Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Missions Calling Elects.

The Elects indeed are those who have heard this Message, see the truth in what has been revealed here, and are willing to follow what is asked of them. A lot has been asked of them: To completely turn around, be baptized, and face God squarely. That means 180 degrees you turn around.

This is the Revelation that unifies all the religions of the world, explains that God, for the last 12,000 years, has been sending other religions, and each religion has a message that, when you put them all together, reveals the whole truth of God.

This is the Revelation that is backed up with the prophecies, genealogy, and genetic testing. It is completely supported by God.

It is the Revelation that, after 12,000 years, the Name of God has been given to humanity. Indeed, the Name of God, or The Word that has been sent to humanity is the sword of sundering. The sword that has been sent to humanity is The Word. Those who meditate on The Word, hear It, and follow the Eternal Divine Path to the max will be those who will be dedicated 100% completely, are the pioneers and harbingers of Gods Message, and will teach others to come and see what God has done.

God promised. He fulfilled it. He kept the last Revelation and the whole truth. God did not reveal this even to the previous Prophets, Visionaries, and those who prophesied of the future. God gave them a general idea of what is going to happen but none of them even knew that there is such a thing as the Eternal Divine Path. They each had one message, and they thought that what they had was perfect.

God said that the whole truth would be known when the Seventh Revelation would come to humanity. Now that Seventh Revelation has been revealed to man. It supports all the religions of the world and all the Prophets sent by God. For the first time, humanity can understand that God indeed is one and He has sent all the religions to them. Anything that is besides this teaching is dogma and is man-made.

Therefore, the salvation of man is this last Revelation. We all have to forgo our understanding and attachments to what has come before us and what is happening in this world. We should forgo our old religions and all the old clothing. We have to drop them, put on the new garment of the New Revelation, and come out of this world, and we neither support it nor condemn what is happening in it.

What is happening is from God. What is going to happen, of course, is terrible and humanity all will go against each other. But those who are in this Mission are not of any of them.

We are neither Hindu, nor Jew, nor Buddhist, nor Christian, nor Moslem, nor Bahai, but we are Divines. What they are doing is man-made, and God has said that all these will happen. And because those religions and people do not know this Revelation, they still oppose one another. They propagate and put each other down in order to create an environment that later in the war they can kill each other with no remorse, believing that they are doing the Will of God.

So which one is doing the Will of God? All of them say, We are doing the Will of God. We are the only way. We are the chosen ones. We are the last one. But the truth is that the Will of God will not be known until this Revelation.

In this Revelation it says that all of you are brothers and sisters. How could you not be? There is one universe and all of us have come from the same Essence.

Even science says that we all have come from the same material, and we were built from the same Source. Of course, they are referring to a material thing, and we are referring to a spiritual part. Either way, we are from the same place and have come together.

But because of the ego and misunderstanding of humanity, now we are so separated that we feel we are better than them and they are better than us, or this one is terrible, or this one is not good. If anyone preaches any separation between any parts of the universe, they are in deep ignorance.

Therefore, those who are still attached to their old garments should meditate hard, come, and understand that they have to drop those old garments and put on new ones, which are not of this world. Come, join, sit, and wait until this world destroys itself to the point that it recognizes and realizes that they do not have it. After millions and billions are dead, then they will see, We have been wrong.

Until then, if you become attached to what is happening, you will not feel good. You will feel pulled in two different directions, and you will start fanning what they have started. Whoever is fanning this situation is a part of that situation, and has not seen the Vision of this Mission. They have to stop and recognize that although it is very hard not to take sides because of our emotional attachments, still we have to realize that we are beyond this world, and we are not a part of it.

With this each of us can concentrate on the Mission, come together, create Communities of Light, forget about our old garments, and become the new man. Only the new man can expand his/her vision and see that they have a greater thing than anyone on earth. They have all the answers. They know why this thing is happening, and that what is happening is from God.

We have to come out of participating in this world at this time. When our time comes, we will participate in it and probably will create the Kingdom of God on earth and teach our children to recognize the Essence of God in all men, women, and children. We will bring peace on earth, which is the promise of God.

The peace on earth and the Promise of God will come true. There is no doubt about that.

But if we are attached to the people around us: who comes to the Mission, who does not come to the Mission, who joins, who falls, etc., then we are not yet emotionally matured. Therefore, we have to meditate and listen to this Revelation, Satsang, the Vision, and realize that we indeed are the harbingers, the pioneers, and the people who are here for the future, for what is coming, not for what is.

If you have a doubt that this Mission is the only Way, then you can ask questions, go to the website, see the prophecies, hear the Word of God, learn the Revelation, and read the Scripture that God said that, only at the end time the whole truth will come. Then you will study our teaching and indeed you will realize that the answers to all the questions and misunderstandings of all religions have been given.

When you realize that, there is no doubt that will be left in you, unless you have an ego still left that says, I cannot do this. It is too hard. It is too much. I have sacrificed everything I could, still I could not fulfill it.

But that is where your honesty to yourself should come through. You have to meditate and honestly ask yourself this question, Really, have I done everything I could? That is between you and God. If you are not completely honest to yourself, God is honest to you. He knows your heart, and that is what you have to know also.

When you know that then you will see, Oh there are still many places that I can purify. I can cut the things that are not necessary in my life, or the things that are keeping me from going to God. Therefore, these are my attachments, my desires, and my not being honest to myself that makes me think that I cannot do it.

Those who are the Elects have this honesty. They will meditate on their actions and see themselves, Am I completely seeing this Vision and am dedicated to it, or still I am attached to many other things?

That is OK if you are attached. If you are not completely honest to yourself, start from where you are. Do not become anxious. Do not become unhappy. Do not become nervous about it, but relax. That is actually when you see God, when you are relaxed, when you are still, when you hear The Word.

In that stillness you will recognize, Although I am telling the Mission that I do not have enough finances to pay my tithes, but still I pay for my drugs, or smoke cigarettes, or go and use my money in places that are not necessary, then you have not become completely honest to yourself. If you say you cannot meditate, you do not have time but I have time to watch television eight hours a day and do other things, then you have not been honest to yourself.

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself. You do not have to send me any letter and tell me, I cannot do this, and I cannot do that. You have to come up yourself with the truth, understanding, and realize what is it that is keeping you from being 100% toward the Will of God. The Elects are those who will face themselves squarely. Of course, facing oneself is the hardest thing to do.

God has promised that there are Elects. There is no doubt about that. We have to recognize indeed the people who have been meditating for many lifetimes. Now they are here, and they will come, see this Vision, and we will eventually have at least 144,000 that God said there would be.

Would it be in this lifetime, next time, or the other? It really does not make any difference. The time is infinite. It will be here for millions and billions and trillions of years, and infinitely. Therefore, the time is not that we will not accomplish this but it will be accomplished eventually.

The truth is that this Revelation has been prophesied to come, and those who truly have seen the Vision have to accept this. Then they have to come out of this world and become the Children of God.

The Children of God in this time are those who shatter all narrowness of the mind, come to Gods Vision, and see the universe as He sees it. He does not see any separation between man and man or any part of the universe. He does not consider Himself as a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Jew, or a Christian, or a Moslem, or a Baha'i, or any other title, but a Divine who is struggling to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

If you think this Path is not the ultimate, is not going to take you to God, is not prophesied, and you might find something better, or it is not for you, you have to really meditate on your ego and see, What is in my ego that cannot see how indeed God has promised this would come and it has? Therefore, this room is for us to come here and call the Elects.

That is the most important part of the Mission at this time: to call those who go to the website, come to our rooms, come to this room and ask questions about this teaching: How did it come about? What is the Eternal Divine Path? What is the Master Plan For Planet Earth? How can we create the Communities of Light and become self-motivated visionaries who take the banner in their hearts, in their minds, in their souls, in their lives, and become pioneers to spread this Message and become soldiers of God?

The Elects are those who will not waiver in the Path. They might in the beginning for a while until they indeed see the Vision clearly. Then they take the banner and become a soldier of this Mission.

Our work is not that hard. The only things we have to do are overcome this world, come out of it (which is confusion), be caught in the heaven above the clouds, come out of this world and join the Christ, the Truth, the Revelation of God.

Indeed, the Elects will be caught into the heaven, above the clouds, with Christ. That means that you do not belong to this world. This world will come to great destruction. If you are a part of that destruction, then you are fanning and creating that destruction. But if you are caught above the clouds, you come out of it, you leave this world alone, and let them have their egos, go to wars, condemn each other, lie against one another, destroy themselveshowever, you just become a witness entity.

You cannot become emotionally connected to what is happening because it is going to be trouble and terrible. If you emotionally become involved, then you will be sucked into it.

So our job almost is very passive, at least in the beginning. The only thing we have to do is come together, create Communities of Light, ride this wave that is coming to humanity, stay still, and not take part in it but be completely out of it. Let them go through this process that will purify them. Eventually they will say, We made a mistake. We do not know.

Not everyone will become Hindus, or Buddhists. Not everyone will become Jews. Not everyone will become Christians, or Moslems, or Bahais. All of them eventually will come to the conclusion that indeed, We do not have it. We cannot do it. That is when Gods Promise will come, and everyone will see that there is only one Religion and that is the Eternal Divine Path. That is the Essence of Spirit. The Eternal Divine Path is the most purifying Path that has been revealed to humanity.

It is just like Christ said that the Ten Commandments could be summarized in two Commandments. One of them was: love your neighbor as you love yourself. Or the great saying, Do to others as you want it to be done to you.

The Eternal Divine Path is the Essence of the Spirit and the Revelations. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will have a great grip of the reality and truth of the Spirit of God. Therefore, you have no choice but to go to God, to Pure Consciousness, to Oneness with God.

There are many symbolic languages in religions that people are still hanging onto. And because their minds are so physical, they interpret them physically, Your physical body goes to heaven. There is a resurrection of the body. As we know now, they are all symbolic and have deeper meanings. When you understand this Revelation and teaching, then you understand what they meant and what God means by resurrection, by heaven, and we can teach these things to other people, and take them away from the ignorance that they are in.

Each of us can let humanity know that the resurrection is not a physical coming out of the graves and rising when God comes to earth. It is the resurrection of Spirit, when someone comes out of his or her lower nature. Indeed, calling the Elects is to find those who have been resurrected and who do not belong to this world.

The ignorance, misunderstandings, attachments, desires, ego, and all the principalities on earth are fighting with this Revelation. But our salvation is that God said His Kingdom will come, this Revelation will come. This Revelation will come at the end time, and indeed it is the end time. No other time before this Revelation was the end time. The process will be accelerated.

The human cannot stop this madness because if they could do it they would have done it in the last 12,000 years. As long as their egos and misunderstandings are not accepting the Way of God, that will bring them to this situation.

The Way of God is that this creation has been created for a purpose, for a reason. We are here to recognize what that reason is and then dedicate ourselves to that reason.

Humanity has dogmas, opinions, and their own ideas. Each person says, I know better than everyone else and God. That is interpreted as the freedom of choice and ideas. That, of course, brings confusion because each person pulls the society in a different direction.

As we have said, the freedom of choice is that you have two choices: To choose God, or not to choose God. If you choose God, you will read the Scriptures, THOTH, you will understand what is His Will, and you will submit your will to His Will. You do not have opinions, ideas, or attachments to this external world because He tells you how He created this universe and how you can turn around, be baptized, and go to God. Those are the two choices that God gave from the very beginning of creation.

Indeed the whole reason for the creation and the imbalance was because the human chose not to follow God. Now it is time for those who have been called, been meditating, and have been chosen, to turn around and say, I choose God. I exercise my freedom of choice. I turn around, go to God, listen to His Commandments, to His Prophets, and I put my life based on those Commandments and Words, not on my own ideas, opinions, or understandings.

God has made it very clear what His Will is through Seven Revelations, through Revealed Scriptures: From the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, the teaching of the Buddha and many other mystics that tell humanity to turn around, meditate, close your eyes, and go within. Close the most powerful sense in your body, which are your eyes. They see the external world and take you into it. You desire it. You fulfill it. You become attached.

People think that if they fulfill such and such a desire, they are going to be happy. The truth of it is that the moment you fulfill a desire, you become attached to that object, or idea, or whatever it is. And whatever you are attached to in this external world is in your way to God.

That does not mean that you do not enjoy this external world. No, you do, with no attachments, as the gifts of God that have been given to you to enjoy. But you are not attached to them. You can enjoy your family, your spouse, your wealth that God has given to you, or whatever you accomplish and you earn. You always know that your goal is not earning all those things, or having all those things but knowing God, going to Him or Her or It.

By sharing, as we have said many times, humanity does not have to struggle as they are now. We have to create a society that the physiological and safety needs of all humans are provided for, if we share. If we do not, of course, we cannot create such a society.

We have to have everyone to be able to become educated as much as they have the ability to do so. If they are diseased or they have a problem, they should be healed.

First of all, we have to teach everyone to heal themselves. That already has been given in The Word that has been revealed to humanity. I am concerned that many might go and use The Word without listening to the warning that has been given in that Essay.

I released The Word to humanity a couple of weeks ago. As I said, it is the sword that has been sent to man. Those who do not follow the recommendations in that Essay, those who do not follow the Eternal Divine Path, those who do not understand that they have to be absolutely honest in the Mission, in their lives, and in their relationship with God, that Word can be very harmful, indeed it might drive you crazy.

Those who follow the Eternal Divine Path are honest with God and their relationship with Him, use The Word and hear The Word, and can heal themselves. As we said in that Essay, you can direct different energies that were created by The Word to heal yourself. Those who will not have a chance to meditate and hear The Word, we leave to God.

The Name of God is released. But this time God is very protective of that powerful Word, which is the real Name of God that is within every atom and every cell in creation. The whole creation pulsates because of that Word.

At the same time, before you take that step and before using it, meditate very deeply to know it can heal you. Or if you really are not up to it, do not do it. There is nothing in this Revelation that is not given to humanity, including the real Name of God. So how can anyone think that they can find anything better than what God has said will come?

Now the Mystery of God is completely revealed to man. They still continue with their old religions or patterns of life. Then they have to realize that in order to become an Elect, they have to overcome those parts. They have to come to the top of the confusion, or the clouds, join the Christ, and become purified beings.

Some people say that I ask too much. I ask nothing. This is the Spirit of God that is asking humanity to recognize at this time and realize where the history will take them. Indeed this is the latest news broadcasted by the Spirit of God to humanity, to recognize that they all have to turn around and come out of this world.

It is because the new world is coming. The Peace of God will prevail on earth. All will know that they are the Children of God, and how He has guided the history of humanity to this point. He is in charge. He has created the history. And nothing has happened in history that He has not endorsed.

Therefore, it is His Story. He exists. He is in charge. We have to recognize that and put our lives in such a way that we will be one of those who will go back to Him.

This is your choice. You can choose to go to God or fall off the bandwagon, or the train to God. It is your choice to see the Vision, to go study and see, are you really an Elect? If you are, go and be(come) initiated. Do not have any excuses that, I cannot do this, or I cannot do that.

Be absolutely honest with yourself to see if you really have done everything you could to follow Gods requests and requirements. If you have, then go and become initiated and know The Word in whole. Use it to make great decisions for God and to heal yourself.

But do not heal others. That is because when you heal someone else, the unclean spirit goes and finds seven more vicious than itself, and says, The house is clean. This person does not know how to heal himself or herself, and the state of that person will become worse than it was before you healed them.

That is why in this Revelation we do not physically heal you. We heal the whole earth, and we teach you how to heal yourself. You will not gain that power unless you have fasted and prayed much, and you have reached the point that the honesty in your spirit and the Honesty in God are One. Then you can say, I can heal myself. I can think well. I can make decisions that affect every thing and everyone around me and makes life comfortable for them so that they can also meditate. They can also come to realize themselves. I can make decisions that affect the community around me in a beneficial way. And I can create Communities of Light eventually.

That is the calling of the Elects. They are the ones who learn how to be still and know God, and use The Word as the sword of God to cut the impurities from themselves and also from others around them.

After a while you will create pure people around you who will listen to the Word of God. You will eventually create Communities of Light based on the pure couples. Eventually the hierarchy will emerge from them, and we will have a viable replacement for the man-made organizations and systems on earth.

It is the coming of a New Heaven and a New Earth. New Heaven means a new Revelation, a new Vision. Therefore, why are we attached to the old? We have to let the old go. We have to renew ourselves to the new Vision of God.

As I said, it is easy to do. Just see the Vision. Come and understand it in a deeper level. Do not become involved in the personal struggles, but focus on God. Do not judge one another. Be focused on God, not each other. That is because when we are focused on each another it is our egos that judge each other and come up with separative ideas and feelings. That takes us away from doing the Will of God

Concentrate on what has been revealed to you through this Revelation. Let no man keep you from doing your duty and your responsibility toward what God has brought to you, and you have seen clearly how you can do it. If there is any problem in the community or the Mission, bring it to my attention. We will discuss to see how we can solve it.

Purification on all levels is needed, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, or we have to completely realize how we are affected by the environment, where we are, and therefore not to let those things get to us. But let God get to us.

The more God is in you, the less of you will be there. The less of you is there, the more the Spirit will be manifested through you, and people will see God in you. They will succumb to that Beauty.

Even when you find such a person, we go through that person to the Revelation, to God, to Christ, to the top of the clouds and confusion and become one with the Center, the Focus. After awhile we will have a body of strong, one-pointed, focused people that each of them is an essential part of this Mission, and they can manifest this Mission in a greater degree. Then we can indeed manifest great things on earth.

We can reach out and educate people. We can make great movies, newsletters, and outreach to educate humanity to see that indeed they are a part of God. We can create a Community. We can build the Temple that becomes a center of focus, of unity. Little by little, if not the people who are living now, at least their children will start seeing the Vision of God. They will recognize that no Prophet could have brought this Revelation but the Seventh one who brings the Revelation in whole.

Therefore, Islam is not the last revelation. Christianity is not the only way. Jews are not the only Elects. Hindus and Buddhists do not have the last word and the only way. Bahais are not the perfect revelation. All those who belong to any of those revelations have to recognize that and let that go. Let those revelations and religions in this world go, and come, and we belong to the last Revelation and be(come) Divine. Go out of this confusion that this world is in. Otherwise, you will be confused too.

In Christ, and at the top of the clouds, there is no confusion. It is very clear. There is Light, and we can continue to bring this Light to more people. We can have a great, wonderful body of Christ that is clear. Eventually we can bring that clarity to humanity.

That is the Call, to those who want to do this. Yes, indeed, we have asked of humanity a lot. But also God has given them 12,000 years to prepare themselves for this Revelation.

Although we would like to include everyone, although we would like the way Christ said, if you have a flock of sheep and one of them leaves, you leave the ninety-nine and go after the one who left, it is not that time anymore. This is the time of sundering. If a sheep cannot make it, you take the ninety-nine, go on, and find other sheep that become one hundred, one hundred-twenty, two hundred, and thousands, and eventually millions.

It is the time of sundering. We have to only concentrate on the Elects, those who come, see the Vision, understand it, are honest to themselves, bring that honesty to this Mission, overcome as has been given to them the way to do it, and purify themselves. Of course, it is very hard to purify yourself when you are living out there in that world.

I am not trying to create a cult. I am not saying that everyone should come and join one community, and just a couple hundred of us cut ourselves off from the rest of humanity. Absolutely not!

We will be reaching out over and over until the end. We will not fall on ourselves as the cults do. This is not a cult. I am not talking about a cult. You can create the Communities of Light wherever you are. You do not even have to come here. It is in the Communities of Light that you will see yourself much clearer.

You have to face yourself because if you do not, other people will make you to face yourself. That is the beauty of community.

It is easy to live in a house by yourself or with your partner and children and think you are wonderful. It is much harder if two couples live together. It is even harder with three, or four, or five, or six of them. After six months they will tell you right to your face what is wrong with you. And you have to face them.

It is the same as that yogi at the top of the mountain; he thought that he was wonderful. When he came back to the city, with the first person who pushed him, he became angry. He did not know that such anger even existed in him.

The community is the most wonderful environment to make us see ourselves. It is easy to escape the community and be by yourself and say, I am wonderful as I am. You are never going to face yourself. That is why, probably, the Communities of Light are having such a hard time to form. Most of us do not want to face ourselves. We are comfortable with our little world and where we are.

In order to become that honest, in order to see ourselves clearly, we have to take the step to join the Communities of Light, live in them, face them, progress in them, and adapt in them. After a couple of years, you do not want to go anywhere. You do not want to live by yourself anymore.

That is because man is created to live in community. God has created man for community. Otherwise they would not create an environment that is good for children. They will not create an environment that is good for adults, who will have companions and an environment that will satisfy their longing to be with other people. It will not be good for old people because they are not going to receive the support they need.

So the communities and especially the Communities of Light are the way God created for man to live. Of course, we have to overcome our egos and say, I would like to come and face myself. I would like to see my shortcomings. I will struggle in the community to face myself.

If you cannot do that, then again you are not ready for the Communities of Light. You can keep your ego, you never face yourself, and you say, Oh, I am in this house all by myself. I am wonderful. Sure.

That is what has happened to a lot of single people. They think they are wonderful and then, they marry. After a while, after the initial excitement wears off, each person does not like what the other one does, Who me? I am perfect. I am wonderful. How can my partner tell me I am not? That is still between two people who were supposed to love each other when they were married. Now add to that other couples in the community.

You can see that everything in Gods Revelation and Ways is to help man to face himself or herself and realize that God is the Place they have to focus and bring to their lives, to their communities, to their nations, on earth, and the Kingdom. That is because by focusing on God, by choosing Him and His Words, we will know the manual of living well, the manual of turning around and going to Spirit, the way that will take you to salvation.

Following the Eternal Divine Path and this teaching is not for me. It is not for God. It is for you.

After you lose your ego and you become one, there is no separation between us. We are one. Therefore, it is good for all of us.

It does not matter what is done to me, or who listens, or if I am accepted or rejected. It makes no difference whatsoever. The truth is that this is the Revelation from God to humanity. It is the way-shower to man. That is the way man can bring the peace, the unity, and the Kingdom to earth.

Now, are you going to listen or not? That is your decision. That is the only choice you have, to accept the Word of God, to come, join, and bring God to yourself, or reject Him and choose not to. That is the choice you have and that is the only freedom of choice that there is. Anyone who has opinions, ideas, and the things they say that are against the Word of God comes from ego. Of course we know that ego is the thing that separates you from God.

The more opinions, ideas, and understanding that you have that are against God and His Revelation, the bigger ego there is. The more Gods Way is in you, the less ego is present.

This Revelation clearly explains the recent discoveries of the last century. We did not have psychology even one hundred years ago. We did not have the understanding of the universe as well as we do now. We are not opposed to any of them. We explain them in a way that makes them spiritualized and reveals that indeed it is God who created them.

We can become scientists. We can become psychologists or psychiatrists. We can become anything in the society but at the same time see the Hand of God in it and know a greater and deeper explanation than anyone else has on earth.

Also we know that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. To be(come) Divine is to follow the Eternal Divine Path and become one with the Communities of Light: Awaken your spiritual forces, direct that energy toward creation of the Communities of Light, overcome our egos and say, Yes, I want to face myself. I want to join the Communities of Light. I want to be honest, to have absolute honesty.

It does not make any difference if you are not honest to yourself, God knows you. God is always present, and your decision and the way you rationalize your way will not fool Him. He knows you completely.

So you know, and you should know, that whatever you think you can hide from Him, you cannot. It is better to be honest as soon as possible. You will see indeed that God knew you. The more you become honest and stop being dishonest to yourself, the sooner you will feel the Spirit of God in a greater degree.

One person told me that, I understood the beauty of the Ten Commandments when I started following them. You will know the beauty of being absolutely honest to yourself when you start following It. Again, become honest and join the community, and you will be honest in the community.

The next step is sacrifice. Get rid of your ego. Become a productive member of the society and the Communities of Light. Then know that it is God who is doing it through you. With all of that, still your ego cannot take any credit. The moment you take credit, of course, you can fall. God is doing through me. I am not the doer.

God is calling the Elects. God is trying to find those who have been called for this Mission. The Call is telling them to come and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

You are called by God. God is the Doer.

You shatter any narrowness of the mind, Those are Moslems. These are Jews. Those are Christians. They are Hindu. They are separate. They are Buddhists. They are no good. Those are all man-made dogmas and have come from the narrowness of the mind.

When you expand your mind, it does not mean that other people are going to expand their minds. You do not look at them as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Moslems, but they do. They might even look at you as separated from them, because, There is no other revelation or way but theirs.

That is again when the importance of the Communities of Light comes in. The more Communities of Light are created and the more people who join this Mission, the stronger we will be. Therefore, no one can count us out.

Probably that last battle of Armageddon is the one when eventually we have to establish the Mission as the most expanded and the best religion of the world, but not in this lifetime, and not in the next. In this too we will be out of this world, and we will be caught with the Christ beyond the confusion of the clouds.

So Elects, come forward. Join me. Come and see the truth. Come out of this world and become an Elect. This is what this room is about. That is a Call to you and the whole of humanity.

I am patient. I will sit and wait for those who have been called. If it does not happen and this Revelation is not from God, I do not want it either. If it is from God, this is the Revelation that says, This is the way it is going to happen.

There are Elects who will see It, hear It, and will come forward. They will not stop, or fall away, or tell me that I am asking too much. I am not asking anything.

Do not blame me for anything. Go to God directly, the Spirit that comes through and asks the Elects to do what He is asking. It is easy: Meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, join the Communities of Light or create one, sacrifice, surrender and submit yourself to God, and become a universalist. Come out of this world with the new garment and shatter all the narrowness of the mind, or attachments. Then you indeed are an Elect.

I am patiently waiting for you to come and join Gods Way and Revelation.

Sal-OM everyone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).