Maitreya Calling Elects


In this Satsang, Maitreya gives the introductory Message From Maitreya now found on our audio introduction. Therefore we found it suitable to use as an introduction to the Mission. If you have questions about specific terms or subjects in this Satsang, we encourage you to search for them on this website using the search function to the left.


Maitreya:  Sal-OM Everyone. Welcome to the "Conversation Room."

This month we will be doing this Conversation a little differently. We are creating an introductory CD for the Mission. The lecture and conversation, at least for the first twenty minutes to a half an hour, will be directed to the people who will be listening to the CD. Therefore we will try to present the Mission to them and give them the base of the teaching, why we claim what we claim, and why we are at the moment that God prophesied would come to humanity. After I am done I probably will give you a signal and then if you have a question, we can go ahead.

Welcome to the Mission. This is Maitreya giving this introductory lecture. Also we encourage you to study further. Go to our website and search to see, "Is it really from God or not?" If it is from God then it is a Call to you to turn around and accept it as a Revelation from God.

This universe has been created for a purpose, for a reason. And the reason for this creation is to bring the darkness that was formed in the very beginning because a part of the essence separated itself from God, to turn and go back to Light and Oneness with God.

Twelve thousand years ago God decided to create man the way he is now, and to create the history so when we reach to this point, many of those who have been meditating, progressing, and have been incarnated for many lifetimes will be called to come together to help the darkness to turn around and go to God, which is the goal of life.

Of course, before the history and twelve thousand years ago, a Path has been founded by the Spirit of God, which went through that darkness and went through that Path and eventually reached the Light. And that Path became the essence of progress for the darkness to turn around and go back to the Light. That Path is called, the Eternal Divine Path.

This Path has five steps and two results. God has been sending the revelations to humanity for the last twelve thousand years and revealing a part of this Path in the major religions on earth.

The first step in this Path is the Mystical Paths or the awakening of the spiritual forces in man, which are latent in the base of their spines. Many techniques have been given all through history to accomplish this.

This Path was revealed after the flood of Noah by Noah to his children, and spread all over the earth, and eventually became the Spirit behind all religions. And the religions that mostly follow this Path are Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and many other cultures that follow the saying, "Know thyself to know God," or, "Be Still and know that I am," or my essence is, "God."

  Many of these religions or Mystical People believe that is the only way to go to God. They believe that God is not an explanation but It is an experience. Therefore, they give you the tools to experience that mystical state of unification or unity with God. However, that is not the end of the spiritual path.

The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light. That part of the plan of God was revealed in the Old Testament where God is trying to find a people, the twelve tribes of Israel, to become His people, accept Him as their King, and follow His Laws so they can create a community based on the Spirit of God. At the same time God promised Abram or Abraham that his children (the child of Abram was Ishmael, and the child of Abraham was Isaac) also would each bring a revelation to humanity.

The next step in the creation of the Communities of Light is to sacrifice. In order to create the community that is based on God and people can live in, in peace and unity without fear, insecurity, and violence, that the people will know each other, they will come to understand one another, and will become familiar with each other, you have to give of yourself in this community and become involved in it so you can know each other and eventually become One.

This part of the Eternal Divine Path is the New Testament. Christ brought it to humanity by sacrificing himself and showing, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." The community that is based on selfishness, self-centeredness, disunity, and not sharing will not bring peace, unity, and security to such a community.

As we sacrifice and we try to establish the Communities of Light, we might not succeed and therefore we become discouraged. We might fall off from the Path. Or we might succeed, and we become elated and take the credit. Ego comes in and again we will fall.

Therefore, the next step is surrendering and submission to the Will of God. Surrendering means we do our best to create the Communities of Light. We do our best to sacrifice in the Communities of Light. We meditate, we awaken our spiritual forces, but we surrender the result to God.

We say, "OK, I did my best that I can do, or I know how to do, but I surrender the result to God. Therefore I am not attached to the result. Whatever the result is, I look at it, I improve on what I do, I will try to do better or improve whatever is not correct and Holy, and surrender the result to You. And eventually I will find the best way to bring the Kingdom of God on earth."

Even greater than surrendering is submission. It is to realize that God is the Doer, and you are just a channel for His Doing. And because God is perfect, you will do the perfect job.

This is also what Christ taught that, Do your best and glorify God. And Prophet Muhammad said, "You did not throw the spear, but God did." That means that when God comes through, that is perfection. If we truly let Him come through, we do perfectly.

This revelation of surrendering and submission came through Prophet Muhammad to humanity. Islam is the fourth seal in the Eternal Divine Path.

However, still in that state we might become interested only in our own community, in our own nation, in our own religion, and narrowness of the mind might still creep in and not let us see God in Its whole Glory. The next step is to shatter all the narrowness of the mind and recognize that God is indeed everything.

When God saw the darkness He had to create this universe with His own Body and the darkness so He could help them to turn around and go back to the Essence. This creation has been created by the Body of God, therefore, God indeed is everything.

If He is everything then our home is the universe, and our parents are God (in the two states of male and female, father and mother), and we do not belong to any specific area in the world, or religion, or gender, but the essence of every man, and woman, and child is God. Everything else also belongs to God and is God.

Therefore, we become universalists. We shatter all the narrowness of the mind. We free ourselves of all the bondages that this external world can put on us, and we become free of those narrowing ideas that man is so attached to. This revelation has come through Bab and Baha'u'llah who brought the Baha'i religion to humanity, and they are the Fifth Seal in the Eternal Divine Path.

Anyone who tries to awaken their spiritual forces, meditates, contemplates, concentrates, and follows all the rituals and techniques that have been given to them to awaken the spirit within and eventually experience God, or, even before experiencing God completely, joins a Community of Light or at least tries to create one, and realizes that in order to create the Communities of Light they have to sacrifice in the Communities of Light for the Communities of Light, then surrenders and submits the results of their actions to God and becomes a universalist...these five steps make them to become the Elects.

Elects are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path and shatter all narrowness of the mind and also create other qualities that are explained in our teachings. The Elects are the Sixth Seal in the Eternal Divine Path. They are the ones that God has revealed to humanity through all His Scriptures, "My Elects," "The salt of the world," those who listen to God and His Prophets and follow the revelations of God.

It is these Elects that are called by God at this time, to create the initial facilitating body for the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. This revelation or explanation of who is an Elect has been given by a gentleman by the name of P.R. Sarkar in India, my Guru when I started my journey. He is the first person who explained who is an Elect.

Of course, with our teachings and further explanation of who they are, it clearly shows who can call himself an Elect. It is not he who follows a specific religion. It is a quality. It is a manifestation through a person that makes them an Elect.

So, it is these Elects that will create the base of the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and the whole body will be emerging from the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Not every community is a Community of Light. If they are not based on the Eternal Divine Path, they are just another community.

We can see with this teaching that not only a Path has been given that leads to the creation of the Elects, but also it shows that all religions of the world have a part of a greater truth. When we put all of them together we can see the whole picture, the whole truth that God has been trying to reveal for the last twelve thousand years.

He clearly said to many of His Prophets that He is not revealing everything to them, or told them to hide and not reveal it to everyone. He said that to Daniel, not to reveal his vision of the end time to anyone. He said to Prophet Muhammad that, "I did not reveal everything to you." And all other Prophets also probably felt that they did not reveal everything. There is much more that they could have revealed or they did not know about.

Also, this is confirmed, in chapter 10:7 in The Revelation that, "God is a mystery until the Seventh Revelation, or Angel, comes and opens the Seventh Seal." The only person who can open that Seventh Seal is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, he who has connection to King David and Abraham, and there is much other evidence that has been given to you for you to go and prove this to yourself.

With this explanation and other evidence, we have given you the Message. And we are done because the duty of the Messenger is to give the Message. Of course, the Message is for you to see the truth that God has been revealing to humanity to this point and it is a Call for you to come, join, create the Communities of Light, and eventually spread these Words and Revelation to every corner on earth, and gather the Elects together so we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. This will happen with us or without us, but blessed is he who will be a part of this amazing endeavor.

I leave you to God and hopefully you will listen to this, search the truth, and prove to yourself that indeed there is the last Revelation of God on earth and you will do your obligation as this Revelation calls you to do.



Now the room is open as a regular Satsang, or "Calling Elects." As usual, I hope all of you have gone to the website and studied our teachings. More and more are realizing that the earth indeed is in an upheaval, and the last part of God's Plan for humanity has been reached.

The Mission indeed has been done. The Message has been given. Many lectures have been provided to humanity, answers to questions have been given, but the human still follows their own little world or understanding. We need people who can awaken other people to the realization that there is a new way and a new way of thinking.

There are many, many questions that have already been answered in the website. Go to the website and search for them.

We can see last month so many things happened on earth, and so many upheavals and destructive forces happened, not only it is global warming that people are now getting to concentrate on, the rumors of war, the struggle between the East and the West, even some people are coming out with the idea that God is not great.

It is not only the struggle between the people who have religion but also between atheists and intellectuals who want to put God out. All levels are trying to change the human mind to what they have recognized and love. We will see who will be the victorious ones at the end.

The good thing about our teaching is that even an atheist can see that God exists. Yes, an atheist cannot explain God. An atheist cannot experience God. But an atheist has intellect that concludes that there is no God. When in our teaching they will see that God said that He will do these things all through history and He has accomplished them, their intellect can no longer say, "It does not exist." At least they have to acknowledge that, "Yes, indeed, this thing happened in history. If someone told that these things are going to happen in the future, that Being has to exist." Therefore, even atheists can be guided to recognize that God is and they also might consider meditating, awakening their spiritual forces, and eventually experiencing God.

Other religions are also holding to their beliefs, dogmas, misunderstandings, and are fighting with each other. Also each culture believes they have a better way to live.

There is only one culture and that is the culture of God, or the dharma, or the essence of everything in the universe. If every culture and community in the universe looks at every situation and sees how God created that situation, then they will follow the dharma (the innate nature) of everything, and they will create a culture that is based on the Spirit, is just, is safe, and is beautiful. Therefore they can create the Kingdom of God not only within themselves but also around themselves, eventually in the community, and create the Kingdom within and without. At the end the culture of God will prevail.

Whatever is man made will create suffering, separation, and destruction. Whatever is created by God will create unity, beauty, and the Kingdom. Therefore, none of the cultures on earth can claim that they have the truth or are the best, except for the culture of God, which humanity has to meditate on and eventually create on earth. Even this earth is not going to last forever and eventually will be destroyed. Humanity has to recognize that their selfishness, self centeredness, and attachments will destroy them if they do not stop, think, listen to God, come together as one humanity, reach out to space, and colonialize other planets so they can spread the seed all over the universe. Therefore, they can continue to exist.

Of course, eventually the whole universe will be destroyed. Hopefully by then most of the darkness has returned to Light. Hopefully the whole darkness has reached to Light.

We have to awaken this sense of responsibility in ourselves and come out of our little lives, become bigger than life. Therefore you can accomplish great things in your life.

If we become small in our thinking and attached to little things that bother us, then we cannot become bigger than life. You have to be able to go out on the limb, go beyond the norm. Do you want to accomplish great things? You have to go beyond the path of man. You have to overcome the fears that keep you from jumping with both feet into God's Plan.

If God created this universe, if He created the history, if He sent religions and guided man and history to this point, and you are a part of His Plan, do you think He will abandon you and you will not be protected and provided for? You have to put God first, get rid of all the fears, and recognize that indeed, no matter what happens around you, you will be safe.

This Revelation has come to New Mexico. It is probably one of the safest places you can be at this end time. You can start the Communities of Light and the Mission wherever you are but you have to start. You have to start reaching out, you have to start letting other people know about it.

There will be a time that things are going to get so bad that many people will want to come and join us and be with us. We have to prepare ourselves for that time because God said the tribulation will come.

I am not trying to scare anyone. That is what the Revelation says, "The terrible day of God is upon us," and we have to recognize that this is His last Revelation.

If it is not the last Revelation and indeed it is not the Call to humanity to come together, then prove it to me. If it is not, then we have to find what is.

If indeed someone is going to come from the sky and say, "Here I am. Everything is going to be OK," why did God not do that from the very beginning when He first found the darkness? Apparently the darkness had his own free will. God could not interfere with that free will because that darkness was a part of God and probably as powerful. As many said, "The devil is very powerful."

Of course, we know the devil is not a being. It is that darkness that fell off from the Light and said, "I know better than the rest of the universe."

It is not going to happen. No one is going to suddenly show up from the sky, not even from the Himalayas and say, "Everything is going to be OK," and everything is going to be OK.

That is why God went through twelve thousand years of choosing the Elects. Now they are here. They are the ones who want to do this Mission and reach out and create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom. Humanity has to recognize that there is a purpose, there is a reason for this creation and create the earth that is based and is established toward accomplishing that goal, accelerating the human progress to turn around and return to God.

This life is not coming here with no purpose and reason, eating, sleeping, making children, and dying. That even animals can do. The human has been created to awaken the spiritual forces, to create an environment that all can progress faster, learn how not to be self-centered and selfish, realize that they are not the best doer but God Is, and shatter all the narrowness of the mind. That is why we are here.

If we are attached to the mundane life and still struggling with this mundanity, then we have to awaken ourselves to the realization that, "I have to become bigger than life. If I listen to the life itself I will be small, will be pulled down to Maya, and I will be lost." That we have to teach ourselves. This we have to teach humanity. This we have to teach the children from the very beginning, "You have come to this world for a purpose, for a reason. You have come here to follow the Eternal Divine Path, to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to accelerate your progress and others. Therefore, from the beginning the children know why they are here. They are not going to be influenced with the external world and the pulls that the false prophets and teachers teach them every day.

As our numbers increase and more people recognize this, our power is going to be greater to influence the environment than a few people recognizing this and just keeping it to themselves, and the children are still influenced with the ungodly things that are happening out there.

Many are lost and they think that the goal of the life is this or that. And even that changes every six months to something new, something different, to just keep you interested. But none of them leads you to the goal of the life and will not lead you back to God.

If you are an Elect, if you indeed recognize and see this Vision clearly, you have to go deeper inside and realize that you have the responsibility to convey this message to the rest of humanity, you have to go beyond this mundane life, and you indeed have to become bigger than life. If you are not bigger than life then life is bigger than you, and it will smother you. "Where is my food going to come from? My body aches. My desires. My wants. My place in society. My fame. My this and my that." There are so many pulls that will pull you all in many different directions, and you have to say no. "My goal is none of this."

Of course, take care of your physical body. Eat good food, nutritional food. And especially come to the community and create an environment that organic food will be served and cooked so that you have a good nutritional food from God.

Exercise for keeping the body in good shape. Meditate and do yoga to get the chakras and innersize, and get that in good shape.

At the same time, there is a time when we can do nothing about it. You get to the point that you have to let this body go and get another body and come back. But you will come back.

Especially from now on, those who will be back are those that are bigger than life, that are the Paravipras. They are responsible people who want to do the Will of God.

Those who will not listen to this teaching and will not understand God's Plan will not be reincarnated. Period. This is not the time as Christ said, "If a sheep goes away, the shepard will go and find it and bring it back." That was that time. This is the time of sundering. Indeed when the sheep goes away, if the sheep does not come back itself, it will be lost and will be sundered.

We can see that God's Plan is now to bring the cream of the crop, and we are churning the milk. Usually the cream is very little. If you ever see how they churn the milk and get the butter at the top, there are probably hundreds of times of what they obtain as butter is what is left of the milk.

The earth has been churned by God and the cream has to come up, "Who sees the Vision." Indeed the earth is in upheaval. Who is right? Is the West right or is the East right? Are the Moslems right or are the Jews right? Are the Christians right or are the Hindus right?

Is that atheist that says, "God is not great," right? Or, are those who say everything is evolution, there is no Creator? There is such confusion!

Are we confused if we know the teaching? No. They all have a part of the truth. Yes, there is evolution. But there is a Logic, Intelligence, behind evolution. Yes, we understand the atheists that reject the dogmas of the religions. But the essence of our teaching and how God created the history will appeal to them.

Now how and why this Revelation is not spreading as fast and faster than it should be, we have to trust in God that said this lifetime is the time of the thief of the night.

The Revelation is incredible. The Truth in It is amazing. But at the same time Maya has become more powerful, and human separation has become more pronounced. And because of the communication and the ability to destroy themselves in a greater degree, they are going toward a great destruction.

It is not that a Moslem is living six months to a year from a Christian society. It is not that if you have crusades you have to travel months to get there and fight them, or be fought against. You can be there in fifteen, sixteen hours. So we can see that the communication, the transportation, everything has been accelerated for them to be in a greater degree of conflicts.

But we do not have any conflict. We are not in conflict with anyone or anything. This teaching has explained everything, with The Grace of God, to humanity, unified them, and explained to them. We do not have any confusion whatsoever.

We do not think that all the people that have different religions are different. We know that each of them have a great truth. But also they have a lot of dogmas, misunderstanding, and history with each other. Lots of blood has been spilled between them. Now is the time to say that we have shed all that blood because of our own misunderstanding and not knowing the whole Plan.

That is what we have to teach them. That is what we have to bring to humanity to make them recognize that there is no separation between anyone and anyone else.

God gives to some people sometimes and then He takes it away. If humans understand that, they recognize it is not their doing but it is God's Grace and Blessing on them. It happened to the Persians, to the Romans, to the Greeks, to England. There is a lesson there for all humanity and nations, to realize that God is the One behind history.

Therefore, they all humble themselves in front of God, come together and listen to this Call that has been sent to them, and The Letter that is Calling them to recognize the great upheaval coming to them. It is up to them now to make the decision.

My Mission is not going faster, probably because we are in that half an hour of silence that has been predicted would come before the tribulation. That Letter is the beginning of that silence.

Isn't it amazing? We are in a time that all these things are coming to a head and we are the Blessed ones that know exactly how the things should be, will work, and will happen. Indeed God has Blessed us greatly and we should be thankful for He has revealed this to us. So do not wait. Do not sit on the fringes and not get involved.

Also when you claim that you have progressed, you have seen the Vision, you are with the Mission, you have found It the greatest Revelation ever, and you are a part of It, as Prophet Muhammad said, "You think you believe, and you will not be tested?"

The true believer with the faith is like iron. No matter how much tribulation and problem comes to them (as you hammer iron and the iron becomes stronger), the true believer with faith will become stronger because they truly believe in the Word of God and they know that what has been said here will come true. So at the end they are the victorious ones. They will be a part of God's work.

God promised many things, and He has accomplished them. Therefore this is going to happen.

I want to be with that bandwagon. I want to be with the victorious ones. And I believe this is the Victory. This is the bandwagon that will succeed. So come aboard. Let us be one of those that indeed sees this Vision clearly.

I see there is a question from Hosanna.


hosanna_edp: Sal-OM Maitreya, could you explain the taking of the rib of Adam in Genesis 2, and then Adam and Eve receiving physical bodies in Genesis 3?

Maitreya: It is clear that it is a symbolic saying that God took the rib of Adam. It means that God separated them and put different qualities that He wanted to be presented into man and woman. Men and women are not created the same. They are different, and God took a part of Adam and made woman.

With this, of course, man is no longer alone, or all one, but now it is in two separate beings that will be very attracted to each other. They seek each other and with that they create an environment that they go more and more toward desiring to have a partner, to have that part that has been taken away from them back to them.

As you can see, and as you mentioned, they did not have a body as we have now. It was in spirit that they were separated. It is in the quality or the specific ways that both were together and completed each other that they were separated in spirit. Therefore, it is not really a rib that has been taken because there was no rib. As we just mentioned, they did not even have a physical body. How could they have ribs?

It is clear that it is symbolic. God took part of them and created man and woman. So, it is symbolic. It was before the human had any body that God has created man and woman. Man and woman are different in many ways but at the same time they are all necessary to create an environment that we can create the Communities of Light.

Each of them have to recognize their strengths and their weaknesses. Every one of them have to see what is the innate nature that God put in them, why they have been created the way they have been created, be honest about it, admit to it, surrender and submit to the Will of God, and therefore become what God created them for and why God created them the way He created them. However, they are complementary beings that indeed complement each other if they both concentrate on God.

I guess we are at the end of our time again. I hope the CD that we are making will be out soon. We will send it free to anyone who wants it. It is an introduction. It includes the Letter to Humanity, an introduction to the Mission, and the Satsang I just gave. Or maybe, if it did not work, we might give other Satsangs, as an introduction to the teaching.

Again, go to the website, study our teaching, and recognize that it is the end time. Become bigger than life. Come, join, start the communities, and become an example for humanity.

Sal-OM everyone. Have a wonderful month and be with God.

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