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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission Of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Welcome here to this Mission that has the latest Revelation of God, actually the last Revelation. It is a Message that God truly exists and He will fulfill all the promises, Revelations, and Prophecies that He has given to humanity. He said there will be a last Revelation and the Seventh Angel, and when He comes, He will unify all, and their religions will together be as One and reveal the Plan of God.


He indeed fulfilled these Prophecies, and now it is on earth. Of course whenever a Prophet comes, a Revealer comes, not only He reveals a part of Gods Plan to man but also He is a warning to humanity that they have to listen to the Scriptures, to Gods Words, and realize that He really will fulfill what He said He would.


It explains in our teachings clearly how He will fulfill His Prophecies, His Words and His Plan. Therefore we are all the messengers of God to take this to humanity and let them know that He has indeed sent other Prophets before this. Whenever He sent a Prophet He always told them that if they did not listen and did not understand Gods Plan, there would be upheaval, an evolutionary step in human consciousness. They will go to a higher level, and those who lag behind cannot go through the next step in evolution.


This room was originally created as a Conversation Room. Now all these Satsangs are on our website, they are here in the Mission, and you all can come and study them. But if you have any questions after reading these teachings and realizing what the Essence of these teachings are, come and let us talk about them, let us understand them, let us discuss them, and let us see what God was sending to humanity.


In the last 12,000 years there have been Seven Major Revelations from God to man. These Revelations each reveal one part of a greater truth, and that greater truth is a Path. It is not a dogma. It is not a belief. It is not an explanation. It is not a human opinion but it is something you have to follow, and as you follow it and take the steps in it you will reap the benefit of the Eternal Divine Path.


That is why this Mission does not have dogma. It opposes all the dogmas, purifies and cleans any understanding, opinion, or idea that creates a barrier between man and God.


God is in you. He is within you. He is always closer to you than anything else in the universe. Actually He is you. Therefore why would anyone want to create a barrier, a statue, an idea, a messiah, a guru, a teacher, or rabbi, or mullah, or father, or son, whoever, between them and God?


So this teaching purifies all the religions before it and clearly tells you that this is the Path to follow, and if you follow it step-by-step, you will go to God. You do not need any person between you and God.


Of course if you find someone who will take you to God, help you in the Path, great. Listen, understand, accept, progress, and go to God, and be very respectful to that person but at the same time at the end, the goal is to go to God. The goal is not to become attached to any person or make the person God, although the Spirit of God is upon the Prophets of God, or the Revealers of God, because if the Spirit was not with them, they could not say the truth and reveal the Essence of God to humanity.


Therefore in that level they and God are one. In another level they are just human. We can see humanity is freed from the bondage of their religions, from the bondage of those who set themselves up as gods and divert their attention from going to God to themselves, to this external world, to Maya, and separate man from man by ego and bringing destruction to them, and therefore do not let the whole humanity and the universe go toward the goal.


The goal is to be(come) Divine, become God, become a part of God. That is the goal of life. Anything that is in the way of reaching this goal is not from God and should be ignored and should be exposed and we have to set up our life with that goal, to reach Divinity. That Divinity (God) is everything.


So everything is Divine. At the same time the only thing that is not Divine is the illusion of separation from God or ego. If you understand this simple truth, then we can see 99.99% of the human affairs are based on that illusion of being separated from God and based on ego.


If we can teach humanity to see which part of their actions and life is based on ego and which part is based on Divinity and the goal of life, we will solve 99.99% of human problems that we have on earth at this time, because it is the ego that is hurt, the ego wants to possess, the ego wants to dominate, and the ego wants to revenge. These are all egos traits. They are the things that ego will do, and they seem to them to be so correct because they do not follow the Spirit of God. They follow the rationalization. They follow their mind instead of Spirit.


When God said, Thou shall not do this or thou shall not do that, or thou shall be completely dedicated to Me, well actually He does not need our dedication. The only reason He demands that is because our focus is going to be completely away from this Maya or external world and therefore we accelerate our progress toward fulfillment of the goal of the life, which is to be(come) Divine, to be(come) One with God.


But when He says that, His Words are absolute. He says it, and He means it. And He means it when He says them.


Of course, He is compassionate. God says, Thou shall absolutely be concentrated on Me. But if you are not, it is all right, I understand. Your rationalizing mind is in the way of your Spirit, and that rationalization is so strong and it relates to ego. You do not absolutely accept the Word of God. You trim them. You interpret them. You change them. You even write commentaries on them and tell the other people what God meant according to your opinions and ideas.


But really God meant what He said. It is very plain and simple. He means what He says, and He says what He means.


Anyone can just read the Ten Commandments, for example, and it says, Thou shall not. You can say the Ten Commandments are outdated, or you can change them or whatever.


God is absolute but compassionate. He understands the rationalization and the rational mind of the human. But those who want to follow the Spirit have to see their rational mind, how they use this rational mind not to absolutely accept Gods Words.


So humanity has problems. They have had problems all through the last 12,000 years and beyond. There has always been a war that is going to finish all wars. And of course that war is based on ego. Someone is hurt. Later on they come back. Ego likes to retaliate. Therefore the wars and destruction go on and on.


The simple truth (if humanity understands) is that God truly exists, the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, the way to Divinity is the Eternal Divine Path, and the Eternal Divine Path has Seven Steps that include seven major religions on earth. We have to accept this as the goal of the life and follow it. Then we will have a good grip of the reality and truth on earth.


By creating Communities of Light, teaching our children from the childhood about ego, that rational mind, and how we do not want to follow what God has said He is going to do for the last 12,000 years and He has fulfilled them, now we are here and humanity can clearly say, Yes God indeed is and exists, and His Words are absolute. He will do what He said He would do.


Does the human think that God created the history, sent Prophets and the Revelations, and He already foretold that at the end time there is going to be destruction if humanity does not turn around, and still this destruction will not come and they can cure it with their mind and understanding? Then they might understand that they have no choice. The only way to peace and unity and going away from the fear that is on earth is by following Gods Ways. Then the peace will come. The peace will last for a long time.


It is also explained in our teachings clearly about the social movements and how the system for humanity will work. You know, you cannot put God even out of the system. If you put His Spirit out of anything, it is not going to work: Your relationships, your friends, your marriage, your work, your relationship with your parents, with your teacher, with your children. There always has to be the Spirit of God present.


Sometimes children might not like that you push God on them but you stay firm on that and eventually they will see that your way is better than the way of the world. They will eventually return to you and say, Yes, that makes more sense. This is more peaceful. This is more truth. The world is full of ego, destruction, drugs, inequity, and taking advantage of each other and all that. I do not want that. I want to be good. I want to be wholesome. I want to be in the family. I want to be feeling the love of the family and be with the people who are not taking advantage of me but love me and I can love them back.


So if your husband or wife does not listen to you and they are not Godly, stay firm on God. If they come back to you and become Godly, then you will have a Godly relationship. If they did not come, of course, you still go to God.


So we can see that is why God demands, I should be in your life absolutely. I am number One. Why? Does He need us to put Him as Number One in our lives? Does He have a need for us to accept Him as Number One? Or is it good for us?


That is the question we have to ask of ourselves. What is it, is it really He needs our attention or if you are focusing your absolute focus on the small Light at the end of the tunnel, you will escape the darkness, you will escape the tunnel?


But if you start looking all over the walls, in the darkness, and going against the Light, are you ever going to get out of that cave or that tunnel? And when the tunnel is a dead end, there is no other light at the other side. The more you go from that only Light, the deeper and deeper you go into darkness.


So that is why He wants us to be focused absolutely on God and not waiver at all. The more you look around and try to find out what the other parts of the cave look like, the more it will make you to go away from the Light. That is why He demands and He is absolute in what He demands, Be absolutely focused on Me; be absolutely focused on God. It is because you escape out of that darkness the fastest. That is the way out, absolute focus on the Light, the Truth, and what He has revealed to us through His Scriptures and the Word.


Now He has revealed the whole truth, the whole Message, the whole Plan of God to humanity, and He says, Here it is. That is what I was doing. I was sending all these Revelations one by one to you, and now I have put them all together for you. This is what I was doing for the last 12,000 years, and that is what you have to do for the next thousand years.


If humanity wants peace, unity, and creation of an earth full of Light, the only way is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. I am not going to be able to walk it for you. I am not going to walk for you, but I am going to show you the way.


We encourage everyone to go to our website, read our teachings, and see how all the religions are unified, how it is explained what God was doing for the last 12,000 years, and come here and ask the questions related to our Mission and how they unify all the religions of the world.


Now humanity has no excuse to say, We did not hear it; we did not know it. Anyone with an Internet connection, which is really everyone, there is almost no one on earth, unless you live in a very remote area in the mountains, and even those we will eventually reach by sending teachers and those that will carry this Revelation to all corners of the world and let them know that, yes, indeed, all the religions have come from God.


At least most of humanity can easily access our website, access this room or the other rooms that we have. We will use all opportunities and resources we have to advance this teaching and this Revelation to every man, woman, and child on earth. Therefore every man, woman, and child should hear this Revelation at least once.


For you that have access to the Internet, this Revelation has been explained many times, thousands of times actually. There are tapes in the website that it takes you a couple of minutes to download and listen to explanations that have been given many times in the website, or, read the website, what it is all about.


Then realize indeed, as I said, if you have the slightest Spirit of God in you, you have no choice but to see that the Seven Seals are opened, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed, the prophecies are fulfilled, and that all the signs also show this is the end time. This is the judgment day.


This is when God prophesied in every religion that He will eventually choose His Elects; He will bring His final Revelation to man. When His final Revelation comes, a lot of events and energy will be released in the universe, on the earth, and in this time period that man indeed is sufficient to look at his own doing for many lifetimes and judge himself and be judged.


So we are there. We are here, and if you have the slightest Light of God you will see this clearly. God is not kidding. God is not the God of the words that will not happen. As our teachings clearly say, He said many things, and He has fulfilled them. He promised Abraham, his child was Isaac, and Abram, his child was Ishmael, that there would be a Kingly spiritual personality who would come from them. And they did: Christ and Prophet Muhammad.


He said there are going to be Seven Revelations, and there are. He said there is going to be an end time, and it is here. We are in it. We are at that time.


The way out is the Eternal Divine Path, negation of ego, and absolutely understanding the Words of God and being concentrated in this task of salvation. Any attachment that is in the way of this accomplishment should be completely put away. As long as you are attached to anything then you are not attached to God. You are lukewarm.


As I said, God is absolute. He is not lukewarm. He is the Being that says, Thou shall not. It is not a discussion, just like many times we say it is like a person who is a mechanic and built a car. And he says, You shall not put water in the oil tank. Should we sit there, discuss, and argue with him, No, the water is OK, I think water is going to work?


He built the car. He knows it is not going to work. It is going to burn the car up, if you put water in the oil tank.


We cannot discuss something with the mechanic that he already knows better than us how this creation works. That is what God said, Thou shalt not do this. Now we come here and say, No, I do not think He really meant that. Let us discuss it. Let us listen to my opinion and ideas.


He says clearly, If you are lukewarm, I am going to spew you out of My Mouth. He is absolute. He means it, whatever He says.


But He is compassionate. He has been with man for a long time, and man has done many things that did not work. Even before the flood of Noah He said, I have had enough of man. My Spirit is not going to struggle with man anymore. It means that there is a struggle between the human mind, and God and Spirit.


That is exactly that struggle every individual goes through. There is the Call of the Spirit and the call of flesh. There is the Call of the Light and the call of the rationalized mind. The rationalized mind sounds so good to us, What do you mean I should put God before my rabbi, or priest, and mullah, or this and that? What do you mean I should put God before my parents and family? What do you mean I should put God before my wife or husband, or children?


See, the rationalized mind says, You should not do that. Those things are more important in our lives than God Itself.


But God did not say that. God said, No, I am Number One. Absolutely, there is no discussion. There is no opinion. There are no ideas. I am Number One.


I am the Light. If you want to go to the Light, you have to focus on the Light. You cannot be focusing on everything else but the Light and say, Oh, still I want to go to the Light. But of course if you have your opinions and your ideas, you are not listening to God absolutely.


God says, OK, My little child has not got it yet. I will be compassionate toward him or her. I still love him. I will stay here silently, meditatively, in absolute Oneness with My Spirit and wait for him or her to eventually put the opinions and rationalized mind away and say, Yes. I have had enough of the rationalized mind for so many lifetimes, and the world tells me and supports my rationalized mind but God says differently.


Which one are we going to listen to? Then we listen to the Spirit of God. That is when He becomes Number One in our lives. Then following the Eternal Divine Path becomes easy. You meditate; there are no attachments, no desires, no rational mind. You go right to God.


Our meditation is absolute Oneness with the Light, beauty, and Bliss. Of course if you have rational mind, you start thinking this and thinking that, and going here and there. That is why we recommend in your meditation, when your rational mind comes in and starts thinking, bring it slowly to the truth or the Light.


OK, Seeker of knowledge is asking:



Seeker_of_knowledge1: Why was confusion allowed between religions?

Maitreya: If you study our teachings, Seeker, God did not allow confusion between religions. Confusion started when the balance between the forces and consciousness occurred, and a part of the universe went out of balance.

The first feeling of this imbalance was, I know. See, the first manifestation of I was in the universe. Before that it was just knowness, just Be-ness. There was no separation between any part of the universe and the other. But when that first sign of disturbance occurred in the universe, the feeling was, I know. Then that was the influence of the satva guna, or sentient force.

The next feeling was based on the raja guna, or energy, as I do. And of course, I know, I do; the next was, I have done. Memory was created.

So the three parts of the mind were separated from the rest of the universe, and the ego as I was evolved. That is why we were just talking about the rational mind of, I know better than God. I know, I do, and I have done, the three parts of mind that separate us from God.

That is darkness. That is separation from the rest of the universe and the creation of I and ego. That is when we read in the Bible, The Spirit of God moved upon the waters, and God said, Let there be Light.

So there was darkness on the deep. There was this separation of part of the universe from the rest. God decided He was going to help this darkness to go back to the Light, return to Oneness with the Body.

That is why He sent His Spirit to this darkness, and His Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path. He meditated, observed, looked at the darkness, realized what is wrong with this darkness that has been created, and saw that it is the I, the separation of the ego from the rest of the universe.

The next step was to bring those who feel that they want to go back to the Light together and create a group or community from them, sacrifice in it, become surrendered and submissive to the Light, and become a universalist. Those are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path he went through. He became an Elect or Paravipra and reached the Light.

That is when God said, And there was Light. God saw it and said it was good. So the confusion started by a part of the universe being separated from the rest. That is when the confusion started in the universe, even before the creation was created.

Now God revealed the Eternal Divine Path to humanity, and He told them by the Eternal Divine Path they can return to God. They did not listen.

Until the last 12,000 years ago in the flood of Noah, God closed the third eye of man and gave him a fleshly body and started sending the Eternal Divine Path as different religions to humanity one by one. So we can see, God did not create confusion. He did not allow that the confusion be between religions.

He gave the whole Eternal Divine Path to humanity in the beginning of the creation but still they would not follow it. Since they had the power to be connected to the Spirit they could manipulate the Spirit and therefore create a lot of problems for the universe. That is why at the time of the flood of Noah, God said, My Spirit is not going to struggle with man any longer.

By this decision, He made man very powerless. Indeed most humans do not have any connection to the spiritual world any more at all. Their third eyes were closed. They were disconnected from the Spirit.

Now we are that man, that we are disconnected from the Spirit. All religions are a part of a greater truth. We do not understand all these things. But in the last 12,000 years, there were beings that continued meditating, awakening their spiritual forces, and they wanted to know the truth. They have been reincarnated again and again.

Now when they see and hear these teachings, they say, Yes, this makes sense. How can we believe there is one God and so many religions? How can there be one Revealer, and we have so much confusion between religions?

Now the confusion is lifted. It is clearly said in the Scriptures that God is a Mystery for this new human that has no connection to the spiritual world until the Seventh Angel comes. When the Seventh Angel comes, it is done, it is finished! It is revealed to humanity.

Now it is done. It has revealed the truth. There is no confusion.

In the Mission of Maitreya, in our Mission, there is no confusion between any religion. We understand Christianity. We understand Judaism. We understand Buddhism. We understand Hinduism. We understand Islam. We know where they fall, exactly know where they fall and how God sent them, and how they can be unified together.

So confusion started by creation of ego. From the very beginning that imbalance was created in the universe. God did not create confusion. God did not allow there would be confusion. But confusion is innate in ego and separation from God.

I hope that answered your question. If there are other questions, someone should send them to me, or you can always raise your hand and come to the microphone and ask your question if you have one. And if you have a follow-up on this question, Seeker, you can go ahead and post it, or raise your hand, and we can go from there.

Dunyaa is asking:

Dunyaa dreaming: I have a question. How did Maitreya come to know that He was Maitreya?


Maitreya: There is a lecture in the website. That is the URL that was posted []. Just click on that and download the literature or read it on the website. It explains how I was guided, step by step, to eventually realize that this Revelation is the greatest Revelation for humanity, and humanity needs it so much and so badly at this time. Every man and woman should hear it, understand it, follow it, and become it; not only see it but become it. They should start following this teaching and absolutely start creating Communities of Light, and eventually bring peace and unity on earth.


No one is going to succeed with wars, destruction, and terrorism. This is all, as we said, based on ego. None of them is going to succeed because God never said any one idea will succeed to bring the peace and unity, but this will.


There is a question from Sarick.



Sarick: In the Eternal Divine Path do we see our loved ones again that have passed on, or will they be reincarnated on earth before we go back to God?


Maitreya: If we see them in the other world, they will have a physical body. They will have a material body. As long as we have a material body, it is not the ultimate. Still it is flesh or is material. This is not the ultimate or Pure Consciousness.


Therefore the only way we can see them is through incarnation, to come back to earth and be together. I know many people have had a near-death experience by going to what they call the Light and Heaven. They have seen their loved ones there, and they welcome them, etc. That is the ethereal part of the universe. That is where the consciousnesses are waiting to be reincarnated and coming back to earth to progress even further.


The ethereal level is so beautiful and so fantastic that many people become trapped in that ethereal level. Some people even do astral projection. They go to the ethereal level, meet these wonderful masters, and learn a lot of wonderful words, etc. But what is the ultimate has no taste, has no shape, has no name, and has no material attributes. It is Pure Consciousness.


If we realize that that is the ultimate, anything between that ultimate and oneness with God or absorption to the unity with the Spirit is still illusion. It is not going to take us to where the goal of the life is. Therefore those things are still a trap that humanity has to recognize, realize, and strive for the ultimate truth, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.


It is going to be very difficult for a lot of people to give up these intermediate stages between the ultimate unity because they are so beautiful. They are so appealing to our rational mind because we are attached to these people. We love them. We do not want that they become something that is just Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.


So if we can go to the ether, see them, and be with them, that is great for us as a rational mind. But if we realize that this is still not the ultimate, we can go even in a greater degree and further in our spiritual progress.


Sappysongs2go is asking:



Sappysongs2go: Is that bad if they are trapped there?


Maitreya: Well, it is just like you want to go to Memphis, and you have a very important business meeting there, and you go to New Orleans and never make it to Memphis. Is that bad to be stuck in New Orleans? Well, you are never going to reach your goal.


The ethereal world is just another stage of reaching Pure Consciousness. So if you are striving for the ultimate, the prime directive toward reaching the ultimate is realizing it is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Anything that has form, has shape, has taste, or has material attributes is in your way. It is not the ultimate. You are still trapped in the path to that absolute realization.


It is very hard for humans to see that and accept that as the goal of life because it is so intangible; it is so beyond the human conception of a physical body and being here. It does not appeal to the ego in another sense.



Comment: So the ultimate is nothing.


Maitreya: Well, the Buddhists say it is nothing. That is not really what Buddha taught. He taught the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal but it is so hard for the human to see this concept that they kept asking the questions, when is this, or is it that, etc., because they wanted him to explain God.


God is not explainable. It is an experience. If you experience God, then you know Him. You do not need an explanation. You have experienced the ultimate.


So He eventually came up with the word, Nirvana. The translation of Nirvana, a lot of people say it means nothingness. But really it is not nothingness. It is absolute equilibrium between all the forces, or what it was before the creation was created.


If you reach that point then you are not going to come back and explain what it is. That is the dilemma. That is a catch-22. You want to know what it is, but the moment you experience it, then you are not going to come back and explain it. Even if you come back you cannot explain something that is unexplainable. It is beyond mind. As long as we are thinking and we are using our minds to explain it, it is not God.


When the mind is stopped and we went beyond the three levels of mind of, I know, I do, and I have done, to the ultimate Spirit, then everything is clear. You know, but you cannot explain it.



Comment: It is an experience.


Maitreya: It is an experience, exactly. It is an experience that you have to go through. When you experienced it, you know what it is.


Even that experience is not recommended at this time in the Mission. We are not here to forego the world and experience that ultimate experience. We explain it and we are hoping that you eventually experience the ultimate, but at this time we are trying to spread this Message of the Eternal Divine Path, of the unity of religions, of the coming of humanity together and bringing them to realize God, and how He has been sending all these religions together and now they are unified. Also, how we have to create the Communities of Light and not to worry about our own salvation but the salvation of the whole universe, because we cannot go in if the whole universe is not coming with us into Pure Consciousness.


It is impossible to reach salvation without the whole universe, at least most of it, by the time of the end of this creation are ready to go in. So we are not going to go in until the end of the creation. And of course when the creation stops it is going in a freeze and a deep freeze for billions and billions of years. It will awake and eventually all will return to the equilibrium as it was before.


So we are here to explain all these things but we are not encouraging anyone to try to reach Pure Consciousness without following the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the base of the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth and a march of all those who want to go to God together.


We are not preaching individual salvation. We are preaching collective salvation based on the Revelations of the Scriptures. Therefore we are not even worried about our salvation at this time. What we are worried about is to bring this Message to every man and woman on earth and explain to them the ultimate God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, teach them not to listen to their rational minds but to their Spirits and understand THOTH in the deepest level, and love one another as God loves them, therefore break any bondage of religion, attachments, and desires. Therefore they can free themselves from the rational mind and attachments, or so they can go to God all together.


So as the Buddha also taught, Sangha and Daharma. Sangha means community. That is so important: To create a community based on Daharma, which means innate nature of each individual in it so they can see where they fit in that community and create the community based on Daharma, or the nature of each person.


By doing that we will have a wonderful place for people to meditate, to progress, and to eventually realize God and come and say, Yes, now I know how God is, who God is, what God is, and I cannot explain it to you, but I know that actually I do not exist but God exist. He is beyond all imagination and concepts, and He is beyond mind.


This is a concept, which is hard for humans to understand. That is why they create religions. It makes it easier to have a couple of dogmas and believe that you are better than other people because that appeals to ego. If I am better than other people then I am superior. The very feeling of superiority is based on ego. Ego feels superior. Ego feels controlling. Ego feels and wants to be better than someone else.


But Spirit is the same. It does not matter where in the universe they are, they have come from God, come from the same Essence. There is no superiority, no inferiority. It just is God. God is everything.


So by this understanding and expansion of the mind, more and more we can see every part of the universe is a part of God, and therefore we will not harm something, which is a part of us. Would you cut your hand if you know it is a part of your body? You would not. Therefore, man has to realize that by harming others or by creating wars and destruction they are harming themselves.


There has never been a war that at the end people enjoyed it and said, That was a good thing to do. At least those who died or were maimed or lost their body parts, it was not good for them anyway.


So we can see by understanding this teaching, we can overcome the ego and bring this understanding to humanity that God is everything. God is everywhere. We are all a part of Him. We are brothers and sisters. This is what we have to teach at this time to humanity and emphasize for them so they can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


When the Kingdom comes, we will have peace, we will not have this fear that the destruction is going to come to us, that others are going to harm us so wed better harm them before they harm us. This never reaches the point that it is going to solve any problems.


So we are the salvation of man, the salvation of humanity, to realize this wonderful truth and eventually come together and say, OK, let us come together and create Communities of Light.


That is why the sooner you all come together and start creating Communities of Light, the sooner humanity will see, Yes, there is an alternative to these destructive tendencies on earth and egos that are engaged in this battle of ego trips. Therefore we are not even thinking about our salvation at this time. We cannot explain God and even we are not trying to go there now.


Right now we are trying to understand that God has been sending this Revelation to humanity and each of them has a message for man. The first message is the awakening of your spiritual forces. That is the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufis in Islam, Saints in Christianity, and many other teachings that teach, Know thyself to know God. You and God are one already; there is no separation.


Your Essence is really God. If you separate yourself from God that is a delusion that we have, that is Maya that we think we are separate from God. God is up there somewhere, sitting, an old man with a long beard, always angry, and sends thunder to the universe.


He is not like that. He is right where you are, with you always. He never leaves you. He is always with you. As Prophet Muhammad said, He is closer to you than your vein. It is you.


Therefore by understanding this, you know that God never leaves you, He is always with you. The only thing is for you to realize that you do not exist. God exists in you truly, and that is the beginning of your journey. Even after you realize that, it is not the end. The next is to create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, the Word of God, and His Laws.


This community will be based on Gods System; the system will evolve from these communities, from these people who strive for salvation and unity. This is the Word of God. This is the Revelation that has been sent to man. The Word of God will come true one way or the other.


When these Communities of Light are created, no one can create a community, an environment without sacrifice. That is why Christ came and set that example for humanity. So in order to create these communities, sacrifice is necessary.


What religion brought the Communities of Light? The Old Testament. If you study the whole Old Testament, the only thing it talks about is that God was trying to find a people, a tribe, a community, the twelve tribes of Israel.


Israel means the Children of Light. The Children of Light are not a race or a people. Whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path is a Child of Light.


When the Children of Light will create these communities, these communities will be based on the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They know they have to give into the community, not the community that gives more and receives less. Just like water in a tank that lets more water out and less water in. So it is going to become empty, and it is not going to be created. So every individual in the community has to put the community first in their lives and then of course we will see that communities will evolve in a greater degree.


Christ set that example for humanity when you live in a community, Love your brothers as I love you, and sacrifice, and be like me. He is an example of that for humanity.

The next step is realizing the Will of God for us. What is the Will of God for me? What is the Will of God for humanity? What is the Will of God for the universe? The Will of God for the universe is to return it to Pure Consciousness, to Godhead, back to unity with God. That is the goal of the universe. The goal of the earth is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth so we can accelerate the progress of everyone to the highest possible.


The goal of the community is to be(come) a Community of Light. Everyone follows the Eternal Divine Path.


What is my part? What is the Will of God for me in this community? Where do I fall in this community that I can help and make it in a greater Community of Light? And when you find that, you surrender and submit to it.


That is the highest spiritual realization. Then we surrender and submit ourselves to God because then God comes through. When we do that, we become one with God and that is the message of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submission to God.


Still with these four parts, to this point, we have our ego and separation from the rest of the universe, or other groups, or other people.


The next step is universalism. Universalism means to realize that God is everything. There is no separation of any part of the universe from any other part, and that we expand our minds from any narrowness of the mind.


With these five steps: Awakening of the spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and becoming a universalist, you become an Elect. You can become a Paravipra, a person who becomes a dynamic spiritual force in this universe. They eventually will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


So we can see these are the Words of God. We can see it matches exactly the Revelation of each Prophet.


Some people have come and said, All the religions are the same. They say the same thing.


We do not say that. We say, Each religion has a specific message, each of them have a message for humanity, and they become one and united when you put them together. When you put them together, you see the whole picture.


If you have not read our teachings or understand them, or see the Truth and Light in them, and you are holding onto your dogmas and your religions, you have not seen the whole Vision, you have not seen the whole Plan of God. You are still following your religion, a part of a greater truth.


That greater truth is the Eternal Divine Path, it is THOTH, it is our Revelation. The only way to see the whole picture is to understand THOTH, this Revelation. If you do not understand this Revelation, if you resist it, if you still are not seeing the Vision completely or becoming it, you will fall into dogma, your understanding, and your rational mind.


This is the Message humanity has to understand, has to realize, and has to see clearly. See the Vision absolutely, understand it, and eventually become it. Not only It explains all the religions of the world, it also explains why, even in social movements in our society, every movement has a period of usefulness. It has never been explained like this anywhere on earth.


If you read the three books called Kingdom in THOTH, they explain how the social movements are cyclical and how, if humanity realizes these cycles of the social movements, they can smooth them out and bring even a greater degree of peace in our social transformation from one period to another.


So you have to expand your consciousness absolutely, and be prepared for a new Revelation, a new Way of seeing things clearly before you can understand this teaching and this Revelation and how it can be implemented, and how it is so practical. It makes so much sense.


It is the Truth of God, and God said it is going to come at the end time. And it has.


Therefore we are blessed that we have received this Revelation, that we are the first people who heard it. Now we know it. If you go to the website, it is all there. It is all provided for you clearly received, clearly given. You can go and read them, understand them, follow them, and eventually say, Yes, I want to create the Communities of Light. I want to follow the Eternal Divine Path and become one with God.


One of the first things that humanity has to recognize is that God truly exists. That is one of the things that really the human has to recognize deeply to know God exists. All other efforts the humans do are not going to give any fruit unless they are based on this Revelation, based on this truth.


They want peace. This is going to bring peace. They want a world that they progress in a greater degree. It will help them. No other approach, or work, or war, or destruction, or revengeful action will bring peace but the Word of God.


He has said things in the past that He will do, and He has done them. He said His Kingdom will come. So it will. That is our salvation. That is our goal. That is what we have to focus on. We know that it will happen. If we do that then we have no fear of anything on this earth. No matter what happens externally, internally, and spiritually, we know we are on the right Path; we are at the right place.


We are following the Word of God that said His Kingdom will come, and we are going to be part of it.


If anyone finds anything with more truth than this and this is not going to be the winner but there is another idea which is the winner and it is based on the Word of God, I am the first person who is going to follow that. I want to be in the winner cycle. God is the winner for sure, because He said only those who will be in His camp will eventually succeed.


These are not my words; they are the Words of God. This Mission is not just a little movement as a cult or anything like that. I take you to God. I do not want you to be attached to me.


The Spirit of God has come through me to you. But my Calling is to you, to follow the Eternal Divine Path; create the Communities of Light; go to God. I am here to help you. I am here to be with you. I am here to guide you if I can, as much as we could. But at the end we should become brothers and sisters in God and workers together to spread this Message to every corner of the earth and help man to overcome all this baggage and heavy things that they put on themselves instead of being free.


If we bring God in all levels of our life, in our marriages, in our communities, on earth, in our government, in our every aspect of life, we will create an environment that we do not have to struggle with each other. If I am one with God and you are one with God, we are one. It is so simple!


If I concentrate on you and you concentrate on me, we are never going to become one, absolutely not. We will have problems, as we can see problems between friends, between couples, and between children, because they want something from each other that they do not have, none of them has.


They want the Love of God. God has it. If I receive it from God and you receive it from God then we both have it and we can give it to each other. But if I have a big ego and I want to take it from you all the time, then I become a black hole. I am just taking the energy of God, or the good energy of you from you, and I am not going to give anything back. That is not a good relationship.


That is why you have to go to God and everyone else has to go to God, and then we can give it to each other. Actually we do not need it anymore. We are absolutely filled up. We are filled up with the Spirit, I really do not need you, but I love you because you are a part of God, because I see the Essence of God in you and that is what I love, that Essence of God. I do not love your ego. I do not love your problems. But I love you because you are the Essence of God.


You can solve all the problems in all the levels of human existence with the Communities of Light, with understanding the Spirit, with the focus on the Light, with ridding ourselves of the ego and rationalizing mind, our attachments, dogmas, and desires, and eventually free ourselves as great channels or pure Light to humanity. The more we spread that Light, the more Light we will have and in a greater degree we will feel one with our Essence.


The Path is the Eternal Divine Path, which unifies all religions of the world. We do not separate Christians from Jews, from Hindus, from Buddhists, from Moslems, from Bahais; they are all our brothers and sisters, they all have great religions and Revelations from God. They are all prophesied to come as great religions of the world. Therefore we do not have any hate toward any of them. We look at each of them as the Essence of God.


The more Godly they are, the more one we are with each other. The only thing we hate in this universe is ego. That is the only thing we hate. We do not even hate the individual. We hate their ego. We do not put them down because they are bad. They are not bad. Their Essence is God. How can God be bad? God is always Good. That is why they call Him, God. That is only one o less than good. It is God. God is Good.


Actually God Is. You can put anything in front of God and He becomes it. The only thing God is not, is ego.


God is not ego. God does not have the illusion of separation from the universe. God does not have that quality. That is the only thing that God is not. So if we want to become God we should not be ego, have ego, or be egoistical, but be free from that illusion of separation from God and become one with the Light, which reveals to us the truth. We know the truth. Indeed all of us know the truth.


But our rational mind tells us not to listen to the Spirit of the truth. Deep inside us we know the truth. All of us know the truth very clearly. We know what the right thing to do is. But we do not do them because our rational mind says, Oh no, maybe I should follow my understanding rather than Gods understanding.


Adam and Eve knew the truth. God told them, Do not eat of this tree. Of course it was not a tree; it was a symbolic meaning of, Do not fall to the lower nature. They knew they should not do it. But it looked good. It might make you wise, and you become one of the gods.


The rational mind comes in and says, Oh do it. It is OK. Maybe it is not that bad.


But God did not say, Let us discuss it, sit down, and talk about it, if it is a good thing to eat or not. He said, Do not do it.


Still they said, No, maybe it is OK to do it, and they did it.


So we have to see where we rationalize in our lives. Where do we put the Word of God out and we bring our understanding in? When we do that, then more and more ego is going to go, the more the Spirit and God will come to us. The fastest way to do this is meditation, creation of the Communities of Light, the ability to sacrifice in the community, become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, and become a universalist.


We might struggle in meditation to know thyself but when you are in the community, other people are going to tell you clearly where you can improve yourself. If you realize that community has such a power, so your meditation and your progress is going to be many thousand-fold accelerated.


So not only is there so much truth revealed in this Mission, it also explains the Plan of God, what else humanity needs.


Every human should be here, and hear and understand this simple truth and see how God has done it. This Mission and this Message should be spread like wildfire for humanity. But of course, Maya, ego, and separation has become greater at this time.


Even that has been prophesied. When this Revelation comes, actually the dark forces become even stronger, more powerful. Human ego becomes greater. Actually the Scriptures clearly say that if it was not because of God, they would have been destroyed.


This Revelation is the way out, the way to stop these destructive tendencies, negating the ego, realizing the Spirit, bringing peace and healing the earth. This is the healing power to heal the earth and humanity from their dilemma, from their ego, from their separation, from the destructive tendencies for the last 12,000 years.


The history is clearly a lesson for men that they cannot do it by themselves. They have been here for the last 12,000 years without the Spirit of God, their third eyes were closed, and they were left alone. Have they succeeded to bring unity, to bring peace on earth?


There have been more than 4,000 wars just in the last five to six thousand years in human history. And still we are at it. We are still in war and destruction. Why? Because we are disconnected from God, because we are disconnected from Spirit.


God says, Look, I can leave you alone like this forever. You can go ahead and kill each other and be in ego trips, or follow the Eternal Divine Path. You have the choice.


Someone was saying, No, no, we have all the choice to do whatever we want. That is the teaching of the New Agers that we can do whatever we want. God did not say that. The only choice you have is to choose God or not to choose God. That is the only free will for humanity.


Of course, if you do not choose God you can do whatever you want. But that, whatever you want, is going to lead you to destruction. If you choose God then you cannot do whatever you want, you have to follow His Will, and that leads to Light.


That is what Christ said, the door is wide, the Path is wide, and that leads to destruction. If we choose God, then you have to understand His Words are absolute and you absolutely have to follow His Ways.


So again, understand this truth, and expand your mind from religiosity and dogmas, and see the Word of God in the Scriptures that clearly say, There are going to be Seven Revelations. After the Seven Revelations come, the truth will be revealed to humanity.


We can hang onto our own understandings, cultures, or religions, but they are not going to help us.


For example, S-mireille is saying:



S-mireille: Who is our savior? "JESUS " is my savior.


Maitreya: There is only one savior, S-Mireille, and that is Christ who is the Anointed One from God. He has been prophesied to come and bring Revelation and religion, well they became religions, those Revelations became religions later but just to bring the Revelation to humanity.


There have been Seven Revelations, S-Mireille. Christs Revelation is the third one. He came as the savior many times. He even said, I shall return, and He has returned many times. Therefore you have to go to our website, S-Mireille. Study our teachings. Realize God has been sending more than Christianity. He has been sending the truth in Seven Revelations from God. Christianity is a part of this Revelation.


You are correct, if by Jesus you mean the savior, the Son of God, the First Begotten Son, yes indeed, He is the only savior. No one else can save us but Christ. But you also have to realize that Abraham was Christ, Moses was Christ, Esa was Christ, Mohammad was Christ, Bab was Christ, Baba was Christ, and He saved humanity step by step to this Revelation, which also has come through Gods Prophets, Spirit, to humanity and is from Christ.


Indeed if you do not understand this Revelation you do not understand the concept of the Son of God clearly. Of course Christ in the incarnation of Esa released The Grace back to humanity. The Grace that had been taken away from man at the time of Adam and Eve was released back to humanity. Therefore He is so celebrated because He brought back The Grace to man.


And for that, whoever believed that, indeed, Esa came as Christ, will receive The Grace. Those who deny that Esa was the Christ will not receive The Grace.


Of course you also have to understand that His name never was Jesus. There is no J in Hebrew. If you really want to know your religion correctly you have to understand this Revelation. Therefore his earthly name was Esa, and you want to correct your religion and understanding from what you have been taught to what is the truth.



S-mireille: But He is the only one who died for us.


Maitreya: He died for every man, woman, and child on earth. The only requirement to receive The Grace of Christ is to realize that His name was Esa, His earthly name. His given name or His spiritual name cannot be pronounced. Some people say He is Yshua. But really Yshua was not His spiritual name. It is a corrupt name of God and His Son. His Name and Gods Name in the Spirit cannot be pronounced.


Therefore no matter what you call Him, the moment you utter His Name, it is not Him. And you are saved by His Name. That is what He meant. You are saved by His Name, but His spiritual Name, and it cannot be pronounced.


It was given to His disciples. That is what the disciples healed people with. If they were healing in the Name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost, or the Name of Christ, why was that man in that village paying the disciples to give him the Word that they used to heal, if they were saying, uttering it outside and saying, We are healing in the Name of Jesus, or whatever, in the Name of the Father and Son? Why would he give them money if he was saying Jesus? He would have known that name already.


It was the Name that they would use to heal with. It was a Name that could not be pronounced. That is what the disciples used to heal people with. If you know that Word, if you are dedicated to the Eternal Divine Path, and you receive the whole Name, then your salvation is guaranteed.


Even then you have to use the Word correctly to become more Godly so you can hear The Word. Even after it is revealed to you, if you are not Godly, you are not going to be able to hear It.


So you see, I know more about your religion, S-Mireille, than you ever knew. So if you want to know as much as I do, go to our website, and understand your religion. Do not listen to the preachers or stay in your cultural bias or religious bias that you might have accumulated in this lifetime. We all have, and we all have to rid ourselves of them.


Therefore you are saved by His Name, and you have to know His Name. His Name was not Jesus.



Very well, it is 11:30 again. Our time is up. I leave you all to God. Again go preach, give this Message to humanity. It is their salvation, and it reveals all the truth that humanity has to know. There is nothing that is not covered in this Mission and in this Revelation. That is the most perfect Revelation that has come to humanity from God.


Our teaching is based on the Bible, and the Bible is the base of all religions on earth.


I leave you all to God. Hopefully see you next week. Sal-OM everyone!


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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