MAITREYA Calling Elects


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Calling Elects. I hope that all of you have gone to our website during the last month, have studied our teachings, and have become familiar with them.

The whole idea of this room is to reach out and find the Elects. Many are called, and few will be chosen. We are calling for 144,000 Elects from six billion people on earth. Therefore, it is actually a drop in the bucket.

The Mission marches ahead with its projects and work, and It will not stop for any event or for any reason. We have a new version of THOTH published, bound, and ready to go out. There are around four or five pages added to the book. It is available now if anyone wants to check it out.

Our Turkish website is available now for people, in that language. Our contact also received a spiritual name. His name is Unus. It is the root of unity in Latin. Unus means unity. Actually there is a similar name in Arabic, also Unus, which is very close to the same name.

There are many other things happening in the Mission. Indeed this is the Revelation that God has sent to humanity for the peace and unity. All the religions are unified. God promised that there would be a Revelation at the end time, and no other Revelation or vision will be explaining the whole truth until the end time. Indeed, we are in the end time.

When He gave the vision to Daniel, He said, Do not reveal it because the whole truth, or those visions, will not be revealed to humanity until the end time. In The Revelation also God clearly said that the whole truth would come at the end time when the Seventh Angel comes and the book with the Seven Seals will be opened.

Now it is accomplished and God has indeed fulfilled His Promise of the coming of this Revelation. No other revelation or religion can claim to have the whole truth because 1,400 years ago was not the end time, 2,000 years ago was not the end time, and God clearly explained in His Revelations that this would come at the end time.

When the people in the Fifth Seal cried to God about when His justice would come, He said to them, Shortly thereafter. The Bahai teaching, or the Fifth Seal, came two hundred years ago. Shortly thereafter is around two hundred years later. Therefore shortly for God is two hundred years. For the human it is a long time. But all the signs, truth, and Scriptures are pointing to a Revelation that comes at the end time, that reveals the whole truth, and that is when the tribulation will start. We are at that point.

All other religions and all the people who have their own ideas, or think they have a revelation or understanding of the work of God, do not have the whole picture and the truth until they see in the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, it is revealed to them and explained to them what God was doing for the last 12,000 years.

In our teaching the work of God is explained. The creation and history has been revealed. The meaning of all religions has been given to humanity. The name of God has been revealed to man, again. Therefore, humanity has to drop its own understandings, religions, and dogmas, and come and see the truth that God said will come at this end time.

This Mission is way ahead of humanity. They are not ready for such a Revelation. They are still hanging onto their dogmas, religions, nationalities, genders, political systems, and any ideas individually or collectively they have.

If they come together, see this Vision, and succumb to the Will of God, the peace will come tomorrow. If they hang onto their own understanding and the system that is based on ego and separation, they have no choice but to make the same mistakes they have been doing for the last 12,000 years, of wars, destruction, disunity, and separation.

This is indeed the Revelation of the Peace that has come to humanity to call them to drop all those separating ideas, go beyond anything that is ego-related, and become free to God. For those who are attached to a specific place on earth, any gender, any religion, any political system, or any small understandingnone of them will exist in a million years.

They are absolutely caught into the moment, in this little time that they have in this lifetime, and they are attached to the things that really do not matter in the long run. The most beautiful buildings, the greatest nations, and the most wonderful things that we are attached to, all will be destroyed and will not be here in a million years. But you will.

Humanity has to recognize that they are caught into Maya. They are attached to the things that are not permanent. The only thing that is permanent is God, and God Is Everything.

We have to shatter all narrowness of the mind and free ourselves to the understanding of the unity of all things based on God. With this we create more of humanity that are free of all the bondage that has been put on them. They will become Elects, the Children of God. Indeed, they recognize the Essence of God in every man, woman, and child, and with respect and understanding will treat each other as a part of God.

Peace will come only by shattering all these man-made, earthly, ego-related things that we all have been taught to cherish, believe, defend, and die for. In reality, in a higher level in God, there are no such separative ideas. These are all made by man to separate human from human.

As the Bible said, they all had one language, and they were one once. They used that unity for their lower natures. That is why God confused them, and they had different languages. They did not have the telepathic ability anymore. Therefore, they became separated from each other.

The illusion of ego, Maya, and this external world is very powerful. We forget about these teachings and the truth easily. We fall into the world easily. Therefore, we forget what God is.

Hu man: Why is the first step the Chinese yin and yang?

Maitreya: The first step is the awakening of the spiritual forces. This universe has two polarities: up and down, male and female, right and left, cold and hot, good and bad.

The reason there is good is because of the Satva Guna. It is because of the power of the sentient force that directs us to a higher consciousness and a higher level. There is bad because there is Tama Guna that crudifies the mind and makes us to fall to our lower natures. What activates either of them is the energy. You can see that blue part of the I-Ching is related to Tama Guna, or the crudifying force. The white part is related to the Satva Guna, which is the sentient force. The center, the red dot, is the energy, or Raja Guna, that activates these propensities.

The first step in awakening your spiritual forces is to recognize the affects of these forces on you. For example, when you eat a lot of meat, drink a lot of alcohol, and follow things that crudify your mind, you will forget about God, and you will go more toward the external world and ungodly things.

When you eat a lot of sentient foods, vegetables and fruits, you prevent your body from getting intoxicated with drugs, smoke, alcohol, and the things that crudify the mind, and the easier it becomes to meditate and know thyself in a greater degree.

The I-Ching is the symbol of knowing these forces and becoming aware of the affects of the forces on the physical body, mental state, and spiritual progress. That is why that symbol has been chosen for the awakening of the spiritual forces. Indeed, it is not a Chinese symbol. It is a symbol that has been used in many cultures and is from God.

It is the movement of the kundalini rising. As you can see, eventually it becomes the Lotustica, which is the awakened spiritual forces in man. That is when you are no longer bound with the forces in this external world, but you are free to follow Gods Way. Your will and Gods Will become one.

None of our symbols are related to a specific religion. It is our understanding that the I-Ching is related to the Chinese teaching because China, Tibet, probably the Japanese, Zen, and all of that, use a lot of I-Ching symbols to explain their teachings. In truth that is a part of the awakening of the spiritual forces and The Greatest Sign.

The symbols in The Greatest Sign were separated and given to different cultures. Each culture took a part of it and said, I found the truth. All these symbols had been separated, and each group, nation, or people have just one of them and said, We found the truth. In reality as we know in this teaching, no one has the whole truth until you know The Greatest Sign.

Now all these symbols have been put together and we say, No, you each have a part of the truth. If you want to see the whole picture, this is the whole picture. The whole truth is The Greatest Sign, the teaching of the Seventh Angel.

We can again see that this is another way to unify all nations and religions on earth, by making them understand that their symbols are a part of a greater truth that was on earth before 12,000 years ago. Then it was separated and given to different parts of the world. Now the puzzle has been put back together and revealed to humanity.

Again, if this nation sees that, they will understand that their symbols and what they have used them for was not really theirs but it was entrusted to them to keep them for a while. Now they can see the whole picture.

Hu man: What do you achieve by taking all the symbols and looking for One God?

Maitreya: That is the Revelation and the achievement that God has been trying to give to humanity. If you read and understand our teaching, in the beginning the whole universe was in the equilibrium position. There was no mind and no separation between any part of God.

As the Bible states in the very beginning very clearly, there was darkness in the deep. God did not start with Light, or God was in control, or everything was OK. It started with darkness, which was on the deep. That darkness was the reason that God moved and brought that darkness under His control. That darkness, according to our teaching, was a part of the universe that went out of equilibrium, the forces were released, and the three parts of the ego, I know, I do, and I have done, or memory, were created. Therefore, God created this universe to turn man around, to make them to be baptized, and to go back to Him.

God had a Plan, and He created many levels of consciousness and progress until 12,000 years ago that He said, My Spirit will not strive with man anymore. He hid Himself from man, He closed the third eye of man, and He gave us the two eyes that we have now. We look outside of ourselves and think that is the truth and that this external world is the reality. But it is not. It is a temporary state of the creation.

The truth and the permanent state of God is the state of equilibrium, beyond mind. There is no, I know. There is no, I do. And there is no, I have done. There is just knowingness, an indescribable state with Intellect and Mind. That is the goal of this creation, to return back to that state that we call Divine, or Pure Consciousness, or many religions have called it many things: to become one with God, Nirvana, going back to heaven, or whatever they have called it.

Then God promised the last 12,000 years that Prophets would come, the Seven Revelations would come to humanity, and at the end time the last Revelation would be revealed, would unify everything together, and would teach man that they should use their understanding, their spiritual powers, and their life, for God, that the goal of their life is to return to God, to be(come) Divine.

This Revelation, the coming of this unity, and the putting together of all the symbols had been decided 12,000 years ago. This is not something that one day I sat there and said, Oh, I am going to put all this together and say that there is only one God. No. God already decided 12,000 years ago that He will do this, and after 12,000 years He will reveal this to humanity, as He has.

There is a goal for this creation. The reason for this creation is to help man to turn around, be baptized, and go to God. If anyone on earth, or in this life, does not realize this goal and is pursuing any other goal, they are not really following the Essence, the Dharma, the reason for this creation, and therefore, they will fall.

Now this Revelation that has been prophesied to come, has come. It explains exactly what all religions were for, why God sent all of them and is calling to man to come, to see, to join, and to bring the Golden Age to humanity, or the great period of understanding God in a deeper level. There is no separation between religions. There is no separation between man and man, and the rest of humanity. All have the Essence of God within them.

We can see that the unification of the religions was known by God from the very beginning, 12,000 years ago, and even known by the humans of then, and now it is revealed to them.

Hu man: Hence they have followed their symbols and followed the God related to their symbol. It is all these symbols that have created wars for thousands of years.

Maitreya: Yes, that is why now humanity has to recognize that they have been fighting each other because they did not know the whole truth, because they follow their egos, because they are attached to their specific part of the universe, because they are attracted to Maya and they think they can dominate each other and create a better life for themselves. Therefore, they conquer each other, they politicalized the earth, and they created all the problems that we have on earth.

Our answer to that problem is, reach out to space. There are enough resources for everyone to have the highest standard of living. The only thing the human has to do is to recognize that they are not trapped on this earth alone, and they do not have to scratch each others faces for resources that are limited. Also the resources that God has made into elements that have been polluting the earth before the creation of man were put as minerals, coal, and oil. Now we are burning them up and releasing all these things back to the earth. Now is the time for humanity to recognize that their way is not correct.

They can reach to the stars. There are enough resources for everyone in the stars. They can even process the minerals and the things they need to use in the planets that are uninhabited. And they do not have to pollute the earth. Also, if they come to the realization that there are sciences that do not have the by-products as conventional science produces, they can even create a greater degree of standard of living for everyone.

Humanity is on the brink of great realization. More people are realizing that they are destroying the earth. We cannot destroy something that we are living on and we still do not have the ability to leave it and go somewhere else. All humanity has to be concerned about what we are doing to the earth and recognize and realize that God has created every creature that is on earth for a specific purpose.

For instance, God said, Do not eat unclean animals. That is because God created unclean animals to keep the earth clean. When we eat the plankton, or the things that are there to clean the water, we are taking the garbage collectors out of business, and we pollute the earth in a greater degree.

Humanity is not listening to God and the way God said the things He said to man. He did not say them to prevent us from eating crabs, or catfish. He said them for specific reasons. That is why we have to listen to why He said what He said. We can see, indeed, that this is the time for humanity to listen to God, to listen for the reasons things have been created and understand that what He said is good for us all. It is not that He wanted to prevent us from doing something, but that it is what is good.

Shirin: Sal-OM Maitreya. We had a guest in the room last night that is not on line right now. His question was that he understood from studying the teaching that the symbol of water in baptism was to go from the lower self to the higher self. His question was, What does the baptism by fire mean?

Maitreya: In order to purify the water, what do we do? If we boil the water, we can remove the impurities out of the water and we can make purified water. Therefore, the trials in life, and the trials in the spiritual path that come to the people who really want to go to God, is the fire of purification that comes to the water of consciousness to evaporate them and take the impurities out of that. After we went through boiling in those situations and sometimes even feeling that our situation became worse than it used to be, we eventually purify ourselves to a greater degree.

Fire is the tribulation, is the problems, and is the things that we think are awful things that are happening to us. If we stay still and meditate on The Word, put them in The Word, and see why they are happening, we can purify ourselves in a greater degree and progress to a higher level. Fire is the purifying experience in human life, in spiritual progress.

Not only are we baptized with the water. That does not mean we are already purified. That is because the water indeed awakens but it is not completely purified yet. We go through that tribulation and the fire, and we end up with purified consciousness, a higher level of consciousness and higher self. Being baptized, we turn around toward God. We are not there yet. We have to walk the Path to go back to God.

If you are too far into the world and another person is less into the world, when you both turn around, who has the longest way back to God? It is the one who is much further into the world. That person has to go through more fire to reach back to God than a person who is less in the world, turns around, and is pretty close to God.

Therefore, baptism with fire starts after baptism with water. When you are initiated with The Word, you turn around. You say, I want to go to God. I want to accept the Will of God. I want to accept this Revelation as the last Revelation of God. I want to understand it. I want to be with it. I want to be baptized with consciousness. By turning around you will be baptized.

That is not the end of it. You just start going toward God. The fire comes, you become confused and unhappy, and problems start piling up against you. That is when The Word and initiation comes in. If you really learn how to go to that stillness, you will not react to the situation. You stay in the stillness; you put the situation in that stillness and you see clearly your way out of it, out of tribulation, out of the problems, without compromising God.

A lot of people take the shortest path, and they compromise their purity. They react toward the situations. Instead of reacting, if you put it in that stillness, you act according to the Will of God, and you eventually purify the situation to the point that you are free to pursue your Path back to God. Therefore, purification, or baptism with fire, is the process of evaporating to the consciousness, recognizing the stillness, putting your situation and tribulation in that state, and progressing toward purifying yourself and those around you.

The way is shown to you to go back. The way is shown to everyone to go back. The Name of God has been given to you to meditate on, to go to that stillness within and Oneness with God. But it is you who has to meditate. You have to recognize that stillness and realize that The Goal of Your Life is to Be(come) Divine. You have been called for a reason. You have come to this earth for a purpose, and that purpose is to be(come) Divine and make other people Divine also.

How can you do that? By following the Eternal Divine Path: creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing, surrendering and submission to the Will of God, expansion of the mind to become a universalist, and become an Elect. All the ways are given for humanity to turn around, to be baptized, to become one, and to bring peace and unity. That, of course, is not an easy job. A lot of tribulations, ups and downs, will come to everyone. And that is the fire of purification. So we accept those things as the purifying process.

Hu man: War will always be as long as there is religion.

Maitreya: Not necessarily, if there is a religion that unifies all the religions and shows how God sent all of them. God also promised that His Kingdom would come.

Of course, He did not say it is going to come tomorrow. There is going to be a tribulation. There is going to be the falling of Babylon The Great. There is going to be a great struggle between humanity.

We are the way for peace, for humanity to understand that there is only One God. The Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child. We have to start treating each other as the Children of God, as the Essence of God. No matter where they are, who they are, how they arethey are the Essence of God. It is an educational system.

Right now we do not treat each other that way. We do not see the Essence of God in every man, woman, and child. We are still attached to the things in this external world. This is the beginning of a great education for humanity and a great tribulation to learn their lessons.

They are going through the fire and will be baptized with the baptism of fire. According to God, none of these wars and struggles will succeed. At the end they will recognize and realize that they have no choice but to recognize these truths: To know that God said there would be Seven Revelations, God said there are going to be seven religions, and each has a message. This is the call to humanity to come, to become unified, and to understand the Way of God.

As I said, it is way, way ahead of humanity. Even those who are attracted to this, still are very much caught up with their own little lives and cannot get away from them to come, join, help, reach out, and teach other people to loosen themselves from the illusion of the external world.

It is OK. God said that this Revelation and this lifetime would be the life of the thief of the night. That means we come very quietly, and we will reveal this Revelation to a very few people and they will take it and go. Next lifetime will come the time of implementation and reaching out in a greater degree. That is because humanity will be more ready then.

They are not ready. Humanity is not ready for this Message whatsoever, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists, all of them are equal? Oh no, it is impossible. We are the chosen people. We are the only way. We have the last word. Each of them is in this illusion that they are superior to other people, other religions.

To God there is no such thing as superior or inferior because they are a part of Him. They are all a part of God. And that is what they do not want to understand. They do not understand, and that is why there are wars and destruction.

So it is not a religion that has created wars and destruction. It is the dogmas. It is the misunderstanding of the religions, not knowing the whole truth, not seeing the whole picture, not seeing the symbol of all religions and humanity in one place in The Greatest Sign, and not recognizing that all the Prophets have come from the same God.

God said, Seal the happening at the end time, to even great Prophets like Daniel. He did promise that the whole truth would be revealed at this time, that His Kingdom would come, and that the peace will prevail on earth. All these things have been promised and whatever God promised He has fulfilled. Therefore, He will fulfill this one also. That is why we have to put our trust in God, His Word, and His Revelation because He said He is going to do it, and He will. It does not matter what the world looks like.

Of course, the world looks terrible, and it is getting worse every day. But we have to stay beyond the fray and recognize that there is a promise, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you know this Revelation, you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, you work for the escape to that light instead of being caught into the darkness of the cave.

We have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is the coming of the Kingdom, and His Will, will be done.

We have to preach this truth. We have to reach out. We have to teach humanity. We have to make them recognize these wonderful things that God said He would send, and He has. At the end more and more people will hear these words, will hear this truth, will come together, will create the Communities of Light, will become brothers and sisters, and will not be enemies any longer but will see the Essence of God in each other. If there are some cultural differences there, eventually they will level off and they will come more in balance. Indeed, the West and East have gone too far in two different directions, and they have to be pulled together to come to the center to create the equilibrium on earth, as we truly need to do that.

So we can see again, the religions have nothing to do with the wars. It is ego. It is dogma. It is the separation that is created by man, not by God, not by Prophets, not by religions, but by humanity. This Revelation clears them up. It clears up all of them and shows them that the way out is the Word of God.

Hu man: Why is there so much poverty, disease, and such?

Maitreya: As Gandhi clearly said, There is enough for everyones need but there is not enough for everyones greed.

If we have a glass of water and there are two people who have to drink the water, if they share, each can have half and their thirst will be quenched, to a point, equally. If one of them drinks four-fifths of the glass of water and leaves the other person only one-fifth, one of them probably is not thirsty; the other is not receiving enough water to quench his thirst.

We are not preaching here to take from those who have and give to those who do not have, completely. We are preaching in this lifetime and in this Revelation, share. Sharing is the beginning of the equilibrium on earth. It will bring a greater unity to humanity. By teaching, the religious fever and fervor will be cooled down, and they would realize that indeed God promised that all religions are equal. Now He has proven they are.

Then we also preach to reach to space, and bring more resources to humanity. Create scientific discoveries and technology that do not have the by-products of pollution that we have now. Eventually humanity will reach a point that they will not have such a gap between humans and humans. They can live with each other, their culture will also be more equal (equilibrium), and their unity will be accelerated. This teaching is concentrated toward bringing the peace, unity, and the Kingdom of God on earth.

I just wrote an Essay on the Western Values, Eastern Values, and Gods Values. That will be released pretty soon. Maybe it will even be posted in the next THOTH, and be put on the website. We can see that there are different values in the West; there are different values in the East. Each of them cannot come close to each other. That is one of the reasons for tension on earth at this time. But there are values that come from God. If all of us accept those values, our cultures also will become closer to each other, and we will not have such a gap between us.

By sharing, by reaching to space, we will not have poverty. By meditation and realizing how we can heal ourselves with better sanitation, good nutrition and food, and a good and a better environment, we will not have as much disease. Eventually, hopefully, we can eliminate all of them.

If we eliminate all of the diseases, our population is going to explode to a number that we will have to reach to space. We will have to go to other places and make them livable for humanity.

It is not that we have been completely imprisoned on earth, but we now have the option to make Mars a place to live, or the moon a kind of springboard to go to other places in space. So God has been good to humanity to show them, It is possible.

Fifty years ago, if someone would have said, What are we going to do? The population is increasing, and there are not enough resources? probably we didnt have any answer. But God has opened the space for humanity and told them that there are infinite possibilities there. Now they are recognizing that life can be found on other planets. Even on the worse places that no one thought that life could evolve, it has evolved. It is no surprise to us and our teaching because we say that life exists everywhere. God is everything. When the environment has evolved to a point that it is conducive to the life, it will evolve. It will spring up.

Humanity can evolve to go to other planets and create the environment to live there. We do not have to be earthbound. We have enough resources out there to create a much greater standard of living for everyone. We can overcome disease. All things are happening, again, because of the narrowness of the human mind and not seeing the greater potential that they have.

If we can create an environment that the physiological and safety needs of every man, woman, and child is being provided, if we can create an educational system that every man and child can take advantage of, if we can bring everyone to their full potential

How many minds are wasted in Africa? How many minds are wasted in the Third World countries? How many minds are even wasted in the prosperous nations? We have to create an environment that every child has the ability to manifest his or her full potential.

As they do that, the science, the discoveries, and everything on earth for human achievement are going to multiply. But we have to stop this madness that is on earth, this separation, these destructive forces, this greed, this political maneuvering, and the things that are happening on earth. The more people who say no to this, the more politicians will listen to them because the power really is in the hands of the people.

That is exactly what this Revelation and our system give back to the people. The people in the Communities of Light choose people who are good people as their leaders and who base their decisions on these teachings and realizations.

Therefore, yes, you are right, it is a mess on earth. It is the destructive forces that have been released, and they are not going to stop until it reaches a point that those people who are good people recognize that they have to do something about it. They cannot just separate themselves by religions, nationalities, and ego-separation. They have to come together.

That is the problem with good people. Good people say, I have God, I do not need anyone. The bad people say, We do not have anyone, we just have each other.

Now the good people have to say, Not only do we have God but also there is a power in numbers. And the number is the hand of God. They have to come and become the Communities of Light. They have to become channels for God and His Realization. They have to teach humanity these expanding and expanded teachings and recognition of each person as the Essence of God, to realize that they have to treat each other as a part of God, not with their lower nature of separation.

We need a lot of teachers. We need a lot of Communities of Light. We need a lot of people to truly recognize these teachings in the deepest level, teach them to others, and reach out.

Eventually we can create an earth that is peaceful, is based on the Word of God, is equal, is more tolerable, and reaches out to the space. The resources will not be limited to what we have on earth but to what we have in the whole universe, which is infinite.

At the same time, the goal of all these endeavors and achievements is to become Divine, to know thyself, to awaken your spiritual forces, to know what affects you, what is it that makes you fall to your lower nature; yin and yang, what is good, what is not good, how to avoid the things that are not good, or to become so strong that even in the middle of Not good, you stay above the fray and the lower nature.

Then become a leader, become a person that can attract other people to come together and create Communities of Light. Then sacrifice and show others also to share and sacrifice, to know the Will of God for you, and to expand your mind to become a universalist. Such are Elects.

If all these Communities of Light and all these people are focused on One Center, they will become a circle. A circle is the tightest shape in the universe. If the center of the circle becomes two, it become an oval. It no longer is as tight.

That is why the circle is the sign representing God, God as the Center of the focus and the rest revolve around Him. Since God does not have a center and is beyond any manifestation, that is the job of the Prophet, or Messiah, to become the Center of focus and create the Godly Circle on earth.

If we see the truth, the power, the wonderful way that God has given to us and to humanity, then we should be on fire. We should say, I have found it. Indeed God has revealed to me the highest truth that ever came to earth. I have found the ultimate Truth and Revelation of God.

That is what God promised He would send, and He has done it. Therefore, does He exist?

People say, Prove to me that God exists. There it is: He promised many things through history, and He fulfilled them. He promised that this Revelation would come, and it has. It reveals so many truths that humanity can work with, become unified, and create peace on earth.

Then what are we waiting for? Are we waiting for the economy to collapse, and for war to come like a flame that enflames the entire earth? God created an environment that we do not have any choice. We recognize and realize that indeed these are created to push us to the point of the creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We say, Well, the sooner we come together, the sooner we start, the sooner we can bring the Kingdom. Maybe we can even prevent some of the tribulation that is coming to the earth.

Of course, I am not going to hold my breath until this happens, because God already said that the tribulation would come, the destruction would come. It is because humanity is not listening, that is why. If they would listen, God did not have to create the 12,000 years of history, the flood, and what happened to humanity for that period. It is very much understood that the message is much stronger for the human ego to completely assimilate and go for it. That is why most religions have become religions of, Feel good, and make people to feel good about going to those religions. But this is calling for action, coming together, creation of the Communities of Light, knowing yourself, and facing yourself.

That is the greatest battle the human can face. Face yourself, and see yourself truthfully. Then you will start the first step. Then you will say, I am really avoiding to create the Communities of Light. I am really resisting the Call. I am really not listening to God.

And that is a hard thing for a lot of people to do. Then you have to go to community, to sacrifice, to surrender, and to submit to the Will of God, and to shatter all the narrowness of the mind. So we are calling humanity to go against human nature.

Human nature wants to do whatever it wants to do. It does not want to face itself. It has a hard time to have a community and live with other people.

It is easier to live by ones self and feeling that we are great. Sacrifice is not in their vocabulary, and surrendering and submitting to God instead of having our own ideas, opinions, religions, dogmas, shattering all narrowness of the mind, and going beyond any attachment to this external world. So indeed, Elects are a very specific breed of humans. And there are few of them.

If you want to be an Elect, then you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path, see yourself clearly, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, become universalists, then use that energy to teach humanity to create peace, prosperity, and unity. Your reward indeed is great in heaven with God

Again, we are at the end of our time. Go to the website. Listen to the Satsangs. Realize the Eternal Divine Path. Realize that you have been called for a great purpose based on the prophecies, the Word of God, the promises that God gave that this will come at this time (and it has), overcome the ego, and become an Elect. Then you will be our brothers and sisters, and we can work together toward bringing His Kingdom, teaching humanity to stop this madness. Maybe, just maybe, we can make the tribulation more tolerable.

Sal-OM everyone. Have a good month. Again, study. Become one with God and His Teachings. See you next month.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).