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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission. We hope you have gone to the website and studied our teachings, and you have come here with the questions related to our teachings.

There has never been a Revelation that explains everything from the creation, from the second of the creation, to the end time and the salvation of man, and has shown a Path that guides man to that salvation, brings the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and unifies all the religions of the world.

The coming of this Revelation has been prophesied and foretold for thousands of years. Now it is on earth for all of us to see, read, understand, ask questions, and become familiar with the teachings and eventually realize how Wonderful God is, and He has been sending all these religions to earth.

Many topics have been covered in the Discourses and Satsangs we have been giving for the last twenty-two years. They are in our website. You can listen to the audios of these Satsangs. They can easily be downloaded from our FTP site [http://localhost/]. It just takes a couple of seconds to download them, or minutes; it depends on what Internet speed you have, and you can listen to them, put them in your MP3 player or whatever you have that you carry with you. Or burn them to CDs and listen to them later.

Therefore you can understand the very base of this Revelation that has been given to man and clears the confusion that truly has made humanity to a people that do not understand each other. They have problems realizing that God has sent all these religions, and foretold and prophesied them to come.

Even the people who follow their own religion do not understand the meaning of their religion and why their Revelation has come to them. But if you truly understand our teaching, everything becomes so crystal clear to you that you can easily see the Plan of God, the way He thinks, the way He acts, and how He has been sending the parts of the Eternal Divine Path to humanity one-by-one.

Ken is asking:

Ken: Is that why a lot of spirits are frightened because of the truth?

Maitreya: The spirit of man or the lower nature of man is afraid, is attached, does not want to realize the truth and therefore they create a lot of fear and actually reject God because they do not want to follow the truth. It has been like this from the very beginning, at the time of the Garden of Eden to this point.

That is one of the reasons for creation of the history and Revelations of these religions or truths to humanity, to choose a people who are interested and they are not afraid, they are not attached, and they are the brave seekers of the truth. No matter where the truth takes them, they are willing to go to that place.

So they fear nothing. They go where the fear, fears to follow them. In that place, they accept the truth, they realize the truth, and they are not afraid of anything on this earth or the Word of God that might be sharp and like a knife cuts the attachments and desires that humans have for being on this earth. They accept the knife of the surgeon to take the tumor out of their spirit. Therefore they go to their higher nature.

So when you want to do surgery, if you are not where the fear cannot follow you, you are afraid because you are afraid that the surgeon might not be the good one and might cut too deeply or too little and leave some tumor in the body. Therefore you cannot recover from your problem.

This might have been true in the past, however by understanding our teachings and following the Eternal Divine Path, and realizing how God is trying to make everyone become disconnected from this world and connected to the spirit, we can progress little by little, and following the Eternal Divine Path becomes easier and easier for us. Then we reach a point that the Eternal Divine Path makes more sense than anything else.

Of course these truths have been talked about all through our teachings, and if you truly understand the teachings you can see that all aspects of creation have been covered, from the moment of creation to the end time and eventually the salvation of man back to God.

Therefore it is the most complete, most perfect Revelation that has ever come to humanity. If we can make people see and understand that God has prophesied that all the Revelations that have come to man have come from one God, then we will not have such an upheaval and destructive tendencies, opinions, and ideas that you can see are on earth at this time. They will have no choice but to accept that, Yes, indeed, the Mystical Paths are OK; Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, the Saints, and the Sufis are saying the same thing, Know thyself to know God. Know God, which is one with you, with yourself, with Atman. If you know yourself, you know God because they are One. They are the same; they are the Essence of every man, woman, and child.

Then you also accept the Old Testament that God sent to show how the Communities of Light can be created, that God wants humanity to create Communities of Light, communities based on God, His Laws, and His Daharma. They act in the community according to their innate natures, their Daharmas. By doing that, each person has a specific place in the community and no one dominates anyone but everyone has their place in the community to manifest what God has given them to manifest.

That is exactly what Buddha said. He said Daharma and Sangha. Daharma means our innate nature, and Sangha means the community.

In order to create such a community, sacrifice is needed. That is the New Testament. So we accept that God also sent Christ and the New Testament, and He has a message in that Revelation also.

Also Christ released The Grace to humanity, and therefore anyone who believes Christ was the Messiah, the Prophet of God, will receive that Grace abundantly because then they have overcome their lower nature, the first three chakras, and they have gone to their fourth chakra, which is the beginning of understanding and realizing God.

In the fourth chakra is when you eventually realize the Spirit of God, and you surrender and submit to Him. That brings Islam into the picture. We accept that Islam and Prophet Muhammad were also prophesied to come. Also He has been promised to Abram as coming from His child, Ishmael. Therefore He is also a Prophet of God.

If we understand that, then all those people in those rooms that call for the destruction of Moslems will realize, No, He also was from God, and they should not use their own understanding but Gods Plan and Revelation and see, Yes, that is a part of God too.

We accept Bahais because they brought the concept of universalism.

This is the Path that we have to follow. This is the Path we have to meditate on and create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, and become a universalist.

The Way has been given. The Path has been shown. The Revelation has come. Therefore we can see that the only thing left is to find the Elects.

Also those who come to the Mission have the best Path to follow and progress in. We do not seek spiritual experiences. If they came to us, fine, we enjoy them. We thank God, and we continue doing the Will, which is the Eternal Divine Path.

So the only thing that is left is to come together, create the Communities of Light, spread this Message all over the world, and bring everyone together as one humanity, one earth, one God, and therefore bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If we are still hanging to something that is not letting us to follow the Eternal Divine Path, it is not going to really help us much because that is what God said. That is how you progress, by becoming engaged in the Eternal Divine Path and understanding these teachings. Then you will progress.

If you truly do that, really the only thing left for you is to come together and create the communities, and sacrifice in them by realizing, What is my part in this community? What can I do best to help spread this Message? What can I do best to be a productive member of the community? How can I be a part of Gods Work, Revelation, and creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth?

If we concentrate on that, everything else falls in their places and we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth together. Therefore it is a Path, it is a Way that has to be followed and everyone should see it clearly. This is of course the spiritual explanation of the Mission, the explanation of the spiritual part of this Revelation, which is the Eternal Divine Path.

Also we have a social part in the Mission. That is the explanation of the four classes and how, through history to this time, each class was dominating the society and how there are cyclical movements in this social progress and how we can bring a system that makes the transition from one period to another smoothly, and when each cycle is completed, humanity will progress in a greater degree.

So not only the spiritual aspect has been explained to humanity, also the social aspect has been explained to them. If they realize how these cyclical movements work, then they can easily create a society that infinitely will progress to a greater degree and create an environment where everyone is provided their physiological and safety needs. and education and health benefits will be provided for everyone.

So the Path is given to the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, creation of the earth that everyone will have the minimum necessities at least, they will have plenty of time to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, and to create greater degree of spirit to human life. That is where the focus should be.

The focus should be: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. That is the goal of the life. That is the true goal of every persons life, to be(come) Divine.

How do you become Divine? By following the Eternal Divine Path. By following the Eternal Divine Path you will create the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Plan of God or the Hierarchy of the people who will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth will come from these communities.

You see, it is so perfectly matched, and it is just like a puzzle that fits together so perfectly. If you understand the teachings in a very deep level, you will see that there is perfection in this Revelation and how everything works together so perfectly to bring an environment that everyone can progress in a greater and accelerated rate toward becoming Pure Consciousness or the goal of life, or becoming Divine and realizing that really God exists in them. God and they are One. There is no separation.

You do not have to seek God in the churches, in the synagogues, in the Masjids, or in the Temples, because your body is the Temple of God. And the Temple of God has God in it.

Prophet of Grace: What is your opinion of the Bible?

Maitreya: The Bible is the base of all the Revelations on earth. It explains how creation has been created, how Seven Revelations will come to humanity, and how the end time will come.

Therefore the Bible is revealed to humanity so they can realize how other Revelations will also come and where each of them falls. So the Bible is the base of all the Scriptures on earth. If you understand our teachings, you will understand the Bible in a greater degree because our teachings explain how God Planned all these things to this point and how He Revealed the Seven Revelations that He foretold He would send.

He sent the Mystical Paths or awakening of your spiritual forces through Noah. Noah taught humanity how to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. His teachings eventually became the base for the teachings of the Mystical Paths, which is, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbalists, Saints, Sufism, and other Mystical Paths.

Then God chose Abram. Abrams son was Ishmael. He promised Him a scepter, a kingly spiritual domination, which is Messiah or Prophet and who came as Prophet Muhammad.

He also changed the name of Abram to Abraham and promised that He would send someone through His other son, Isaac. He came as Christ, and on and on, and all the spiritual Revealers came to humanity by God. He has told the Prophets how all the events will happen in the future.

Therefore the Bible is the base of our teachings, the base of all the Revelations and religions of God.

Go ahead Cyber Spirit.

Cyber Spirit: When one walks in space (spirit travel) he is not really moving in space, right? He is just experiencing a segment of his own consciousness. The ego experiences space as something out of him and separate.

Maitreya: Hum. You need to explain this a little further. What do you mean, When one walks in space? Do you mean when astronauts go to space or when you walk in the air on earth, not really moving in space.... You have to come up to the microphone, Cyber, and explain exactly what you mean.

Cyber Spirit1: [typing] spirit travel.

Maitreya: You mean when you are on earth and we are walking, then we are not really walking in space? Cyber Spirit, you have to explain what your question is. Go ahead.

Cyber Spirit1: Well I am trying to understand the relative reality. That, for example, when we go from one place to another in the physical world, the ego of course senses everything as far as space, as something out of him, like he is going somewhere. But truthfully, the only thing that is really happening is, I think, that the consciousness is only focusing on another segment of its own consciousness and he is not really moving, it just creates the illusion that he is moving. Is that right?

Maitreya: It is, when you are asleep, or when you are in Pure Consciousness, there is no time, space, or any of the physical senses present. Therefore you have no consciousness of any of these states, which is a relative truth, and only will be sensed or accepted when we are in a conscious state of human, which is a state of relativity.

In that state, when we are awake, everything is relative. But it is a part of the truth. It is not that it is an illusion or does not exist. It exists but in a sleep or in a deep meditation, or in Pure Consciousness we do not have the awareness of their existence and being. Therefore they do not exist for us because we are in the Essence, and therefore the relativity does not exist where we are in the Essence.

If you are talking about that space, time, and all these things are relative, you are correct. Go ahead

Cyber Spirit1: Yes, OK. I understood that. See, we are not really moving in space then, it is just our own consciousness, and we project the feeling that it is space. In reality it is all one Consciousness.

This is related to the previous question. I know you have to go so I think this is as far as you can go. When someone looks at a tree, let us say in a forest or a mountain or any scene on earth, the view that that person is getting from the ego point of view is a distorted view, correct?

Now if that is true, my question is, is there a real tree behind the false image? In other words, when we are looking at a tree, can the image we get be a wrong impression of it, but behind that tree there is actually a real tree, in reality. Is that right? Or is the whole image somewhat a false presentation of our senses?

Maitreya: There is a true tree, and the real tree is there. But it is made of atoms, sub-particles, and much deeper and smaller particles, and eventually to consciousness. Therefore, it exists. It is there. But it is not an illusion.

It is more than what we see. It is not the image that we have in our mind but if your eyes are open, you can see in a greater degree in detail what it is. If you are a scientist you can see it is really made of atoms, and we think it is solid but really there is great space in atoms. There is more space in atoms than the solid parts in it. Therefore when we look at the tree, we think we are looking at a solid thing, but it is not really solid. It has lots of space in it.

Therefore our two eyes are the eyes of seeing the physical world, and if you want to call it, it is deceiving, in one sense it is because what we see is not the whole picture or truth of the external world, but does it exist or not? Yes, it does.

Even scientists now know clearly that everything is made of atoms. When we look at something it is not what we see but there is much more into it. You can break the solid or any factor into the atoms and smaller particles. Now they are understanding there are even more particles, there are quarks and all other particles that the atom contains.

We can realize that what we see is really not the reality. It is just a relative truth.

Another question is:

Cyber Spirit1: What are atoms made of?

Maitreya: Atoms are made of smaller particles. Eventually, as now scientists realize that in quantum physics there are strings, they call it the string theory. All those strings have different tendencies, create the base of the creation, and eventually create the larger things in the universe.

They thought the strings are the same but they realize there are more, that there are different kinds of the strings, and they became confused again until they came with the theory that there is only one base of the creation, one unified base, that all these strings have come from.

It is just like a source of light, which we have five mirrors in front of it and each of these mirrors reflect the source. If we look at the mirrors we think there are five but actually when we go beyond that we see, No, there is only one source.

Therefore everything in the creation is created from this one source. They call this theory, the M theory. But of course in the mystical explanation and our explanation, that one Source is God, and it consists of Consciousness and the three creative forces.

If we understand that then we can realize that the whole universe has come from that Essence. Therefore atoms and the whole creation are made of consciousness and three creative forces in the universe.

Go ahead, Cyber Spirit.

Cyber Spirit1: Yes, I will ask one last question. So there is a real God-creation in matter but we see it falsely from the senses? Correct? But there is a real God-supported creation in matter itself?

Maitreya: Absolutely. Actually according to our teachings and understanding, God is everything. There is nothing that is not God. Therefore the real answer to the question, What is the atom made of? is that it is made of God.

What are quarks made of? They are made of God. They are made of Consciousness and the three creative forces in the universe. Therefore there is nothing that you can look, touch, see, smell, hear, or taste, which is not God.

That is why you have look at the universe as you are seeing God, you taste the food as tasting God, and you have to hear sound as the sound coming from God. But of course all these things are in the manifested world, and they are not the ultimate. There is the taste of God that is sweeter than the sweetest thing in the universe.

There is the music of God that is the most beautiful music compared to whatever music you can hear, or if you have the best headphones and the greatest home theatre, still the sound is not going to be even close to the flute of Krishna or the music of the spheres.

Therefore there are greater experiences for humans than this relative truth that we are so attached to it. And of course many people have not experienced it.

That is the goal of the Communities of Light, to create an environment that the people have the time and ability to sit and meditate, and hear the flute of Krishna and the music of the spheres, taste the nectar, and have all those greater experiences that humanity has no idea exists.

So indeed you can say that God is everything. If we understand that then we cannot separate ourselves from one another and we can see God is everywhere, everything, and we look at each other as a part of God. That is the truth.

Therefore this creation is a relative truth. It is true. It exists. It is there. It is not an illusion as some Mystical Paths teach you that this is an illusion. It is not an illusion. But it is not the ultimate. It is not the Essence.

The Essence is when you realize that we are beyond all these senses and in the purest form you are in absolute Bliss and Oneness with the Unconscious Mind, which knows without even trying to know and is in a state of beyond human imagination.

That is why God cannot be explained. The Consciousness cannot be explained, but experienced. So we have to realize this and see that this universe is a relative truth. If we do that then we do not become attached to it.

Why do we become attached to something that is not permanent? The only permanent thing in the universe is your Essence and God.

Audience: Did Buddha acknowledge the existence of God?

Maitreya: There are groups in Buddhism that believe in God, and there are groups in Buddhism that do not, and they say Buddha said there is no God. Of course Buddha never said that.

The reason these people think like that is because Buddha was born in the Hindu environment. Hinduism, as you know, has many gods, many sub gods and sub-sub gods, so many of them that it is very confusing and is a very separated theology or teaching. Buddha had enough of all these gods. People kept asking Him, Which god should I follow? and for Him to explain what God is.

Eventually He said, Just forget about God, and know thyself. So the followers wrongly came to this conclusion that He meant there is no God. But He wanted to refocus people back to knowing themselves, to understanding their Essence, which is the same as God.

They also wanted an explanation of what God is, and He said, it is Nirvana. They translated Nirvana as meaning nothingness. How can you reach to nothingness unless you mean to go beyond mind, beyond the three creative forces? There you have no knowingness, doing-ness, or remembrance. If you call that nothingness, that is fine. But still it is something there; it is not nothingness.

That is why it is called Nirvana. Do not worry about the explanation. Do not worry which god, or creating so many small little gods that separate you from each other. You all go to Nirvana. That unifies all of you. He wanted to take them beyond all those Hindu gods and create a philosophy that unified them together and made them to realize themselves instead of looking outside for a statue, which is made of atoms, which is a relative thing, to something permanent.

It is just like Christ said, Your body is the temple of God. If your body is the temple of God, why do you need another temple out there with all those statues, explanations, and all those things that separate man from man?

So that is what Buddha was trying to say. So it is not that He did not believe in God, or He said there is no God, or He does not exist. But again it was the disciples, or the people who followed him, who interpreted his teachings as meaning that He said there is no God, and the goal is to become nothingness.

Of course, you are gods. You have the Essence of God in you. How can you say God does not exist?

Therefore He was explaining the unexplainable, and the unexplainable cannot be explained but experienced.

Audience: Was Buddha also born of a virgin? The book I read also states this.

Maitreya: It could be. It is a belief of a lot of people who want to make their Prophet or Revealer very special. Therefore if they see something that sounds good in another religion, they take it and incorporate in their own understanding and religion. Then they can say, Oh you see? You have a virgin birth, and so do we. You are not the only one that has that.

Buddhas mother had a dream that Buddha would be born from her. That dream of course came true, and it became the truth. But was she a virgin or not, who cares? The most important thing is: What did He say? What was His message? What did He bring to humanity? The rest is just man-made ego-glorification, and that is why they create those dogmas and little things so they can separate one another and their ego feels, Oh, I am better than the other person. This is all ignorance.

Go ahead, UC.

UCPeon1972: I just wanted to call to your attention that the Buddha is not really a person but is a condition, a state that you can reach, a state of mind. The guy you are talking about had a name. I do not understand why you are calling him, Buddha. It is just a condition, and you can reach it by meditation, and so on.

Maitreya: Sure, uh-huh. Yes, Buddha means, Enlightened One. That is really what it means. When you are enlightened, you experience God, you experience Consciousness, and you experience the Essence. That Essence is unexplainable. You cannot come and say, Ah, I can explain.

How many people have been trying to explain that Essence for thousands of years? How many books have been written about God that tried to explain Him? And still people ask, Tell me; explain God to me. If it was explainable, they have written many, many thousands of thousands of books about God, and still you are asking, Tell me what God is? It is clear it cannot be explained.

But people have come and told us, God exists. God is wonderful. God is this. God is that. God is beyond mind. But still it is not explaining God until you experience it. [something was typed] Exactly. It is a state of consciousness. It is when you become enlightened.

Of course, enlightenment comes in an environment that supports you to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces. That is where the Communities of Light come in. It is necessary to create an environment that the people can sit and meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and reach Nirvana, Pure Consciousness, Godhead. It does not matter what you call Him, the answer is the same thing. It is the state that you have to reach. It is where you have to go and experience.

When you experienced it, you come back and say, I experienced it but I cannot explain it, because it is not explainable. It is just like asking a fish, Explain the quantum physics. It is impossible for the fish. But if the fish ever experienced the quantum physics he might say, OK, I know what it is but I cannot tell it to another fish.

Go ahead.

UCPeon1972: Well, maybe you can explain it but the ones who have not experienced it will not be able to understand. So there is no real reason to try to explain it because how can they understand?

Maitreya: Even it is not necessary to explain it. You just show them the Path to reach there. The Path has been given now to humanity. It is called the Eternal Divine Path. If you meditate, if you help to create an environment that other people also can meditate, if you give of yourself of ego in the community, that is a part of going to that experience not to be self-centered. Being self-centered is thinking about the self all the time.

If you realize that the Will of God is to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and bring the Communities of Light on earth, and you know the Will of God is that and realize what your place in that community is, you become closer to your Essence because you know who you are. If you expand your mind and realize God is everything and there is no separation between us and any part of God and become a universalist, such a person has progressed in a greater degree to become his Essence and experience that Oneness with God. That is exactly what our teaching is.

Our teaching is not to explain God to you. Our teaching is to show you how to go to God. They call Him God but really it is the Essence; it is Consciousness; it is a state of mind; it is the state that you reach; it is the Buddha or that goal, for which we are here.

Therefore the Path has been given. So we are not saying this is how God looks like. We are telling you how to reach there. When you reach there, of course, you know what it is. We do not have to explain It to you. When you reach It, you cannot explain It to other people.

But if I experienced It and you experienced It, we know both that we have experienced It.

Go ahead Cyber.

Cyber Spirit1: When it comes to meditation I find that by trying to quiet the mind, or make the mind go blank, I am not able to do this because I am fighting with it. In other words, trying to quiet the mind just replaces one segment of thoughts with another one.

So I have taken a different attitude where instead of trying to quiet the mind I just witness it. I sit back, observe the thoughts as they come through, knowing that they are not necessarily from myself, but they can be floating in from outside. And I just let them pass without latching onto a thought.

Is this the correct approach or should I continue trying to fight the mind, or will the mind quiet itself when I do not generate a thought or I do not participate in its chattering, in its conversation, and I should just witness the thoughts as they go by without getting involved? Is that correct?

Maitreya: When you are witnessing the thoughts, still you are using the part of witness entity in you and therefore still it is a manifestation, which sees or observes the thoughts which come and go.

The goal is not to witness the mind but to reach a point that the mind absolutely stops and there is no thought that comes in or goes out, and it absolutely becomes the Essence, which is in the equilibrium state and has no tendencies of observing, knowing, doing, remembering, or thinking. Therefore the goal is to create the ability to control the mind and make it not to think. That is why the mantras are used in the meditation.

We have a universal mantra that has been given to everyone. It is Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, which means, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

When you use the mantra, first of all you breathe deeply, therefore it relaxes your body. You relax your body first and then you start breathing very deeply. Deep breathing brings greater Prana to the body; therefore it becomes very relaxed and prepared to let you come into your Consciousness.

Then you connect the breathing with the meditation. So we breathe in: Haree Om Shrii Hung. You realize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out. And you breathe out: Om Nam Kevalam and you realize the stillness between breathing out and breathing in.

That stillness between breathing is where the goal of meditation is. When you breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung, when you stop, that stillness between breathing in and breathing out is where you want to be. There is no thought. There is no breathing. There is no nothing. It is Nirvana; Nothingness. That is the goal.

Anytime your mind starts wandering away from this technique, breathing in Haree Om Shrii Hung [remembering: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine], and realizing that stillness, and breathing out

The moment you forget that and your mind starts going somewhere else and thinking, you gently bring your mind back to the mantra. If you do that, you will bring a greater degree of control over your mind because you are telling your mind or your subconsciousness, I am not going to listen to you. You have to listen to me. You have to come back to my mantra. You have to come to this. The mind eventually will reach a state that that stillness becomes absolute in your consciousness and the rhythm of breathing becomes the meditation, not the mind chattering.

Eventually you reach a point that you go to Nirvana or a state of Essence and the mind is not there anymore, and you experience Pure Consciousness.

Go ahead, Cyber.

Cyber Spirit1: So it seems like the best way is to keep the mind busy on one thought only, or one concept, and that is better than just letting it drift all over the place and you just standing back and watching it? So basically that is what it is. And the mantra has that purpose; it keeps the mind to focus on one thing only, correct?

Maitreya: Also the mantra has come from the energy of the Revealer of the mantra. Therefore you can pick up any word and meditate on it. But that word might be a grosser word. It is not from the very deeper level of Spirit, and therefore it is not going to have the same effect as you use a mantra that has been revealed from the higher energy. That is why we believe the Haree Om Shrii Hung is a much better mantra to use than any other mantra on earth.

Actually it is twice as powerful as the Om Mani Padme Hung that Buddhists use for their daily meditation. It is twice as powerful, and there is a book written about that mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung Mantra.

So we recommend you use the Haree Om Shrii Hung, not just any word. But also go through the process. If you go to our meditation room called, Universal Mantra Meditation, in the same section as this room in PalTalk, and listen to the instructions on how it is used, not only it brings a greater degree of the control of your mind, but also it affects you in a much greater degree in a deeper level.

There we also give you a process to go through. A lot of people have complained to me, even the process itself is very hard. But if you are able to go through the process you already have gained great power over your mind because you think, I am sitting in my room and I am meditating, expanding my consciousness. Oh, what did I eat last night? Oh, OK what did he say? The mind goes, Well, I have to meditate. You bring your mind back to the process. Ok I am sitting here and I am expanding my consciousness and on and on. You reach to a part and then again your mind goes somewhere else. You gently bring the mind back to the process, No, I have to meditate. I forgot. Even if you just finish the process, you already have a greater control over your mind.

If the process is hard for you, then you have to really work on the process first and when you reach the point that you can meditate, realize the stillness between the breathing in and breathing out. That is the goal. That is Nirvana.

That is where humanity has to go, that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, between breathing out and breathing in, and realizing the energy in that stillness. After a while you are meditating all the time because that energy or movement is always there, and you meditate, and you walk and you talk, you do everything but at the same time you are with the Essence and One.

Therefore the goal of the meditation is to still the mind and realize that stillness between breathing in and breathing out. If you do that, you are meditating all the time and you are in a meditative mood.

But that is not enough. You have to reach the external world, create an environment that everyone also can come and meditate and realize that stillness. If we can create 10% of humanity who can understand that stillness in themselves and try to bring an environment for everyone else also to reach that stillness, we have a good number to influence the rest of humanity to come and join the Communities of Light and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So that is why the meditation has to be done in the way it is given in the Mission to have a greater effect than just following any mantra or just words. So a true mantra carries a specific energy, a specific power, a specific realization with it.

So again it is not thought. Anything you think still is a thought. You have to go beyond thought, go to that Oneness, with that stillness. That is with you all the time, and that is between breathing in and breathing out.

Do not meditate on breathing in and breathing out. Meditate in that stillness, which is in breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in.

If you recognize that stillness, you recognize God, you recognize Nirvana; you recognize the Essence.

Humanity has been called to come and see these wonderful things together, and I hope this technique helps you because if you really understand this technique and follow it, your meditation will improve 100%, or maybe a thousand percent and you will reach in a greater degree to realizing yourself.

But do not become attached to go to Pure Consciousness or the Essence because as we know, clearly in the Bible it says if you do that you will not come in, you will be spewed out of My Mouth back to earth.

So the next step after realizing that stillness is to reach out to the community and create Communities of Light. Communities of Light is the teaching of the Old Testament that it teaches that God wanted a people for Himself that they follow His Laws and create an environment that they become Godly.

You have to sacrifice for it, which is the essence or the message of the New Testament, and you have to surrender and submit to God.

When you reach that Essence you know in a greater degree what you have been created for, why you are here, what is the purpose of your life, and what God put you on this earth to do.

Maybe you are a good painter. Paint great things of the Mission and these teachings. Maybe you are a photographer, or a good businessman. Whatever you are, you have been created to do something on this earth to accelerate this process in a greater degree. Therefore know your talents and abilities, and surrender to it and bring God in a greater degree.

Become a universalist. Expand your mind that everything is God. There is no separation between any part and any other part. With that you shatter all the narrowness of the mind. Narrowness of the mind brings great suffering to humanity.

With these five steps you become an Elect, a Chosen One, a person who will easily become a center of spiritual teaching and energy for God to help humanity to go beyond where they are at this time. This teaching has been prophesied. It is the greatest. The highest level of spiritual progress has been given to humanity, from meditation, from prayer, from understanding Revelations before this Revelation, and the unification of all religions.

Therefore you are here to really truly see the beauty of all the previous Revealers. All of them are unified in these teachings. No one is left out. No one on earth is left out from this Revelation. They are all included.

If you understand our teachings, you understand Buddhism or Hinduism better. If you understand our teachings, you understand Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in a greater degree. You become a better follower of all those Revealers before this Revelation.

Therefore again we all have to study these teachings well and understand what they are revealing and realize, Yes, they have been prophesied to come. It is the Word based on the previous Revelations and God. Now we are all here and we have received it. Now you are messengers of God. You are the second level of the messengers, and you take this message and present it to anyone who will listen. But do not spend too much time with those people who will not listen.

It is OK, just give them the message and leave them to God. Eventually maybe the seed sprouts and gives many fruits. But our job is to just give this message to man, to humanity and make them to realize that, Yes, there is an Essence that has been guiding humanity individually to this point.

Even the history of man has been guided to this point by the same Essence or God. Therefore if they listen to that Essence, which some people call it God, Nirvana, whatever, you will have a greater grip of the reality of the truth on earth.

You will know history better than the historians. You will know each religion better than any person in that religion.

It is just not a claim. It is not an ego trip that, Oh, I am the person who brought all these wonderful things to humanity. It is to glorify that Essence, to guide every man and woman to their greater degree of returning home, back to the Essence that somehow has gone out of equilibrium, return the universe back to that equilibrium that is beyond mind. There is no chaos in it. It is Nirvana. It is Joy, Unity, and absolute Oneness.

Of course humans experience this every time they sleep. The moment they fall asleep they experience it. Have you ever seen anyone say, I do not want to sleep? I do not like sleep.

Everyone likes sleep. Why? Because they go somewhere that is very joyful and restful, and when they wake up they are refreshed. That is what Nirvana is kind of, if you do not have any dreams.

If you reach a point that you do not have any dreams anymore in your sleep, then when you wake up, you are refreshed.

What is death? Death is a long sleep. So we can see if we all experience all these things that have been told us to experience, if we realize those, we see we are with God all the time, or the Essence, or whatever we want to call that Oneness. We are always with Him.

When we sleep, we go to Nirvana. When we meditate, we go to Nirvana. We look at the external world, it is relative, it is not absolute. We are here to become Divine. We are not here to become attached to this external world.

Then we look at the people who are attached to the external world and we wonder why they are so attached to this external world. It is not going to be there. You are going to be here forever but this external world will not.

Which one do you want to be attached to? You, which is forever, your Essence, or your body and your possessions?

Of course we do not preach living a life that you become a burden on the society. We preach that you have to become a productive person in the society and contribute to it but at the same time know they are all relative things. They are not absolute. You are aiming for the Absolute, or that Essence, which is forever, has been here forever, and will be here forever.

If we can teach these things to our children, to our society, to the earth, then we can create an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of and they do not have to worry when they are born as a child, they do not have to worry when they work during their youth and become a productive member of the society and contribute to it. And they will not be worried when they grow old.

Of course as they meditate and they can heal themselves in a greater degree, then we do not need all these institutions for health, etc. So we can provide them a healthy environment.

If we reach to space, there are infinite resources in space. We do not have to scratch each others face for a little oil or a little amount of material things in this world. So we can see again this Mission has given the Way, even in the social level of destructive forces that are on earth.

It can be done but we need the Elects. We need the people who have been called to come and create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, unify humanity, reach space, and teach them these wonderful things that they need so badly to understand and realize instead of becoming fearful, unhappy, and angry at each other, either create wars or terrorism, and destruction that we have on earth, and humanity is so afraid of.

In the time that great tribulation has come to them, this is their cure. This is their answer. This is what the Will of God is and is revealed to man. Now the rest of humanity also should know it.

Go ahead, Sarrick.

Sarrick: I was wondering if once we obtain experiences with God and see these higher things, do we slide back to being normal people?

Maitreya: OK, you are never going to be normal again if you experience these things [laughing]. But you will come back, because that is the way God works. Those who reach Pure Consciousness or higher consciousness, they are not going to stay there. They will be sent back to humanity.

Well, first of all we have to define what you mean by normal. Who is a normal person? Really it is hard to define what a normal person is. That is one of the problems with psychology and psychiatrists; they want to make people normal. But what is the explanation of normal? Unless you say normal is the person who wakes up in the morning, goes to work 9 to 5, comes back and watches television, sleeps, and goes to work again the next day. OK, it is normal probably in the West but probably not for the person in the village in the East who wakes up at 4 oclock in the morning, lets his animals out and they go to the field, he does some work there and then has a siesta in the afternoon.

So what is the behavior of normal? Even in different cultures, normal is explained in different ways.

But if you mean go back to this earth and live here, of course it is always a sacrifice for the person who has experienced that Essence to return to this solid body and come back to humanity to help them out. That is the greatest sacrifice that Christ does, to come back, assume a human body, and live in this gross world. It is very difficult for the person who has experienced God to return, deal with the ego and the way the human lives, and be with them.

But they do it. It is possible. You can come and experience the gross world.

Sarrick: I guess what I meant was that if you let the tama guna take over your Soul again?

Maitreya: The tama guna probably will not take over your Soul completely but you will have a very few karmas that have been created for you to come to earth and be attached to a little karma so you can stay in the body. Otherwise if you do not have any karma at all, you will not stay in the body. You will go back to the Essence.

So usually such a people, like Christ, when He comes He even does not believe that His mother is His mother. He called her woman. But to some people their mother becomes very important in their lives and they become attached to their mother.

But to Christ when His family came to meet Him, He said, Who is my family? He said, My disciples are my family. The people who listen to my Words are my family, not my earthly family.

So you can see, Christ is not attached to this external world. Christ is not really of this world but in the world without being of it.

The tama guna really does not really take over the Soul. Your spiritual progress is the only thing that stays with you forever. Your physical progress, no matter how much you go to the gym, work out, and develop good muscles and all that, eventually when you grow old those muscles will even become a problem because they do not work well anymore, you are too heavy for your legs, and you will have a lot of leg problems.

If you accumulate a lot of wealth, when you die you just leave it behind. You cannot take it with you. The only wealth that you can accumulate is your spiritual progress, which stays with you forever. So when you reach Pure Consciousness, that is it. You reached Pure Consciousness. You might come to this world but you never feel you belong to this world. This world is so gross and relative.

If the question is if the tama guna takes over the person in Pure Consciousness, it does not. It does not really take over. That is why later on in their life they realize a lot of things that many yogis maybe had spent thousands of years to even have a little glimpse of them. But they simply understand this subtle truth without even trying because they have realized it in previous lifetimes.

Your spiritual progress is what you will take with you after you leave this body, and you will have it with you when you return. That is why it is said, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is to know thyself. The goal of the life is to progress spiritually, and that is the most important thing in everyones life.

I hope this answered your question. If it did not, go ahead and raise your hand.

Great, I am glad you liked the explanation [laughing at her comment]. Yes, God is Great. God has been giving the truth to humanity in the greatest degree possible. Indeed we can accelerate our progress very fast and in a higher level, and humanity can reach a greater degree of understanding this truth.

So again go to the website and study our teaching, and as I said many times, it is a Revelation that unifies all religions of the world. It includes Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbalists, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, and any other teaching that says, Know thyself to know God. Know your Essence. Your Essence and God are one. Go beyond your mind to become One with that Essence.

God cannot be explained. If any religion, any person, tries to explain it, it is not God.

Cyber Spirit is asking:

Cyber Spirit1: Since there is no time in reality, does that mean that our lives are running simultaneously, all reincarnations at once?

Maitreya: OK well, time is real. Again it is not that time is illusion, but it is not permanent. It is not

Cyber Spirit1: But the ego focuses only in this segment.

Maitreya: Well, the difference is, in Pure Consciousness, in that state, no relativity exists. Therefore there is no time and that is why it is called Eternity. Eternity means it has been, it is, and it will be forever.

So there is no explanation there. You just are. There is no time or space, no creation. That is why someone asked, Explain eternity. Again it is the same thing as explaining God. Eternity is not explainable. It is experienced. When you reach it, you know, Yes, it is eternity. It has been here forever, and it is going to be here forever.

Cyber Spirit1: The understanding is in a blink of an eye from the spiritual consciousness.

Maitreya: OK, I think we have to, you and the Mission, synchronize our understanding, Cyber Spirit. It sounds like your language is different than our language a little bit; maybe that is why the confusion.

That is why I suggest you to understand our teachings and the way we say it. When you say something like the understanding in the blink of an eye from the spiritual consciousness, we might say it differently in the Mission. If the blink of an eye happens for some people because they have been meditating and progressing in many lifetimes, when they come to this lifetime, they see the reality and the truth easily.

For some people it never happens. They stay in ignorance, live in ignorance, and die in ignorance.

So which one is it? Is it never going to happen, or is it in the blink of an eye? It is one of those words that have been said but when you explain it in a greater degree, what do you mean by a blink of an eye, for whom? In what circumstance?

What do you mean by, the consciousness understanding is in the blink of an eye? For whom? You see? All our human experiences are relative.

Cyber Spirit1: Understood in one instance.

Maitreya: I guess you have to explain it. Why dont you come to the microphone and explain what you mean, They are all in one instant. I guess your language, you have to explain and make everyone understand what you are trying to say.

Cyber Spirit1: No present, past, and future.

Maitreya: No present, past, and future, only is in Essence, in Pure Consciousness. When you are in the relative world there is future, there is a past, and there is a time. We are at 11:25 Mountain Standard Time, and five minutes from now our time is going to be up. So there is time.

There is a future.

Cyber Spirit1: Everything is happening at once.

Maitreya: OK, well, that is something that scientists have to come up with and realize that there are other universes and other consciousnesses, and it can be happening at the same time, at one time. But that is a specific state of consciousness not in the relative state.

In the relative state is not at the same time, and it is in linear time.

In the Essence, the past, present, and future can be experienced at the same time, and therefore you can know.

Cyber Spirit1: Ego only focuses on a certain segment?

Maitreya: Could be. Yes, ego can be not only focuses on one segment, it focuses in one specific situation.

Do you see what the problem is? I think you have a very good intellect, Cyber, and you are trying to explain again. Your mind is very quick and intellectual, and all the things you are saying are just all explanation. You are trying again to explain something, which has to be experienced. And when you explain they sound good, however you have not experienced it.

So again you are trying to explain the unexplainable. That is why it is very hard to cope up with and explain something, which we said is not going to be explainable. We keep explaining and trying to understand it by our mind.

It is OK, you can try it but it is not going to give you an answer. It actually might bring even greater confusion because your explanation is not as my explanation, and my explanation is not another persons explanation. Therefore the confusion will creep in between us.

But if we can experience it, then yes, eternity is not linear, and it is in everything at the same time. It experiences everything at that second. You know whatever is happening in the universe even to the smallest fish in the ocean and the greatest black hole, at the same time. You know everything.

Yes, exactly, that is why ego brings confusion. Ego likes to explain. Ego likes to try to understand it by mind. If you try to understand it by mind, you try to explain it, and you never understand it because it is beyond mind, it is not explainable, it is not something you can put it into the words, but words never can express the truth, which is way, way more important, or more subtle, than the mind itself.

So you have to stop the mind. You have to stop explaining. You have to start understanding and experiencing, and you experience that easier when you create a better environment.

Some people, some intellectual people reject God and become atheists because they want to explain God intellectually, and they do not succeed. Because they do not succeed to explain God intellectually, they reject Him altogether, until The Grace comes and they experience God, like me. Suddenly you say, Oh, OK now I understand. God is everything. God is beyond my mind. I cannot explain It.

Of course if you tell an atheist God is beyond mind and you have to experience It, it is very hard for them to accept that because that is all they have: mind, intellect, and explanation.

OK, if there are no other questions, we have a few more minutes left of our time, and this is the time if you have anything you want to ask or discuss with me.

But again the idea is to create an environment that the people can meditate. They have time. They have the support of the communities so they can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, and eventually experience the Essence within themselves.

Cyber Spirit1: Are spirit and ethereal level the same?

Maitreya: Yes, the spirit and ethereal level is the same. The spirit is different than self or atman. Atman is the same as God or Essence.

And, OK let me answer one question at a time. Cyber.

The spirit is the same as the ethereal level. So the Essence or Atman resides in spirit.

[something typed] That is fine.

The spirit is different than the Self. If you understand that, then we can realize that Self resides in spirit, which is the ethereal level. That is why people can do astral projection or ethereal traveling in the ethereal level and go to different places.

So if we realize this difference and then even go further, the Atman or Self is the Essence and the same as God, therefore really does not exist separately from God. It is an illusion of separation of God that creates the feeling of atman, small atman, with a small a, and Atman or God with the big A. But if you really become one with God there is no Atman, no Self left, and you and God are One.

If the Essence is separate from God and its Atman, it resides in the ethereal level, which creates the chakras. The chakras of course create the sheaths, and on and on. You can read them in the book called Universe and Man and it explains how they relate to one another.

Go ahead, Cyber.

Cyber Spirit1: In The Glossary on your web page it makes a mention, Spirit, and it gives the definition as: ethereal/astral. Somewhere else in the THOTH it makes a mention of the Spirit of God coming on earth.

Does that mean the astral or ethereal spirit of God, or does that make reference to the infinite spirit? Because there is a repetition of the terminology, which confuses me. Thank you.

Maitreya: When we are talking the Spirit of God, we are also talking about the ethereal level, which God uses. The whole collective of ethereal matter is the Spirit of God. So we reside in our universe, which are our chakras.

You see, we have the ethereal level, which is our chakras, and we reside in them. The Spirit of God is the whole collective ether of the universe, which creates the worlds or lokas. God uses this ethereal level to reach and go anywhere in the universe, and therefore His Spirit comes through to man. So there are two of them. If you read Universe and Man, then that makes more sense to see that yes, there is an ether for us and an ether for the universe.

OK our time is up now and I hope that this cleared some of our teaching for everyone. Again let humanity know that God indeed sent all these Revelations. They should not fight with each other or create an environment that is not kosher for everyone to understand God, and see the unity of all religions and the unity of humanity. Maybe we can bring more humans together to understand this truth, come together, and bring the Kingdom on earth.

Therefore you are the messenger of this message to help humanity to bring peace on earth.

Sal-OM, have a Godly week. See you all next week.

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