as Elohim and all those things that many people believe? Where is that in the Scriptures?

God says, I am a spirit, not a space brother. Read the Word of God. See if what you say is really a part of what God has revealed. Then we will understand that the world is going toward that finality. So stop having wishful thinking. Guide other people to read the Scriptures of God. Let them understand that what is here God said is going to come.

He promised in the past, and He fulfilled them. He said what was going to happen in the future, and it will happen. Have no doubt about that. Anyone who doubts that again falls in the category of wishful thinking.

Yes, I know all of us want to have peace, no tribulation, and everyone does whatever they want. None of these things are going to happen. That is not the Word of God. That is not the reality.

The reality is, read the Scriptures and see what God said is going to happen. We can see He fulfilled sending the Seventh Revelation. We can see humanity and people are going away from God more and more, and that is amazing.

We have the most educated people and apparently the most intelligent people that history ever had. Still they do not see the Intelligence or the Mind behind the creation. When science explains it intelligently and says, Yes, there are three forces in the universe, and God did create the super novas so He can have the heavy material to build the rest of the universe.

Actually God says that creating super novas and black holes was much easier than making humanity to follow His Will. That was easier for Him to do that.

Timothy has a question. So we will go to his question. Go ahead, Timothy.

Timothy: Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM everyone. I was having a little confusion with Gods Holy Days and wondered if you could talk about them more? When I was reading chapter 23 in Leviticus, there are sections that talk about sacrificing lamb, sacrificing oxen, giving unleavened bread and such, as burnt offerings. Then when I read THOTH it is very eloquent and straightforward. It does not talk about sacrificing lambs and such.

What is that symbology or what is that meaning in the Bible, in Leviticus 23 when they are talking about these sacrifices and such? Sal-OM!

Maitreya: Sal-OM Timothy, and good question. The sacrifice of humans was practiced until the time of Abram (Abraham). He took His sons of course Hebrews or Jews say that it was Isaac, Moslems say it was Ishmael we say it could be both of them. So again both are correct. It might be that he took both of them to sacrifice.

God told Him to stop, because He showed that He unconditionally accepted the Will of God to the point of sacrificing His children, which He loved very much. Especially in those cultures, sons were very important to follow their fathers. They were paternal societies.

So we can see, from then on, sacrifice of humans was stopped and sacrificial practices were mostly done with the animals, especially the lambs. Eventually Moses brought the Laws for the Children of Israel and the elaborate practices of sacrificing of doves, oxen, and lambs. Always God demanded that it was going to be an unblemished sacrifice, especially the lamb, an unblemished lamb, the best lamb they had, the one that did not have any defect at all.

The night before they left Egypt, God demanded them to kill a lamb and put the blood on their doorposts. Whoever did not do that, did not make it. So only the people who killed an unblemished lamb and put the blood on their doorposts became the chosen ones and went to the Promised Land.

Then Christ came to them as their Messiah. He was the Lamb of God. He was unblemished. He was the Avatar. He was the Messiah. He was the Anointed One. He was the Chosen One. He came, and as the unblemished and innocent Lamb of God, Christ came to the Hebrews, and, of course, they crucified him. They sacrificed him.

At the time of Adam and Eve, when they failed to follow God, they fell from Grace. They were put out of the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden they were in Bliss and therefore they did not have to sacrifice anything. They did not have to meditate. They did not have to read the Scriptures. God was with them. They were in touch with God directly.

They were naked and they were not ashamed. Naked, of course, here also means they did not have any bodies. Bodies were created later on for them, after God gave them the coats of skin.

But when they fell, the direct relationship between God and the human was severed, and they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Actually we are going back the way we were before. Hopefully the Elects will eventually become the sons of God, and they will have the direct connection to God.

So The Grace was taken from them, and they had to appease God by sacrificing humans until Abram (Abraham). Then they had to sacrifice animals, perfect animals, until the time of Christ.

When Christ came, He was the sacrificial Lamb that had to be crucified. He knew from the prophecies that He had no choice. In the Garden of Gethsemane He prayed, God, can you take this cup from me? And He immediately recognized that is not the Will of God, therefore He should not have even asked that. So He immediately said, Your will be done, not mine. He went through the crucifixion, and from then on The Grace was released back to humanity.

Those who believe that Christ indeed died for humanity will receive The Grace of God. You do not have to be Christian to receive The Grace. You do not have to belong to any specific religion, as long as you believe that indeed that happened so God released The Grace back to humanity.

From then on we did not need any animal sacrifice either, because He had already sacrificed for us and He released The Grace. We do not have to appease God by killing animals, oxen, lambs, and doves, and go through the elaborate sacrificial rites that the Jewish people practiced. So we can see that after Christ, even animal sacrifice stopped.

In the time of Prophet Muhammad, of course, He did not practice sacrifice much. I guess there is only one time a year that they kill a lamb as an offering and give it to the poor. So the idea even then was not that you kill it to appease God, but give it to the poor, so the poor have at least a good meal once in a while from the rich.

Of course there are a lot of laws that rich people have to take care of the poor also, to a point.

Bab did not bring any animal sacrifice either; neither did Baba nor our teachings. The highest sacrifice is the dissolution of ego.

So it is no longer necessary to kill animals or humans but to understand the Word of God, understand why this happened, why The Grace was taken away.

God was with humanity. They had a complete, direct relationship with each other in the Garden of Eden. That is why they were in the garden because they were in The Grace.

That is what it really means, being in the Garden of Eden means being in The Grace of God. You do not need anything. God will provide it for you. You do not have to till the ground. You do not have to worry about anything, just trust in God.

As Christ said, Do not take much. Just take one coat, and go and preach the gospel to the world. God will provide the rest for you.

As I started this Mission with ten cents, with not even having any visa to stay in this country, now we have a Mission that is going all over the world and is prospering everywhere. So the fearful will not enter the Kingdom.

Of course at the Passover the only thing we do is to hang HOSH necklaces on our doorposts as a remembrance of what the Hebrews did at the time of the Passover. As they put the blood of the lamb on the doorposts, we hang up the HOSH emblem on the doorposts, which usually are the necklaces. But it does not have to be necklace as long as it has the HOSH emblem on it.

That is a sign for us of obedience of God and His Children, and God will pass over our house. That year will be a year of prosperity and no tribulation or destructive tendencies, as much as possible.

So we do recommend that on the Passover, but we no longer recommend killing animals to appease God because Christ died instead of animals. By following the Eternal Divine Path, the Kingdom will come, more people will meditate, we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and eventually, in a thousand years, we will go back to the Garden of Eden.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead. That is really the gist of it, that as humanity progresses in their spiritual path, less and less blood-shedding is necessary. At the time of Christ, that was completely stopped.

He was the unblemished, perfect, innocent Lamb, the Son of God. Therefore He is a great Manifestation and Prophet. That is why He is so celebrated because He released The Grace back to humanity. That is how the followers of Christ were blessed to this point. Prophet Muhammad even said the followers of Christ would be blessed until the end time.

Now we can see that The Grace is released to the whole humanity. Those who do believe in the Eternal Divine Path, those who believe in the Scriptures and the Prophets, and see that indeed Christ released The Grace, will also receive The Grace.

So the playing field is flattened for every human. Those who follow God, His Scriptures, and the Eternal Divine Path are the Elects. No specific nation or area of the earth is only blessed because they follow a specific Prophet or Christ. Every human should recognize that they should acknowledge that indeed Christ was the Lamb of God, and He came and He died so that The Grace would be released back to humanity.

That is why we do not use the Passover with the rituals that Moses recommended for the Hebrews. We do follow eating some bitter vegetables on that night in remembrance of how God passes over those who are His Children and accept Him as their God, and therefore they acknowledge that they are the Children of God.

Now the only people who can be the Children of God are those who are in the Mission and follow the Eternal Divine Path. So this is absolutely a new heaven and a new earth as God promised will come. It is a new religion, a new Revelation. It has new rituals and a new way of seeing and understanding Gods Plan and what He was doing to this point. If we can see that, indeed we have a very good grip of the reality of what God has been doing, why we are here, and where we are going.

Therefore by understanding this Revelation, you understand the Plan of God. You understand what He was doing, who He promised, what He promised, how it was fulfilled, how the creation is created, why the creation is created, what is the goal of life, why we are here, and what is coming.

It is perfect. It is the absolute vision of the creation and God, and what has happened and what is going to happen.

So if you know this Revelation, you know the truth. There is nothing like it on earth. God said it was going to come, and all the credit goes to Him. It is not My Revelation.

If you join the Mission, you are not joining because of me. You are joining because this is the truth of God. You are joining because your salvation is based on the Word of God. Therefore we can see we have wonderful Words from God that have come to us.

We have another question from Hephaestus. He is asking:

Hephaestus: Why are the Jews and Moslems fighting over the Holy Land? What makes them think it belongs to them?

Maitreya: Well, actually the Holy Land belongs to God. Gods Revelation says that all the religions are true and a part of each other, and they compliment one another. So really, the Holy Land belongs to us. There has to be a Temple built there that all the religions of the world can go there and see the Unity of God.

And of course, God said there is going to be a New Jerusalem. So they are fighting over something that is old. It is done. It is gone. It has done its Darma. Now there is going to be a New Jerusalem.

Actually there was an article in Time Magazine; I think we have it somewhere in the Mission. We saved it. It was talking about how Albuquerque and building those houses looks so similar to Jerusalem. If you look at the latitude, also Albuquerque is the same latitude as Jerusalem. That is why we believe Rio Rancho or the Albuquerque area is the New Jerusalem. So they are fighting for something that its time is finished.

Now why are they fighting? They are two brothers of the same father. Brothers usually fight over the father and his inheritance. Each of them claim that they have the right to that piece of property. The Hebrews say, Well, it belongs to us. Moses brought us from Egypt and brought us to the Holy Land.

But of course Jews do not believe that Christ came and told them that the Kingdom would be taken away from them and given to another nation. Judah prophesied that, When the Shiloh comes, the Kingdom will be finished. They are still hanging onto the idea that they are the only chosen people when God said, When the Messiah comes, that is the end of it.

And He scattered them. You know the history of what happened to the Hebrews. He split them to two nations, etc.

Of course they say, We do not believe in Christ. We do not believe God ever finished our being chosen, therefore this land is ours.

Christians say, Well, Christ came and He is the only way. He was born there and He was the Messiah coming from that place. Therefore it really belongs to us. Christians are more subdued now, but they did fight over it with the Moslems in the Crusades.

Then of course Moslems say, No, we have the last word. Prophet Muhammad came, and in one dream He went to God from the place that their mosque is. He is the last Prophet, and therefore we have the right.

So that is what they are fighting for. They are fighting over the old Jerusalem when God already had sent a new Revelation and chosen a New Jerusalem. If they understand this teaching and realize what happened, all of them should become Divine, all of them should say, Yes, we are going to follow the Eternal Divine Path. We no longer are Moslems, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, or whatever, but we are Divines. Therefore the war will end. There is nothing there to fight for.

Also I would like to see in Jerusalem, if we could, to build a Temple that has all the seven religions in it, which connects the Jewish section to the mosque and to the Christian section, and we can have a beautiful Temple that shows all of them. They are all a part of it, and each of them can go to that Temple from their side. But in the center they are One, because there is only One God. There are not many of them. Therefore, we have resolved that problem, as many things are happening on earth right now.

They do not know it. They do not know our teachings. They do not know this new Revelation. They do not know the unification. They should. That is why I am so adamant to give this Message to everyone.

It is not only Jerusalem, in India Moslems and Hindus fight. Everywhere you look there are fights over religions and their ideas. Now the way is: to come together, share, and create the Kingdom of God on earth.

So the base of their fight is that each of them thinks they have the right, God gave them the right, to have that land. And of course we know better. That land belongs to God, and they all have to come together, get along, and live in the Communities of Light, share, and create an earth that no one is higher or lower but all are the Children of God.

Sterlingfine is asking:

Sterlingfine: Dear heart is with you. I have longed to understand "Heaven on Earth. Recently, a friend of mine stated that those who have incarnated on earth have been doing so with the desire (God's Desire) to experience the completion of Pure Consciousness in the body. What say thee. Maitreya?

Maitreya: If you read our teachings, you will know that indeed a part of the universe went out of Light and became darkness. The reason for reincarnation is to learn our lessons. God gives us many opportunities so we can experience and progress. This will not continue for long. Those who lag behind will not experience Pure Consciousness in the body.

That is exactly what I was talking about today, about wishful thinking. If we just believe that it is not going to end and we are going to be reincarnated forever so there is no urgency in our progress, that is not our teaching.

Our teaching is very sharp in cutting out some of the people who will not progress from The Grace. Therefore you have to read our teaching instead of listening to other people or having your own ideas, but understand what the Word of God is, what is the Revelation, what are the Scriptures, what He Promised, what He said, and what is going to happen.

So I recommend you to read the teaching and you will see, Yes, indeed, we are here to experience the Pure Consciousness in the body. But at the same time there is a time period in doing it.

I hope that answered your question. We are five minutes over our time.

Again I leave all of you to God. Be good and know that indeed, we have to go to God for sure.

Sal-OM everyone.

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