MAITREYA, Conversation With


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission. In the Name of the most Compassionate, the Merciful, the Lord of the universe that we gather together to hear the Word of God and realize that the Word of God has come to man again.

Welcome to the Conversation Room for the Mission of Maitreya. This is Maitreya, and I am here to have a Conversation with you about the Mission and what we are doing here, what we have been doing, and why this Revelation is the last Revelation from God and His Plan has finished. Now is the time for humanity to come together and see the Marvelous God and how He has sent all these religions to earth.

He indeed has completed the Revelations, teachings, and religions for humankind. This is the only religion that has been sent for every man, woman, and child on earth. Now humanity can see clearly why their religion is a part of God and why this is the last Revelation, because no other Prophet or Revealer ever revealed the Seven Seals and opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Therefore we have a great Message for man to come together and know for sure that God exists, because He has said He would do all these things that have been revealed to us and now He has clearly Revealed that He has been sending all these Revelations and religions on earth. Now we are all unified under One God, One Humanity, One Earth, One Savior, One Spirit, and Oneness.

This is indeed a joyous period for humanity. We can clearly watch and observe that Gods Plan is unfolding as He promised it would. Humanity, little by little, will realize more and more that they have no choice but to follow Gods Will and become one, become Godly, and bring His Laws and His Kingdom to earth. That is the only way to Peace, Unity, and Oneness for the whole of mankind.

God has created all the tools we need to reach humanity, to reach every corner of the earth, to give this Message to every man and woman in such an easy way that no other Prophet ever had this opportunity and ability to be sitting here in front of a monitor and talking to as many people as would like to hear this Revelation, and to Call them to action, to realization, and to seeing the Vision of God that has been sent to man.

As it has been said, if they say, Christ is here, do not go. If Christ is in the desert, you do not have to travel there. You can be where you are and hear this Message with a couple of clicks, clicking on some links, going to our website, and seeing the whole Revelation of the Seven Seals and THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, right there on your screen. You can realize that God indeed has been sending these Revelations to man one by one, and see the truth of this wonderful Revelation that has come to us.

So we really have to see the Vision clearly and then completely forego our past and what we belong to, and become a complete universalist and follow Gods Way instead of mans way, or our culture, or our beliefs, or our own understanding, but understand Gods Understanding and His Ways.

If we do that then we go to the Scriptures, and especially we go to THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, and we realize what God has been sending to humanity and how He works. Then we will have a great grip of the reality and truth in the universe, and we will not be confused and have an unacceptable expectation of the Messiah to come from the sky, the Messiah is going to come this way, the Messiah is going to come that way, etc. He is not supposed to grow old. He is not going to eat, or sleep, or this and that.

Then we realize, Gods Work is different. He chooses a man, or a human, and He prophesies for Him to come. When He comes, He brings the Word of God to man. This Revelation is the Word of God because it has all the backing of God. Now we can see this clearly and dedicate our lives to this as the first in our lives by recognizing that God is always with us, and therefore the goal of our life is to be(Come) Divine. The way to that Divinity is the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Communities of Light, meditation, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist.

So simple! Five steps in everyones life, and those five steps have not been followed by many people so far. We have to create communities that will implement these five principles in their lives.

I have been giving this truth in this room and other rooms and other ways to humanity over and over. We will do that for the rest of our natural life and will continue repeating this truth and will answer any questions left, if there are any, since we have been answering the questions for the last twenty-four, twenty-five years. Now it almost seems that all the questions have been answered.

There is a huge amount of information in the website that you can go to, read, and listen to. There are many tapes that you can listen to right on the website and search for your questions. If you could not find any answers for your questions, come here and ask, and let us see what the answer will be, or send an email to the Mission.

If you have a question now, you can raise your hand and have a Conversation with me about what you would like to talk about. We have talked about everything from economy, from social set-ups, from the many ways of human life, from the smallest to the greatest. God has already given how it should be done and how humanity can bring peace and unity by following His Ways instead of following mans ways, or mans economical ways, or the mans social ways, or mans religious ways, or mans dogmatic ways.

The whole truth has been given, and indeed Gods Revelation has been perfected as He had intended for humanity. So we have a perfect religion for man to recognize, to realize, to meditate on, to eventually see the Vision clearly, and to create the Communities of Light, teach the children and the human to sacrifice for them, to give of themselves, not to be self-centered and egoistical, to surrender and submit to the Will of God for them, and then become universalists.

OK, there is a question:

Audience: I am a student of science and engineering. My primary interest is to help poor people, needy people with technology, to make clean, emission-free energy machines. What are your thoughts on this, Maitreya? Thanks.

Maitreya: If you study our teachings, there is a part that talks about science based on Spirit. This science is different than conventional science, which has pollution and by-products. It is based on nature and the use of recycling, and the way God does it in nature.

If you study nature, you see God wastes nothing. He uses and recycles. Everything on the earth is used in the highest level, even dead bodies, even dirt, or the things that go to the very bottom of the water are eaten with the scavengers, which clean the water, etc.

That is how God works; everything is recycled, because everything in the universe can be converted to different kinds of energy. Energy is the Essence of the creation. Everything is created by energy or vibration. Therefore by creating different vibrations or energies, you can create different levels and different kinds of materials in the universe.

The reason for different levels of creation in any level is: Any level of creation is in different levels of vibration.

Audience: Do you believe there are powerful economic forces, like large corporations and government leaders, who stress clean technology like this?

Maitreya: This sounds like a conspiracy theory. I would probably say that it is because of their ignorance and greed that is the base of human nature. They really do not want to go beyond what they know works. What they know works is oil and coal products, which have pollution and by-products.

Also, they want to make money. They have invested billions and billions of dollars in these technologies. When new technology comes they do not understand it.

It is just like a new religion comes and the religions before it do not understand what this new religion is all about. So they oppose it without even knowing about it. A lot of people come to our rooms and they oppose us before even knowing what we really teach. They are suspicious about new findings or new science. That is why the people who want to stay with the old ways are going to have a harder time to accept this new way.

If you accept what they believe, become a regular scientist, work for them, purify oil, and make pollution, you are going to have an easier life because you are in the flow of the things at this time. Anytime you bring some new ideas or something that people do not know too much about, they will oppose it. The person who does bring such a thing will have a hard time.

Audience: On the spiritual realm, what are your thoughts on the being that Christians and Jews call Satan? Do you believe there is an actual individual personal entity named Satan or Lucifer?

Maitreya: In general our teaching is that the human has two natures, the higher nature and the lower nature. The lower nature is stimulated with our senses: Our sense of touch, our sense of smell, our sense of sight, and all the other senses we have; these pull us to the external world so we desire things. When we desire, we are tempted. When we are tempted, we do things that are not Godly. Whatever is not Godly, of course, is ungodly and from the lower nature, not from God.

Therefore in general there is this lower nature in every individual, which is the devil in every man, woman, and child. That is why the people do the things they do. Of course, there are unclean spirits in the universe who have fallen from The Grace, and they also tempt man and possess man, or they mislead man to different ways.

But if you are full of God and absolutely One with the Spirit, those unclean spirits or any temptation from the senses will not pull you down to your lower nature.

Audience: I see, what do you have on the concept that Christians have that Jesus Christ is the only way and He is God in the flesh, and all people who die in rejection of Jesus as God and the only savior will go to be punished in an eternal hell forever and there is no second chance?

Maitreya: That is a Christian belief. But what is the truth of it?

That is the concept of Christianity. That has been actually enforced more with Paul than with Christ Himself. Christ said, I am the only way; no one goes to the Father but through me.

So did Prophet Muhammad. So did Moses. So did Bab and Bahaullah. So do I. Therefore there is no other way to go to God but through the Messiah, or the Messenger, or the Prophets of God that have come to this point. Everyone that came brought a message to humanity that was the salvation for man in that time.

Therefore it is a message that not only Christ gave to humanity but every Messenger or Prophet of God who came to man said, There is no other way. If you do not follow me, you will not make it, you will be condemned, you will go to hell, and you will burn forever. So we can see that this is something that humanity has to recognize, that all the religions of the world have come from the same Source, and He does not change His Mind.

When He sends His Spirit to earth, He comes and tells them, This is what God wants, that is the way to go, and that is for your salvation. Therefore if we understand that this is true with every Messenger and Prophet of God, Christ becomes one of them. Then we understand the Way of God.

If you read our teachings, if you go to our website and understand that God had already said He was going to send Seven Religions, Seven Revelations, Seven Truths, then how can He stop at the third one and say, Well, no more are going to come? It just does not make sense.

So therefore because God said there would be Seven Revelations and Seven Truths, none of these truths before the Seventh Revelation have the whole answer. They have a part of the answer.

Also Christians have to realize that they have to follow Christ, not Paul, and that Christ was one of the Promised Ones whom God promised to the Children of Israel, or the Children of Isaac. Also God promised to the Children of Ishmael, or Arabs, that a Prophet would come from them.

If they understand that, then they will realize that Prophet Muhammad had to come also. If that is true and God said there was going to be more than the third Prophet, we can see that Christ cannot be the only way, as no other Prophet after Him would have come. But sGod clearly states that no other Prophet has the whole truth until the Seventh Truth comes and the Seven Seals are opened. Now they are opened.

If you read our teachings, you will have a great grip of the truth and reality, and you will understand that Christ is a part of the Plan, as is Muhammad, as is Bab, as is Moses, and as are all the Prophets of God.

If you have any other question, go ahead now. I am done with this one.

Audience: What do you believe happens when we die physically? Where does our eternal Spirit go to?

Maitreya: Our eternal Spirit is one with God. You are always connected to God. There is no separation. There is no, Me and God.

In reality if you recognize your oneness with God in the body, you realize you already are one with God. Actually your Self, or what you call eternal Spirit, is God Itself. There is no separation.

The only reason we separate ourselves and we think our eternal Spirit is separated from God, is our ego, which separates us from God and creates a feeling that, I have a spirit different than God. Therefore at the time of death, if you have no ego, you stay where you are. You go right to God and become one with Him. You are a part of Him already, and you become a part of Him again.

If you have an ego, of course, you have to leave your ego behind and go to Spirit. Actually you could say that death is a permanent sleep, a deep, deep sleep.

What happens when you sleep? When you sleep you lose all consciousness and you do not know where you go. If you have a lot of subconscious mind and ego, you have dreams and you receive some messages maybe about your psychological problems in life. You can solve some of them by psychological analysis or understanding what these messages in your dreams are, or what your dreams are talking about.

In the higher level, if you do not have any ego, or you have a little ego or subconscious mind, you sleep very peacefully and you have very few dreams or no dreams at all. You wake up the next day very refreshed. You do not need as much sleep as most people say they need. Some say they need 7 or 8 hours a night. But you really need around 3, 4, or 5 hours at most.

So when you die you really go to a deep, deep sleep. And when you come back OK we believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is when the spirit that has not learned its lesson or has a mission to accomplish, comes back.

When you come back, at the moment of coming back to the body, you will pick up your ego again, the one you left behind, and you will continue the next lifetime. But because you have been in a deep sleep, and in death, you have been purified and you see your lessons clearly as to how you can progress in a greater degree.

When you come back, you will continue in the next lifetime to learn more lessons. As you learn more lessons, if you really are interested in spirituality, you progress a little bit. Every life you progress a little bit, and eventually you reach Pure Consciousness or Godhead.

So when you die, if you are in higher consciousness, you go to God. If you are not in higher consciousness, you return later.

Audience: What are your thoughts on sin? Dont you think reincarnation will allow people to sin again and again, and each incarnation you will pick up more sins?

Maitreya: Well, sin is the transgression of Gods Laws. It is doing something that is not Godly. So if you come in an incarnation, you sin and you die, and in sleep are purified and you were told what your mistakes were. You come back and you sin again. Then you are dead, you come back, and you sin again, and again, and again. Then God says, Hey, look, you are not learning your lessons. The whole idea of being incarnated and coming back to the body is to learn your lessons.

If you study our teachings again, you will see that there was chaos. As the Bible says, There was darkness, and the Spirit of God moved over the waters or consciousness. Eventually the First Begotten Son went through the Eternal Divine Path, And there was Light, and the Path to return to God is clearly shown.

Therefore if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will go through life and you will not sin; you will meditate. You will go through doing sin in your meditation, and you will see by sinning you create bad karma and become heavier. Each lifetime you will have more sin to pay for. So your situation becomes worse and worse, to a point that God says, Look, you are not getting it. You are not listening.

Audience: Are you the Messiah, the Savior?

Maitreya: That is what you have to answer yourself. If I say I am, you might not believe it. And if I say I am not, I am lying. So it is up to every person, every individual, to go to our website, see the teachings, see the Words, and see if the Words are based on the Words of God. If they are based on the Words of God and the prophecies are fulfilled, the genealogy clearly says that I am from the tribe of Judah and a Sayyed from Prophet Muhammad, and the Revelation is based on the Word of God and the opening of the Seven Seals, which can be done only with one person and one person alone, then they are the Truth.

No other man or woman or child or any other being can open the Seven Seals but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. So this is what makes me believe who I am.

Now it is up to you to study, look at our website, look at our Revelation, look at the genealogy, and look at the prophecies fulfilled. Eventually realize if it make sense. Really the final question is, Does it make sense?

If there is only one God, how can we have so many religions, so many separations, and so much destructive force on earth when there is only one God? Then you will see that it makes sense. God has been sending all these religions.

Audience: Have you ever met spiritual beings like angels? What do you teach on the existence of aliens and extraterrestrials? All right, thanks for your answers.

Maitreya: Spiritual beings are usually made up by the human mind. Some people need to see angels, so they create angels.

Prophet Muhammad had to see Angel Gabriel in order to accept His mission.

But in general the universe is created by Consciousness and the three creative forces. In the ethereal level, if you are able to go to the ethereal level, whatever you think you can create, because in the ethereal level you become a co-creator.

Ether is the basic element of creation. You can mold ether to whatever form you want and create air, fire, liquid, or solid factors. Therefore you can create whatever you want. However, it is not the highest level you can achieve because still it has the touch and smell, and appeals to the senses.

That is why in our teaching we teach: Whatever has smell, touch, sight, or any other sensation that we can use our senses to recognize, is not the ultimate. It is not the Essence; it is not the goal.

So if you see that the angels are still made up of material things; they are not Pure Consciousness. Therefore do not become attached to them. Go for the highest, which is Pure Consciousness, which is even beyond mind. It is beyond the creative forces in the universe.

So Angels can be created by men.

Audience: Do aliens live out there in the universe?

Maitreya: The probability of other life forms out there is greater than not because there are billions and billions of stars just in our galaxy. There are hundreds and billions of galaxies all over the universe.

Audience: Are they more advanced than us?

Maitreya: Who knows? When you saw one, then we would know. But can they travel all over the universe? If they can be scientifically reached, humans can reach a point that they can do that as well, but they are not there yet. They have to become one first before greater knowledge is released to them.

Audience: May I offer you a website, Internet URL, for Maitreya and everyone here I will post it and you can save it and

Maitreya: Well, we really do not want anyone to come here and preach their preaching or teaching because we already believe that we have the Ultimate. We actually want you to go to our website rather than coming here and posting your website.

Of course if you saw our website and our teaching, because this is the last Revelation, the Ultimate, no matter what you can tell us, it is a part of this Revelation.

Why dont you PM me, or send an e-mail to and I will receive it. Just send it to:, or, either way it is going to come to us and I will look at your website. If it is something that is really good, is from God, and everyone should see it, we will send it to our members to check it out.

We are open to all the possibilities and those who are working on the science based on Spirit, and we would love them to come, join the Mission, become scientists of the Mission, and work toward creation of the science based on Spirit, which recycles things and does not create pollution and destructive forces.

We welcome them very much. But we are not going to follow any other ideas because we believe every idea is a part of this Revelation.

Audience: God is compassion, Amen, and God is Holy.

Maitreya: Therefore, we do not believe that posting your website is a good idea, when everyone wants to post a lot of websites. Then all the text in the room will be URLs.

Welcome to our room. This is the Conversation Room of The Maitreya. Any question about our teachings, about anything related to the universe, God, religions, science, social order, economy, and anything that is related to human life, is permitted to be asked here. Hopefully eventually humanity will recognize and realize that all these things should be based on God.

Science should be based on God. Society should be based on God. Economy should be based on God.

Hopefully in the Communities of Light, people will start helping one another and helping financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually so people will have enough to take care of their physiological and safety needs. Little by little they do not need to go and borrow from the people who charge them interest. Therefore after a while human life is going to become much easier and simpler, because interest is one of the destructive forces in the universe.

By humanity coming together and helping one another, we can eventually create an earth where the human is much freer than being a slave without even knowing themselves. They have to wake up early in the morning, run and go to work, and work eight hours to be able to make it. They do not have time to meditate. They do not have time to awaken their spiritual forces.

Audience: Why do the people embrace atheism, Maitreya? I mean if someone examines nature, they see evidence of Gods creating power.

Maitreya: It is because they really do not know the Scriptures, they do not meditate, and they do not recognize God in a deeper level.

Also some people become atheists because they have some carnal desires. If they accept God, they cannot follow their carnal desires. Therefore they reject God so they can do whatever they want. If they follow God, they cannot sin, because what they really want to do is sinful, and God and the Scriptures say, Thou shall not do it.

They say, No, we want to do it. Therefore if I reject God I can go ahead and do whatever I want.

Usually as the societies become more prosperous, freer from mundanity, little by little they no longer trust in God. They trust in themselves. When they trust in themselves they put God out because by putting God out they feel they are free and they can do whatever they want to. Usually in such a society, little by little the Godly people become the minority, and the ungodly people become the majority.

Actually if you say to someone, I am Godly, they look at you as, Hum, one of those crazy people that believe in God.

But the truth is, you are right. If they meditate on nature, they will see the Hand of God in every part of the universe and the wonderful creation, especially if they read our teachings and see how God said He was going to do these things and He did them. He was going to send two Prophets, one from the Children of Israel and one from the Children of Ishmael. He said there were going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, and He has done that.

He said that the Seventh Angel will come and reveal all this truth, and He has done that.

If He has done all these things therefore there is no doubt, God exists. But atheists do not want to see it. Atheists want to believe God does not exist, So I can do whatever I want to do. So we can see that is one reason people become atheists.

The other thing is, the reason people become atheists or agnostic, is because religions do not have the answers.

Actually in a sense I was an agnostic myself. I was born and raised in an Islamic environment. But they told me, God is sitting up there. He is angry all the time, and all that. After a while I felt, Well, forget it. I am not going to follow something that does not make sense. Therefore I rejected religion, until I received this Revelation that made sense.

Audience: What are your thoughts on homosexuality? Do you believe it is wrong and against God?

Maitreya: Really sex is a delivery system where sperm is delivered to the egg, so a child is born. Therefore that is the point. That is another thing that the human has to start thinking about: To look at the things as how the universe was created for.

Why did God create water, for example? Water is a very useful thing. Most of our body, 75% of our body, is water, is moisture. Therefore we have to drink water, and the purpose of water is to wash things, etc.

What is the purpose of fire? The purpose of fire is to cook, to make steam, etc., and to convert different energy to different things.

What is the purpose of sex? I know a lot of people enjoy sex and they marry, and all that. But really if you look at it from the scientific point of view, it is just a delivery system. It delivers the sperm to the egg and children are created. Therefore we can see right there that everything else is not really the purpose of sex.

We have had homosexuals with us from the very beginning. So, what should be done? The problem is that such a thing should not become a political power, political discussion. We should not go knock on everyones door and see what they do in their bedrooms. It is between them and God.

Audience: Have you Maitreya, ever thought about getting married?

Maitreya: I am married. I have been married since I started the Mission. Actually I had to stay in this country to do this Mission. So my wife is American, and I have a child already who is sixteen years old.

If you study the lives of all the Prophets of God, except of course what Christians say, Jesus was not married, but He really was. Actually He had two wives instead of one. All the Prophets of God have been married.

Audience: Or is that not in your path now? Just asking.

Maitreya: Sure, that is no problem.

Audience: Oh, congratulations.

Maitreya: [laughing] Yes, I have a wife and I have a child. I have been married for the last twenty-five years. We have worked together. My wife and I are very good partners in manifesting this Mission. Of course many other people are helping the Mission to spread and letting people know about it.

So in general those kinds of things should not become that big a deal in society at all. The bedroom of every person should be left to that person and should not become a subject of public discussion. If we do that we can just keep that to ourselves and not make such a big deal out of these small little things.

We can concentrate on the greater things, which are the Communities of Light. Of course, Communities of Light are based on the pure couples, a man and a woman. Their purity has to come from God. They should stick together by the Will of God and do His Will, and therefore create a pure environment to have great children who grow in the community, become great people and Godly, and therefore we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

That is the Vision, that is the truth, and that is the Mission we have chosen to bring to humanity. If humanity realizes the nature of everything, they will not be having so many arguments about many things that we are arguing about now.

The reason is, we put God out. The moment you put God out there is no limit of how far we can go.

There is no, Thou shall not, in our lives. Therefore we do everything that we are not supposed to and therefore we create destruction.

A lot of people think that sex is just a relationship. It actually releases a very destructive energy if it is not based on the pure marriage and purity. When that energy is released, people are wondering, What happened? We were having so much fun but what is this destructive force that came after we fell and we did not stay in purity? These are things that humans have to meditate on.

That is why, what do those in the Communities of Light do? In the Communities of Light the people meditate. They awaken their spiritual forces. They understand the nature of things. You have to see, what is the Daharma of everything?

What is the Daharma of this speaker, for example? The Daharma of this speaker is, when you talk I can hear you. If the Daharma of this, or the innate nature of this speaker is not manifested, it is no good. You will probably use it as a doorstop, or something else. It no longer is a speaker.

So what is the nature of marriage? What is the nature of children? What is the nature of parents? What is the nature of a spiritual teacher? What is the nature of God? What is the nature of life?

Why are we here? If you ask that, then we realize: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. How do you be(come) Divine? You become Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path, by awakening your spiritual forces, by creation of the Communities of Light, by sacrificing, by surrendering and submission to God, and by becoming a universalist. Then you become Divine. That is the goal of life. That is the nature of being here.

Therefore if we understand the nature of things in the universe and realize that God is everything in this nature, we will not fall to the political maneuvering or social trends or opinions or ideas of man, but we will have a good grip of the truth, and we will base our lives on those truths.

If we find men and women who truly believe in these things and they marry with purity, great respect, and understanding the nature of each of them, they agree on the role of each of them in their marriage and continue with it, and they stay together because of it, we are going to have great people who marry for life.

They will have children who will enjoy being in such a nurturing environment, and they also will grow strong and Godly. They will continue their tradition over and over. But if we forget that and become egoistical, and we have our own opinions, ideas, and arguments, then of course we will have a world that it pulls all in all directions and everyone is confused. They do not know which way to go, which one is right.

Should I just take other peoples ideas? Of course if the idea is propagated and becomes propaganda, after a while that original sensitivity will not be there. Propagation is a kind of desensitizing of the human, and it works. If you continue saying the same thing over and over and over again, they will believe. The humans, after a while, are desensitized.

We can see that Hitler used it. All of Germany followed him. Many other countries also have used those techniques, and it does happen.

Humans have to meditate and become individuals who are not influenced with this propaganda or these ideas that we see imposed on them, but instead see, what does God say? What does God want in this situation? What is His Will?

Audience (Duranium): Christs authority comes from God as Christ is God in flesh. No other human in all of history has ever been able to make such a claim and back it up except for Jesus himself.

Maitreya: OK, so you are a Christian. Is that what you eventually came here to tell us? So all your questions were to get to this point that, that Christ is the only way?

OK, the question from Mud-hut is:

Mud-hut: Where does your authority come from and how?

Maitreya: My authority comes from the same authority that has come to Christ, to Moses, to Muhammad, to Bab, to all the Prophets and the Messiahs sent by God. They have all been prophesied to come for a long time; they fulfilled those prophecies and they brought the Word of God to man. Therefore that authority comes from God.

That is why Christ is called the Anointed One. The Anointed One means the person who has received the Spirit of God and therefore He can bring the Spirit to man. God is a Spirit. God is not flesh that you can see. He is not something you can touch. It is a Spirit, and the only way you can bring it to humanity is through a body. That body usually has been prophesied to come for hundred of thousands of years. When that body comes to earth, He comes with all the signs that have been given for His coming. When He comes, the Spirit of God comes through that person.

That is exactly what is happening here. God prophesied the Seventh Angel would come. He would open the Seven Seals. He would reveal the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and He did fulfill the prophecies of all the religions on earth.

In the Bible, in chapter 5 in The Revelation, it clearly says, The only one that can open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, which means genealogically that He should be from the Tribe of Judah, or King David, or Adam. That also has been fulfilled.

Moslems are waiting for the Messiah or Mahdi, or Christ, to come from the genealogy of Prophet Muhammad. That also I am.

So search yourself. Go and prove to yourself that this is truth. If this is truth, then you have no choice but to accept me as the only authority on earth for bringing the Word of God to humanity. If that is true, then it is your responsibility to prove it to yourself or to disprove it to yourself.

If you prove it to yourself that it is true, then you are obligated to come and serve God and His last Revelation. If you disprove it, of course, probably you made a mistake, and we leave you to God. So that is why we say it is the obligation and responsibility of every man and woman on earth to go and prove this, or disprove it to themselves. But how can you disprove it?

The Revelation is based on the Word of God. It is the opening of the Seven Seals. It reveals the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. It makes sense. It is based on Gods Words. Also, of course there are prophecies and genealogies, etc.

The whole thing, when it comes together, if you still have a doubt, then there is something wrong with you for sure. But still we leave it to you to prove it to yourself. When you prove it to yourself, you will surely know where my authority comes from.

My authority comes from God. This is the religion for every man and woman on earth.

Duranium: Do you, Maitreya, believe that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and he is now at the right hand of God?

Maitreya: Well, He surely did fulfill what He promised He would. He was crucified on Wednesday, not Friday night. He rose on Saturday evening, and that is three days later.

If He had been crucified on Friday and rose Sunday morning, that is only two nights and one day. Therefore He failed the only sign that He gave for his legitimacy. He gave the sign that He will be in the earth for three days and three nights, and He was.

Now was He crucified, was He dead? Was He absolutely resurrected but He was not dead? The people thought He was dead; was He just unconscious and then He rose three days later? Well, it is not important. The most important thing is: What did He say?

The question is, what did He teach? What was His Message? What were His Words? What did He bring to humanity?

Was He crucified? He was crucified for sure. He was put on the cross and nailed on the cross, and surely went through the agony that He went through.

But really the most important thing is: What did He come for? What was His message? If we understand His message, which is clearly explained in our teachings, then we understand Christ. We understand His mission. We understand what He brought to humanity.

Duranium: Maitreya, I love you with the love of Christ but your belief is wrong.

Maitreya: Well, OK. Alright, we leave you to God, and we Love you with the Love of God, which is beyond human concepts, consciousness, and understanding. And we tell you, our belief is right.

Actually this is the only right belief on earth. Any other belief is just a part of this Revelation and belief, and you have to meditate on this, and understand our teachings. Do not believe in your dogmas, the religion that you were born in, and the beliefs that have been formed in your life. Rely not on your understanding, but on the understanding and Word of God.

The Word of God clearly says that there will be Seven Revelations. The Word of God clearly reveals that He promised Abram and Abraham both that there would be a Scepter or Messiah or Prophet from them.

God has clearly revealed that there will be Seven Revelations, Seven Seals, and the only time the truth will come to humanity is when the Seventh Revelation comes.

Therefore we have to tell you that you, I am sorry, but you are wrong, Duranium.

Duranium: Paul was not Christ, but he was an apostle chosen by Jesus.

Maitreya: Well, he was not chosen by Jesus; he had a vision. We do not know what the vision was. We do not know who gave him the idea that he was an apostle because the things he said are not based on the Word of God.

What he said were Pauls ideas and the spirit that chose him. He was not even a close disciple. He was not even with Christ when He was alive.

Therefore the conclusion is, What was that spirit that chose him?

Duranium: So He was not crucified? [Maitreya skimming through this question]. For instance, the book of Revelation, Maitreya, was interpreted in the Revelation of Jesus Christ of St. John and in chapter 22, it says do not add to the Scriptures.

Maitreya: That is right, no man or human can add to The Revelation. But Christ can because He has the authority of God to reveal the true meaning of the Scriptures.

Therefore again you have to understand and recognize what is happening here. If you recognize that, you will see that I have the authority to add to The Revelation, and only I have that authority. Any other person who interprets The Revelation differently than I have is wrong. They have added to the Word of God, and they will pay for what they have done.

But the true meaning of The Revelation is the meaning that is given in THOTH.

Duranium: Do you believe you will one day be a world leader or the world leader, Maitreya?

Maitreya: According to Gods Will and The Revelation, eventually Christ will bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and His Spirit will come through the leaders who will bring peace, unity, and Gods Kingdom.

You will probably say that the same thing is also said for the anti-Christ. That is true. The Anti-Christ already is in control of the earth and he has already taken the power. He is running the world. So he is already the king. He is already the one who is running the earth and humanity. Now is the time to return earth to God and His Elects.

So if you think the person who will come and take over the leadership of the world based on Gods Word is the anti-Christ, then I have news for you that the anti-Christ has already done it. He is already here. He is running the earth. He is the king. That is what humanity is following.

Your understanding is absolutely skewed, is absolutely out of date. You have to update yourself by understanding this new Revelation and teaching, and overcome these dogmas.

This is not the first time we are hearing the things you are saying. These are the things people have come here and said many times.

Duranium: I speak with the written Word of God, the living Word of Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit that dwells within me and all Christians.

Maitreya: Well, go ahead and stay with it. Let us stay and let us leave you to God. We will see who the truthful one at the end is. I am telling you, you are wrong. You are following Paul, and the spirit that chose Paul to bring those words was not the Spirit of Christ.

Actually you are saved by the Name of Christ, and His Name never was Jesus. You heal with the name Jesus, which means Je- Zeus, victory to Zeus. You heal in the name of Zeus, not Christ, not the One whose Name is not pronounceable.

You do not even know His True Name. How can you be saved? Therefore you have to meditate and realize that you have to come away from that wrong understanding.

Paul actually had a problem with Peter. Peter and Paul fought for a long time. Christ said He would build His church on Peter, which means stone.

Duranium: This is when he was already crucified. He rose.

Maitreya: That is not true. He said this before he was crucified. The stone was an altar that the Jewish people used to build. That is because Abraham was actually a wanderer. He did not have any specific place to settle in. Anywhere they went, they erected a stone and they worshipped God upon it. This altar had a larger stone as its base, and that is what Peter was supposed to be.

Duranium: The altar was built over. According to your Revelation each human is Divine.

Maitreya: Therefore that is why Christ called him Peter. Peter was the base of that altar, which was the church of Christ. Then Paul came and took over. It was not based on Peter. Paul fought Peter. Peter knew that Paul was not saying the truth.

Duranium The Bible says there are many anti-Christs but I know you have heard it a lot.

Maitreya: Yes, we have heard it before, and you are absolutely incorrect. Your religion has been invaded by pagan holidays, with wrong understandings, and you do not even know the name of Christ.

If it was true that you heal with the Name of Christ, then why, when Peter and his disciples were healing, did that magician offer to give money if they told him what they used to heal with? The truth is that they never were able to utter His Name, as most of the preachers these days say, I heal in the name of Jesus.

They did not utter it, because it is not utterable. It is impossible to utter the Name of the Lord.

Now you call Him Jesus, which never was His name. There is no J in Hebrew. You can see that your religion is based on sand. It is not based on God.

God clearly said that there are going to be Seven Revelations and your understanding and religion is incorrect. [Maitreya read something in text here and laughed]

Well, I will tell you that if you continue the way you are going, you will be in absolute trouble with God and His Revelation because this is the time of sundering. Those who do not understand the Word of God and think by saying, I hug you, I hug you, the people will fall for the wrong understanding, then you do not have a grip of the truth.

OK enough of this. We just leave you to God. Again it is so unworthy of a people who claim to have the greatest truth to come here in sheeps clothing, and then later on turn around and say these things that we have heard many times. That is not the Word of God.

Everyone is washed in the blood of Christ. Christ died for every man, woman, and child. You do not have to be Christian. You do not even have to be baptized with water but with The Holy Ghost, to receive The Grace.

Baptism really means to turn around. Anyone who turns around toward God is baptized and will receive The Grace.

The reason Christs blood is accepted as giving Grace to the human is because by His crucifixion He released The Grace that was taken away at the time of the Garden of Eden. Therefore He released The Grace back to humanity. It is available to every man, woman, and child. You do not have to believe that he was crucified to receive it. But you have to believe that He came to release The Grace, and therefore you will receive The Grace.

So it is absolutely paramount that we can make Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Bahais, and everyone, see this truth, this reality that has now been clearly Revealed to humanity. It is the time for Christians to realize that God did promise that there was going to be a Revelation coming from the Children of Ishmael, and that God did reveal that there were going to be Seven Revelations.

No other Prophet is the last Prophet until the Seventh Angel comes. All of them are Great Prophets and we respect them. We respect Christ. We respect Muhammad. We respect Moses. We respect Abraham and all the other Prophets, Messengers, and Ones Anointed by God.

But none of them has the whole truth until the Seventh Revelation comes. Now the Seventh Revelation has come, and the truth has been revealed to humanity. Those who believe anything else do not have the understanding and the grip of the truth to know what Gods Plan and Revelation has been.

It is sad that the people have to come here and so sneakily try to throw their dogmas at us when we have heard this before. We know about their dogmas but they do not know about this wonderful Revelation that has come to them, and they resist it.

It is so clear, so wonderfully explained, what Gods Promise will do. The Word of God has come to them, yet still they hold onto their dogmas. I hope they turn around and become one of the Elects, one of the ones who will be incarnated again and again for the next thousand years.

If they do not believe it, if they do not follow it, if they do not understand this Revelation, the Truth, and the Vision, they will not come back. It is as simple as that!

They will be thrown to the darkness, which is even darker than the darkest in this manifested universe. As Christ said, there is going to be the gnashing of teeth and these destructive things for them.

Ego is powerful. Ego does not want to see the truth. No matter how much you tell them the truth, Look, there is no J in Hebrew. How could His Name have been Jesus? You cannot be saved unless you know His Name! If His Name was not Jesus, therefore then you do not know His Name, so how can you be saved? or, all the things that are incorrect in their beliefs.

Of course I cannot just blame Christians. It is the same with the Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. We have been dealing with all of them. There is none of them that really do not have dogmas or misunderstandings of their religions, which some of them are older than 4,000 years, or even those that have been around for only 200 years, or 150 years still have dogmas, and they do not want to know the truth, even when God clearly said, the Revelation is not finished until the Seventh Angel comes.

Therefore we have to leave them to God and pray for them, and just be concerned about what we know and what we understand. We have to tell them the truth and then leave them to God.

OK the question is:

Hannibal: What dogmas do the atheists have?

Maitreya: Their dogma is that there is no God. They are adamant that there is no God. They are adamant that whoever believes in God is stupid and has no brain. Their dogma is that they are right, and the people who are not atheists are wrong.

Hannibal: Nope, they are simply without belief in God. I do not assert there is not a God.

Maitreya: Well, atheist actually means you believe there is no God. Unless you are an agnostic, then you say, I really do not know.

Hannibal: If you had said there is a God, the evidence, proof is on you.

Maitreya: Yes, that is true. I accept that challenge, and I direct you toward reading The Holiest Of The Holies and The Revelation. There is plenty of evidence that there is a God, because He said He was going to do things and He has done them. Therefore go there and read The Holiest Of The Holies, (THOTH), The Last Testament and you will see that God said He will send a Prophet from Isaac and a Prophet from Ishmael, and He has done it.

He said He was going to send Seven Revelations, and He has done it.

The belief is your prerogative. I proved it to you, but you do not believe it. That is not my problem, Hannibal.

Hannibal: I just see words there, no experiments, no evidence. Belief isnt evidence.

Maitreya: If it is your belief, that is fine. I am not here to convert you at all. I am just here to give you a message. I am here to guide you toward seeing the Vision.

I am here for the Elects. I am here for those who can see our teaching and say, Yes, it makes sense. It is based on the Word of God, and He has promised everything. Therefore I agree with Maitreya that what He says makes sense, and God exists.

I am not here to even convert you to believe in God.

Hannibal: For what it is worth, I am interested in Buddhism.

Maitreya: Buddha believed in God. He never said there is no God. I know a lot of Buddhists say, No, He said there is no God. He just was sick and tired of the many gods in Hinduism.

He actually came to purify Hinduism from all the gods they had. He said, Do not worry about gods or God. Just work on yourself. Know thyself, that you are eventually going to reach Nirvana. So if that helps you not to make a belief in many gods, that is fine.

But there is a Consciousness that is directing the universe. That Consciousness, you can call Him whatever you want to. You can call It God, or you can call It Allah, or Jehovah, or whatever you want. But the truth is that such a Thing is there.

Hannibal: That is a large assertion.

Maitreya: Yes, God is very large too. So that is why the assertion has to be large in order to be inclusive of all parts of God. Actually you have the Essence of that huge God in you, and you are One. That is what Buddha was saying too.

You have to reach that ultimate Essence. In that ultimate Essence there is no mind, there is no feeling, there is no touch, there is no smell, there is nothing that appeals to the human sense.

Hannibal: What do you call Him?

Maitreya: People kept asking Buddha, Explain to us what is God, what do you mean by all these things? He eventually came and said, Well, it is nothingness.

No one asked the question anymore because, who wanted to know what nothingness is? How can you explain nothingness?

It is like God, explain God. You cannot explain Him.

Hannibal: So an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence.

Maitreya: Go ahead. Extraordinary evidence is in our website. Extraordinary is in our Revelation. An extraordinary claim is the fulfillment of the prophecies. An extraordinary claim is in genealogy, and, of course, ultimately it makes sense. If it makes sense, it is extraordinary because nothing else makes sense.

Hannibal: How do we know your perception isnt simply fantasy?

Maitreya: Because it is based on the Reality, because it is based on the Essence. Anything that is not the Essence, is temporary. The whole universe is not the Essence; it is a creation. It is created from that Essence, therefore it is temporary. If you believe in anything in the external world as the reality and truth, that is fantasy. But the truth of that reality is the Essence, which is the reality and the truth.

Hannibal: Human beings are poor scientific instruments.

Maitreya: Well, we are not talking about science here. We are talking about the Spirit. Actually the human being is the most advanced instrument to recognize the Spirit and God within themselves by understanding that they and God are One.

Therefore there is a difference, there is a thread, a small thread of separation between spiritual people and scientists. Science never can explain Spirit because that is beyond mind, beyond explanation.

Of course a mystic can understand science but can see easily how limited it can be.

That is why they need a Revealer, a Prophet, to come from God to them and guide them toward a greater reality that they keep missing.

Hannibal: Do you think that your perception of reality is correct, and mine is incorrect?

Maitreya: Well, if any perception is not based on the Eternal Divine Path, or the Revelation revealed with the Prophets and Revealers, it is incorrect. That is what you have to decide yourself.

Is your perception based on the Word of God and the Revelation of the Revealers, the Essence? If it is, then your perception and mine should be the same. There is no separation then between us.

But if yours is different, or you think it is different; maybe it is not. Maybe your perception is the same but we do not yet understand how we can blend them together and understand that we are saying the same thing.

Maybe you think that this Revelation is like other religions that are illogical; they are based on dogmas and historically have been affected with a lot of wrong perceptions and understandings. Then you do not know our teachings.

If you understand that our religion is based on logic, and it explains science and everything in the universe, you can see logically, Yes, it makes sense, and then you will see that our perception is correct.

Hannibal: I have trouble with this God entity, but see it as a leap in logic, a huge leap.

Maitreya: Yes, because logic is a manifestation in the universe. Logic only can explain the explainable. When the logic reaches a point that it wants to explain something beyond mind, it will stop. It cannot go any further.

It is just like science. Science can go to a point. When it reaches a point, if they go beyond that, they have no choice but to say, Yes, God exists. Even there is a unified theory now in science that everything comes from a unified base, an Essence.

Well, if they go a little further and say that unified Essence is God, then they are not scientists anymore. They cannot bring that unified Essence in the laboratory and say, Here, here is the unified Essence under the microscope. But they have come to that conclusion, it has to come from the same Essence that everything has been created from.

Now that is how far science can go. If science calls that Essence, God, they are not scientists any more.

Of course many people have. It is just like Einstein, he reached the conclusion that there is a Logic behind the universe. He did not call it God but He came pretty close to say, Yes, there is a Logic.

He even did not know from where he received the formula E=mc2. He knew it worked, but he did not know why and how. Therefore he believed a higher level of consciousness revealed it to him, and he gave it to humanity. But he could not ever prove it scientifically in a formula how he received it.

Or another scientist in chemistry found the structure for benzene. The reason Kekule found it was because in a dream he saw that a snake is eating his own tail. Then he realized it should be a loop, and he found it.

So we can see there is a Logic, there is a Revealer, there is something higher in consciousness, that has been helping humanity all along to this point.

Now if you do not want to call Him God, call Him whatever you want, higher consciousness, higher level, Pure Consciousness, whatever you want to call It. But there is One that even science is coming close to that point.

Hannibal: Scientists have little understanding of anything in the universe. If you understand it, prove it to me.

Maitreya: Well, that is one of the problems with the logic that does not believe that there is, there can be, a person that can understand better than its own limited logic. Therefore it makes fun of him. It thinks, Oh, that is impossible because scientists should understand better than you do.

But actually scientists do not, and they will not.

Hannibal: Scientists are often wrong. The world is not flat. Is Maitreya a free cult or is it a money-making one?

Maitreya: All right. Now you are getting to Now you do not have any truth to reveal here and have a correct discussion, so you start to mud sling. You see? That is when you see a persons logic is out, and their anger and emotion comes in.

Hanibal: I am just asking questions.

Maitreya: No, you are not asking questions, you are mud slinging. You are no longer logically discussing things, and you are not conversing. Therefore it shows your true color, which is anger and emotional, and is not from a realized person.

There were no rules. We were playing by your rules and answering your questions. But it was so logical that you could not handle it. Therefore you resorted to this kind of behavior. You started talking about the things that do not make sense.

If you did not ask those questions, you would have to see that this Mission is based on purity and truth, and it is based on helping humanity to come together and create the Kingdom.

Hannibal: Then the question should be?

Maitreya: No, it is just the change of tone that shows you lost the argument. You lost a logical argument about science, religion, and God, and therefore you changed your tone. It is not the question. It is the changing of your tone from a logical discussion to mud slinging, and that is when it shows a lot.

OK, so you can see that we are open to everyone to come here and ask questions about the logical part of our teaching and our Message. But with coming here and then being pushed in the corner, you start showing a different color. That shows you really are not a logical person. You have a problem with the logical explanation. You want to be right. You do not seek the truth.

To seek the truth is different than trying to make yourself to be right. That is ego. If ego is present you try to be right instead of seeking the truth.

If ego is not present, you will seek the truth. Those are two different things. Come here, anyone, and logically discuss about science, about God, about the state of the earth, etc. But do not come here and become emotional when you see we have so much truth presented here to you, and suddenly you start babbling instead of logically discussing things together.

Well, it sounds like we had a pretty good Conversation here. But it is interesting again to see how many people in PalTalk want to be right and they come here; they are not the seekers of the truth.

But probably there are some who are. That is who we are looking for because this Revelation is logical. If it was not logical I would be the first person who would not have accepted it. I would have said, What, this does not make sense, just like any other religion that is full of dogmas. It is not. There is no dogma in it. It is a Path. It is a Way.

It is based on Gods Revelation. It is based on Gods Word. It is based on what God said He would do. Therefore God exists.

That is one of the things I wanted people to show me when I was growing up in a Moslem nation. I was asking them, Show me God. Prove to me God exists. They could not do it.

Now He has proved it to me very clearly: first, in my first meditation, I could see everything is God, then through this Revelation that God said He was going to do these things. He was going to send His Prophets. He was going to send these Revelations. He was going to send these people. He was going to send the Seven Truths. Now He has done it. Therefore God exists.

Of course again through my meditation, I know He exists. God is the only thing that exists. If we reach that point, then there is no logical explanation. Therefore I know God exists.

I can tell you, Yes, there is God.

Then logically you want me to explain It to you. It is impossible. It is an experience. You have to experience it. God is not an explanation. He cannot be explained logically. Also as I said, scientists are pretty close but they cannot go one step further.

However, He is logical and indeed is Logic. These explanations are based on the Word of God. It is an experience that we encourage all of you to have. It is a Revelation that has been foretold to come. The closest you can come to explain God logically is that He said he would do things all through history, and He has accomplished them. Therefore God exists.

Now your responsibility is to prove it to yourself and take it to every corner of the world, and let them know that indeed the Word of God has come to man again and they are called to unity and the Kingdom.

I leave you all to God. Have a Godly week. See you all next week.


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